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#Sirius Black
lunopal · a day ago
Tumblr media
Finally finished this fanart for ‘that’s the art of getting by’ by @sarewolf on Ao3
Hands down, one of my favourite raising Harry fics, so you should check it out if you haven’t already ;))
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eggs-the-forest-nymph · 2 days ago
Some shitty doodles of the boyz
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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lady-random · 2 days ago
Sirius and Remus: *walk off holding hands*
Regulus: Oh my god, they’re dating!
James: Congratulations, you’ve just figured out the worst kept secret in the Hogwards, just be thankful you weren’t around for the pinning phase
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pestoprongs · 17 hours ago
Tumblr media
“We’ll fall in love again in the next one, alright?”
just caught up on Flight 143 by the biinbitch on ao3… literally no words.
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withthethiefs · a day ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
best dynamic
( based on this )
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lonelyhe4rts · 9 hours ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Wolfstar x reader, kinda poly!marauders (Dom!Remus Lupin x Dom!Sirius Black x Sub!James Potter x Sub!reader)
Warnings: smut, penetrative sex, consensual nudes, threesome, voyeurism kinda, oral sex - male receiving, throat fucking w fingers, face slapping, kinda dumbification based on words like ‘bunny’ n ‘pretty bunny’, degrading names, think that’s it but as always pls lmk if there’s any i’ve missed! 
Summary: The best presents come wrapped in small packages
Word Count: 1.2k
an: hey besties, so yeah. all i have to say is that everything is of course consensual and a safe word is in place in case it was needed. 
navigation | taglist The three of you were always aware of the way James looked at you, completely and fully observant of the way the marauder’s gaze landed heavily on you - the way he blushed at your words; the way he shifted in his seat at the sight of you decked in only Sirius’ shirt; the way his eyes never wavered at the sight of you mumbling deep tones into the shell of Sirius' ear. He wasn’t subtle in any way, shape or form and somehow this wasn’t something that the boy’s were annoyed about. In fact, they thought they could have some fun with James’ lust. 
The process was relatively simple. The boys had dressed you in the prettiest lingerie they could find, hues of pink and white bleeding into the supple plane of your skin. They wrapped pretty bows around your neck, garters around your thighs - they were determined to find the prettiest of pink lingerie they could find. The flash of the camera seemed non-existent when you were in the moment, barely recognising the tell tale shutter and click as Remus stayed buried in your cunt, Sirius’ cock bulging out your cheek, the long haired male continuously snapping candids of your hooded eyes and dribbling mouth. 
The camera jolted slightly, as the lanky male above you drove you deeper and deeper into the plush mattress, sending waves and waves of pleasure to wash over your figure. Sirius’ ring-clad fingers pressed against your puffy lips, easing their way into the valley of your throat. You gagged around the digits, your eyes fogging up with droopy tears, as his fingertips pressed against your throat, feeling the way your throat clenched and fluttered around them. The flash of the camera dazzled your eyes, your pupils widening and lips drooping with strings of saliva as the raven-haired male snapped shots of you, his smirk identical to the one Remus too possessed. Remus wrapped his fingers around your jaw, the pads of his thumbs squeezing your lips together, forming a pout between the soft cushions. “Good girl. Take Siri’s fingers, Prongs’ll love it.” 
You watched as Remus sifted through the photos, flicking through the array of polaroids, a sultry smirk dancing across his scarred face. He lay with his head against the headboard, legs crossed against the bed as he did so, your head resting on his shoulder, body snuggled into his frame. Sirius was placed at the end of the bed, propped up by his elbow as his eyes watched Remus’ reactions, having taken the photos himself to know how they looked. 
Your eyes too followed the snapshots, watching how they caught the tilting back of your head; the tip of Sirius’ throbbing cock slapping the skin of your lips; the way your back arched as Remus’ pearly whites nipped at your pretty clit; the way tears pooled from your eyes as Sirius’ hand came into contact with the side of your face, sending your eyes to face the side of the room for a mere few seconds, the slight stinging of your skin sending delicious stimulation to bleed down your spine. 
