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#Shiny Pokemon

“Ziggy stood in his temporary room, facing the door that led to the hallway outside.

He’d been standing there for 15 minutes.

There were a thousand uncomfortable feelings crawling inside of him, making his stomach turn and his pulse quicken. Warning bells ringing in his head, though that was nothing new. Warning bells were always ringing in his head. Every instinct in his body was telling him to turn around, crawl under the covers, and hide.

Why, though? Even he couldn’t answer that question completely. All he intended to do was go out and sit in the common room.“

-Google Docs

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Also!! I hatched a shiny Aerodactyl in PoGo!!!!

Lucky!!! ;w; I’ve only hatched one shiny in PoGo

And that was a shiny Pichu a long time ago. Since then I haven’t had much luck with shiny hatches.

I’ve had more luck with random shinies actually

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Okay no pics bc there's so many but in this last month alone I've encountered 6 shinies in swsh (2 within the last 24 hours). A Gmax Gengar (Benjamin), a dmax toxel (Wild Berry), a gmax grimmsnarl (got away), a dmax lapras (got away), dmax lapras (Babey), and dmax Sableye (Sour Boy). These are all from random raids I joined!!! Im hoping for a gmax Charizard in the next few days

:0 that’s awesome!! A friend of mine gave me a couple shinies.

The only shiny I’ve gotten lately, on my own, was a shiny Nosepass (Nugget) in Y!

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Good afternoon, Ms. Thea. I've heard a lot of stories about people breeding pokemon in hopes of hatching one with a discoloration. They say it can take upwards of hundreds of eggs in order to find that special egg. I was wondering about the morality of this - especially considering the sudden release of the "unwanted" pokemon after hatching. Are there laws against this? Should I be reporting this?

Yeah, generally the mass breeding of Pokémon is not legal in most regions. The basis of those laws are typically twofold: the welfare of the Pokémon involved and the ecosystem impacts of the offspring. This is especially serious if Pokémon are being inbred. If you see this happening, you should definitely report it to a Pokémon welfare organization or your local Ranger division. 

Of course, there are certain loopholes to this. What many upstanding breeders do is look into endangered species lists and register as someone who will produce numbers of ethically raised and released individuals; typically these are Bug-Types and marine Pokémon. It is definitely possible to breed for Shiny Pokémon while remaining well within the law.


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4/1/20 Wonder Trade Wednesday + Jirachi Bonus


The date is 4/1/20 and mod Typhon is trading out SHINY Solrock through Wonder Trade. If you get one of these, submit a picture to this blog and you’ll win a custom Pokemon.



Typhon will be trading out Jirachi via link trade. Look for IGN Typhon in festival plaza and send Typhon a link trade. You can even add him to make finding him easier! Add FC 4313-6178-6336 and then send this blog an ask with your own FC so he can add you back.

Typhon will be checking between every wonder trade for link requests until all of the Wonder Trade Pokemon are gone. He has five boxes to go through, so plenty of times to check!

You may have ONE Jirachi.

Connection issues happen and you are welcome to continue sending trade requests until you get your Jirachi. However, I WILL be making note of IGNs and I WILL block you if you try and trade for more than one.

Check the blog for updates, or follow the tag “wayward give away”. I will post when I am offline.

Happy trading, trainers! I hope to see you in festival plaza!

This is for Sun, Moon, Ultra Sun, and Ultra Moon.

Spread the word! Reblogs help us a lot, and helps others too!

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