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#Shou Suzuki

God I never realized how many quotes I saved so now I will do the thing everyone has done at least once - Things my friends have said as MP100 characters

Teru: Looks like I’ll have to go to school looking homeless tomorrow
Ritsu: Like always
Teru: Exc u s e  m e ?

Serizawa: I don’t want to have an orgy with Jesus??

Shou: Cock-a-doodle-doo has the word
Teru: Coc-
Shou: Doodle-doo- wHAT-

Dimple: Do you not care what I draw on you?
Reigen: As long as it’s not a dick
Dimple: dAMMIT-
Serizawa: And [his] plans were ruined

Tome: Shou!
Shou: What?!
Tome: C’mere!
Shou: I’m watching an informational video on how to make candy canes, the fuck you want?

Tome: I saw a tennis ball and immediately thought of a rat

Shou: [nae nae’s]
Ritsu: Shut your fucking mouth

Shou: The word happiness has the word…
Teru, remembering the last incident: …Happy..?
Shou: …Penis!

Mob: Hey, [Teru], wanna kiss-
Teru: Yes!
Mob, shocked at his eagerness: *hands him a chocolate kiss*
Teru: Oh… *shyly takes the chocolate* thanks

Tome: I should have kept my fucking dad

bug: [lands on Reigen’s arm]
Reigen, genuinely terrified: oH MY GOd GET IT OFF
Mob: I don’t know how- stop screaming!

Mob: I’m like 80% of [his] impulse control
Reigen: Yeah, [he] prevents me from doing a lot of stupid things

Ritsu, thinking Reigen can’t hear him: Hahah! Look at that hot wasted man! He got feminine hips!
Reigen: *slowly turns to look at him*

Reigen: Don’t say stupid, it’s a bad word :(
Also Reigen, in front of the kids: SON OF A BITCH, WATCH WHERE YOU’RE FUCKING GOING

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