#Should Not Doubt Him {Merry}
awkwardtortilla · a month ago
my fellow they/them user, i am legally obligated to ask for some coming out to the quarry characters headcannons during this fine pride month-
I will not be discussing the incoherent excitement noises I made
Coming Out
I’m fucking in love with this. I’m sorry some of them might not be super long but I’m gonna put so much goddam effort into them bc I love the babies so friggin much
warnings: what the reader is coming out as isn’t specified; relationship isn’t specified either; none other than that really
You, uh, might have to explain it to him
He supports you ofc no matter what it is but he’s still gotta double check
“Really? Shit, dude, that’s great! …….what does that mean again???”
And he cocks his head to the side a lil like the puppy he is
He will listen as hard as he can to your explanation but might zone out at some parts
When he finally understands he’ll be even more supportive if that’s even possible
He would fuck someone up if they disrespected you
I have no doubt he would be the first to call or text to say happy pride month
“Do you want this?” Holding up any piece of rainbow merchandise
His intentions are pure I swear
Very very supportive
But not super loudly
Probably knows what it is no matter what
I mean she is a social media personality
Speaking of
She would NOT use you to gain likes or followers
She’d absolutely respect your pronouns when talking about you during streams, only messing up a couple times right after you came out
Would disrespectfully tell someone to respect your pronouns and/or sexuality if they did not do that
She would also take you out to do shit during pride month
Would do a lil happy squeal when you tell her
And hug you (if you’re ok with that)
Abi would be so goddam proud of you and so honored you felt comfortable enough to tell her this
Would never mess up your pronouns or sexuality
Would death-glare anyone who did
Would send you the sweetest of texts to wish you a happy pride month
We didn’t see too much of his personality but he seemed sweet and like a good boy
So I feel like he’d be pretty supportive
Might also need you to clear up exactly what you identify as
He’d do a long “ohhhhhhhhhh” when it finally clicks
And then he’d be all excited and happy for you and say how seriously proud he is
He’d struggle with pronouns and/or name change at first but curse himself and apologize every time
I could see him forgetting that it’s pride month until a couple days in and then being like “oh shit sorry [your name] happy pride”
Then he’d ask if you wanted to go out and do anything for it
Face lights up when you tell him
Smile that rivals the sun
So happy and excited and goddam proud
“Oh my god, [your name], that’s amazing! Congrats!”
Goes to wrap you in a big hug but hesitates and you’re gonna have to close the distance
Quickly relaxes into the hug and prolly picks you up a lil
Might screw up pronouns a lil but swears and apologizes and corrects it
Sends you a very excited, over the top message wishing you a happy pride month
Or maybe he calls and makes it unnecessarily formal like “tis your (boy)friend, Dylan, to wisheth a you merry pride month”
“Oh. That’s cool.”
Not trying to be mean or rude just kinda… doesn’t know how he should respond???
When you seem to be getting uncomfortable he rushes to assure you that he supports you fully and is happy for you
But somehow digs him into a hole
But you understand and stop him and hug him
He slowly eases into it but when he’s cool it’s one of his great goddam hugs
Idk he just looks like he gives good hugs
Or really awkward ones
But either way you have his support and he will be very respectful of pronouns and/or name change and/or sexuality like the good boy he is
Probably forgets it’s pride month until someone else texts him which will remind him to text you
Nothing fancy either just a “happy pride month :)”
Big smile
“Oh my god, [your nameeeeee]! That’s great! I’m so happy for you.”
Maybe a side hug but nothing too over the top
She is very proud and loves you so much but won’t make a show about it
Will ABSOLUTELY respect you and your changes
“Happy pride bitch 🌈”
Buys you little pins and things with your flag on them
He would have a bright smile but his eyes wouldn’t quite match
A lot like Jacob’s reaction
“Holy- that’s freakin awesome, [your name]! That’s, ah……. What’s that mean again, I’m sorry”
You’d explain and when he gets it he immediately perks up and is completely excited
Gushes about how great that is and how proud he is and how amazing you are
So honored you told him this
Takes him a bit to get used to your changes and feels so bad about it and apologizes so much
“Shit- I’m sorry” becomes a new catchphrase
But he eventually gets it and is lowkey proud of himself
Definitely wishes you happy pride month with a couple of cute emojis
Takes you out to celebrate if you wanna
Probably knows what you’re talking about
If not she’ll politely ask for you to
Expresses her happiness and how proud she is of you but not loudly or super enthusiastically
Will have a big smile tho
Also gives a cute lil side hug
Doesn’t mess up your pronouns or name save for a couple times
Sends a short but sweet “happy pride 🌈” text
We didn’t see much of Chris either but I think he’d be cool
A very supportive man
May need you to clarify and explain bc I doubt he’s keeping up with all the genders and sexualities
His reaction won’t really change after he gets it
“Ahh, okay. Gotcha. That’s great, kid, good for you.”
Genuine pride in his voice
Definitely screws up pronouns and names changes but apologizes and corrects himself
No happy pride text :,)
But will do a pride post on whatever social media platforms he uses
Definitely needs an explanation
But will not ask for one
Instead he’ll Google it on his own it later
“Oh, uh…. Congrats.”
Very awkward about it
But accepts you and maybe thinks of you different thanks to his upbringing
I mean he’s 56 and was raised by rednecks so while I don’t think he’d be homophobic I think he would need a little while to get used to everything
I’m sorry but it’s the truth
Might send you a happy pride text
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nobody’s gonna know
Tumblr media
Pairing: Jaehyun x reader + mentions of Taeyong and Ten
Genre: the holy trinity | christmas + new year’s eve!au | establishedrelationship!au | idol!au
Word count: 5.8k
Summary: You struggle to get your boyfriend something for Christmas, so you ask his friends for advice. What can you get him when he already has everything you could think of?
Warnings: lots of overthinking | anxiety | unprotected sex | mentions of DIY porn and threesomes | lots of teasing | handcuffs, blindfolds, and other toys | cream pie | cock warming | jaehyun uses instagram irresponsibly | reader calls jaehyun a sir once or twice | 
A/N this fic is for @neosecretsanta​ event for @coffeeaddictbluebird​. May, I tried my best to combine all the things you like. ^^ Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! 🎆🧨🎉
15 days before Christmas
You were running late.
You were supposed to meet Taeyong in front of the community center about fifteen minutes ago. However, due to the horrible congestion on the road, you were stuck in miles-long traffic.
Who expected the snow to start falling in December anyway?
Quickly, you whipped out your phone to text Taeyong to wait up for you.
A few weeks ago, Taeyong had convinced you to sign up for some pottery classes. You were hesitant about it and a bit unconscious about your manual skills. Ultimately, you gave in when Taeyong began to hype you up about your natural talent.
It was a marvelous opportunity to make something with your own hands and give it to your boyfriend for Christmas. You had a few meltdowns last year over Christmas shopping as Jaehyun seemed to already have everything you could think about. This time around, he’d get something one of a kind, someone handmade with love.
Tyongie | 14:11 | I’ll prepare our station then
Trying not to lose patience over the never-ending congestion, you slowly made your way to the community center. Quickly, you parked in front of the building and marched inside. Without any trouble, you found classroom 207, apologized for being late and took a seat beside Taeyong.
“I thought you wouldn’t make it,” Taeyong whispered, smiling at you, glad you made it safely. “What are you making today?”
“I’m not sure yet,” you answered as you rolled up your sleeves and put on an apron. “It’s supposed to be a Christmas gift for Jaehyun, but it’s still a vague idea. What about you?”
“I’m making a vase for my mom,” Taeyong revealed, and you cooed, feeling your heart melt in your chest. Taeyong was the sweetest man you knew, and it was evident he’d get his mom something special. Without a shred of doubt, he was the best son one could wish for.
Heaving a sigh, you looked around the classroom.
You and Taeyong were the only people in your age group, while the other participants were fifty or older. It was a safe space for Taeyong – among them, he could forget about his fame, feel anonymous, and focus on his project.
You also felt at peace – the chances of starting a dating scandal with your friend were slim, basically close to none.
Everybody was working on their projects, bobbing their heads or swinging their hips to the rhythm of the music on the radio. Looking for inspiration, you looked at their stations, hoping to come up with an idea for a perfect gift for Jaehyun.
The woman on your left was a pro. She was making a fancy-looking carafe – it was way too complicated for you. The grandpa, who was sitting two stations in front of you, was molding a large dinner plate. Though it looked simple enough, you knew you didn’t have the skills to decorate it later. A woman next to him was carving a sculpture, and despite it still being a work-in-progress, you feel envy, knowing you’d never be able to pull it off.
“What’s the matter?” Taeyong asked, sensing your mild crisis.
“I’m a terrible girlfriend,” you groaned, lying on top of the table, feeling hopeless.
“You’re not giving yourself enough credit.”
“I should ask your girlfriend to help me. She always nails gifts for you. Maybe she could share her secrets,” you huffed, second-guessing your life choices. “I remember when she got you that SpongeBob figurine last year. You were sobbing. I want that reaction out of Jaehyun.”
“I was not,” Taeyong remarked in a poor attempt to save his honor. You were there, and you saw it with your own eyes. There was no way Taeyong could lie his way out of this. “Anyway, why do you… I don’t know… close your eyes and think about him? It may help.”
You doubted it’d help, but you decided to give it a try nonetheless.
With your eyes closed, you thought of Jaehyun. Of how competitive he always was with his members. Of how adorable he could get when he interacted with fans. Of how attentive and loving he acted whenever you two were left alone.
You jumped from one train of thought to the other one, yet your mind still didn’t come up with a solid idea of what to make out of the shapeless clay that sat on the table in front of you.
It was harder than you initially thought, but you were not going to give up. Sooner or later, the enlightenment would come.
Suddenly, you heard a loud buzz of your phone in your purse. It startled you a bit, making you jump in your seat.
Yuno~~ | 14:47 | let’s hang out later today
Yuno~~ | 14:47 | I should be done with my schedule around 8
Yuno~~ | 14:47 | we should bake something
Yuno~~ | 14:47 | what about an apple pie??
Yuno~~ | 14:48 | I’ll get the ingredients
Peach~~ | 14:48 | sounds like a plan to me
Peach~~ | 14:48 | I’ll be waiting 🥰🥰🥰
“I think I know what I’m gonna make for him,” you said, feeling the inspirational fluids rush through your veins. Who would’ve thought that a series of texts from Jaehyun could be so fruitful?
 8 days before Christmas
This time around, you were prepared for the traffic. You made sure to leave home extra early. Maybe you weren’t the first to arrive, but you came before Taeyong.
With excitement on your face, you strutted towards the teacher.
“Which project is yours?” The woman asked you, and you pointed at the large flowerpot on the top shelf. “It burned beautifully,” she spoke as she studied your art before handing it to you. Bashfully, you looked away, not expecting to hear such a compliment for your half-finished ceramic ware.
“Thank you so much,” you replied, admiring your work.
Once you put the flower pot onto the table, you sat down and stared at it, thinking what color palette to choose. It was large and had Jaehyun’s favorite things carved on it. You were unsure whether you should paint it, using all colors the community center could provide you with, or just dip it in the glaze, giving it a chic single-tone aesthetic. Perhaps, Taeyong could help you make a decision. You could always rely on him.
“Have you weighed pros and cons?” Taeyong asked you as he took off his coat and sat down beside you, making sure to provide you with the best advice.
After a heated discussion, you chose the more complex technique. You wanted to show Jaehyun how much you appreciated him. You had more chances to mess things up, but it was the risk you were willing to take. Even if a stray drop of pain fell out of contour, it’d only give the flower pot more character and originality.
With utter precision, you did your best. It took you almost three hours to finish, but you were content with the final result. It didn’t look store-bought, but at the same time, it was better than any artistically gifted four-year-old could pull off.
Carefully, you carried it to the teacher, who would load it in the kiln for the final fire.
“When can I pick it up?”
“Same time next week,” the teacher said as she looked at the pot, studying your detailed coloring. “It still needs a couple of days to dry off, but I’ll be ready before Christmas.”
“Thank you so much!”
With a big grin on your face, you returned to your station, waiting for Taeyong to add finishing touches to the vase he’d been working on.
“Do you want to hang out? I’m craving hot chocolate with marshmallows; what do you say?”
“I’ll never say no to chocolate.”
 5 days before Christmas
“Let’s watch whatever you want tonight,” you offered, setting a bowl of popcorn on the coffee table. It was one of the rare occasions when Jaehyun’s schedule wasn’t packed, and you both decided to seize the opportunity and have a little movie date.
Quickly, Jaehyun reached for the remote, browsing through the Netflix library, seeking something interesting. In the meantime, you sat down next to him and covered your laps with a fluffy blanket. You loved such cozy evenings with Jaehyun.
Jaehyun was immersed in the film, but at the same, he felt absent, distant even. Usually, he’d hold your hand or stroke your thigh with the tip of his fingers, but right now, he sat on the couch idly, not even trying to initiate physical contact with you.
Though he was right beside you, it felt as if he was miles away.
You could tell he was upset. Something was bothering him, and you just sighed, wishing he’d open up about the issue, so you could deal with it together. Regardless of what was troubling him, you were there to offer comfort and maybe a piece of advice. It hurt you that he didn’t want to share his problems with you unprompted.
With each passing thought, you felt more and more perturbed. At some point, you concluded it must’ve been your fault that Jaehyun was keeping his distance.
“What’s the matter?” You inquired, giving him your full attention, ignoring the noise the TV was making in the background.
“It’s nothing,” Jaehyun replied, brushing you off. It didn’t sit right with you, but you decided not to force him. You were sure he’d confide whenever he was ready. Until then, you’d wait even if you might not like whatever he was keeping to himself. “Let’s just watch the movie. It’s my favorite scene.”
“Sure,” you answered, sending him a forced smile.
 2 days before Christmas
“Tell me why I’m here with you?” Ten asked you as he stuffed his mouth with a handful of French fries. You and Ten were doing some last-minute Christmas shopping at the mall, and right now, you were on a well-deserved break at the food court.
“Because you begged me to come with you,” you deadpanned, reminding him of the desperate phone call you got in the morning. The present he ordered for his girlfriend wouldn’t arrive before Christmas, so he needed a backup.
“To help me with the gift, but all you’ve been doing is brooding. I didn’t sign up for this,” Ten answered with brutal honesty. You really appreciated it about him – no matter the circumstances, he wasn’t hesitant to speak his mind. “What did Jaehyun do this time?”
“I think he’d been avoiding me,” you revealed, and Ten rolled his eyes at you.
“You’re projecting,” he said, quick to dismiss your worries. “It’s Christmas season. He’s just busy with all events the company told him to participate in.”
“I know, but even when we’re together, he keeps me at arm’s length,” you commented with a deep sigh, knowing there was something Jaehyun was hiding from you. “Do you think he wants to break up with me? Or maybe he’s met someone new?”
“I swear to God… I’d hit you right now if you were a guy,” Ten threatened, hoping his harsh words would stop you from beating yourself up. “I think you’re just imagining things.”
“Anyway, what did you get him for Christmas?” Ten asked, and you told him the entire thought process behind the idea. “You should’ve never listened to Taeyong in the first place. He’s too sappy for his own good. Thankfully, you’ve got me.”
“But it’s cute and sentimental, and I made it myself,” you tried to justify your choice of gift, but Ten quickly shook his head, shutting you up. “Ugh, fine. What should I get him?”
“You’ve come to the right person, dove,” Ten replied, showing you his lopsided smirk. “You know what would be perfect?” He asked, and you shrugged, waiting for him to enlighten you. “Oh my, you’re worse than I expected.”
“Quickly finish your meal, and let’s go,” Ten urged you, and you took a large bite of your sandwich. “You’re gonna thank me later.”
“Where are we going?”
“We’re gonna get some sex toys,” Ten announced quite loudly, earning a disturbed look from a family sitting by the table next to yours. “It’ll definitely spice things up.”
 Christmas Eve
Being an idol meant working on holidays. It was inconvenient, but you’d patiently wait for Jaehyun to come over to your house.
In the late afternoon, you arrived at your parents’ house to spend some quality time together with your relatives. Aunts and uncles showed up with their kids, and it was nice to catch up with your family affairs.
The food was incredible, too. Your mom cooked so many dishes you wondered how sturdy the dinner table was to actually support that much weight.
“Wait up, I’ll pack something, so you can share with Jaehyun,” your mom hollered when you were getting ready to leave. “I saw his performance last week. He’s just skin and bones,” she grumbled, and you rolled your eyes, following her to the kitchen.
“I think that’s more than enough,” you commented as you watched her pack two large bags with Tupperware containers. Jaehyun liked the food in all flavors and quantities, but she was being overly generous.
“Nonsense! My son-in-law is going to love it,” she carried on, reaching for another container to pack some dessert.
“We’re not even married. Calm down.”
“It’s just a matter of time, biscuit,” your mom spoke with utter certainty, and you didn’t have the heart to tell her what you really think of your relationship with Jaehyun. You loved him to the moon and back, but a little voice inside your head was feeding you with doubts. Something’s changed in the dynamic between you and Jaehyun, and you were slowly preparing yourself for the worst outcome possible.
“If you say so,” you meekly replied, looking down at your shoes, trying to stay positive for tonight at least. You felt like walking on eggshells, but you’d rather keep up the appearances of a lovely couple than confront him on Christmas Eve.
Without much trouble, you came back home. Carefully, you put the food in the fridge when you get a text message from Jaehyun.
Yuno~~ | 21:37 | one more performance and I’m done for tonight 💚
Quickly, you ran to the living room to turn the television. Although you missed most of the show, you planned on supporting your boyfriend from home during his last performance. The station was already broadcasting backstage footage, and you proudly smiled.
The last song they were going to perform was Sweet Dream. Having wrapped a warm blanket around your body, you texted him back, knowing he’d only read them after the performance.
Peach~~ | 21:43 | I know 😊
Peach~~ | 21:43 | I’m watching
Peach~~ | 21:43 | your stylist deserves a raise
Peach~~ | 21:43 | I love you 💖
You were slightly sad you didn’t make it in time to watch Jaehyun perform Kick it, but you quickly forgot all about it. With Kun, Chenle, Haechan, and Taeil, Jaehyun serenaded the crowd, making your heart swell with pride.
As soon as the music show ended, you flipped through channels, seeking a fun movie to pass the time. You still had about an hour until Jaehyun’s arrival, so you snuggled closer to a soft cushion, letting a sappy rom-com play on the screen.
You didn’t even know when you fell asleep. It wasn’t until Jaehyun gently shook you awake.
“I’m here,” he whispered as he knelt in front of you, touching your cheek with his cold hand. Instantly, you jumped, sweeping his palm away from your face, afraid he might steal more of your warmth.
“Are you hungry?” You asked, rubbing your eyes to get rid of any signs of drowsiness. “My mom made so much food, and she insisted I brought you some.”
“It’s fine. Let’s have some later. Right now, I want to give you your present,” Jaehyun said as he put on a cute Santa hat, smiling at you in excitement.
“I want to go first,” you said, eager to show Jaehyun what you got him. You were dying inside to know his reaction. “Come on,” you stood up and stole his hat, putting it carefully on the top of your head.
“What could it be?” Jaehyun asked as soon as he saw an enormous present under the Christmas tree. Or rather, next to it because it was about 5 feet tall. You had tightly put wrapping paper around it, so based on its shape Jaehyun might have an idea what you got him. “No way.”
Excitedly, Jaehyun walked up to his gift and tore the wrapping into shreds. Smiling like an idiot, he stared at his present, unable to comprehend how you came up with it.
The flower pot was beautiful. Hand-made carvings took Jaehyun’s breath away. However, what Jaehyun cherished the most was that you decided to buy him a young apple tree that stood proudly in the pot, almost reaching his tits.
“This one is Instagram-worthy,” Jaehyun commented before he whipped out his phone, snapping a quick picture of his gift.
_jeongjaehyun 🎄 look what my secret Santa got me 🤣🤣 there was a tree under the tree
“I love it,” Jaehyun confessed, pulling you against him, trapping you in a tight embrace.
