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#Sign of the Times
lt2comingsoon · 3 days ago
@ everyone attending love on tour pittsburgh tomorrow
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
make sure you have the lightcert app installed, or a colored piece of paper (for your section; you can find out what color your section is on the lightcert app) to participate in the light projects during FINE LINE and SIGN OF THE TIMES
i think it will be really special <3
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hldailyupdate · a month ago
428. Harry Styles, 'Sign of the Times' (2017)
When the One Direction heartthrob announced he was going solo, nobody quite expected his first single to be a sweeping, glammy piano ballad. Cut in all of three hours, “Sign of the Times” is full of falsetto verses, choral background vocals, and deep-focus guitar fuzz. “The song is written from a point of view as if a mother was giving birth to a child and there’s a complication,” Styles said. “The mother is told, ‘The child is fine, but you’re not going to make it.’ The mother has five minutes to tell the child, ‘Go forth and conquer.’”
Sign of the Times is ranked at No.428 on Rolling Stone's '500 Greatest Songs of All Time' list. (15 September 2021)
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finelinevogue · 2 months ago
Can you do one where Harry take his children and YN to one of his concert and their just dancing around singing along on stage with Harry.
i love this concept so much!! i kinda of wanna make it sad though soooo it’s gonna be harry’s final show :/ hope you enjoy;
oli - 29, felix - 27, belle - 24
The concert had been amazing, but unfortunately it was coming to its’ end now.
The final show.
That’s what Harry had decided to call it; a clever play on words with reference to his first ever solo single. The last 50 years had been a rollercoaster for Harry, from growing up just a kid in Cheshire, to going on the X Factor and winning the hearts of millions and from being in the most successful band of the decade to going solo and still being absolutely beloved. Times had changed, though. Harry had changed. He had a beautiful family of 3 now, excluding his wonderful wife. His children were his universe, no question about it, but they were getting older now - Harry was getting older. He was 50 this year and with that in mind he’d decided to retire. Retiring had involved a long conversation with you, along with a bottle of red wine, about whether it was the right decision or not. But it was - is.
You had suggested he put on one final, massive show, to celebrate his life and his achievements along with all that the fans have too. Tickets were open internationally and it was being streamed on various TV outlets for those who couldn’t attend. The tickets sold within 47 seconds. 47 seconds. It was being held in the Olympic Stadium in London, because it was Harry’s home and it held the most number of people he could genuinely allow.
The concert had started with ‘Fine Line’ songs, which merged into HS1 songs with a few One Direction songs as well. The entire set list had been composed by the fans with various polls on social media, with the concert supposedly lasting 2 hours (although with support artists and a few extra surprises it was more likely going to be 3!)
It had been beautiful so far. Magical. Unforgettable.
Every chance he got, without making it grossly obvious, he looked at you. He'd told you to stick your thumbs up at him every time he caught your eye, so he knew that you were okay - and every time, you did.
The concert was coming to an end now, which everyone was dreading. How could +30 years feel like it'd only been thirty minutes? You were devastated, so you could only imagine what his fans were thinking.
The end Kiwi, for the second time, strummed throughout the arena and you knew it was time for the final song. His final song.
"Mum, is this the end?" Belle asked you, from where she was standing next to you. You had been dancing together all night and gotten progressively more tired. Your feet hurt. Your throats burned. Yet, as always, it was so worth it.
"Yes, Belles, it is." You tell her, and she pouted sadly. "Dad won't want to see you sad love, okay? He can still sing to you before bed?" You teased her, reminding her of a time when Harry would do such a thing, not wanting her to be all sad. It was supposed to be a celebration, but even you could admit that is was pretty hard-hitting.
"Really mum?" She asked.
You booped her nose annoyingly, before answering. "Every night if you want him to."
The lights changed from their green tone, thanks to Kiwi, back to a bright, white light. It beamed on Harry, making him look even more like the angel that he is. He dragged his microphone back to the centre stage and took a deep breath for beginning a speech he'd told you he'd prepared.
"So this is it, my friends." He laughed sadly into the microphone. He brushed his hair back and took out his in-ears to hear the audience. They were all awwing and crying, but what else did you expect? Their favourite artist was retiring - who wouldn't be crying a river?
"I, um. I'd like to take a bit of time to thank certain people." He coughed, something he always did after performing Kiwi due to his asthma. You thought it was lovely that he'd planned a speech to thank his management and crew. They did so much work backstage and you definitely didn't think they got enough credit for their hard work.
"Okay. I've made a little list..." Harry pulled out a tiny bit of crumpled paper from his pocket. "Just in case I forget anyone." He joked to himself, but made everyone laugh anyways. "So I guess first off, I should start with you lovely people." He pointed around the whole stadium, showing he was talking about the fans. "What you have done for me is indescribable. I think to myself, everyday, am I worthy of even being here—"
"Yes!" An army of agreement echoed around the arena, making Harry stop, blush and smile to himself.
