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#Ship Ask Game

Thanks for asking! ^^

Rapunzel/Eugene: 3 (I like this ship. It’s a nice side-pairing, but nothing more.)

I love them as a side-ship when it comes to the Disney/DreamWorks crossover! They are definitely an enjoyable canon ship though!

Rapunzel/Cassandra/Eugene: 7 (I hate this ship. I don’t see what would be appealing about it.)

That’s a ship? óÒ No, thank you.

send me a ship and I’ll rate it on a scale from 1 to 7!  

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The ship is: another favorite!

I consider this ship’s feelings: Mutual, strong

I’d consider the relationship: Healthy, adorable, they were such good spouses-

Children: Yes, lil Dami! And the other kiddos!

General Opinion: LET 👏🏻 THEM 👏🏻 BE 👏🏻 MARRIED 👏🏻 AGAIN 👏🏻 DC YOU COWARDS 😤😤

Listen, I used to not like Talia bc unfortunately I learned about her through Bad Mom Talia. But, I have learned so much and I adore Talia now. Take me back to when her and Bruce were married and in love and chose each other over anything else. They were so good for each other and so in love and I just,,,,

I adore them. Let Damian have parents who love each other and him. Let this family be fuckin happy, okay?

Good Mom Talia, good. Brutalia on top of that? Even better.

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The ship is: very new to me

I consider this ship’s feelings: uh? No thoughts head empty? Maybe a little awkward? I don’t know their dynamic

I’d consider the relationship: maybe friends to lovers? I really don’t know-

Children: probably a no?

General Opinion: this is a completely new one to me 😂 I have nothing against it! I just don’t know it at all!!!

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Platonic Ship Ask Game

Send me a ship and I’ll tell you

  • Who cheats at games
  • Who borrows stuff and never returns it
  • Who sends odd texts in the middle of the night
  • Who is more likely to get them into ridiculous situations
  • Who makes it a habit of showing up at the other’s house unannounced
  • Which one is the mom friend
  • Which one makes the other one sign up for those crazy food challenges
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GrayLu| Don’t Ship It!

1. Why don’t you ship it? -I just don’t see any romantic chemistry between them. Even if it looked like Gray liked Lucy at times, it just never stuck. Lucy seemed much more interested in Natsu, whereas Gray was being an obvious tsundere around Juvia. Their interests lied elsewhere, and that’s enough grounds for me not to really acknowledge them as a long lasting couple. (I’m moreso neutral to this ship nowadays, but I don’t ship it. To be honest I’m finding it hard to ship Gray with anyone nowadays… As for Lucy, my heart lies with NaLu, like it always has.)

2. What would have made you like it? -Maybe if they had expressed more romantic interest in each other? Like more of a natural slow burn thing… (So long as there was no Juvia/Natsu bashing. That’s something I can’t stand, especially in fics. Letting them down easy, especially Juvia would have been alright with me, if it were to occur.)

3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything nice to say about it? -I think the fanart for the two is pretty cute.

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Hi! :)

2 - Name a ship that you love but have conflicted feelings over.

The first that comes to mind is Carrie and Big from Sex and the City. When i was younger I loved their relationship so much, I thought it was awesome how they could never really move on from each other and thought it was ok that they both messed up the other one relatioships. But as I got older I started to see how problematic it all is, and how they are both toxic to each other. But there’s still that part of me that loves them together.

18 - Name the ship with the loveliest fanfiction.

I have to say Nick and Jess from new Girl. Mostly because I only read New Girl and Lucifer fanfiction, but also because there are SO MANY cute and awesome Ness fanfic. I thought about putting a link here, but there are too many, I can’t pick one.

25 - Name the moment in which you love [insert ship] the most.

Ok I have 4 OTPs and I will talk about all of them now.

First Nick and Jess (New Girl) - On the beach at night. Nick saying “I like you a lot, I really do. I’m glad you’re around”. I die everytime. He is so in love and doesn’t know it.

Lucifer and Chloe (Lucifer) - Chloe’s speach about how Lucifer is a great partner during her father’s murderer trial. It got me to tears and Lucifer’s reaction is so pure I just can’t!

Luke and Lorelai (Gilmore Girls) - The dance on Luke’s sister wedding. The song gives me butterflies, the same ones we can see on Lorelai’s face during the dance, when Luke is being SO OBVIOUSLY in love with her.

