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#Shouta Aizawa
katimagines · a year ago
Secret Admirer (Aizawa & Daughter!Reader)
Tumblr media
Request: OML your Dadmight fics are so cute!Could you do one for Aizawa where his kid is a UA student and is receiving letters from a secret admirer. How would he react?
A/N: The reader is adopted because Aizawa is only thirty and I want the reader to be in Class 1B for story reasons within the story.
Every time I turn a corner, I hope I bump into you. Doesn’t matter where; I’m just always hoping I get to see you even if it’s only for a few seconds.
This was the first letter Aizawa had seen. 
(Y/N) was exhausted and had fallen asleep while studying. He noticed her lights were still on when he opened the door to say goodnight before leaving for his nighttime patrol, he found her face down in a textbook at her desk. He almost laughed at how much she still looked like a little kid when she was like this. He carefully picked her up and laid her down into her bed, listening to her babble nonsense as she cuddled into her pillow.
When he went back to her desk to turn off the lamp, that’s when he noticed among her english textbooks was a pink piece of paper that stood out prominently amongst the other white sheets. Aizawa had never been the type of parent who invaded his daughter’s privacy, he was the cool laid-back dad who she felt comfortable enough to talk to. But he found himself overtaken by curiosity of this pink sheet, so he sneaked a peak. 
He was surprised, his daughter had received a love letter.
He searched the page for a name, but there wasn’t one to be found. His daughter had a secret admirer. But he didn’t have enough time to process how someone was secretly pining for his daughter before he needed to leave.
Aizawa carefully laid the note back where he had found it, careful to make sure (Y/N) didn’t know that he had invaded her privacy. He looked at her and saw the five year old girl he had adopted ten years ago, as he softly rubbed her head.
The next day, as he crawled to class in his sleeping bag, he still thought about that pink sheet of paper. It was such a juvenile thing that he had long forgotten about from his own teenage years, people giving and receiving love letters. He had received a Valentine’s Day one from Ms. Jokes but he didn’t take it seriously, it was just riddled with bad puns. But this one was different.
In the teacher’s lunge, where he would usually try to sneak in a nap between lessons, he instead found himself still thinking of this letter when Present Mic decided to saunter over, noticing the distress his friend was in.
“HEY, ERASER!” he began, his obnoxiously loud voice ruining any chance for him to get any extra sleep. “What’s got you making that serious face?!”
He shuffled over for Yamada to plop down besides him. Aizawa knew he shouldn’t say anything, it was no one’s business what letters you received so long as they were appropriate. But Yamada had never just been anyone. He was his close friend since high school and he had helped him with (Y/N) whether it was babysitting or advice (which was never useful, but appreciated).
That and Aizawa needed someone to talk about this letter with, and this morning when he had asked (Y/N) if something had happened at school and she just shrugged and said nothing interesting. He thought having a secret admirer would qualify as something interesting, so you were clearly withholding the truth from him and he needed consultation to know whether he should be worried or not. Even if the best he could get was a childless thirty year old wearing all leather with hair big enough to make a cockatoo jealous.
“I found a note from a secret admirer in (Y/N)’s room last night,” he answered, as Yamada gasped in predictable shock.
“Someone broke into (Y/N)’s room?!” he exclaimed.
“No,” Aizawa replied, his stern face annoyed at the implication he would ever let someone break into his daughter’s room. “She must have gotten it at school and then left it on her desk. There was no name on it, though.”
“Oh,” Yamada exhaled, gripping his heart dramatically. “Don’t worry me like that. I was worried our precious little (Y/N) was being stalked.” Once he had calmed down more, he turned to the black-haired male with a cheeky grin, “what’s the big issue then?”
“Weren’t you listening?” Aizawa asked.
“Come on, (Y/N)’s a pretty girl, it was only natural she was going to attract many suitors,” he shrugged, annoying Aizawa greatly. This was the moment Present Mic decided to be calm and rational, he had to admit there was a part of him hoping Yamada would overreact and he would know he wasn’t the crazy one for being worried. “What did it say?”
