wrooom · 5 months ago
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$ 1.5 Million And Everybody Will Turn Their Heads After Your Orange Car 
"Porsche 918 Weissach Package"
By Zaharia Silviu
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peachiiiprince · 3 months ago
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New line of characters and a story about possession
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gasparodasalo · 14 days ago
Silvius Leopold Weiss (1687-1750) - Concerto for Lute and Strings in d-minor, SC 58, II. Allegro. Performed by Richard Stone, lute, and Tempesta di Mare on period instruments.
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oca-1 · 6 months ago
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Silviu Urdea
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cozcat · a month ago
so i am unable to think about anything besides moiraine/siuan thinking a lot about how wot on prime will handle some of the romances
this is from the perspective of being halfway through the fifth book, having not yet read new spring, but having heard enough in the way of spoilers to get the impression that the relevant forthcoming romances in the books have all the finesse of shakespeare writing a tertiary couple in act five of a comedy (that is to say - badly done, out of left field, and honestly almost offensive towards the characters in question, particularly the women)
(my tag block list is thorough but not gonna lie, kinda glad i've been spoiled, because it feels less like a spoiler and more like a warning)
but my thought is: if they're still wanting to have those in-book romances as endgame (or at least a forthcoming goal, idk how alive ongoing they are by the end and don't want to), they had no need to make moiraine/siuan ongoing as well as canon
they could have easily gone the direction of openly stating that they had a relationship in the past, said that loud and clear, even implied that the emotions are still there, but that the relationship isn't
but they didn't - instead, their goodbye could not have felt more like unfinished business
and it does make me wonder (ie: aggressively hope) that it means they're going for a different endgame too, because otherwise, why set it up the way they did, when there were alternatives that could have made them canon without setting it up as being current?
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dailyhistoryposts · 29 days ago
Did You Know?
One of the first epistolary novels, The Tale of Two Lovers, was written in 1444. It is an erotic novel featuring an affair between a married woman and a man who was not her husband. It was one of the bestselling books for the 15th century.
The author of this book, Aeneas Silvius Piccolomini, would later become the Pope and the head of the Catholic Church.
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meriwether-fr · 3 months ago
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i see we're sharing autumn-y dragons??
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leakinghate · a month ago
A small collection of sketches for an upcoming webcomic project
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Oho yes, I am making a webcomic again. What an adventure. Expect more sketches because I am a feedback ho
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atimefordragons · 4 months ago
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Literally the same edit as before, just cropped so that I can use the images in codes. Sorted by nationality for funsies. lolz. 
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wrooom · 3 months ago
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Lamborghini Huracan Performante 
By Zaharia Silviu
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aaaaagaronia · 4 months ago
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woe! another marine be upon ye!
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rotteprinsen · 9 months ago
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The Emeritus Brothers go to Romania
Alternatively: dont dabble in necromancy
Papa Ciobanu I (zombie) + Papa Ciobanu II are both mine. c:
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oca-1 · 5 days ago
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Friend & Silviu Urdea
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grevenche · 4 months ago
More them
Tumblr media
I really had to make peace with the fact that silvius looks high in this and I still feel a lifetime of existential shame resting itself upon my shoulders
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littydoodlez · 4 days ago
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Holy crap, I forgot I had Tumblr again 😂
I’ve been drawing my OC’s a lot lately so here’s a dump.
Long haired boi is Ayven, white and black haired boi is Dorian, fluffy hair and beard is Silvius and scar face girl is Hunter.
My babies *gently holds *
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asterismcollapse · 4 years ago
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I haven't finished this yet, but have a new reference for Silviu, Khlori's beetledrake lusus. One has wip lines up front, the other behind.
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itcars · 11 months ago
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Porsche 911 Carrera 4S Cabriolet
Image by Silviu Hinten || IG
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photographyartgallery · a month ago
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by Irina & Silviu Székely
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vixhard · a month ago
sobbed over jinx and silco’s relationship and had a shower so id say tonight has been pretty damn successful baybee
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theirvoices · a month ago
Connor: I'm glad your heart is still beating
Silvius: This is the best moment of my life
Connor: Well that's depressing
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