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#SiX the Musical

Kat: Anne told me if I lay on my stomach when I sleep I can’t breathe as much

Catalina: But it’s like if you lay on your back your sternum digs into you

Kat, nodding: And if you lay on your side your ribs dig into you

Kat and Catalina just staring at each other

Cut to the two of them laying face down on the floor asleep

(I have this problem, think it’s cuz of my eds/hsd and bones being weird but idk)

(also yeah anne less of a “gremlin” in my stuff half the time)

(yeah I thought of this around 1am last night when I was laying in bed waiting to fall asleep)

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so in my attempt to escape my responsibilities i’ve found myself in a deep youtube hole of bondi rescue videos so clearly a six lifeguard au is in order.

the aus cast is the obvious choice but i think the west end cast lifeguarding at a swimming pool could be fun as well.

catalina and jane would be senior lifeguards, and anna i think would be close to that position. cathy and anne would be newbies but not in training, they’ve probably just gotten fully into the job. i think kitty would be just about to reach that spot, she’s new but close to completing her training. also, not that i’ve ever written for the liw, but they would definitely be clubbies (volunteer lifeguards).

i have no clue what the plot would even be but just indulge me in this.

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Okay but imagine

The Sander sides


The six queens


Roman as Katherine of Aragon

Remus as Anne Boleyn

Patton as Jane

Janus as Anna of Cleves

Virgil as Kathrine Howard


Logan as Cathrine Parr

That’s it that’s the whole post.

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Back at it again with the Six surveys. I’ve always really liked the idea of an all [blank role] cast, so let’s see what you guys think about em!

All Aragon cast survey

All Boleyn cast survey

All Seymour cast survey

All Cleves cast survey

All Howard cast survey

All Parr cast survey

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When you barely escape getting beheaded through your wits, but you are then reincarnated centuries later with two queens who preceded you who weren’t as lucky…..


☠️ R.I.P. ☠️

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Anna: Did you just walk away from Jane mid conversation?

Anne: What can I say? She was boring me to death, my survival instincts kicked in.

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Mary’s time!
Mary I/ Bloody Mary: 

Color: Orange

Meaning of the color:
The orange on Mary’s outfit represents the fire, where she burned a lot of people, but also represented warmth and enthusiasm, representing the first period of her reign.
Is also related to her dear mother, Catherine of Aragon, who wears yellow, and her step-mother Anna of Cleves, which she was close to, some saying that Anna was there when Mary went to get what was her by right.

Alternates that does cover her:
Aurelia, the golden alternate
Rosa, the tea rose alternate

Songs for her:
Bloody Mary- Lady Gaga 
you should see me in a crown- billie eilish

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*walks in*
What the hell are you doing here?
You know what, Kit? You might be right. We might actually have the worst luck of all time because I can't marry you if I'm in jail foR KILLING THIS BITCH!
Now look what you did, she's using profanity on her wedding day!
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Catalina was a proud queen. She felt she had a reputation to uphold as the first of six, and although she loved every single queen that lived with her, she felt like she had expectations placed on her. If you asked any of the other five, however, they’d tell you the opposite; she was her own person, and she was allowed to make mistakes.

The eldest took comfort in the fact that she didn’t have as much residual trauma as the others had (although that was a lie, and she often stayed awake at night praying a seemingly endless prayer to not let the others get sick of her and to not send her away), and like Jane, often helped the others when they had their bad moments.

But after a night of staying up late doing her (endless) prayers, Catalina just found herself so exhausted. It would have been her turn to make breakfast, always the early riser, but she found herself out of bed at nine in the morning. 

As she sat downstairs on the sofa, dazed and seeming rather upset, she felt warmth bloom in her chest as a cold plate was pressed into her hand (bacon, eggs, and toast lightly toasted to dip) with a cup of coffee placed on the table beside her. She was just so thankful for the women she called her family.

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yeah idk why they don’t just block me, like i’m literally one person. but that’s good to hear!

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[A DnD AU]

Bessie, a Bloodhunter: Don’t worry, guys! I got this!

Bessie: *slits open femoral artery and Fucking Dies*

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what would Cathy’s go to coffee order be? Black? Idk i don’t drink coffee

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happy birthday to izuka hoyle, who played catherine parr in the original off west end cast and original cast recording of six the musical!

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happy birthday to millie o’connell, who played anne boleyn in the original uk tour and original west end casts of six the musical!

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Do you even know WHY a groom couldn't see a bride before the wedding?
No. It dates back to arranged marriages. People thought that if the couple had time to see each other before the wedding, they would change their minds and bail on actually getting married.
That's not US, okay? Because you love me, and I love you. And no silly superstitions are gonna change that.
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I found this on YouTube and even though it’s not mine I just want to share it on Tumblr so they could get some love 

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Cathy, seeing Kit trying on her wedding dress
When I pictured my wedding day, I thought I would be the most beautiful woman there, but I was wrong. You will be. You look amazing.
Kit, panicking and grabbing a curtain to cover herself
Cathy, what are you doing here?! This is like the ultimate bad luck! A bride CANNOT see her bride before the ceremony! Why are you trying to sabotage this wedding!
You know what? This was all adorable, but now I'm putting my foot down. Do you even know WHY a groom couldn't see a bride before the wedding?
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