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lamaery · 18 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Cosmere Inktober – 16 voyage What better prompt for a little bit of Dawnshard fanart?
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polilla-de · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Don't look for the hidden meaning, it's not here.
Code @callmeherry
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abstract-moth · 2 days ago
Two characters: *literally just look at each other*
Two characters: *literally exchanging rings*
Fandom: They are very close friends.
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dreamii-yume · 2 days ago
Darling Lumine Brainrot {Part 2}
Because yes, I am continuing this series lol
[Warnings : Yandere | Non-Con | Manipulation | Alcohol | Non-Consensual Drug Use | Sompnophilia (?) | KaeLumi Ship]
Kaeya is a sly man. Bastard, but he knows how to play his cards correctly.
The moment he becomes enticed with Lumine’s backstory—He’s dead-set on his goal to have her wrapped around his hands. She was a cute outlander after all, way too small and vulnerable for this cruel world. Maybe not anyone could, but Kaeya could absolutely tell how heavy the unspoken trauma that those fragile shoulders is carrying.
Kaeya is that type of guy to only see Lumine as a valuable asset at first, strictly for business and the fact that she happens to be cute was just an added bonus...But as time goes on, she slowly becomes this endearing thing that Kaeya couldn’t help but latched onto. I mean—They’re both individuals who experienced the burden of losing a dear family member, wouldn’t that make them so compatible with each other? The more he spends time with her, the more infatuated he becomes. Lumine is just so interesting! How can he just look away from her like that?
But then, he starts getting touchy, clingy, and incredibly needy at some point—Making Lumine relive all the things she didn’t want to remember with her brother, he was starting to act a little too close to home and her gut feeling is not liking the looks of it. She stays still at first, letting it all happen because really...That's all she knows on doing when faced with this kind of situation—Her brother used to do this to her back then so...A hand on her waist? Thighs? Face? Chest? It's normal right? Just…friendly gestures.
Then the hand goes beyond just touching, going underneath her dress and his suggestive whispers rung through her ear…That's when she remembered what Aether used to say about men and what will happen that made her violently steps back. Cold sweat forms on her skin as she silently panicked by excusing herself, leaving Kaeya dumbfounded and quite frankly, a bit frustrated.
His plan didn’t work out as much as he expected it to be, he could’ve sworn she was ready—His way of seduction had worked on many men and women before, there’s no way he messed anything up…But perhaps, he needed to rethink his choices here after all. He’s a bit bitter from the active refusal, but Lumine is a little special—It wouldn’t hurt to spare more effort on her now, would it? Surely, the outcome would’ve been rewarding in the end.
This is where Kaeya’s true colors comes in—His tendency to play dirty when things doesn't go according to plan. He’ll most definitely turn to the easiest way he knew how on laying someone to bed in quite...subtle ways. By that, I meant drugs or alcohol strong enough to knock Lumine out, just something to keep her unconscious…But it's more than likely that Kaeya is the type to keep his drugs just right, maybe something that's just enough to keep her conscious but in an absolute daze, too listless to even move. After all, it's not that fun to dip your dick into someone if you can't at least hear what they feel, right?
It’ll all be a blur for our female traveler, but for Kaeya…It’s a breeze through the storm, he could finally lay his hands on her without much struggle.
Her mind is woozy—Her eyes blurry, not even sober enough to process why her body is moving up and down. Was that sounds of bed creaking? Who’s…touching her? K-Kaeya? What is he doing…? Lumine can’t quite understand her situation, that's the whole point, but she can feel his hands on her. It’s so cold, yet so hot—Where are her clothes, and Kaeya’s too? Both her head and body are…aching. Ah, so many questions...
Even in this drunken state, Lumine was still as cute as ever—It didn't even take her that many glass of liquor to have her in this state. Kaeya could only bet on the that this might just be the first time she drank a drop of wine, whatever kind of background does she have to even taste such delicacy?
It's great though, Kaeya doesn't need to hold back and he's free to mark her skin with teeth marks and bruises in a way that people can surely see. The way she moans every time his dick would lodged deep inside her awaiting pussy, such tightness felt absolutely wonderful. She occasionally says his name, eyes half-lidded and a drool trails down on the side of her mouth.
Lumine could recognized him, but not the situation she’s in—How amusing.
Kaeya is an opportunist, he had the chance to play with her all night long and that he will do, eventually becoming rougher and manhandling her body into different positions. She’s in a state of confusion, unconscious but not—It’s rare to have this chance again, so what’s stopping him from fucking her as if it’s the last time?
By the time it was over, Lumine had already long passed out and in a deep sleep with cum leaking out of her freshly-fucked hole. Kaeya’s a gentleman, so he’ll handle the aftercare from here on out—Making sure that Lumine will have a nice, good sleep after a nice, good fuck.
Who knows? Maybe once she wakes up, her body will crave his touch unconsciously and comes back for more, willingly this time.
Oh, imagine the look on Little Lumine’s face the moment she wakes up in someone else’s bed—Covered in bruises and barely able to walk after all the fucking she unknowingly received…and most importantly, the absolute horror in her eyes once she realized who that naked guy beside her is...
The man would have the absolute audacity to even say "Good Morning" to her—With that smug-ass smile of his.
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loveanoutcast · a day ago
Tumblr media
Honestly, didn't finish this piece because I got lazy and I've been working 60 hours a week and im running on bad coffee (i dont like coffee) and a lot of spicy food. My eye bags so deep, gucci wants to run an ad on them. I'm tired. I love Itafushi and just like Itadori, I, too, am in a desperate need of a nap and megumi pillow. Anyway, my chapter 7 of games will be up hella soon bc im like 70% done. Might eventually finish this work later later. I'm not an artist and it shows and i cant find the OG pic that inspired this one, so sorry :( hope y'all are doing great
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lilvicsart · 2 days ago
Shhh, the baby got them tired
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melchiordahrk · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
I decided that Sea of Thieves shouldn’t have all the cool shipwrecks, so I designed an open shipwreck set for Morrowind. In the vanilla game, all the shipwrecks are nearly identical interior cells.
So now any modders who’d like to make some lonely shipwrecks (or maybe a whole wrecked pirate town! why should they have all the fun?) can build to their heart’s content:
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mykuredreams · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
based on the unused healing sprite of susie getting her hand healed
and its an excuse to draw on tablet lol
also wow hand holding healing yes thats canon now
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kaktosfotia · 2 days ago
Shout out to those people (like two) who made me like this ship like damn bro you got me
They're perfect for each other
I normally don't ship characters with anyone often unless it's canon then yes I do 99% of the time
First time drawing Mantis so I'm sorry if he looks weird
(ALSO I cropped it because I didn't like how I drew the bodies but whatever I guess)
That's all
Tumblr media
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nothwell · a month ago
nautical history friends help
there’s a glass thing aboard wooden whaling ships where it’s like a little crystal they put in the ceiling to let light in belowdecks
what the fuck is it called
it looks kind of like this
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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infected · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Théodore Gudin, Sinking of One of the Ships of the Spanish Armada on the Coast (detail), oil on canvas, 1849
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