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#Show Yourself
Same ‘the voice’ anon here. Today my iPhone shuffled and played LiG, ITU and SY consecutively, and let me tell you, it was such a treat. In LiG, Elsa was someone who hadn’t used her voice/had to hide it for so long that in a moment that was supposed to be triumphant and liberating she flew into an abyss, lost. A lie. But in ITU and SY? Oh she soars. She’s found her voice (hah!) and this time she plunges into her truth. Found. And I thought I was proud of her growth before :,).

This message nearly dissolved me to tears. :,)

Finally- finally people see that Elsa’s real “Let It Go” is “Show Yourself”.

“Let It Go” changed my life. “Show Yourself” wouldn’t make sense without it, and now that we see her for who she truly is (and she can see herself now, too, and the beauty she possesses), both songs paint a colorful canvas of her testimony and story.

In LIG, she lets herself go - her dreams, her future, her life with Anna, her kingdom… hell, she even settles to live alone in that castle with no food (or furniture) and she’s willing to live in isolation. It’s not living. It’s just existing in another prison, but prettier and farther away from everything she knew and loved. Away from her home and her sister. She’s still broken.

In SY, she takes herself back and she finally sees her worth. She discovers that she’s allowed to dream, discover herself, her powers, her identity. She takes back all that was lost by facing her fears and her desire for adventure, unraveling the unknown, living a full life while taking risks, and she also unites Northuldra and Arendelle with Anna. She knows she’s also loved, and she’s connected to her family and her roots more than ever. She’s finally whole.

I’m proud of her. Some days, I listen to these songs and I still find myself brimming with joy and tears. I love her so much. I’m overwhelmed with pride, and this feeling will stay with me for a very long time. X

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The “Show Yourself” scene from Frozen 2 means a lot to me. When I first saw it in theaters, I almost cried. I came from an abusive household and I feel like there is no escape. I constantly receive manipulative and emotional abuse, but when I listened to “Show Yourself” and heard the line, “you are the one I’ve been waiting for, all of my life”, I realized I am the only one who can help myself escape from here, and I am my own hero. I have kept listening to “Show Yourself” constantly as it is a beautiful song and gives me a push to survive my days.

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