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#Sister Reader
helliontherapscallion · 6 months ago
(Y/n) and the Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad Week: Monday
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Spotify Playlist (collaborative)
Pairing: SBI x sister!reader (she/her pronouns)
Warnings: swearing, toxic friends, panic spirals/attacks, injury, taking pills for pain
Summary: you have a very bad week, how will you manage? (Characters are fully human, but based on their DSMP characters. High school AU)
Word count: 4,818
(A/N): I’ve never played volleyball or watched Haikyuu before, so I’m not 100% certain how games work. Also, I probs should’ve split this into two parts, but eh.
“(Y/n) love, you look homeless in that sweater, it’s literally so fucking ugly.”
“Haha, yeah it is. I guess I just wasn’t really trying today.”
Adrian snorted, scanning your body with his cold eyes. “Today? You don’t try at all. You always look like trash.”
“More than trash, you always look like you just rolled in dog shit.” Sammy threw her head back and cackled at her own joke.
Your friends around you erupted in laughter as you four walked down the hallways of the hell that was your public high school. You awkwardly chuckled alongside them, you didn’t really find it funny, but you didn’t want to draw more attention towards yourself. 
“Seriously, (y/n), I really don’t know why we still hang out around you anymore. You really let yourself go.”
“Yeah, now that I think about it, you did gain like five pounds in the past week.”
“Really not a good look on you, love. Then again, nothing you do can make you look good anymore.”
You tried to not let their comments get to you, you really did, but sometimes their comments just rooted themselves deep into your subconscious. You didn’t try looking good anymore, you couldn’t wear anything without them criticising it. You could never win. 
“Awe,” Adrien poked your cheeks, “stop looking so sad. We’re just trying to give you advice. You really need it.”
“Yeah, (y/n). You’re so sensitive, get a grip.”
“Guys look, I think she’s gonna cry!” 
You wiped at your welling eyes with the sleeves of your sweater. “I’m not. I just got allergies.”
Annie rolled her eyes. “Uh-huh. Anyways, what are our plans for Halloween? We should totally dress up like sexy angels! I think that’d be so cool. Like, Clint’s party won’t be ready for us.”
“Oh, about that Annie…”
“God, what now (y/n)?”
“I was actually planning on spending Halloween night taking Tommy and Tubbo trick-or-treating with my brothers and dad. I won’t be able to go with you guys, I’m sorry.”
The group groaned loudly. “C’mon (y/n), you never hang out with us anymore.”
“Oh my god (y/n) you still go trick-or-treating? We’re juniors.”
“I’m sorry, I’ve just been busy with my AP classes and studying for the SAT. My team captain’s really been pushing the team hard with volleyball practice. State finals are soon and we want first this year.”
“No matter how much studying you do, you’re gonna fail. You’re stupid, so why try? Just give up and hang out with uuussss.”
“Yeah (y/n),” Adrien looked at you suspiciously, “you’ve been ignoring us lately. I thought we were friends. Do you even wanna be friends anymore?”
You felt a flare of panic flare up in your gut. “I do! I-I just have so much going on right now. It’s starting to get hard to juggle everything.”
“We’re starting to think that you don’t like us anymore, we want our (y/n) back!” Sammy whined. The others agreed with her, making you feel guilty. You were ignoring them, it was selfish in your opinion. You supposed that you could skip out on taking Tommy and Tubbo trick-or-treating, there’ll be other years you could take them. 
“I guess I can take Tommy and Tubbo another year. They’d just have to go without me this year.”
They cheered, giving you praise. You beamed at that, they seemed down lately and you loved it when they’d give you compliments. They didn’t do that much, so that made their praise more special to you. You strived to get compliments.
You four went off to your separate first classes for the day. Yours was statistics, a class you’ve been struggling in lately. You didn’t know anybody in there except for your oldest brother Techno, so you tried to stick with him. Unfortunately, the teacher’s seating chart placed you both on opposite ends of the room, probably because of your last names indicating that you’re siblings. You placed your stuff down on the table and plopped down into your seat, already drained. You had a long day ahead of you; you had a major AP world history test in your next class, you had to give a presentation in your AP english class that was worth a quarter of your final grade, and you had a semifinals volleyball match that would last until late in the night. If your team won, you would be going to state finals, so it was a lot of pressure on your shoulders. You were the main setter, so you had to really focus tonight if you were going to score your team points. 
“Alright class, pull out your homework!”
Fuck, you had homework? You looked in your folder, only to see the unfinished sheet full of equations you didn’t understand staring back at you tauntingly. Mr. Mullins walked over to your desk, took one look at your blank homework, and just walked right past you. Another big fat zero in the gradebook for you, just what you needed. At least he wasn’t in the mood to berate you today. You didn’t need any more stress piled onto your shoulders. 
The lesson felt like it dragged on forever with you frantically trying to copy down the notes on the board and trying to understand the content at the same time. Overtime, he would call students up to the board. Hopefully, he would skip over you today. “Ms. Minecraft.” Goddamn it, you spoke too soon.
Your head perked up and you looked at him. “Yes sir?”
“Come up to the board and solve this.”
Gulping, you felt panic rise up in you and stood up with shaky knees. On the board was part of the newer content he was just teaching. Something that you understood only a little bit better than the rest, and that’s not saying much. You still didn’t understand the content completely. Your writing was shaky as you wrote what you thought was right on the board. Finding the answer, you circled it and looked at Mr. Mullins. He looked disappointed. 
“That’s wrong, Ms. Minecraft. Please sit down.”
You felt like your face was on fire as you saw the entire class burning holes into you with their eyes. Though they looked dead inside, as per usual with any morning class full of tired teenagers, their effects still took hold on you. You wanted to crawl into a dark hole and die. You sat back down and stared at your note packet, you couldn’t focus on the lecture anymore. Your attention was fully on your surroundings, you were hyper aware of every little whisper and bouncing leg in your peripheral vision. You could feel yourself spiraling, usually that wouldn’t happen until after your third class. Today was going to be rough. 
The loud chime of the bell startled you out of your thoughts. You shakily put your papers back into your binder and put the binder back into your backpack. Right as you were about to walk through the door, you heard Techno catch up to you. “Hey, you good?”
“Yeah Tech, I’m just peachy.”
“Are you su-”
“Technoblade. I’m fine. Now if you excuse me, I have to get to my next class. I have an important presentation I’ve gotta prepare for.”
Without giving him any room to argue, you rushed off to your english class. You had Adrian and Annie in your class. For your presentation, you were paired up with people that you hardly knew. At least they did their part in the project, you were certain you were going to die if you got paired up with Adrian and Annie again. You loved them, but they never did any part of their portion of work. They left it to you to finish at midnight the day the project was due. To be fair, they both told you they had family emergencies, so you covered for them just that once. 
You pulled out your flashcards only to have them knocked out of your hand when someone bumped into you. You quickly crouched to pick them up so you could have them in order by time class started. “Oops, sorry love.”
It was Annie. She and Adrian towered over your crouched form smirking at you. Looking back down to rearrange your cards, you murmured “it’s ok.”
“Are you ready for this presentation, I know I am.”
You smiled a little. “Actually, I think I’m going to ace this. English is my best subject.”
“Yeah (y/n), I wasn’t asking you. I was talking to Annie. Besides, you’re probably going to fail this.” Adrian scoffed. 
“Thank you for asking, Adrian,” Annie shot a pointed look at you, “at least someone cares.”
The bell rang, signifying the start of your second block. You felt like you had a lump in your throat blocking your breathing. If Adrian, one of the smartest kids in your english class, said that you were going to fail, then you probably were going to fail. That would take a huge hit on your grade, this project was worth a quarter of your final grade after all. You were zoned out for the entirety of your classmate’s presentations putting yourself into a spiral. You jumped when Mr. Todd, your teacher, called your group up to present.
You stood stiffly in the middle of your two groupmates and clutched your flashcards with clammy hands. Luckily, your part of the presentation was not first. When it came to your part, you were stuttering and tumbling over your words. You even dropped your flashcards in front of everybody, causing half the class to snicker. Your face burned as you hurried to pick them up and your other groupmate took this as a signal to continue the presentation. You still had an important point to make that was integral for the set up to your other groupmate’s part of her presentation. You stared at your flashcards for the rest of the presentation. 
When the bell rang, you made a mad dash out of the classroom. You didn’t want to talk to anybody, especially not Adrian or Annie. It was a relief that you had your lunch period at the moment. You could hide yourself in the bathroom nobody used and let your panic attack ride itself out. 
You ducked inside a stall and sat on the toilet, bringing your knees up to bury your face in them. The tears and panic you were holding in all day let itself out with explosive effects. You started to hyperventilate as you muffled your sobs with your knee. Your chest painfully clenched so you couldn’t breathe. Your limbs felt like they weighed two tons each and they were shaking intensely. You didn’t hear the end of the lunch bell ring. By the time you calmed down slightly, you were five minutes late to AP world history. 
You packed your stuff up in a hurry, power walking through the halls. You probably looked like shit, but you didn’t care, you had a class to get to and a test that you probably wouldn’t be able to finish now. You lost ten minutes of your test time. When you tried to open the closed door, you found that it was locked. You had to knock if you wanted to get in. You raised a shaking hand to knock, but the door was opened by a less-than-impressed Ms. Osborne. She ushered you to your desk and gave you your unit test. 
You couldn’t focus. The multiple choice section was usually a breeze to you, but you couldn’t comprehend any of the questions. When you could comprehend them, you couldn’t concentrate on choosing an answer. You did your best to find the correct answers, but you were almost positive that at least half of them were wrong. Your handwriting was nearly incomprehensible and your essay topic was something you didn’t study for. When you were done with half of the body paragraphs, the bell rang and you had to turn in your unfinished test. 
You had your independent online psychology course next in the library. You usually worked alone secluded in a corner deep inside the library where nobody went. You would get some solace in being alone. Maybe you’d calm down enough so that you could ride home with your brothers and not go for a long walk so you could avoid them. 
You settled down in the comfortable chair and pulled out your laptop to get started. Psychology was your favorite class. It was easy for you to understand, it didn’t have much of a workload attached to it, and it was fun to learn about. It always calmed you down reading about the intricate workings of the brain. 
By time the day was over, you got most of your psychology work done and you were on your way to the car you shared with Technoblade and Wilbur. You took out your spare keys and slumped against the window in the backseat. You were absolutely drained after your terrible day and you still felt panic swirling deep within you, waiting for the right moment to strike. 
You stretched out your legs across the seat and leaned your back against the door. For the first time that day, you felt peaceful. You still had at least fifteen minutes to yourself until your brothers would start to make your way to the car. You felt the panic subside slightly and you fully relaxed. You closed your eyes and let yourself drift off into a light sleep. You needed your energy for tonight’s match. 
The door you were leaning on swung open and you tumbled backwards smacking the back of your head against the metal frame of the car and reverse scorpioning onto the pavement. Your entire upper back and the back of your head exploded in pain and your lower back hurt slightly from having your back bent uncomfortably. You heard laughter above you as you felt tears of pain start to slip out of your eyes. Your legs swung out from their place above your face and landed on the ground with a painful thump. 
You saw three blurry figures above you laughing at your pain. You reached up with a shaky hand to wipe at your tears and saw Adrian, Sammy, and Annie. They were cackling as you shakily stood up and sat on the comfortable seats of the car. You waited patiently for them to calm down. 
Eventually, Sammy calmed down enough to explain what happened to you through chuckles. “I’m sorry (y/n), it was just too good to resist. You should’ve seen your face.”
She and the others broke back into uncontrolled laughter as they remembered your embarrassing fall. You were used to their antics, and quite frankly it felt good to make your friends laugh, even if it were at your own expense. Just as they were calming down once again, you saw Wilbur and Techno walk out the front doors of the school laughing at something the other said. Annie and Sammy heard their laughter and quickly turned around to watch them. They had massive crushes on both of your brothers, many in the school did. 
Your brothers made their way to your shared car and stopped to look at you in slight confusion. “(Y/n), were you crying? What happened?” Wilbur asked worriedly. 
“Oh Wilbur, it was terrible, (y/n) fell out of the car. I don’t think she closed the door before she leaned on it.” Annie interrupted you with a faked concerned tone, a complete contradiction to her reaction before your brothers came.
Techno hastily made his way to the driver’s side door. “Well, if she’s hurt we better get going, right Wilbur?”
“Yes! We better get going, please excuse us.” He sat in the passenger seat and closed the door without hearing Sammy and Annie’s desperate attempts to stop them so they could talk to them. Your brothers thought Sammy and Annie were annoying. They absolutely hated being around them. 
Waving apologetically at your friends, you pulled yourself into the car and closed the door. Annie and Sammy looked offended that you had let Wilbur and Techno get away from them. Avoiding their eyes, you looked down at your tightly clasped hands. They were shaking slightly. 
After pulling out of the parking lot, Techno glanced at you from the rearview mirror. “You ok (y/n)?”
“Yeah, my back just hurts and I have a headache.”
“Well, do you wanna go and get some ice cream? We still have some time left before we have to pick up Tommy and Tubbo. Dad doesn’t have to know,” Wilbur asked you.
You sighed, you wanted nothing other than to take a nap before your match. “Sorry, but I need to watch what I eat today. We have semifinals tonight and I can’t have anything sugary. I just wanna go home and take a nap.”
Your brothers were quiet for the rest of the car ride until you reached your driveway. Techno twisted his body around in his seat to look at you after he put the car in park. “Did you actually fall out of the car?”
Shit, should you tell him the truth? If you did, they would almost certainly get mad at your friends. Sammy and Annie would never forgive you if you turned your brothers against them. You decided that you would take one for the team again. “Yeah, I wasn’t paying attention.” 
Techno snorted. “Well, that was stupid,” he jokingly said. “Next time you’re gonna get run over by a parked car.”
You knew that he meant that as a joke, but it still stung. Stamping your emotions down, you laughed with him and Wilbur. It was stupid of you to do, you shouldn’t have let your guard down if you weren’t at home. 
You winced as you slung your bag on your back and walked the best you could back into your house. Your upper back was killing you. You made a beeline to the bathroom and rummaged through the medicine cabinet looking for some pain relief pills. You took some and shambled off to your room to take your well earned nap. You set your alarm’s setting to its loudest volume and passed out. 
You jolted up and gasped when you felt a wave of pain hit your upper back. You blearily looked at the time. You had a little under two hours before you had to get back to the school for your match. You groaned when you pulled yourself up, your head pounding with every turn. You pulled yourself out of bed and once again took some pain pills. You went downstairs to grab an apple or something to eat. Your dad was at the stove stirring something around in a pot. 
He turned to look at you with an excited smile. “You ready for your match tonight? You’re gonna kill it!” 
You only nodded halfheartedly and plopped yourself down at the table with your apple. Philza frowned at your lack of enthusiasm, but he figured that it was just because you just woke up from a nap. You’d bounce back eventually. 
“Wilbur told me that you fell out of the car? How’d you do that?”
You shrugged, wincing slightly as it moved your back slightly. “Dunno, must’ve not closed the door.”
Philza was at your side in a hurry, his hands hovering over your shoulders. “Did you get hurt? Show me where it hurts.”
“My back and the back of my head.”
“Can I move your shirt so I could look?”
“Sure, go ahead.”
You felt him gently pull the neck of your t-shirt away from your body to peek at your back. You heard his breath hitch as he looked. Was it that bad? “Good god (y/n),” he breathed out.
“What, is it bad?”
“Don’t you feel how bad it is? Your entire back is bruised. I think there’s some blood too.”
“First, language. Second, that’s all you have to say? Aren’t you in pain?”
“Yeah, but the pain pills are gonna kick in soon. I’ll be fine.”
“Would you be able to play tonight? I really think you should sit this one out.”
“No, I’m playing tonight Dad.”
“(Y/n),” oh no, he was using his stern dad voice. “It’s not a good idea to play tonight. You’re hurt, I’m sure they’ll understand if you sit this one out.”
You felt frustration rise up in you. “We’re in the semifinals. They need me, I’m the main setter. They’d lose without me playing.”
“(Y/n), I’m serious. You’re not playing today.”
“Dad, I am playing today. Look, I’ll talk to Coach Williams to see if I could be rotated out more often. I know she’d let me.”
He stared at you for a while before sighing. He knew there was no convincing you. “...Fine. But you better talk to Coach Williams about sitting out for a bit if your back hurts too much or I swear I’ll drag you off the court myself.”
You smiled a little at the small victory. “Thank you! I promise I’ll sit out if needed.”
He quirked an eyebrow at you. “If needed?”
You sighed, “when needed.”
He walked over to the pot, stirring the contents slightly. “That’s better. Dinner’s almost ready, I made some pasta.”
“It smells good, but I think I’m skipping out on it for today. I already ate this apple and if I eat any more I’ll probably hurl on the court.”
He made a displeased noise in the back of his throat, “fine, but you’re eating something when we get home tonight.”
He walked off to go get your brothers and Tubbo for dinner. You could hear their booming steps racing down the stairs towards the kitchen. They raced into the kitchen and almost crashed into the back of your chair. You stood up and looked at the two excitable fifth graders. “Careful boys, don’t want you getting hurt.”
“You’re no fun (y/n),” Tommy whined.
“Sure, sorry bout that,” Tubbo beamed at you.
You chuckled, making your way upstairs to get ready for your match. You took off your clothes with great difficulty and slipped on your jersey and your spandex shorts. They were way too short for your tastes, but you couldn’t wear longer ones, they’d just get in the way. You fondly remembered how your dad flipped out when he first saw you in them, he hated them with a burning passion. He still hates how short they are.
