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Parallels of Arcane (League of Legends) - Part 2
Part 1
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i will never recover from arcane i have accepted it
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Silco and Secret Ingredient!Reader take edibles she made. that’s it, send tweet
Warnings: Drug use, eye needling, some sexual mentions at the end but this is not smut [maybe later]
You stood in the kitchen, armed with your protective mitts as you stared down the oven. You glanced at the timer you had set, you had given it an extra two minutes to give you time to open the oven without going off. You did not want to wake up Jinx right now. If she even smelled the brownies, and you couldn’t give her any, you’d be met with tears. 
Gingerly you opened the oven. The brownies looked even and baked through. You pulled them out and turned off the timer. You gave it a small test with a fork, and smiled. Done. 
You had to let them rest next, and then after a few more minutes of waiting, you carefully transferred them to a wire rack. 
You then cleaned up all of the mess, and made sure to get rid of the small paper wrapping Silco had given you the weed in. 
It still felt a bit odd. You were baking weed brownies for the intention for both you and Silco to eat. It had started to become a bit of a thing a few weeks ago, when he found out you had baked them. He had thrown a small fit, demanded to know where you stashed them (once cooled, you’d place them in a frozen vegetable bag and tuck it into the back of the freezer. A quick reheat and they were ready to go), and then when you returned to your stash a few days later, you found two pieces missing. 
And now he had given you the weed to bake a new batch with. Along with paying to make sure you had all the ingredients to make the brownies. 
Once they were cooled, you took the brownies and cut them into as equal slices as you could. You saved a corner piece for Silco, and took the middle for yourself. Placing them both on a plate, before quickly hiding the rest in the frozen vegetable bag, and tucking it away. Once you were sure there was not a speck of anything out of place in the kitchen, you headed upstairs. 
The club was starting to wind down now, it must’ve been around 3 or maybe 4 in the morning. You and Jinx were now on Silco’s schedule, waking up at around 2pm most days, sometimes a bit earlier. Since Jinx was ten, she needed a lot more sleep than you did. 
You mentioned to Chuck to bring up some food to Silco’s office in around 2 hours, knowing he usually wanted to eat before he got knocked on his ass. 
That was one of the reasons you hadn’t minded doing this with Silco. He would conk out within a few hours, and you weren’t far behind. You knew he was tired a lot of the time, sometimes staying up late where sleep was more of a nap. Helping him sleep was the least you could do, considering he provided for your every need, and had given you a wonderful daughter. Even if he was still a bit of an dick on most days. 
You knocked once on the door, heard him call lightly for you to come in, and you entered. The chair faced away from you, as he looked over some paperwork on a clipboard. One hand resting on his forehead, fingers splayed out.
“Should I ask how the day has been?” You closed the door behind you, moving to the desk. He turned slightly, his lips upturning a little when he saw the plate. 
“No, you shouldn’t.” He eyed the two pieces, reaching out with an eager hand to the corner piece. Then bringing it forward and taking a bite. He looked over the reports as he chewed on the brownie and you moved over to the couch. 
You bit into your brownie, and mainly tasted chocolate. There was a bit of an aftertaste but it wasn’t as bad, especially as you bit down again. Once finished you placed the plate carefully onto the coffee table, and leaned back into the couch. A quick glance to the desk showed you Silco, licking off of his fingers, eyes still on the report. Your face still warmed from the sight, quickly moving to look at the ceiling. 
After a few moments, he turned in his chair. Clipboard set down on his desk, before he was opening a drawer. You watched as the needle was drawn out. He gave it a small tap, before standing. 
You shifted off of the couch, moving onto your knees on the side of it, letting him lean his head on the armrest as he settled down into the cushions. “I told Chuck to bring you something in a couple hours.” 
He thanked you with a nod of his head. You moved to hold the needle, cupping his face with your other hand. The skin is a bit warmer beneath your fingers. You position the metal as gently as you can against his face, and watched as he took in a breath. 
You clasped down on the needle, pulling it away after the few seconds it took to give him his medicine. His head lifted, gasping, both eyes staring up at the ceiling. The red temporarily purple, until it leaked down his cheek as a tear. 
You let him wipe it away with the back of his hand,moving your own to his hair. He tensed for a moment, before you began to gently run your fingers along his scalp. Then he began to melt into the couch, blue eye fluttering close and the red looked down towards his chin. 
It had become a bit of an unspoken ritual when you had started to do his eyeshots. You’d stay with him until he was relaxed, running your hands through his hair. Or along his face. 
After a little while, he shifted. He opened his eye and stared up at you. He tapped two fingers along the left side of his face. You stood wordlessly, removing your hands from his hair and moving to his desk. The second drawer to the left held his make up and the removers. You drew out the bottle of mineral oil and a cloth, before heading back to him. 
He hadn’t moved on the couch, looking far more relaxed than even the last time you had done this. You kneeled down next to him, eager to get this all off before your high set in. Despite that, you still moved the cloth carefully over his skin, especially near his eye. 
He only hummed a little as you moved so gently over his face.
Gray skin was revealed to you, and you had to suppress the very high urge to kiss it. Silco made you want to kiss him a lot of the time. 
You held yourself back, and deposited the cloth onto the coffee table. Everything there could be cleaned up tomorrow. You stood to put the mineral oil back at least, but long, slender fingers wrapped around your wrist. 
“Don’t go.” 
You peered down at him. Both eyes were staring up at you, his blue eye half lidded. A quick glance at the clock told you it had only been thirty minutes or so since you had come up. You gazed at him, attempting to make your face stern.“You didn’t eat today did you?” 
There was a small shake of the head, and you settled back down beside him on the floor. He smiled when you were close once more, not removing his hand from your wrist but lessening the grip. 
This was how it usually went. You both would sit, sometimes talk for a bit, until food arrived. Then you’d both head to bed. Separately. 
Thirty minutes later, neither of you had said a word in the comfortable silence, and you felt the familiar relaxation go through your body. Your eyes half lidded, as you looked about. It felt a bit nice to unwind. To let yourself relax. You probably could’ve fallen asleep with your head against the couch if left unattended for long enough. 
But then Silco moved, shifting until his feet were on the other armrest. You glanced over at him, and he moved to sit up. He let go of your wrist, gesturing a little to his spot. You were a bit too high to question it, as you settled yourself down in his spot. Then he placed his head in your lap.
And you could feel your face warming immediately. While Silco had only been re-doing this for a few weeks now, you had been doing it for years. Even with the amount of weed you took, you had a much higher, built up tolerance. 
It still didn't mean when you could both see and feel his head in your lap, looking so relaxed and happy, it didn't send a flash of heat to your core. He gave you a small smile, relaxed out of his mind and you raised a hand to play with his hair once more. Anytime you stopped the soothing motion, his hand would find yours, drawing you back into the motion. 
At least until he fell asleep. 
That was a bit new, but you supposed it's not too unusual. You just remained, relaxed and oddly taking turns to watch the empty ceiling and glancing down at him, his red eye moving frequently with REM sleep. The blue eye closed but twitching as he dreamed. 
You wondered what he was dreaming about. What kind of things his high brain was thinking of right now? 
You moved your hand along his hair still, not minding as he seemed to sink deeper into your lap. You found yourself unable to look away, catching everything. The slight turn of his lips, the way his lips parted to snore when his head tilted. The twitch of his fingers. 
The sound of the door opening had your head snap towards it. Chuck silently brought up a plate full of fries and another with some small sliders and chicken wings, not saying anything besides a quick glance between the two of you. Once Chuck was gone, you gently began to get Silco to wake. His blue eye blinked sleepily at you as you informed him the food was here. 
He made no effort to get up. “Silco.” You said, unable to keep any sternness in your voice with how you felt right now. 
“Feed me.” You rolled your eyes looking down at him. He looked back up at you, and you would’ve forgotten he was high from how serious he looked. Until you reached carefully over to grab the plate of fries first, and he smiled dopely up at you. That made your cheeks rush with heat. 