Booth and Brennan (Bones) - I love how they flirt since the pilot, but the scene where they are saying goodbye to each other at the airport in the S5 finale is so sweet and heartbreaking at the same time. They know they need to go, they don’t want to go and be away from each other. They don’t know when they will see each other again. UGH!

Thanks so much for playing :D

Ship Ask Game

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You’re Welcome! I should be the one thanking you for the request! :)

1.) Which one likes flower crowns, and which one where’s the so the other doesn’t pout?

Raven definitely makes down flower crowns. And they’re damn good flower crowns at that. And Murphy didn’t want to wear them, but then She pouted and he was like ‘Ah Shit’, and started wearing them. Let’s just say he got picked on a pit from the others but it was all worth it to see her smile.

6.) Who’s the one that carries the other bridal style when they just said not to?

Oh my gosh, this is cute. Okay, so Sometimes Ravens hip still hurts when she walks. It’s just something she has to deal with, and one day she mentions that it hurts and then says she has to go across The Arkadia camp, and Murphy offers to carry her but she immediately says now, and starts walking towards he destination. Murphy just walks behind her and scoops her up, while she scolds him the whole time.

7.) Who sneaks cookies into the shopping cart?

Alright, so they take turns being the one to push the cart. So when Murphy pushes the cart, Raven will sneak a bunch of stuff in there, while he’s not looking. When Raven is pushing the cart Murphy will TRY to sneak cookies into the cart, but get caught immediately.

Murphy: *goes to sneak cookies in the cart*

And Raven just looks at him immediately, as if her 'Murphy is doing a bad thing ’ radar goes off.

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16.) Do either of them angry cry when they fight?

I honestly believe They sometimes both do… But Clarke does it more often than Murphy does. I feel like Murphy would only angry cry if he’s either REALLY upset, or if hes angry and emotional, or If Clarke says Something hurtful.

17.) Who’s the one to scream “BECAUSE I LOVE YOU” in the middle of a fight?

Murphy has done this, and probably will again. Most of the time he only says “I Love You” in really serious conversations, or when Clarke isn’t feeling the best. So, When he says it in their fight the fight almost stops immediately. And they both calm down. Because Clarke sees that its a big deal if he said that, let alone Screamed it.

Clarke: I don’t understand why you’re like this! I’m strong enough to do things on my own. WHY are you like this?


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Don’t Ship It!

1. Why don’t you ship it? -Because the ship is so darn forced and horribly developed. Like am I supposed to ship such a toxic, unhealthy, one-sided love square? Marinette/Ladybug is so obsessed with Adrien, whereas Adrien/Chat Noir is the same way with Ladybug. I just can’t stand it. It’s my biggest NOTP in this fandom!

Adrien’s “She’s just a friend” is also so infuriating. Can the guy say anything else? Could he also leave Ladybug alone? His pushiness at getting Ladybug to return his feelings as Chat Noir is also just probably the most irritating thing ever.

And Marinette? She isn’t any better! She still chases after the guy, after he’s friendzoned her a bunch of times, and in turn ignores Luka and just about any feelings she may have for him when he’s around? Like she takes obsession to a whole new level.

2. What would have made you like it? -Better relationship development? If the two stopped putting their preferred side of one another on a pedestal? Stop the obsession completely?

I doubt the writers are gonna do any better.

3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything nice to say about it? -Guess the AUs people create for them are alright? (MariChat is probably the less annoying ship of the Love Square, but I still don’t like it.)

Other than that, keep this ship out of my face!

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Okay, I’ll do both.

Blossutch| Don’t Ship It!

1. Why don’t you ship it? -Ehh… Just not appealing to me. I don’t exactly see it working out, nor do I see Butch being Blossom’s type in any way. I can only ever see it in a one-sided sort of way from Butch’s side. Blossom’s a good girl and I doubt she could tame Butch all that easily. She’s strong, but he’d be too much of a handful for her to deal with, especially if she were to want to focus on more important matters like school. Butch would probably demand so much attention, and wouldn’t want to listen to reason much. He would be much too violent, immature and stubborn for her to handle. (At least with Bubbles, it’d work, due to her “Hardcore” side.)

2. What would have made you like it? -Maybe if people stopped comparing them to Brickercup? I mean do you really see them as genderbent Brickercup? Because I sure as hell don’t. They’re both completely different ships and it bugs me that they’re compared and shipped solely because of those comments as well as just the same green/red color scheme ship.