When you were struggling with pulling your hair back into a tight, sleek ponytail, the back of your head throbbed continuously with pain. You most likely bruised your scalp. 
You slipped on your shoes that were made specifically for playing volleyball and headed downstairs. You were met with Tommy and Tubbo jumping in excitement seeing you in your uniform. They loved going to your matches, even if they would always pass out in the car after them because matches usually ended late at night. You grabbed your dad’s keys and headed to his car. Before you could lead the boys out the door, Philza’s voice stopped you.
“(Y/n), coat.”
You huffed, grabbing your coat and putting it on before tossing him his keys. You four got into the car and set out for the high school. The short drive was filled with Tommy and Tubbo asking you questions about volleyball and encouraging you. “(Y/n), you’re gonna kick their butts!”
“Yeah!” Tubbo cheered 
Despite their voices causing a spike of pain to shoot throughout your head, you laughed at their enthusiasm. It was always nice to hear your little brother and pseudo brother in the stands cheering you on, they were your and your team’s personal cheerleaders. 
Not long after you got to the school, you were stretching with your team on the gym’s floor. Your posse found their way into the stands, sitting in the front row. The away team watched your team like a hawk, analysing every single player for any weakness. It was because of them that you tried to not show any pain when you moved your back. You talked to Coach Williams before the team stretch and she was obviously sympathetic with your situation. She agreed to switching you out with the standby setter every few rotations. 
The echo of the whistles caused pain to ring in your head every time someone scored or a foul was called. Your team captain, Haley, was constantly, yet discreetly checking on you throughout the game since she was always next to you. She was the team’s main spiker after all. 
The game droned on and on before you realized that the opposing team was targeting you when they were offensive. They probably realized that you were injured a round ago. You tried your best to block every ball that was sent your way, but a few managed to slip past you when you couldn’t move fast enough. This team was good, but your team was better. 
The score during the final round was tied and the clock was on it’s last ten seconds as the ball soared your way. You dove to hit it, landing on your shoulder on the hard floor and hitting it up high enough for Haley to spike the ball down. The crowd went wild as the ball bounced off from the opposite end of the court almost simultaneously with the screeching of the referee’s whistle, signifying the end of the game and your team’s victory.
You laid on the floor in pain, you thought you must’ve pulled your tender muscles in your back and shoulder. It hurt to move it. You felt one of your teammates grab your hand to yank you up into a giant full team group hug. You yelped slightly in pain as you felt arms press against your back and hands firmly patting your bruised shoulders. You were whisked away into the locker room to change into the pajamas you brought with you. 
“(Y/n), are you alright? That was a pretty hard fall.” Haley’s soft voice asked you. You felt your heart sing in your chest. 
“Yeah Hales, I’m fine. I just pulled a few muscles.”
Her perfectly shaped eyebrows furrowed together, “are you sure? As your team captain and your friend, I’m worried about you.”
You couldn’t help the smile that spread across your face. You felt warm knowing that she cared about you. “I’m sure, worrywart.”
She rolled her eyes playfully and breathed out a soft laugh. “Sorry for asking, grump.” Her laugh sounded like music to your ears. 
Your phone vibrated in your pajama pocket, alerting you of your family waiting for you in the car and for you to hurry up. You sighed, “sorry Hales, I gotta go. Dad’s getting impatient.” 
She gave you a small smile. “Oh, well, tell your family I said hi! Good work on the court today, I wouldn’t ask for a different setter.”
You felt your cheeks warm up and you watched with wide eyes as she left the locker room. Your phone vibrated again, your dad was really starting to get impatient. 
You walked out of the school as fast as you could to find your dad’s car waiting for you up front. Jumping in and softly closing the passenger side door, you slumped against the window. “(Y/n),” Tommy’s tired voice slurred. “That. Was. Pog…”
You glanced back to see him and Tubbo snoring away in their seats. Your match was more exciting than usual, so that must’ve really tired them out. You chuckled, turning back around to lean against the window. You took care not to put any weight on your shoulder or back. 
“(Y/n), you were amazing out there, but why did you dive for that ball? That fall looked like it hurt.”
You hummed tiredly, “thanks Dad. I just did what I thought would win us the game. We’re going to finals!” You quietly sang. 
“Did you hurt your shoulder?”
“I actually don’t know, but I think I might’ve pulled a few muscles. Nothing too bad.”
“...I scheduled a doctor’s appointment for you tomorrow morning during your first and second blocks. I want you to get your back, shoulder, and head looked at. You looked miserable the entire match.”
You sighed, too tired to argue, “mmk.”
He chuckled before the car fell into a comfortable silence. The gentle bouncing of the car and the subtle hum of the engine was lulling you to sleep. Your eyelids were drooping by the time you pulled into your driveway. 
You drug yourself out of the car and into the house, leaving Philza with the sleeping boys. You walked straight to your room and plopped down on your bed, passing out instantly for the second time that day.
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cas-kingdom · 2 months ago
For You
A/N: Set during episode 5. If you haven’t read Call It True, reader is Steve’s sister (who’s about 16). She grabbed onto the Tesseract just as Loki time travelled and they’ve been together ever since!
Tumblr media
Title: For You
Summary: Loki realises you’ve been injured since New York, and you never told him. 
Words: 2157
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“The alligator does look like you, you know.”
“I’m sure you can see it plain as day.”
“Can’t you?”
Loki adopted an expression of utter sarcasm as he turned from the door. “Ah, yes. Every time I look at myself in the mirror, an alligator stares straight back at me.”
You grinned, shrugging, and sat on the bed to test the bounce of the mattress. “Knew it.”
The both of you had been directed to a little room in the Other Lokis’ strange, underground home. It had one large bed in the middle and a couple wardrobes, a bedside table with a stale-looking lamp emanating muted light… but it was the most inviting room you had seen since all hell broke loose. Which, really, was the moment you and Loki had arrived at the TVA.
Though being pruned was a close second.
You lifted your legs and stretched them out across the bed, turning to lie down. It wasn’t all too comfy, but you could easily have fallen asleep there and then if there weren’t three Lokis just outside the door. Neither you nor your Loki, the real Loki, trusted them, but the past few days had been overwhelming, to say the least, and Loki must have noticed, because he’d asked the variants if there was somewhere he and you could go for an hour or so, just to gather your thoughts and figure out how you would get back to the TVA. Or home. That would be nice, wouldn’t it?
A quick breath of air came from your nose as you laughed to yourself, shaking your head in morbid amusement. Home. You weren’t getting home. You’d never get home again. You just knew it. But, somehow, you’d resigned to that fact now and simply accepted it. It was doubtful you’d even get back to the TVA, if what the Other Lokis said were true, so there really was nothing left to do except acquiescence.
You felt the bed dip by your feet. “Perhaps we should find Mobius,” Loki suggested a second later.
You stared dully at the cracks on the ceiling. “He could be anywhere.”
“I know that, but he’s our only hope at getting back. If anyone knows, it’ll be him.”
“The Lokis said there is no other way back.”
“That they know of. I mean... maybe Sylvie will get us back.”
Your chest heaved with a deep sigh, and you visibly deflated. “Sylvie doesn’t know where we are. It’s hopeless, Loki. Maybe we really are doomed to live with three variants of you, one of them a reptile, in an underground base, never to see the light of home or those we love again.”
He chuckled. “Very dramatic.”
“The truth often is.”
There was silence, and then a bit of shuffling as Loki came to lie down beside you, folding his hands neatly on his stomach. “You miss your brother,” he stated.
“So do you.”
He turned his head. “You know me that well?”
“You know me that well?”
Your eyes flicked to his, a smile pulling at your lips. In the time you’d spent together over the past however long it’d been since New York, you’d grown a fondness for each other. It was strange for you both, considering you were affiliated with the Avengers and therefore someone Loki should rightfully wish to bring down, and he was a god who’d killed hundreds and had been dead set on ruling Earth, or Midgard, as he called it.
Yes, in all circumstances, you were enemies, and yet you’d been stuck together the moment you had grasped the Tesseract as Loki time travelled. Really, it was difficult not to gain some kind of affection for the other.
There was a trust, there. That was what it was. Trust. A sacred emotion, all things considered. Loki protected you from anyone who he thought may hurt you, and you protected Loki from anyone you thought may discredit him.
Granted, at the beginning, fondness and trust had been non-existent between you. Loki would have let anyone kill you, and you would have let anyone discredit him… in fact, you probably would have helped. One less problem to deal with.
But, somewhere along the way, you’d become friends, and it was a nice feeling to have in a world that wasn’t the one either of you knew.
Loki’s eyes narrowed at you. “Touché,” he said, tapping your nose. You giggled and his eyes softened as he gazed at you, something indecipherable swirling deep behind the emerald.
“I will do all I can to get you home to him, Y/N,” he gently promised.
You turned to him, blinking, and then glanced down at his tie. “Would you come back with me?” you asked quietly.
Loki sucked in a deep breath, eyes widening in thought. “I… don’t know.”
“If you do, I won’t let them get you. The Avengers. I won’t let them harm you.”
He smiled. “Quite a lot of power for such a little lady.”
“I’m not that little.”
“No. No, I don’t believe you are.”
You lapsed into a comfortable silence then, no sound save for the Other Lokis outside the heavy door, likely arguing amongst themselves.
You felt a slight jab in your heart at that. Was this what your life was going to be like from now on? You’d barely gotten used to modern-day New York, then the TVA, now you were here, in a place you didn’t even know the name of. It was the presence of the god beside you keeping you sane, you knew it, and you were quite sure in that moment you would have cried had Loki not suddenly turned back to you, obvious questions painted on his face.
“Do you really see a similarity between me and that alligator?” he asked, genuinely desperate for an answer.
You froze, staring at the ceiling, and then snorted, the tears in your eyes fading as quickly as they’d come. “Yeah,” you choked out, watery giggles spilling from your mouth as you brought a fist up to muffle them, “yeah, it- it’s the eyes, Loki, honestly.”
Loki sat up. “The eyes?” He looked shocked.
“Snaky, you know?”
“Snaky eyes? Is there such a thing?” He gaped at you, looking all the more like he was ready to rush around for a mirror.
“No, like-” You struggled for the word, lifting your arms in the air as your mind searched- “Ophidian!”
“‘Of or resembling snakes.’ Are you calling me a snake?”
“Don’t tell me you’ve never turned into one before.”
“Well, I have, actually, but-”
“There we go!”
You were still lying down, but you peered at him through mischievous eyes as he processed your words. When he did, and he realised you were teasing him, he chuckled to himself and rolled his eyes. “You are a little nuisance, aren’t you?”
“I’ve been stuck with you for weeks. Of course I am.”
And, with that, he reached over and dug his fingers into your stomach, causing you to shriek. It was a harmless thing, despite it being instinctive – Odin knew he and Thor had gotten into plenty of tickle fights in their lifetime – and you’d laughed, alright, until your legs had impulsively curled up to protect your stomach and a sudden gasp of pain came from your mouth. You sat up immediately as he withdrew his hand, hugging yourself and bending over slightly.
Concern swirled in the god’s eyes as he sat back. “Y/N?” he asked. “Are you alright? Did I do something? I’m sorry, I didn’t mean-” He stopped short when you lifted your shirt the slightest bit, a canvas of blues and purples painted sloppily across the skin of your belly. All apprehension that it’d been his fault left him as he leaned forward and pulled your shirt up even more, eyebrows furrowing when he saw the bruises littering all the way up your ribs.
“By Odin,” he breathed out, “when did this happen?”
You were staring at it. He noticed you swallow, and then bat his hand away to yank your shirt down. “It doesn’t matter,” you told him.
“Of course it does. Does it not hurt?”
“Yes. But it’s fine. I’ve lived with it long enough.”
Loki was rightfully dubious about that, and he loosely crossed his arms over his chest, gaining a rather stern gaze as he looked at you. The moment you glanced up, you blinked at him, looking for a moment physically taken aback.
“You should have told me,” he said firmly.
Your mouth opened a little and you were silent before you answered. “No, I shouldn’t.”
“I could have helped you!”
“Maybe I didn’t want you to help me!”
“Why on Asgard would you not want help?”
“Help from you, Loki!”
He laughed, but not at all in amusement. “Oh, come on! Am I really that frightening? After all the time we’ve spent together, have you not learnt by now that I would never harm you?”
You groaned, throwing your hands up in the air. “But you did!” you all but yelled, snapping your eyes to him. “They’re from New York! I was there, you know, fighting, just like everyone else, for our lives! Maybe not fighting like my brother, or the other Avengers, but I was helping civilians, innocents, get to safety! And someone happened to blow up a building I was beside, and it knocked me over, and I fell, and, yeah, I bruised, pretty fucking badly! But, you know what? There’s way worse things that’ve happened to me recently, so I’ve kinda decided to just deal with it!”
You stopped and took the largest breath you could, swallowing back anything else you might’ve wished to say and quickly averting your gaze. There were tears in your eyes, surprisingly the first aimed at him, and he felt a stab in his heart when his brain fully processed each word you’d yelled at him.
He shook his head to himself, unsure on what to say. He couldn’t apologise. He’d ruined your life enough. He couldn’t promise everything would be okay. He didn’t know. He couldn’t even properly heal the bruises on you. What could he do?
The self-hatred was slowly building up inside. He knew in the time he’d spent at the TVA, he’d… changed. Somehow. He wasn’t the same, and he knew you knew that, and he was grateful for that. But what he’d done to New York still haunted him, only more so now he knew he was the cause of your injuries.
He lifted a hand, faltering a little before gently placing it on your shoulder. A new kind of hurt reached his eyes when he felt you tense. “I’m sorry,” he said quietly, despite knowing the likelihood of that being enough was low. “I…” He heaved a deep sigh. “May I hug you?”
You glanced up at him, your eyes glossed over. You gave him a look, and he shrugged, a gentle smile appearing on his face.
“That’s the only thing I can offer which may mean something,” he admitted.
You were too hurt to hesitate. In less than five seconds, Loki’s arms were wrapped around you, and you were nestled up to the god’s chest. Your stomach protested to the movement, as it had since you’d gained the bruises, but you found you didn’t care, and as you sat, curled up on his lap, you allowed your tears fall.
“You really should have told me,” Loki said as he rubbed your back.
“I know.”
“And… I don’t have the words for-”
“I know, Loki.”
“Let me finish, alright?” He sighed into your hair. “I despise myself for what I did to you. Don’t try and change that, I want to feel it. I was… it was a different part of myself that day, a part I never wish to see again. And I am sorry, a thousand times sorry, and angry that you’re in pain because of me… but please don’t forgive me.”
“I do forgive you.”
“No, I haven’t done anything to warrant that save for meaninglessly apologising-”
You tilted your head to look up at him, noting the ache in his eyes. “But you have,” you said, poking his chest. “You’ve looked after me this entire time. I wouldn’t be alive if it weren’t for you.” You sighed. “I think you’re asking me not to forgive you… because you’ve seen your future, and you know what’s coming.”
Loki’s eyebrows furrowed at that as he thought, and he realised you were probably right.
“Don’t think about the future just yet,” you continued. “Just focus on the now. Like helping my bruises. Because they really do hurt.”
Loki’s lips slowly stretched into a smile before he chuckled and hugged you close. “Alright,” he relented, closing his eyes. “I’ll go ask the Lokis if they have anything. You stay here and rest.”
“Say hello to the alligator for me.”
“For you? Anything.”
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idyllicmei · 3 months ago
Damian: I'm still trying to figure out why you're friends with me
Y/n: Because your sweet and funny
Damian: Well Jason says I'm bitter and grumpy so one of you is lying
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candescentcymbidiums · 3 months ago
Sisters Miranda
Chapter 1
Pairing: Alcina Dimitrescu x Fem! reader
Warnings: Sister hatred, throwing Miranda into a wall.
A/N: I’ve had this idea for a while so I can now act on it 🥺
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Miranda, you know this goes against everything we’ve ever learned! They barely let us get away with using dark magic, why the hell would they let us live if we brought your daughter back and harmed other people? The Coven will have our heads!”
Miranda let a growl leave her throat and she turned to face you. “You may be my elder sister, but you don’t get to tell me what the hell I can and can’t do! You’re a fool! We left the coven years ago! They won’t give a damn!”
You threw the book in your hands down and pointed at your sister, “You know damn well they won’t give two shits that we left! We still possess magical abilities! They’ll be able to feel it, we still have ties to them! We’ll be hung! The only reason they let us live with our magic in the first place is because they let us leave! You’re a fool and you know it Miranda!”
With a loud growl from her throat, Miranda pinned you against the wall, her eyes glowing red. “We both know they won’t be able to take us, you’re just too scared to accept the power you hold!”
“I’m not scared! I’m careful and precise with the spells I cast, I make sure they are successful!”
“Then why can’t you bring back Eva?” Miranda shouted, the magic around your neck pulsing with her anger. “I don’t know! Just because I’m able to perform other spells doesn’t mean I’ll be able to perform this one! Magic takes time and practice, you act as if it’ll work out every time! It won’t because nothing is perfect, no spell is perfect and you refuse to accept that because you’re too blind to realize that you’re chasing after a fake reality. You refuse to truly accept that Eva is gone! I can’t bring her back and neither can you! So for Hecate’s sake Miranda, Get over it!”
Your sister's eyes widened and her bottom lip trembled. She sat you down on the ground and whispered. “Get out.”
You huffed gently and turned towards the table to gather your supplies. “I’ll be taking my belongings with me, find your own.” You said, granting your sister one last glance before taking your leave.
That was over one thousand years ago and Miranda regretted her actions. Her chase for a vessel for her daughter still continued, yes, but she never forgot the bitter anger in your tone as you left. Yet, here you were, standing in front of her and the village Lords.