You hand fed him some fries, taking a handful for yourself. When his lips brushed over your fingers at one fry, you managed to ignore it. The second time, you pulled your hand back. Your face heated even more as you avoided his gaze.“Okay, up.” 
He frowned, but this time you managed to keep her voice a little more serious. And he shifted, moving to sit up. You ate the rest in silence. 
When he slumped against the back of the couch, you watched him. He leaned his arms over the back of the couch, fingers tracing at the stitch work while he stared ahead. You eyed his empty lap for a moment, before deciding to curl yourself and slid your head into it. 
His lap wasn’t as soft as the couch, and you could feel him tense when you laid your head down. “What are you doing?”
“Seeing if napping in a lap is better than the couch.” You shifted your head, and was surprised when his hand came down to your head. Gently his fingers ran over the edge of your scalp, avoiding your hair. The tender motions were making your eyes feel heavy. 
“You’re going to fall asleep like that.” He asked, the smirk easily heard in his voice. 
“You fell asleep in mine.” You reminded, laughter blooming in your chest. 
“That’s because your lap is-”
Then his hand paused with his words, and you gazed up at him. The smirk slowly fell off of his face while he stared back at you blankly. His legs shifted beneath your head, and you moved, sitting back up. “I’m going to head to bed.” He announced, standing up swiftly and moving to the stairs. 
You could only blink owlishly, as he left without even a goodnight. You left the plates before you headed back to your own room. 
There was a small pause, a small thought in the back of your head as you approached the door. You could remember his legs shifting, the way he had stared down at you in surprise. He hadn’t gotten - No, no. He couldn’t have. 
With that thought and series of images now burning in your mind, you stepped into your bedroom and decided to sleep off what was left of your high. Hoping it would stop all those new images and thoughts from invading your sober brain. 
(It didn’t.)
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Tumblr media
- Tragic portrait of Silco -
Feeling so much improvement in my color process recently ! So much motivation for the future pieces !
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This has probably been done before but I couldn't resist drawing this it just fits too well
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Spicy Sunday is upon us
Full version on my NSFW-twitter, minors DNI
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Helloooo there, sir~
May I ask who mussed up your hair & also can I do it next????? 👀👀👀
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Back Alley Deals (Silco/f!Reader)
@scariusaquarius said Silco fucks in that jacket and i said "hell yeah he do" and then i couldn't stop thinking of this scenario
Silco/f!Reader 2,220 Words - NSFW Public Sex technically, fingering, slight bloodplay, P in V, dirty talkin'
It never got any less satisfying, no matter the situation. The feeling of bones crunching beneath your knuckles, blood on your hands, and the groans of pain as you held the man by his collar and gave him one more clock to the temple to put him out for a good long time.
You dropped him heavily, stepping over the body to approach Silco instead, eyeing him quickly for injuries - he would have none, not with the precise and methodical way he’d dodged and weaved around his victim’s attacks. It didn’t happen often, he didn’t particularly enjoy getting his hands dirty quite like you did, but getting to see Silco in action was always a treat you’d savor on your tongue for as long as possible.
Silco was like art in motion - long limbs that he was always aware of, always knowing exactly where to position himself and where to position his knife. You looked down at the body he was squatting next to, taking note that every red spot denoted a strike from Silco, and every one of them had been methodical in its placement - a purpose. He’d been toying with him.
With his knife cleaned on the man’s jacket, he slid it back up his sleeve into the holster you knew he wore there beneath the sleeves of that jacket - pristine even after this mishap. You expected nothing less. Mismatched eyes flicked to you as he rose to his feet, quickly dwarfing you despite your non-diminutive stature.
Taking a steady breath, you asked, “Want them taken care of?”
“Leave them. It’ll be an example when their boss finds them. The audacity of this… Honestly, you’d think there was something in the water here.”
Silco didn’t wait for your reaction to his joke, instead turning on his heel and heading back the way the two of you’d entered not that long ago. You huffed in disbelief before stepping over the man on the floor and jogging after your boss. He walked with purpose, picking up the pace as you got closer and leaving you to struggle to follow him without continuing your jog.
“Can you slow down? I didn’t come out of that as unscathed as you,” You called after him, and that immediately gave him pause as he stopped to peer at you over his shoulder, red eye just barely visible over the collar of his jacket.
“Got me with a shank on my back somewhere,” You answered as you slowed to a walk as you got closer, “I’ll make it back to the bar-”
“Show me.”
You visibly flinched at his demand, both in confusion and surprise. His eyebrow rose impatiently, like he hadn’t asked you to essentially strip in a back alley - though you supposed you might be looking into this too far. Silco was likely only looking to judge the honesty of your words on your condition, to verify that you were more than capable of getting back without slowing him down.
With a muted sigh, you slipped your jacket off and dropped it on top of the lid of a nearby dumpster, then grabbed the back of your shirt over your shoulder with a hiss. Silco could likely see the red stain, hardening already from your blood, but you tugged it up with slow movements and creeping fingers to show him the neat red puncture at the back of your ribs, just below your shoulder blade.
You jolted in surprise as you felt his fingers at your back, still wearing his gloves but pushing into the sides of your wound to judge its depth. Silco’s voice was low and quiet at your back as he leaned too close for comfort.
“It’s not deep enough to damage. You’ll need stitches.”
“Ran will do it,” You confirmed, and with that you expected him to let you go. Not that he was holding you, but his mere presence had you frozen in place with how you could feel the lapels of his coat brushing against your bare spine. You relaxed your fingers to let the shirt slide back down your back, but it didn’t go anywhere.
Not with Silco’s hand grabbing the hem and keeping it raised more than needed to show him your injury. No, instead of letting you redress, he kept you indecent with your back bared and the side of your breast just within view. A breeze brushed along your spine, and its warmth told you that it was Silco’s breath as he exhaled over you.
“We should get back-” You started, but Silco interrupted you with a hum.
“You’re not dying. We’ve a moment to spare.”
And then those fingers were brushing against your skin in a way that was not methodical or professional. Gloved hands slid up your side and ribs before crossing to your front to cup your breast, chilled leather pressing into your skin as he squeezed it once. Your breath was stuttering as it left you, and Silco had to have felt the way your chest shuddered with your exhalation.
Fabric pressed against your back as he crowded you against the dumpster, the chilled metal pressing into your palms as you reached up to steady yourself against it. Silco was so close, lips at your ear as he spoke so quietly it could barely be considered a whisper.
“There’s a reason I don’t participate often. Take care of this, and you can have tomorrow off.”
And then you felt it - the hot and hard press of him against your lower back. It clicked in your mind exactly what those words meant, why Silco kept his distance and allowed others to handle things. Why he’d been intent to watch you break bones and kill in his name - because otherwise the result was this. Adrenaline fueled arousal that he’d been intent to handle on his own until you offered yourself up on a platter, albeit unintentionally.
What he didn’t know, and what you secretly thought to yourself as you reached a hand behind your back to grasp at him blindly, was you didn’t need to be bribed for this. Not when he’d been the object of your sexual fantasies for years. Especially not when this exact scenario had played behind your eyelids at night on many occasions.
“Good girl,” Silco’s voice nearly cooed at you as his chin settled against your uninjured shoulder, sighing in relief as your fingers found purchase against his clothed cock and squeezed, “I’ll even let you choose how you do it.”
Your words stalled in your throat as you stared forward, thinking if your true desires would be a good idea to voice right now. But… he did say for you to choose, and your choice had been made before he even broached the topic.
“Can I fuck you?”
Silco stilled, the slight rock of his hips against your hand stuttering to a stop before his voice groaned low, “Is that what you want? Me to take you against a dumpster?”
“We can do it in a bed if you want to wait, but I’ll be honest, boss… I’m not particularly picky with this one.”
Silco’s quiet laughter was of disbelief as his hand tightened around your breast, palm brushing across your nipple smoothly as the leather warmed from your skin, “Pants down. Be quick about it.”
Silco left you barely enough room to slip your pants down, the waistband sitting just low enough to leave you bare before him as you braced your forearms against the side of the dumpster. You fully expected him to be urgent and quick about this, but instead his gloved fingers spread you open to the chilled air.