“Don’t y’think you look pretty bunny? Our pretty girl.” Heat flushed to your face at his praise, blushing at Remus’ words and the photos that he held in his palms. You watched the way he took one from the cluster, his lips twitching in Sirius’ direction as he pocketed the picture, saving the souvenir for the three of you later. The animagus further down the bed lent over to pluck the photos from his boyfriend’s hands, his tip of his tongue peeking out to dampen his lips, his eyes darkened with lust. He placed the pile inside a card, encasing the images - ready to be gifted. 
The three of you remained together atop the plush comforter, basking in the sweet domestication between you, awaiting the bespectacled marauder to return from his head boy duties. You stayed nestled in Remus’ side, your other boyfriend resting his head against the plush skin of your thighs, basking in the warmth radiating from your bodies like the dog he was. It wasn’t long before the rattling of the door was noticed, the turning of the lock signifying that James had returned back. 
The door swung open as the brunette entered, flashing a shy smile as he caught the gaze of all three of you. You observed the way he gulped at your state, dressed in an old Queen shirt of one of your boyfriend’s, the moth-eaten material ridden up the creamy skin of your thighs. His steps faltered slightly as you locked eyes, before he continued in his tracks, ambling towards his four poster. He lay with his hands behind his back, his legs crossed at his ankles. 
“Y’alright Prongs?” Sirius questioned, tracing circles into the skin of your legs. The boy nodded, still not taking his eyes off the ceiling. Remus and Sirius shared a glance, affirmative and confirmative based on the slight nod Sirius ended the interaction with. “Got a present for ye Prongs,” Remus started, reaching his hand over to grasp the wrapped card, “bunny here’s got it for ye.” You craned your neck up towards the lanky male, head tilting to see what his game was. At the slight nod of his head - reassuring and confirming in every sense of the word, you stepped up from the mattress, taking steps towards the bespectacled boy.  
He seemed transfixed on your positioning, your figure towering over him as he moved to be sat against the edge of the bed. You placed the gift in his hand, feeling a fluttering sensation blossom in your navel from the hand to hand contact before you turned around, making your way back to your lovers. “What’s it supposed to be?” James asked, turning the envelope over in his hand a few times, seemingly inspecting the package. 
“Just have to wait and see Prongs.” All three of your waited in anticipation, Remus’ arm slung around your shoulders keeping you from feeling even more nervous. James’ long digits opened the card, pausing in his tracks to scan the array of explicit images that the three of you had concocted for him. 
“What on Earth are these?” he questioned, shifting in his place slightly as his face blossomed a shade of pink, his eyes hesitant in their movements. It appeared as if he was stuck between looking at the three of you only or to stay transfixed on the many images of you hovering directly over his growing bulge. 
“What? y’don’t think we haven’t noticed the way you look at puppy?” Sirius asked, smirking at James’ evident arousal. The brunette blushed even more if that was possible, the pad of his thumb brushing over the photo of your slick lips, coated in cum and saliva. His pupils widened with lust at the sight. “Couldn’t help it. Just look at her,” he gulped, shifting his eyes to make contact with your own, his shy gaze corrupted by the heavy lust bleeding into his body.
“Why don’t you? Y’don’t need to just look at her. Go play with the slut.”
hp/marauders era taglist: @indigoh4ze @barksexybark4u @wolfstar-lb @ildm4ev @barnesleftarm @bellatrixscurls @kayleighh @remusjlupinisdead @waszuka @rosie-anne @tasteofyourlight
the gif is not mine!
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mrstarksslut · 5 hours ago
special spells || poly!marauders x reader
Being the girlfriend of three out of four Marauders doesn’t make you any exception to their wicked schemes. If anything, it makes you prime target to them.
words: 3.5k
warnings: dom/sub dynamics, overstimulation, public humiliation/exhibitionism (in a way - it’s in public, no one actually sees anything tho), degradation, praise, unedited smut/fic, sirius being a little shit **safe words are put in place**, got really james-centric near the end because i’m a simp, overprotective james because literally why not, weird titles because i literally couldn’t come up with anything else lol sorry
note: this is a little fic inspired by this headcanon from @pinkandblueblurbs that i thought was just - muah - chef’s kiss. so thank you to her for allowing me to use the idea/prompt - and also to the person that sent it in! again, we’re pretending like peter literally doesn’t exist lmfao, he’s mentioned literally not even by name but just for effect. like that’s it, sorry i don’t fuck with rats. i hope you all enjoy!