“Shouldn’t you consult your post with your manager?” You asked in concern, knowing it was irresponsible to upload photos without getting his manager’s permission first.
“Screw it,” he shrugged before he leaned in, giving you a passionate kiss.
“Well… Ten said you wouldn’t like it, so I got you one more gift,” you added as you pulled away to take a breath. Quickly, you escaped Jaehyun’s grip to get the other gift.
“You’re spoiling me,” Jaehyun commented under his breath as you handed him a neatly wrapped box decorated with a golden ribbon. Smiling, Jaehyun unpacked the gift, blushing as soon as he discovered the content. “Oh, sugar,”
“Ten assured me you’re going to like it,” you spoke up, looking away in embarrassment. “I can return it to the shop if you hate it,” you added, and Jaehyun vigorously shook his head.
“You’re not returning it. I’m gonna use it on you tonight,” Jaehyun answered, smirking.
Having listened to Ten’s advice, you got one of the gift boxes the sex shop offered. The one you had purchased consisted of a blindfold, a leather whip, a spanker, two sets of handcuffs, and a sexy card game.
You had no reason to complain in terms of sex. However, maybe Ten was right. If you could elevate your sex game, then why shouldn’t you?
“Take off your pants,” Jaehyun ordered, trying to test out his gift. You only giggled.
“Hold your horses,” you replied, peeling Jaehyun’s hands off your butt. “What about my gift? What did you get me?” You asked, innocently batting your eyelashes at him.
“Of course, there you go,” Jaehyun smiled as he handed you a neat golden envelope. You creased your eyebrows in confusion, wondering what he might’ve gotten you.
Your first thought was a gift card, and you frowned. That’s something people give to their significant others when they plan on breaking up. Your hands were shaking as you held the envelope, fearing to find tangible proof that Jaehyun had fallen out of love.
“What’s the matter?” Jaehyun asked in worry as he saw your hesitant reaction. “Open up,” he urged, and you breathed out, ripping the envelope open. There was a dorky Christmas card inside and two plane tickets.
“What?” You asked, not even trying to hide how stunned you were. Jaehyun wanted to take you on a trip to the mountains. It definitely wasn’t a gift card. “I don’t understand… so you’re not breaking up with me?”
“Why would I do that? I love you, sugar,” Jaehyun answered in confusion.
“Why were you keeping your distance lately, then?” You choked out, trying not to burst out crying. It was Christmas, and you were supposed to be happy and definitely, not an emotional mess.
“Oh,” Jaehyun whispered, a bit taken away that you noticed it. He had tried his best to conceal his worries. He hadn’t wanted to trouble you, but of course, you figured it all out. It was really foolish of him to think that he could’ve conned you.
“Let’s sit down first,” Jaehyun muttered as his hand reached to hold yours. Though you tried to keep your cool, you couldn’t deny that stress was eating you alive. Your hands were shaking, and Jaehyun could feel your anxiety right away.
“I have a bad feeling about it,” you commented, afraid of whatever Jaehyun needed to tell you. The way he behaved gave away how serious the matter was, and you couldn’t help but feel alarmed. “What is it?”
“Dispatch has found out about us,” Jaehyun revealed, and you gasped upon hearing the news. How did they? You and Jaehyun had always been discreet. “They’re going to expose our relationship on the New Year. Sorry for not telling you sooner. I was trying to do something about it. I’ve even talked to the big boss, but there’s nothing I could do. The good thing is, since you’re not a celebrity, they won’t disclose your identity.”
You didn’t know what to say. It was never supposed to happen. You barely went out with Jaehyun in public. They had no right to find out about it.
“What are we going to do about it?” You asked, trying to support him in this mess. Though it was your mutual decision to pursue a romantic relationship, Jaehyun was the one to take the fall for both of you. It was his idol career at stake.
“We go on vacation to the mountains, have fun, and pretend that nothing’s going to happen.”
“That’s irresponsible. I bet there’s something we can do to stop this. I can’t have you face this scandal alone,” you said, desperate to find a solution.
“I’ve tried everything,” Jaehyun answered, placing his hand on your thigh, rubbing circles against your skin, hoping it’d calm you down. “It’s okay. We’ve been dating for almost two years; it’s time to reveal the truth.”
“What about your fans?”
“What about them? They’re gonna approve that I’m happy. If they don’t, they have never been my fans, and I don’t give a shit what they think,” Jaehyun bluntly declared, calling out fake fans immediately. You didn’t expect to hear such harsh words, but they still made your heart swell in pride.
“Are you sure?”
“Dead ass,” Jaehyun confessed, pressing a chaste kiss against your forehead. “So, now everything’s discussed, how about we test out my gift? These handcuffs will look great on you,” he added with a mischievous smirk, and you laughed.
 New Year
The time you spent with Jaehyun cuddled in the cabin in the mountains was worth any hurdle. Right after his last broadcast scheduled on the 26th, you caught the flight and flew right to the enchanted land of snow and beautiful views.
The other members might’ve thought you eloped. Neither of you even bothered to turn your phones back on after you landed. There was radio silence on your and Jaehyun’s end, so this idea wasn’t all that farfetched.
In the morning, Jaehyun pulled you out of bed and took you skiing. It was fun. Without any doubt, he was better than you; however instead of his typical competitiveness, he gave you plenty of tips on how to improve your technique.
In the afternoon, Jaehyun chose a low-profile family-run restaurant. They served delicious local cuisines, and Jaehyun ordered five portions of five different dishes for you to share. You had burnt a lot of calories skiing, and it was a delicious way to compensate for the energy loss. Of course, Jaehyun devoured most of it, but you both left the establishment with full stomachs.
In the evening, you cuddled under a thick blanket, watching reruns of your favorite movies. You loved spending quality time with Jaehyun, especially when there was no hidden beef between you. Just in a few hours, Dispatch was to release information about your relationship. Thankfully, you were together now, ready to face the consequences.
“Anticipation drives me crazy,” Jaehyun groaned, kicking off the blanket off his laps. “It’s not right. If the world is gonna find out about you, it should be on my terms,” he added, looking for his phone in desperation.
“It’s gonna be okay,” you assured him, but Jaehyun didn’t stop his frantic moves until he found his phone, finally turning it on. Instantly, it vibrated when hundreds of notifications from all of his group chats were delivered.
“Are you sure about it? I’m positive the company’s gonna make an official statement and force me apologize for having feelings,” Jaehyun barked as he furiously typed something on his phone. “I don’t feel apologetic for loving you.”
“What are you doing?” You asked, trying to peek at Jaehyun’s screen, curiosity getting the best of you.
“I’m making a statement. I will not give them the satisfaction,” Jaehyun said, and you surged forward, struggling to stop him from making a mistake. Jaehyun had been scolded for posting that Christmas tree picture, and you didn’t want him to get in trouble again.
“Don’t,” you yelled, but Jaehyun already uploaded that post. “What did you do?” Quickly, you ran to your backpack to check it on your phone. It took an eternity for it to light up, but once it did, you clicked on the Instagram icon on your screen, searching for Jaehyun’s profile.
It was a picture of your entwined hands, which he took on Christmas Eve. It was obscure enough to protect your identity, yet at the same time, it got his point across. Jeong Jaehyun was happily in love. Jeong Jaehyun was officially off the market.
Once you got back to your senses, you looked down at the caption. It got your heart racing, even though you knew how much trouble Jaehyun just got himself into. It’s not a common occurrence for an idol to confess their love on social media.
_jeongjaehyun 💓💓 with the love of my life
“Are you mad?” Jaehyun asked, and you wiped away the tears that formed in the corners of your eyes. You were conflicted, and one of the emotions running through you was definitely anger. SM Ent. must’ve figured out a damage control plan, but your boyfriend just unleashed hell on Earth, causing lots of unnecessary drama.
However, you also felt happy and relieved. Jaehyun just referred to you as the love of his life in front of the whole world. Wasn’t he just the best?
“I love you,” you whispered as you ran into his arms, smashing his lips against his.
Jaehyun kissed you back with vigor, letting his large hands roam across your body. While your mouths moved in sync, Jaehyun kneaded your butt, caressed your back, pulling you closer. Moaning into your kiss, you rubbed your hips against him as you wrapped your arms around his neck.
“Tell me you’ve brought the gift I got you,” you breathed out as a sudden urge to try the rest of the set. Though you had played a bit of that sex card game, you still didn’t test out the cuffs and the other goods.
“No, sugar; I didn’t. They don’t let people on board with trees,” Jaehyun deadpanned, teasing you. Of course, he knew what gift you were talking about, but he couldn’t fight his playful nature. “What do you need a tree for anyways?”
“The other one,” you added with an eye-roll. “I want you to use the toys on me.”
Jaehyun grinned before he leaned in, giving you a quick peck. “I’m on it. See you in the bedroom in two minutes,” he ordered as he ran to his suitcase to get the BDSM 101 kit.
Giggling at your boyfriend, you shook your head. You swayed your hips as you sauntered to the bedroom, undressing yourself one article of clothing at a time. The moment you reached the bed, you were only in your sexy underwear.
“Now, look at you, sugar,” Jaehyun commented with a suggestive wink, taking in all of your beauty. “I wish I had a camera, so I could film you,” he added, and you bit your lip, making a mental note to try it out something. Now that you thought about it, the prospect of making DIY porn seemed really hot.
“You should do it next time, sir,” you innocently spoke, batting your eyelashes at him, giving him the green light to execute this fantasy.
Quickly, you adjusted your position, sitting on the edge of the bed, waiting for Jaehyun to approach you. Once he did, he grabbed your chin, making you look up. “Will you be a good girl for me tonight?” Jaehyun cooed; his eyes trained on your lips.
“Yes, sir.”
“Will you do what I say?” Jaehyun added tutting when you answered with a nod of your head. “Take off your bra and lie down.”
Following his instructions, you reached behind to unclasp the hooks of your bra. Your eyes were trained on his, seeing how his irises got darker with lust. Jaehyun licked his lips when you finally got rid of the thin fabric obscuring your breasts. Content with his reaction, you lay down, waiting for another order.
Slowly, Jaehyun climbed on top of you, kissing the skin of your collarbones, the crook of your neck, and right between your breasts. His hands ran across your sides all the way to your shoulders. His fingers traced lines down your limb only to circle around your wrists and force your arms over your head.
“No touching,” Jaehyun warned you before you let him put handcuffs on you, tying you down to the bed frame. You tried to wriggle a little, but your restraint kept you immobile. Thankfully, there was an extra layer of fluffy material around the cuffs that protected your skin from any bruises which might appear if Jaehyun decided to be extra harsh on you tonight.
“Jaehyun,” you purred, trying to make him start his ministration. He already stripped you of one of the senses, and now, you needed him to fuck you.
“Patience, sugar,” Jaehyun whispered as he put his hands on your hips, forcing them against the bed. He didn’t appreciate the way you ground them against his semi-hard cock. “What do we have here?” Jaehyun asked, pulling out a blindfold, playing with it.
“Jaehyun, no. I haven’t even seen your abs yet,” you begged, hoping he’d let you see at least of glimpse of his beautiful physique. Jaehyun’s body was sculpted by the gods, and it was a serious offense to conceal your sight before you got to see it.
“One more word and I’m gonna gag you too,” he threatened, shutting you up. You didn’t need to have any more senses taken away. Two were already too many. From now on, you concluded it would be smart to obey him.
Having your hands restrained and sight obscured left you completely reliant on Jaehyun. There was nothing you could do but wait for him to inflict any kind of delicious pressure.
The mattress dipped under Jaehyun’s weight as he leaned back and then got up. For a short while, you didn’t hear a sound. You nervously bit your bottom lip, hoping he didn’t leave you exposed like that. Thankfully, a moment later, you heard him pull his zipper and take off his pants.
“It’s a shame you can’t see how hard I am,” Jaehyun tsked, giving his length a few strokes, softly moaning. “I’m gonna fuck you so good,” he added as he reached for the whip, letting its end travel up your calf all the way to your thigh.
The toy barely touched you, but it got you squirming. You rubbed your thighs, but Jaehyun quickly intervened, swatting your leg with a whip. It didn’t sting, but you gasped out of pure shock. You didn’t see this one coming.
“You’re driving me crazy,” you moaned, wanting Jaehyun to stop his mischievous ministrations and rearrange your guts the way you wanted him to. “I can’t take it anymore,” you added, and Jaehyun took a deep sigh, tossing the whip onto the floor.
“You’re no fun,” Jaehyun replied, complying with your desperate request. Quickly, he crawled on top of you, brushing his rock-hard erection against your folds in the process. “I wanted to eat you out first, but look at you now, all wet for me already.”
“Please, fuck me,” you whined, spreading your thighs wider, rocking your hips against his cock. “Please, please, please,” you whimpered when Jaehyun teased you, rubbing his tip against your swollen clit.
“Alright,” Jaehyun gave in as he held you against the bed, digging his fingers in your hips. “I’m not gonna take it easy on you, though,” he added before he bottomed out, not giving you a chance to adjust to his size. “How you like that,” he breathed out, snapping his hips in and out of you at ruthless speed.
You were mewling at the top of your voice, letting Jaehyun wreck you. With your two senses taken away, the other ones seemed to heighten. You were more sensitive than usual. His moves got you in a frenzy in no time.
“I’m gonna come,” you cried out when his hand slid down to rub your clit.
“Good,” he growled before he leaned in to capture your lips. You moaned into his mouth, unable to contain the noises you were producing due to stimulation. “Come. Squeeze around my dick,” he ordered, giving you permission to let your climax overtake you.
His lips biting the delicate skin of your neck, his hand playing with your sensitive bud, his cock hammering inside of you with inhumane strength equated to the best orgasm of your life.
Your walls tightened around his cock as a powerful heatwave erupted within you. At the same time, Jaehyun arched his back, shooting his load inside. Jaehyun wailed in absolute pleasure as his hips moved through your peaks.
“We should make it a regular thing,” you purred when Jaehyun fell on top of you, trying to catch his breath. His softening cock was still buried deep inside of you, keeping all his cum in. Slowly, he pushed the blindfold off your face, letting you admire his fucked-out glow.
“Duly noted,” Jaehyun whispered, pressing a gentle kiss against your lips. “But I think we should try out other things too.”
“Things such as?” You inquired, and Jaehyun shrugged, not having anything specific in mind. “Maybe next time, I can tie you to the bed,” you proposed, and Jaehyun hummed, thinking if he could completely submit to you without going crazy. “Or we could invite someone in. Johnny maybe, or Jungwoo. You know… the more, the merrier.”
“One step at a time, sugar.”
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k-dokja · 7 months ago
For the bp boys! Wrapping presents and commenting how you’ve gotten the best present and tying a bow around their/your head? 👀
Merry Chrysler everyone ~ !
Tumblr media
"Aw, doll, you should only say that if you meant it completely." Despite what he said, Xyx was already moving towards you, hand pulling at the end of your ribbon. "Words can be dangerous if you wielded them carelessly, you know."
The ribbon floated down to the floor with an easy tug, but you might have made a mistake there, too. Because when you looked up, Xyx was already approaching you, closing in your space with a smile too cheeky for your own good.
"Oh, mind explaining?"
"For example, these words specifically can lead to a dire consequence," he placed his hands by your thighs, leaning until his forehead met with yours, "as your legal advisor, I must caution you against this course of action if you wanted to walk properly tomorrow."
You scarcely noticed he was pushing you back down your back until you were met with the mattress below. When you landed with a soft thud, Xyx pulled back, the grin on his lips was a telltale sign of the insidious plan he brewed up in mind for you.
Yet, despite the warning sign, you couldn't help but feel excited.
"But as your boyfriend," Xyx pretended to contemplate but it soon became clear that he already made up his mind. "I highly encourage you to follow through with your words, you know high risk comes with high rewards~"
The answer was obvious to you the moment he straddled you, his fingers toyed with the hem of your shirt. You reached up to thread your fingers behind his neck, meeting his lips in the middle with yours. "I think I'll take my chances." You said against his mouth, hot on yours.
Everything soon unfurled into a fumble to discard clothing and an entangled mess. But despite it all, you could feel Xyx's smile on your lips every time he kissed you.
Tumblr media
"Wha—No!" Hearing his exasperated moaning would've made any lesser soul think that Owl was displeased with the idea. However, the grin on his lips said otherwise completely. "I should've come up with that idea first, damnit, now I'm the lamer one."
"Baby, it's not a competition," you giggled and kissed him on the nose, but it did little to pacify your grumpy boyfriend. "Your gift is already plenty great, I'm only adding this on top of my as a reward for you being an exemplary boyfriend this year."
"Aw, but how am I going to top the best gift of all time?" He kissed you back, on the lips this time. His kiss effectively prevented you from retorting the immediate moment and by the time he allowed you room to breathe, you had already forgotten your answer.
"Now, you're just flattering me," you laughed lightly, grabbing his collar to keep him close, "but I suppose if there is a way if you're willing to measure up."
Owl hummed thoughtfully. Although, you doubted there was much thinking going on in his head from the way he gazed at your lips again.
"I'm starting to like this plan of yours more and more already," after stealing another quick kiss from you, Owl seemed to realize the existence of the obstructive ribbon, "guess it's time for me to unwrap my present, I think this might be my favourite of this year."
Tumblr media
"The best wh—Oh, be serious." For what it was worth, Toaster was far from offended even with his best effort in glaring at you. He was smiling, and worse, he was blushing. "I'm trying to figure out what to get you for this Christmas and you're teasing me."
He was too adorable for words, you wondered if he was even conscious of that. Then again, calling your gangly man cute to his face might cause him to fluster even further. You didn't know if he had it in him to withstand such compliments.
"I'm not teasing," you pressed a quick kiss to his cheek, which did nothing to help with the heat on his cheeks, but it calmed him down somewhat, "I don't want you to go out of your way for Christmas, just having you is more than enough for me."
Toaster hummed, still unconvinced by your explanation, "How about a night out together? You can pick the location, wherever is fine."
You took his hand into yours, thumb brushed over the vein visible on his skin, "You know most places would be packed for Christmas," you said, "I wouldn't want you to tire yourself from squeezing in and out of places the entire evening."
"I don't mind if it's you," Toaster squeezed your hand, his eyes were soft when you met them again.
Easily, you smiled and drew him over until your cheek was beside his. "Yes, but if you tired yourself out the entire evening," your words quieted down slowly until it was barely more than a whisper, laced with unspoken promise and desire, "I won't be able to enjoy my present this year."
Toaster didn't reply immediately, but his breath hitched. And from the way his hand settled on your waist, he probably agreed with you.
Tumblr media
"Ah, ah, angel, how do you expect me to react after you said something like that?"
Before you got a chance to respond, Quest scooped you up in his arms and spun you around, earning a surprised yet delighted laughter from you. "Honey! "
"Mhm, I'm not accepting takebacks," he kissed you once on the cheek, then another on the nose, then followed by one on the lips, "you've given me the best gift I could ever ask for, I would be remiss to not receive it with grace."
You toyed with the lapel of his jacket as Quest carried you to your shared bedroom, "How will you handle your gift then?" You murmured before glancing up at him coyly, only to be stunned by the heat of his eyes when they gazed down at you.
"I take request," Quest put you down on the softness of your mattress, his gentleness stood out in stark contrast to the moment before. "Anything you wanted, you shall receive..." Paused. "Within my capability of course."
His sudden moment of consciousness spurred a giggle from you. "What if I wanted something outside of your capability?"
With feigned exasperation, Quest smiled at you. "I guess I will have to go above and beyond then," he kissed you once more, sweetly. "So, what is it then?"
His question fanned against your lips, bated breath waited for your answer. Finally, it came to you. "Hmph, I will settle for you blowing my mind then."
Quest laughed fondly, "As you wish," his lips were on yours again and you saw stars.