“Wet already? You’re eager.”
“Have you seen yourself fight?” You asked him over your shoulder, taking in the way his eyes seemed transfixed on your pussy as his thumb shifted just enough to slide through your folds. You exhaled quickly at the sensation before finishing your thought, “How could I not be?”
Silco’s eyes flicked up to look at you, taking a moment to memorize the way your lip was pulled between your teeth before answering with the most sly smirk you’d ever witnessed.
“If I’d known that, I would have joined in a long time ago. I’ll keep that in mind.”
“Don’t torture me more than you need to.”
“Oh, I need to,” Silco promised just as his thumb slid into you, hooking forward to press against your g-spot immediately and without warning. You gasped, backing up at him instinctively, but he held you in place with a firm grip on your hips. Silco rubbed you for a moment longer, stimulating you to the point of whining, with your voice echoing off the walls of the alleyway.
“Quiet now, it would be a shame if we had to stop because you drew attention.”
Silco’s finger slipped out of you as he stood and worked at the buttons of his pants, each one snapping undone ominously to count down to him finally pressing his cock against your cunt, gliding through to gather your arousal before the head nudged against your entrance.
Silco didn’t give you any time to prepare while thrusting himself to the hilt in one go, sending you reeling and your nails scratching against the rusted metal of the dumpster he had you pressed against. Vaguely, you processed the sound of his appreciative groan of your name as he slid out and back in once more.
What you didn’t realize was that Silco was a talker. As he set a vicious rhythm, one hand came around your neck to brace himself as he leaned in to speak filth into your ear, seemingly egging himself on with every word. The trimming and buttons of his jacket were frigid against your heated skin.
“I can always count on you to do your best work for me, you’re… My favorite employee. You do everything I ask, even if it means getting fucked wherever I please, don’t you?”
Silco’s lips traveled from your ear to your shoulder, leaving a scattering of marks with his teeth and tongue that would surely leave welts shortly. You swallowed harshly around his hand, groaning as he hit a particularly good spot - Silco noticed, and seemed to focus in on that with a vengeance, fingers digging into your hip and neck as he fucked into you with increasingly lewd wet sounds.
You knew it was from you, considering he was fulfilling your number one fantasy without even trying, without even really knowing about it. Hell, he was right when he said you’d do what he asked - you’d probably have let him have any hole he wanted right now if he asked for it.
“You’re clenching around me,” Silco panted against your skin, dangerously close to the stinging wound on your shoulder. You tried to answer, to make sense of your quiet whines and moans from his treatment, but the words died on your lips as you felt the flat of his tongue press against your wound in long strokes.
You did it again, the sensation of it making your entire tremble with how good it felt. Silco’s thrust grew frantic as he tasted you, tasted your drying blood from your skin mixed with the sweat of exertion.
“S-Silco, I’m gonna-”
“Cum for me,” He interrupted, teeth brushing sharply against the puncture on your back, catching on the edges, “I’m going to cum inside you, and you’re going to keep it there. I want you to know who did this to you.”
Like you could forget, especially as you cried out your orgasm to the sky, his name the only coherent word as you followed his orders and squeezed around his cock in blinding pleasure. Silco followed almost immediately, the sensation of your orgasm pushing him into his own as he fucked his release into you, almost like he wanted to push it as far as it would go inside.
Silco’s sweat-slicked forehead was sticky against your back as he leaned on you, using your weak muscles for support just until he was able to breathe properly again. Then he was off you in seconds, tucking himself back into his pants and pulling yours up around your hips - kindly making you presentable once more and even going so far as to help you back into your jacket.
As you scrubbed your face with sweating hands and tried to fix your hair, you knew Silco was watching you with interested eyes as you mentally got yourself corrected. Even leaning against the wall, slightly disheveled and obviously fucked out, you couldn’t help but think he was handsome either way.
Then you smacked yourself for the thought, because you knew damn well this wasn’t going anywhere, and you weren’t some amateur that would catch feelings after a good dicking - even if it did come at the hands of your heartbreakingly gorgeous boss.
“We should get back.”
“We should,” Silco agreed, pushing off the wall with a foot before smoothing his hair back into place without a second thought, “Don’t forget you don’t have duties to attend to tomorrow.”
“Sure,” You said absently, turning a half step to lead the way down the alleyway, jamming your hands in your pockets to hide the way they shook. If he asked, it was from the cold.
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Tumblr media
Combining my two great loves
 - Silco and the art of Hans Holbein the Younger -
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skullywullypully · 13 hours ago
Baby Jinx scaring Silco every time she pops out of nowhere.
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
wip! i have no other explanation than that the brainrot remains strong and i’m willfully letting it happen
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Volatile: P5: Vaulting Ambition
info: "Years after they split up,  Silco, Vander and (Y/N) went in their separate directions. It's not until Silco informs (Y/N) that he was in need of the assistance of Their pyromaniacal tendencies and expertise to teach a child he had taken in. Reluctantly, They agree to help.
Once again, They have fallen in love with Silco."
Tumblr media
part 1 | part 2 | part 3 | part 4 | part 5
thanks for continuing to read this fic even if I make huge breaks between chapters ;-; it's a lot of work heheh. One of my close friends did offer to edit for me but I'm too much of a perfectionist and would still want to go through it in case i wanted to add anything else. i have 3 more chapters planned and perhaps some inbetweens if i feel like it/am given suggestions. all i can say is I'm hoping you enjoy this one and I'm so excited to start work on ch 6!! enjoy simps <3
warnings: gender-neutral reader, starts soft, turns to angst, negative self image/self doubt and self depreciation- reader having a negative mindset, mentions of death, mentions of police brutality, violence, knives, cliffhanger ending hahaha.... plz forgive me
When you arrived home from 'The Last Drop' you blinked in confusion as a courier set a parcel down in front of your door and rang the bell. Quickly moving to them, your keys jingling in hand, you let them know you lived there and took the box from them, bringing it into your home and locking your door behind you. Curiously, you set your bag down, hand skimming over your neatly written name and address on the brown paper wrapping it- in Silco's writing. You kneeled on the floor in front of your coffee table, tearing the paper apart and finding a smooth box inside, as well as your letter in neat handwriting. Silco's again.
I'll see you later today. Enjoy the gift. That's is all it said, and your eyes widened as you lifted the lid off the box, eyes scanning over the very fancy clothing inside. You pulled it out delicately, eyes darting over the article. It wasn't something that reminded you of Piltover's fashion; the patterns were neatly stitched together yet mismatched, but the red and black colour scheme with hints of gold along the seems and details stuck out to you. Silco's colours. You recoiled slightly, dropping it self-consciously back in the box and sitting back on your haunches.
What was this? Why was he giving you gifts, being so nice to you? It was very unlike him. He had told you he would get you anything you wanted and required- all you had asked him for so far was to help you with your job of educating Jinx: equipment once it got damaged from frequent use; chemical refills and top-ups; notebooks; metal and metal parts. Nothing personal.  Maybe this was his way of saying he was impatient in waiting for your request? Maybe he was subtly claiming you as his own...
What was this all for? Having your own feelings for him reciprocated this much was alien. And his dubious intentions muddled your mind even more.  It almost pushed you over the edge, made you want to cower away and hide from him. Millions of questions flooded your brain at once, but the main one that struck out was: Where in the stars was he going to take you?
You looked back at the clothing in the box that had been recklessly placed back. Gingerly, you reached a hand to stroke the material as if it were a skittish cat. Smooth, expensive, strange- unfamiliar. Should you just tell him you can't go tonight? Something else came up? You realised you had a project left unfinished that couldn't wait? You got distracted? The latter seemed more plausible but he'd likely just find you in your home and persuade you to follow him anyway. There really was no use in hiding.
To be true, you did want to see him today, but this outfit... He must have spent good money on it. It would be a shame if you never wore it... Would it even fit? How did he even know your measurements?  You should likely just give it back to him, if you end up going later today. Or at another time? Or not at all? Should you eat before you go- if you go? Oh stars, was it another restaurant? Would this one be full of people? Would they all stare at the two of you?  You didn't even know what you'd order. What if you picked something so foreign and disgusting you couldn't eat it and embarrass yourself? What if your nerves made you too anxious and nauseous to eat? Would he be concerned?