Dating three fourths of the self proclaimed Marauders came about as easy as anyone would expect. That, of course, means not at all.
It had been wishful thinking to have assumed at the beginning of your relationship with the three boys that you would have been spared being a victim to their mischievous ways. If anything, it made you the victim.
As their girlfriend, you were their favourite target. It was never really harmful, like the grand schemes they cooked up for the students in Slytherin house, but they were frequent and a variety.
The games they played ranged from innocent, yet very much able to get you into trouble, pranks such as using a spell to unwillingly turn you into your animagus form - making it appear to others as though James had simply put his transfiguration skills to a hilarious test - all the way to less innocent pranks, such as slipping you the odd love potion every now and then for laughs, giggles, and ego inflation.
They never took it too far, of course, but you absolutely could not stand Sirius’ big head after the effects had worn off.
Up until today, one thing you could have noted was that their little games had never taken a… sexual turn.
Whether it be because the four of you were already heavily active or the fact that those activities ranged thoroughly across any sexual board you could find, you couldn’t imagine your boys could find anything that would catch you by surprise or leave you disgruntled -  as they found it “So very cute, sweetheart,” when you pouted - in any sort of way.
Evidently, you were wrong. You found so much out when two out of three boyfriends came sliding in on either side of you during breakfast in the Great Hall wearing their matching signature wide, and rather unsettling, grins.
Their gazes were settled on you as you continued to butter the slice of toast in your hand. Instead of a greeting, you opted for a, “What did Remus let the two of you do this time?”
A yelp interrupted from you suddenly at the feeling of a sharp pinch to your left thigh. Your head turned to face Sirius with an offended look on your face and a defense about to roll off your tongue before he beat you to it, with a brow raised and his voice quiet and low, filled with authority. “Try again. Proper greeting this time.”
Ignoring the urge to roll your eyes in the wake of a punishment later into the day, you sighed softly before turning to James. The smile still planted on the bespectacled boy’s face made the corners of your lips lift up into a small smile before you offered him your sweetest sounding, “Goodmornin’ Jamie,” and placed a brief peck onto his lips to which made his smile grow more genuine in return.
You turned back to Sirius, this time a pout forming onto your lips as you looked at him with hopeful eyes. “Mornin’ Sirius.”
He hummed in return, “Better. Could still use a little work, pup.”
The pout on your lips didn’t leave as your brows furrowed in dissatisfaction. It prompted Sirius to roll his eyes and feign an exasperated sigh. “C’mere.”
Your little smile returned as he pecked the pout off your lips.
“So,” you said as soon as Sirius pulled away, “What did Remus let you two do this time?”
You heard the clicking of James’ tongue behind you as Sirius’ face contorted to one of irritation. “Remus does not let us do anything.”
“In fact,” James threw an arm around you as he spoke boldly, “I’d like to see him try and stop us from doing something.”
Your brows raised at the bold statement as you stifled a laugh when you said, “Really?” knowing fully well how the little hierarchy the four of you have works - and how Remus happens to be at the very top.
Both boys hummed, to which you shook your head. “So,” you picked your slice of toast back up and took a bite before continuing, “I take it Remus must be one of the masterminds behind this one, then.”
“And that you’re right, sweetheart.”
Remus’ voice came from behind you, hands planting on either shoulder as he leant down and pressed a kiss to the top of your head.
Whilst the boys at your sides looked disgruntled at the statement, your brows furrowed in question as you tilted your head to look at the tallest boy. “What are you three up to?”
The pads of his thumbs swiped across your shoulders, which would have been comforting despite the fact that Remus now donned one of James and Sirius’ “I’m up to no good” smirks with a perfected ease as he looked down at you. His voice was filled with amusement as were the glints in his eyes. “It’s a surprise, bun. I’d hate to ruin it.”
The interaction had left you on edge all throughout your first period, where you were stuck in Divination all alone to stew in your thoughts. 
Usually, you wouldn’t know the fact that your boyfriends had the odd prank cooked up for you, so you’d typically be pretty excited to see what they had to dish out next and to whom. Remus, however, made it abundantly clear that it had little to do with any Slytherin or Filch and everything to do with you.
