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#Sherlock fandom
fandomandsparkles · 15 days ago
supernatural is getting a prequel. good omens season 2 has been confirmed. sherlock season 5 is vaguely confirmed. loki is once again the tumblr sexyman.
this is a shout-out to everyone who wasnt at dashcon. everyone who missed 2012. everyone who only got into supernatural after nov 5th.
everyone who was too late.
don’t you see history repeating itself?
we are the tumblr renaissance. we are the second generation.
and we are here to fuck shit up in our very own version of superhell.
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incorrect-fandoms · 2 years ago
911: 911 what's your emergency?
911: Calm down, tell me in what fandom you are and we will help you
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loquacious-writer-blog · 3 years ago
Basically Sherlock
Person: *dies*
Lestrade: The Yard can fix this!
Sherlock: Bitch no u can't
Lestrade: No we can't. Sherlock help!
Sherlock: Already on it. Started it without your consent. John come along!
John: I don't want to go!
John: *goes anyway* *the two of them gay- I mean go*
Sherlock: *solves crime*
John: *probs saves his life*
Sherlock, all ominous-like: It was Moriarty.
Moriarty: Hehehe
Lestrade: Sherlock, listen to me!
Sherlock: no
Mycroft: Sherlock, listen to me!
Sherlock: no
Anderson & Donovan: Sher-
Sherlock: no
Mrs. Hudson: Sherlock, dear-
Sherlock: no
John: Sherlock.
Sherlock: Yes John? What is it, John? Are you hurt, John! Whatever it is JAWn!
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silver99johnlocked · 2 years ago
Sherlock: I'm home.
Rosie: Daddy, Papa!
Sherlock: John, you should really try not to confuse the child by making her call you two names.
John: She's never called me that.
Sherlock: Oh great, now you've broken the baby.
John: I don't think she was referring to me.
Sherlock: Don't be absurd. Who else she might be calling? As far as I'm concerned you are her father
John: Yeah, but she calls me 'Daddy'.
Rosie (reaching her arms to Sherlock): Papa!
Sherlock: ...
John: ...
Tumblr media
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heckdick · 4 years ago
Sherlock: I can't stand this anymore. Somebody take me out
John: In the date kind of way or the assassination kind of way?
Sherlock: I don't care. Surprise me.
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emmetharvey-kl · 4 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I thought a lot of things, you know… But in the end, They were nothing but dreams.
And you know why? Because you choose h e r.
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cat1212 · 3 years ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Jim Moriarty 🎶"I want to break free"🎶
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Pairing: Sherlock x reader
Warnings: unprotected sex but irl like make sure you wrap it before you tap it!!
Summary: just some smut & fluff.
Tumblr media
Sherlock watched you from the kitchen, absentmindedly turning through pages. His eyes kept glancing over to you, laying across the couch with a blanket draped over your lap. An open notebook sat on your thigh, a pen stuck in the bun of your hair. You wore an over sized jumper that constantly shrugged off your shoulder. He watched as you bit your lip and picked at your cuticles in thought. Sherlock tore his attention away from you, returning to the case file under his fingertips. There had been several hours of silence between the two of you. It was a peaceful silence, one that you both needed to focus.
Half an hour went by that you both stayed like that, tense in your different positions across the room. Neither of you spoke and eventually Sherlock forced himself to keep his eyes off of you. You shifted from one end of the couch to the other, battling waves of inspiration and writers block. You sighed loudly in frustration, causing Sherlock to look over to you. Standing from the couch you tossed the blanket and notebook to the floor roughly. You ran your hands along the couch, slipping your fingers in between the cushions. Grabbing the blanket, you shook it out and threw it a few feet away when you found it empty. "Everything alright?" Sherlock asked raising an eyebrow. You turned in his direction, one hand rubbing your face in annoyance. "Where the fuck did my pen go?"
Sherlock gave you a small smile, crossing the room and reaching behind your head to take the pen from your hair. "Oh," You huffed taking it from him. "Thank you." He cupped your face with one his hand, rubbing his thumb gently across your cheek for a few seconds. Pulling away, he leaned closer and kissed your forehead. "You're welcome." Sherlock turned away, sauntering back to the table covered in papers and his dead laptop. Your notebook laid on the floor, pages folded and crumpled underneath it's own weight. You knew you werent going to get anywhere else with your work tonightand you hadn't been talking to Sherlock recently because of it.
You approached him now, his back was facing you as he shuffled through the files.  Wrapping your arms around his waist, you buried your head into his back. As you leaned against him, you closed your eyes. Sherlock smiled, leaving the mess in front of him alone. "Can we lay down?" You asked, your voice slightly muffled from being pressed into his shirt.
Instead of replying he took one of your hands from around his waist and guided you to the bedroom. Sherlock moved like a ghost, he didn't say a word and barely made any noise. He tousled his hair before slipping on a robe and joining you. The blankets were bundled up at the foot of the bed, still unmade from when the two of you got up this morning.
You settled into the bed, turning to Sherlock and resting your head on his shoulder. His arm adjusted under you and played with your hair behind your back. You reached over grabbing his free hand and intertwining your fingers. It didn't take very long for you to end up on top of him. Your face buried in his chest and your arms wrapped around him. Sherlock rubbed your back slowly eventually moving his hands down to your bum and giving it a light squeeze.