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xenizaation · 7 months ago
have yourself a horny little christmas
Tumblr media
Warning! Sexual content ahead! Minors please dni!
from the series reinvented christmas songs
pairing: fem!reader x jung jaehyun
genre: established relationship, smut
word count: 2k
warnings: mentions of alcohol (jaehyun is a tad bit drunk), slight roleplay(f as mrs claus), mutual masturbation, wax play, body worship, unprotected sex, rough sex, spanking, dirty talk, blowjob, spitting cum
a/n: ok so excluding this, you're only gonna be tormented by my writings for one(1) more day. and no it's not a coincidence that jaehyun has a beautiful cover of this exact song that i urge you to listen! hope you little freaks enjoy! merry christmas eve! xoxo
you couldn't feel more stupid even if you tried. staring at your reflection into the mirror, you wondered why you did this to yourself, wishing that you could go back in time so you can punch yourself in the face when you thought buying a sexy mrs claus costume would be anywhere near a good idea. hindsight's twenty twenty.
you softly brush your fingers against the sticky material of the red latex dress. thank god it wasn't skintight, you would've needed a lot of lube to come out of it, and after last week when your ass had a big part of jaehyun's attention, you doubted there was any left at all.
you sigh as you throw one more glance into the mirror, feeling like you are dressed in a little child's halloween costume, even if what you wore was far from the innocent things kids would.
straight up erotic, red latex shaped your every curve, hugging your bust tightly as it flared from your waist down, not going much lower than almost the middle of your thighs. the white faux-fur lining the heart shaped decolletage made your skin too pale in contrast with the red on the dress, you thought. but there was no turning back now, not when your boyfriend stood on the couch, waiting for you to come out of the room so he could see a part of the christmas gift you prepared for him.
"get out of your head!" you hear your boyfriend's voice echo from the living room.
"and while you're at it, get out of the bathroom too. that's an obnoxious amount of time anyone should allow themselves for taking a shit."
you laugh at his remarks, not expecting the second line to ever come out his mouth. alcohol sure took a toll on jaehyun's mind, but you never complained about it, he was five times funnier and ten times hornier, so it was always exciting whenever he came back in the late of the night from the bar. you either ended up at a stand up comedy show, or in the best porn you thought you could ever witness in your entire life.
"if you laugh i'm breaking up with you." you say, half opening the door of the living room, signaling him to be prepared for whatever was to come.
"baby, i will only laugh if you come dressed as baby yoda." he reassures you.
you take a big breath and finally open the door, stepping through as you close it behind you. his reaction is dulled back by his weakened senses. he smiles, throwing his head on the back of the couch while he shakes it from left to right with a low moan. you didn't really know if that was good or not.
"spin," he says, motioning the action with his index finger. you fulfill his wish and twirl two times, for him to get the full effect of the dress. "god," jaehyun groans, adjusting his jeans in the crotch area as he signals you to come over, with the same finger. his gaze burning every inch of you as he kept staring you up and down like it wasn't every day that he laid eyes on you. "just marry me already!" your boyfriend completes when you walk towards him, exaggerating the swing of your hips from side to side on purpose. you slowly sit yourself in his lap, not in a cowgirl position but in the one you would ironically sit in the lap of the santa that you visited at the mall when you were little.
"you need to ask the question to get an answer, jae." you say in return to his plead of tying the knot.
"why do i need to do it? we're in the 21st century, haven't you heard how ladies take the initiative nowadays?" you roll you eyes at the answer you already anticipated to come out his mouth for it was not the first time it left his beautiful pouty lips. he sighs observing your reaction.
"there's no hurry babe," he comforts, placing his left hand on your waist, the right one on your leg as he drags it up. "the only hurry right now is to make a mess of this beautiful dress." he finishes as his hand comes in contact with your clothed core. you sigh against his touch, making sure to lean more on the growing tent in his pants.
"you're the hottest thing on earth, don't think for a second that i'm ever gonna let you go." he says, voice filled with lust ringing right next to your ear as he bites your lobe, dragging it gently. he peppers soft kisses on the skin of your collarbone, moving your panties to the side to encounter a very wet you. while jaehyun parts your folds with his finger to collect all your arousal, you struggle to open his pants with one hand. you finally unzip them after unbuttoning, and he shuffles out of them for a bit, until his half hard cock manages to comfortably be out for you to touch. you rub his dick, feeling him growing in the palm of your hand as he rubs small circles onto your clit, everything turning into a silent competition of who could get the other one to make more noise.
"lay down." he says after a while of you two massaging the other's intimate parts and you obediently do as you're told with a smile on your face.
"been eyeing this since i came home," he explains as he lifts up one of the thick candles on the coffee table. "you should've stayed less in the bathroom. i came up with a few ideas in all the time you were there." he kneels on the ground next to your face and slowly rises the candle a few centimeters above you.
"tell me how it feels." jaehyun encourages you right before tilting the candle, hot wax spilling over the center of your chest, knocking the breath out of you at first but becoming more pleasant as it starts to cool down.
"feels nice." you giggle next to his concentrated face. he smiles up to you through half lidded eyes, immediately turning his attention back to your body. the next place he pours the wax on is unexpected, he aims your clothed nipple with dexterity, and you inhale abruptly, mentally thanking yourself now for buying the dress, the layer of latex acting as a shield for your sensitive bud.
your other nipple is even easier to find seeing how they both hardened painfully after your boyfriend's actions. he treats it the same way as the other, slowly pouring wax as if he would seal a letter. you suck in air and give into the warm feeling of the wax, the new sensation seems to overwhelm most of your senses as you barely hear jaehyun talk.
"your body is so fucking amazing, i don't think i could ever get enough of it." he says as he drags the candle along your torso, leaving small drops behind that stain your dress. "i could get off untouched on the sight of you like this alone." words go straight to your pussy as it silently screams for his fingers to come back, you smile as you comb your own through his hair, moving his head so he can look at you.
"let me do it too." you say as you take the candle from his grasp with your other hand, signaling him with your head to sit on the couch. he returns into his spot and you climb into his lap, this time straddling him with your thighs. he removes his tee and you come in contact with his pale skin, scooping yourself a bit outward so you can look at the entire picture. his hands are thrown on the back of the couch, dick still free of its confines, rubbing pleasantly against your warmth. you paint jaehyun's soft chest with big drops of the red wax, savoring delightfully all the groans that he lets out. you repeat the action down his toned abs, watching with full interest how the wax hardens on his body and how red spots bloom under the wax of the same color. as you try to pour some on his shoulders, you accidentally tilt the candle too much, the flame dying almost instantly.
"nooo," you cry out on a slightly high pitched voice. "right when i was starting to have fun."
"have fun?" jaehyun asks as he halts you by your waist, placing you again with your back on the couch. "baby, that was only the warm-up." he smirks waiting for your reaction to his very intelligent pun, taking in consideration his intoxicated brain. you chuckle softly, heartbeat going up again as you see him remove his pants completely, adorning adam's costume in all his glory. you reach to your back zipper so you can do the same but jaehyun quickly pulls your arms away.
"nah, nah, nah. let's make this worth its money." he coos as he removes your soaked panties, yanking your body towards his. he quickly aligns his tip at your entrance, going in with a smooth glide as your pussy lubricated itself enough up to this point with only the ghost feeling of his fingers. he rocks into you with ample strokes, his considerable size stretching you out slowly as he passionately kisses you on the lips, swirling his tongue around in your mouth to get an even better sense of you as the rocking of his hips becomes faster.
"holy fuck!" you scream as jaehyun thrusts deep and repeatedly after he takes both your knees and brings them next to your head, your hands instinctively replacing his so he can get a better angle at fucking you in the new position that unlocked your sweet spot. the sounds of skin slapping on skin echo through the room that's only illuminated by the cristmas lights in the tree now that the candle was out. the groans of your boyfriend melt in so well with your moans that you almost can't tell them apart. both captive to the pleasure as jaehyun buries himself so deep inside you over and over again that your cervix starts to feel numb. he draws out an orgasm out of you by surprise, the feeling mixed with pain as his cock doesn't stop ruining you from the inside. your aching pussy clenches around his cock, as your cum spreads along its length, and you plead for his name when he slaps your ass a couple of times, with heavy palms.
"you like that? you like when i break your pussy every time we fuck?" he creaks as his hands take a hold on the back of your knees again to push them even further back.
"such a tight little thing." he says and you only whine in defeat underneath him, silently begging him for more. he pulls out of you after a few minutes, standing next to the couch as he helps you get on your knees in front of him. he guides your head to his cock, and you take it in gladly, swirling your tongue around his tip, trying to fit more of his amazing girth inside your mouth.
jaehyun takes the lead after a few seconds, holding your head in place as he starts fucking your throat ruthlessly, leaving you gagging around him as tears strain down your face. the satisfying feeling of him in your mouth was making you incapable of anything else. he pulls himself out of your mouth, spit all over his member and down your chin as you hold your mouth agape. he strokes himself fast, tip laying on your awaiting tongue as he lets out a loud groan that's accompanied by the feeling of his hot salty cum into your mouth, and lots of it. you try to close your mouth but you're quickly prevented by your boyfriend's thumb which positions itself in between your rows of teeth.
"don't swallow." he says on an authoritative tone, and you're left with no choice but obey. you let the mix of cum and spit dribble down your chin on your neck, chest that was still tainted with wax and most importantly, onto the rubber of your red dress. he smiles proudly, sign that you completely understood the assignment.
the next thing you know is how jaehyun takes you by the waist and places you on his shoulder, rubbing your ass as he clumsily walks towards the bedroom.
"it's time for me to give you one of your christmas presents as well."
buying the damn costume was a good idea, after all.
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sagechanoafterdark · 7 months ago
It's A Marshmallow Christmas
Tumblr media
Pairing: Ransom x Reader Word Count: 2,174 Warnings: language, fingering, dirty talk, soft Ransom, protective Ransom, Christmas stress A/N: First day of the 12 days of Kinksmas! I was so worried about not getting this one out on time. This may or may not be based entirely on fact. I hope it brings everyone a little bit of joy to see our favorite disaster couple having a happy holiday. Merry Christmas everyone!
Read more Ransom and Marshmallow in Held for Ransom!
Tumblr media
“Okay what’s next,” you mumbled to yourself, finger sliding down the whiteboard on the kitchen fridge. “Right so next is the dip, which I can get on the tray and set out. But before that, I need to pull the chicken. Oh my god did I forget the fucking hot sauce!? Oh no there it is.”
Ransom stood at the threshold of the kitchen watching you flit from one cupboard to the next, his worry lines deepening. “Hey Marshmallow,” he called out somewhat wearily. “Maybe you should take a break for a few minutes.”
Turning around you pinned him with a glare that would surely make even his mother flinch, “I don’t have time to take a break, Ransom. There’s too much to do and I only have a few hours to get it all done!”
His blue eyes widened while you turned your back on him again. Your shoulders were up as you began mixing ingredients in a bowl and muttering to yourself.
You’d warned him.
You’d told him at Thanksgiving when Linda, after one too many vodka tonics, insinuated that you couldn’t hold a holiday together to save your life and that no doubt you’d be joining them every year from now on rather than hosting your own. Normally the dig would have slid off you, or you’d have chewed his mother out right here. Instead, you plastered a smile on your face and said something about hosting Christmas Eve dinner.
He should have stopped you. Made up some kind of excuse afterward or taken you on a trip away from the insanity that would overtake you. But your lamenting whine on the way home made him hold his tongue.
“What am I going to do Ransom,” you cried, head in your hands as he drove back towards home. “I can’t host Christmas Eve dinner! Christmas makes me crazy. I lose my damn mind every year and I know that I do it. Why would I say that?! What vengeful fucking ghost took hold of me and was like, ‘Let’s make her host dinner.’ Linda was drunk too, so she’s going to remember it! Fuck!!”
He should have listened to your warning.
But he didn’t.
It was only two days after that dinner when you’d begun decorating for the upcoming holiday while he was out for coffee. Garland and twinkle lights descend the staircase, along with various woodland animals made out of twigs and sticks, tiny Christmas trees with twinkle lights sitting on every surface, and more boxes of bulbs than he ever remembered when you’d moved in.
He’d only been gone maybe an hour.
Ransom also didn’t protest, much, when you dragged him to a tiny farm outside of the city that you’d found on Google maps. He’d almost froze to death as you made him trudge through the fresh New England snow to find what you would dub the ‘perfect’ tree.
Okay, so maybe that part wasn’t bad.
As if these weren’t moments he’d secretly cherish forever. Like seeing the look of pure childish wonder that spread over your face and lit your eyes as you’d finally spotted ‘The One.’
Or the giggle you let slip before swiping a dollop of whipped cream from his nose as the two of you drank hot chocolate afterward.
Or even you shrieking his name as he’d mistakenly released the netting on the tree before bringing it inside. It was his first time having a tree and decorating on his own, of course, he didn’t know how it was done!
How when putting the lights on the tree your tongue would peak out just a little in concentration. How when you finally finished for the day you’d slid into his arms so easily fast asleep. Alright so those, he could willingly admit, were the little moments he loved.
But what he didn’t love was whatever this was.
If he’d been paying closer attention he might have caught glimpses of the holiday madness settling within. When you couldn’t settle on ham or turkey for the main course, so you’d decided to compromise and make both. Then they were out of the potatoes you wanted, so you went to four different stores to find them, and then there was the very heated cranberry versus red pepper jelly discussion between you both in the middle of the aisle.
In nearly every instance you ended up in tears with your hands shaking and Ransom growing increasingly worried.
You needed to relax. Even if it was just for a moment.
Pursing his lips he looked over at the timer on the stove, there was a good hour before you’d be checking the turkey again. His smile grew slightly as he came up behind you.
“Hey,” he cooed, pressing up against your back. His hands slipped around your hips and held you firmly. It was impossible to miss how you instantly leaned back into him giving a sigh of relief. “You’ve been working really hard sweetheart. How about you take a little break.”
Ransom was the devil himself tempting you with the sweet fruit of a moment’s peace. His lips began dragging over the exposed column of your neck, pressing light pecks as he continued coaxing, “Dinner isn’t for another three hours, they’re all going to be here soon. So take a break.”
You would have been embarrassed at how easily you started to give in were you not a basket case of stress and anxiety. His hand closed over your own, pulling the spoon from your slackened fingers you swallowed hard pretending not to know exactly what it was that Ransom meant by taking a break. “I told you I can’t,” you scolded, reaching for the spoon as he held it just out of reach. “There’s still too much to do and I’m… Ransom…I’ve still got….Ransom, please give me the damn spoon.”
He chuckled, his hot breath caressing against the shell of your ear, “Mmm, no.” His mirthful rumble concluded as his teeth caught the lobe of your ear.
Gasping his name your hands slammed onto the counter for leverage just as his hips pinned your own against the unforgiving stone. Trying your best not to grind back against him as his growing erection pressed against the swell of your ass.
The hitch in your breath had him humming again in approval. “You’re acting a little too crazy today,” he admonished, that wicked tongue of his tracing down the column of your neck. Pressing teasing kisses to your skin, “I really think a little break is in order.”
Tilting your head to the side on instinct, your eyes closed in needed bliss, pleasure rolling through you as Ransom’s mouth found the sensitive spot that always made you keen.
“I warned you didn’t I,” you half sassed, guiding one of his hands to your breast. Gasping when his fingers gripped you through the dress you wore, dimpling the skin he growled against your skin.
“Yeah,” he agreed huskily in your ear, blatantly rubbing his cock against you now. “You gonna let me fuck some of that crazy out of you?”
The spoon clattered to the floor as you turned in his arms, leaning up and into his kiss as Ransom licked into your mouth, swallowing your moan. With the outline of his cock pressing against your belly, you couldn’t stop the roll of your hips as his strong warm hands cupped your ass and slid you onto the counter.
Wrapping your arms around his shoulders, you pulled Ransom close as his tongue stroked against your own. His hand dipping between you to rub at your clothed heat and earning another whimpering moan from you.
“Ransom,” you whimpered, fingers tangling in the new cable knit he wore. “I have to get dinner…. Oh, fuck right there.”
Pressing his thumb against your clit briefly, he withdrew his hand only to slip it inside the stretchy waistband of your leggings. A string of curses slipped past your lips as his thick fingers stroked against you, rubbing and pinching in just the right way that had you whining out his name.
“This what you want sweetheart,” he growled against your lips. “Sure you wouldn’t rather cum on my cock?”
A gasp burst from your lips as your head fell back against the cupboard, Ransom's fingers working their own sweet magic over your clit as the fire began to rise in you. “Ransom,” you panted, fingers trailing over the curve of his jaw. “Please. Please, I need it. Please.”
“Need it huh,” he husked against your lips. Feeling your slick coating his fingers before slipping one then two deep into you. The ragged moan that fell from your lips as he stretched you made him grin ear to ear, “So warm and wet for me, Marshmallow. You sure you wouldn’t rather cum on my fingers?”
Shaking your head as words became useless, your eyes clenched closed and you grit your teeth as he pressed that magical spot inside of you that had your legs shaking. “That’s it,” he coaxed, kissing along your jaw to your panting mouth. “Squirming so much for me, want you to make a fucking mess on my fingers sweetheart.”
The tremble in your legs was getting to be too much, unable to control yourself as you freely rode Ransom's hand on the kitchen counter. Your arms wrapped around his head, pulling him close as his fingers pressed, tapped, and thrust in and out of your soaked heat.
Ransom felt the muscles in your body beginning to tense, one by one, your trembling legs tightening around him and pulling him impossibly closer as you teetered on the edge, “Gonna cum for me? That’s it, pretty girl. Fall apart for me.”
And fall apart you did.
Mewling and shaking as all of the built-up tension released from you in an earth-shattering orgasm. Your walls fluttered around his still thrusting fingers and pulling him deeper as Ransom swallowed your moans. “Fucking beautiful,” he said pulling back and looking into your half-lidded eyes. “Always so beautiful for me.”
Withdrawing his hand from your waistband your arms wrapped around his shoulders again, pulling him close, pressing your lips to his in a fierce kiss. Leading with your tongue as it slowed to a natural end, Ransom nuzzled against you. Pecking kisses against your panting mouth.
“Better,” he asked, smiling when you nodded, closing your eyes briefly and catching your breath. “Good.”
“Hello, Ransom we’re here!”
The shrill echo of his mother's voice called from the front of the brownstone followed by the rumblings of his father, no doubt already looking for the scotch. Ransom growled in annoyance, his arms tightening around you before you sighed, “I need to finish dinner.”
“Listen, I want you to remember something,” Ransom said, voice serious as he leaned away, lifting your chin with his fingers. “This is your house. You live here. Not them. And I’m always on your side. If they get to be too much for you they’re gone. It’s a Marshmallow Christmas, not a Thromby Christmas, it doesn’t have to be perfect.”
“It’s just our first Christmas together as a couple,” you mumbled, avoiding his gaze for a moment. “I wanted it to be perfect for us.”
“It’s already perfect cause it's with you.”
While the 'from the heart' statement surprised you, you also watched with barely concealed amusement as a flush of embarrassment ran through Ransom. Turning the man red all the way to the tips of his ears. “That was so cheesy,” you giggled at his expense.
“Shut up,” he growled, the slightest turn at the corner of his mouth.
“No, I mean it,” you continued teasing, sliding off the counter as he scoffed and went to the sink to wash his hands. “I think that was the cheesiest thing you’ve ever said. Who would have known? Ransom Drysdale, says cheesy things to his girlfriend when he’s being soft.”
His mouth set into a line as you rubbed his back laughing a little, “I’m just teasing.”
Sighing, Ransom pulled the towel down and roughly dried his hands, “I’ll go greet our guests. Just don’t let her rile you today, it’s your Christmas, not hers. Oh and don’t let Richard get under your skin. And if Joni and Meg show up…”
Laughing you cupped his cheeks smiling up at him, “I know.” Leaning up on your tiptoes and kissing him softly. “I’m sorry that I’m going a little crazy. Just know that I’m grateful to have you here and on my side.”
“I’m always on your side,” he rumbled, hands sliding to your hips before pressing his forehead to your own. The two of you standing and swaying slightly in the kitchen to the faint sound of the radio before it was overtaken by the telltale tones of Richard and Linda arguing.