“Nothing scandalous, it was just about how they want to see her face whenever their in the hallway,” Aizawa responded. 
“Oh, young love!” Midnight exclaimed, actually shaking with excitement. The two turned to face their coworker who had been doing her best to pretend like she wasn’t paying attention, but she couldn’t help herself after the mentions of secret love letters that caught her attention. She grinned at the two, “sounds like something from a great love story for the lovely (Y/N) Aizawa.”
Aizawa narrowed his eyes at her statement. (Y/N) was too young to have some great love story, he hadn’t even had a great love story. 
“I wonder which boy has the yearning heart,” Midnight mused, clearly still enjoying herself with this whole incident that was not supposed to be some kind of twisted enjoyment for his coworkers while Aizawa was trying to process the whole letter. “Perhaps a classmate whose admired her intelligence and cooperativeness, or one of your students attracted to the scandal.”
“What “scandal”?” he asked, regretting it immediately.
“Dating your teacher’s daughter, the attraction to the forbidden,” she answered.
Aizawa found himself cringing, “sounds more like a nightmare.”
“Besides, I doubt anyone would actively want to date (Y/N) because of who her father is, he’s not exactly father-in-law material!” Yamada interjected, clearly missing the point Aizawa was going for. “It’s probably one of her classmates that sees her cute face all day but was too intimidated to speak up!”
Trying his best to wiggle away while Present Mic and Midnight continued to discuss who they think could have written it, he slid off the couch and made his way back to his classroom with his sleeping bag over his shoulder. He had been contemplating about what they had said. 
(Y/N) was pretty and admirable, he shouldn’t have been surprised she’d be the kind of girl that boys would send love letters to. But he never imagined she’d be the kind of daughter who would keep this secret from him. 
Or perhaps he was simply overthinking. Everything about parenting was new to him with (Y/N). It was easy to take Eri in after having raised (Y/N) when she was that age, but he had never been a parent to a teenager. Maybe he was expecting too much from her. He thought he was lucky and she skipped over the teenage angst years where she would start to hate him and want to rebel. Maybe secrets was just something they have now.
Either way, it was extremely exhausting.
He wanted to be able to be the laid-back father who simply accepted this new chapter of life and be able to continue with his own, but now he felt like an overbearing mother, secretly looking for her face in the hallway. Looking for what boys were looking at her, which ones could have written her the note. 
He pinched the bridge of his nose, he needed a nap.
Tumblr media
I wanna lay next to you and listen to the beat of your heart. I wanna close my eyes and fall asleep in your arms. I wanna feel you and just forget the world.
There had been a second love letter.
He was about to leave his classroom when he noticed (Y/N) leaving class late and alone with another pink paper in her hand. He hid and stared at the crack between the door, and watched as she carefully left down the hallway, hiding the paper in her bag. So whoever was leaving this letters was putting them in her bag rather than her shoe locker. Which meant it had to be someone with access to the classroom and it had to be between lunch and when school ends for her to only be putting it away now.
He was definitely wasting too much of his analytical and observation skills on this. But that wouldn’t be his biggest crime of the night.
`When he got home before he would have to leave for patrol, while she was playing with Eri in her bedroom, he took the chance to sneak into (Y/N)’s room.
Aizawa walked over to her desk again, looking around but it wasn’t where he had found the note innocently sitting out for him to see days prior. That should have been enough for him to leave. It was none of his business what the letter said. The first time he defended himself with her own thoughtlessness leaving notes lying around for anyone else to read.
But now he was rummaging through her school bag quickly, looking over his shoulder to make sure he wasn’t caught in the act. He doesn’t think he would ever live down the embarrassment of being the type of person who acted so crazily over a love letter. That and (Y/N) would never trust him again.