3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything nice to say about it? -I like some of the art the shippers create for the two, but that’s about it.

Boomercup| Don’t Ship It!

1. Why don’t you ship it? -I’m moreso on the neutral zone here. But like with Blossutch, I just don’t think Buttercup and Boomer would match up well together. The two are moreso the complete opposite of each other, but considering what we’ve seen in canon… Buttercup has had a crush before and on Ace. Boomer’s nothing like that and I think that sure, maybe the two could try and make it work, but Buttercup wouldn’t be able to handle Boomer, because he’d be more sensitive around her… And I don’t think handling feelings are her strong suit. Just as Boomer probably wouldn’t be able to handle Buttercup and her mood swings. I feel like she’d be way too much for him.

2. What would have made you like it? -Maybe if the two had more similarities. But I would rather the two have a bro/sis dynamic.

3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything nice to say about it? -I think their fanart’s pretty cute. And they’re definitely my least disliked of the color clash ships.

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I almost just responded to this ask with “HELL YEAH BABY” before realizing you wanted the Ship Ask Game lol

Ship It

  1. What made you ship it?

I just really like the characters and just their vibes in general? I’m pretty sure that there was already a good saturation of content I’d seen of the ship before entering the fandom. I’m pretty sure Demus is the first ship I actually started shipping in the fandom.

      2. What are your favorite things about the ship?

Okay, just them??? Remus and Janus are my second and third favorite sides respectively. And I just??? Together??? BOOM. I also just love their dynamic of the local feral rat man and the one who everyone thinks is keeping the rat man on a leash, but in reality he’s the one adding fuel to the fire. 

      3. Is there an unpopular opinion you have on your ship?

Oof… Again with the unpopular opinions. Ya boi once again does not know what qualifies as unpopular… Hmmm… Here’s an opinion in general? Them slow dancing in the evening or late night? To some jazz Janus had been listening to? Remus being uncharacteristically tender but like still with his flare, and just. HMMMMMM Dipping and maybe a smooch? Yes.

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Don’t Ship It

  1. Why don’t you ship it?

Pretty much just don’t really see it beyond a familial stand-point. I like wish I could give the ship a chance cause like the bubbly character + embodiment of not bubbly together is a trope that I L O V E

       2. What would have made you like it?

Idk honestly. It’s just so cemented into me as familial that I don’t know if I could shake it? Which is unfortunate because light blue/purple aesthetic is sick as hell. Maybe viewing the ship separate from the notions I already have from canon could help? Idk? 

     3. Despite not shipping it, do you have anything positive to say about it?

I absolutely adore just their interactions in general. Like anytime Pat and Virgil are on screen together vibing? MY HEART. Like hnnng. They’re just two people who you can tell care about one another (especially since Pat really did try his hardest to make Virgil really feel included when coming to the light sides) 

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Thanks so much for asking 😊!

8. Name a ship that is just yours.

As only mine? That no one else is shipping or not so many others?

Well than: Robb & Myrcella for Game of Thrones. They are not even a real ship, they are only a crackship, shipped by more than a few but still not too many but by me after I stumbled upon them in a fanfiction. In the books they did meet, in the series they never have, although maybe off-screen because she has been to Winterfell with her family. The stories I read back when I was watching GoT have been so great and so well written. They would have fit so well together cause the ideas of the fanfic writers have been really great and could have easily being used in the books or series.

14.  Name a ship that is timeless.

Maggie and Brick from Cat on a hot Tin Roof (I know that you have choosen them for one of your answers as well @avacrwder ) but they are one of my most fave ships since I’ve watched the movie for the first time. Paul Newman and Liz Taylor’s chemistry is so amzing, the whole movie is so timeless. You only need to watch a few minutes of the movie to really care for the two of them as characters and a couple ans you so want them to overcome their obstacles.

15. Name a ship that is gender bending.

Oh, I don’t know. 🤔

17. Name a ship in which you love one character above all others.

Benvolio Montague from Still Star Crossed. I’m still bitter about how ABC has treated the series, how they canceled it after not even the half of the season…. But ok fine, Rosvolio (Rosaline Capulet and Benvolio Montague) were worth watching even a half season and especially Benvolio. He is such a sweet, kind but also cool character. Totally falling for Rosaline from the very begining and making her fall for him too. 😁

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