Ransom still held you, his hands tightening on your hips slightly before muttering, “Besides, even if you’re crazy today, looks like you’ll be in good company.”
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undiscovered-horizon · 3 months ago
Soft!Touchstarved!Billy Russo (Part 2)
Tumblr media
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Part 2 because there's a character limit (part 1 here)
Billy gets nightmares about what he's done and seen
Like 9/10 times he can deal with it just fine
But this one occasion sets off something inside him
He jolts awake, frantically looking for you, for the comfort you bring him
His movements wake you up and when you notice his quick breaths and scared gaze, you immediately know what's up
You're holding him, gently rocking your bodies
"Deep breaths, baby, deep breaths. It's okay, Billy. We're alright."
(TIP: it's good to match the breathing of a panicking person and gradually slow down. They will automatically follow your breathing pattern)
The situation gets worse when he wakes up and you're not next to him
An air raid siren is going off in his head
Soon, Billy finds you in the kitchen or walking out of the bathroom
And he just latches onto you, making you nearly fall over
Picks you up and carries you to bed, wrapping you in his limbs
(no escaping that one tho)
You know it's not easy to intimidate him, so for a nightmare to get him like this, he must've dreamed about something truly awful
To some degree, you're thankful he doesn't talk about it
Billy might tell you to not scare him like that again
Since we're talking about Upset Billy™️, let's elaborate on the low-key insecurities he has
Like in the memorable merry-go-round sequence where he yells to Frank that no one will mourn them should they die
And that they are not good people, never have been
They're meant to just follow orders, fight the old men's wars and die
So as I have stated in Dating Billy Russo, he genuinely believes that an apple pie life is not for him. He accepts that as a fact.
Therefore, there are two strong forces inside him: on one hand, he sees himself as a person unable and/or unworthy of romantic commitment, while on the other hand, he desperately wants it after meeting you
It's like dipping your toes in the water to see if the tide takes you
And although such insecurities are not visible on an everyday basis, there are moments when it's clear, when he's doubting your relationship
Because you're wonderful! Billy wonders if you weren't better off with someone more meant for a family life
It's still a new sensation to Billy that you want him and all he brings with him
Of course you would mourn him!!!
"Billy, if you die on me, I will bring you back and kill you again myself."
This is like the most sentimental thing anyone has ever told him, really
It's just hard for him to wrap his head around that idea
He knows he's loved (you do say it quite often) but doesn't know just how much
And the odd realizations make him go uncharacteristically soft
Although he might try to play it off
But let's be honest, he can't fool you
This boils down to the two of you holding each other, whispering your mutual affections and exchanging soft pecks
"You deserve the world, Billy"
He lives a pretty hectic life, especially emotionally-wise
Billy is the quiet frustrated type, drinking his drink and staring off into space
Anyone who comes at him in this state should be prepared for sultry words
But if it's you, he's gonna give in
You're silently holding his head against your torso, gently caressing the side of his face
And his frustration is slowly fading away
Besides, he'd rather wrestle a hippo than hurt you in any way
Another thing is Billy’s worried for you
It’s not the cutesy odd thoughts about your partner during the day
It’s a legit fear nested in reality
Because he’s done shit and any day someone might try to take him down
And what easier way could there be to hurt or have a leverage on Billy than hurt the person he loves?
Although nothing has happened yet, he knows it’s highly probable it will, at some point
So when you don’t answer/return his call or don’t text him back for a long time, he gets worried
At first you thought he was being a little paranoid and controlling but you have realized that it’s you who’s downplaying the situation
When you come home (ya know, alive and well) after basically going radio silent for whatever reason, Billy is clearly upset
He’s giving you a lecture as you’re trying to calm him down
But it always ends the same: Billy is holding you, his face’s in the crook of your neck and he’s expressing his genuine worry for you
Out of curiosity, you have once asked him how much he can lift
And Billy’s a little bastard so he picks you up with ease and says ”Enough”
Bathing together, sitting between his legs and leaning against him
He wraps his arms around you and kisses your shoulder
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milkytheholy · 8 months ago
You cheeky boy, Egon!
Egon Spengler x GNReader
Ultimate masterlist. Random character masterlist.
Tumblr media
You rushed through the busy crowds of New York, the streets packed with Christmas shoppers all scrambling to find the perfect gift for someone else. Coincidentally, that was what you were doing right now, scurrying around the bottom of the barrel to find something for the person you cared the most about; of course, he didn’t know that and you intended to keep it that way.
Snow was beginning to fall from the dark sky, you hadn’t noticed the time change. The last time you looked at your watch it was 12pm and now it was 4.30, what had you even been doing for four and a half hours?
Oh, that’s right. You had been running around like a headless chicken, fighting to get into the doors of any shop to look for the perfect gift for the one, the only: Egon Spengler!
You were usually so prepared with this stuff, getting everyone’s gift months in advance, yet with Egon, you struggled. Maybe it was because of your quickly developed feelings for him, impacting how he perceived you. This gift just had to be the best, otherwise, he could hate you forever, and that’s a very long time.
Deep down inside you knew Egon wasn’t a materialistic guy, he preferred things that would actually help him. You had talked to Ray, even done research of your own to find something that could be useful to him; but you came up empty.
You were currently standing in a department store, Last Christmas playing through the speakers, the harsh smell of perfume in the air. The store was slightly empty, just like a majority of the shelves; no wonder why there were so few people. At this point, you were just going to wing it, find something on the shelf that said ‘Egon’.
Maybe a mug would do? A new jumper?
You could feel your beeper buzzing in your jacket pocket, pulling it out while juggling a few last-minute gifts; you couldn’t help yourself they were just calling your friends’ names. It was a message from Peter, no doubt waiting for you with the others at the firehouse. Ray and Winston had planned a small, emphasis on small, get together just before you all went your own ways for Christmas.
You were late. Very late, in fact.
Someone's in trouble. - Peter.
Sighing, you dumped the beeper back into your pocket and cast your gaze around the barren store one final time and then you saw it. Swinging on the shelf in the distance, thin and perfect, exactly what he had been asking for, or at least complaining about. Rushing over, you grabbed it in a firm hand, glaring a the old lady who was also approaching it. You ran to the checkouts, slamming the item down and rushing them along.
“Keep the change!” You yelled, grabbing the handles of the bag and tearing away from the desk, “And merry Christmas!” You added, a smile on your frozen lips.
“There you are, thought you got swept away in the blizzard,” Peter smirked, wrapping an arm around your shoulder, pulling you further into the warmth of the firehouse. You pushed his arm away, shaking your coat of snow and dumping the bags by Janine’s desk, “Ha ha, Peter, you’re so insanely funny.” You deadpanned. Peter bowed, crouching by your bags trying to take a peek, “No looking, they’re for Christmas.”
“Okay, okay,” he mused, hands in the air in surrender. Ray came out of the kitchen, a steaming mug in his hand, “Ah (Y/N), you finally made it!” He embraced you almost immediately. You squeezed him, tapping his back when it became too tight, “Oops, sorry.” He apologised, but you waved him off. Finally, Winston and Egon joined you, Janine had beeped you saying she’d be late, traffic was hell.
“We better get you warm fast, you look like an icicle.” Winston laughed, thrusting Ray’s mug into your hand, a quiet “Hey!” Coming from the background. Egon pushed his glasses further up the bridge of his nose, lab coat rustling while he moved, “Yes, you do look quite…frozen. A few minutes by the fire should do you some good.”
You just couldn’t focus when he spoke, too absorbed with just his presence alone. You could see his lips moving again, his eyes on you, was he talking to you?
Shaking your head you came back into the room, or more so reality, “I-i’m sorry, what was that?” Your voice was meek, cheeks dusted in a hot pink.
“Would you like me to show you where the fireplace is? Although now I’m concerned you’re so cold it’s having an effect on your hearing.” Though his voice sounded serious, the small tilt of his lips told you otherwise.
Shaking your head rapidly in agreement, you followed Egon to this so-called fireplace that you had never seen in your life; but before you left the main room you had managed to swipe the bag containing his Christmas present.
His back was broad, straight posture no doubt from years of his parents nagging him, his long legs made the distance to the next room much shorter. His brown, curled locks swayed as he walked, his lab coat swiping past his legs.
“I didn’t know you had a fireplace?” You asked, obediently following him like a lost dog. Spengler took you to his lab, holding the door open for you before entering himself, “Well, it’s not so much of a fireplace more so a Bunsen burner, but a fire is a fire and it should keep you warm…enough.” He stated, moving around the lab like a ballerina.
You had seen Egon in nightclubs, as straight as a stick, frozen to the barstool. But in his natural element, he glowed, you had no doubt he could manoeuver his away around this place with a blindfold on and be completely unharmed. He ducked behind a cabinet, rummaging around the small space to find what he was looking for, “I know I saw it in here, the last time it was used was when we were testing that slime sample from the library.”
“That was a few months ago, right?” You asked, wondering around the lab, poking beakers and avoiding the ones with glowing substances. Your eyes were drawn to some pink slime in a container, cables were coming out of it, it bubbled like milk. You stretched your finger out, on the cusp of poking it, “Don’t touch that!” Egon yelled out, eyes wide, flipping between the beaker and you.
You pulled your finger away immediately, “Sorry,” you coward, keeping your hands to yourself. Egon rushed over to you, checking the slime before checking you over, “It’s okay, this is a sample of some slime we found from the sewers. Me and Ray have been conducting some tests, I have a larger sample back at the university’s lab.”
“What’s it do?”
“Nothing, unless you count bubbles as excitement. We’ve been keeping a 24-hour watch on this thing and yet…nothing.”
“And you say this stuff is all over New York?” Your voice peeked, a sense of dread filling your bones. Egon pushed his glasses up once more, he seemed eager to talk, “Well in the sewers, though Dana has had some experience with it, we can’t find anything that links her to the slime just yet. But there’s a river of this stuff that flows under the city in the old railway tracks.”
“That's- that's pretty terrifying if I’m being honest.” You replied nervously, shrinking into your jumper a little. Egon finally took notice of your behaviour, frowning to himself, how dare he not detect your nerves.
“It’s okay, we haven’t found anything yet to prove that this is harmful to humans, though we haven’t done enough tests yet to determine it’s completely safe.”
“Gee, that really helped, Egon.”
“Sorry,” he ducked his head down, genuinely remorseful for upsetting you. To try and lighten the mood, Egon turned his attention to the bag in your hand, “What’s that?” He asked. You jumped in your spot, completely forgetting about the gift, “Oh! I got it for you, it’s your Christmas present.” You uncrumpled the handle, releasing your chokehold on the plastic. Dr Spengler seemed taken back, seemingly at a loss for words, “You got me a Christmas present?”
“Of course I did, I couldn’t get everyone else something and not you.”
“I- I shouldn’t, after all, I didn’t get you anything.” He looked disappointed, Christmas wasn’t a big thing in his home, just another strict dinner and a book by the fire. He had received gifts from Ray early on in their friendship, but once Ray discovered that Egon didn’t do presents, they soon stopped. There was a mutual understanding between him and Peter, neither bothered to get either a present and that’s just how he liked it, but for you to get him something. That felt different.
“This is was why you were late, wasn’t it?”
“Whaattt, nooooo, pfft- yes, yes it was. Buuut, it was for a good cause.”
“I wouldn’t say getting me a gift is a good cause, perhaps charity.”
“But I always want to give gifts to the people I care about, and Egon-“ he looked down at you at the mention of his name, “Egon, I definitely care about you.” You pushed the bag into his hands, ignoring the burning of your cheeks in favour of seeing his reaction.
“It’s not much…or that great really, but I thought you’d appreciate a simple gift, plus I know you wanted a new one and-“ you began rambling, maybe you were more nervous than you had initially thought. Egon pulled the bag open, reaching his hand in and grasping the material. Pulling it out slowly, the sterile lab lights revealed the black tie with a small red bow stuck onto it to make it Christmassy.
“A tie?” He questioned, you nodded your head, pointing your finger at it “Well, yeah, you’ve been complaining about your old tie having slime stains on that you can’t get out. And I know you don’t like big, fancy gifts that take up space and are unnecessary, so I thought I’d get you something you’d actually use.”
So much thought had gone into this, too much Egon mused. He didn’t know what to say, too mindblown that you had paid any attention to his moans and groans. He held the tie in his hands, as black as night and as soft as silk, perhaps it was silk?
“T-thank you, I don’t deserve this.”
“Well I think saving the city on a daily basis calls for a new tie every once in a while, wouldn’t you think?” You beamed at him, lips painted a perfect red, finally, you were warm. Out of nowhere, Egon began to take his old tie off, pulling the ruined fabric from around his neck and dumping it straight into the bin.
“Would you mind?” He motioned for you to put on his tie, “You did buy it after all.” He smiled. You grinned up at him, stretching onto your tiptoes to tie the knot correctly. Smoothing down the fabric, you pulled away from him but your breathing still mixed together, “What a handsome man you are, Dr Spengler.”
Egon’s cheeks lit up a bright pink, you rarely saw him flustered but this could be something you liked. Casting his gaze up to avoid your teasing eyes, Egon felt short of breath. You could see his shoulders still, mouth partially agape, “What is it?” Following his line of sight, you saw something dangling from the ceiling, “How even?” You sounded out, sentence cut short out of disbelief.
“I assume this to be Peter, we don’t have to partake if you don’t want to.” Egon muttered, eyes still not leaving the hanging plant above you both. Who knew berries and leaves could instil so much fear in two grown adults?
“Dr Spengler, did I ever say at any point that I didn’t want to participate, hm?” You mused, blinking up at him, a twinkle in your eye. Egon pulled at the collar of his shirt, trying to let out the steam building up underneath his clothes, “N-no, I just assumed you wouldn’t-“
“And why would you think that, have I ever said I didn’t want to kiss you?”
“You’ve never said you wanted to kiss me either.”
“That’s true, and a mistake on my part. So, Dr Spengler, I want you to know that I would love to kiss you.”
“Right now?”
“If it isn’t inconvenient for you, then yes.”
“I think right now will do quite nicely,” he smirked, leaning down to match your height, or at least close enough to it. You pulled him by his tie, lips smashing against his.
“Woah hoo, and what is going on in here? You cheeky boy, Egon. Get warm by the fireplace my ass, hey guys are you seeing this! Spengs is-“ before Peter could alert literally everyone on the property, perhaps the whole of New York, you had thrown Egon’s old tie from the bin in his face. Pulling it away, the stained slime pinched and pulled against Venkman's skin, “Are you kidding me? Even when I’m relaxing in the comfort of my own ghost emporium, I still get slimed.” He grumbled while he walked away, you wouldn’t be seeing him for the rest of the evening.
“So where were we?” You puckered your lips at him, earning another chuckle from the genius this evening. Egon pulled away, hands braced on your shoulders, “Maybe we should stop for the evening, the others will be wondering what happened to us.”
“Not with Peter’s big mouth.”
“Come on, let's go.” He ushered you out of the lab, closing and locking the door behind him. As you walked down the stairs, his tall frame after you, Egon leant down and whispered in your ear, as quiet as a mouse, “Just so Peter can’t take all the credit, I put that mistletoe there.”
Your face had never been brighter.
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nalgenewhore · 2 months ago
be still, my foolish heart
elide x lorcan, canon era, arranged marriage/confession, word count: 4479
The castle of Perranth had been a storm of activity for the past week, readying for the newlywed’s first ball. It would be the largest gathering since their nuptials, royals and important figures from across the globe travelling to revel in the merriment. 
Of course, the event would not be so merry for the couple themselves. For them both, it was another night of putting on a show and holding themselves to the promises neither had ever wanted to make. The choice wasn’t theirs, but there was far too much at stake. They were resigned to their roles as figurines, to be pawns in another’s game. 
Still, Lorcan silently mused, there was some good to look forward to. It would be the first time he’d have the freedom to see his closest friends, males that had grown to be his most cherished companions. He had the decency to not lie to himself—he would enjoy spending time with Elide as well.
He stepped out of his dressing room, looking at the door across the carpeted hall. A few months ago, the very sight of it would’ve made him scowl. Now, something like sullen resignation flickered briefly in his chest, mild irritation for the event that had disrupted their lives. Lorcan didn’t hold onto the feeling like he might have once. She was as powerless as he. They had found themselves in this arranged situation through no fault of their own, and it was useless to blame one another for their circumstances. 
During the earlier months, neither had been introspective enough to realise that, and it had led to some… tense moments between them, to say the least. Lorcan couldn’t pinpoint a moment when it had all changed. Somewhere along the way, it just had. They were pleasant to each other. Friends, he supposed. No, not friends. He wasn’t sure. Their lives were far easier when they didn’t have hundreds of onlookers, and everything had become simpler when they both realised that. Away from everything else, something different had blossomed between them, even though Lorcan couldn’t put his finger on it.
The way he thought about Elie certainly wasn’t how he thought about his other friends.
One of her attendants opened the door, interrupting his train of thought. For a moment, Lorcan gained an unobscured view into the dressing room. Her back was to him as she sat at her vanity, and their eyes met in the mirror. 
He blinked, intrigued by the dramatic kohl accentuating the angular shape of her eyes. 
Elide gazed back at him, her lashes batting, satisfaction curling her lips into a small smirk. 
The very next second, though, the door was shut and her attendant scolded him, “Lord Lochan, you’re not to see the lady until she’s ready.” 
Lorcan regarded the mortal woman with slight boredom. “She’s my wife,” he argued, just because he could. 
Charlotte was Elide’s favourite handmaiden, simply because she was never affected by Lorcan’s intimidating persona. Neither Elide nor Charlotte ever let him get away with anything. She clicked her tongue and herded him away and down the hall. “Do you really think you can fool me with something like that?”
He chuckled, strolling beside her. “I had to try, didn’t I?” They reached a bend in the path and before they turned the corner, Lorcan glanced back reflexively. He knew exactly what, or who, he was looking for. Charlotte knew as well, if her own little smirk wasn’t enough to go by. He rolled his eyes at her, muttering something about how many busybodies there were in the castle.
She escorted him to the front hall of the lady and lord’s chambers, where he was to wait until Elide was finished. “Sit and keep yourself out of trouble.” Charlotte sniffed tolerantly, “Lady Lochan should be finished shortly. I do hope you manage to contain yourself.”
With that, Charlotte was gone, back to aid Elide. 
Lorcan sighed to himself and decided to stand until Elide had arrived. Sitting would no doubt crease his new tunic, and he thought of how foolish it would be to accompany her looking a mess. He studied the portraits on the walls, painted faces of Elide’s family. His too, one could argue. 
The largest portrait was a painting of Marion, her mother. He stared up at it, perusing every inch of the painting. 
She had an oval-shaped face, like Elide’s. Her skin was pale, and Lorcan was sure that it was marked with the same freckles as her daughter, though the artist hadn’t captured that level of detail. She was regal. It was shown in the slope of her cheekbones, the tilt of her eyes… the way she stared at him, through the canvas. 
Marion’s portrait had witnessed much over the past half-year. Some of their worst behaviours, horrific insults and accusations thrown at each other like they meant nothing. They’d torn each other to shreds, to scraps of nothing, without a second’s thought nor moment’s regret. Looking up at Marion now, his guilt was like a brick in his stomach. Lorcan shifted his weight side to side, cracking his knuckles. He didn’t do it much anymore, on account of Elide’s adverse reaction to the sound of bones popping. She hated the sound, so his habit had gone to bed. 
He half-smiled to himself, knowing exactly what the male he’d used to be would say if he could see himself. What a lonely person he’d once been.
“You should smile more.”
Lorcan half-turned, not in the least startled by Elide’s silent approach. She was a sneak, at times, and he’d grown used to it. He let his grin stretch a little wider over his lips, “Should I?”
She nodded, her eyes glittering. “Yes.” They stepped towards each other, meeting in the middle of the room. 
“Any reason why?”
“Does your wife need a reason when she tells you to do something?”
He chuckled, his heart fluttering with her casual use of the title. His wife. Elide was his wife. “No, I don’t suppose she does.”