“I must say Miranda, it’s been a while since I’ve seen you. When I heard you procured servants I had to come see! I see you succeeded, yet you leave them with permanent scars.” You utter as you gesture towards the fish-like man. “However, looks are not what matters, your servants’ personalities are what earns them respect. Tell me, do they deserve respect?”
Your sister growls and throws her hand up, intending to throw you against the wall. You raise your hand, shielding yourself and absorbing her blast of magic. You click your teeth and fake pout, placing your hand on your cheek. “Honestly, you still haven’t learned have you? Knowledge is power darling and that,” you pause and let out a chuckle, “well that makes me much more powerful than you.”
“What is it you want [Name]? To down me? That won’t work, it didn’t work before and it won’t now.”
“Aw, shucks. Here I was planning on making fun of you! No, nothing like that. As I said, I simply had to see if you and your servants were as powerful as told.” Your eyes glance around and land on a woman, her pitch black hair glows in the moonlight and her golden eyes lock with yours.
You turn and point at her, crooning your finger. Your magic wraps around her and pulls her up towards you. “You seem like you know true power, let me ask you. Does she treat you like you matter? Truly, does she care about you? Be honest darling, she won’t be able to do anything to you on my watch.”
The woman fights to get free, shaking her body. “Unhand me! You’ve no hold over me or Mother Miranda! You’re nothing!”
“Is that what she says to you when you don’t complete your task the right way? When you disappoint her? She calls you nothing doesn’t she, if she doesn’t do that, I’m sure she makes it known.”
Your sister shoots a beam of magic towards you and you deflect it. “Unhand Alcina, now, or I will end you.”
A smile crosses your face and you turn your head to face the woman again. “Alcina, I must say, you have quite the beautiful name. It suits you really, the name Alcina means strong-willed. Now, tell me! Does my sister treat you right? Does she truly care for you, or are you just a pawn in her game of chess?”
Alcina’s frown falters and her face is left blank, her eyes glancing down in concentration. You drown out Miranda’s shouts as you enter Alcina’s mind. She jumps and looks up at you, her eyes filled with fear.
“You have no reason to fear me darling, I have no intention of infiltrating any memories. I simply wish to communicate with you without Miranda hearing. Now, answer my question. Or, if you don’t wish to speak, you can simply provide me with a memory of your choice to tell me.”
Alcina looks into your eyes, tears forming in hers. She always questioned her commitment to Miranda, but she never let that dictate her choices. She always chose to remain by Miranda’s side, the hope that she would become her favorite weighed heavy in her mind. Yet she never did become the favorite, instead remaining second best, only ever needed when it suited Miranda. And you’re right, Miranda does not care for her, she knows that, so why does she keep trying to please the witch?
With a final sigh, Alcina allows all of her memories spent crying over Miranda to fill your mind. The pain she felt when Miranda chose Heisenberg over her, time after time. The degradation she faced at Miranda’s hand. So many emotions fill your head, to the point that it becomes overwhelming and you pull yourself out of Alcina’s head to lock eyes with her. Tears stream down her cheeks and the makeup covering her grey skin starts to fade. Alcina’s lip trembles and she lets her head fall, pieces of black hair falling from her bun.
You turn and face your sister, placing your hand on top of Alcina’s head. “You’re an ignoble woman Sister, truly. You haven’t changed at all and the fact that you believe you have is pitiful. You still continue your quest to find a vessel for Eva and yet you continuously fail. When will you realize you’ll never get her back? You’re working your servants like a dog and not only that, yourself. You’ll die before you get her back and even if you get her back, you’ll die doing it. She won’t have her mother.”
You set the woman in your magic down, hand still atop her head. Miranda’s wings fly out, the six limbs long and black. “You’ll not talk to me like this! You forget, I am ruler over this village and these Lords! You dare degrade me, yet you refuse to fight me! You’re all bark and no bite!”
Throwing your hand up, Miranda goes flying into the wall behind her and she is held there. Shouts of protest are let out below you and you look down, hand still raised at your sister. You fly down to the hunched over man, the smell of fish invading your nose. “What is your name child?”
He shakes his head and moves away from you, pulling his hands in front of his chest. “Come now, I have no intention of harming any of you.” You gingerly place your hand on his head and rub, “You seem like you have a wonderful heart, tell me, do you?”
“I have no idea what you mean.” He utters quietly, his voice disoriented. “I mean, do you let your heart guide you, is your heart pure? Do you treat people nicely even when they haven’t treated you nicely? A pure heart is what dictates a life and those that surround that life, yet there are impure hearts that fill the world. I’m sure people have used your looks against you, degrading you. But what matters is that you choose to be kind and gentle, are you those things?”
The man before you nods quickly, grabbing your free hand. “Yes! Yes! I am pure! People treat me so rude, but you see the kindness I have to share! You’re nice!”
You smile and gently rub his hands, “Now let me ask you Melilla, does Miranda treat you kindly? Or does she degrade you for your looks even though she caused them?”
He pauses and pulls his hands from yours, backing away from your crouched form. “No! Mother loves me! She does! Mama loves us all!”
Shouts escape the man before you and another man approaches, pushing you away from the hunched man. “I suggest you leave now, you’ve been nothing but a nuisance to Miranda and all of us. Leave!” He shouts, extending his hand to catch his hammer.
A chuckle leaves your throat and you place your fingers on his temples, infiltrating his mind. His memories invade your head in a flash, a specific one catches your eye and you pull it closer to watch.
“I’ll end that bitch! I swear!” He shouts, throwing his hammer against the wall. The metal men surrounding him jump, backing away from the angered man. “She made me a monster and yet she acts as if she’s saved us! She ruined us! For god’s sake, Donna won’t even show her face anymore! Moreau is a hunched over fish! And that giant! Oh, she may piss me off, but she’s ruined Alcina! One day, I’ll end Miranda! I swear to it!”
You jump back, a laugh on the tip of your tongue. It escapes and echoes throughout the amphitheater. “Oh you,” you shriek, handing covering your mouth, “I like you! What’s your name? No no wait don’t tell me! Heisenberg!” You place your hand under his chin and lift his head, your eyes lock with his. You calm yourself and enter his mind once more. “Tell me, do you get a thrill out of the idea of killing my sister?” You whisper quietly. His eyes glow gold beneath his glasses. Heisenberg hits your hand away, “Shut your damn hole! And get out of here!”
You chuckle and turn towards Alcina, “Meet me by the wheat field, the one by the burnt house. We’ll discuss more, you interest me.” You whisper in her mind, winking.
Lastly, you face your sister, “I must say sister, it’s been pleasant seeing you again. Your servants truly are amazing, I like Moreau! He’s very nice, you should really treat him better! Ta-Ta!”
With a final bow, you wave your hand and disappear, gold dust left behind. Miranda falls from the wall she was pinned to, landing face first. She throws her head up and her hair falls over her face. Her hand slams down on the ground below her and with a tilt back of her head, she lets out a loud shriek of anger, the ground shaking.
“I’ll have your head [Name]! I will!”
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dangansnt · 3 months ago
Mondo, Gundham, Fuyuhiko, Byakuya and Korekiyo seeing their little sister getting catcalled
tw / harassment, threats of violence
Here are some protective boys for you!
Tumblr media
You were going for a walk with your brother.
It was a warm summer day, so you were wearing shorts and a tank top.
Now, Mondo may be a very protective brother, but he’s not the type of guy to tell you what you can and can’t wear.
“As long as nothing’s just hanging out, I don’t care whatcha wear.”
Besides, people usually don’t harass you, especially when he’s around.
Unfortunately, this plan isn’t always foolproof.
As you were walking to an ice cream shop, you noticed a couple guys your brother’s age hanging out in a car.
You ignored them at first, but then...
“Damn, babe! Wanna come over here and gimme some sugar?”
You tensed and looked up at Mondo.
He did not look happy.
But, he chose to be the bigger person and try to continue walking, this time with a firm grip on your hand.
“Aww, don’t be like that, babe! Leave that guy and come have fun with us!”
That was the last straw for Mondo. He let go of your hand and walked towards the car.
“You wanna say that sh*t to my face, you f*cking creeps?!”
The men froze, seemingly intimidated.
“Yeah, that’s what I f*cking thought. You so much as look in my baby sister’s direction again and I’ll ruin your goddamn lives, you hear me?!”
The men nodded, started their car, and drove off.
Mondo sighed and went back to you.
“You okay? I’m sorry you had to see that...”
“I...I’m okay. Just a little shaken up...”
He pulled you into a hug, which you reciprocated.
“I won’t let anyone hurt you, kid. I promise.” He pulled away and wiped a stray tear from your cheeks. “Now, let’s go get that ice cream you like.”
You were making your way to an animal shelter with Gundham.
Apparently, they had just gotten in a very angry cat and needed his expertise.
You decided to tag along, since you had nothing better to do.
It was a beautiful day, so a lot of people were out.
That’s... not always a good thing.
You were about five minutes away from the shelter when you noticed a guy leaning on a building.
You walked passed him, focusing on getting to the shelter...
You turned around, surprised.
“Hey girl. Wanna leave that goth freak and come have some fun? I can show you a real good time.”
You whimpered and looked towards Gundham.
He took a deep breath before locking eyes with the man, clearly upset.
“How dare you say such things?!”
The man seemed surprised to be confronted and scolded, but Gundham wasn’t letting up.
“That is no way to speak to a lady, especially if that lady is my younger sibling!”
Gundham was getting very, very mad. It was rare to see him this upset.
It almost frightened you.
“Now, I suggest you be on your way, and never speak to anyone in that manner again. And if your dare threaten my dark princess, I will send you to hell myself!”
The man ran off in fear. Gundham turned to you with a worried expression.
“Are you alright,” he asked softly. You nodded.
“L-Let’s just get to the shelter...”
Concerned, he agreed, but he took your hand and held it with a tight grip in an attempt to comfort you.
It worked.
You were walking to a coffee shop to meet up with Fuyuhiko after school.
Peko had chosen to stay behind and study.
You didn’t get to hang out with Fuyuhiko much these days since he was in Hope’s Peak.
That’s why you were so eager to get to the shop. You missed your big brother.
As you skipped towards your destination, still in your school uniform, you heard someone calling something.
“Hey hot stuff!”
You didn’t see anyone else in the area. It was just you and some dude a bit older than your brother.
“A-Are you talking to me?” The guy nodded.
“Why not come over here for a little ride babe?”
You didn’t know how to respond. You usually had Fuyuhiko or someone to help you with this kinda thing.
You were about to answer, when out of literally nowhere...
“Hey bastard! Get the f*ck away from her!”
He walked towards the scene and pulled you behind him.
“Seriously, chick? You’re gonna run off with boss baby over here?!”
Even though you couldn’t see his face, you knew he was seething with rage.
“Shut the f*ck up, scumbag! You’re lucky she’s too nice to let me tear out your eyeballs and shove ‘em down your throat!”
The man took a step back, dumbfounded.
“Now, I suggest you run off and never come anywhere near me or my little sister again, or everything I said will be more than just a threat! Now f*ck off!”
The man ran off in fear, leaving you with a very angry Fuyuhiko. He turned around, trying to calm himself.
“He didn’t do anything to you, did he?”
“No. You got here in time. Thank you.”
He sighed in relief.
“Let’s go.” He grabbed your hand and walked you to the coffee shop.
There was an obituary for the man in the paper 2 days later.
You were at a meeting with your brother.
There were a couple big guys from other companies and you could tell a couple of them had been eyeing you up.
It wasn’t unusual, but it still sucked.
As close as you were with Byakuya, you never told him.
He’s not a bleeding heart.
While the meeting was on a break and Byakuya had left the room, you were filing some paperwork and trying to ignore the creeps in the room.
“Hey darlin’! Why not come over here, hmm?”
You sighed and tried to ignore their whispers and whistles.
“Aww, don’t be a bore, doll. Come on over and give us a little show!”
Now you were beyond uncomfortable. You’d even go as far as saying you felt unsafe.
“Repeat that.”
You turned to the door and noticed Byakuya with an angry expression.
“Oh! M-Mr. Togami! W-We were just-”
“Don’t talk. I’m sick of hearing you,” He said as he walked to your side.
“You will all be leaving now. This meeting is over.”
“B-But sir-”
You had never heard Byakuya yell like that.
The men scrambled out of the room, leaving the two of you alone. Byakuya turned to you.
“How long?” You took a deep breath.
“Pretty much since I started working...”
He shook his head.
“If this ever happens again, notify me immediately.”
“I promise...”
You two were walking to the museum.
They had received some documents that they needed him to look at, and since you’re his ‘apprentice’, he brought you along with him.
He enjoyed spending time with you. He even called you his best friend.
For this reason, he was also very protective over you.
As you discussed potential findings, you briefly caught a glimpse of a man in an alleyway.
Slightly nervous, you stood closer to Kiyo.
He noticed and started walking faster.
Unfortunately, it wasn’t enough.
“Hey baby! Why not let go of that freak and come with me? I can show you a good- Urk!”
He couldn’t finish his sentence before Kiyo grabbed him by the throat and pinned him to the wall of the alleyway.
Most of his face was concealed, but you could tell he was fuming.
His eyes said it all.
“I will stop you right their, sir.”
The man tried pulling your brother off his neck, failing.
“You will listen to me, and you will listen well. You will never, ever speak to anyone in that way ever again. Am I clear?”
The man nodded and tried to get away again.
“I have not finished. If you go anywhere even remotely near my sister ever again, I will tear out your nerves one by one.”
The man swallowed a lump in his throat, nodding again.
“Good.” Korekiyo let him go and watched with disgust and he scurried off like a mouse. Once he was sure the man was gone, he turned to you.
“Are you alright, my dear?” His eyes were filled with concern.
“Y-Yeah, I’m okay...” He sighed and pulled you into a hug.
“I will always protect you, Y/n. That disgusting excuse of a human will never harm you again. I’ll make sure of it...”
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batfamxreader · 5 days ago
You’re About to Get Yo Ass Whooped and I’m Living for it
(I aged Conner Kent up to Y/n’s age instead of Damian for the sake of Batman hating Superman)
Tumblr media
Y/n Wayne. Bruce’s obvious favorite. Although Bruce would always deny it.
“I love all my children the same,” he would say, as he stood infront of a huge portrait of Y/n. Y/n was his baby. He would give you the world. He smiled when writing your name on the envelope to invite you to Thanksgiving dinner, along with your other idiot brothers. He rolled his eyes as he thought of the drama the boys would cause.
Nightwing had arrived way to fucking early, as per usual. Jason had actually showed up, in normal close, which had surprised Bruce, and for the sake of family, didn’t arrest his ass. Tim had shown up 20 minutes late and Damian was already in the house cause he lived there obviously.
You didn’t know why, but you felt like today was important. You just couldn’t think of what was happening. You pinched Conner’s thigh, making him wake up, yelping.
“What was that for?”
“Isn’t today important?”
“I think it’s what you people call Thanksgiving?”
You about shit yourself. You quickly stood up checking the time. Your eyes widened and you ran upstairs to get dressed. Conner followed you as you repeated said shit.
“What’s wrong?”
“Dad’s holding a Thanksgiving reunion.”
“It started a hour ago.” You told him, grabbing his arm and dragging him with you to the car.
You arrived smiling awkwardly. Luckily you had removed your ring before going into the house knowing your family would freak Damian jumped on you and asked if you had any candy in your purse. You gave it to him, as he searched for the candy.
“You’re late.”
“Hello dad.”
Bruce glared at where you were standing and towards Conner.
“Sup Bruce.”
You elbowed Conner, as Bruce’s eyebrow twitched. “Who’s this?”
“Him?” you pointed to Conner, “Oh, that’s just Conner. He means well.”
Bruce rolled his eyes, plotting ‘Conner’s’ death. “Dinner will be ready soon. Make sure to be on time, sweetie.”
“Of course father.”
Damian smirked when he found diamond ring. Oh tonight was going to be fun.
Damian sat between you and Conner at dinner pissing off Conner. There was small talk going on, but you and Conner were having a one on one conversation, over Damian’s head. Damian saw his moment.
“Hey Y/n.”
“What’s up shorty?”
“I didn’t know you were engaged.”
“Excuse me?” Bruce said looking at you while you blushed. Everyone was looking now, waiting for the conversation to continue.
“Yeah. I found an engagement ring in Y/n’s purse.”
“Who said it was an engagement ring?” You tried playing it off.
“Y/n, what’s Damian talking about?” Dick asked, accusingly.
“Damian’s just making shit up,” Conner said, trying to help you.
“Well yes- “ Conner could see the death in the other boys eyes, especially Tim and Jason, who were the closes to him.
Damian smirked, “You’re about to get your ass whooped and I’m living for it.”
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kortsitron · 7 months ago
Being Thor's and Loki's sibling + Hela being your older sister
Tumblr media
Thor and Loki being your older brothers
• These two dork can be sometimes overprotective
• Sometines it's cute, but most of the time it's annoying
• You have decided not bring your significant other to meet them since it always ends on the uncomfortable questions, especially from Loki
• Your brothers tried to explain themselves by saying "We just wanted to make sure they are good for you."
• They like to tease you
• Wait, allow me to correct myself
• They love to tease you, because they think you're adorable, when you're angry
• if someone would even think about hurting you, Thor and Loki will literally destroy them
• After all that happened between them, probably you're the only reason why they still keeping in touch
• They know that if one of them would left, it would hurt you more than anything
• seeing you hurt makes their heart broke, same thing with crying
• They babysit you, not matter if you're an adult or not, they will do it no matter, cuz for them you're still a cute, little (N/N) to them
Tumblr media
Thor and Loki being your younger brothers
• Even since they were a kids, they were always looking up to you
• Which sometimes causes a fights between them, cuz they were fight for your considerations
• As adults, they still look up to you, maybe not as much as when they were kids, but they still do
• They used to tell you their biggest secrets, when they were kids
" then I changed back into myself and stabbed Thor."
