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Shelby Cobra GT500
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— PT.3
● Arthur Shelby
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Arthur sleep lightly, his mind never rested enough thanks to frequent nightmares
Arthur's wide, heavy arms always gripped your waist during the boisterous night, Arthur needed you - and you needed him. his agitation was already so routine for you, that you could barely sleep without the full weight of Arthur's agitated body
when your husband's body finally rested against yours, your body surrendered to the touch of Arthur's large, cold hands - who gently caressed you, his thoughts fixed on every detail about the man beside you were enough for you to say , with all your heart — "I love you,Art."
"Are you awake my love?" Arthur whispered almost inaudible close to your ear, no answers, Arthur smiled as he noticed that his declaration of love had come Unintentionally.
Arthur looks at you with joy in his eyes, the most beautiful smile in the world was made on his face, and all the weight of guilt he carried with him every day disappeared — "do you think about me even sleeping my love? but what a lucky man I am."
Arthur kissed your forehead softly and lay down next to you, his arms gripped your thighs roughly and he watched you intently with his eyes shining as he saw the beautiful woman he had, there, peaceful in his arms
"I love you more than anything,my love, I love every detail of you!" — Arthur calmly whispered to you that despite the deepest sleep, you could hear your husband perfectly admitting all his feelings to you in the middle of a cold dawn — one last look at you and one last kiss made your husband finally feel peace enough to sleep and drive away all his bad thoughts - "I love you,my love." - Arthur said one last time, just to remind his beautiful wife how much he loved her.
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Shelby Gt500 Mustang
© Chronowsky
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Steve McQueen visits with Shelby American and test drives the Cobra with Carroll Shelby in 1963. Photo by Dave Friedman.
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Shelby G.T. 350CR
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I have created. another 
[1, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13]
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1969 Shelby GT500
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unexpected luck?
Tumblr media
Summary: Your parents kick you out after they find out you are pregnant. Pregnant by a Shelby. But even John does not react to the news as you would have liked.
John Shelby x reader.
Words: 2784
Warnings: None, correct me if I´m wrong
English is not my mother tongue, so forgive me for mistakes.
Your whole body is shaking, the strict glance of your mother burn under your skin. 
,,Who is it?” she asks with an angry voice, but you only shake your head. You couldn't answer. It only would make them angrier.
Your fathers fist hits the table. ,,Tell me! What's his name? Who got you pregnant? Or do you not even know? "
,,Shelby.” you whisper, tears running out of your eyes. 
,,You get yourself knock up by one of this fucking gypsies! I never trought that you are that dump.” your mother cursed. 
,,Get out. Ge out of my house! You brought shame on this family. I never want to see you again. After today, I no longer have a daughter.” your father say with a calm voice, and you know, when his voice has this tone you doesn´t argue. You just did what he said. So you grap your coat and run out of your house. The cold air hits you wet cheecks, tears still running out of your eyes. You run trought the dark streets, your lungs burn but you don´t stop until you stand vor Pollys door. It´s the only place you could go. You knock a few times at the door and it tooks a moment for Polly to open her door. She only wears her nightgrown, worry all written over her face. As she sees you she realxes for a second, than she saw your terars. ,,Y/N, what happend?” she asks and drag you inside in the warm house. You sad yourself in the kitchentabel still crying, Polly sits beside you strokes your back and remains silent. She waits for you to start speaking. . ,,My parents throw me out.” you said after a moment. 
You know she already knows, you saw it in her face yesterday, after John makes fun of you for sleeping the whole day and still being tried. Last week you ask her if she ha cherries in the house. Polly knows normally you hate cherries. You knows it since a few weeks, but hasn´t told John. Because you are arfraid of his reaction. He was only 17 Years old, you even a year younger. No one of you was able to look after a child. 
,,I told them that I am pregnant.” you whisper. Polly takes a deep breath and than she smiled warmly. 
,,What wonderfull news.” she said, you know she lied, its not. Times were hard and it doesn´t get better when you bring another mouth to feed at her table. But Polly knows that you need someone to reacts with joy. 
,,Have you told John?” she asks, don´t doubt for a second that he is the father. You two were dating for almost 1 Year now and both of you are head over heels in love. John doesn´t even mind that you can´t bee seen in public together, he understands that your parents would send you to your aunt in London in the second they will find out that you are dating a Shelby. Your parents hate the Shelbys, because of their not so legal business and because their are Gypsies. For your parents their were a plague, but you doesn´t mind. You fell in love with John in the second you meet him. You has a project at school with Ada, so she took you to her place and after a few minutes her brothers came through the door. Laughing and chase eachother through the small kitchen, of course the tea Ada hat place at the tabel spills all over you. John laughts at you and his blue eyeas sparkled in the light. In that moment you lost your heart to him. 
,,No.” you answerd. ,,I am to afraid. What if he insists that I get it taken away? I don't know if I can do that.” 
