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redhairclara · 6 months ago
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Clara Bow in The Motion Picture Director, 1926. Photographed by Harold Dean Carsey
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thefugitivesaint · 8 months ago
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'Mae Murray', ''The Tatler'', Vol. 4, #7, Aug. 1922 Source
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Artist R.J. Scott’s Conception of Nita Naldi - Sketched from Life.
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themimsymonologues · 3 months ago
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"Outside of a dog, a book is man's best friend. Inside of a dog it's too dark to read."
- Groucho Marx, The Essential Groucho
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Gummo (Milton Marx) on the left and on the right Groucho (Julius Henry Marx) holding a rat terrier dog.
Caption from Paramount Pictures
"THE BOY GROUCHO--at sixteen, Groucho Marx was a seasoned vaudeville performer. He was the only member of the later famed Four Marx Brothers to be on the stage at that time."
Image circa 1906
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theda-bara-brabin · 10 months ago
A few months ago a 2 minute clip from Salome (1918) was rediscovered in the Spanish Film Institue archive.
It has been restored with added Spanish intertitles (English translation below).
It has been included in a short video clip with 2 other clips (from different films) on the Spanish Film Institute Vimeo page.
After seeing so many stills from this film, to finally catch even this short glimpse into Theda's filmography is incredible!
Her magnetism is even stronger in motion and you can see exactly why she was so fascinating.
Intertitle translation:
(ES) Benjamin, el ultimo vastago del patriarca.
(EN) Benjamin, the last scion of the patriarch.
(ES) Es preciso que suprimas al principe David!
(EN) You must suppress Prince David!
(ES) Se prudente... los judios adoran en David! Olvidaste por ventura que el idolo del pueblo es el rival del rey?
(EN) Be wise ... Jews worship David! Did you forget by chance that the idol of the people is the rival of the king?
(ES) Remordimiento.
(EN) Remorse.
(ES) Manana, al amanecer, cuando tomeis el bano en la piscina...
(EN) Tomorrow, at dawn, when you take a bath in the pool ...
(ES) La arrogante figura del Profeta no se apartaba un momento de la lasciva mente de Salome.
(EN) The arrogant figure of the Prophet did not leave Salome's lustful mind for a moment.
(ES) Un Dios todo poderoso, unico, justo y eterno que, en su amor a los mortales, nos envia su hijo unigenito para redimir al mundo
(EN) An all powerful, unique, just and eternal God who, in his love for mortals, sends us his only begotten son to redeem the world
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pale-hands-i-love · 10 months ago
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Rudolph Valentino and Natacha Rambova photographed by James Abbe at their Whitley Heights home in 1923. 
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howardhawkshollywoodannex · 7 months ago
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Gloria Swanson in a publicity still as Sadie Thompson (1928). This is Gloria's second honorable mention, after Airport 75. She is best known as Norma Desmond in Billy Wilder's masterpiece Sunset Boulevard (`1950)
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busterverse · 5 months ago
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‘Saaayyy, fella...do you work out?
About To Be Wet Wednesday
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missanthropicprinciple · 22 days ago
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Lawson Butt, aka W. Lawson Butt (1880 - 1956) 
Few movies this handsome silent film star acted in actually survive. There is very little biographical information on him either. I had to go on Ancestry to find out he married in 1904 and he and his wife had 4 children. The gif I made is from The World and Its Woman (1919). (I see some Rowan Atkinson mannerisms here.) He also played Dante in the 1924 adaptation of Dante’s Inferno. 
“That cold, pure profile. It just takes all the heart out of one.” - P. G. Wodehouse
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thehighsign · a year ago
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Brigitte Helm
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bryanbathory · 4 months ago
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Baron Nicolas de Gunzburg was born into a noble Russian-Jewish family that resided in Paris in the early 1900s. As a youth, he was known to throw extravagant costume balls, living the life of a bon vivant. In 1932 he starred as Allan Gray, the cold protagonist of a silent film called Vampyr, credited with the screen name, Julian West.  
In 1934, Niki learned about his family’s depleted wealth upon the death of his father. With his remaining money, he booked passage to America and threw a final costume ball themed after the Imperial Court of Vienna. 
In America, he moved into the Ritz Tower in New York City in 1936. He worked as an editor until he became the senior fashion editor of Vogue in 1949. He was known for his minimalist style and slender figure. He mentored multiple influential fashion designers, including Calvin Klein. 
Gunzburg never married, and is known to have had two long-term relationships with men. He died in New York Hospital at 79.
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redhairclara · 5 months ago
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Clara Bow photographed by Eugene Robert Richee for Three Weekends, 1928
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Bebe Daniels, c.1920s
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Marie Prevosts was discovered by Mack Sennet who signed her to contract and made her one of his ‘Bathing Beauties’ in the late 1910s. She was also a favourite of Ernst Lubitsch. After 1926 Prevost's career began to decline which lead to secondary roles due to personal problems, and she made her last on-screen appearance in 1936.
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bythesadseawaves · a year ago
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Rudolph Valentino, 1920s.
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theda-bara-brabin · a year ago
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Cleopatra (1917)
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pale-hands-i-love · a year ago
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Rudolph Valentino & Gloria Swanson in the silent romantic drama film ‘Beyond the Rocks’ in 1922 after a novel of the same name by Elinor Glyn.
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