• You sometimes feel that you're the only that keep them together, because of what happened
• They always can count on you
• Loki never admitted it, but he at least once wanted to stab you, when he was angry ( Luckily, he never done that )
Tumblr media
Hela being your older sister
( Let's say that it's before the Thor and Loki were born, okay? Okay )
• Hela may not look like it, but she is actually a very caring and protective sister
• Even though she seems scary, she can be really nice person
• People know that they shouldn't mess with you, they know Hela won't hesitate to kill them for hurting you in any way
• She enjoys training you and sometimes even makes you train with her, because she was you to be able to protect yourself and she believes, you'll do great things in the future
• When Odin chased Hela away and forbade mentioning her
• You knew what she did and wanted was wrong, but it did hurt you, but you have decided to pretent like it didn't
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inky-page · 13 days ago
Haiii~! It’s the nonnie who asked for the Albedo with the shy artistic fem s/o who downplays her abilities! If it’s okay, can I ask for big brother Diluc headcanons with a little sister reader (like not “little little” but a 16 y/o hehe) and they have a sibling picnic together? Thank u!! Also take some 🍓🍑🧁 too, and please take care as well. One last thing- you can call me “🐈‍⬛ anon” just to make things easier, Inky-chan!
🐈⬛ it is! ^^ and of course, it's more than okay~ *smiles* I would be happy to write more headcanons dear anon :) you can request as many as you want, I would be happy to write them for you! *hug* ooh, thank you! *takes the fruits* and there's a surprise 👀
- ink
[Tagging: @genshin-obsessed because of the Diluc content and because I love you bestie ^^]
"Picnic for..."
Diluc x young sister reader
Tumblr media
It was a normal day for everyone in the city of wind. Well, aside from the fact that the weather was beautiful!
It was sunny, but not sunny enough to be considered hot (even though it was summer) because the clouds were in front of the sun, blocking its view, and creating perfect weather for...
You had just stepped out of the house and were making your way outside when you noticed the almost perfect weather.
The wind was slightly cold, and you let out a sigh as to how refreshed you felt. That's when you thought, 'why not have a picnic with Kaeya and Diluc?'
To be honest, for the last few days, you and your brothers--yes, Kaeya and Diluc--haven't been spending time with each other, no time at all.
While Kaeya was busy with his duties at the headquarters, Diluc had been busy with his own work, which included the tavern and the family business.
You felt slightly down because you couldn't spend that much time with your only remaining family members, your brothers. But...they had duties, and you understood that.
You looked up at the sky and concluded that it was the perfect weather for having a picnic. 'I wonder if both of them are free...' You thought to yourself as you made your way towards the headquarters, to ask Kaeya, first, if he would like to go have a picnic with you and Diluc.
"Well, let's just go and check." You said to yourself in a low voice, merrily making your way towards your desired destination, and enjoying what nature had to offer.
After some time, you reached the headquarters, and as you were climbing the stairs, you heard someone call out to you.
"Huh?" You muttered but turned around nonetheless, and you saw Amber making her way towards you.
"Heya, ___! What's up? Here to see your brother?" She asked with a warm smile, now standing next to you. You gave Amber a grin and nodded, she has been nothing but kind to you since day one, and if you were being honest...she was your favorite person in the headquarters after Kaeya.
"Yep! I was going to ask if he wanted to hang out. It's been a long time since I last saw him, you know?" The two of you started walking, but the girl suddenly stopped and turned towards you, "oh, I just remembered...sir Kaeya isn't here. He went on a mission this morning, and won't be coming back till dawn...I am sorry, ___."
Amber truly felt sorry for you, it was easily noticeable in her eyes and the tone she used. So, you mustered a smile and said, "oh, is that so? Well, can't be helped! He has his duties, haha. Well, next time then!"
Yes, you were sad. But you knew that being the captain wasn't easy for Kaeya. It involved a lot of work. Plus, there's always a next time!
Amber nodded her head, "I will inform him you came, little ___!" And she hugged you, "I need to see lady Jean. Let's talk more later, okay?"
You hugged her back, "I am only a few years younger, you know?" Amber laughed as she walked away, "yes, but you are still young."
Kaeya wasn't there, so you made your way towards the tavern, hoping that Diluc was free today.
As you walked, you noticed a lot of people, children, elders, parents, and they were all enjoying their days. They all had happy smiles on their faces, and a smile of your own appeared on your face.
A child smiled at you, and you smiled and waved at him. It really was a perfect day.
Soon, you reached the tavern. And again hoped that Diluc was free.
"Hello?" You called out, stepping into the empty tavern. After a few seconds, you heard Diluc's voice, "___, is that you? Please close the door before you come in, alright?"
You sighed, it wasn't your fault that cat came in and broke almost twenty wine glasses! Or was. You had left the door open, after all.
"Yes, yes, I am closing the door, don't worry." You muttered to yourself as you closed the door.
Where was he? You remembered from where you heard his voice. The storeroom?
You made your way towards the storeroom, and sure enough, Diluc was checking if the apple cider and wine bottles were in their respective areas on the shelves.
"Diluc?" You went closer to him and stood right behind him, trying to peek over his shoulder to see what he was up to. "Oh, ___. Hello." Diluc answered, looking behind him to see your smaller frame.
"This is a surprise. You never come here." He added and now turned around. You nodded your head and hummed, "well, I came here because I had to ask you something!"
He raised an eyebrow and started making his way towards the door, you followed his lead. "And what is it that you wanted to ask me?" You suddenly turned sheepish, and your brother noticed your change in behavior.
You started, “um...” and looked behind him, Diluc nodded his head as if to say 'go on'. You cleared your throat, "are you free?" He looked slightly confused but said, "yes, is there something wrong?"
You shook your head, "of course, not! Just look to at the weather!" You motioned with your hands towards the window, Diluc with his arms crossed looked at where you were motioning.
"The weather? Yes, what about it?" You deadpanned, "isn't it beautiful?" You asked him with a sweet smile.
That's when he understood where you were getting at. "If you wanted to go on a picnic, you could have asked like a normal person, you know?" You laughed, "but that's what I am not. I am your chaotic little sister, remember? Hahaha." Diluc just nodded his head with a barely there smile, because he knew exactly what you were talking about.
"Well, if you want to go then...we'll need things for lunch." He suddenly said, moving over to the kitchen. You looked at the clock, and sure enough, it would be lunchtime in a few hours.
A happy smile formed on your face and you ran towards the kitchen, "can you make those sandwiches again?" You asked with a pleading face. He turned around, "which sandwiches?" Diluc questioned.
"The ones you made for me last weekend when you were home!" He made a thinking face, but suddenly remembered which ones you were talking about. "I don't see why not..." And he smiled, "can you pass me those sesame seeds, ___?" You nodded your head, "of course, chef."
After you helped Diluc in preparing a few things, you both made your way towards a garden, that was always adorned with some type of pretty flowers. A breeze would always be blowing, and not many people would go there, aside from the elderly because that place was peaceful.
As you walked, you asked him various questions about different topics and Diluc answered them with ease. "So, wait, you completed that book in a day?!" You asked him in shock, "it's not a big deal, but yes. The topic of the book interested me, so I didn't stop reading."
And, the questions and answers continued until the both of you reached the garden.
There you saw, old mister Candice and her husband, they smiled and waved at you. You grabbed the basket with one hand and waved at them with the other, a smile adorning your face.
"Where should we sit?" You questioned and looked around for the perfect spot, "oh, there! That place looks comfortable!" He looked at where you were pointing and saw a place that was surrounded by three trees, and because of the trees, the place looked calm and peaceful.
So, you set your things there. After some while of talking, Diluc opened the book that he had brought with him and began reading. You were too busy eating the sandwich (yes, before lunch time) to notice the figure sneaking up on you.
Suddenly, you felt two large hands on your shoulders and you flinched but turned around nonetheless, the sandwich was in your mouth and you were about to scream before you noticed the person who stood behind you, trying to hold in his laugh.
"Kaeya?!" But it came out muffled because you were still eating, he laughed. And Diluc just sat there...the book in his lap as he saw the interaction. "Why in the world are you here, Kaeya?" Diluc questioned, Kaeya hugged you and then turned to face "Relax, Diluc. Amber told me that ___ came to ask me about hanging out. But, I was out on a mission.
Suddenly, a betrayed look came on Diluc's face as he looked at you, "you went to him before coming to me?" He asked, and Kaeya smirked, "that's right. Now you know who's her favorite."
Diluc glared at Kaeya, who smirked in return. Then Kaeya sat down next to you and reached for a sandwich in the basket. "They are for ___." Diluc scolded him, slapping Kaeya's hand with the book, the blue-haired male winced. "Nah, Diluc's just kidding. There are a lot of sandwiches." You told him and went back to eating...your third sandwich...
"So, on to the topic at hand. Who's your favorite brother?" Kaeya smirked again, of course, he had to rub it in Diluc's face.
You looked at the both of them slowly, still munching on your sandwich. "None of you." Your answer shocked them and Kaeya choked on his sandwich.
"I rather have Amber as my sister."
They just...looked at you.
And after a while of making a serious face, you burst into giggles. "I am just kidding! I love you both. And I don't have a favorite."
And that is how your picnic went, with both of your older brothers. You laughing at their childish banters and just...enjoying your time.
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epicnessqueen · a month ago
Blind Sister Wife (Headcanons) Alastor X Blind Twin Sister Reader (Yandere) (Hazbin Hotel)
[Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with a Request and I did not know if it was Scenarios or Headcanons so I went with Headcanons Kurowolf707 If I am wrong just tell me in the comments bellow and if I am right and you still want scenarios just say that as well! This will have hints at incest anyways please enjoy!]
-Headcanons With Alastor X Blind Twin Sister Reader  
.Alastor is your twin brother and he has for so long had you in his life.
.From birth all the way through your youth you two were never far apart.
.You were born blind and this made Alastor ridiculously protective of you.
.He took the extra time to read to you and treat you as normal as possible.
.He knew it was not easy on you, but he was determined to have you treated fairly and be protected.
.He knew he loved you when someone else showed interest in you.
.It made him so angry how that man held your hand! Did the bastard not know you were HIS!
.Alastor then started to condition you to only need him
.You would quickly become dependent on him all the whle you do not know why
.When your mother died he realized one night how much he loved you more than just a sister he wanted to keep himself more as a wife.
.He wanted that life with you even though he knew it was wrong he did not care.
.He plans to make you his but dies before he can.
.In hell he does not hold back.
.He made sure when you made it into hell that he chains you to the bed until you sell his soul to him.
.He is big he is powerful
.In the deal he will make sure to accept his marriage propsal.
.If you want to marry him or not it does not matter.
.You will Be Mrs. Radio Demon.
.He controls your life so much and all the while he tells you he is doing it to keep you safe.
.He did not know his behavior was wrong.
.He had snapped long ago and nothing can fix him. All he need is you his everything.
."(Name), you are my Sister, My Wife, MY EVERYTHING, won't You Be Mine?"
[Woo I hope you all enjoyed and yes this had more human Alastor as twin reader I had to add the build up to radio Demon. I hope you enjoyed and stay sexy all of my friends!]
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genyaakostyk · 3 months ago
reluctant caretaker
A/N: this is a very self indulgent fic, lol. it’s a comfort one for me right now
summary: having three younger siblings often meant Y/N was put in charge of looking after them. But sometimes her older siblings need some help too.
Aka, eight times Y/N did Anthony's job for him and one time he became her father
The trouble with having three younger siblings was that Y/N often got waylaid with looking after them and keeping them occupied. She didn't mind it - it was actually quite enjoyable to watch Hyacinth attack Gregory and to help Francesca with her pianoforte.
But sometimes, Y/N found herself becoming an older sibling to her own older siblings. When the weight of their responsibilities became too much, Y/N was there, like a rock that survives countless storms.
Tumblr media
Hyacinth and Y/N were two of the closest Bridgerton siblings in the entire household. They'd been close ever since Hyacinth's birth - the two becoming thick as thieves despite the years between them.
Hyacinth's beautiful, angelic face often helped Y/N escape the wrath of Anthony whenever Y/N snuck out the house and Y/N returned the favour by helping Hyacinth hide from the siblings she upset and by supporting her chaos.
It was a quiet day in the library and Y/N was minding her own business, organising the books and cleaning the room in general. The library had become a special place for her - her safety room,
“Y/N, hide me!” Hyacinth squeaked, skidding around the corner and running directly into Y/N’s legs.
“Wait, what?” Y/N asked, frowning, stumbling at the force of her little sister running into her. She grabbed
“Just, help me!” Hyacinth repeated, her eyes pleading.
“Hyacinth!” Anthony bellowed, his voice bouncing off the walls. Y/N could hear him marching up the stairs towards the library.
Y/N’s head shot up at the bellow and looked down at her little sister with wide eyes. “What did you do?”
“Please, I’ll tell you afterwards,” Hyacinth said, begging.
Y/N sighed and looked around for somewhere to hide Hyacinth. The library was big and didn’t have any decent hiding places. Y/N lifted her long dress up. 
“I swear, Hyacinth, you owe me,” she replied as Hyacinth crawled under the fabric, pulling it over her body. Y/N arranged her layers of skirt over her little sister and then pulled her shawl around too.
“Hyacinth!” Anthony bellowed again as he stormed into the room. He spotted Y/N organising the books and turned to her.  “Y/N, have you seen Hyacinth?”
Y/N shook her head and shrugged. “No, I have not. Sorry, brother.”
Anthony growled. “If you do, send her to me.”
“Why, what has she done?” Y/N asked innocently.
“She put a frog in my desk drawer,” Anthony snapped. “It’s hopping around the house, Colin is trying to catch it.”
Y/N tried not laugh, pressing her lips together. “Oh. Of course, if I see her, I shall send her to you.”
Anthony stormed off, out of the library. Y/N lifted her skirt up and narrowed her eyes down at Hyacinth.
“A frog, seriously?” She asked as Hyacinth crawled out.
“He took my book away,” Hyacinth replied, looking like an innocent angel.
Y/N rolled her eyes and shoved Hyacinth towards the door. “Shoo, I do not want to get in trouble with Anthony.”
Hyacinth rang off and Y/N resumed looking for her book. 
Y/N burst out laughing as she heard Anthony bellow at Hyacinth, his yell quickly followed by Hyacinth’s shriek and the sound of someone charging down the stairs. Y/N shook her head and smiled, laughing as she heard more yelling and shrieking from her sister.
Tumblr media
Y/N walked past Gregory’s room and glanced in as she passed. She paused and walked back, taking a look at Gregory and noticing him crying.
Y/N knocked on his door. “Gregory, what’s wrong?”
Gregory sniffed, wiping his eyes as he looked up at his big sister. “My mouse died,” he said softly, hiccuping.
Y/N’s eyes softened and she walked into her brother’s room, crouching down on the floor next to him and putting an arm around his shoulders.
“Oh, Greg, I am sorry, darling,” Y/N said, stroking his hair.
Gregory had found the mouse lurking in the kitchens one night and - despite the rest of the family telling him to get rid of it - Gregory had kept it, named it and given it a home.
And it had stayed in Gregory’s room for the past three months. Y/N had grown accustomed to checking in on the mouse whenever she went into her brother’s room and knew how closed he’d gotten to the rodent.
“Colin took him away,” Gregory whispered, more tears leaking out his eyes. “And I do not want to leave him but mother is insisting on everyone going to the party -”
“Hey, Gregory, calm down,” Y/N said gently. “We do not have to do anything with your mouse until you are ready. And I will stay by your side this entire party, alright?”
Gregory nodded and gave her a watery smile. “Thank you, sister.”
Y/N pressed a kiss to his head. “Always.” 
The floorboard outside Gregory’s room creaked and Y/N turned and looked to see who it was. Anthony stood outside the door, dressed in his waistcoat with his shirtsleeves rolled up, and gave her a smile, mouthing a thank you to Y/N. 
Y/N nodded and gave him a returning smile.
Tumblr media
Y/N eyed Colin. “Brother, that waistcoat is beginning to look a little snug.”
Colin let out a gasp and turned to face her. “How dare you!” He said, hand flying to his chest. “I was not going to say anything but your dresses are beginning to look a bit tight.”
Y/N gasped and whacked Colin’s arm, dodging the shove he aimed at her. “Colin!”
The front door slammed shut and Y/N looked up as Francesca stormed towards them.
“Hey, Franny,” Y/N greeted, smiling.
Francesca didn’t acknowledge her. She shoved past her and Colin and Y/N got a glimpse at her tear stained face as she ran past.
“Francesca!” Colin called, brow furrowing in concern at how upset his sister was.
“Leave me alone!” Francesca yelled, running up the stairs. A few moments later, her door slammed shut.
“Oh, I will go,” Y/N muttered, heading up the stairs after her sister. “Maybe run around the block and work off the bacon you ate at lunch.”
Colin gasped and let out a stuttered mess of insulted sounds as Y/N laughed and walked up the stairs.
Francesca had shut the door behind her but didn’t lock the door. Y/N knocked gently on the door but when she didn’t hear her sister reply, she opened the door and walked inside.
Francesca had dramatically flung herself face down on her bed and was quietly sobbing, her shoulders shaking.
“Oh, Franny,” Y/N said quietly, sitting down on the edge of the bed next to her sister and putting a hand on her back, rubbing it gently. 
Y/N had no idea what was wrong or what had happened to upset Francesca so much, but she didn’t need to know the specifics. Her sister was upset and needed her big sister on her side.