,,Should he do that, I'll take my kitchen knife and cut off his fucking cock” 
You can't help but laugh softly. Polly wipes the tears from your face. “Go to sleep now, it's late. And if you want we can tell him together tomorrow. Okay?"
,,Okay. Thank you Polly. " She gives you a warm smile and then sends you upstairs. You quietly open John's room door, his loud snoring sounds in your ears. You drop your coat on the floor and slip off your dress. Only in underwear you climb into the warm bed. When you snuggle up to his side he wakes up, immediately his arms close around you and he presses a kiss on your forehead. ,, Y / N. What are you doing here? ”He asks in a sleepy voice.
“I'll explain it to you tomorrow. I'm too tired to talk right now. "
John gently strokes your arms and pulls you closer to his warm chest. ,,Okay.“ He's too tired to worry about why you sneak into his bed in the middle of the night and it's too dark for him to see the tears on your face. He kisses you and crosses his legs with yours, he wants you to be as close as possible to him. You listen to his calm breath and his heart. The rhythmic beating of his heart and the familiar smell quickly lull you into a dreamless sleep.
 You wake up before the sun really comes up. John is peacefully sleeping next to you. And even if you are emotionally and physically exhausted, you cannot lie down. Carefully you free yourself from Johns embrace and climb out of bed. You put your dress back on and sneak down the stairs. Tommy is sitting in the kitchen with a cup of tea and the newspaper. A cigarette hangs in the corner of his mouth, the smell of the smoke makes you sick for a moment.
"Good morning Tommy."
,,Good morning Y / N. What are you doing here? Didn't even know you slept here. It was suspiciously quiet for you to be there. "
"Shut up, Shelby." Those nights got you into this shitty situation in the first place, or the afternoons by the river, or the evenings in the back alley next to the Garrison. You don't even know how long you've been pregnant. 5 weeks? Maybe 6? Or longer? You take a cup of tea and fill Tommy's cup again. Then you let yourself fall on the kitchen table. Tommy's gaze attentive is to you. You haven't looked in the mirror, but you're sure that you look like a mess.
"Are you okay?"
"No." You shake your head and take a sip of tea. Before Tommy can ask any further questions, John comes down the stairs into the kitchen.
"I thought I had dreamed that you were here when you weren't lying next to me this morning." He says, he sounds happy and you'd like to start crying right away. He puts a kiss on your lips and lights up on one of Tommy's cigarettes. Polly walks into the room and gives you an encouraging smile. "Slept well?" She asks the group. Tommy and John nod but you just stare into your tea. Polly pats you on the shoulder as she walks past you. "Tommy. Please leave us alone for a moment." Tommy looks confused at his aunt, but then gets up and disappears from the kitchen with his newspaper. John looks back and forth between you and his aunt in confusion, his happy smile has disappeared from his lips.
"Can't we wait a little longer?" You ask quietly, but Polly shakes her head.
"Wait with what?" Asks John skeptically, he grabs your hand but you pull it away and clasp your cup. He looks at Polly. "Wait with what?" he repeats his question. Polly takes a deep breath, lights a cigarette, and joins you at the table. You wish to be very far away, your whole body is shaking and you feel sick. He will leave you, you and the child. His child. ,,What the fuck is going on here? Would someone please talk to me? Y / N? What's happening? Please talk to me. "He sounds a little desperate, fear is reflected in his blue eyes.
“I have decided that Y / N will be living here from now on. This decision stands and will not be discussed. "Says Polly determined and looks at you encouragingly. You knew that Polly would never put you on the street, not like your parents. But to hear that you have a home here, no matter what, it lowers your nervousness a little.
"John." You start and stare further into your tea, but John carefully grabs your chin and forces you to look at him. "I'm pregnant with your child. Our child." Shock and disbelife are reflected in his face, he lets his hand drop. He doesn't say a word, then he gets up and storms out of the kitchen.
"JOHN!" Polly yells after him, but you collapse and start crying again. He didn't say anything and just ran away. He left you, just as you feared. Although you didn't actually think he would ever leave you. Maybe force you to have an abortion. But in none of your horror scenarios that have been going through your head for the past few days he has left you. Even in your worst nightmares, you can't imagine him leaving you. Still, he just did it.
Tommy comes back into the kitchen.
"What's going on?" He asks, then his gaze falls on you. You are still crying at the kitchen table, subconsciously you have placed a protective hand over your stomach. Tommy notices this and understands immediately. "Where is John?"
"Run away. Like a bloody coward. "Polly sounds angry. She hadn't expected such behavior from John. Polly sits down next to you and rubs your back soothingly.
"I'm tired," you utter between sobs.
"Of course." Polly says gently. "Get some sleep and I'll bring you some food later." You nod and drag yourself up the stairs, Finn is sitting on the top step.
"I was listening," he says quietly, sounding incredibly guilty.
"It's okay."
"What does it mean to be pregnant?" Asks the little boy.