"Well thank you! Um. You have been the best fans ever, and I know you will continue to be. I know you don't owe me anything, but all I ask you to keep loving yourselves and treating people with kindness, because I know I can count on you lot to do that, for me." He sniffled at the end, making you bite your lip to prevent the tears from falling for you. He looked so vulnerable right now, but you knew he'd be feeling on top of the world.
"Jheez." He sniffles again. "That's one thank you down and i'm already crying." He looked to his band to share the joke with.
“Dad’s such a wuss.” Oli laughed, holding his arm around Beas waist, making the people around you chuckle in agreement.
“Shut up you - Mr-tears-in-your-eyes!” You pointed out, laughing as he flipped you the bird - which then got him a hit off his grandma Anne.
All of Harrys family and friends were here, in a special cornered off section. It was such a thoughtful thing for Harry to do. All his family, and a fair few of yours, were sat down along with Harrys closest friends. Everyone was sharing laughs and drinks, whilst using every inch of space to dance along to your husbands boastful music.
"Secondly, my touring family. From Jeff and Ben, to Sarah's Kitchen, Adam, Mitch, Sarah, Charlotte and Nyoh, not forgetting everyone backstage and behind the lights, music and cameras. You've all been the greatest. Everything you do is second to none. You're all talented, warm-hearted, people whom I will carry in my heart forever. Thank you." You noticed members of the crew and band starting to tear up now.
"Moving on to my boys. We've been through it all, lads, and I couldn't have asked for four better brothers than you all. Louis. Liam. Niall. Zayn. Thank you." Everyone cheered ten times louder, maybe because this was as close to a One Direction reunion as the fans were ever going to get, but definitely because Harry had mentioned Zayn. You saw a girl faint at the mere mention of all the boys in the same sentence. The boys lifted up their beers to Harry, stood close by to where you were standing.
"I guess I should say thank you to the women who made all this possible. Mum. Gem. Thank you for signing me up all those years ago. Thank you for believing in me. You've made me the - crap, sorry! - the man I am now and I love you both." Harry prayed to them both, whilst bowing, and swiftly wiped away the tears afterwards. Anne and Gemma, on the other hand, were proudly crying.
"Ol, Fix and Belles. You rascals make me get out of bed every morning and give me more of a purpose in life. You four give me so much joy and happiness. I love you all, even if you do drive me up the wall on an early Saturday morning! Thank you, my loves." You stood close to all your children, giving them the support they needed in this moment. Belle was crying against your chest, the ever-so-emotional woman she was. Felix was stood up, with Heather, with his drink raised to his dad. Oli was to your side, trying to remain cool and stoic, but you still caught the tears that ran down his face.
"Now." The audience calmed down again after awing over your babies. Harry cleared his throat before beginning again. "This evening keeps on reminding me of a very special person in my life. Someone who is my everything and that's my beautiful wife, Y/N." His words make your breath hitch in your throat. You never expected him to say anything about you. I mean, what had you done?
"Mum." Belle called out to you, in affirmation that this was real.
"She's more than just a wife. She's a lover. She's my muse. She's my best-fucking-friend, apologises for swearing but sue me. I was hesitant to let go of all this, at first. What would I do with myself now? You know? People tell me i'm 'happiest on stage', and for a time that was true. Until I met Y/N. She's made me realise that family makes me the happiest. She makes me the happiest." He jumped down off stage, taking the microphone with him. He ran his hands along the fans in the front row, but had no intention of stopping until he met you.
You felt Belle leaving your side, but you were too captivated by Harry to fully understand what was happening.
"So what am I going to do now, you ask? Well..." Harry cheekily smiled at you. "I'm going to make her the happiest woman alive, just as she makes me the happiest man." You began to cry again and the chorus of thousands of fans clapping and screaming surrounds you, only to all stop when his lips meet yours. He tasted like a combination of salty sweat and mint, but he was home. After a minute of crying, kissing and 'i love yous' , Harry ran back to the stage before Jeff could shoot him.
"Thank you all. All my love." He said whilst adjusting his microphone. "Please sing along if you know the words." He asked, full well knowing every single person will be screaming out the lyrics to him.
"Just stop you're crying it's the sign of the times. Welcome to the final show. Hope you're wearing your best clothes."
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havin-a-wee · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
here is all of my writings that i have published on this account!
requests/questions/chat with me
my fic rec account
all time favorite fics
* indicates smut
Tumblr media
➯ Y/N starts grinding on Harry in his sleep.
A Lifetime Of You
➯ Being in love can be hard, especially when you're in love with your best friend. Who is engaged to someone else.