Soon he found the letter and read it in detail.
He felt himself shudder at the words. While their was nothing particularly explicit about them, he wanted choke out whoever sent this to his daughter. He supposed someone could find it romantic to know someone was pining after them with such poetic and vulnerable language, it just Aizawa homicidal.
Perhaps he was getting too worked up over these love letters. But there was no going back, he had already overstepped one boundary when read the first letter, then with telling his co-workers who kept talking about potential romantic interests for (Y/N), and now a big one when he started snooping through her private belongings. What was wrong with him?
Doing his best to return everything into it’s proper place, he quickly took a picture of the letter and the handwriting present. If Midnight was right and it had been one of his students who that letter, than their handwriting would match. 
Aizawa quickly slipped out of the room and walked over to Eri’s, where (Y/N) was seated on the floor playing dolls with his adoptive sister. Memories flooded back to when he first got (Y/N) and he tried overcompensating for his lackluster parenting skills with dolls and other girly items. In the end, she enjoyed the cat plushie he had first bought her more, and still keeps it on her bed to this day.
“You heading out already, dad?” (Y/N) asked, looking up from the small girl to her father who was watching them with uncharacteristically wistful eyes.
Snapping back to reality, he nodded while walking over and bending his knees to pat the tops of both (Y/N) and Eri’s heads. “Ten more minutes of play and then it’s off to bed with the both of you. I hope you did your homework, (Y/N).”
“Always do,” she beamed.
As he moved to leave the room, he paused at the door frame before turning back to look at his daughter who was back to looking at the doll in her hand while Eri was giving a little wave goodbye. Another flash to her younger figure holding a doll in their first home. “Did anything interesting happen today, anything you want to talk about?” He asked again.
(Y/N) turned and met his gaze with a stoic expression, but something in her eyes looked like she was pondering her response. “No, not really.”
“Okay then.”
The next day in class, while the class was talking amongst themselves before homeroom began, Aizawa found himself glaring at them. Unlike the usual glaring he gave them to be quiet, this time he was looking around the room at all their faces and trying to come up with a list of potential culprits. 
It was easy to eliminate some characters from who could have sent the letters. The spelling was too good to be Kaminari, too sweet for Bakugo, too emotionally vulnerable for Todoroki, too bold for Midoriya, penmanship too good for Kirishima, too innocent for Mineta, not straightforward enough for Iida, and too lacking in sparkles for Aoyama. Slowly one by one he started creating a hierarchy of most likely to least likely, but only the comparison would show.
His most likely became a strange list, with Tokoyami becoming one of the most likely due to his more poetic nature compared to the rest of the class. 
Once homeroom was over, he left to find the files from their midterms and compared each student to the handwriting from the second letter.
“ERASER HOW YO~! WHAT ARE YOU DOING?!” Yamada screamed as he entered the office, earning a glare from Aizawa before he quickly lowered his head and continued to examine the papers and his phone.
“What does it look like I’m doing?” He barked.
“Having a third-life crisis,” he responded, walking over to see exactly what he was doing, which did not make the situation any better. 
Someone who didn’t know Aizawa or the situation would assume he was stealing test answers or intellectual property of the students, instead of a desperate father trying to intercede in his daughter’s love life. Which was either worse or better depending on the person. To Present Mic, it was hilarious.
“Are you really getting this worked up over a note?”
“...there was a second.”
“A SECOND! LEMME SEE!” he demanded, reaching out for the phone, which he managed to snatch away quickly. 
While he was the cool uncle to (Y/N) since she was a little girl and she had been long coming to him as a second parent, he didn’t have any problem getting in the middle of this. Hell, he had been her advocate during Aizawa’s continuous descent into madness over the little pink paper. 
He started to laugh, “whoever wrote this was bold and smooth. If I got a note from someone in high school like this, I would’ve been theirs in a second.”
“Not helping,” Aizawa sniped, taking back the phone to continue.