You felt the urge to just crumple to the floor and weep until you noticed another note that you missed. Perhaps it was hidden in the clothing and had fallen out as you picked it up. This was also written in Silco's handwriting. You read:
Stop stressing and wear it. Don't even think about returning it. I'm really looking forward to seeing you.
You felt your face flush with warmth, your cheeks filling with crimson and a small squeak slipping out of your lips- you quickly pressed your hands to your face to hide. You lay back on the floor, clutching the note against your chest. Stars Silco was...
"Mindreader," You muttered to yourself, feeling the edges of your lips turning up in a smile.
If he wanted to see you so badly, you just had to put on your bravest face and ignore your rapid heartbeat. Slowly raising yourself from the floor, you picked up the box. Making a quick detour to the kitchen, you ate a snack and went to get ready, doing your usual skincare routine and brushing your teeth. You laid out the outfit on your bed and smoothed it down, inspecting it once again. With a nervous sigh, you picked it up, holding it against your body and glancing in the mirror. The measurements appeared correct. Perhaps this outfit would fit... And not look too bad.
In fact, it was possible you looked amazing. You shamelessly raked your eyes over your body and smiled in satisfaction. Silco did always have good taste and was well dressed, you shouldn't expect anything less really. You sat down to finish getting ready- styling your hair, putting on makeup that you deemed necessary. Soon, it was time for you to leave.
You had your reservations about walking through the streets of Zaun in such expensive clothing- without the terrifying reputation Silco built for himself over the years, you were just a person in a fancy outfit. You prayed to the stars above no one would stop you or rob you of the keys and the pouch of coins you carried in the fairly deep pockets.
The doors of the empty 'Last Drop' swung shut behind you as you looked around the almost empty establishment. The bartender was the only one there, meticulously cleaning glasses. He was unfamiliar to you- a replacement you guessed. You wondered what had happened to the previous bartender- had they done something wrong?
"Hey," You called his attention, startling the boy so much he almost clumsily dropped the glass. You winced as you stopped infront of the bar, hands finding your pockets and fingers grazing over the cool metal and soft pouch, "You're new here, aren't you?" You asked, and he nodded,
"J-Just training," He said, "Did you want something uhm- I can get you ah..." he didn't finish the sentence, words dying on his tongue as he just stared at you. Tilting your head to the side you waited a moment for him to finish, collect himself, but the boy just stared. Realising the silence was now certainly uncomfortable, you spoke up,
"Where's Silco?" you bluntly asked the shocked boy. He shakily pointed to the stairs, and you nodded easily stepping over the staff blockade,
"Y-You look great!" Your head spun to look at the boy, who seemed to cower slightly away from your curious gaze. With a small smile, you nodded, thanked him, and resumed your journey upstairs, hands smoothing over the outfit in a small proud smile.
You tapped your knuckles to the door gently and pushed it open at the tired 'come in' you heard from within. The smell of smoke hit you first; the room was cloudy, full of it. A lit cigar, perched between Silco's thin lips, was the source, the end burning bright orange as he inhaled, his form partially obscured. More smoke emanated from his mouth, and as you focused on his eyes, you watched his posture straighten, leaning against the back of the chair. His lips tugged themselves into a small satisfied smile behind the curtain of smoke as you shut the door behind yourself and put your arms out, turning from side to side as you crossed the room in a strange but playful dance, showing off the outfit. You came to a halt a few feet before his desk, arms falling to your sides and sliding up to find the pockets,
"Well well... I won't lie, I am surprised you put it on," his smile widened ever so slightly at your mock glare, "Don't blame me," He said, taking a final inhale of the cigar and dropping it into his ashtray, decorated by Jinx, "I know your nature is to reject any nice gift given to you. I'm glad you are wearing it though. You look good," Your own smile widened at the compliment, and you hoped he thought the blush dusting your cheeks was from the makeup and not your foolish happiness,
"Thanks for adding the pockets," You responded, trying to be smooth and confident, moving your exposed thumbs slightly and glancing down at them, "They were the main selling point to this whole outfit," You told him, eliciting a hum and gentle chuckle. He ran a hand over his hair, a few strands falling onto his forehead from where they were originally styled,
"Have you seen the inside ones?" you looked at him confused, "The pockets on the inside," He restated,
"There are pockets inside?" you gaped, making him shake his head slightly with an amused chuckle,
"My dear, you'd think I'd outfit you in a custom piece with no place for you to conceal a weapon?" He raised a brow, and you blinked, taken aback by his use of the term of endearment, "I may have this small luxury now, but I'm very aware the streets of Zaun are still violent," He chastised, standing and rounding the desk. He stopped in front of you, holding your gaze for a moment.
Suddenly, you became very distracted by the feeling of his hands against your front, undoing the buttons and holding one side of the outfit, showing you the empty pockets. You blinked, admiring his long fingers and relishing in the feeling of them pressing against you. Your heartbeat pounded loudly in your chest and quickly filled your ears almost in anticipation. With a dry swallow, you nodded in recognition and turned to meet his gaze. Searching his bi-coloured eyes for a moment, you found them unreadable- even his human one. If there was an emotion in them, it was one so foreign to you, you couldn't interpret it. With a nervous laugh, you tilted your head and broke the intense eye contact, before giving him a pleasant smile,
"Thanks for showing me. Without you, I wouldn't know they were... there" You said, still cheerful, even in your low tone, "Thank you again- it's a beautiful outfit and I don't know why you'd even get it for me ah-" You couldn't stop rambling suddenly, "How did you know my measurements?" You asked curiously, "It fits perfectly which-"
"Are they here, are they here!?" Jinx's excited voice cut you off as she practically bounced into the room, grinning eagerly, "They are!! We can go now, Dad!" She ran to Silco and grabbed his hand, tugging him towards the door, innocently ignorant of your close proximity together. You beamed at her excitement; clearly, she had also been invited along, and you really didn't mind. Silco's form barely moved as she stopped trying to drag him after her, and instead, she turned to look between the two of you curiously, "Silco, you said we could go once they got here. They are here. Can we go?" She whined impatiently, and you noticed she was clutching a small bag that rattled with marker noises, and that she was hugging the notebook you had gifted her close to her chest with one hand. You glanced to the man next to you with a smile, meeting his pained and apologetic look,
"(Y/N)," He began, but you shook your head, taking a step towards the door of the office,
"I have no issues with her coming along," You said calmly, "Wherever we're going sounds exciting, Jinx," You said, and her wide grin returned as she eagerly grabbed your hand, pulling you along. Willingly you followed her, Silco trailing after you and pausing to lock the door.
Once you were outside in the streets, you quickly recognised he was taking you through the back lanes. Even in daylight, you wouldn't dare go through these areas of the undercity. The one time you had tried to take a shortcut on a day Silco had asked you to come in, you lost count of how many times you had almost been pickpocketed and counted your blessings when you saw a quick flash of a knife almost cut you. You darted into the bar, breathing heavily and only slightly late, but knew enough to not go this way.
