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Part 2 of the Winterprincess x Barbie Universe Series

Winterprincess in Swan Lake

“What is this place?”

“I haven’t seen very much. But I could show you Swan Lake”

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Comic! Yay!

However many youtube tutorials Bucky and Steve watched, they could never control their daughters ethnic hair. It takes Shuri personally assisting them with several “PUT THAT BRUSH DOWN YOU DONT DO THAT” conversations. Eventually, though, they’ll get the hang of it. Jane’s got years ahead of her anyway.

Let me know if you’d be interested in more comics or whatnot with my OCs Jane and Connor, I made another post about the pair if you’re interested too. :) Also open to an ask series so send away my friends!

There’ll be more Rogers-Barnes Household shenanigans in the future.

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☕ Opinion on all the Wakandans we know, all of them, including those that died in Lagos.

Opinion on Wakandans: general badasses. Wish it was a real country. Hope that the film’s existence gives real inspiration to the people of Africa that have access to the film.

Now in order from least important to most important (well in terms of plot), from the people I can find in the Wiki because I’ve only memorized how to spell the names of 6 Wakandans, and the name Erik doesn’t really count. (Erik’s a very very good name though).

The Wakandans that died in Lagos: 🎶 Those poor unfortunate souls / So sad, so true 🎶 It must be rough being a plot device.

Zuri, aka T'Challa’s uncle figure killed by Erik: Good guy. Died for what he believed in and his country. I admire his loyalty to T'Chaka and T'Challa. Was right to turn N'Jobu in to the king.

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Experiment - Part 6 (Platonic!Avengers x Hybrid!OFC)

Warnings: a bit of fluff, Kat gets angry, language


Originally posted by kaywils

Shuri and I talked for a little while then a loud beeping went off, “Ok, Kat, I need you to start looking for everyone. Do whatever you need to do to find Tony, Peter, Nat, Clint, Steve, Bucky, Sam, and T’Challa. Got it?” Wanda and Bruce decided to stay back and get dinner ready.

“Got it!” I grinned and held up my thumb. I stood still for a moment listening to the noises of the woods and taking in the smells. In less than a second I could hear the plates of Bucky’s arm ticking and whirling. As quietly as I could I stalked in his direction. I knew he’d be able to hear me coming as well as before I got too close I climbed up into the trees, leaping silently from branch to branch. I got to the tree Bucky was hiding behind and giggled looking down at him peak around the large oak.

My giggling made his head shoot up but I hid behind some branches and leaves, “Come on kitten. I heard you up there.” He stepped away from the coverage of the tree and I balanced out onto one of the limbs as his back was turned to me then let my body drop and land behind him with a soft thud.

“I found Bucky!” I jumped on him, making him let out a squeak of surprise.

“The arm gave me away didn’t it?” He chuckled as I slid off.

“Mmhmm,” I hummed, “Very loud.” I nodded and knocked my knuckles against it, making the man shake his head with a smile on his face.

“Who ya going after now?”

“Tony tummy thingy noisey too.” I whispered pointing in the direction it was coming from. “I saw Petey in trees but I’m not gonna let him know. He was swinging.”

“She is using the abilities of the others to help find them.” Shuri mumbled as her and Bucky followed me in the direction of where Tony could be heard. He was just casually leaning up against the side of a tree, playing on his phone. I motioned for Shuri and Bucky to stop and moved to where I would be coming at Tony from straight on. He still hadn’t noticed me even when I was a few feet away. I stood directly in front of him now where I could see the screen to his phone. He was playing some game, which made me pout.

“You said had no games!” I screeched, making him jump and fumble his phone.

“Holy shit kid!” He yelled, placing his hand over his heart. I crossed my arms over my chest and kept the pout. “We’re putting a bell on you.” I just huffed and turned away from him.

“I think you pissed her off Stark.” Bucky chuckled and I grumbled stomping off in search of my next target.

“It’s not a game. I’m making repairs to the suits. I haven’t gotten down to the lab lately and I’m doing it remotely.” Tony explained with a groan but I ignored him.

I paused in the middle of a little clearing trying to listen for any familiar noises of anyone else. However, I couldn’t hear over Tony’s and Bucky’s griping. I let out a loud snarl escape from my lips and my tails flicked back and forth. The two of them immediately shut up.

I was able to focus on the sounds again and let my ears twist around in all directions. I felt the wind change directions and with it flowed a familiar scent. I whipped my body in that direction and took off after the scent. She was also running, no doubt able to hear me following behind. I was quickly catching up though.

I skidded to a stop as the scent grew heavy. She was staying in one spot. Aggravated noises rumbled in my chest. I couldn’t place where she was. She moved quietly but it was like before I caught up to her she had run in circles to throw my nose off.

“Nat,” I whined, stomping my foot. “Not fair!”