“Anthony is horrible,” Francesca sobbed. “He said such horrible things about the Earl of Kilmartin and he knows I like him, Y/N/N, he knows.”
Y/N sighed, stroking Francesca’s hair, twirling it around her finger. “Anthony is... well he is Anthony. He is very protective of us, Franny - he had to become a parental figure to all of us when he was barely an adult. I do not blame him for having his reservations about the Earl but know that anything Anthony says is... the majority of the time out of love.”
Francesca rolled over onto her side and looked up at her sister with teary eyes. “Can you talk to him?”
Y/N smiled and tucked a strand of hair behind Francesca’s ear. “Of course I can, my love. I shall tell him how ridiculous he is being and that you do not want to hear another word out of him until he can say something nice.”
Francesca giggled and sat up, hugging her sister tightly. “Thank you, sister. Truly.”
Y/N returned the hug. “Anything for you, Francesca.”
Tumblr media
Y/N concentrated on walking down the stairs, holding the hem of her dress up so that she didn’t trip over. She still wasn’t use to heels.
“You look like a newborn foal, Y/N,” Benedict called, eyeing her with a laugh as she gripped the bannister tightly.
“I detest these heels,” she muttered, taking Benedict’s offered hand and letting him guide her down the rest of the stairs.
“Do not let Eloise hear you say that, she will go off on a rant,” Benedict teased. 
It was if mentioning her twin sister’s name summoned her. Eloise suddenly burst out of Anthony’s office in a flurry of expensive silks and tears and ran past Y/N and Benedict. Both siblings stared after her, wincing when the door slammed loudly, shaking the walls.
“What is it with my siblings and running past me in tears?” Y/N asked, despairing. “This is the third time in as many weeks! What did you say, Anthony?” Y/N asked, turning to face her eldest brother with a hefty sigh.
“I merely mentioned her debut again and she got upset,” Anthony replied, shaking his head. “I shall talk to her.”
“No, do not even think about it,” Y/N said, halting Anthony by stepping in front of him. “You will make it worse. I shall go.”
“Wait, Y/N, I’ll come too,” Benedict called.
Y/N paused on the stairs and raised her eyebrows at him. She snorted. “Oh, this will be entertaining.”
Benedict gave her a confused look but shrugged, following after Y/N as she walked up the stairs and to Eloise’s room. Every time Eloise’s debut was brought up, she was bound to get upset or angry. It was the one subject that made her loose her judgement and her cool exterior.
Benedict knocked twice on Eloise’s door. “Eloise?”
“Go away, Benedict!” Eloise yelled and something hit the door with a hefty thud/
Benedict looked vaguely offended and took a step back from the door with a frown.
Y/N smiled to herself and chuckled. “That is exactly what I thought would happen,” she said, crossing her arms and looking up at her brother. “She thinks you’re going to gang up on her.”
“But I’m not going to.”
“Yes, but try telling that to an emotional teenager who’s big brother has upset her,” Y/N replied. “Go downstairs, I will be ten minutes.”
Benedict grumbled but trudged off down the corridor. Y/N waited for him to disappear and then gently knocked on Eloise’s bedroom door.
“El, it’s me,” Y/N called.
There was silence and then the door was unlocked and Eloise appeared, her eyes red. 
“How do you do it?” Eloise asked, sniffing.
Y/N frowned. “Do what?”
“Be perfect. Be the perfect daughter and sister all the time,” Eloise elaborated. “I cannot do it and it is so difficult to pretend.”
Y/N smiled at her. “I have been practicing for years, darling Eloise. It is all an act. I am not perfect and certainly not perfect all the time. I am merely perfect enough that mother and Anthony forget about my flaws.”
“How did you get through your debut?” Eloise asked and Y/N could see the genuine fear in her eyes. “How do you cope with all those people looking and watching.”
“For my debut, I relied on Colin,” Y/N replied honestly. “He never left my side unless I was absolutely certain I could manage on my own. Unlike Anthony, there was no judgement or constant interrogation of the suitors. He just listened to me. And after a while, the constant watching and looking does not bother you. It becomes background noise.”
Eloise dropped her head onto the edge of her door and closed her eyes. “I have hardly even begun and I am already exhausted.”
“I know.”
Y/N reached out her hand and grabbed her twin sister’s. Eloise squeezed her hand in return and gave her a tired smile. 
“But I will be with you every step of the way, sister,” Y/N promised.
Tumblr media
Daphne and Y/N had never been particularly close. They were complete opposites growing up - much like Eloise and Daphne were now - and were constantly arguing with one another. But ultimately, they did love each other.
As Y/N grew up, she looked to Daphne for help and guidance and her sister had provide it. But Y/N could tell that her sister was struggling. With her new life as a duchess, as a mother and as a wife.
“Yes, Y/N?”
The two were enjoying afternoon tea in the sprawling garden of Hastings House, watching the swans in the lake nearby.
“Are you alright?”
Daphne set her tea down and looked at Y/N. Y/N reached out a hand across the table and gripped Daphne’s, rubbing her thumb over the back of it and giving her a smile.
And that was all it took for Daphne to break down crying at the little table they sat at.
Y/N moved her chair to sit next to her sister and put her arms around her, comforting her as she cried. She didn’t have a clear idea of what Daphne was going through - being a mother was hard in its own right. But Daphne was also running an estate, being a duchess and also trying to navigate high society.
“You know, I am not a mother - or a duchess, for that fact - but what I do know is that I do not know anyone who is stronger than you, Daph. Mother does not count,” Y/N added quickly, noticing Daphne lifting her head up to object.
Daphne gave her sister a watery, emotion filled smile and sat up, taking a deep breath in. “Thank you, sister.”
Y/N smiled, picking her cup of tea up again. “You are welcome. Now, do we have anymore of those biscuits?”
Tumblr media
Y/N was having deja vu. 
What was it with her siblings and locking themselves in their rooms whilst crying? 
“Someone should go talk to Colin,” Anthony said quietly, setting his newspaper down.
There was an obvious empty space at the breakfast table in between Benedict and Y/N where Colin usually sat. Ever since the Marina incident, Colin had hardly spoken or come out of his room. Wisely, no one had said anything about it. Violet was engrossed in Lady Whistledown, Hyacinth and Gregory were, for once, behaving themselves, and Eloise was quietly cutting her pear up into thin silces.
“He won’t listen to me,” Benedict replied quickly, taking a bite of his toast.
“I am the last person he will want to speak to,” Anthony added, sighing.
The two older brothers both turned to look at Y/N.
Y/N, who was mid bite of her apple, turned to look at them. “What?”
“Well, you are good with crying siblings,” Anthony began.
“Only because you are normally the one who has upset them,” Y/N countered, turning back to her breakfast, 
Anthony raised his eyebrows. “Y/N.”
“Oh, fine,” Y/N grumbled, shoving her chair back loudly. “I should really be getting paid for this, honestly.”
Colin’s room was next door to Y/N’s. She paused outside it and sighed. 
“This is deja vu,” Y/ muttered, raising a hand, knocking hard on the door. “Colin?”
Colin didn’t reply. Y/N dropped her head on the door and sighed. She grabbed the handle and twisted it, hoping it was open. It swung open with a creak and Y/N poked her head around the wood.
Colin was lying on his bed, staring up at the ceiling with red eyes. He lifted his head and looked at her.
“Hi,” Y/N said quietly, closing the door behind herself and walking further into the room. “You left me on my own at breakfast.”
“Sorry,” Colin muttered.
Y/N walked over to the bed and sat down on the edge of it, nudging Colin to move further over to let her lie down next to him. Colin shuffled over and Y/N laid down next to him, not caring that she was crinkling her dress or ruining her hair.
Colin didn’t talk. Y/N wasn’t expecting him to. But she also wasn’t expecting him to lift his arm up and wrap it around her shoulders, pulling her into his side. Y/N let out a surprised noise but returned the hug, wrapping her arms around his side as best she could.
“Just so you know, they all practically drew straws as to who would come and talk to you,” Y/N said, her voice muffled by Colin’s waistcoat.
“Well, you are an expert now,” Colin replied, his voice a little croaky. “Four siblings now?”
“Do not even get me started, Colin,” Y/N replied, laughing softly. “When I eventually have an emotional break and lock myself in my room, you all better take it in bloody turns.”
Colin laughed, hitting her shoulder as she swore. His laughter faded and he tightened his arms around her but Y/N didn’t mind. It was often the two of them had a moment just them with no one watching or staring.
“Listen, if you come to breakfast I will not throw my orange peel at you,” Y/N said, lifting her head up. “I will happily give you the bits of my bacon that I do not like.”
“Will you give me your extra sausage?” Colin asked.
“I will give you all of my bacon if you give me a sausage,” Y/N countered.
Colin unwrapped his arm from around Y/N’s shoulders and held his hand out to her. “The deal is the deal.”
Y/N snorted. “You did not just quote my favourite book at me,” Y/N said, widening her eyes. 
Colin shrugged but his eyes were twinkling for the first time in a few days. Y/N giggled and dropped her head on to a pillow.
“I hate you,” Y/N groaned.
“No you do not,” Colin replied, all but shoving Y/N off his bed. “Now, you have promised me your bacon.”
Tumblr media
Y/N looked up as another ball of paper whizzed past her head, missing the bin and landing behind it. The bin was beginning to disappear underneath the numerous scrunched up balls of paper. Y/N wisely didn’t say anything, turning back to her book.
Benedict growled, ripping another piece of paper out his sketchbook and launched it at the bin. It missed the bin entirely and smacked Y/N in the head, landing in her lap.
“Sorry,” Benedict called.
Y/N raised her eyebrows at him but said nothing. She picked up the ball of paper and opened it, smoothing it out against the front of her book. “What’s wrong with this?”
Benedict looked up. “The shading is all wrong, the body looks weird...” Benedict sighed and ripped another piece of paper out. He threw it at the bin but it hit Y/N again.
“Alright, do I need to move or are you going to stop hitting me with balls of paper?” Y/N asked, closing her book and raising her eyebrows. “I can move the bin closer.”
“Sorry,” Benedict sighed, closing his eyes and dropping his head back.
Y/N looked at her brother. She unfolded her legs and stood up, walking up to him. She took the sketchbook from his hands and flipped through it.
“What is wrong with these?” Y/N asked, frowning as she perched herself on the arm of the chair her brother was sat in, leaning on his shoulder. 
“They do not look... right.”
Y/N raised her eyebrows. “Why?”
“The angle is weird -”
“Then move the object or move yourself,” Y/N said simply. 
“It isn’t just that,” Benedict said. “Every drawing I do I find myself comparing it to other works of art.”
“But they’re not your style,” Y/N replied. “You cannot compare a Van Gogh to a Holbein because they are completely different styles. You just have to find your own style, Benedict.”
“When did you get so wise?” Benedict asked, looking up at her with genuine admiration and curiosity. 
“Oh, I think it is due to the constant pep talks I have to keep giving my siblings,” Y/N said, smiling, pretending to ruffle her imaginary feathers.
Benedict smiled. He nodded to the chair opposite him. “Go sit over there.”
“Just sit over there,” Benedict insisted, shoving her off the arm of the chair.
Y/N sat down on the chair and frowned at him. “Are you going to draw me?!”
“Well, you said move the object.”
“Wait, you were drawing me?!” Y/N exclaimed.
“Hush, you,” Benedict called, pressing a finger to his lips. “I am concentrating.”
Y/N giggled but didn’t move, just smoothed her skirt out and picked up her book again.
Tumblr media
Y/N looked up with a frown, trying to work out if she had heard her name or not. Deciding she hadn’t, Y/N returned to the pianoforte, plonking the keys with no real intention. 
Anthony stormed into the room and came to a sudden halt as he spotted Y/N sat at the pianoforte. “Y/N, did you not hear me yelling?”
Y/N frowned and looked up. “Did you yell for me?” She asked.
“Yes!” Anthony exclaimed, throwing his hands up. “How did you not hear me?” Y/N looked pointedly at the pianoforte. “Yes, alright, point made, now come with me.”
Anthony turned on his heel and marched off. Y/N quickly stood up, almost tripping over the leg of the stool as she ran after her brother.
“Anthony, slow down a moment!” Y/N called, barely keeping up with her older brother’s long legs. “Anthony!”
Y/N ran down the stairs, somehow skipping the last three, and following Anthony into his office. He stopped suddenly in the doorway and turned to face Y/N.
Y/N, who hadn’t lost the momentum she’d gained running down the stairs, ran full pelt into her brother’s chest and squeaked as she lost her balance.
“Carefully!” Anthony exclaimed, grabbing her arms and holding her up.
“You are the one who stopped!” Y/N yelled back. “What on earth is the matter?” 
Anthony sighed, rubbing the bridge of his nose. “Sorry, there is just an awful lot happening, I did not mean to panic you.”
“Anthony, just take a minute to breathe,” Y/N said. “What do you need me for?”
“We have been invited to the Queen’s garden party, and I wanted to know if you were interested in coming,” Anthony said, turning and walking up to his desk. He pulled out the invite from amongst the rest of his paperwork and handed it to her.
Y/N ran her eyes over it and shrugged with a nod. “Yes, I suppose.”
Anthony nodded but Y/N could see that he wasn’t paying her any attention. Y/N sat down in front of his desk.
“Anthony, what is wrong?” Y/N asked softly, nudging his foot with hers when he didn’t reply. “Anthony?”
“There is just a lot going on with the estates, the land, your debut, Eloise’s debut, Benedict and Colin.” Anthony sighed and dropped his head. “I do not know how father managed it all.”
“Well, in all fairness, Anthony, our father was raised and taught how to do it. He had years of practice you were not even out of Eaton when you had to take over,” Y/N replied, folding her hands into her lap. “All of this stress is understandable, brother.”
Anthony looked at his sister with a wistful gaze. “When did you get to be so wise?”
“That is exactly what Benedict said the other day,” Y/N replied, smiling. “And all I did was tell him to stop throwing paper at me.”
Anthony chuckled. He stepped around his desk and came over to Y/N, pressing a kiss to her temple. “Oh, what would we do without you, Y/N?”
“Well, I would imagine that the house would be on fire by now and Eloise would have ran off to anywhere else in the country,” Y/N replied, smirking.
Anthony shoved her gently and Y/N giggled, resting her head on his arm. 
Tumblr media
Her hands were shaking. She could feel the panic overwhelming her like a tidal wave and her stays felt suffocating even though Y/N knew they weren’t tight.
All she had to do was get through tonight and then everything, should be, fine. All she had to do was get through her first ball and then everything would get better. 
Y/N felt her eyes begin to sting and her throat close and took a shaky deep breath in as she looked at herself in the mirror. She looked like herself but also didn’t look like herself. An imitation of herself looked back at her.
She had never been this nervous before. It was unusual for her to be this panicked and scared before a big event. Y/N let out a little sob and sank down into her chair, burying her face in her hands to try and control her emotion.
Someone knocked on her door and Y/N quickly tried to make herself look presentable and not like she’d been crying. 
“Y/N, come on,” Anthony called, walking in, the floorboards creaking under his feet, “we are all waiting.”
“I will be down in a second,” Y/N called, frantically trying to touch up her make up. 
Anthony walked around the corner and stopped. He knew Y/N and could see when she was putting a mask on and pretending. He could see her red eyes, her shaking hands, and instantly knew something was wrong.
“Y/N, what is wrong?” Anthony asked softly, slowly approaching her.
Y/N turned and looked at her brother over her shoulder. He gave her a soft, comforting smile, and she instantly broke down, her shoulders shaking and her hands hiding her face.
Anthony rushed over and knelt down in front of her, wrapping his arms around her and bringing her into his chest as she sobbed. 
“Alright, calm down, you’re ok,” Anthony whispered, rubbing circles on her back.
“I don’t think I can do this, Anthony,” Y/N sobbed, clinging onto him tightly. “I don’t know if I can be perfect like Daphne was.”
“You do not have to be perfect,” Anthony said, taking her face between his hands and making her look at him. “You just have to be you. And we will be with you every step of the way.”
Y/N nodded and sighed tiredly. She took a deep breath in and straightened up as Anthony wiped the tears from her cheeks.
“Ready?” Anthony asked, standing up and offering her a hand.
“As I will ever be,” Y/N replied with a smile, taking his hand.
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sohin-ace · 22 days ago
Bucciarati - My little Seastar
Sister reader. Enjoy~
"Hey, Bucciarati! Can you help me for a sec?"
You turned towards the direction of the voice calling you and stopped in your tracks on the wooden docks.
"What do you want, Valentino?" You spat, a bit more harshly than intended.
The smug boy who was crouched on his zodiac chuckled at you. "Aw, come on, Bucciarati! Don't be like that. I just need some help to tie the rope. Your dad is a fisherman, right? You should know knots like no one else!"
Even though he had said this as a way to woo you and flatter you somehow, you couldn't help but hear it as a condescending remark. You crossed your arms over your chest and he pouted at the glare you sent him.
"Pretty please~? No funny business, I swear! Look, the guys aren't even here, I'm all alone. You can trust me!"
That's right. Valentino and his little gang took great pleasure in teasing you and bothering you at every corner and it pissed you off. No matter how much you insulted them, ignored them or avoided them, they never seemed to stop their stupid and useless bullying.
But sadly, oh so sadly, the Bucciarati that you were was kind. Too kind. You despised that you were so gentle-hearted, but in the end, this is how your father and brother had raised you.
You huffed and slumped your arms loose along your body, defeated. "Fine!" You dragged your sandals over the dock and approached him. "It better be quick."
The boy beamed as you embarked on the zodiac next to him, "Sure thing! Thanks a lot, girl. I'll make it up to you!"