Clearly, Silco didn't share the same fears as you. He didn't need to. You watched at how calmly he walked, taking measured, confident strides, shoulders proudly raised as he eyed his daughter eagerly running ahead of him, The lanes were almost empty, and those who were there kept to themselves and didn't dare bother the three of you,
"Marcus got to me eventually," He sighed deeply, breaking the silence between you. He cast a sidelong glance your way, and perhaps he admired you, his gaze lingering slightly on your body in this outfit, "It was like you said, (Y/N). A random accident before the perpetrators got away," He let out a deep sigh, "No witnesses," he said, pausing in his short speech,
"At least you're here now," You said, trying to pull him back to you as you saw him rapidly sinking in to his thoughts. His head lifted, red and black eye glancing at you quickly,
"Right... Yes," He said, "Here now," He muttered, and you let yourself walk closer to him, shoulder brushing against his,
"Did he say anything else worth mentioning?" You asked, trying to change the topic,
"They'll lead an investigation but it won't be successful. I had any obvious evidence removed or fabricated to lead them away," You nodded your head slightly, "He informed me my bartender had been helping himself to the product when he thought no one was around," He sighed deeply,
"So you hired a scrawny kid to poor drinks?" You asked, and he sighed,
"He was the only one available and qualified... Surprisingly," He said, "He got some extra training under the impression he would be helping. He is. But this job won't allow him to slack off," He spoke,
"You're teaching him a lesson?" You asked amused, and he glanced at you,
"If that's how you want to think of it, then yes," He said, and you hummed, nodding,
"Teacher Silco," You mused, glancing at him with a small smile,
"My dear, I believe you are the better teacher between the two of us," He said, and his gaze once again drifted to Jinx, giving you a moment to yourself, heartbeat racing at the intimate moment.
"So why are we here?" You asked after a while of just walking. You were now in another abandoned building, not the same one that led down to the aquarium lab, but a different one, that felt familiar to you. Now, you were gently holding on to Jinx's hand as the girl stood between you and her father, regarding him with her own curious confusion. He had been quiet for the most part- mostly talking and humouring Jinx with whatever she wanted to hear, Silco occasionally responding with his usual short answers to any questions you asked him,
"I wanted to show you something... Do you remember this place?" He asked. At your shake of the head, you observed as he approached a door, "I thought maybe there was a chance you would remember this place," he spoke to you. He didn't sound disappointed. Glancing over his shoulder and meeting your gaze for a short moment, he spoke again, elaborating "It was dark when we came here first... Years ago now" He mumbled, the door opening.
For a moment you were blinded, moving a hand to shield your eyes from the bright white light that flooded your vision, and illuminated the dilapidated building you were standing in. Slowly blinking, you let yourself adjust to the light and then moved your hand out of the way.
The sky before you was a pale blue, and large white clouds lazily danced along its surface in a circular fashion. The air was addictively clean, rushing in and replacing all the toxic chemicals that your lungs had grown used to, lapping it up like a starved creature, causing you to almost gasp, trying to get enough of this pure oxygen. Your eyes prickled with tears of joy, a smile gracing your lips. Feeling so elated, you hardly recognised Jinx's hand slipping from yours, or her eager footsteps as she ran outside towards the brightness.
Who knew the sky was just as beautiful in the day as she was at night?
"Would you care to join us, (Y/N)?" His smooth voice coaxed you to break your gaze away from the outside world and step into it. He was standing outside now, pausing halfway in, halfway out and outstretching a hand out for you to take. Fearlessly, you let the tear slip down your cheek, meeting him in the doorway as you still marvelled at the real world as your hand slid into his comfortably. The naturally beautiful one. The world you deserved. You barely registered a feather-like touch skimming your cheek, and briefly, you turned your head to catch Silco's eye as he whipped the tear from your cheek, "Don't cry," He said softly, and you felt like melting.
He took a step forward, offering you his arm that you gladly looped your own into, and off you went. The stroll by the river was quiet at first, the sounds of a gentle breeze rustling through the grass, the birds chirping their songs occupying your senses and filling you with joy. Jinx ran a little ahead of you again but kept glancing back and excitedly asking about the different flowers, and bugs she would see in the tall grass nearby,
"Oh, what's this?" she gaped, stopping to point a hand at a peculiar, white plant that resembled a tuft of fur. Unhooking your arm from Silco's you moved to her, crouching next to her,
"Those are called dandelions," you told her, pointing to a bright yellow flower amongst the dark green grass, "That's what they start like,"
"How'd it get so fluffy?" She asked, her eyes widening as you reached for the white puff, breaking the stem, and moving it closer to her,
"If you look closely, this fluff is just super thin fibres that allow it to travel in the wind. And at the bottom- this brown bit- this is a seed," You explained, "So when it flies away, the seed gets planted and there are more dandelions," Her eyes were wide with awe and happiness, "We can blow it out together?" you offered,
"Like the birthday cake?" you nodded,
"Mhm- and you also get to make a wish here," You said, smiling wider at her excitement,
"A special plant candle!?" She asked eagerly, and you nodded at her childish antics, "Ok ok, give me a second I need to think of a good wish," She squeezed her eyes tightly, moving her arms excitedly, unable to keep still. Patiently and expectantly, you watched her, "OK got it," She suddenly said, looking at you excitedly, "Do you have yours (Y/N)?"
"Yeah! Ready?" You counted her down and together blew the puffs away into the grass, both watching in silence as they floated away in small bursts, some landing in the thick grass before you and some disappearing further away,
"What did you wish (Y/N)? Did it come true?" she asked eagerly, grabbing your arm,
"I wished for Sevika to be nicer," you smiled playfully, to which Jinx squeaked,
"But now it won't come true... Oh," She giggled, glancing around, "I wanna find more," She said, "I wanna know the limit to these wishes," she said, determined,
"There's a few just over here," Silco's voice interrupted your wholesome exchange, and you were thankful you could hear the smile in his voice as he spoke, unbothered by this distraction "Just a little further this way," he urged, and you returned to your spot next to him, arm going back to his. You thought of anything to talk to him, but for the first time in a while, you drew a blank. There was something so beautiful about the world surrounding you, it took your breath straight from your lungs and wouldn't let you speak. Desperately, you racked your brain for anything to say, "Go on, (Y/N)," He said with an amused smile, making you look at him confusedly, "Clearly you're curious about something," He elaborated, "What are you thinking?" He asked,
"What's going on? Why are we here?" You asked after another moment,
"I told you already it was a surprise," he reminded,
"This isn't the surprise yet?" You gestured with your free hand to the world around you, eyes wide,
"It's part of it. Stay patient, dear," You blushed again, but nodded, glancing at Jinx and telling her not to pick up the yellow dandelions as they were poisonous. After a few moments of walking, you turned up at an old building,
"Is..." your eyes scanned the building, "It's not," Your smile grew as he nodded, "It is?" You asked for confirmation, happily grinning, "Oh my stars- I thought surely it'd be broken down by now," You said, moving  eagerly towards the building,
"What is it?" Jinx asked, following after you,
"When I was a little older than you are now, Silco brought me here... It's where I saw the stars for the first time... The opening closer to here must have flooded by now, considering you didn't take that passageway," Turning to see Silco's small smile and confirming nod, "But I vaguely remember this..." You pushed open the door, letting it creak, and revealing the interior was empty. There was a large hole in the house, crashing through the roof, first and accumulating leftover rubble in the living room area. This strange window let through the last moments of sunlight before dawn, and you were quickly drawn to the reds, oranges and pinks rapidly filling the sky and subsequent room, "Oh wow..." You whispered to yourself and heard Jinx stopping next to you. It was beautiful. You hadn't wanted to cry tears of joy- you were close to. The feeling of your eyes stinging gently forced you to blink quickly as you marvelled at the view,
"Come here," Silco caught your attention, having snuck in behind you and sat on a bench that had roughly been made of a few wooden boards salvaged from the wreck you were standing in front of. Silco was bathed in the bright oranges and reds of a polluted sky, the light making his features appear sharper and more handsome. As you didn't move quick enough, he tilted his head, involuntarily giving you better access to stare at his neck and jawline, "Do you want your surprise?" He asked,
"This still isn't the surprise?" You asked in shock, your tone and wide eyes made him laugh loudly. And when you heard him snort softly between laughs, your heart fluttered warmly, making you giggle softly to yourself. Jinx turned to look at you with a confused expression, probably very confused as to why her nearly emotionless father was suddenly so expressive,