Elide raised her hands to fiddle with his tunic. Lorcan watched her, biting the tip of his tongue as to quell the joy he felt. She popped open a few buttons and fussed over the collar of his white dress shirt until it satisfied her. Once she had finished, Elide smoothed one hand down his chest, her touch lingering. “If I liked you, I might say you look handsome tonight.”
“Oh, you would?”
She looked up at him through her lashes, nodding shyly. “Yes. Incredibly so.” One finger traced the subtle stitching on his jacket, which matched the beaded pattern on her gown. “If you liked me, what would you say?”
Lorcan took a step back so he could properly survey the woman before him. He gestured with one finger, and Elide rolled her eyes before she spun around. The beads on her skirts sparkled in the candles and faelights. He smiled as she came to a stop, the edge of her dress brushing against his shins. 
She laughed nervously, her cheeks pinking. “Don’t just stand there and stare at me.”
“Mmm, so impatient,” he told her. “Give me a moment, wife.” Elide huffed but let him be. At first glance, her dress seemed black. Upon closer, more careful inspection, Lorcan realised that it was of the deepest purple, his favourite colour on her. 
The dress cinched at her waist before flowing into voluminous skirts, dotted with small gems. Her straps were made of the same fabric that was gathered so delicately, and they loosely circled her upper arms before connected to the bodice in the back. They offered no support, Lorcan could tell.
“Turn around for me,” Lorcan murmured, “one more time, darling?” The affectionate utterance slipped from his lips without thought. 
Elide gaped a bit, her eyes widening. Great big butterflies flapped around her stomach, and she did as he’d asked. Her throat lodged itself in her throat when she faced him again, and Lorcan didn’t say a word. His dark gaze didn’t lift to hers, either.
After too many agonising moments of silence, Elide couldn’t help herself anymore and prompted, impatiently, “Well?” 
He lifted his eyes to hers. “You’re beautiful, Elide.” Lorcan stepped closer, his hand finding hers so he could bestow a kiss against her knuckles. “Incredibly so.”
“Oh,” she gasped delicately.
Lorcan gave her a wink and a lazy grin while he stood up straight. “You always are.” He cupped her hand, his thumb brushing over her wedding band. “Shall we?”
Elide nodded, her free hand picking up her skirts. “We shall. Wouldn’t want to keep our adoring public waiting, would we?”
He chuckled as he escorted them out of their chambers, the couple oblivious to the staff watching them. Elide slipped her hand out of his in favour of resting it into his elbow. The action brought her closer to him, and he enjoyed having her tucked next to him, her footsteps following his by a half-beat.
They spoke quietly as they made their way through the long corridors, up and down the winding staircases. As they got closer to the great room, the sounds of the invited guests and the performers grew louder. 
Elide was happy that they’d invited a group of Fae musicians to play. The music they knew was far more whimsical, made for revelling and gaiety. She would dance tonight, with her friends. With her husband, too, or at least she hoped they would dance. 
They arrived by the large doors and stopped, far enough away from the staff that no one would be able to listen in on their conversation. 
Elide smoothed out his collar once more, and Lorcan inspected the pins holding some of her hair back, ensuring that they wouldn’t loosen over the evening. “Do you need a moment?” he asked her quietly, wrapping one hand around her forearm. He pressed his thumb against the inside of her wrist, levelling a serious gaze at her. 
She shook her head, “I’m just fine.” Elide tapped his chest with her finger, once and twice. “You know very well that I’ll come and find you if something happens.” 
He nodded, though there was still a furrow between his brows.
Elide mirthfully rolled her eyes before she spun towards the doors, tugging him along with her. “Come on, already. I want to drink and eat desserts,” she declared. 
The male watched her with a grin. “Very well, darling.” 
It had been an hour, or so since the ball had begun, and the couple had been announced to the guests. Shortly after their arrival, the music had commenced and dancing had soon ensued. 
So far, Elide had danced with several men of the nobility and with her friends as well. Aelin, the future queen of Terrasen, had been married shortly after Elide’s wedding, though hers was more happily anticipated than Elide’s. It wasn’t just luck that the king consort happened to have a personal relationship with the lord consort of Perranth—had there not been an established political connection to Terrasen, the queen of Doranelle would have refused to bless Aelin and Rowan’s nuptials.
She took a sip from her sparkling wine and glanced around the room, looking for Lorcan. It wasn’t hard to find him, standing with his friends. Elide had never seen him so at ease, at least not so publicly. Though, it seemed like he wasn’t even aware. 
With the distance between them, Elide was safe to properly stare like she hadn’t had the chance to earlier. Though all their outfits for public events had always been coordinated, they’d never looked as similar as they did tonight. As usual, her husband’s suit was black, but the threading and beading matched her gown. 
She let her eyes wander a bit, appreciating the way it was cut to his body. Yet again, a blush was brought to her cheeks. Elide hurriedly turned away, stealing subtle glances at him from afar. She traced her eyes over his grave features, those same features dramatised by the way his hair had all been pulled back. 
Some of the dark strands were plaited into small braids, letting the rest fall down his back unbidden. He had in all those golden hoops piercing his ears. They followed the curve of cartilage, and larger ones hung from his earlobes. A thin chain of gold was visible around his neck. 
Elide had noticed that Lorcan preferred gold jewellery. He used to wear rings, but now the only piece of finery on his fingers was his wedding band. It was expected of any husband to showcase their wedding band, certainly, but it meant something more to her. He never took it off, not even when he was alone.
“And what is it that has captured my dear friend’s attention?” Aelin said loudly, interrupting Elide’s gazing. 
She startled and reddened, holding her glass up to her face. “Nothing that would interest you. Just the decoration.”
“Is that what we’re calling Lord Lochan now? ‘Decoration’? Seems a bit unnecessary and objectifying,” the queen teased, bumping her hip into Elide.
“Stop it,” Elide hissed, glaring at her friend. Though she was well and grown now, the demi-Fae hadn’t lost her mischievousness. “I’m not looking at him. Why would I do that?”
Aelin grinned wickedly, “Oh, probably because you think he’s oh-so dreamy and all you want to do is kiss him all the time.”
Elide smacked Aelin’s arm, tutting her tongue, “You are a child, my love. Nothing is happening between us.”
“Whatever you say, Elide,” Aelin laughed. 
The gentle, delicate music began to pick up into an upbeat, folksy tune. Aelin’s eyes widened with delight, and she hurriedly took Elide’s glass to put it down. “Aelin, I was drinking that!” 
Aelin grabbed Elide’s hand and began to pull her towards the middle of the ballroom, “There’s no time for that, we must dance!” Elide tilted her face up and laughed, picking up her skirts so she could position herself opposite Aelin. 
Around them, other young women and females were doing the same, all wearing bright smiles. 
Dramatically, Aelin bowed to Elide and held her hand, palm up, out to the dark haired lady. “My lady, I humbly, humbly ask thee for this dance.” Her eyes were sparkling with glee. “Do you accept?”
Elide placed her hand in Aelin’s and declared, “I do!”
From across the room, a pair of depthless eyes tracked the woman wearing a purple dress. He hadn’t been able to tear his gaze away for more than a minute or two at a time. Only when she’d begun staring at him had Lorcan pretended to not notice her existence. 
It was comical, and somewhat adorable, that his wife thought she could get away with ogling him like that. Not that Lorcan minded her ogling. She could ogle him to her heart’s content. 
Bizarrely, his cheeks and the rounded curves of his ears heated. He bent his face, praying none of his stupid brethren would notice and mention it. Lorcan worked his jaw, somewhat irritated that someone had him so transparent. The feeling of it settled uneasily in his stomach, but as he dared to lift his head and his eyes found Elide once again…
The musicians were playing a Fae folk song, and the accompanying dance was always done so in pairs. During Beltane, young faelings would skip down the streets and through various displays, singing along the way. 
In Perranth, it was far more prestigious. The gentry, of course, did not frolick. Elide was dancing with the queen of Terrasen. They appeared to be in constant laughter as they spun and jumped, clearly outshining their peers with sheer joy as they disregarded any notions of propriety. At some point, both Aelin and Elide dropped a hand to their skirts so they could lift them up, seemingly challenging each other to more and more complex footwork. 
Unknowingly, Lorcan turned to fully face Elide, his depthless eyes glinting. Without taking his eyes off of her, he lifted his glass to his lips and took a sip. The amber liquor warmed his stomach and eased his nerves. Gods above and below, this little half-witch had him nervous. And for no good reason, too. 
“Lorcan,” said a deep voice, accompanied by a hand grasping his elbow. “Where’ve you gone?” Rowan gently tugged on Lorcan to get his attention.
Lorcan reluctantly turned away from Elide, though not before one last lingering look. He faced his friends, schooling his expression into one of cool neutrality. “What are you saying? I’ve been here the whole time, Rowan.”
Fenrys guffawed gleefully. “Oh, please.” He jerked his chin towards the dancers. “You’ve been staring at her all night.”
“No, I haven’t,” Lorcan immediately protested. “I don’t stare at her.”
Vaughan piped up then, tapping his chin with his finger in a façade of curiosity. “Rowan, have you found that marriage makes for horrible liars?”
“Why, no, I haven’t,” Rowan answered, playing along with their game. He elbowed Fenrys, “Just watch, next he’ll say he doesn’t even like her.”
“Tell us, brother, how long have you been falling in love with her?”
They all erupted into hearty laughter as Lorcan glowered at them, his hand tightening around his glass. His heart beat uncertainly. Of course he wasn’t in love with Elide Lochan; the very idea was ludicrous and to suggest anything of the sort was ridiculous. “That’s absurd. I don’t love her.”
“Not yet,” Vaughan said, his head tilted to the side in mock thoughtfulness. “You won’t be able to deny it much longer, you know.”
Lorcan ran the tip of his tongue over the undersides of his teeth with narrowed eyes. He drained the rest of his drink at once and put his empty glass down. “Fuck off, I’m not falling in love with Elide. Now or ever.” 
They just laughed again, and Lorcan couldn’t stand it anymore, so he turned away from them. His only objective was to leave; it wasn’t like he was trying to find Elide even as his gaze skipped across the great hall.
As he stalked across the ballroom, the lilting and jaunty song came to its end. For a few moments, the room was silent save for the excited chattering before a new tune began. Romantic music built slowly, and Lorcan observed young maidens running from the dance to find their suitors. 
Among them was the queen, though she did not run for Rowan. Aelin appeared to be floating, a courtly smile resting on her face. Once her electric eyes set on Lorcan, that gentle smile curved into a wicked smirk, “Lord Lorcan Lochan, how lovely it is to see your smiling face.”
“Your Majesty,” he replied, dipping his head slightly and ignoring how delighted she was to say his full title. “Are you enjoying the festivities?”
“Oh, yes, they’ve been most delightful.”
“I’m glad.”
Aelin laughed at the outright lie. There was no lost love between the two, and she knew Lorcan didn’t care one way or another if she was enjoying herself. “At least our Lady is enjoying them, hmm?” 
His gaze lifted over Aelin’s head to see Elide. She was standing by an older couple, some lord and lady whose names Lorcan hadn’t bothered remembering. “Indeed.” Like she felt his eyes trained on her, Elide looked back at him with a shy smile and rouging cheeks. 
“Well,” Aelin stated, breaking Lorcan’s focus, “I shall let you go, Lorcan, and I shall hope you don’t step on Elide’s feet.” 
“How gracious of you,” he deadpanned. 
The queen laughed as she stepped past him, telling him to enjoy the remainder of the night. 
When Lorcan returned to his mission of finding his wife, he saw Elide’s retreating form. As covertly as she could manage, Elide was headed towards the large glass-paned doors and the balconies beyond them. 
Lorcan cut across the marbled floor to another door, and he slipped out, ignorant of his ever-watchful friends. 
Elide stood leaning on a railing that overlooked the grounds. 
For a moment, he didn’t say a word. The moonlight as well as the torches and faelight bathed her in an angelic light. Her gown and all its intricate embellishments scintillated with every subtle move she made. 
Lorcan cleared his throat, and Elide spun with a loud gasp, her hand clutched to her chest. “Anneith below, Lorcan,” she exclaimed, a bright smile settling on her face. “Don’t scare me like that!”
He chuckled lowly whilst he approached her. “My apologies, darling.”
They stood facing each other, a short distance between them. 
Even outside, they could still hear the music perfectly well. Elide said idly, “Oh, I adore this song. It was the only song my dance tutor could play to make me dance.”
He smiled at the small anecdote, imagining his wife as a petulant child. Lorcan held out a hand and bent from the waist, a brow raised in question. “May I have this dance, then?”
Her round painted lips quirked up at the corners. Elide laid her hand in his, “You may.”
With a grin of his own, Lorcan placed his other hand on her waist and swept her away. At first, her hand rested on his shoulder, but as they waltzed for longer and the distance between them shortened, it slid down to his chest. 
Almost effortlessly, they fell into a serene rhythm and were able to talk pleasantly. 
“And how are your dear friends?”
“They’re assholes, the lot of them.”
Elide’s songlike laughter rang out clearly, echoing throughout the twilight. “Tell me, husband, what were they doing?”
Lorcan faked a pout, “They were mocking me.”
Her eyes twinkled. “Oh, no. Poor you. Should I have come to your rescue?”
“Yes, you should’ve.” His lips twisted into a secret smile just for her as he mockingly shook his head. “Heartless, you are.” Then, Lorcan took a small step backwards and lifted their joined hands above Elide’s head to spin her. Her skirts flared; beneath the few torches and faelights, countless crystal beads glittered like stars. 
Once she returned to his arms, Elide laughed merrily. “Well, whatever did they mock you for?”
Lorcan could have, or maybe should have done a number of other things. Instead, he ignored every nay-saying lick of common sense he had and said, “You.”
Elide’s mouth popped open as she gasped a bit and her steps faltered. Lorcan saved her, ensuring no one saw her misstep.  “W-what?” She forced a breathy, incredulous laugh, swallowing uncertainly. “Why would I be something to mock you over?”
“They think I’m falling in love with you,” he told her, his voice low now. Elide blinked up at him with wide eyes, searching his face for any hint of insincerity. Still, Lorcan led them in a small round, his gaze unfaltering. 
“And-” Elide paused, her voice hesitant, “are they right?” 
Her eyes have never seemed richer than they did then, and her lips have never looked so pillowy. Lorcan’s gaze caught on them, and Elide noticed when he didn’t answer. She moved her hand to his chin, forcing him to meet her line of sight. “Are they right,” she asked, pushing him for an answer. If he was joking, if it was some cruel attempt to tease her, Elide would never forgive him. 
Lorcan nodded slowly, his answer a rasp between his teeth. “Yes.”
At first, she gaped at him in shock, and that shock quickly transformed into something shy and elated. “Why didn’t you tell me?”
“I didn’t know,” he admitted. “Believe me, falling in love with you is not something I wish to keep secret.”
They still danced, but it was as much as a dance as it was the two of them circling each other, Lorcan laying everything out for her to know. 
Elide swallowed and spoke in a faint voice. “We’ve kept secrets from each other before.”
He stopped, inadvertently forcing her to stop too. “But this? You would keep something like this from me?” For a moment, fear curdled in his gut, making him nauseous thinking that he’d acted foolishly, brainlessly. Maybe he didn’t know her like he thought he did, maybe anything of significance that had occurred was only in his head. 
She moved a hand to his face, and he couldn’t help leaning into her touch. “Never,” Elide whispered. “I didn’t know either.” 
Cruel thing, he thought as her thumb shifted, rubbing his full bottom lip. “Tell me,” he insisted. “What didn’t you know?”
Her smile was beautiful—more so than he’d ever seen before. “I’m falling in love with you too.” 
The words had hardly left her mouth before he was leaning forward, his teeth catching her lower lip. Elide moaned as her eyes slid shut, and she wound her hands through his silky hair, small plaits twisted between her fingers. 
Lorcan curled his arm around her waist, pulling her closer against him. His mouthed slanted over hers; he stole her ability to breath and think clearly. It was hunger and a wildfire, both at once—untamed, but that gave way for decadence and devotion. His tongue stroked her bottom lip in askance; Elide sighed as she parted her lips. One hand moved to her jaw, his thumb resting on her chin.
Eventually, they parted with chests heaving, lungs greedy for oxygen. Lorcan’s pupils were blown, overtaking his eyes so she couldn’t discern between pupil and iris. He blinked slowly, his lids at half-mast. With a soft utterance, he bade her to kiss him again, soft and loving. He laid a series of soft pecks against her lips, then trailed them across her cheeks and the bridge of her nose until Elide was smiling broadly. 
“I think,” she started in a voice so quiet it was as though Elide feared shattering their newfound peace, “that you should thank your friends for their mockery.”
Lorcan hummed, then the tip of his nose bumped hers as he kissed her once more. “I don’t think that.”
Elide laughed against his lips while her fingers found purchase in his hair again. “Are you always this contrary?”
“Yes,” he answered, no hesitation. “I thought you knew that already.”
She hummed, the sound noncommittal and neutral. “There’s lots about you that I don’t know.”
She said it so casually, too casually, like she thought he was keeping more from her. Lorcan forced himself to pull away and searched her face. “No more secrets, Elide. I will tell you whatever you want to know. No secrets.” Not anymore, he almost begged. Not between us.
For a moment, a moment too silent and too long, Elide watched him with her cat-like eyes. She dipped her chin, “No more secrets.”
It was the kind of promise they sealed with a kiss under a blanket of twilight and sleepy, blinking stars as their witnesses.
an: in one word theyre slaytastic 💋 hope u enjoyed !
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afinemochi · 5 months ago
Sinbad X Reader them being at a big event and Kouen is also there, and sin gets jealous when he sees him approach and talk to his lover, even tho he was jus talking with a group of women and flirting
this turned into a kouen x reader real quick lmao 🤠 i'm still not too familiar with kouen's character, so if he's ooc, y'all saw nothing <3
tagging @cinnamonmon bc ik he's your husband
wc: 5.3k
Tumblr media
Although it was night, the streets were brightly lit up by various lanterns, fires and even fireworks illuminated the sky. Laughter, chatter and the scent of food lingered in the air as the people of Sindria celebrated the treaty between their country and the Kou Empire.
It was a night void of worries for everyone, but you.
You were dancing with none other than the King of Sindria himself, Sinbad. His hand carefully held yours, brown eyes set on your grinning features while your feet happily danced in-between his own. He had dressed you in the finest gowns and most glimmering jewelry for this, or rather, himself.
"You look stunning as always," Sinbad whispered in your ear and caused heat to crawl up your neck. A pleased laugh snuck from your lips as your feet came to a halt. "You're too charming for your own good, Sin."
It was almost as if your words had cursed the merry moment you got to spend with the one you loved. In one moment, Sinbad was in your arms, vowing his love and adoration for you and within a heartbeat, he was whisked away by a crowd of beautiful women who basked in the king's attention.
They surrounded him, found home on his lap and of course, Sinbad looked like he had never been more comfortable in life with his flattering words causing giggles and blushy faces, his around around the waists of two dark-haired dancers.
You'd like to believe that Sinbad loved you, only you, but with the way he was shamelessly yielding to his guilty pleasures, you couldn't help but doubt him and his intentions.
You were of no high status, so there was no way Sinbad was manipulating you for his own good..right? Your loyalty towards him meant nothing in diplomatic ways, but maybe it did mean nothing at all to him.
Thoughts upon thoughts clouded your once jolly mind as you strolled through the celebrating place. The only thing you took notice of were the worried looks Yamraiha and Sharrkan threw your way as well as Alibaba, Aladdin and Morgiana dancing to the beat of music filling the streets.
Caught up in everything and nothing at all, you failed to take notice of the broad man in front of you who ultimately knocked you over, knocked you out of your spiral of negativity.
"Oh, my apologies. I didn't mean to knock over the Queen of Sindria." It was Kouen, the First Prince of Kou who looked you up and down. Upon recognizing just who exactly stood in front of you, you flailed your hands around, face hot. "Oh no! I'm not this country's queen! I'm merely a citizen! Ah, I'm so sorry, Prince Kouen!"