“Not trying to,” Yamada retorted, “I want no part of this obsessive behavior unless it’s watching and making commentary, because you are losing it and it’s actually cute to watch you get so worked up like this.”
Aizawa growled in response as he looked at the final paper. 
Not a single match.
And for the first time ever Hizashi Yamada was right. 
Whoever was (Y/N)’s secret admirer had to be in Class 1B. He guessed that made sense, seeing someone everyday and developing feelings for them gradually over time. But it would make it even harder to know which boy it could be. Unlike his class, he couldn’t check all their handwriting and he didn’t know them enough personally to make an educated guess about the admirer...
Suddenly his mind was racing with ways he could convince Vlad King to give him access to any written fills on his class, just enough writing from each student he could analyze their handwriting. Perhaps bump into him when he was holding his paperwork, and when he dropped it, he would switch it out with fakes. Or have someone or something distract him while he goes through the papers on his desk, Mic could be a good distraction, he never shuts up. 
Then he realized he was scheming on how to out a teenagers crush.
Yamada was right twice now, he was getting too obsessed over these letters. This must have been the end of the world or he really was crazy.
“How come you never write me letters like this?” Yamada asked.
He glared at him, closing the file and putting it away.
“Whoever wrote this isn’t just feeling puppy love or good fashioned teen hormonal horniness, this is full on mature infatuation,” Yamada commented.
Aizawa clenched his jaw and began grinding his teeth, activating his quirk out of frustration hoping to silence Yamada. “Really...not...helping...”
“Look on the bright side, whoever wrote this isn’t some shallow guy who only likes her because she’s pretty and is going to break her heart after a few days or when the next pretty girl comes along. Maybe this is going to be something great for (Y/N),” he explained, getting awfully sage in his tone as he continued. Even Aizawa was actually interested in what he had to say.
“Since when did you start making good points?” Aizawa groaned.
“I know, right?!” Yamada gleefully enthused, seeming surprised as well. “Usually you’re the one whose in the right. I guess when you started acting like the crazy one, I had to become the rational one to balance it out.”
“Well thanks for the advice,” Aizawa stoically nodded, leaving the office, residual shame at his actions was still clouding him as he pondered climbing back into his sleeping bag between classes.
Tumblr media
I want you to be mine. Selfishly, thoughtlessly, mine. Because how can you be just friends with someone who you want to kiss all the time?
(Y/N)’s grip tightened on the third letter she had received, it was after lunch and she had been busy in the cafeteria with Kendo, Kodai, and Pony. The previous days she had tried to eat in her classroom to see who was putting these notes in her desk, but whenever she tried, there would never be anyone coming to the classroom. So she decided to wait until the letter was already there.
Looking down at this latest desk, covertly reading it while they had a mathematics class, she found her face turning bright red. It was the most straightforward in a progressively more bold love letters. However she found herself increasingly endeared to them. This one had her feeling a bit giddy.
However not as giddy as she felt when she flipped the note over.
Meet me on the roof after school is over.
Stuffing the note into the back of her book, she struggled to hide how bashful she was for the rest of the class, being easily distracted and flustered whenever someone spoke to her. All she could do was wait for school to be over so she could run up to the roof and meet with her secret admirer.
She didn’t know what she was expecting. She knew what she was hoping for once she stepped onto the roof. She had dreamed about it for a while, and when she got the first letter she had fallen asleep to dreams of her crush being her admirer, but she didn’t want to get too worked up. But (Y/N) couldn’t help but be a bit hopeful when she was looking at the note.
She hadn’t shared the notes with anyone but Kendo. She was the class representative and like a big sister to the whole class, so she knew she was going to give her the best advice. Kendo was excited about the notes and they quickly started to rank which boys it could or couldn’t be.
Kendo’s first idea was Tetsutetsu because of how friendly he was to (Y/N), despite how friendly he always was- she knew it couldn’t be him because he clearly had a crush on Kendo that she was completely oblivious to. 