So, when the second period came around, you found yourself sitting next to Sirius in History of Magic.
The raven haired boy still wore that arrogant smirk of his that you just wanted to wipe clean off his face as it was directed at you.
“Hello, love.”
You only grunted in return, crossing your arms and leaning back into your chair as your eyes surveyed the room for any oncoming threats. It was times like this you found yourself appreciating the corner back row seat that Sirius had shoved you into at the beginning of term.
“On edge, are we?”
You turned to glare at the boy as Professor Binns began onto his droning. “And why do you think that is?” You whispered harshly in response.
When Sirius’ smirk only widened, you went on. “You know it’s only a Tuesday? Tuesdays are the worst, Sirius. You three really couldn’t have chosen some other day to be a lot of pricks?”
“First off,” Sirius’ voice was hushed as he leaned further into your proximity, eyeing the front of room carefully as to not get caught, “Watch your fucking tongue. I am the last person you want to be talking like that to today. Second, I think you’ll find we chose the perfect day to do this. Maybe now, you’ll come-”
Sirius was cut off by a sharp gasp escaping your lips before your hand clamped over your mouth, eyes squeezing shut as you almost collapsed forward into him.
Sirius quickly told off a Ravenclaw that twisted around in concern at the sound of your gasp before he turned back to watch your thighs shake as they clenched against the force of the sudden pleasure shooting through your cunt.
His expression became one less of arrogance and more of awe at the sight before him. Once you recovered, looking at him through the hair that had fallen into your face, he had just barely found it in himself to finish. “-around to Tuesdays.”
Shock painted your face as you tried to control your breath. “What the fuck was that.”
Sirius’ brows furrowed. “Tongue.”
Your eyes widened incredulously. “Tongue?” It was taking everything in you not to shout and keep your voice at a whisper. “Are you three insane? I just ca- finished in the middle of History of bloody Magic!”
“It doesn’t work when you say it, firstly.” Sirius leant over to grab your hand, squeezing as he looked at you with mock sympathy. “Secondly, I told you to watch your tongue. So now, you’re going to cum.”
A second wave hit you. Your eyes squeezed shut once more as you gripped Sirius hand so tight your knuckles burned white. Your clit throbbed with pleasure, a quiet whimper only your boyfriend could pick up on escaping your lips.
“Is it humiliating, puppy?” You refused to open your eyes as he whispered next to you. “What? Refusing to open those pretty eyes because you’re afraid someone saw you? What would you do, hm? Knowing someone saw you for the selfish little whore you are.”
Sirius’ hand came up and gripped your chin, pulling your face to his and urging you to open your eyes. His demeanour changed. “Do you want to use your safe word?”
A beat passed before you shook your head. “No, sir.”
Sirius had taken mercy in knowledge of the fact that the day was only beginning, and so was their torment, and settled on forcing one more orgasm from your already sensitive body.
Your heart was racing as Sirius walked you to your next class even after being twenty minutes since the last one he’d given you.
You couldn’t help the arousal that left you soaking and your mind hazy when Sirius pressed a kiss to your lips before he pushed you gently into your Ancient Runes class and dismissed himself to Transfiguration.
Although, just as you were making your way to your seat, a hand had wrapped around your arm and pulled you out of the class with ease and without a word.
Words died on your tongue when you realized through your haze that it was Remus hauling you through the halls with an unbreakable determination.
“Remus,” you whined as he practically dragged you to the left, “We’re going to miss Ancient Runes. You know I can’t miss classes.”
“With me, you can,” Remus grunted, eyes still poised ahead of him, “Think you’re forgetting I implemented that rule.”
With a sigh of relief, he stopped in front of a door. You barely had time to read the words “Prefect Bathroom” before you were dragged inside. 
The interior never failed to amaze you. You didn’t have time to bask on it, however, as Remus was immediate with his demands.
“Take off your underwear and get on top of that counter.” The hard look in his eyes was mixed with a hunger you only saw when the full moon was close. “Now.”
Like a second nature, you rid yourself of the offending piece of clothing and hauled yourself on top of the counter, bringing your hands back to lean on them as you brought your legs up to rest your feet at the very edge. Your legs were spread, leaving your cunt on display.