Doctors Orders*
➯ Y/N has her first appointment with her new gynecologist, Dr. Styles.
Doctor's Orders Part 2 - Appointment*
➯ Y/N is eager to follow Dr. Styles' orders.
Every Little Thing
➯ Y/N is feeling insecure after her pregnancy.
If Only She Knew*
➯ Ella Styles has never liked Y/N. But, her dad Harry happens to have the opposite opinion.
Stars Align
➯ A mysterious stranger in an unfamiliar city. What could go wrong?
Tumblr media
➯ Harry and Y/N go for a late night swim
Tiger Tattoo*
➯ Riding Harry's thigh
➯ When Y/N gets turned on by the movie she's watching with her best friend Harry, he is more than happy to help.
Red Handed*
➯ Zayn catches Harry and Y/N in a compromising position, but it turns out to be a blessing rather than a curse.
Rule Of Three*
➯ PWP Narry threesome
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lovecrumbss · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
☁️ sign of the times ft. vincent van gogh (wheat field with cypresses) ☁️
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ladychlo · 5 months ago
Harry X Concept of the Ocean :
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
There is an ocean of silence between us… and I am drowning in it.
Ranata Suzuki
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angeldoveyt · a month ago
Team Free Will | Sign of The Times  Edited by Alienated
Stop what you’re doing and watch this glorious masterpiece!! Say hi too to let them know where you’ve come from :D Season 15 final episode has been used, it literally took my breath away!
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hldailyupdate · a month ago
Tumblr media
The ‘Sign of the Times’ music video has reached 850 MILLION views on YouTube! (24 August 2021)
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anonymous-91 · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Okay so I went to Joann’s today and I parked next to this car that had these Harry Styles air freshener things. The owner of the car came back and it was an OLD MAN 🥺😭❤️
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bluewinnerangel · 2 months ago
I don't even know if this makes sense or is even possible with the timelines. It's just something I thought of a little while back. I don't feel comfortable not asking this anon bc I feel bad, and after reading your esny analysis, I think you'll understand in some way what I mean. Only read/share if you feel comfortable with it.
I never thought Harry's sott explanation about the mother in childbirth was wrong like it makes sense even if it's more about human rights and or Harry/Louis and or closeting/in general. Of course, idk for sure, these are just guesses, but it could be multiple things. I believe it's too vague not to hold at least several meanings or povs.
If the story is true to its word: The way I see it, I notice some people readily look over the childbirth story, saying 'it makes no sense,' but the mother could be thinking about all these things how life will treat her child. It can easily coincide with fundamentals, "Equal rights for everyone, all races, sexes, everything."
Now, if the story isn't true, that also works. The mother and the situation doesn't have to be derived from something exact for the song meaning to have the same value. It could be yet another emotional way to creatively explain what the song is about or how it feels.
The point I'm trying to reach is that I thought about something but didn't add it to my analysis because I wanted to focus on the song more at the time.
That something scenario is a ( far far far ) reach: What if Harry visiting Louis in the hospital to see Louis' mother and support him through that dark time pushed this song on the path it went. (not that it's not already such an emotional song with the other meanings, and it's important to note it has five other writers on it)
If that is somehow even remotely, then here are two ways I see it that can go together or separate.
- L&H have that motherly reminder from her in some way
- In general, being in a hospital (at any point) makes people think about life and how life is fragile. In one part of the hospital, people are broken-hearted and will never be the same, and in another part are overjoyed with new life.
Hope you don't mind me linking your analysis since you mentioned it. We write in quite different ways so it took me a while to answer this, but I like that you're nuanced with these things.
Sign of the Times reminds me of (dare I say might be one of the inspirations behind the song even) Champagne Supernova by Oasis (and that's thanks to Louis barging in with this insanity <3), where Noel (who wrote it by himself) has said the lyrics take on different meanings to him depending on his mood. Which is what I think Sign of the Times was meant to do from the start for Harry himself as well, that it's written to have these lines in there he can take in / sing that can give him comfort, that it's purposefully broad, his grand debut, that would forever resonate with him for many reasons.
That said, the "written from the POV of a mother having 5 minutes to tell their child to go forth and conquer" just feels like an afterthought to me. And it's a well thought out one of course, he's not and never will say total nonsense because if he's gonna clarify something it shouldn't bring up more questions right? So it does have some sense to it -> "stop your crying" works as a mother sushing a baby, then the "on your way to the sky" feel like someone who is passing away at that moment, followed by "you look pretty good down here, but you ain't really good" are looking at ~someone~ for the last time with some motherly wisdom. I'm not saying it "makes no sense", but it pretty much ends there. The rest of the lyrics feel like a reach trying to read it like that. It also feels like he was crafting up a bit of a storyline there for his album, with "I'm having your baby, it's none of your business" being another pregnant lady.