He gave you the ropes as you crouched down at his place and got to work. But without you noticing, the boy had swiftly slid his leg over the vehicle and easily jumped back into the dock, leaving you behind.
Before you could even turn around and ask where he was going, the brat, now accompanied by all three of his little buddies that appeared out of their hiding spot, all kicked the zodiac off of the dock before you could even tie it.
You lost balance at the violent jerk of the boat and yelped, letting go of the ropes that could have saved you from your demise.
You couldn't even get back to your knees and try desperately to grab onto the dock's wooden planks. You heard the boys snickering and laughing at you as you drifted farther and farther away from the land into the water.
"I fucking knew it you disgusting piece of TRASH!" You yelled at them, angry with them obviously, but also angry with yourself for granting that bastard the benefit of the doubt. "You know damn well I can't swim!"
They all seemed to laugh even louder, obnoxiously. "Too bad for you Bucciarati! Maybe you shouldn't be so stupid next time! BWAHAHAHA!"
Your curses and wails seem to fall into deaf ears as you drifted even farther away from the coast, with no way of even paddling back.
Looking around towards the much bigger boats parked along the docks, you could only hope 'he' would hear you.
"PAPA!! PAPAAA!!!" You called desperately. Surely he would hear you, he wasn't far after all, you did come all the way here to bring him his lunch. He must still be somewhere around the fishing boats.
After a few more vain attempts to call for your father, you settled to accept that he wouldn't hear you, nor would the other fishermen that were already far gone from their boats to bring their catches to land.
You sat on the damp zodiac and brought your knees to your chest, not even caring if your sundress slid down your thighs indecently and got stained by the salty water. Stupid Valentino couldn't even keep his tiny boat clean.
"Stupid, stupid..." Your voice cracked, threatening to break into a sob. "If he was a sailor he'd be dead before even sailing. That's how stupid this stupid boy is. Stupid."
With only your expletives to reassure you in your demise, you buried half of your face in your arms now craddling your cold knees.
Everything was so silent, the sea did a great job at muting every sound around the coast and you felt the loneliest and most scared you had ever been since you were a child.
You thought nobody would find you, and you'd be dead drowning because you could never learn to swim and since nobody even noticed your absence in minutes that felt like hours, nobody would cry for you if you died here either.
And so the stinging tears prickled at your eyes.
"Y/N?" You heard a familiar voice calling your name, but brushed it off as the wind. "Y/N is that you?"
You looked up towards the insistant voice in a sliver of hope and, like an angel fallen from heaven, you were met with the caring blue gaze of your big brother from the railings of one of the high boats right next to where you had drifted to.
"Bruno!" You gasped and got up immediately, almost falling over from the sudden sway of the boat under your weight. "A-ah! Bruno help me, I'm stuck!"
"Hold on!" The worried face of the male hesitated to leave you for even a split second. "I'm coming down. Don't move."
You nodded at his strict tone and waited for him as he disapeared. Your breath caught in your throat with stress, even though you were reassured to finally have a savior. And what a savior it was, your one and only big brother.
Barely a minute passed before you saw him come back and unravel an emergency ladder down to you. He made sure the ladder was all tight and secure and almost immediately after, Bruno jumped over the railing, to your grand fright, and started climbing down, your heart pounding with worry for him.
He finally arrived down and stepped into the zodiac, joining you, like a glorious hero, saving the day. You barely let him any time to react as you threw yourself into his chest and gripped viciously at the back of his shirt, scrunching it without care, scared to be alone at sea again.
Bruno wanted to scold you and yell at you for recklessly playing around all alone in the docks and ending yourself in such a dire situation. But when he felt you trembling and squeezing him like your life depended on it, which ironically it did, the elder couldn't help but sigh and wrap his long arms around your shoulders, a gesture of comfort.
"... What happened to you?"
"It's-" You choked a sob and Bruno tutted and shushed you softly, patting your head to calm you down, just like your mother used to do when you were a child.
"Shhh, it's okay bambina, I'm here now."
He felt you relax and you sniffled a few times before mumbling into his shirt. "It's Valentino! He tricked me! I hate him! He's such a coglione!"
"Hey! Language." He scolded and pinched your arm, earning a little 'ow' from you, "What would dad think if he heard you say such words? Bite your tongue, young lady."
"S-sorry..." You croaked a little ashamed of your outburst and lifted your head up at your brother. "They always do this to me... Valentino and the others... Why...? They know I can't swim and they throw me into the water all the time..."
Bruno let go of you to cup your face and wipe your tears off. He did not let it show to you but he was infuriated. There was only so much patience an Italian man could have when his family was being targeted. Especially his little sister and the only lasting woman of his life.
"Shh, stop crying now, mia stellina marina. I'll deal with them later, okay? Let's get you home for now."
"They'll see." You sniffled as your breath steadied, calmed by Bruno's soft tone, "When I'll marry a big, tall, goth policeman, he'll beat them up for me and then, they won't act so cocky anymore."
He huffed with amusement at your words before he let you go and laid a gentle hand on your back to usher you towards the ladder.  Bruno, still with a bit of confusion, mumbled to himself without you hearing it.
"... Why goth, though?"
Only now had you noticed the zodiac had stopped drifting since Bruno found you, held onto the much bigger boat by a phantom blue and white arm and a golden zipper that you'd recognize from a mile away.
"Can we... Can we let the zodiac in here?" You asked hesitantly towards your brother who paid no mind to it.
"Who cares? It's not ours."
With thoughts of Valentino's expensive motorboat getting lost in the sea, you slowly took ahold of the ladder's ropes and started climbing, Bruno keeping it steady for you until he was sure you embarked in safely.
He then joined you up and lent you a spare jacket that he thankfully thought of taking with him in the morning, covering you from the cold of your drenched dress against the littoral wind.
"Thank you Bruno..." You softly uttered and hugged his warm jacket closer around you, "I always cause you trouble..."
"Nonsense, piccolina. I could never live knowing my sister is crying, cold and afraid somewhere." He squeezed your shoulder against him as you approached the stall your father and his colleagues were filling with freshly caught fishes. "I'll make sure you're the one that never gets troubled again..."
Fortunately for you, the day ended much more peacefully than it had started and your father was happy and relieved to find you safe and uninjured. He had specifically instructed Bruno to not get involved or make a scene, but of course, his son was a stubborn mediterranean who could not let anything just slide.
It was not the first, not the second, nor even the third time this boy, 'Valentino' and his friends, had taken offense towards you.
So, Bruno would make sure the zodiac Valentino had worked oh-so-hard to afford, part-timing as a waiter, cleaning after people's messes, scrubing disgusting shit-stained lavatories and cutting his hands off of plastic and metal scraps scattered along the beaches for a few cents per day, got thoroughly anihilated to pieces.
The very next day, as you walked along the docks to bring some fishing materials to your brother, you heard the painful wails of a very familiar boy kneeling down and crying on the woodplanks, his screams echoing against the shore.
"SHUT UP BRAT! You'll think about your money after you pay for the fines I'm about to give you. You think you can get away with polluting the water with your gross ass wreckage?" A tall and burly policeman wearing purple lipstick growled at the kneeling boy, no signs of mercy in his baritone voice. "You'll have a reason to cry when you pay for the oil you spilled in here. You're lucky I'm not throwing your ass in jail right now."
"Officer please-" Valentino pleaded miserably, but the policeman did not hold back on pushing all fives of the different citations he had owned by having pieces of his zodiac scattered all around the precious ressourceful ocean.
"You have two weeks to pay up and clean all that shit." The officer fixed his shades over his nose before turning around to leave. "And expect to receive a salty lawsuit soon. Fucking whiny bitchbaby..."
The policeman left with a determined and impatient step as you witnessed the entire scene with wide eyes, not noticing your brother approaching.
"Oh no... That's horrible..." You gasped with sympathy and worry, "I hope the fishes and corals won't get impacted by the oil spill..."
"Oh don't worry," Bruno chuckled, taking the heavy loads off your hands, "I made sure to zip that out of the water."
You blinked, confused.
That fic was inspired by the very first scene of H2O, I love that show so much, and I can't wait to post my mermaid fics in store!
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cas-kingdom · 2 months ago
Call It True
A/N: Just something sweet (& platonic). Enjoy!
Reader is Steve’s sister. Let’s pretend she and Loki wind up together at the TVA. Set during episode 3, between Loki & Sylvie’s beautiful chat about love and life, and Loki getting drunk.
Tumblr media
Title: Call It True
Summary: Loki helps you sleep after a trying few days.
Words: 1970
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
You had been awake for a long time. You couldn’t quite remember how long, that was how foggy your mind was, but you knew it’d been days.
You’d been able to sleep once, when Mobius had been working with you. He must have seen how exhausted you looked, because he’d told you to take his jacket and curl up on the couch, which you’d done gratefully, Loki watching on curiously. When you’d woken a couple hours later, Loki had been asleep, too. Perhaps that was what you’d both been waiting for. Because you knew you couldn’t sleep with him awake. Maybe he felt the same way about you, though God knew why.
You weren’t a Tesseract-obsessed, power-hungry God of Mischief that could snap his neck seconds after you’d just been discussing the weather. You couldn’t whip up a knife with one simple twirl of your fingers and plunge it into his ribs. You hadn’t tried to take over Earth just weeks ago.
What you had done, was get caught up in Loki’s… mischief. You’d seen him pick up the Tesseract, and the moment you’d made a wild, stupid grab for it, he’d time travelled and taken you with him. And now, you were somehow working for the TVA, with no obvious way home.
Well, you couldn’t really say if you were working for the TVA anymore, considering you were now on a train to a place called the Arc with a variant of Loki who was also a woman.
At this point, you were just smiling and waving.
And you still hadn’t slept.
There was no Mobius around to protect you from snapping necks and knives.
What was even more confusing, was that for the past few days, Loki hadn’t actually been that bad. Or perhaps he was tricking you into thinking that. You couldn’t tell.
He’d protected you… shoved you behind his back when the woman was trying to kill him… told you to stay away when he joined the fight… grabbed your hand the moment you landed on Lamentis-1 and a meteorite crashed beside you…
And the truth was, you hadn’t cared. You’d grasped his jacket and clenched his hand right back. You’d trusted him to keep you safe, and you were quite sure that was his intention.
Which was strange, considering he was a Tesseract-obsessed, power-hungry God of Mischief that could snap your neck seconds after you’d just been discussing the weather.
And you still couldn’t sleep when he was near.
Maybe it was because you were all each other had… all each other knew. You didn’t know if you’d ever get home. You didn’t know how that would even work. Your timeline had been completely warped. You missed Steve more than words had the power to enunciate. You had been new to the twenty-first century, barely hanging onto hope that it would settle soon, and now you’d been thrust into this new world that, before a year ago, hadn’t existed in your innocent mind… the mind that knew only Steve and Bucky, special trips to theatre productions and playing with the boys your age on the street after school…
And, really, the one thing you wanted to do more than sleep was cry.
Lady Loki (you’d decided that name quite effortlessly - Sylvie didn’t seem right) had her head in her hands and was sleeping. You stared at her from across the table, eyes drooping, constantly blinking to stay awake. Who knew you could ever be jealous of Loki? A Loki, at least.
The Loki was sat beside you, his second champagne glass finished, silent while he kept a careful eye on everyone around them.
You entered a moment of peaceful reverie. Your eyes submitted to the pull of sleep, and you let your body slowly fall in Loki’s direction. The moment your shoulders touched, you jerked awake, eyes snapping open and your entire body becoming alert once more.
Loki turned his head towards you. “Are you okay?” he asked a second later.
You drew in a deep, clearing breath before you nodded, rolling your shoulders back and pinching your inner arm to keep yourself awake. “Yep,” you told him. “Great.”
Loki seemed disbelieving. He quirked a brow, gazing at you a moment longer before looking away. “It’s a fine train.”
You swallowed. “What?”
He turned again, the corners of his lips curving upwards in a gentle smile. “They don’t have trains like this on Asgard. Everything floats, or glides. No tracks, as such.”
“Like magic.”
“Not like magic, it is magic.” He frowned, eyes growing distant. “Was magic. I don’t know.” He looked down at his feet, and you found yourself watching him. It must have been hard for him to see the flashforwards of his life that Mobius had shown you both. It’d surprised even you to see it all; his mother’s death, the fall of Asgard, his sacrifice. You’d wondered how much of it was real and would come to pass. If it all did, then it would mean that Loki became good, or some semblance of it at least. You supposed that was something to look forward to.
If you ever got home.
“What else?” you asked, your voice quiet. Loki glanced at you and you shrugged lightly. “What else about Asgard is different?” There was nothing wrong with making small talk to distract yourself from falling asleep, right?
Loki took a moment to process your words. Maybe he was deciding if it was a trick question.
He probably wasn’t that paranoid.
“Well.” He shifted in his seat, hand going to the stem of one of the empty wine glasses. “The drink, I suppose.”
“You don’t have wine on Asgard?”
He laughed. “Oh, we have wine. Lots of it, in fact. But it tastes different… looks different, too. See…” He picked up the wine glass and spun in his seat, lifting one leg to fold underneath him. A second later, he was twirling his hand, but not to grasp a knife out of thin air. Instead, he pointed a finger towards the glass and you watched with fascination as golden liquid seemed to pour from the tip, filling up the glass. It churned around, glinting in the candlelight, sparks lifting above it and creating fairylike pictures of wild horses racing against the wind, and rabbits in the meadow.
You smiled, transfixed, sleep forgotten for the moment.
“It’s beautiful,” you whispered.
Loki twirled his hand again and the magic liquid changed colour, a deep purple reflecting in your eyes now. The pictures changed to women dancing by a waterfall, and then something different, a little boy, with an older boy, seemingly playing around with a crown twice the size of the younger boy’s head. You frowned, and half a second later it was gone.
You blinked, sitting back as Loki put the glass back on the table and looked anywhere but at you. “I’m sorry,” he apologised before you could ask what happened, “I-” He sighed, and his shoulders sagged in defeat as he looked at you. “Emotions play into how one uses magic,” he told you gently. “The last time I did that trick… I was showing my mother.”
Your frown deepened. “That was you and Thor,” you stated.
Loki’s eyes flicked to you, and he nodded once. “Yes,” he said, then smiled, a sad sort of smile that made you wonder what on Earth had happened to him. “Oh, the taste,” he suddenly blurted, excitement in his tone once more. “Asgardian wine tastes like nothing you have ever tasted before, believe me.”
“I wouldn’t know,” you said, settling back against your seat, a wave of tiredness washing over you once again. “I’ve never had wine.”
Loki looked appalled. He leaned closer, eyes like saucers and mouth agape. “Never?”
You grinned wearily. “I’m technically still sixteen, you know,” you reminded him. “I’ve never had any alcohol.”
Loki was silent for a moment as he considered that. “Ah, yes. You were stuck in some ice casket for a good while, weren’t you?”
Your mouth twisted in disgust. “Don’t call it an ice casket.”
“Ice… thing, then.”
“Yes… How was that?”
“Being stuck in ice?”
You side-eyed him, waiting, and he burst into laughter, his shoulders shaking with amusement. You followed after him, a sleepy laugh that melded into the soft music playing in the background. Suddenly, though, and surprisingly, even to yourself, your laughter turned into sobbing, and not long after you were silently crying, long-awaited tears streaking down your cheeks.
Loki panicked, body tensing immediately. “What- Y/N, what happened? Did I do something?”
You vehemently shook your head, eyes squeezed shut. You lifted your hands to your face and covered it as best you could. “No,” you choked out, “no, it’s not- it’s not you. Well, it is...” You opened your eyes, blinking away the tears, though it didn’t help. “I just miss him, you know? I miss- I miss my brother. And the others. And I know you don’t care. I know you don’t- you don’t care. They’re the Avengers, and you kinda hate them, so you should kinda hate me. But I’m here, and you’re here. And I didn’t mean for that, but what can I do about it n-now?” Your head was pounding, and your eyes were heavy and red. “And, actually, it’s really nice of you. That you haven’t tried to kill me yet. So, thanks.”
Loki stared, frozen, unsure of what to do. He could see people starting to turn towards the table, and the last thing the three of you needed was attention, so he shuffled closer to you, snaking an arm around you. “Alright,” he said quietly, “calm down. I think you may be tired. How about…” He moved, pulling back his arm and patting his lap. “Rest your head here and have a nap, yes?”
You stared at him, just about making out his black hair through the blur. “Sleep is the perfect opportunity t-to kill someone.”
He exhaled through his nose, tilting his head. “You really believe I would do such a thing? As you’ve wisely deducted, I have not tried to kill you in the weeks we’ve been together, so you can be safe in the knowledge that I won’t at all. If I did want to, I would have done so much earlier, like on Earth. I would have been entirely capable.” He paused, a little regretful. “But that’s not the point.”
You sniffed. “That’s re-reassuring.”
“Yes, I imagine so. Here, now. Come on.” He pat his lap again. You eyed Lady Loki.
“What if she tries to kill me?”
“She would have to get through me.”
You drew in a shaky breath as you turned to the God once more. He had an arm stretched out slightly for you, one eyebrow raised as he waited, and for the first time (or perhaps, you realised in this moment, it hadn’t been for the first time) you felt safe with him.
You scooted over, rubbing at your eyes like a child, and lay down, your head on his thighs, legs curled up to your stomach. You were almost under the table, and it was dark, and the music was calming. You felt Loki drape something over you, and then there was a hand at your hair, fingers absentmindedly stroking the side of your head. You didn’t stiffen. You didn’t gulp back terror and tears. It felt familiar, and soft, and safe. And as the melodic words of a song in a language you didn’t understand reached your ears, your weary body finally succumbed to sleep.