I heard her melodic laugh as she dropped down from a nearby tree and came forward wrapping me in a hug. I hugged back and buried my head in her chest, wrapping my tail around her leg, “You did so good, Kotyonok.” She whispered, kissing my curls, “Who else have you found?”

“Bucky and Tony.” I grumbled the later, “Both loud. Sammy is everywhere. Always singing. Petey is swinging through the trees watching but he doesn’t know I know.” I whispered and giggled.

“So you still have to find Steve, Clint, T’Challa, and technically have to nail Sam down.” Nat hummed, “Honestly the hardest one to find will be T’Challa. Shuri made these noise reduction shoes. Buuuut, I may or may not know of a hideout Clint likes to use.”

My head perked up and we met up with Tony, Bucky, and Shuri. Nat informed them that I could hear Sam from everywhere. As they were talking a shadow of a small bird zoomed across the forest floor, catching my attention. The bird shadow was making loops and was darting into shadows to disappear then reappear out of a different shadow. The same aggravated noises I made earlier escaped and I snuck up on the shadow as it came to hold still. I was about to attack when the stupid thing moved again!

Instead I attacked a fallen tree limb, scratching at it with my claws and holding onto it with my teeth. I heard a whirring sound and looked up and saw a small red bird plane thing. It was swaying side to side like it was dancing. My eyes locked onto it. I rose up from my tree limb readying myself to pounce.

“Don’t even think about it sweetheart.” Sam’s voice came from the bird.

“Sam?” I cocked my head at the head at the bird, moving closer, “Can fit in tiny plane?”

“Not really,” he laughed, “His name is Red Wing. He’s my sidekick. Can see things I can’t get my eyes on.”

“But where you?” I asked then heard metal flapping and a thud behind me. I spun around and Sam was wearing large metal wings. “Sam can fly!” I ran over to touch his wings.

“Hey I found you before you found me sweetcheeks.” He laughed as I played with his wings.

“Nuh uh,” I shook my head.

“Yeah I did. That was Red Wing you were chasing.” He crossed his arms over his chest.


“No,” I shook my head and matched his stance.

“She’s right Wilson.” Bucky laughed.

“She could hear you all around just couldn’t place you.” Nat agreed, cleaning some dirt off my face.

“Prove it.” He challenged.

“Oh yes wait a minute Mr Postman. Waaaaaait mr postman.” You mimicked the singing he had done earlier. “Ooooooooh, baby love, my baby, I need ya, oh how I need ya. But all ya do is treat me bad.” You mimicked another song he was singing when I had found Bucky.

“Really Sam?” Tony looked at him, “The Marvelettes and the Supremes?”

“They’ve both been stuck in my head.” He said with a simple shrug, “But alright you win this time.”

“Can find Clint now?” I turned to look at Nat, who gave me a soft smile.

“Let’s go kitty kat.” She and held out her hand. I grasped onto her hand and we ran forward ahead of everyone. I’m not sure how long we ran for but we soon came to this little cabin. “This is Clint’s favorite place to hide out. He’s definitely going to be in there.” She whispered softly.

The closer we got to the cabin the more I could hear the soft sounds coming from the things Clint keeps in his ears. The two of us snuck up and peered inside one of the windows and saw Clint sitting on the couch playing on his phone. From where we were we could see that his ear things were sitting on the table beside him.

“He won’t be able to hear you sneaking in. You’d be able to scare him really well.” Nat said, still speaking softly.

“Why can’t hear?” My eyebrows scrunched at the question.

“Maybe we’ll tell you the story another time.” She smiled like she was remembering something.

I nodded and lifted myself over the windowsill, slowly walking up behind the man. His head stayed down the entire time, not looking up at all. I looked back at Nat and saw that the rest of the team had gathered around and Sam held his phone up to record with Shuri recording once again as well. Once at the back of the couch I looked over Clint’s shoulder and saw him playing a game and pouted. He said he didn’t have any games either. I huffed and tapped on his shoulder making him let out the loudest, most feminine scream ever. Everyone at the window started laughing loudly.

“GOD DAMMIT! WHAT THE FUCK WAS THAT?!” He yelled. He grabbed his ear things and put them back in, “When the fuck did you get in here?”

“LANGUAGE!” The team yelled from the window.

“Clint has games.” I crossed my arms, growling deep in my chest, “Petey said liars pants get fired.”

“My pants aren’t gonna catch fire.” He held out his phone, “But here, have at it kiddo.” I squealed and took his phone, taking over the game he was playing.

“All that’s left is Steve and T’Challa.”

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Okay but what about an Aladdin-esque (I guess?) type fanfic where Peter Parker and Shuri are dating and for whatever reason (I don’t know I didn’t think this far ahead) Shuri is going to become the queen of Wakanda but because Peter isn’t Wakandan, the elders don’t want it and kind of forbid it but something happens (again, haven’t thought that far ahead) and Peter ends up helping Shuri save Wakanda or something, proving his worth, and the whole “stop, Parker, the Queen of Wakanda commands it”

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