And even if it's not an afterthought, I still feel he had a main issue in mind writing this song and it wasn't that. There's a very personal pain in here "why are we always fucking running from the bullets", for a mother dying, from a someone dying or a mothers POV it's a lot of "we" as a unit with a lot of future perspective of said unit, hoping to get out of a current situation together.
What I take away from SOTT is him being stuck in lies, in this endless loop of pretending to be something he's not. Stuck, in his closet. Because of lines like:
"welcome to the final show, I hope you're wearing your best clothes" - both him putting on a show and clothes go in a CuPbOarD bro
"we gotta get away from here" - wants to escape his current situation, and has hope there is an away for "we", you know? (I'm aware "we" as a society works, and I do think he wrote it in such a way that holds up as well)
"it'll be alright, they told me that the end is near" - so there's this mortality sprinkle to it right, and it works and it's soothing and all, but, the context it's in is that it will be alright because the end is near, like the current situation is fucked up but we'll be alright when we'll escape it. We gotta get away, we gotta see this shit end.
"We don't talk enough, We should open up, Before it's all too much Will we ever learn? We've been here before, It's just what we know" - I can hear you, howlin' 'til your lungs hurt, So let this be your comfort You're not the only one, no, In a strange way, all in this together, Been this way forever, you're not the only one, Nothing is original, there's nothing left to say, You won't be the first or be the last to bleed, it's a copy of a copy of a copy (Sorry but to me Louis really said "you guys aren't getting it" with COAC. It's not that I want to relate everything one does to the other, it's just that Louis comes in shaking everyones shoulders yelling it all into our faces. There comes a time when his man takes your hand and says, "Can't you see?" asdjkashdkajs). This to me is literal. They don't talk to the public, they're not open, it's getting too much, they don't know any better because they've always been stuck in this shit. He wants to get out. He wants to be open actually open come out all that. He's just fed up with all the lies and putting on a show. Which really really fking hurts seeing this song is 4 years old by now. The "we" isn't necessarily our dear bropals tho, I think it's bigger than that ( @ COAC) it can be all the people like him in the same situation, whether that's limited to all of 1D, those he's encountered in the same situation, a general being queer in garbage society and/or musicians in garbage music industry, or, you know, "we" is only himself [thinking of "She"])
(repeating myself) It's obviously open to interpretation, and it's meant like that, with most songs it's meant to be like that, that's the whole beauty of music, it's meant to soothe whoever needs it and for this song specifically that's including himself, including in the context of grief and it's endlessly relevant to everything. Just like them other Sign O' the Times'. But when I say I think he was lying his ass off with it being about the mother thing I mean I don't think he wrote it with that as the main perspective, that it's not the main spark that brought this work into existence. But I agree it's possible the path it ended up taking, the theme of mortality it's clearly got going on and all, might be a reflection of the uncertainties regarding Louis' mom at the time.
And in terms of timeline since you said you didn't know if it made sense: Louis got the bad news in May 2016 and she passed away in December 2016. Harry wrote most of his HS1 in Jamaica in September 2016 (we know of at least MMITH and Kiwi being worked out somewhere before May 2016 already (because of ~LHH and the whiteboard~)), and the album being pretty much finished in February 2017. Hope that clears some stuff up.
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the-gone-ton · 27 days ago
Tumblr media
"In the world of retail, Sears ceased being a factor four or five years ago. You cared about it if you had it in your [shopping] center. Other than that, nobody cares. Why would you care?"
-Nick Egelanian, retail analyst
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your-heart-is-a-treasure · 3 months ago
Time - the most precious thing we have.
1. We need to live mindful of how brief our life is - there is but a step between us and death.
2. Most of us spend our lives as if we had another one in the bank - the highest value of time is found in the stewardship of time.
3. The most important thing in our lives is what we are doing now - wasted time means wasted lives.
4. Know the true value of time - no idleness, no laziness, no procrastination, never put off till tomorrow what you can do today.
5. Time is a very precious gift of God - so precious that it's given to us moment by moment.
6. As every thread of gold is valuable, so is every moment of time - spend it wisely.
7. Dollars cannot buy yesterday, lost time is never found - time is the most valuable thing a man can spend.
8. Time is the substance of life - when anyone asks you to give your time, they are really asking for a chunk of your life.
9. Don't be fooled by the calendar. There are only as many days in the year as you make use of - one man gets only a week's value out of a year while another man gets a full year's value out of a week.
10. Have a time and place for everything, and do everything in its time and place, and you will not only accomplish more, but have far more leisure than those who are always hurrying.
11. The one who dares to waste one hour of life has not discovered the value of life.
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