As hasty apologies spilled from your tongue, Kouen put a calming hand on your shoulder with his lips curled upwards. "Is that so? And here I thought I saw Sinbad dancing with you or am I wrong?"
Picking at the rings and bracelets Sinbad dressed you in, your shoulders fell as well as your expression. "He's obviously busy," you stated with apparent jealousy laced in your voice and crossed your arms over your chest. All of a sudden, those accessories felt so heavy, so false on you. Even the pretty gowns weighed as much as your heart did.
Kouen let his gaze roam where Sinbad was flirting and having fun with several women, food and wine surrounding the small crowd. Ah, he could see why you were so upset.
A pang of sympathy hit the Imperial Prince a bit harder than it should. To think that Sinbad would leave his significant other wandering the streets to be able to indulge in women was an act of infidelity in Kouen's eyes.
He knew he shouldn't get caught up in whatever relationship you shared with Sinbad, but Kouen asked nevertheless. Maybe, you would put in a good word to Sinbad if Kouen ever needed it.
"Do you mind if I join you for this festival? I'm still unfamiliar with Sindria's culture and would like to know more about it."
You agreed without a second thought.
By the hand, you had explained the festivities and the meaning hidden behind them, what Sindria stood for and how it came to be in the first place. Kouen had absorbed every piece of information you had to offer and perhaps found himself fascinated by your knowledge.
It was a shame that Sinbad seemed to only see you as a pretty thing to dress up when your mind went so much deeper. Kouen was sure you'd make a fine tactician if trained properly. But he should not think of war and battles when you looked at the prince with glimmering eyes, smiling lips and your hand holding his.
A necklace of flowers adorned Kouen's neck by the time the both of you took a rest at a wooden table, indulging in various delicacies and a few sips of sweetened liquor.
"There are many more things to enjoy and know, but I don't want to overwhelm you tonight," you laughed softly and waved your hand through the air in a nonchalant way. You were sweet, Kouen noticed. Although you were nothing but a citizen, you'd managed to pique his interest in more ways than one.
The prince shouldn't have such thoughts about a taken woman, yet he found himself..wanting more of your company.
"Don't worry about it." Kouen sniffed out the buds of your worries. Clearing his throat, the prince decided to be bold. After all, you didn't seem disinterested, welcomed him with a smile and seemed to have enioyed yourself. "I have a question I want to ask you, [Name]."
"Oh? What is it, Prince Kouen?"
"Would you be interested in visiting the Kou Empire?"
Before you could properly process Kouen's question, a large hand found its way around your waist. It was Sinbad who looked less than pleased about the prince's proposal and his grip around you tightened ever-so-slightly like he didn't want you to go.
"I see you're rather interested in [Name]." Sinbad smiled, but a pang of jealousy shot straight through his stomach as he saw you enjoying yourself with Kouen instead of him. He had been looking for you, asking everyone where you had disappeared to only to find Kouen whisking you away. "But I don't think she'll be able to accept your offer, Kouen."
"Why not?" You surprised both men with two seemingly harmless words and a hardened expression resting on your face. Sinbad was allowed to do as he pleased, but when you had a once-in-a-lifetime chance knocking at your door, you weren't allowed to take it?
Sighing, you pushed Sinbad away from you. "I don't recall having made any plans in the near future and if Prince Kouen invites me, why shouldn't I go?"
The King of Sindria seemed stunned at your sudden defiance. Or maybe he had it coming from miles away, but refused to see it.
"I'd love to visit your country, Prince Kouen."
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♡ :: birthday boy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
synopsis :: he's always been there for you, so why not make him a special something while he's still in snezhnaya? oh, of course, a birthday party!
ft. childe x gn!reader
wc :: 1,906
cw. n/a
a/n :: this is a bit late for his birthday TT regardless i hope you guys will enjoy !! not proofread + reposted for tags
Tumblr media
After the death of La Signora-who was someone you were very fond of-you couldn’t get any work done. You moped around, talking to your personal maids about how upset you were at her death. It wasn't justified, she was so young and was only doing her job, so why?
All the harbingers stood beside her coffin, avoiding eye-contact with one another. The room echoed Columbina's lullaby, which muffled your choked sobs as you recollected memories of Rosalyne. Tears flowed down your frostbitten cheeks, shivering due to the sheer cold of Snezhnaya and the ice cold stares of the others.
Across the coffin to you was Tartaglia, the 11th harbinger. One of the few who were kind and easy to talk to, unlike Pierro or Capitano, who are cold and ruthless. He must've sensed your discomfort in the eerie room, nothing to hear except your muffled cries. The buttons on his coat’s lower pocket were being picked at, excusing himself from his spot next to Arlecchino and towards you.
Sudden bursts of tears choked out, not giving a care about the obvious glares. What mattered most was that you felt a familiar warmth hugging you, much like how Rosalyne’s embraces were.
You never noticed it before, but Tartaglia had always been there for you. Wherever you went, he would always, without a doubt, greet you and ask how your day was. What was oddly amusing was that he would always, always, remember the small things. Like, oh, you’re feeling down? Don’t worry, he’ll buy all the items you’ve mentioned once in a zap.
If someone had told you that he had the biggest crush on you, you wouldn’t have believed it. But now that you’re looking back to everything he does only for you, you start to question whether it’s true or not. Anyways, you snuck into his room and took a peek at his calendar.
A red circle and the word ‘birthday' was written underneath July 20th.
So the only sensible thing to do was prepare him a surprise birthday party. It was already too late to plan something drastic or life-changing, but it’ll be something he’ll remember. Hopefully, it’ll bring him a little dose of serotonin while he’s stuck in the Fatui Headquarters for the week.
And so you first prepared by making invitations. Unsure of how to approach the harbingers, the best thing to do was slide the letters under their office doors. Your legs wobbled like jelly, stopping at Pierro and Capitano’s door, wondering if you should even give them invitations.
It wouldn’t be nice to send them to everyone but them, even if you knew they were too busy to come. So you slipped the letters under their doors and went on with your merry way to Sandrone. She was one of the few who actually talked to you, along with Pulcinella.
“Hello?” The door creaked open, her face popping out.
“Sandrone, hi..!” You got up, fumbling with the items in your hand. “I’m planning a birthday party for Tartaglia, and I was sending out-”
She gave you a kind smile, placing her hands together. “Could I help? I could help decorate your office and bake him some cookies!”
“Oh! That would be.. lovely, thank you!” She took the letter from you, smiling before she closed the door.
A letter was found the same day from Pulcinella, saying he’d help make Tartaglia a new, comfier coat. No other harbingers had responded, so you assumed they wouldn’t be coming. You also weren’t sure of his tastes or what he liked, so you went to ask him yourself. 
“Tartaglia?” The door opened as you knocked, peering in from the side.
“Hm?” His head shifted upwards from his paperwork, an ear-to-ear smile painted his face when he saw you. “Y/N! How are you? Do you need help?” The papers moved to the side, stacked and shuffled away to his cabinets, clearing his desk.
“Am I interrupting something?”
“Oh no, no, you’re not interrupting anything! Come in, is there something you need? Can I get you a snack? Are you cold?” He pushed his seat back, laying his rough hands on his desk.
It couldn’t hurt too much to have a small chat with him, right? You accepted, pulling another chair over and seating yourself across his desk. He looked through his largest cabinet, seeing it was filled with different types of snacks (which you all coincidentally seemed to like..).
“Hey.. just a question,” his head turned towards you, “this might sound weird, but what do you like? Er- it can be anything from what type of food you prefer or-”
“Well, I like you.” He booped your nose with his finger, amused by your heating reaction. “I like anything you make.”
“T-Tartaglia! We’re at work, you can’t talk like that!” You cleared your throat, rubbing the back of your neck. “Be serious..”
He chuckled, observing your eyes trying hard to avoid his. Tartaglia always thought you were adorable and constantly compared you to a ‘little ball of sunshine’. You’d lighten up whatever room you walked into, always bringing positive energy to such a negative place. Sometimes, for the holidays, you made homemade greeting cards with drawings and sent them out to the harbingers. (He still keeps all of yours from eons ago in a separate drawer).
The thing is, he really wasn’t lying when he said he liked you. He absolutely adored you in every way, much more than words could describe. Though he wanted to get closer to you, he couldn’t; finding his hands would be shaky, lips quivering, and face reddening. So he sticks to the simpler things instead, like greeting you every morning and giving you small gifts.
“Then.. I like sweets!” He attentively looked at you with such care it warmed your heart, bursting with sincerity. He imitates a golden retriever, a giggle leaving your mouth at his expression.
The rest of the day followed, leaving his office early and going back to party planning. Your room had been completely decorated in different shades of blue, streamers and balloons floated to the ceiling.
The table was filled with Sandrone’s cookies and some items you had made yourself. (Which you had asked to bake some items with him, so he could decorate some for himself). Then, it was the day of his awaited birthday party. You had made a sign to place on your office door that read ‘Tartaglia birthday party!!’, and stuck it to the door.
All of your attempts in hiding the party from him must’ve worked, seeing his confused reaction when he opened the door to a dimly lit room with decorations littering the place.
“1..2..” Pulcinella grinned, “3!” 
“Surprise!” The surprisingly large group of harbingers yelled out in a joyous manner, the lights turning on.
“Oh gosh, guys, all this? For little ol’ me?” He clasped his hands together and set them by his neck, mouth agape.
“Happy birthday..!” You held out a neatly wrapped blue present box. His eyes wandered around the room, surprised most of the harbingers came. Pulcinella was by your side-who he didn’t notice until he cleared his throat.
“Sorry, it’s not much.. I had only a week to prepare everything.” You placed your hand behind your neck, hands hot and moist with sweat. The room had everything it needed for a party, but the aura was offset by the standing harbingers.
“It may not be much to you, but it is to me.” He rested his arms around your shoulders, slouching down to place his chin on the crown of your head.
“Oh my, it seems we might be intruding on something..” Marionette placed her hand over her mouth, which seemed to be snickering.
“Guessing at the lack of.. food on the table, I think they wanted their alone time together.” Columbina noticed. Arlecchino nodded, inching closer to her slouched position.
“W-Well,” your words stammered out, laughing to cover up your embarrassment. “I wasn’t sure most of you would come.. so I didn’t prepare much.”
“You’re right. I wouldn’t have come if it weren’t for Sandrone dragging all of us here. Seems like Capitano, Pantalone, and Dottore wouldn’t budge.”
“I wouldn’t mind if you guys left. I mean, it’s more private time for Y/N and I!” He squeezed you tighter. Without Tartaglia finishing his sentence, all the harbingers ran out of your now deserted office.
You bit your lip, fingers squeezing into each other to create fists with your nails digging into your skin. “I love it, I love everything here.” He placed his warm hand over your trembling one, reassuring you that your efforts haven’t gone unnoticed. His smile is like a warm hug, something everyone would go crazy for.
“I’m glad,” you breathed out, removing yourself from his embrace to get a tissue. “Do you- do you wanna open presents? We can do whatever you’d like today.”
“Of course. I’m excited to see what you got me, the bar is high!”
Damslette and Arlecchino both bought him a communication device (much like a dodocommunicater, but fatui-fied). Pantalone didn’t bring anything, and Pulcinella with a crimson red coat to match the scarf he had made him a while back. In one of the coat’s front pockets, a bag filled with pastries and a note laid.
“Oh, he’s so thoughtful! The note says it’s for Tonia and Teucer, your younger siblings.”
“It might be the best gift here! Besides yours, of course.” He winked at you, closing his eyes as he undid the satin ribbons.
The present box was on the bigger side, a mix of everything you thought he would enjoy. One of the items was a custom-made soft throw-blanket patterned with tiny blue narwhals. Small notes with a sealed letter were set to the side, in the middle was a photobook, framed photos, and a mini Kamera.
He remained silent, as if he were evaluating what each item was and its significance. The photobook plopped on his lap, skimming through the pages as he observed them some more.
“Thank you,” he shifted towards you, his voice softer. He’s confused at how you could put in so much effort in a week just for him to have a good day.
“Oh.. don’t cry,” your fingers trailed to his face, cupping it. His pale and supple cheeks squished against your gentle hands, still as gorgeous as ever.
You and him cleaned up the room, occasionally stopping for a brief snack in between. The sun fell, the moon creeping its way up as the wind crept through your opened windows, sweeping loose papers away. The both of you took a very much needed break on your couch after sweeping up the decorations, exhausted from the labor.
Tartaglia took a bite of your cookie, coughing bits of it onto the floor when he felt something weighing on his shoulder. Your head had bobbed to the side while you dozed off your sleepiness from the lackluster event.
With the way the light from outside highlighted your features, he swore this was the best birthday gift he’s ever received. He scooped you up in his arms and placed your figure back down on the couch, placing his gifted coat to keep you warm. 
“Thank you for tonight, Y/N. You’re the best gift anyone could ask for, I love you.” He placed a tender kiss to your forehead, admiring your sleeping expression as you shifted in your sleep.
Tumblr media
© lovelieajax all rights reserved; please do not copy, translate, or edit/repost my works.
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Tumblr media
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thecardsimagine · 9 months ago
how bout the apprentice commenting on Julian blushing and in turn making him more flustered
Ah, the thought alone is so cute, I want to make him blush too! Thanks for requesting :3 This is the last request I’ll be doing, and I’m glad it’s Julian ♥
≿————————   ❈ ————————≾  
“And I say: you are the prettiest magician I know!”
Julian boasted while you were looking through the lemons and oranges, picking the ones you wanted to come home with you. Chuckling and shaking your head a little, you checked the fruit for their ripeness. Even though you only went to the market for a quick grocery run in your break, you weren’t mad meeting your husband, who happened to have the same idea. He held the basket as you put in some fruits but quickly shooed you away as you tried to pay, placing his money on the counter instead. The merchant only smiled, and you gave Julian a roll of your eyes before grinning, still very much in love with the simple ways he used to make you fall for him all over again, thanking him properly with a kiss.
Even after your marriage, Julian was still flirting with you, paying for you when he could, bringing back small gifts that reminded him of you. He still made you feel like back when you just met him, his grin putting butterflies in your stomach and his arms still as warm and strong whenever he hugged you. Sometimes it felt like it was too easy for Julian to make you love him more and more every day.
“But wait!” you recoiled dramatically as you two took the first few steps away from the fruit stand. Julian looked back bewildered at your outcry, thinking you two might have forgotten something, but you pulled at his arm to get his focus back on you. “Don’t tell me you know any other pretty magicians!”
Luckily, he got the hint that you were just joking, his lips curling into a mischievous grin briefly before faltering with his expression. “Oh no, my love! No one could come close to you! They’d need years- no, centuries to get to your level!”
Julian had no shame exclaiming this in the middle of the market, but you were used to it by now, and most people knew you two, only grinning and shaking their heads about you two love birds. And really, you couldn’t find it in yourself to care as much as in the beginning anymore. You’d rather spend the already limited time you two had together to amuse yourself and be merry. Julian was right; living life was much more fun with a bit of drama.
“I’d never find someone as wonderful, strong, kind, skilled, beautiful, caring--”
Cutting off his sentence with a quick peck to his lips, Julian relished in the affection, leaning in to the point he almost tipped over your basket hanging from his arm. “I get it, I get it,” you assured him with a laugh, tearing the kiss apart while Julian tried to keep it, letting out a dissatisfied sigh upon not getting what he wanted. “I only have my amazing husband to thank for all of it.”
The little compliment was enough to send Julian beaming, lips parting in a big smile, and when he stood up straight, you saw him rock on his feet happily. It brought a bit of blush to his face, proud, joyful heat flowing through him, hearing you say that. Nonetheless because he loved hearing you call him ‘your husband’. It might have taken him a while to accept compliments in return and not doubt them because of his own bad opinion of himself. But just like he helped you grow as a person, so did you for him, and you were proud, too, seeing him like this.
You two continued on, still having some groceries to get as you commented on what was on your mind. Softly, with a loving smile, you told Julian, “You know, you’re pretty cute when you blush.”
It should have been a simple statement, but Julian grew a little stiff, and he chuckled. “No one told me that before,” he admitted. Maybe he was a little embarrassed, or perhaps he felt happy about it as well. Still, whichever it was, he grew even redder, suddenly ruffling his hair and looking away sheepishly. Even though you knew him as somewhat loud and not afraid to speak his mind, you also enjoyed the way he got flustered, turning his happiness inwardly occasionally. It was something only you experienced with him, soft and tender, and he shared these special moments with you. And you would know since it was your hand he squeezed excitedly, enjoying and living out the sweet feelings he felt. Maybe, just like you, there was a chance that Julian fell in love over and over again. At least, that’s what you thought that you saw in his eyes when he looked at you again.
“But there’s only one person who can make me blush like that,” he hinted, winking at you.
“Oh? Do tell,” you replied, grinning since you already knew the answer.
“You, of course!”
Both of you grinned from ear to ear as you strolled further down the market, hand in hand. It was a blessing to be allowed to love this man, making your heart jump with joy. More and more every day, you fell in love with him, and for nothing in the world would you have changed him being in your life. Because just as happy as you made him...
He made you happy too.
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akinumi · 8 months ago
For Christmas prompt: Silco with an s/o who has basically become Jinx mom trying to make a perfect Christmas for their little family. S/o ends up working too hard and gets sick, but doesn’t want to ruin Christmas and tries to hide sickness and work through it?
Heavily thanking my friend for proof-reading and giving me advice/tips!
Tumblr media
You think you’re slick? If you so as much tiny cough, Silco would pick up that something is wrong with you.
He’s noticed you’ve been working hard to make this Christmas the best one for Jinx, but in exchange for what? Your health?
It wouldn’t be the best without the other parental figure for her, so you should rest up and finish what you can when you feel better.
If you were to persist with or without Silco’s acknowledgment, he’d make sure you’re tightly tucked into bed while Sevika’s outside the door.
Silco, as well, does want to make this Christmas best for his daughter, but it wouldn’t be perfect if you were sickly on the day that was special towards family.
Forced to do as told, you waited impatiently for the day that you’ll feel better. Though, even in bed, you weren’t just going sit around and do absolutely nothing.
You grabbed pens, paper, scissors. Anything to do arts ‘n craft without deteriorating your health more so than it already is.
You’ve made cards, snowflakes… whatever that screamed ‘Christmas’.
Silco personally checks on you and you would have to quickly throw your supplies into drawers, closets, under the bed. Wherever he won’t look while monitoring you.
He suspects you’ve been doing something but if you haven’t gotten worse, he won’t stop it.
Days have passed and you were fortunate enough to recover four days before the astound Christmas day.
Although you feel great, Silco has his doubts. So, he continued to observe you.
Eventually, he’s offered his assistance to bring in this ‘Christmas joy’
Silco doesn’t know what he’s doing so he’s relying on you to tell him what to do for this instance.
He’s dismissed everyone in The Last Drop just so you and he could decorate everywhere inside the club.
If he sees you stagger here and there he will ask that you sit down for 30 minutes to an hour and just leave the decorating to him.
You weren’t going to let him freely decorate as he pleases though, so you were just yelling out where to put what.
Fours days went by quickly and everything was decked out for the holidays!
Gifts were wrapped and settled upon a booth table near the entryway of the bar, and you sat waiting while Silco went to grab Jinx from her room.
You heard her excited chattering from upstairs and smiled to yourself. You wanted the best for her and you will do everything you can to make her happy today.
Upon seeing the two arrive downstairs, you got up and gave her a tight hug.
“Merry Christmas, Jinx.”
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fivebyfive005 · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Alright Horizon fans. Let’s talk. Now, I did not want romance in Horizon at all until HFW gifted us with Kotallo. Now I'm adamant that he should be with Aloy, and I previously posted this essay about why. So I'm back with this intensively thought-out explanation regarding why (in my opinion) Aloy should not be with various other characters with whom she is often shipped. Just an FYI - if you disagree and want to ship her with other characters (or nobody) that is obviously fine, and I’m not here to argue. This is just me spewing out my thoughts, since I feel like I’ll explode if I keep them pent up. 