Awase, Kuroiro, Tsuburaba, and Honenuki were all names she had thrown around, but (Y/N) was unsure if she was close enough with any of them for them to have developed as intense as the ones present in the notes. 
That’s when the suggestion of Monoma came up. The two interacted regularly, he wasn’t exactly someone you could easily ignore. Mainly because he refused to let anyone. He was just intense enough to send these messages despite their friendship seeming only platonic. Hell, she might have even considered it if it didn’t mean she’d have to constantly hear him mock 1A because of her father. She already had to deal with that enough as his classmate.
Once the bell rang dismissing classes, she almost jumped out of her seat out of pure nerves. However she tried to do her best to compose herself. 
As she said goodbye to her friends and the classroom became more empty, she gave her secret admirer a minute or two to find their way to the roof and the hallways to clear out before she exited her class, the note flat against her chest.
“(Y/N),” a voice spoke up. She turned and saw her father.
“Oh. Hey, dad,” she greeted, rubbing the back of her head as she tried to hide the note behind her. However, he had clearly noticed it, but unbeknownst to her he knew it had to be another love letter from her secret admirer. However he did his best to compose himself after his little incident of insanity.
“Is everything okay?” he asked, “anything interesting happening?”
“No,” she dismissed, “why you ask?”
He exhaled, lowering his head a bit. “I don’t know, I just think the older you get the less you need me. Like you’re becoming completely independent. I’m just thinking about how in three years you’ll be an adult and I’ll just be the weird thirty-three year old guy you call once a year on Christmas.”
Her eyes widened and she bit her lip, what was getting into her father? What had she done that would give him that impression.
“Why are you acting so crazy, dad? I’m never going to be too old for you to be my dad,” she stated, conviction present in her voice and the note almost completely in the back of her mind now. “I’m not gonna lie and pretend like I’m not going to get more mature, and yeah we might not be as close as I was when I was five, but now we can look forward to other things.”
“Like what?” he asked.
“I don’t know,” she shrugged, “we can watch more mature films together to feel intellectual before switching back to Barbie and The Fairy Secret for the millionth time, or when I turn twenty we can have my first drink together, or when I get married you’ll walk me down the aisle and give me away.”
Aizawa couldn’t help but find himself grinning. He had never considered him as much of a parental figure before, but god did love his girls. And (Y/N) was actually breaking his heart with how sweet she was being. He walked over and pulled her into an embrace, she quickly wrapped her arms around him, careful to keep the note out of his view. 
“How did you get to be such a great kid?” he jokingly questioned.
She chuckled, “you did a moderately good job.”
He patted the back of her head, Aizawa felt like he was finally coming to terms with how much his daughter had grown up. He leaned down and placed a kiss to her forehead which made her giggle. “Okay, let’s head home.”
“Umm,” she mumbled, pulling away again, her grip tightening on the letter. Her mind was racing for a convincing lie. “I actually got to meet with a teacher about something first, but I’ll see you soon, promise it won’t take long.”
He had to stop himself from asking a follow-up question. He had a sneaking suspicion she was lying (because she sucked at lying) but he couldn’t call her out without admitting he had read her other notes and knew that whatever she was planning to do had something to do with this newest note. So he used all of his self control to force a smile for her and nodding.
“Okay,” he replied.
“See ya,” she announced, slowly walking down the hall while he watched.
Despite feeling a constriction in his heart over watching her leave with that love letter in her hand, every paternal instinct screaming at him to follow her and forbid her from dating boys while she was still living under his roof, but he wanted to put and end to these obsessive tendencies. Aizawa trusted his daughter’s judgement, she had become much wiser than he expected.
“WHY THE HELL ARE YOU JUST STANDING THERE! WE’VE GOT TO FOLLOW HER!” Mic screamed, causing Aizawa to turn and see his friend and Midnight having been watching the entire encounter. 