Remus couldn’t hold back a groan at the sight of you on display for him, lips puffy and glistening with arousal.
You whimpered as he came forward and used his thumbs to part your lips further. He growled at the sight of your clit, swollen from overstimulation. “Sirius has been having his fun with that spell, hm? Fuck.”
You didn’t have time to respond before he crouched down, licking a strip over your cunt that had you crying out.
“You know I can smell you, bunny?” Remus said when he pulled away briefly before sucking your clit into his mouth.
The action left your mouth hanging open and long awaited tears slipping from your eyes, pleading cries for mercy falling out as he stayed relentless. “Please, ‘s too much, Remmy.”
“I know, baby,” his words were muffled before he pulled away, watching as your cunt clenched from the attention. He looked up at you. “Just had to get a taste of that pretty pussy.”
His attention quickly went back down to your cunt, leaving you flushing at both his words and the way he opted to stare at your bare sex. You squirmed under the attention. “Stop it, Remmy.”
“Stop what, hm?” A smirk formed on his face as his eyes flitted to your face and back. “I just want to watch you cum.”
With that, familiar pressure shot through you. Back arching as you came undone, your head thudding gently against the mirror behind you as it threw back. A groan escaped your lips at the sudden emptiness you felt as you came around nothing.
Remus watched, entranced as your cunt repeatedly clenched around nothing, bringing his hands to grip onto your waist and hold your lower body down as you rode through your high.
The kiss he landed on your clit post-orgasm made you jolt in surprise. A chuckle escaped his lips at the reaction as he made his way up your body. His arms wrapped around you to bury your head into his neck as your legs wrapped around his waist, mindful of your sensitive cunt as he refrained from pressing against you too much.
“How do you like the surprise?”
Although your original dismay was hardly lost, endorphins swarming your body had a giggle escaping your lips. You left the question unanswered as you felt Remus’ chest vibrate with his own soft laughter.
Ironically, Remus was the one who insisted on not going back to class.
Instead, he opted to keep you to himself for the rest of the hour. The majority of it was spent at his mercy, on your knees with his cock heavy in your mouth, as he pulled another orgasm from your overworked - and painfully empty - body with a single word.
The vibrations of your moans and whimpers around his shaft is what had him shooting his cum down your throat.
By the time lunch rolled around, you had lost count of the amount of time you’d cum. All you knew was the lethargic feeling your body took on as Remus guided you with a gentle hand on your back to the Great Hall.
Now, you sat across a smirking Sirius with Remus by your side. “Did a number on her, didn’t you, Moony?”
Remus shot him a stern look before turning his head to you, bringing a hand up to push your hair behind your ear as he took in your state. “You feeling alright, bun?”
You returned a weak smile. “Yea-”
“What did you two wankers do to the poor thing!”
James had finally arrived, plopping down next to Sirius with concern evident in the way his brows furrowed as he noticed your hazy state from the second he saw you. “Baby?”
You smiled, still weak but genuine, at your boyfriend’s concern. “‘M fine, Jamie. Just a little fuzzy ‘s all.”
“Well, then,” your attention turned to Sirius, who’s smirk had yet to wipe off his face, as he leant over the table and spoke hushed to you, “you wouldn’t mind if I asked you to cum?”
James’ response came just as you collapsed into Remus’ side, hand shooting up to muffle the small cry that left your lips as your eyes squeezed shut. Remus’ arm came around your shoulders to hold you to him just as James fist came in contact with Sirius’ arm.
“Oi!” Sirius rubbed his arm, albeit the punch doing nothing to wipe the mischievous look on his face. “Seems ungrateful of you, Prongs. Weren’t you the one saying that her face like that was the prettiest thing you’d ever seen?”
James looked sheepish before he recovered. “You’re the definition of a wanker, Sirius.”
“He’s mean.” You added with a pout from the pseudo-safety of Remus’ chest.
With a wicked smile, Sirius leant over and his eyes connected with yours. “I can be meaner.”
You rolled your eyes, although smiling fondly at Sirius’ want of riling James up. There was really only one way to rile James up when you were his best friend and partner in crime, with the same sense of humour and values - when you were Sirius Black - and that’s through his baby.