Petra – I’m starting with Petra because Ashly Burch previously wrote on Reddit that she felt Petra would be the most compatible with Aloy up to that point (this was about four years ago now, so before HFW). Her reasoning was as follows: “Petra is the only one who would respect and understand her need for full autonomy and frequent excursions on super dangerous mission...I also don't think it would be a particularly intimate relationship, and I doubt that Petra could stay monogamous.” She did, however, go on to say that “I actually don't think I would personally ship her with anyone that we've met yet,” though I am aware that there are still a good number of Aloy/Petra shippers. I think this is all quite accurate and well-reasoned by AB, and it is worth noting out of the gate because she is basically the proverbial horse’s mouth. Also regarding Petra, I can’t help but feel that the dynamic she has with Aloy is really one of friendship more than anything that seems romantic, intimate, or sexual. When Aloy runs into Petra in the very beginning of HFW, Aloy is pretty rushed, and is practically dying to get away from Petra ASAP. This actually seems to make Petra a bit salty, by the way, which is, interestingly, opposite the argument that AB made in the first place (though she seems to get over this pretty quickly). Moreover, this does not seem like behavior of someone attracted to the person they just ran into, on Aloy’s part. As they continue their dialogue at Chainscrape, it is really pretty much all business, too, and I feel like you’d have to do quite a bit of interpretational gymnastics to see any kind of romance developing there. I also feel that historically Aloy has frequently appeared uncomfortable when Petra flirts with her, and I don't think this is because she has feelings in return, but rather that she doesn't know how to treat a friend showing her such overt flirtation (we have seen this discomfort for her with other characters making moves on her, as well). Furthermore, Petra is a bit of a one dimensional character, and though I enjoy Petra for the levity her character brings, I think Aloy's personality would work best with someone a bit more multifaceted and deep. 
Erend - There are a lot of Aloy/Erend shippers but I also know that a lot of them have already expressed willingness to consider Aloy/Kotallo since playing HFW. That probably in itself shows that shipping Erend - at least in some cases - may have been more related to proximity and him just being a beloved character from the first game (rather than a feeling that he would be right for Aloy, and that their relationship would add to the story). Don't get me wrong, I love Erend as well, but he should absolutely NOT be with Aloy. I'd rather be decapitated by a dull guillotine than see that happen. Erend is a loveable goofball for the most part, and while he has more depth than meets the eye initially, I'd say just barely. He really is pretty simple, and I don't think he would really challenge or stimulate Aloy (which I think she needs). Erend is someone who prefers to eat, drink and be merry, whereas Aloy is a very action-oriented person, who I think would still have a heart for action and adventure even after saving the world. As such, I think Erend would bore her. Now, Erend’s affection for Aloy has been made clear, and though I think he has grown a bit in HFW, he still seems to have a tendency to burden her with feeling obligated to give him time and attention (as was the case with him being resentful about her rushing off after the end of HZD). This is definitely not right for Aloy, who really does need to have freedom and independence, and who needs someone who understands that she is putting her mission and duty first. With that said, I do think that over the story of HFW he's somewhat accepted that her mission means that she is not looking for a relationship (to this point). I think he's started to see her more as a sister (like a sort of replacement for Ersa) and Aloy sees him more like a protective big brother. And I think that is the perfect dynamic for them. I love that chemistry between them, but I can't see them being anything more. 
By the way, I know some people point to the look Aloy gives towards Erend when they are standing together at the end of HFW, but I think it's really important to point out here that in this moment she has just looked at her entire gang and has made the choice to move forward on her journey with the help of the people she loves. She then looks at Erend (her oldest friend in the group at that point). With that being said, I think her look in that scene is more reflective of the happy notion that she can have a family - even while she tries to save the world - and not actually an amorous look. 
Nil - I can't believe how many people ship Aloy/Nil because to me it's blatantly clear that he is all wrong for Aloy. Though I think they have similar personalities with being action-oriented, adventurous people (and I agree that – like Petra – Nil would give Aloy the freedom that she needs), they have none of the same values. Nil is not really one for reducing conflict, which is certainly one of Aloy’s goals. Aloy says this herself during a discussion with Kotallo at the base, and he agrees, with her, by the way. Aloy has also been pretty clear during their conversations that she does not agree with Nil’s choices and his lifestyle in most circumstances. This does not lend itself very well to a relationship/romantic partnership.  
Talanah - IFF I were to ship Aloy with someone besides Kotallo, it would be Talanah, but I still don't think this would be a good pairing. Talanah is a bad ass with more nuance than many other characters – and I do think that she and Aloy have similar values and personalities - but she and Aloy are also pretty clearly depicted as simply very good friends and fellow hunters. Their dynamic is really not sexually charged at all, as evidenced by the very platonic hug at the end of HFW, and the frank conversation that they have in that same scene about love (which is in no way directed towards each other). Not to mention that Talanah herself has admitted that she's still a bit hung up on Amadis…
Avad - Blehk. Avad is not a bad guy, but it should go without saying that Avad is a terrible choice for Aloy. She has no interest in being royalty (or Carja, I think, for that matter, with all their excess and opulence), and it is frustrating that he won't listen to her polite refusals, but rather keeps pestering/burdening her with his advances. He doesn't understand her at all, and I think the idea of them being together is laughable. I think the majority of the fanbase agrees, but I’m still including him because he is so forward with his attempts to court her in the game itself.
Friends. Romans. Thank you for staying this long, if you have, and know that I still love you even if you don’t agree with my points. :) 
I will conclude by once more saying that Aloy absolutely should be with Kotallo. They have so much in common in terms of similarities of upbringing, and shared goals, values, and personality traits. Going back to Ashly Burch’s comment from 4 years ago about how she would not personally ship Aloy with anyone at that point, it should be noted that Kotallo was not around at the time. But he is now, and I also feel that Aloy has grown and changed a lot over the course of HFW. She is now more open to exploring relationships of all kind, and I think the game could do some really great things narratively by exploring love/strength through a romantic relationship with her and Kotallo, similar to how they made a wonderful story about the power of friendship in HFW. 
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pinky-the-elephant-room · 7 months ago
sometimes sharing is not caring
Tumblr media
☆☆AN✮✮ Yes hello I'm late for Christmas I know. That's the story of my life. Late AF. Also I've been writing Himbo All Might for so long that writing flirty AM makes me tingly. I like it. I should write more of this.
✮✮Warnings★★ All Might x Male Reader. SFW.
Oh no. This was bad.
He gnawed on his nails as the retweets kept increasing. As an artist, notoriety was welcomed by him. But not this way. Thankfully his pseudonym had come in handy, and no one knew it was him. Sorry, cornflower45000.
See, what had happened was one of his friends had requested an NSFW drawing after her present got lost in the mail. So feeling guilty, Y/N obliged and sent it off with a “Merry Christmas” and “Please don’t share it online.”
Only for her to share it online.
It’s not that Y/N wasn’t proud of his work. It was one of those rare moments where he couldn't nitpick at the flaws in his art. But he really didn’t want a nude drawing of All Might wrapped in Christmas lights and a Santa hat to go viral!
And the worst part was All Might was his boss! There was no way he could face the pro hero without uncontrollable sweating and blushing. Y/N worked so hard to remain calm and collected in his presence. To maintain professionalism when all he wanted was All Might to sign his underwear.
Well, that might be going a bit too far. Maybe just an autograph that Y/N could later get tattooed on his chest.
But now, if All Might found out it was him, there would be no doubt he was going to get fired. That's why he, Y/N, would confess to his crimes before he was.
Growing up, he was the type of kid who hated to lie and would immediately confess to his parents whenever he did something wrong. There was no way Y/N could sit in suspense and tolerate the guilt. It was going to eat him up alive otherwise.
“Y/N-san?” someone called.
His head snapped up, and he saw All Might’s receptionist looking at him expectantly.
“You may go in now.”
“Thanks.” Y/N did a quick bow of his head and walked into All Might’s office.
The muscular hero was sitting at his desk in a signature yellow suit and had a worried look on his face as he did his paperwork.
Y/N excused himself, “Sorry to disturb you. I have something I want to talk about.”
All Might looked up, and a broad smile stretched across his face.
“Y/N! You can come talk to me anytime, and now I have an excuse not to do this paperwork.”
He then took his paperwork and shoved it into his drawer haphazardly.
“How can I help?”
“Before I say anything,” Y/N began. “I want you to know that I respect you, and I never wanted things to go this far. I hope you can forgive me.”
All Might frowned, “Are you ok? Did something happen?”
“It’s all my fault! I should never have done it. I didn't think she would post it on the internet!”
Y/N’s words confused All Might, who looked at him contemplatively. Y/N, on the other hand, didn't notice, continued his tirade.
“I acted unprofessionally, and I drew an image in your likeness. It became viral.”
He finished quietly, “It’s also a mature image.”
The hero leaned in and said, “What was that? I couldn't hear.”
“I drew a sexy picture of you with Christmas lights and a Santa hat!”
All Might blinked several times and just sat there in his chair. “Oh.”
“Was it nice at least?”
“All Might!” Y/N yelped. “You can’t ask that! You need to discipline me. As your employee, I violated some part of my contract. In fact, you should suspend me.”
“Y/N, I think that’s going a bit too far-”
“Without pay!” Y/N then slammed his hands on All Might’s desk and leaned in intensely. “I absolutely deserve it.”
The pro hero nodded and patted Y/N’s hands.
“I understand. You’re right. Y/N, you’re suspended for a week.”
“Without pay,” Y/N interrupted.
“WIthout pay,” All Might amended. “However, while you’re gone. You have an assignment. I want to commission you.”
“Me?” Y/N asked, pointing to himself. “What did you have in mind?”
“Think of it as a New Year’s gift. Fireworks going off in the background.”
Y/N wondered if he should be writing this down if All Might was serious about his request. But he never got to as he was tugged across the table by his shirt. He was leaning forward, balancing on his toes after being manhandled by the older hero.
A surprised moan erupted from Y/N when All Might pulled him into a kiss. His mind went blank, and he was helpless. Just as Y/N was about to respond to the pro hero’s probing tongue, his clothes were let go, and they separated. He felt lingering regret as he met All Might’s equally flustered and needy eyes.
Thankfully he walked around his desk to kiss Y/N again. He could feel All Might’s hands gently caressing his cheeks which was a sharp contrast to how he kissed. He had never been so dominated in his life as he was trapped between the desk and the pro hero’s hard body. Though Y/N’s harsh breathing filled the space, it was All Might’s voice that drowned it out. All Might panted and moaned his name desperately but dove right back to kiss Y/N again.
“Fireworks in the background and us kissing,” All Might gasped when he let go of him.
“My commission,” he reminded Y/N. “I want that when you come back.”
Oh right. He was suspended. Why did that happen again? Y/N’s mind was spinning and he couldn't get a handle on his thoughts at all.
“And by the way, I lied. I saw that art that you drew of me,” All Might said. Y/N’s eyes grew wide at his admission. “I liked it; however, there was one thing that threw me off.”
Y/N stiffened when he felt the pro hero’s hands pluck his belt.
“The size was all wrong.”
His cheeks blushed crimson, and All Might grinned mischievously.
“You can leave now. I’ll see you in a week, Y/N.”
He awkwardly bowed and made his way out stiffly, partly because he was embarrassed and partly because his cock was straining against his pants. Just as he was about to open the door, he stopped when he heard All Might’s voice.
“Let me know the next time you draw a nude of me. I’ll give you a reference, so it’s more accurate next time.”
Y/N, flustered, slammed the door hurriedly and walked away to the sound of All Might’s laughter.
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sweeterthanthis · a year ago
Tumblr media
Prompt: “Are you gonna be good or do I have to gag you?”
Requested by: @gogolucky13 — I’m so sorry. That’s all I can say. The ending was angstier than I ever intended. Thank you so much for celebrating this milestone with me. ILY, Rose! ✨ Thanks to @ozarkthedog for looking this over for me ✨
Tumblr media
Pairing: Lee Bodecker x Female Reader
Word Count: 1.5k (Drabble? We don’t know her 🤦🏻‍♀️)
Warnings: Explicit content, infidelity (reader is unhappily married to an asshole), blow jobs, vaginal sex, a little angst, suggestions of violence and some soft!protective Lee 🥺 18+.
Tumblr media
Fucking Lee was never boring. Never dissatisfying.
Always the highlight of your week.
It had started the way it always did. You heading to the Police Station to bail out your husband after yet another bar fight. Only these days, you found yourself applying a slick of lipstick and wearing your prettiest dresses. And it was all for him.
“God damn it, make my dick so hard.” He moaned, your mouth bobbing up and down on his fat cock; throat opening as he broke through the barrier, oesophagus contracting around his girth. Spittle dripped from your mouth, tongue flat against your chin, one of his hands tangled in your hair and his hips rutting against your face. “Maybe I should keep that Husband a’yours locked up, huh?”
Your moans muffled and your mouth stuffed full, you shuffled closer; forcing your head down to the very base of him as he hissed in satisfaction, looking down at your watery eyes, cheeks glistening from the tears.
You withdrew a little, allowing yourself to breath and tilting your head, resting it against his thigh – the crown of his cock bulging against the inside of your cheek. He tapped your cheek lightly, the feel of him throbbing in your mouth making you drunk on the taste of him.
“Get up here, Girl. Come sit on my dick and show me how much you wan’ it.”
You sucked the length of him for good measure, releasing him from your mouth with a wet ‘pop’, hitching your dress up around your waist and scrambling up into his lap. You shimmied into position, knees either side of his thighs and bracing your hands on his shoulders – the chair wobbling slightly at the weight of you both.
Fucking him in his office was your favourite thing to do. No doubt about it. Knowing that his Deputies were just the other side of the wall made it dangerous, and that only served to arouse you more. You didn’t spare a thought to your Husband. And why would you? He didn’t deserve an ounce of your sympathy. Had probably been face down in pussy before he’d been picked up by the Sheriff between your thighs.
“Oh, Jesus Fuck.” You cried, sinking down onto him – never ready for the stretch of his cock inside of you.
“Watch that mouth, Darlin’.” He warned, wrapping an arm around your waist, and tugging your body tight to his. Lee always allowed you a minute to get used to the burn, revelling in the sight of your face scrunching in pleasure. “C’mon now, ride me like I know you been wantin’ to all week. Why’d you think I picked that asshole up in the first place?”
Rolling your hips, grinding yourself down on him and crying out at the sensation of the coarse hair at the base of his cock rubbing against your clit; you were wild. He coaxed it out of you every time, turned you into a wanton harlot and made you want to do anything to please him.
“Shit, Lee. So full.” You blurted, forehead pressed against his own as you lifted yourself on your knees, slamming back down onto him with a force that stole the breath from your lungs. You couldn’t control your mouth, garbled words running merry hell, spouting all manner of filthy praise and promises. “Fuck, yes. Oh my g-god, yes!”
With one swift movement, your legs secure around his waist, he stood: lifting you both from the chair and splaying you out before him on his desk.
Lee’s cock bobbed against your slick cunt, teasing your pussy lips. He hooked your legs up over his shoulders, wrapping his arms around your thighs and yanking you forwards; ass hanging off the edge of the desk.
“You gotta be quiet, Darlin’.” He purred, slipping the tip back inside your fluttering hole. You watched in confusion as he reached into his pocket, pulling out a pair of your worn panties and twirling them around his finger. “Are you gonna be good, or do I have to gag you?”
The thought of him stuffing your mouth with the tainted lace made your head spin. You pursed your lips closed, wriggling around on the wooden surface beneath you, your foot curled around the back of his neck trying to urge him back inside you fully.
“Good girl.” He crooned, fucking into with wild abandon. Lee knew exactly how to fuck you, knew which spots to hit. He knew how much you loved it when he’d switch his pace, going from fast and hard, to slow and languid in a heartbeat. “Look’it this pussy, swallowin’ up my dick. S’it hungry, Darlin?”
“Oh, yes. Oh fuck, yes. So hungry, Baby. Need all’a you.”
It was shameless, the way you gave in to him. Wanted to be full of him all the time. Nothing like it in the world. He leant forward, your legs falling from his shoulders and hooking around his waist.
And what he did next would never fail to shock you. He kissed you. Kissed you so tenderly, it made you want to weep. His tongue dipped into your mouth, swirling around your own, your tastebuds alive with the faint hint of strawberries from the candy he’d been sucking on.
Still, he fucked you. Rough thrusts, the flesh of your thighs jiggling with each stroke. So good that any thought of your Husband sulking in a jail cell right next door left your mind completely.
It was all Lee.
You always felt awkward when it was over, smoothing out your dress and fixing your hair in the mirror hanging on the wall. Saying Goodbye didn’t seem natural, didn’t feel right. But you couldn’t bring yourself to delve deeper into your heart to ask yourself why.
Married at 17, you’d never known any different. Your Husband had always been an asshole, a disrespectful shit of a man. Whoring around left, right and centre without a thought to you. You used to sit up at night worrying about the state he’d get himself in, forgiving him for his sordid infidelities and wrong doings. Not that he ever apologised.
And now? Now you found yourself hoping he’d get himself into a scuffle so that you’d end up here, in the arms of another man. A man who, as sharp-tongued and crude as he was, seemed focused on nothing but your shared pleasure. On making you feel good.
“Why’d you marry that asshole anyway?”
His voice snapped you from your thoughts, walking towards the desk he’d just fucked you on and picking up your purse from the chair in front of it. You couldn’t look at him, couldn’t bring yourself to see the expression on his face.
“I was young’n stupid, Lee. Now I’m just sorta stuck, I guess.” Your voice trailed off into a whisper, eyes trained to your feet and heartbeat erratic in your chest cavity. “You gonna let him out now?”
You heard the shuffle of his shoes against the carpet, index finger hooked beneath your chin, tilting your head up to meet his stare. You tried to read him, to understand the look in his eyes as they studied you.
“He ever hurts you, even so much as touches a hair on that pretty head, you call me.”
Your blinked away the welling tears in your eyes, choking back a sob and clearing your throat so as to hide your emotions. But he could tell. You knew it from the way his thumb stroked at your quivering jaw.
“He touches you and I’ll kill him. That’s a Goddamn promise, Sweetheart.”
The tip of his nose brushed against your own, and the softness of the motion made your chin wobble. The sweetest, most pathetic of whimpers echoing from your parted lips. Lee made you feel safe. Lee made you feel wanted. Made you feel loved.
“I’ll see you soon.” You whispered, planting a gentle kiss on his cheek as you turned on your heel and walked towards the door. His voice stopped you in your tracks, fingers lingering on the door handle as he spoke.
“I ain’t got nobody at home. Treat you like a Princess if you give me the chance.”
Your chest felt like it was caving in, knowing that everything you wanted – needed – was just within reach. And yet, still so untouchable.
“Could treat you real good, make you happy, hold you tight all night long.”
You hung your head low, allowing one solitary tear to fall before batting it away with the back of your hand.
“No more fuckin’ in secret. I’d love on ya so hard, Darlin’. Be so proud to call a pretty thing like you my wife.”
You couldn’t stand it, couldn’t bear to hear the heartfelt words you never thought he’d say.
“Think about it.”
Twisting the doorknob in your palm, you pulled it open, taking a second to look back over your shoulder at him – his eyes pleading with you as you took a step forwards.
“I’ll be seein’ you, Lee.”