You dreamt of wild horses that night, and women in fountains, and little boys playing with crowns…
And when you woke up hours later, you saw the magic in Loki that nobody else did.
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lilxberry · 25 days ago
Many A Conflicts} 1
Sharing a womb and many experiences had you close with your siblings, but they certainly do not share your trauma. You had suffered loss and pain, much like Pietro and Wanda but they do not know that you face many a battles that they were not present for.
You fight to gain control of your powers, fight to take a hold of your sanity, fight for respect that your two counterparts had gained much more easily than yourself; you fight to grasp on to whatever is left of you.
Are you losing the fight?
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Warnings: Mentions of riots. Mentions of violence. Nightmares. Language. Angst.
Words: 2,094
Pairings: Wanda & Pietro Maximoff x Reader (triplet!reader) (female reader) (platonic) / romantic pairing = undecided
(A/N: I have used Slovak in substitute of Sokovian. Slovak in bold italics and translations are in bold italics encased in brackets. I do not speak or use the language so, translation may be quite off.) 
Chapter 2  >
Those who rally around you chant, scream, shout; it’s deafening.
The loud thump, pounding, pumping, stomping sound of your heartbeat in your ears remind you that you’re here, you’re alive, you’re breathing, you’re coursing with adrenaline. The mind wishes you to lurch you forward, to charge, to join in with the chanting and the screaming and the shouting. There’s a logical, scared side of you that wishes to remove yourself from the situation you find yourself in; to run away scared. It’s a feeling so strong and overwhelming that you almost listen but you never yield, you never give in to that instinctual urge of fight of flight.
You chose to fight. You will not run. You will not flee. You will stand your ground.
Somewhere, you knew you made a decision you weren’t going to turn away from the moment everything had truly gone wrong for you, for those around you. Shit, for everyone who currently lives and breaths and stands and moves on this damned rotating planet that will not cease.
For as long as it continues to revolve, there will always be someone who lives and breaths and stands and moves; always be someone to stand and fight, to try their hardest to change something, anything.
The masses of bodies before you geared up in that of dark protective wear, helmets and thick gloves and heavy boots. Their riot shields and batons are on full display to those who they prepare to face off against. They repeatedly hit their batons against their shields.
It’s their way to intimidate you and those that are riled up around you; to scare them away, to deter them from proceeding further in this show of defiance. It’s done nothing of the sorts, rather more so riling them up further.
A stand off in the wild, growing and howling and animalistic movements of the body. It’s primal, it’s dangerous. The civilians, the public, the prey; they’ve risen up and have become predators. The authorities, the suppressors, the predators; they’re facing something new, something they can’t turn their backs on.
A war is coming and you’re sure it won’t cease, not for a long time. This is something many believe is overdue, including yourself.
You find yourself in the first few rows of protesters, rioters. Eyes scan before you, flittering across the abundance of riot officers and weapons and vehicles. The local authorities have taken a step back to allow those with more efficient, situation specified training to take over and honestly, you don’t blame them.
Fuck, you hadn’t had enough coffee, but did you sure feel awake. Your pulse was fast and erratic; you’ve never felt more alive. Maybe it was the premise of death that possibly awaited you when either side make their first move. It was thrilling but it never took away the reason why you stood here, why you all stood here.
A lone man steps forward, a simple clipper lighter in one hand and Molotov Cocktail in the other, or as you preferred to call them, a poor man’s grenade. A piece of fabric loosely covers the lower half of his face and nose which only would muffle his Sokovian accent slightly. He brings his large, dirt covered hand that grasps the lighter to the cloth that flaps softly in the breeze.
His thumb rolls across the flint barrel, creating a spark which catches the gas emitting from inside the lighter. He brings the small flame to the cloth and speaks, his voice loud, commanding and carries over to everyone that crowds that very street; the rioters having quietened the moment they spotted movement from the man.
“Náš čas je teraz! Musíme bojovať, aby sme získali našu ochranu? Nech sa šudo!” The cloth is quick to ignite and engulf in flames and the man promptly winds his arm up and back before releasing the bottle in a powerful throw, hurtling the bottle through the air towards that oppose the cause the people of Sokovia fight for. (Our time is now! We must fight to earn our protection? So be it!)
The bottle smashes just before the wall of men with shields, glass scattering everywhere, and a large burst of flames rise up and consume the oxygen filled within the air that’s already clouded with smoke and thick with burnt scent.
An uproar of screams and yells break out and a voice reaches your ear beside you.
“Ste pripravení, sestry?” your brother asks from your right, directed both to you and your other sister that stands on his left, sandwiching him between you both; the sisters he had shared the small, confined, cramped, overcrowded space of their mothers’ womb. (Are you ready, sisters?)
“Samozrejme, Pietro.” The corner of your mouth lifts up into a small smirk as you side glance him, something which he eagerly returns before both of your gazes’ fall to in front of you once more. (Of course, Pietro.)
Your sister certainly isn’t happy with what is about to go down, but she understands the need to do this, why you all need to do this. This not only means something to you and Pietro, but this is also something meaningful for each and every person that they share this country called home with, including her. She just wishes there was a less violent, more peaceful way to resolve this.
“To je idiotské,” Wanda quietly sighs out to herself but nonetheless readies herself to charge. (This is idiotic.)
The man that stands at the front releases a cry, of frustration, anger, desperation, adrenaline? You do not know. But the moment the man moves his one foot in front of the other, it all runs in slow motion for you, the sounds become fuzzy and all movement around you seem delayed, as if someone plays with time.
Your feet carry you on their own accord and you hadn’t even realised that you had began to scream and yell and shout and cry out until you and the others crash against the line up of men in riot gear, your siblings right there beside you, their actions mirroring your own.
A heavy coating of sweat coated your skin; glistening and soaking your body, clothes, and the sheets that you’ve kicked off of your body during the night. Your breaths come out short and quick, taking in gasps of oxygen your lungs could swear they could have been deprived of for years on end.
Awakening from the dream, the nightmare, the memory, you had shot up in bed, sitting, your body tense. Your eyes scan across the darkness of your room, adjusting to the dim lighting with difficulty. They land on the alarm clock beside your bed, and you sigh heavily.
3:47 A.M.
Head buzzes and throbs, a painful reminder that you’re still here; you’re alive and you’re breathing, and you’re fed up of the constant thoughts of Sokovia that keep you up at night. Swinging your legs over the edge of the bed, you rest your elbows atop your sweat slicked thighs and hold your head in the palms of your hands. You can feel the sweat on your hairline, and you cringe.
Calming breaths don’t help much, not at all actually. Granted, they help regulate your breathing and heartbeat, but it does nothing to help with what your feel and think. Each night is a vicious cycle, a repetitive motion, a schedule that’s tedious right down to its core; a never-ending riot.
You hadn’t heard the hurried steps of your siblings until the door had swung open with quite a force and they trample past the threshold and into the room that brightens a millisecond later as Pietro flips the switch of the lights on.
They probably felt the tremor you had unconsciously released, there’s no probably about it really. Everyone in the compound most likely felt it, in all honesty; your body reacting in such a way when your emotions are not in check.
You feel a pair of arms wrap around your sweaty form and a sweet, soft coo in a weakening Sokovian accent calls out to you like a siren, hoping to bring you back from the edge and ground you once more.
“What happened, moja láska?” She kisses your shoulder which was still lightly coated in sweat from the terror that played in your sleep. If she was bothered even in the slightest because of your sweat, she did nothing to show so, like usual. She looked at you with patient eyes filled with concern. The name she used on you helped calm and relax you. My love.
“Nightmare.” Your reply was curt and straight to the point. There was no point in dancing around with an answer; they knew, you knew.
The bed to your left dips and you feel another set of arms encase your body, much of that like your sisters’. A kiss is planted on to your sweaty left temple and you could only relax further. Your siblings were your true place of comfort, of safety, of security; much like you were to them.
“Which was it this time?” Pietro inquired softly.
Lips parting, a sigh passes them, and you close your eyes, squeezing your eyes shut tightly, wishing, praying. God, you were so tired. “The riots.”
Tightening their hold on you, they hugged you in a show of that they’re here; they’re here and they were not leaving. “That was 11 years ago. We have nothing to worry about here,” Pietro started soothingly. “We are with friends, family. We have each other. We do not need to worry about such things anymore.” You were glad that Pietro hadn’t lost the thickness of his accent unlike your sister, who intentionally dropped it when you had all gone against Ultron and sided with the Avengers.
A deep, heavy breath passes out through your nose, and you open your eyes to stare out in front of you wish. “Thank you,” you whisper quietly to the both of them and they all but gave you another comforting squeeze. Craning your neck slightly, you turn to face your sister and give her a small smile, something that doesn’t quite reach your eyes but nonetheless, is a smile. “I do not think I will be going back to sleep tonight,” you chuckle.
“I could help, if you’d like sister.” Wandas’ offer for her to use her powers to put you to rest were very enticing but yet, you always refuse, this time being no exception.
Shaking your head, you brush the small hairs that had stuck themselves to your forehead back. “No. I will never get better if we force it in such a way.” The little of possessions you own all fall into your eyesight as you allow yourself to look around you, trying to find someway to pass the time until the sun rises, your eyes landing on a small pile of books that you had yet to begin reading. “I think I would like to start one of those novels.”
The two sat either side of you sigh out but know that there would be no changing your mind, and both give you one last kiss, this time on both temples, before standing and moving towards the door of your bedroom that had been left wide open from them entering.
“We shall see you soon, moje svetlo.” With that, they walk out of your room, closing the door behind them, and head back towards their own respective bedrooms within the compound looking and feeling defeated. (My light.)
With a heavy sigh, you raise from the bed and trudge along the cool, wooden floor of your room and reach the desk that lines one of the four walls. With leisurely movements, you snatch the book that sat on top of the small pile and move your way back towards the bed, eyes lazily scanning the front cover and blurb, taking in the words that tell you the author, title and description.
Normal by Graeme Cameron.
Situating yourself in a comfortable position, you open the book and skip straight to the prologue of the novel and begin your reading for the next few hours; passing the time by reading until it was a reasonable time to shower and leave your room.
In the back of your mind, you knew that Fury was going to chew you out about the damn tremor you released during the early hours of the morning at some point and God, was you not looking forward to it.
I have no idea whether I want to add a romantic element to this
I mean, ya peeps can make suggestions on who if so
If you’d like to be added to a taglist lemme know
I’m working out this kinks of this story as I go but please
Tell me if you like it and whether I should continue with it or nah
Anywho, I hope you enjoy
As always, constructive criticism and requests are welcomed and greatly appreciated :D
Marvel taglist:
@thanossexual​ @iwazoomingouttahere​ @xxxtwilightaxelxxx​ 
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s-h-e-e-s-h-a · 3 months ago
The trio x sister reader (same as always v:) can I get headcanon when the trio want to juga or cuddle with reader
ah sorry this is late ! hope you enjoy !
Tumblr media
- The only time they would probably want to cuddle would be if they couldn't sleep
- They wouldn't do it during the day because , you have to work , they have to come up with plans , and the little kids would be jealous because you usually only hug them-
- And when everyone goes to sleep you have too go with Isabella to give the reports on the house and if anything is suspicious
- So if they can't sleep from the stress of escaping , or from staying up too much , they wait until you pass by their hallway and call for you
so i wrote small scenarios for each of them-
- She could not sleep
- Just the thought of having to prepare everything before someone could get shipped was to much stress for her
- The amount of 'what ifs' she was asking herself was incomprehensible
- She wanted to go to sleep but she couldn't stop asking herself questions , so she waited , and waited , until you passed her hallway
''Y/N !!''
- She whisper-yelled your name , hoping you could hear her , and luckily you did
''Is there something you need Emma ?''
''I- ... I'm just really stressed and couldn't sleep , do you mind staying here until I fall asleep ?''
- You both knew that ''staying here'' was giving her cuddles until she got tired
- And you couldn't reject her so , there you were , rubbing Emma's back soothingly while her arms were wrapped around you sorry if that sounds weird i can't come up with any other way to explain it-
- It was comforting to her , knowing that someone was there to help her and calm her down when she felt stressed
- He was T I R E D
- But he had to keep reading and getting information for the escape , he was almost finished anyways
- He heard footsteps and thought it was Isabella , so he immediately went to hide , his mistake was he forgot to turn the lantern off
''Hello ? Is anyone there ?''
- Instead of hearing Isabella though , he heard your voice
''A-ah yes it's me , Norman-''
''Oh Norman ! What are you doing awake ? I turned the lights off and put everyone to bed a while ago .''
''Sorry it's just , I wanted to finish this piece of research for the escape''
''Well , your health matters more than that piece of research , so get to sleep , I'll walk you there .''
''I will but i'm almost done-''
''No no , your coming now , put the book back and i'll walk you there''
- It felt nice knowing someone cared about his health and just him in general
- So you guys walked back to the room where everyone was sleeping and thats when he asked you ,
''Hey , do you mind if you cuddle with me for a while ? sorry if that sounds weird-''
''Oh no , it's fine ! And i'll cuddle with you Norman !''
- And so you spooned him , and he sat there , drifting off in your arms
- Ok , as much as he would set himself on fire for you i feel like he wouldn't be a cuddler-
- He was reading in the library , he went there because he wanted to get his mind off things
''Ray ? I put you to bed , what are you doing here ?''
''I just wanted to get my mind off things .''
''Well i hope you feel better and got your mind off things because i'm bringing you to bed right now , come on .''
- As he stood up and put his book back , he couldn't but have felt a little happy knowing that someone other than the kids cared about his well being
- As you walked him to the room , he knew he wouldn't be able to sleep I head-canon he has insomnia so once you made it to his room , he asked you ,
''Do you mind reading to me until I go to sleep ? I know I won't be able to fall asleep soon .''
''Oh I don't mind at all , let me get the book from the library''
- And once you came back , he found himself drifting off to your calming voice
please im so sorry if this was uneven or something i have writers block-
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dangansnt · 3 months ago
Korekiyo, Mondo and Leon with an Ultimate Baker little sister!
Tumblr media
Ever since you were a little kid, he had taught you about different sweets from across the world.
He would even let you try them if there was a bakery nearby.
Your eyes would light up as you tried a new food, and he eventually started teaching you how to cook and bake.
You were... quite gifted.
People couldn’t tell the difference between your sweets and the sweets made by professional bakers.
This earned you the title of the Ultimate Baker before you had even started middle school.
Korekiyo was very proud, but also concerned.
He was an ultimate as well, so he knew how overwhelming it could get.
He tried to shelter you from the big scary world, but he quickly realized that it wouldn’t be good for you.
He just wanted to be the person he needed so desperately.
He was not going to put you through what she put him through.
For this reason, he was extremely protective over you.
When he started at Hope’s Peak, he explained the situation to the school.
“I fear that if I leave her with our parents, she will be neglected...”
He was allowed to bring you to the academy, even though you were still in elementary.
Even with his classmates, whom he trusted, he kept an eye on you.
Certain people *cough cough* Kokichi and Miu *cough* weren’t allowed near you at anytime.
“If you come anywhere near my dear Y/n, I will tear out your nerves.”
People usually don’t go against his warnings. He’s pretty scary.
But when it’s just him and you? “Y/n, I brought some ingredients for you. Go wash your hands and put your apron on. Have fun!”
Daiya taught you how to bake.
He figured it was something that could keep you busy and fed.
You enjoyed it way more than Mondo.
Every time they came back to your tiny, one room apartment, you’d have something ready for them.
“Y/n, what did we tell you about the oven?” “Don’t use it when I’m home alone...”
It was kinda hard for them to be mad when they ate your food though.
“You’ve really got a gift, kiddo.”
Daiya died when you were 7. Mondo was 15.
It was really hard for both of you.
In an instant, he went from being a big brother to a dad.
You coped with the trauma by baking.
Non stop, all day.
Mondo didn’t really mind. It kept you busy and gave him time to work.
One day, you entered your baking into a junior baking competition.
You won first place in every single category.
Hope’s Peak Academy had already been eyeing Mondo, so when they noticed you as well, they gave you an Ultimate title.
You were allowed to live in the school’s dorms and attend Hope’s Peak Elementary.
Mondo always showed you off to the other students.
“Oh, my little sister? Yeah, she’s already got an ultimate title. Ultimate Baker.”
He’s really proud of you!
Leon Kuwata:
You used to bake with your parents for his team.
You absolutely loved being able to do something for him!
One day, your mother let you be in charge of the baking.
No one expected anything except for a huge mess.
Needless to say, they were shocked when you made some amazing cookies.
The team was pretty impressed too.
Leon was scheduled to start at Hope’s Peak that year, and when word got around about your talent, you were offered a spot in Hope’s Peak Elementary.
Your parents agreed and you went together.
You even got to stay in a special 2 bedroom dorm with Leon!
When he told you he wanted to grow out his hair and become a musician, you were proud of him.
He wasn’t the best, but he was decent.
He wasn’t Ibuki, after all!
Still, you liked seeing him happy.
It sucked seeing him so miserable and unhappy with baseball while you had an ultimate talent you loved to death.
He didn’t brag about you as much as the others, but he did show you off from time to time.
“Y/n here’s the Ultimate Baker! She’s got a real bright future ahead of her!”
Even though he’s a bit of an idiot, he’s really loving.
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goddang-ken · a month ago
+I just wanna be the one you love+
A random ass indulgent story based off the discord convo about giorno with a mean older sister
|Warnings: unwanted foot job ha, unrequited feelings, incest, mean older sister |
Tumblr media
Nee-San always tells him to stay out of her room while she goes out, but his curiosity gets the best of him, and he decides to enter the room anyways.