"Course it's not," He said, smiling at you, "You think all I can offer for you is an old building?" He said, shaking his head, and glancing over as Jinx moved out of view to doodle on the walls of the house, already marked by fading spraypaint with the markers she brought,
"You also bought me this?" you said, putting your arms out to gesture to the outfit, "What's all this for?" You asked in confusion, dropping your hands back down. He simply watched you, a small smile set on his lips. This lighting, the bright orange of a setting sky, illuminated him in such a strange yet handsome way. He looked utterly relaxed, leant back against the backboard of the bench and shamelessly looking at the outfit on your body. You felt yourself blushing and
"It's for you," He said, "It's always for you," He said, "I bought you back to the places that I knew made you happiest... You're still clinging to the past somehow, aren't you? You want things to always be this way" he read you like a book, and you felt your lips part slightly in a shock, "I keep telling you I can make you happier now. I'll give you whatever you want,"
"Why..." You breathed "For what?" you asked. He remained quiet for a moment, studying you, waiting for his words to sink in. He sighed then,
"Why can't you accept what's given to you?" he asked with a small sigh, "Must you always ask so many questions?" He asked, eyes flicking to the sky before you,
"Isn't it necessary when you don't give me straightforward answers?" You responded, gazing at him, "Why do you care for me so much, Silco? I thought 'emotions are a distraction.' That's what you always said, isn't it?" His eyes looked back at you, searching your face. His expression was serious but otherwise unreadable as he remained quiet for a moment
"Did you ever see Vander? After what happened?" He asked curiously, the topic of your surprise seemingly forgotten. As you looked off to the side, thinking about your answer, he spoke again, "Did you do anything for him?" He asked softly. Anyone else likely would have missed the hint of sadness that clung to those words,
"He was... different," You started, "The day after, he found me in our home. He was cold. He told me you died and if you'd been here. I lied and told him no. I didn't tell him I helped you. I was scared he'd-" you shook your head, dismissing those thoughts and continuing on, "He just said it didn't matter anymore. You were gone," your voice was low, sadness clear in your tone, "The violence with topsiders would be gone too. He then told me I had two options: I could either let those ideas die with you... Or I could join him,"
"And you didn't?" He finished for you, dual coloured eyes boring into you expectantly. His features flooded with relief as you nodded your head,
"To tell you the truth, I didn't want to live in a world without you, Silco," you said bravely, "I've always hated Piltover and been loyal to Zaun. I honestly didn't know what to do with myself once you were gone," You explained, "Vander directed me to the mines. He said my talents wouldn't be useful anywhere else" You said sadly, "And that's where you found me,"
"He was wrong," Silco remarked next to you. You heard the slight ruffle of clothes and felt his cold hand as it rested against the back of the bench, brushing against the exposed skin of your neck, "Your talents were never useless," He muttered. You bit the inside of your cheek to stop yourself from shivering at his cool touch but refused to look at him,
"Right. They're useful to Jinx now," You sighed, and remained quiet, hoping he would speak. When he didn't, you turned to look at him, regarding him, "May I ask you something?"
"Always," he sighed, watching you with an intense, unreadable gaze,
"Why are you asking me to teach Jinx how to make the bombs?" You noticed the slight roll in his eyes as you bought up the topic yet again. Opening his mouth to answer, revealing jagged, almost fang-like teeth, you quickly interrupted, "Do not give me some bullshit about her safety again," Your answer shocked him enough to widen those bicoloured eyes and shut his mouth, "I need to know the whole truth," You said. Met with his silence, you impatiently brought your hands together, clenching your fingers to stop them from shaking, "You aren't... Using her for any of your plans regarding Piltover, are you?" You didn't meet his gaze. You looked off to the side,
"(Y/N)," He warned, and you swore you could feel his glare burning into your skull, "To even insinuate I would willingly want to put my daughter in the face of danger-"
"Why are you teaching her then?" You asked with a frown,
"The Silco I knew always had ulterior motives," You accused, "The Silco I knew didn't care for safety, or how many people got hurt as long as he got the results he needed. I doubt you spent time with me solely because you enjoyed my company all those years," You scoffed, true emotions that had been dormant for years finally bubbling up, "Is this it? Did you only want me to teach her what you couldn't? Or did you hope you could make her into a weapon- Silco!" You yelped in surprise as he stood up quickly, raking a hand through his hair. His posture was no longer relaxed but incredibly tensed, angry,
"I don't know who has been filling you with these thoughts or why you're even thinking like this," He said lowly, and you noticed how his hands shook as he clenched and unclenched them, "But these lies and fabrications stop here," He declared, turning to face you and glaring, his lean figure illuminated almost menacingly by the setting red sun,
"I'm simply curious," You said defiantly, standing to meet him, squinting in the light, "Silco, it's been almost a year since you came and reunited with me again. I've been thinking about this for a while now; I'm not influenced by anyone but myself" You said, moving to stand opposite him so you could see his face clearly. The sunlight was rapidly disappearing now, and his stern features were bathed in a fading orange glow, "But- and you call me ungrateful all you want- I realised that you could have come and seen me at any point," You sighed deeply, shoulders slumping in defeat, "At any point, you could have found me in those mines, had you wanted to. You. Yourself. With no other need for it than seeing me, a person who I genuinely thought you cared for. Once you realised I was only something you could use to benefit your 'cause', you found me and gave me no option. And I was so blind because it was you. My... My..." You struggled for words, and let out a frustrated groan, "Stars!! Silco, I thought perhaps you cared for me just a little bit.  I was wrong. It's abundantly clear you only care for Zaun and nothing else, and it has always been this way!" You said coldly, quickly moving for the exit to the house, "This is the last time I let my feelings run so rampant. Don't look for me again. I don't want to see you," Glancing in the direction of where you had last seen the blue-haired girl, you eyed her pink, unfinished drawing, "Jinx knows everything I could ever possibly teach her too... Her lessons are finished. Have a good evening," You muttered as you exited, not daring to look back a final time at his red and blue mismatched eyes.
Swiftly walking down into the streets again, you let your tears slip down your cheeks reluctantly. You'd already cried over Silco enough in your youth. How foolish had you been to think he had changed at all in the near-decade you hadn't seen him. All he ever did was use those around him until they weren't useful to his cause anymore.
And how dare you think so highly of him when you were a mere afterthought for him? It was clear he was just buying into your affections to stay and teach his daughter how to be violent- no doubt for his personal uses later on. Always scheming, always planning. Void of all humanity. That's who Silco was. That's who he was always destined to be.
It was selfish of you to think the years would change him. You grew up with him; you watched his vaulting ambition in hopes of one day ruling Zaun propel him into power alongside Vander, their stubborn and violent natures becoming overbearing and overpowering. Until the betrayal. He slunk down into the sewers, shutting you out, and plotting his revenge. Now he had it all. And he had lost you. How easily would he replace you now that-
"Hey!" You were snapped out of your thoughts, swiftly turning to stare at a group of enforcers you had passed by unknowingly, too occupied by your racing thoughts, trying to quickly hide your tear-stained face as they approached, heavy footsteps menacingly stopped before you, followed by the heavy exhale of air through their masks, "What are you doing here?" One of them asked, voice muffled by the contraption on their mouth. You glanced between the three of them who suddenly crowded around you,
"I'm going home," You said, desperately trying not to let the shakiness in your voice show. You clenched your fists, and glared at them, "So leave me alone,"
"Home, eh?" The amusement in their voice told you clearly they didn't believe you, "Down here? In the slums? Pretty thing like you shouldn't be down here by yourself," They said, and you felt like pray around hungry dogs. You felt a hand brush against the neat outfit's shoulders, touching your hair as one of them circled behind you, blocking you from running from them. Shit,
"I- A friend gave this to me these-" you stuttered nervously,
"So the clothes' are stolen?" You gasped as one grabbed you by the front, pulling you closer to their metal-clad face to inspect your fearful expression,
"No, I promise-" You attempted, but barely got a word in,
"Shut it," Harshly they threw you down to the ground, making you wince as you placed a hand down to try and brace yourself, pain shooting down your arm, "Search them to make sure they don't have anything else that shouldn't belong to them," Feeling their invasive hands on you, you fought back, wishing you had something to protect yourself with. You wished you knew about those concealed pockets sooner. You wished you weren't an idiot who left their knife at home and went on a stroll in the most dangerous areas of Zaun. You wished Silco was with you.