Tumblr media
A/N: I’ll reblog this fic with tags in a short while as it’s fairly substantial. Hope you enjoyed reading!✨
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gubler-me-up · 8 months ago
Thicker than Blood
Tumblr media
Request: Hi!!! I was wondering if you could do a angsty oneshot with a bau fem!reader (or g/n it’s completely up to you) where reader was diagnosed with leukemia a few months ago and never told their family or the team about it. And one day while they are at the round table going over a case and Penelope tells them that their nose is bleeding. Everyone gets concerned. Reader gets up and runs to the bathroom and when they come out Spencer is standing there and asks them if they are okay and reader just breaks down crying opening up to him. And the rest of team sees it from the window and they come out and reader tells them what’s going on and they all comfort them. If you can do that I’d be so happy! Thank you and your writing is amazing btw!!🤍🤍🤍
A/N: Thanks for the request, @mggssocks​! This is such a unique and close request that I’ve ever received. I’ve had multiple family members who have had cancer and some very close family members actually passing away from cancer (my grandma passed away from leukemia), so it was kind of therapeutic in a way to write about it. Enough sad talk tho, we’re here to read and be merry! Again appreciate the request and I hope you enjoy it! Happy reading 💕
Couple: Spencer Reid/Fem!reader
Category: angst
Content warning: slight mention of hopelessness in life, leukemia symptoms, diagnostic tests, blood
Word count: 2.8k
You felt like complete shit. Physically you could barely find the strength to go into work with how weak you felt all the time now. Rolling out of bed got harder as the days went by and you found yourself contemplating whether you should even carry on with your day. Sometimes you even contemplated whether you even wanted to carry on with life.
After weeks of feeling exhausted and having an unusual fever in the middle of June, you decided to see your doctor. With the number of questions she asked, it made you realize how many other signs you had brushed off. A lot of cuts you had on you were taking a long time to heal and the number of bruises on you from minor incidents was mildly alarming considering you never bruised easily. When she physically examined your lower torso, you winced in pain and you could see on her face she had major concerns.
She sent you to get blood tests done along with a bone marrow test. She didn’t sugarcoat the fact she had a suspicion your exhaustion, bruises, and fever could be linked to you having leukemia. You took it with a grain of salt when she first mentioned it. You didn’t want to overthink it because it wasn’t certain. It was only a medical hunch.
However, when she called you in to talk to you only a very short time after you had done your tests, you knew. What you didn’t know was you had stage two of leukemia. You nearly dropped to your knees, wanting to beg her to stop joking with you. You had never felt so defeated in your life. It was impossible to put into words how dead you felt on the inside already.
Your doctor had recommended you see a therapist to get your thoughts and emotions out. She thought it would also help you to muster up the courage to tell your loved ones about your diagnosis. You took her advice and saw a therapist for some guidance on how to tell your loved ones about your diagnosis.
You didn’t want them to pity you or cry rivers for you. You had already done that for yourself. Besides, you couldn’t bare see your parents cry over your diagnosis. There was no doubt it would only make you feel worse. Your therapist’s recommendation was to be open about your diagnosis in an optimistic manner to teardown any pessimistic conversation.
You eventually told your family and the waterworks were inevitable. Your mom still cried for you and two months already went by. She begged you to come back home to spend some time together. You refused. It sounded as if she was trying to make up time in case there wasn’t enough time and you hated that. You had already planned on carrying on with your life, working and doing your chemotherapy.
Though it was taking a huge toll on your body, you didn’t let anyone on the team know about your diagnosis. It was hard keeping up with them mentally and physically, but you didn’t want them to see you as weak or baby you for having cancer. You just wanted things to be as normal as possible. That’s all you could ever wish for.
You walked into the bullpen, ready for another case briefing. Everything looked the same as it always did which made you happy. JJ and Garcia were talking about their upcoming salsa class. They had invited you weeks ago, but you told them you were busy. They didn’t pry too much which made you happy.
Hotch was on his phone, probably communicating with the chief of police of wherever the team was going to. Gideon was flipping through the case file, ready to get things started. Morgan was on his phone as well but probably answering texts not related to the case. As always. Elle trailed in behind you with a coffee in her hand and most likely a hangover in her head. Everything was perfectly the same.
“Y/N, I think you’re going to regret missing out on salsa night,” Garcia said.
You chuckled as you took your seat. “There’s always another time.”
She looked at you as if she didn’t believe you. To be honest, you barely believed yourself. Your therapist had advised you to be optimistic about your future, so you tried. You would go to salsa with them in the future. You’d be there for it.
“Just let Y/N buy drinks the next time,” Elle said.
“From the smell of that black coffee in your hand, I don’t think you should be thinking about alcohol so soon,” Gideon said.
You chuckled along with Garcia and JJ. You loved Gideon’s random burst of humour. Sometimes hearing him tell a funny story from his earlier years was the only thing that kept you smiling most days.
“Should we get the brief started?” JJ asked.
“Reid still isn’t here yet. I think pretty boy’s running a little late today again,” Morgan said.
“He called to me to say the subway was done for a bit. He should be here any minute. He can catch up,” Hotch said.
You smiled as you thought about Reid running late. You thought about how you’d both run late when you two lived in the same area. It had the worst public transportation. You two would run little bets to see which one of you would make it to work first.
You didn’t realize how much the little things stuck with you. It was hard thinking about there being a possibility of not being able to experience life the same. If the leukemia got worse, you wouldn’t be able to live these little joys the same way you had before. You knew you were supposed to think optimistically but little thoughts like these made it hard to sometimes.
You could feel tears starting to form in your eyes and you blinked them away before anyone noticed. You were certain they had already noticed you not being your 100% self within the past two months, but you didn’t want to raise any more suspicions. You quickly sniffled as you felt a little snot trying to escape your nose.
Garcia got up to start the briefing. She was getting a taste of the briefing life as practice upon Hotch’s request. However, she was sidetracked as her eye turned to you when she heard you sniffle. She looked at you in shock. You looked at her embarrassed. You could still feel snot running out of your nose. You hated being such a messy crier.
“Y/N, your nose is bleeding,” she said.
Your eyes widened and your hands trembled. Everyone turned to look at you with the same concern in their eyes. You gently touched where you thought a trail of snot was running down. You looked down at your finger to see your blood.
You immediately shot up from your seat and covered your nose, so no one could look at it anymore. You darted your eyes around the room, feeling your heart race as they all looked on in confusion, trying to piece together why you were overreacting to your nose bleeding.
“Y/N, do you need a tissue?” Hotch offered.
“No, no, I’m good. I…I just need to g-go to the washroom,” you stuttered.
You swiftly turned around and rushed out of the briefing room. You kept your eyes low as you navigated your way out of the bullpen, avoiding any other interactions with the other agents. You didn’t need anyone else to look at you.
You pushed open the glass bullpen door with as much strength you could conjure up in your one arm. It felt as if you were pushing a whole building with one arm. You had never felt so weak in your life. You hated it. You hated everything in your life ever since your diagnosis.
If they hadn’t figured it out now, they would piece together that you were severely sick. You weren’t ready for them to know. Your stupid leukemia couldn’t even give you the decency of letting them know on your own terms. If you weren’t miserable before, you were overly miserable now.
As you walked by the elevator, you saw Spencer step out. You looked away, pretending you hadn’t seen him and continued on your way. You hoped he hadn’t noticed you walk by either.
“Y/N, where are you off to?” Spencer called out.
You ignored him. You kept your eyes low, your hand over your nose, and sped up your walking. You couldn’t stand everyone on the team to see your nose bleeding. At least Spencer would be out of the loop. Usually he was the first one you’d go to if you had anything to confide in someone about. However, it pained you to even let him know about your condition.
“Y/N, are you alright?” He called out again.
You kept on ignoring him until you reached the washroom. You shoved open the door and immediately went into a stall. You locked it and grabbed endless toilet paper to wipe your nose with.
You silently sobbed as you saw the toilet paper turning red from the amount of blood on your hands from covering your nose. You ripped a good amount of toilet paper off the roll and placed it under your nose as you let your tears flow from your eyes. You didn’t think your nose had ever bled during the past two months or even prior to your diagnosis. You had a sinking feeling things were getting even worse but that was you thinking the worst.
You removed the toilet paper from your nose and saw a blob of deep red blood on it. You folded it and wiped the rest of the blood away from your nose. You tossed it in the toilet and then flushed it, getting rid of any evidence you were bleeding. However, you already knew it was going to be hard for everyone to forget your nose randomly bleeding.
You opened the washroom stall slightly, checked to see if anyone else was in there before stepping out. You walked up to the sink and washed your hands to get rid of all the blood on your hand. You looked at yourself in the mirror and saw the little residue of blood left under your nose.
You sighed as you reached for the paper towel. You ran it under the sink and cleaned up the blood residue from your nose. Now everything could go back to normal once you stepped out of the washroom. Or that’s what you wished for. What you desperately wanted.
You tossed the paper towel in the trash. You then took another paper towel to dry off your hands before tossing it and opening the door. You weren’t expecting anyone to be outside, but you were mistaken.
Spencer was standing outside with the same concern you could hear in his voice. Actually seeing his concern was a different feeling. You could barely look at him without wanting to cry.
“Y/N, is everything alright? You seemed a little distraught,” he said.
“I’m fine, Spence. Thanks,” you said as you walked past him.
“You were covering your face, so I just assumed you weren’t feeling well. Just checking to see that you are,” he said as he trailed behind you.
You opened the bullpen door, your hands shaking from the weight. He helped you open it. You felt quite pathetic with the state of your body. It was weakening on you and bleeding randomly. It almost felt as if it was too much to handle anymore.
“I’m fine, so can we please drop it?” You asked.
“Sorry for bothering you. I was just concerned,” he said.
He gently grabbed your arm as you both walked up the stairs toward the briefing room. You looked back at him and tried to give him a fake smile even if it was small.
“I’m fine, so don’t even worry about me,” you said.
He looked as if he was about to say something else, but he stopped. His eyes narrowed into your nose. He then looked into your eyes as he touched underneath his nose.
“You’re bleeding,” he said.
You felt your heart nearly stop. You used your finger to touch the spot he had indicated on his face to where you were bleeding. You then felt the familiar texture of fresh blood dripping out of your nose.
Your mouth quaked as tears started to stream down your face. You couldn’t find the energy to hide from it anymore. If you weren’t going to find the courage to tell your coworkers about your diagnosis, your leukemia symptoms were going to.
“I’m not okay,” you mumbled.
“Do you need a napkin?” He offered.
“I need a napkin, chemotherapy, a longer fucking life. This leukemia bullshit is the worst thing to ever happen to me,” you sobbed.
“Y/N, you have leukemia and you didn’t tell us? How long have you had it? You shouldn’t be working so hard,” he said.
“And that’s why I didn’t want to tell any of you. I don’t want things to be different. I don’t want to be incompetent to everyone on the team. I want to still be me,” you sobbed.
“Y/N, you’re still you, but you come before this job. We wouldn’t want you to overwork yourself while you’re going through your cancer treatment,” he said.
You wiped away a few of the tears from your eyes. He quickly reached into his trouser pocket and pulled out a tissue to offer it to you. You took it from him and immediately wiped the blood away from your nose.
“Sorry, this is so gross. I know you hate germs and seeing blood running from my nose must be uncomfortable for you,” you apologized.
“No, not at all. Don’t think about me and my needs. Worry about getting better because you’re more than leukemia. You’re the strongest person I know, so this is only a bump in the road for you to overcome,” he said.
“And we’ll be here every step of the way,” you heard Garcia say.
You turned around to see the rest of the team standing not too far behind you. They all had the same look of concern on their face, but they had a glimmer of hope if their eyes just for you. They knew how much you probably needed it now more than ever.
“Y/N, you could have told us what was going on with you. We wouldn’t have treated you any different, but you do need some time to sit out to get back to your 100% self,” Hotch said.
You sniffled as you knew he was right. It was hard accepting the fact you needed to sit out for a couple of cases, but it wasn’t forever from the way Hotch phrased it. He knew you weren’t your complete, strong self and wanted you back to that as soon as possible because he knew you had the willpower to do so.
“We’re a team after all. If one of us is feeling under the weather, the rest of us just have to step up to fill those shoes and you have some pretty big shoes to fill. Take the time you need and we’ll do our part to keep your perseverance strong within our team,” Gideon assured.
You wiped a forming tear away. “Thanks. I really appreciate all of you more than you know. I just want things to be as normal as possible. I don’t want this leukemia running every aspect of my life.”
“Of course and we’ll respect your wishes. Also, if you need anything, we’re always here for you. We might not be biological family, but our team is thicker than blood, so don’t hesitate to talk to us,” Hotch said.
You nodded. “Understood, sir.”
“Now go home and rest. Take the day for yourself and come back when you’re feeling at least 75% better. Nothing lower,” Gideon instructed.
“Of course. Thanks again,” you said.
“Get better soon. I’ll come by later and we can watch any movie you’d like. Well, maybe not horror, but any other one is fine,” Garcia said.
You chuckled. “Sounds like a plan.”
“Can we save this movie viewing until we get back? I want to be a part of it,” JJ said.
“Don’t forget about me. I’ll even bring the popcorn,” Morgan said.
“And I’ve got the drinks covered,” Elle said.
“And I have some major movie trivia that I’ve been saving for just the right occasion,” Spencer said.
“Great,” Morgan and Elle sarcastically remarked.
And just like that, you felt as if nothing had changed around you. No one lingered on you having leukemia. They just wanted the best for you on your journey towards beating it. You should have known all along that your team would never disappoint you. They never had and they would never start now.
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bucky-bucky-bucky-bucky · 9 months ago
Like Real People Do | Bucky Barnes x Reader
In a shocking twist of events, I have written yet another Hozier inspired Bucky fic. This was the first Hozier song I ever heard and I fell in love immediately. I’m including the live version below because it is just TOO fucking good.
As always, send me any comments, questions, or suggestions you may have! 💕
Tag list! @beefybuckrrito, @everything-burns-down, @shadytalementality, @rainbow-unicorn-pony, @mandersshow
“Honey, just put your sweet lips
on my lips.
We should just kiss
like real people do.”
Sam appraised you and Bucky from afar, taking a long look at your disguises for the evening. Your floor length silver dress was not something you ever would’ve chosen to wear; you missed the comfort your leggings, big tshirts, and vans, but tonight was unfortunately not a leggings kind of night. “I don’t think anyone is gonna buy this” Sam muttered with a laugh. Nat nodded along with him as she examined your appearance. “What are you talking about?” Bucky retorted with an eye roll, “no one is gonna know who we are”. He fidgeted next to you, already tired of wearing his suit even though he’d only had it on for fifteen minutes. “I mean, look at her” Bucky said, gesturing to you, “no one is even going to notice I’m there once they see her”. Your face grew hot and if it hadn’t been for the make up, your cheeks surely would have been crimson.
Bucky shot you a wink and then turned his attention back to Sam. “We’re good. Right? Just let us go,” he complained. Sam and Nat whispered back and forth for a moment before turning back to face the two of you. "Alright, the two of you weren't exactly my first choice for this job, but you're our only option", Nat said. "So, you need to go in there, blend in, and find the target without arousing suspicion. Stay on him all night till you can follow him out, and we’ll rendezvous to apprehend him after the event,” Sam added. Bucky rolled his eyes and nodded, "we know. And thanks all the confidence in us, by the way". You laughed quietly and watched Sam and Bucky bicker like they always did.
"I'm not saying you're gonna fuck it up," Sam said, "it's just that sending our two most introverted operatives to go under cover at a big, fancy party doesn't really sound like the way to go". Now it was you rolling your eyes. "Oh, come on, Sam. We can pretend for a night," you lightly punched Bucky on the arm, "right, Buck?" He nodded defiantly and winked at you once again. "Just let us go, guys," Bucky pleaded.
"Okay, Okay! Fine!" exclaimed Nat in exasperation. "Go! Eat, drink, and be merry, I guess. Just get the job done and don't die". She made her way out of the room and slammed the door behind her, no doubt headed to go tell Clint about how much Sam and Bucky annoyed her. After one last look, Sam sighed and conceded. Motioning for the two of you to head out. "Alright...go," he said. "None of that ‘hiding in the corner, keeping to yourselves’ nonsense. Act like real people".
Bucky scoffed and held the door open for you, escorting you down the hall and into the garage. "Come on, Sweetheart. Let's go act like real people," he teased. He opened your car door and you slid into the excessively fancy vehicle. Bucky made his way around the car and plopped down in the driver’s seat, his strong hands gripping the smooth leather on the steering wheel. “Alright, doll. Let’s party!” he quipped as he turned on the ignition and felt the car roar to life.
Walking into the party was a shock to say the least. Your mouth ran dry as you surveyed the room, taking in each and every graceful, gorgeous socialite and their GQ worthy beaus. “Oh I am way out of my league…” you muttered, feeling suddenly inferior to literally everyone in the room. A gentle, reassuring hand squeeze from Bucky was accompanied by him whispering “you can do this, doll. You look fucking incredible”. Some of your anxiety melted away and you took a deep breath, steadying your nerves and keeping an eye out for your target.
“Uhhh, I think we’ve been standing here too long…” Bucky tried to mumble casually, “people are starting to stare.” Without realizing it, the two of you had set up camp in the grand entry way, paralyzed by the intimidating guests. “Shit. Right. Um, the bar? Let’s hit the bar” you whispered back as you took Bucky’s hand. You loved intertwining your fingers with his, and did so platonically all the time. He often needed comfort after a panic attack or a night terror, and you holding his hand seemed to bring him back down to earth. Feeling his hand in yours was one of your favorite sensations in the world, but you never let it last too long. Messing up your friendship with Bucky by revealing your romantic feelings was not worth it.
The two of you walked hand in hand as nonchalantly as you could and took up residence near the end of the bar. “Alright, so…this is my nightmare” Bucky stated with a low chuckle. Your laugh almost beat out the sounds of the swanky jazz music and people nearby turned their heads in your direction.
Suddenly, a shiver ran up your leg. Glancing down, you saw Bucky’s large, warm hand pressed against your thigh. He gave your leg a small squeeze and you thought you might melt out of your chair. “A little too familiar there, aren’t we, Barnes?” you teased. He leaned in close and pressed a kiss to your cheek as he whispered, “we’re supposed to be a couple, remember?” You felt your face get hot at Bucky’s words and you awkwardly cleared your throat before giving him a subtle nod.
You had practically begged Nat to send you on this job with literally anyone else, but she loved to mess with you. She was the only one who knew about the massive crush you had on your best friend Bucky, and exploiting that fact was one of her favorite things. Bucky scanned the room and you couldn’t help but look him over. He looked fucking gorgeous in a suit- not that he didn’t always look gorgeous. But tonight with his clean shaven face and expertly tailored suit, he was basically irresistible to you.
“You’re staring…” you heard Bucky mutter, and his words pulled you from your daydream. “What? Oh, sorry. Thought I saw the target behind you, but I was wrong…false alarm!” you said with an awkward chuckle. He shot you his signature wink and gave your thigh another small squeeze before standing up and offering you his hand. “May I have this dance?” He asked charmingly as the band started in on a new song. You were flustered to say the least. You felt your face warm up yet again your heart began beating rapidly. “Oh, um. Yeah, I- yes. Yes, let’s dance”, you stammered.
Bucky lead you by the hand to a vacant spot on the dance floor and pulled you close. Placing one hand on your waist, he brought you in tight to his body, using his other hand to hold one of yours. Your free hand found his shoulder and you felt butterflies swarming in your stomach. The two of you began moving as one, in sync with the music. “This is fun,” Bucky murmured, close to your ear. “I’m glad I begged Nat to let me accompany you on this mission”. You pulled away and saw a playful smirk plastered across his face.
“Wait, you- did you really?” you asked. He just nodded and pulled you back in, kissing you on the cheek and moving with the slow music. “I really did” he murmured. “You know I’ve had an enormous crush on you since…well, basically since we met?” You heart stopped and your breath caught in your throat. “I-um, no I-I didn’t know that…but um, me- me too…” you stammered. Bucky gave a quiet laugh and squeezed your hand.
“You know,” he murmured, “Sam said we have to act like ‘real people’ tonight, and we’re supposed to be a couple, so…I think we should kiss. You know, like real people do”. A dopey grin took up your entire face and you had to take a moment to catch your breath before responding. “Oh, well, of course,” you teased, “I want to make sure I play the role convincingly”.
Bucky’s lips found yours in the most passionate yet tender kiss you had ever experienced. He let go of your hand so he could cup the side of your face, and your arms quickly found a place around his neck. He gripped your waist as he kissed you deeply, awakening some form of passion in you that you didn’t know existed. When he pulled away, it was only to catch his breath. He pressed his forehead against yours and began subtlety moving with the music once more.
“Look at us,” he joked, “acting like real people”.
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