“I thought you told me to just let it be?” Aizawa countered.
“Yeah but now that your back to being rational, I have to be the dramatic one, we have to go and protect our baby before something happens!”
“What about you?”
“The chance to see a new romance blossom or what a young heart be crushed is too exhilarating to miss out of witnessing!” Midnight explained.
Before they knew it, they had followed (Y/N) in an almost too obvious manner that made Aizawa believe either she knew and said nothing or she was denser than a stone wall. Soon the three were all peeping through the open door on the roof of the UA building, with their heads stacked on top of each other to all get a peep. 
A crusty guy with a sleeping bag, a dominatrix, and a guy in full leather watching a teenage girl waiting for her secret admirer. If they didn’t know her this would have been creepy. Actually- it was still creepy.
And sad.
It made him feel old.
(Y/N) was looking around frantically, she knew she was a bit late after waiting for all her classmates to leave but then speaking with her dad unexpectedly but she hoped he didn’t think she wasn’t coming. Then the terrible thought that this had all been some prank on her came to mind. Who could be so cruel?
“I was afraid you weren’t going too show,” a voice spoke up, causing her head to jerk almost violently in anticipation. “I know the letters may have been a bit intense, I was scared I might have scared you away with how blunt they were.”
Shinso was rubbing the back of his neck as he walked over to (Y/N) who looked surprised. He felt a little embarrassed but relieved he hadn’t been stood up.
“I liked that about them, they were honest and kinda poetic,” she lightly smiled looking down at the pink sheet, a small blush spread across her cheeks, “it’s what made me hope they were from you.”
He smirked, “I meant every word I wrote. I was afraid I wouldn’t be able to get them out properly if I was looking you in the face. That something would come out wrong or I wouldn’t get the the point I was trying to make.” He moved closer, slowly closing the gap between them, and (Y/N) started to lean closer. “But I really do want to be with you, (Y/N), and I really want to kiss you.”
Shinso carefully lifted out his hand to touch her shoulder, feeling her lean into his touch and the smile across her face was all the indication he needed to lean down and close the distance between the two of them, placing a chaste kiss on her gentle lips. Pulling away after a few seconds.
(Y/N) quickly placed her hand on his cheek and pulled the purple-haired male back in for a more passionate lip-lock. She could feel Shinso smirk against her lips as he reciprocated the kiss, his grip on her shoulder strengthened as he moved it down her back to pull her into an embrace.
As they pulled away for more air this time, he rested his forehead on hers, enjoying how close he could be to her now after months of pining.
“You know Eraserhead, Present Mic, and Midnight are watching us?” He asked, looking past her head a bit to see the three watching from the door.
“Yeah, they don’t understand boundaries. You get used to it.”
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miriena · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Present Mic reminded me of another character 🤔 Had to make a screenshot redraw! (Plz look in the replies for a special update!!)
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revelryinthememes · 12 months ago
Aizawa: You want to explain to me why you just HAD to run back into the dorms? Which were on FIRE?
Izuku, covered in ash and holding 14 All Might action figures: Not really
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lemonssoda · a year ago
All Might: This is Midoriya, he is a young aspiring hero with rectitude and determination.
Sir Nighteye: This is Mirio, he is a noble hero with a goal to save others in need.
Aizawa: This is Shinso, I found him in the garbage.
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hairuko · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Shinsou ft. erasermic family! 💜🖤💛💙 Extra pages can be found on my Patreon!
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revelryinthememes · a year ago
All Might: So, what is Eri to you?
Aizawa: The reason I wake up every morning
All Might: ...that's adorable
Eri earlier that morning, barging into Aizawa's room, smacking pans together: WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP WAKE UP
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maya-lopezcrnos2 · 11 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Where’s the cat?
Creo que es correcto  “where’s cat?”, pero ya es tarde corregir, me duele la mano 
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