Gasping, you felt them cutting into the expensive material with daggers of their own, roughly searching your pockets. Pulling, ripping and grabbing at you, then barking orders you cowered away from as you moved too much. Somehow, you worried more for what Silco would say about you not taking good care of this outfit more than the cuts rapidly flooding them with red.
Your sharp cries filled the near-empty alley as you were beaten for every wrong movement and violently searched. Anyone who had been lurking in the shadows quickly left, offering you no help. Your attempts at fighting back proved futile, met with kicks, punches and slashes of a sharp knife. You attempted to hold the suggestion of clothing covering your bloody and bruising skin for as long as you could, and you eventually succumbed to their violence, mind floating off into a swarm of blue and red, then black.
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betasuppe · 6 hours ago
Silco and Olie are so cute! They need their own fanfic or something! 😊
Asdfjkløgdsgkk omg anon, stop you're gonna make me bwush~ I'm not exactly skilled with words, so I hate to disappoint, but I'm won't be able to do much on the fic front... but I'll def try to post more drawings with them together here if nothing else lol
But also!! Thank you!!!♡ I like to think that Olie's something of a window to the past of a slightly more innocent & hopeful time for Silco, so when she pops back into his life, it causes some chaos in his days but like... in a good way!
Tumblr media
Due to how their paths parted back in the day, they both end up with sharply contrasting personalities, but it works in a way, I think??
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silcanne · 22 hours ago
The opening of the Eye
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
A young leader is shining in the shadows of Zaun.
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yukki-haps · 20 hours ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media
A throne will always await a king.
Inspired by the MV for Revived-Derivakat!
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dead-scorpio · 3 hours ago
I just want 10 seasons of Silco walking around, going about his business, being his slutty slutty self. Is that really so much to ask for???
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a-gal-with-taste · 3 hours ago
Echoings (NSFW)
Hello and welcome to Sinning-Sunday, today's theme is exactly what's on the label, feast, and please don't get any ideas for your local bridges from this.
Silco X F!Reader (Established)
Wordcount. 2.5K
Warnings: Minors DNI/18+. Dirty talk/language, oral (f-receiving) spit as lube, drunk sex, minor voice/volume kink, P in V sex in a stupidly-dangerous location/minor exhibitionism/sex in public-locations/it's literally fuckin on a bridge. Implied/mentioned violence.
Mostly just a story about two young revolutionaries-in-love, drunk, sticking it to Piltover and makin' some memories. And smut, don't forget the smut. Just in time for 300 followers 💖
"... We could get shot."
"Hm, potentially."
You squint at him as you caught your breath between ragged pants, staring up at calm, nonchalant, hooded and completely-drunken blue-green eyes. Before another roll of his palm had you mewl lowly, a dull thunk as your head fell back on the alley wall behind you as your eyes squeezed shut and you bucked under him. "By Janna, you're being serious?"
Silco nodded, and seemed pleased at the gasp he pulled from your lips as he squeezed between your legs again, heat flashing from your core as he grinds his palm against your clothed-sex. He surely must feel the warmth beginning to pool down below, but he only cocks a brow, head tilting loosely as he points out with only minor slurring in his cool tone, "I've seen you obliterate an entire Topsider shipment while underfire. You're not that scared of being fucked-senseless near enemy-lines, are you?"
You released a huffed breath, glancing back to the warm amber glow of the tavern you had slipped out of, the moment you felt that telling-squeeze on your knee beneath the table, turning to catch the eye of your fellow revolutionary as he had casually jerked his chin to the exit. "The guys will never let us live it down if we die from this," You warned him, letting out a small huff of annoyance, and another moan of lust, as he simply leaned forward, nipping at the skin beneath your ear while crowded you closer to the wall behind.
Palm slid from it's fixated positioned on the wall beside your head to secure him, letting your body be his leaning-post as he yanked your tucked shirt out, hand sliding up along your abdomen to grope at your breast. Thumb pressed deliciously to circle a hardened nipple, Silco closed the gap between your mouths to taste that whimper that he pulled from you as he gave a short tug on the aching flesh with a pinch.
The whiskey was still warm on his breath, just as you knew it was on yours. You let out a whine under the ministrations between your legs, moaning through clenched teeth as you felt a particularly rough press of the heel of his palm stir at your clit.
"Sil, are you listening...?"
"Mmhm. So, are you coming or not?"
Again, you were probably going to get shot doing this. Doing something this stupid, asinine, and reckless, was surely something that would go down in history as one of the dumbest decisions of your life...
And if the mere notion of the idea was turning Silco on half as much as it was arousing you, you were already consitering the risk completely worth it.
The haze of sex and alcohol didn't stop that small bit of worry from breaking though the reckless cloud in your system as, half-tearing at one another while rarely breaking the heated collision of your mouths, you and your partner made it to the bridge in question. Ducking with long-bred instincts as soon as you got in view of the long stretch between the Lanes and picture-perfect Piltover, your twin pantings came to a slow as you observed the fog-coated structure before you.
"... Next patrol should arrive in about twenty minutes." Silco murmured, long nose brushing your cheek as he pressed close to whisper in your ear. Fingers tickle as they brush down your side, to your hip, making you shudder as he squeezes the lower-flesh there. "Think I'll have you screaming loud for them to hear you before they've even started marching over?" Knowing him, and what he could do with his body against yours, it was actually more likely then one would think.
You turned slightly with an equally hooded gaze and wicked smirk, snapping your teeth an inch from his nose playfully as you watched his eyes turn predatory in response to your sly smirk. Nails bit into your hip as he pressed against your other-side, obviously losing patience as you felt the straining tent rubbing against your other hip. "Only one way to find out, pretty-boy."
Mouths again locked onto each other, you found yourself letting out a small grunt as your lower-back dinged against the waist-high railing on the side of the bridge, inhaling the crisp, cold fog as you felt a hand snake down the waistband of your pants, a greedy grip on your ass as you felt Silco's tented cock grind against you.
"Up, now." You huffed a laugh at the order, but impatient, his other hand snaked under your thighs with a growl, and he lifted. Hands flew out beside you to grip the edge of the frigid railing Silco propped you onto, as the wind whipped your hair-about. "You are insane." Your croak of awe and pure-need only makes him darkly chuckle as he was soon tugging at your pants, making you cling your hands ever tighter for dear-life as the chilled sea-air reached your bared skin. "No; hungry," He corrected you with a crooked smirk at your wanting face, which grew wider as you thrusted your hips invitingly.
Your chilling flesh in the dark, seaside air is quickly warmed quickly by hands gripping your thighs, spreading them wide open as he drops to one knee, already biting at the apex of your thigh and core. Lips soon drag, open and tongue leaving broad stokes through your soaked pussy, as you hang onto the polished bridge-railing. A physical link to the last bit of sanity and good sense you had left, as Silco's mouth began it's wori in earnest, in it's efforts to make you scream from his devouring of your sex.
On tables were one thing. On a barstool had been another.
That one time on a rooftop, when you had both been too lazy, too drowsy to move to a proper sleeping mat in order to give in to the urgent sexual necessity after a long day, had been on a different level entirely, but this...
Getting your cunt utterly feasted upon, with nails furrowing down your thighs in rhythm with long, broad sweeps of tongue as you clung to the railing for support, and to keep from tumbling down hundreds of feet into the harbor waters below, was surely on a whole different plane of insanity.
Your bark of a curse was loud, even through harshly-biting lips in your attempt to muffle as you felt that diabolical tongue press just inside your dripping hole to brush against your inner walls. Twisting your hips to grind that sensitive bundle of nerves on that perfectly-arched nose, you're stuck trying to not buck into his face as he laps and suckles at your sex.
Letting out a particularly loud whine, your nails dig into the smoothed surface under you for purchase as you feel his mouth pull back to close around your lower lip. The suction he gave at the sensitive folds, along with the groan he sent rumbling through your cunt, had you straining not to let out the yelling string of curses out into the open air.
He must hear your pitiful attempt at restraint too, for he grants mercy by slipping arms under both your thighs, holding you securely as your hands all but fly to grip his long dark hair, growing damper by the minute as the fog begins to turn to a dripping mist of rain.
