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The Nolofinwëans as Quotes from my friends:

Fingon @ Maedhros: Are you calling the bass cleft a Spanish Inquisition

Maedhros @ Maglor: You can’t live off of mouth wash Maglor that’s not sanitary.

Fingolfin @ Fëanor: No Fëanor you’re not bipolar. You’re a narcissistic sociopath

Maglor: I’m so cold that my testicles are going to end up in my throat by the end of this

Finarfin: What In the world happened to ke$ha? Does she still exist? Did she die? Is she floating through space? Is she living in my garage?

Celegorm: ice your tits

Caranthir: suck a dick, we have to vote.

Amrod & Amras: Kay guys so we’re taking a break from our slime channel because Aredhel got us these cool mermaid costumes. So I’m just going to live here for the next four months, thank you all for your love and support :D

Fëanor @ all 7 of his sons: You can’t just plant your own flowers when we’re burnig down a fucking forest

Celegorm: Oh my god I thought my shadow was a dog okay

Maglor: That kazoo sounds great but at the same time it sounds like a badger being run over by a 1996 Honda Civic

Maedhros: I had a dream where I was trying to immigrate to Doriath but I had to give people rolls of toilet paper.

Fëanor @ Manwë: Get out of here, Jesus Lover.

Curufin: Did you know that Mountain Dew makes your balls smaller?

All the fëanorians: We aren’t mean. We are a dragon.

Celegorm: My sugar daddies betrayed me

Maedhros: Darkness so unknown but face so skin

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Originally posted by tea-with-mrs-mourning-dove

Caranthir x Reader

1.1k words

You and Caranthir go on a walk through the gardens in Thargelion where you gain an unwanted guest.

* * *

You walked leisurely with your partner, your arm tucked in the crook of his elbow and your head resting against his strong bicep. Both of you were enjoying the view of blossoming flowers that were all neatly planted around you. Bright reds, pinks and oranges held your attention as you looked over them, breathing in their sweet fragrance.

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In Dreams
a the world as we know it story [College AU]
Back to Middle-earth Month | 3/19/20
Pandora” by John William Waterhouse [Official Prompt] | “[CHARACTER] knew he was only dreaming, but he didn’t care.” [First Line] | “Yes, it is great.” [Last Line]

Maedhros interrupts Fingon’s dream…and things go from there.

Rating: E | Creator Chose Not To Use Archive Warnings [see tags/notes for warnings!!]
Relationships: Maedhros/Fingon
Characters: Maedhros, Fingon
Word count: 2.9k


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He had been known by many names… Gorthaur the Cruel, Annatar the Giver of Gifts, Sauron the Deciever… but Mairon the Admirable had always been the first.

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Curufin … was wedded. Others who were wedded were Maelor and Caranthir.“

Curufin’s wife moodboar

Since Curufin was his father’s favorite son, I supposed that Feanor found for him a noble and fine Noldorin lady. 

Legendarium Ladies April: (4/30)

The Silmarillion characters: (72/?)

Characters’ moodboards: (319/?)

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Sakina Jaffrey as Mandos, Doomswoman of the Valar, The Judge

A ruler who discerning justice refuseth to it the sanction of law, demanding abnegation of rights and self-sacrifice, will not drive his subjects to these virtues, virtuous only if free, but by unnaturally making justice unlawful, will drive them rather to rebellion against all law.

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FËANOR + his creations 

He became of all the Noldor, then or after, the most subtle in mind and the most skilled in hand. In his youth, bettering the work of Rúmil, he devised those letters which bear his name, and which the Eldar used ever after; and he it was who, first of the Noldor, discovered how gems greater and brighter than those of the earth might be made with skill. The first gems that Fëanor made were white and colourless, but being set under starlight they would blaze with blue and silver fires brighter than Helluin; and other crystals he made also, wherein things far away could be seen small but clear, as with the eyes of the eagles of Manwë. Seldom were the hands and mind of Fëanor at rest.

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