“It means that I'm going to have a baby. And you have a nephew or a niece. " Finn nods even if you're sure he doesn't really understand. After all, he's only four years old.
"Then why are you sad?" He asks.
"Because your brother is a fucking ass."
"No cursing around Finn." Tommy calls up the stairs, which puts the slightest smile on your face.
You bend down and kiss Finn's hair. "Polly is waiting with breakfast." The little boy jumps up and runs down the stairs. ,,Are you not coming?"
"Leave Y / N alone today, she is very tired and needs to rest." Finn still looks confused but doesn't question his aunt's words. You open John's room door, the bed is unmade and his things are scattered all over the place. You sigh, push a pair of dirty pants aside with your foot and lie down in his bed. The sheets smell way too much of John and tears are streaming down your cheeks again. You curl up and cry yourself into a restless sleep.
 You are woken up by loud screams from below. You can't understand exactly what is being said, but you can hear Polly's angry voice. You carefully wrap yourself out of the sheets and creep into the hallway. Finn is already back at the top of the stairs and you let yourself sink down next to him.
"Are you listening again?"
"Yes." You concentrate on the voices, although the door has been closed you can now hear them clearly.
"... like a goddamn idiot, how could you do that? You impregnate her and then run away! What kind of man are you? "
"Shut up your fucking mouth Polly. I didn't run away. I'm here now, just had something to do first."
"Buy a train ticket?" You hear Ada's angry voice, of course the whole family has already been informed about the situation. "Or borrow money for the doctor? What are you going to do John? Do you want to force her to have the baby removed? Y/N is the best that ever happend to you and she brings you wonderful news! And what are you doing? You run away even though she needed you. "
You hear glass breaking. Probably John's patience has come to an end, and then he reacts like a wild animal in a cage, he attacks.
"Stay here." You say to Finn and run down the stairs. You have to prevent bloodshed between the siblings.
You open the door and enter the room, immediately everyone is quiet and looking at you.
A relieved smile appears on John's lips and he comes up to you to pull you into a hug.
"They didn't want to tell me where you are." He whispers, his voice sounds relieved, but you tense up and push him away from you. Tears gather in your eyes.
“I don't want an abortion. I know we're too young but I can't. I could never come to terms with the idea of ​​killing my baby. "Your hand wanders back to your stomach to place it protectively on your unborn child." I know it's unfair, but I made my decision and if you did then want an abortion, then.. then… I don't know either. " you take a deep breath. "Don't worry, you don't have to take care of us, I can do it myself."
,,What? No! Why is everyone here always talking about a fucking abortion? That child will stay right where it is  for the next nine months. And you don't have to do anything on your own. "
You look at him confused. "Then why did you run away? If you're not angry, why did you leave me? "
,,I did not leave you. Sure, I was shocked and yes we are young but a child! You have our child, why should I leave you? I love you Y / N and I will love our child. I just had to do something. "
“What was so important? What's so important that you leave me alone in the worst moment of my life. "Tears are running down your cheeks again, you can't understand why he ran away the moment you needed him. John takes a deep breath and takes yours hand.
“I'm sorry I ran away, I know it wasn't the right reaction. But I need a ring for a proposal. "He smiles at you and then goes down on one knee. With his free hand he pulls a silver ring out of his vest pocket. Polly and Ada utter a surprised cry while you just put your hand over your mouth and look down at John in shock.
"Y / N, would you do me the honor of making me the happiest man in the world and marrying me?"
You can only nod. John smiles in relief, gets up and kisses you full of passion and love. "Yes?" He whispers against your lips.
"Yes of course you fucking idiot." When he puts the ring on your finger, his hands are trembling slightly.
Arthur and Tommy start clapping and cheering. Ada pulls you into a tight hug, you smile at Polly over her shoulder and she smiles back, all the anger is gone and suddenly there is a happy mood in the air.
 A week later you and John step in front of the altar. You sent an invitation to your parents, but they didn't show up. Of course it hit you, but you don't need them. The moment you walk out of the church with John by your side, you know everything will be fine. After all, you're a Shelby now.
There's a little party at the Garrison, of course John's whole family is there, and a couple of friends, Freddie Throne flirts with Ada all the time, but her brothers are too drunk to really notice. You smile at Ada across the table and raise your glass. She rolls her eyes and turns back to Freddie.
"At least the kid isn't going to be a bastard," laughs Arthur.
"Shut up you fucking asshole." You and John shouts at the same time.
Arthur starts laughing and Tommy gives him a brotherly slap on the shoulder. "Y / N already sounds like a Shelby."
“Yes, because she is  a fucking Shelby. Isn't it Mrs. Shelby? "
Hearing your new last name for the first time makes you feel warm and you can't help but smile at your husband. "Of course, finally I'm your wife, Mr. Shelby."
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Shelby Cobra 427 Super Snake CSX
© barrett jackson
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sometimes a family is one very large wolf, a lot of much smaller wolves, and a gnome
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