Silco doesn't let you go over the edge, sexually or literally, as he pulls back his face with a wet gasp for air after only another moment or so of his feasting, fingers twisting into the dark strands as he smirks at your whine. Licking his lips around a soaked mouth and chin as he gazes through his lashes at your twisted, desperate face. Catching your heated gaze with his own.
You watch him slip a hand from under you to wipe at the rest of his chin and face, gathering your juices his tongue cannot catch, before spitting into his palm. His other hand slips to his trousers, and soon the wet sound of a palm sliding along his own flesh joins your whimpers as you reach out for him as he stood. "Four minutes to patrol..." It took your brain a moment to catch up, and you swore, digging nails through the leather on his back. "Fucks sake, Sil. You've been counting?"
"Course, want to..." He's cutting himself off by his slamming of a mouth against yours as he loops an arm around your waist. A grunt against your lips as he slicks his length with your essence, while the taste of whiskey, and yourself, on his tongue is quickly overwhelming your intoxicated senses. "Wanna know... if all of Topside is gonna be hearing you. Gods, I hope they do, I hope they hear me fucking you."
"Probably hear your big mouth first-" The retort is cut off into a keen of need as he grips you tighter, guiding his cock between your thobbing lower lips. "No, they'll be hearing you, I can promise you that," His low growl vibrating into your ear as he bit down on the lobe, another thrust against the folds of your cunt. The ache of need was growing inside you with every movement, as Silco was being wholly unhelpful in his hoarse whispers and growls, "Hear your tight cunt take me all... screams are one thing, doll, that wet pounding is going to be another."
To articulate, he finally guides that tip into you, causing your head to press into his shoulder with a whine as he fills you quick. Utterly lewd, wet sounds drag in the air as he slowlybrings himself full-hilt within your damp heat, only possessing a second more of patience before he pulls back to slam into you.
The cry echos in time with his thrust, which takes the pitch of your moan up at least three octaves.
"That's it, that's exactly what I want..." His own growl sputters off at the end as you grip his hair for support on the ledge, locking ankles at the small of his back as he begins to rock into you with a mission in mind. "I want you wailing. Crying, howling my name out here."
You believe you're doing that already, but his brief pause to scoop under one thigh, raising your leg a bit higher before pounding his cock into you from this new, perfectly devastating angle, has you actually screaming out.
This makes his voice rasp along your neck as he bites hard almost enough to draw blood. After ensuring the spot will ache for days, his carnal thrusts turning more wild between each word, "... rest of my life," Cut off by a swear from him, another mewl dragged from you, he continues after catching a heavy breath. "... whenever I look at this bridge, I only want to think of this. Thinking about you, and about me fucking you into this perfect, goddamn bridge of theirs..."
Feeling you begin to tighten around him, he manages out a final growl.
"Make it echo."
Throwing your head back with his teeth latching onto the soft skin of your collar, you let the deafening sound of Silco's name bounce up along the towering metal structure of Piltover's precious Bridge of Progress.
And as he gives a final slam into you, you're pretty sure that the action just made him cum harder than he ever had in his life.
Boneless, you distantly remember to keep upright on the ledge railing as your legs slide from the strangle it had around his waist, hands carting up to lovingly roll through sweaty, mist-wet locks as he shudders and pants for breath against your skin. Slipping forward to brace closer to the side of the the walkway instead of open air, your legs dangle on either side of his hips as you slip a hand under his chin, raising his face to kiss him sweetly on the lips.
The first sound of a fortified metal boot stepping onto the bridge breaks the moment of peace, and, in surely record-time, you have your pants pulled back up, and his buttoned into place.
Hand in hand, sore from the fast-removal between your legs and sitting on polished marble for so long, the two of you are racing back to the Lanes-side with survival pounding in your veins. The moment your heels step onto solid ground, and you're dipping back into Zaun, you feel a hoarse, choked laugh slipping from your teeth...
It takes a minute, but after he's slumping against an alley-wall alongside you, sliding down to sit beside you on the ground, you hear the equally strained chuckles begin to rumble from Silco's chest.
It can't seem to stop, the shared laughter at the incredulousness of the situation you both found yourselves in. The moment you believe it's over, you make the mistake of turning to face your partner, and immediately have to look away as you dissolve back into cackling at the sight of him trying to hold back his own laughs. Teeth biting his lower-lip as he struggles to maintain composure, the whisky and the euphoria of sexually release, still working though your senses and making the immediately-prior events seem absolutely hilarious.
"That was insanity."
"We're never doing it again, no." You insist between chuckles when he starts to object with a wide smirk, your laughter finally tittering off into a amused sigh as you lean your shoulder onto him, arm curling around your waist. "... even though that felt really, really fucking good." Silco hums, long fingers sliding up to cart through your hair, casual but smugness curling the syllables, as he inquires, "Which part?"
"The view." Your tease earns you a final amused huff, before a distant thud as he leans his head back to recline more comfortably against the surface behind him. If you could move the lower-half of your body, you'd be squirming at the cooling wetness you can sense dropping from your spentness, and Silce being in a similar situation. Aftercare was important, but in the face of avoiding being caught and potentially shot for trespassing, you had to put such relaxtions aside.
Price of being a revolutionary, you guessed. Foregoing most comforts for the sake of basic survival.
Silco's hand squeezed around your waist again and you smiled, eyes slipping shut. Most comforts, not all.
"... remember how loudly I said your name out there?" A slow exhale sounds as you glance up, watching his seafoam-green eyes slipling shut as the memory replayed in behind his mind in perfect clarity. With such a careful, concentrated look on his face, you could wholeheartedly believe him as he murmurs, "I am never going to forget that."
Eyes cracking open, Silco hums as you slide a hand over his chest, rubbing through the layers of fabric in a promise of sensuality as you shift up, breathing wickedly into his ear, earning a muted growl of quickly regenerating need at your next words, "I'm going to get you twice as loud when we get back home."
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silverspleen · 3 hours ago
He sure was 100% prepared to give up on his dream of a sovereign nation for his daughter, huh?
Like, man, nothing gets me like “villain is undone by their all-consuming love for another person.” 
Fucked up, trauma riddled, awful, cruel, nasty manipulative crimes man wanted this child that he saw himself in (abandonment issues, hurt by adopted family) to be the Actual Worst, he wanted her to be strong and powerful in the killdeathmurderviolence so that she would flourish in the hellscape they lived in (that, of course, he had a significant hand in crafting, because of course he did, he’s just stewing in that violence) and never leave him ever like everyone else in his life to the point where he genuinely understood the too-soft brother that he literally murdered (revenge!). And he does this by being this weirdly soft, trusting guy when he is neither soft nor trusting around anyone else literally ever, no even his most loyal of underlings (god Sevika, bitch that sucks, you deserved better). He got the parental brain rot around his adopted daughter and he absolutely looses his shit at the idea of loosing her to the point where he is totally ok with giving up on his lifelong dream, because she is the embodiment of that dream. A broken girl from a broken city remade through violence into something dangerous. And in return she was the one who eventually literally killed him, because of course she did, she’s dangerous, you helped make her that way, and he was totally ok with that because, at the end, she was there with him, she didn’t leave him and he knew he would never betray her, and he’s assured in his knowledge that protecting his daughter was the only choice he could have made. And he goes calmly and gracefully into that oblivion by telling her that he loves her and it’s ok that she shot him full of bullets, he’s not mad and could never be mad at her and she’s perfect, but, of course, that seals Jinx’s fate because she just killed another person she loves, and Silco, the villain, is successful in the end because Powder falls down that well and drowns like he wanted her to, so Jinx could be strong, so she could show them, so she could show them all.
Jinx may credit her creation to VI, (I disagree, I think that match was lit by Piltover, Vi just gave it a name), but Silco saw that tiny flame and fanned it gently and patiently for years and years until Jinx, daughter of Zaun, his daughter, was a roaring fire ready to consume everything in her path, all because he loved her and let her get away with everything, and now she has neither of them.
And god, the TRAGEDY.
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