"You're so beautiful." Sherlock said suddenly. You picked your head up to face him. "What makes you say that?" You questioned rubbing his hand with your thumb. "You don't get reminded of it enough." He said simply. You felt the heat flush to your cheeks. You bit your lip in nervousness. It wasn't very often Sherlock showed you affection, with all of the things going on recently you believed he hadn't been looking at you. It was unknown to you how distracted by you he really was this whole time.
“Stop biting your lip." He mumbled huskily. You chuckled lightly propping yourself up on your elbow. Your face was inches away from his. Sherlock's breathing matched with yours. "What if I bite yours?" You questioned before slowly kissing him. You let your lips linger on his for a few seconds, taking your time in pulling away. Sherlock's fingers tangled in your hair as he pulled you back to him, reconnecting the kiss. You could feel how tense he was getting underneath you. When things began to intensify you took your opportunity to take his bottom lip lightly in between your teeth and tug back. Sherlock's curls were a misdirected mess and his lips were slightly parted. "God damnit (y/n)." He said grabbing your hips and pushing you down on the bed beside him.
Sherlock rolled on top of you, parting your legs with one of his hands. He hovered over you, perfectly illuminated by the beside table. He lowered himself down on top of you, kissing your jaw and the skin underneath your ear. You let out a shaky breath as he pressed his cold hands on your stomach underneath your jumper. He slowly dragged the fabric up your skin until he pulled it off of you completely, leaving your top half bare to him. You wanted to lean forward and begin undressing him but you wouldn't dare interrupt the way his hands were roaming your skin. Sherlock returned his attention to your neck, kissing and nibbling at different spots to get reactions from you. You brought a hand to his chin, pulling him back to your lips.
You pushed his robe off of his shoulders causing him to pull it off the rest of the way. Throwing it to the floor, his shirt was close to follow behind. He was left in his briefs and you laid in a pair of pants. Sherlock was struggling to appear calm. Part of him was longing to take you how he wanted to, another wanted to drag this out as long as possible to please you. While you two found your breath, Sherlock's thumb dug into the waist band of your pants. His eyes looked deeply into yours as he pulled it down slowly, noticing your lack of underwear.
You grew impatient with his teasing, tugging roughly at his briefs. You watched Sherlock happily oblige and kick them off of his feet. He gave no hesitation in parting your legs once again, kissing underneath your belly button. Sherlock looked down at your smooth skin, touching and loving every curve. He shadowed his lips over your collarbone, gazing it lightly. He trailed kisses down your chest, taking one of your nipples into his mouth. Sherlock flicked his tongue around it, tugging at it with his teeth. Without a warning he slipped two fingers between your folds, causing you to gasp in surprise.  
He slowly pumped his fingers inside of you, using his thumb to rub circles into your clit. Sherlock's mouth left your nipple and his fingers curled inside of you. A smirk formed on his lips when you arched your back. One of your hands fisted the bed sheet besides you, the other pulling at the ends of Sherlock's hair. You groaned loudly in protest when he slowed to an agonizingly slow pace. He slipped another finger inside you, pushing them as far in as he could before slowly pulling them back out again. Sherlock began alternating his speed, causing you to become an impatient mess beneath him. You didn't know how he was able to control himself so well. Becoming more frustrated as your release came closer it only took one whimpering, "Please," from you for Sherlock to pull his fingers out and slip himself into you.
Your bodies were pressed together closely. You wrapped one of your legs around his waist. He pushed himself forcefully into you, grabbing one of your hips for support. He moaned lightly into your ear, causing heat to bubble in your stomach. Sherlock found his pace quickly, slamming himself into you. When he hit your sweet spot, your body trembled beneath him, giving him the extra drive to make you orgasm. His hands dug into your skin and his curls bounced with his rhythm. You let out soft moans and whimpers of pleasure, which wasnt enough for him.
Sherlock almost pulled out of you completely looking intently into your eyes. "Say my name." He slammed himself as far into you as he could. You obeyed, his name loudly rolling off your tongue. Your legs shook and seconds later Sherlock was riding out his climax with you.
You both laid breathless, sweat beading on your forehead and chest. Strands of hair stuck to Sherlock's face, his breathing tickling your bare skin. Your hand cupped his cheek and you brought your lips to his passionately. There was still a little shake in your limbs, the intensity of your orgasm was still in great effect. Sherlock pulled out of you and laid beside you. You sat up, collecting yourself and tousling your hair.
You noticed Sherlock watching your movements. "Hey love."
"You are perfection." Sherlock said. His words shocked you, the man sitting besides you looked like a work of art. His lips tugged into a lazy smile with an arm folded behind his head. He was a masterpiece you'd see in a gallery and he thought you were appealing. A blush crept onto your face, "Not even close."
Sherlock sat up from the bed, walking to the dresser and pulling out a pair of pajama pants for himself. He collected some clothes for you, bringing them over and planting a sweet kiss on your forehead. "I'm a genius, I know what I'm talking about."
After you both dressed, Sherlock took you into his arms. He drew patterns into your skin, lulling you into a much needed sleep. You didn't know how much time had past when you woke to Sherlock stirring. "I'm sorry, I was trying to reach the light." He whispered. You rolled over and turned it off for him, quickly returning to your position. "I didn't mean to wake you from your dream." He apologized pulling a blanket over the two of you. "You are my dream." You replied.
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