Torment a few Slytherins? Sure. Drive Minnie up the wall? He’s all for it. Relentlessly teasing and torturing his princess, even in the best of ways? His heart would beat out of his chest with guilt and wanting to make his girl feel as good as he possibly can.
It really is why Remus and Sirius have to be the ones to deliver punishments when you’ve broken a rule.
Sirius’ smile only widened as James rolled his eyes and pushed himself up, knowing he’d accomplished his mission.
“Come on, baby.” James gestured for you. “Let me walk you to class.”
Remus hummed. “And you’re sure that’s all you’ll be doing?”
To which Sirius bursted into laughter, James flipped him off as you heard him uttering something along the lines of, “… was supposed to be harmless fun, not torturing the girl.”
You couldn’t help the small laugh that escaped your lips at James’ endearing defensiveness over you.
As he was finally able to put his arm around you once you’d connected at the end of the long table, James guided you out of the Great Hall before you found that the aftershocks of your latest orgasm made you more desperate for something more than you thought.
The sound of your voice, a bit weak, made James’ heart melt as his steps faltered for a moment. “Yeah, love?”
“Do you think you could take me to that classroom on the fourth floor?”
James stopped entirely, thankful for the fact that the hallway had been entirely empty, with his brows furrowed as he looked down at you. “Baby, you’ve had a lot today. I don’t want you thinking-”
“I know! I know,” you interrupted, although flushing at the stern look you received in turn for it. He raised a brow for you to continue, nonetheless. “‘S not for you, Jamie.”
You bit your lip as your cheeks burned hotter than before. “Just been coming around nothing all day. Feels so empty.”
James let out a breath he didn’t know he had been holding in, pants tightening painfully at your confession and the way your eyes, filled with lust, bore into his. “Yeah?”
It didn’t take long for James to take you up to the abandoned classroom on the fourth floor, charming the door locked before pushing your front up against one of the desks.
Your hands came down to support you as James ground himself against you before you whimpered. “Please, Jamie, I can’t - Need your cock.”
“I know,” James cooed, pulling away from you to flip your skirt up and groaning at the sight of you bare - panties stolen by Remus. He traced your lips, wet with arousal, with his finger and shushing you as you whined. “It’s alright, sweetheart. I’m going to fill you up, yeah?”
He pulled his hands away from you to release himself from his confines, pulling out his cock and relishing in the gasp that escaped your lips when he ran the tip through your folds. “Gonna make my girl feel all better, hm?”
You pushed back against him with a cry, urging him to hurry up, to which he complied. You groaned at the feeling of the boy slowly filling your cunt for the first time that day.
“Fuck.” James’ hands gripped tightly at your waist as he bottomed out, panting as he took a moment to rest inside you and allow you to adjust. “That feel better, princess?”
You mustered enough strength to nod your head weakly, uttering incoherent words of gratitude as your cunt clenched around the boy’s cock. “Thank you, thank you, thank you so much-”
James shushed you as one of his hands came up to grip your jaw, bringing you up to have your back flush against his chest and connect your lips with his.
“Never have to thank me,” he mumbled against your lips, “‘D do anything for my princess.”
His hips began to move, thrusting at a slow rhythm. “You my princess?”
“Yeah,” you cried against his lips as his cock began to hit a sensitive spot inside of you, “‘M your princess, Jamie.”
James’ thrusts began to pick up, the feeling of your cunt tightening around him becoming too much. The lewd sounds of skin slapping against skin and your moans echoing in the room increased with the quickening of his pace.
“I’m so close, baby,” James grunted into your ear, “Want you to cum.”
With that, another coil in your belly snapped and sent you over the edge. The feeling of your cunt spasming around his cock sent James to his end not long after, painting your walls white as he buried himself into you.
Your pants filled the room, coupled with James’, as the two of you refused to move before a thought hit you. “Did you three really learn how to manufacture a spell and put that knowledge to use by creating a… cum charm?”
You turned your head back only to be met with a sheepish smile on the bespectacled boy’s face. “To be fair, Pads was telling the truth about how pretty your orgasm face is, princess.”
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longlivelupin · 2 days ago
Sirius: I'm having problems with a guy
Marlene: 'his dead body won't fit in the back of my car' problems or 'I like him' problems?
Sirius: I like him
Marlene: Too bad, I could have helped with the other one
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