He snoops around her room rooting through your closet and dressers and his eyes catch the thrown clothes across your bed as he walks closer to investigate the items Picking up random pieces here and there and his Conscience gets the best of him. Brining up the stray piece of clothing closer to his nose, he takes in a deep breath before exhaling and inhaling again. The scent is so familiar yet unfamiliar at the same time, only getting faint whiffs of the perfume when you storm pass him. A wave of longing and desperation is washing over him And he starts stripping his clothing off one by one
He grips your nightgown close to his chest, cherishing the feel of the fabric against his bare skin before slipping it over his head and down his chest. A faint blush rides from his chest as he smooths his hands down his body, the thought of knowing the very same fabric was against your bare skin too makes him shiver in delight.
Unbeknownst to him, you’ve come home early angered at the sight of your door cracked open knowing well that your younger brother had disobeyed your orders Slamming the door open, your breath gets caught in your throat at the sight of him wearing your clothing. He flinches at the sight of you and his stomach drops as a look of desperation flashes across his face. Shaking fingers clumsily grip the edge of the dress, he tries to get the offending garment of his body. His body is flushed hot with embarrassment as he tries to pull the dress over his head, but he feels your fingers forced the fabric back down. He stares at you, shocked that you stopped him. A wave of nausea plagued him as he tries to think about how you’re going to punish him for not only sneaking into your room when you specifically told him not to, but also catching him wearing your clothes like some kind of pervert.
Cold hands harshly grip his shoulders before he’s slams into the ground, flinching at the rough impact. His eyes following your figure as you pace back and forth. A deep look of concentration is on your face, he locks eyes with you for a second before you scoff and watches as you nod your head side-to-side. He’s soon staring at your retreating back as you make your way to your dresser, shifting through the items displayed before your fingers stop, griping a small golden cylinder. A wicked smirk is played out against your lips as you walk closer to him, keeping all eye contact as you squat down in-front of his trembling figure. He’s always been pretty even for male standards, you muse, Chuckling softly as he flinches at the slight your raised hand, instantly turning his head to the side and raising his shoulders up. He closes his eyes tightly, bracing for the sting of a slap against his cheek, but instead he feels your fingers dig into the fat of his cheeks as you yank him back toward you.
A look of puzzlement crosses his face as he eyes the golden Capsule you hold up to his lips, eyes widening into panic when he sees the vermilion head poking out, smoothly gliding across his bottom lip before he jerks his head away smearing the paste across his lips and onto his cheek. His hand shoots up, gripping your wrist as he tries to shove the offending appendage away. Anger flooded his veins as he tries to stand,, but resistance is futile when he feels the sting of your slap against him. Forcing him back down, you continue your task, ignoring his pointless squirming underneath you and the feel of his nails digging into your skin as he tries to dodge the head of the lipstick.
You stand proudly taking in the sight of your ruined and embarrassed brother, his stare is venomous even with glossy eyes teeming with tears threatening to overflow. He tries to push himself off the ground, thinking your torment him of over, but the harsh feel of the heel of your foot against his chest has him gasping for breath as he lays spread out against of the floor. The mocking tone of your voice catches his ear, “if you don’t want to wear lipstick maybe you shouldn’t look like a girl”.
He feels your toes lift the dress off his groin as he instinctively closes his legs, swatting at your foot. Ridicule is heavy in your voice when you ask if he got hard while putting makeup on him. Lifting his face up toward you outrage is all but clear on his face, A huff escapes his lips as careless anger has him spreading his legs once more proudly showing off that he did in fact, not have an erection.
Your lips split into a wicked grin as you tug his legs out from underneath him, hooking them into your arms as you place your foot back onto his groin. A harsh blush is flushed across his face as he tries to yank your fingers off from the meat of his thighs, squirming as he feels the heel of your foot rub against him. Eye eyes widened in a panic, dread begins to fill his body when he feels himself getting harder with each push you have against him. He hears you hum before you open your mouth. “I thought you said you weren’t hard?”
The taunt has his clenching his eyes shut, and his eyebrows pulled down as he swallows harshly. He can’t deny the immense pleasure he’s getting but the aggravated thought that you’re forcing this on him has him whimpering into a closed fist, unknowing raising his hips to meet the up-and-down moment of your foot.
Desperation is clear when he tilts his head back slightly, catching your eyes when he looks down from his nose, letting his mouth hang loose open before closing several times. He releases his iron grip on your legs shyly trailing his fingers over his chest, hesitantly brushing against his pebbled nipples Red in the face, he reluctantly spread his legs even more, giving you access to the head of his dick. The feel of pressing against his sensitive weeping head has him jerking against you, raising his hips faster to meet your thrusts. He curls in on himself, hands flying back to his nipples pinching them as he cums. His hearing turns into a muffled ring muting his senses and a whine escapes his lips when he forces them shut.
You quickly let go of his trembling legs, he falls back to the ground staring up at the ceiling as he tries to catch his breath. His face is blank, drunk off the feeling of your love he’s always longed for. He turns his head, eyeing you with so much love as you walk to his side.
The angry look on your face has sent his high crashing quickly. He frowns slightly watching your lips move, he hasn’t gotten his hearing back quite yet.
His blank, fucked out expression has you feeling much more annoyed than expected. Angered, you rear your foot back, and slam it into his side sending him scrambling away from you. Yelping, Tears soak his eyes as he gazes up at you in shock. You jaw tightens grinding your teeth you're ordering him to take off your clothes and get to out. The request has him scooting back further in shock. His brows lowered before pulling together as his mouth draws downward. The dark thought crosses his mind that this interaction must’ve been some kind of cruel prank you and your friends decided to pull on him has him ripping the dress off his body moving frantically as if it was burning him, angered and embarrassed, he throws the nightgown down. Standing and roughly pushing pass you he hurriedly grabs his discarded clothes furiously slamming your door shut. His angry stomps echo throughout the empty hallways before hearing the door to his room slam shut.
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spnsisterimagines · a month ago
Mario Kart
Summary - Y/N decides to engage her brothers and Castiel into Mario Kart, not realizing what she was getting herself into.
Pairings - Dean Winchester x Sister!Reader, Sam Winchester x Sister!Reader, Jack Kline x Platonic!Winchester!Reader, Castiel x Winchester!Reader
Word Count - 1,911 words
"Let's get it!" Y/N squeals, claiming her spot on the middle of the couch. She was practically bouncing up and down, waiting impatiently for everyone to join her. The Dean Cave had brightened considerably since she had added a few redecorations. While Dean initially denied her, she had forced him to allow her to put up LED lights, several polaroids from her camera(they were mostly of herself smiling widely at the camera while Sam and Dean looked mildly annoyed with fake smiles. There was also a real funny one where Sam was unconscious on a hunt and Y/N decided to pose beside him), as well as posters from their favorite bands. Not to mention the added dock to the TV stand to hold her Nintendo Switch that Sam had bought her for her previous birthday. 
She supposed he regretted it now, since she was forcing him to play a game he'd never even heard of.
He entered the room first, holding a big bowl of popcorn and a soda. Dean followed close behind, Little Debbie packages hanging from his mouth since his arms were occupied with pillows from their bedrooms and a pack of beers for himself. Jack was the only one to come empty handed. He happily took the spot beside Y/N, waving merrily as Castiel also appeared with two sodas(both of them for Beth because he was just so considerate), taking the spot on her other side.
"I'll give this an hour before we switch to movie night, Y/N," Dean warned as he occupied his armchair, which was to the left of the couch. She had discovered this old thing at a garage sale. It had been a rather stressful day because Dean had refused to strap it to Baby and they had to hound what little friends they had for a truck. Since most of their friends were dead, Y/N had hot wired one outside of a bar and returned it before the drunk redneck inside could notice it had even left. She was sure the dent in the bed was there before they put the couch on it. Sam had not been happy about that.
Sam took his own armchair, which was to the right of the couch. 
"What is it, again?" he asked curiously. 
"Is the only thing in the media you've ever heard Facebook? You've seriously never heard of Mario Kart?" Y/N asked, happily accepting one of the sodas from Castiel. "Dad really did a number on us. I was introduced to this through Charlie." She got up to grab the number of controllers necessary for four. Jack was eager to try the game, but he was always open to trying new things, something Y/N could appreciate.
After connecting them to the Switch, she handed them out to her brothers along with Jack before returning to her spot on the couch between the angel and nephilim. 
"If I remember correctly from what you've told me, it's a racing game, right?" Castiel asked.
"Exactly, except with a few quirks to make it interesting. Like, um...I could throw a shell and hit one of them and vice versa. Or a banana peel. I'll give them a trial run before we actually get into it. Are you sure you don't want to try it, Cas?"
Castiel shook his head. "I have seen how you play with Charlie, and I don't want to be on the receiving end of your anger. And I rather like watching you in your element."
Y/N smiled, blushing, before playfully pushing him. 
"I need to get drunk to stomach this," Dean said, offended as he popped one of the beers open and took a gulp. "Keep the PDA to a minimum guys, you've got a kid next to you. Alright, what buttons do I push to hit Sam?"
"What the hell?" Sam scoffed. 
"We haven't even started and you're gunnin' for me?"
"Uh, yeah!" 
"Alright, alright! First we gotta pick our player," Y/N mediated, pressing the buttons to get them to the screen full of Mario players. "I already got mine." She moved her icon until it landed on Wendy, before selecting her. "Obviously the best character, hands down."
The three boys maneuvered their icons over different characters, for some reason taking it a little too seriously on who they would choose. Sam selected his first. 
"Luigi?" Dean scoffed.
"You got a problem?" Sam asked. 
"No, but...why Luigi?"
"Who cares, I just chose him."
"You have to have a reason, man." Dean shook his head, before selecting his own. 
"Why'd you choose Bowser, then?"
"Because he's a badass. And he'd beat the holy hell out of Luigi if the games lost their PG rating," Dean shrugged.
Jack hummed thoughtfully, still scrolling. "I choose him!" 
He selected Toad. 
"Why him, Jack?" she asked. 
"I like his hat."
Y/N snorted, but it was a valid enough answer. Once everyone was ready, she selected the settings for the game and then decided to use the time to explain to them how the controls worked and anything else they were curious about. After a few trial races, they were ready for the real thing. Castiel was sitting patiently, his hands on his lap. 
"You assholes are going down," Dean declared, bringing his remote closer to him. 
"So much for being appropriate in front of the kid," Y/N sneered, but she was just as ready.
She set the game to go through ten races with a random select for the roads. 
And with that, they were off.
"ARE YOU KIDDING ME?" Dean yelled, nearly jumping to his feet. His first empty beer bottle slide across the floor from his rapid movement. "I DIDN'T EVEN TOUCH IT! I DIDN'T GO NEAR THE GODDAMN PEEL!"
"That might've been mine," Sam stated, smugly. "But Bowser also takes up half the road, so avoiding it was probably impossible anyway."
Dean squinted. "You callin' me fat, Sammy?"
Sam shrugged. "Luigi's doing just fine."
Y/N hid her smile as she hit her own item, snatching that smile right from Sam's face.
"Why did you do that?" he asked, incredulous, the red shell sending Luigi off the edge of the map. 
"You got in my way!" Y/N sang. 
It only seemed to get worse from there. What was supposed to be an hour of playing turned into four with the bowl of popcorn thrown across the room at Dean when he had decided to hit Sam three times with three separate shells before snagging first place and doing a lewd dance as a way to declare his victory. Y/N's hair had bristled up, becoming bushier almost as though it were alive. Her right eye was twitching, and her hands were cramping by now. 
Jack, however, was having a good time. He has gotten last place the entire time, but he was still having fun, and that's what truly mattered.
Castiel, on the other hand, seemed to be on the verge of a panic attack, not knowing whose side he should take because all three Winchester siblings were completely out of their minds, including Y/N.
Finally, it was the last race. Everyone's nerves were shot. Sam's hair seemed even more raggedy than Y/N's, and his shirt was stained with soda because Dean decided to take vengeance by chucking his pillow at him when Sam was taking a big gulp. They had to pause the game for several minutes while Sam fought for his life coughing and wheezing because the soda went down the wrong pipe.
"I'm afraid I must at least attempt to deter you guys from participating in another race. There aren't any weapons in the Dean Cave, but I'm sure you three will find a way to kill each other," Castiel said, worried. "Jack, are you okay?"
Jack nodded enthusiastically. "I'm having fun!"
"I will let it be known if I lose, someone is dying tonight. I will call Billie to fix it, but someone has to die tonight if I lose," Y/N threatened. 
"Good luck with that, I'm kicking all of your asses, and you can kiss mine when it crosses the finish line," Dean said.
"I don't even care if I win, as long as you guys lose. And I'll make sure it happens." Sam jeered. 
With that, the race began. Aside from Jack and Castiel, everyone was bloodthirsty. Surely no matter who won, someone was gonna be pissed off. Castiel was making a mental note to grab Jack as soon as possible and escort him out of the room while the siblings brawled. 
"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" Y/N shouted, jumping to her feet. "WHO DID IT! WHO DID IT?"
"I did!" Sam happily announced, moving to and fro with the turn of his controller, as though he were in the game himself. 
"I'm gonna get you, Sam," Y/N snarled, pressing hard on the buttons, trying her best to catch up to her brother, collecting any items she came across, but none of them were good enough, so she kept using them without thinking until she heard Dean curse and also jump to his feet. 
"THAT WAS ME, JACKASS!" he yelled, completely distraught. "I didn't even do anything this time!"
"You probably deserved it anyway!" Sam shrugged, continuing to maneuver through the AIs to get to the front. 
By that time, Dean and Y/N had caught up, and with all they had, they used their items to completely screw each other over up until every kart had passed them. In the end, they were the bottom three with Sam first, Y/N second, and Dean in dead last. And for a moment there after, nobody said anything. They were completely beside themselves in utter shock at what just occurred. 
"What just happened?" Y/N asked, deflating considerably. 
"We lost..." Sam mumbled. 
"Screw you guys, I lost overall!" Dean scoffed.
"I won!" Jack suddenly cheered, leaping to his feet and jumping up and down. "I won!"
"You what?" Y/N asked, shocked as her eyes trailed to the top. Sure enough, Toad was in first place. "You're kidding!"
"I can't believe I won!" Jack said, smiling as he high-fived a proud Castiel.
"I want a rematch," Dean commanded, sitting back down and retrieving his controller. 
"Yeah, me, too!" Sam agreed. 
"I'm down!" Y/N eagerly agreed, about to grab hers when Castiel snatched it. He went around the room, taking up all the controllers.
"Given that it's five in the morning, and just a couple moments ago you three were ready to quite literally rip each other's throats out, I'm going to recommend everyone get up and get to bed instead," he instructed curtly. "I think we should postpone a future night of games indefinitely, at least for a little while until you three can learn to control yourselves."
"What-but-you can't-" Y/N sputtered.
"Quite literally, I can shut off whatever is necessary so you can never play the game again with just a snap of my fingers," Castiel warned. "Shower and get some sleep. Jody already told us she needed to discuss something at noon tomorrow, and it would be rude if we were tardy. C'mon, let's go!"
With a grumble, everyone got up and cleaned their mess, ignoring each other vehemently as they walked out. Except for Jack; he was practically skipping. 
There was another good thing about tonight that he knew about. He was the one that triggered the lightning item that really stumped the three siblings and put them at the bottom three.
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starglow-xx · 6 months ago
having a baby sister pt. 1
(platonic!) older brother! nakajima atsushi x baby sister! reader
fandom: bungou stray dogs
content: fluff (?) angst (?) maybe this is more hurt/comfort idk, older brother/father figure & baby sister dynamic
warning! : mentions of abuse, homelessness, and suicide 
type of work: head canons
this is part of my head canon series, the love of an older brother !!
his every step, his every move, his every breath is dedicated to you. to make sure that he’ll can be the proper guardian for you. to make sure that you will get to live the life you deserve. the world hasn’t sunk its claws into you yet; he’ll make sure to always keep you safe. you’re his little sister after all.
tag list is open !! go to this google form and fill it out to sign up!
(atsushi version) series synopsis: he’s had a terrible childhood, and is in no condition to take care of himself much less a newborn, but he’ll do everything it takes to make sure you’ll have the childhood he’s never had
author’s note: when i say baby, i mean baby. i mean like no older than a month
im pretty sure in the canon world atsushi was only out on his own for a couple of days, but has been seeing the tiger for two weeks, but here i decided to have atsushi on his own for at least a week for some more depth to your sibling relationship (i put it as a warning bc it might trigger ppl but im not sure so i put it just to be safe)
these hcs are extra lengthy i think but i still have a bunch of ideas for this so another part to this sometime in the future (*´▽`*) 
Tumblr media
big brother instincts & new beginnings 
you are the most important thing to him period
no exceptions
he wasn’t expecting anything of his life considering his current state at the orphanage but he certainly wasn’t expecting to have a bundle thrusted in his arms abt two weeks before he was kicked out of the orphanage
honestly speaking, he really didn’t know what to do
atsushi didn’t doubt you being his younger sister, not at all
you looked exactly like him with the heterochromic eyes and your small head of grey hair
the headmaster as well as the rest of the orphanage staff berated him for being such a failure of a child, your parents had finally decided to replace him
he stayed silent and took the harsh words as usual
but then they started to berate you
an innocent little girl barely a month old
they mocked and berated the small bundle in his arms saying that you must have been nearly as much of a failure as he was for them to dump another child at the orphanage
that it was probably bc she looked so much like he did
almost as if you could understand their terrible words, you had started to cry and that’s when atsushi snapped
he knew he wasn’t important and that nobody would care if anything happened to him but he still wanted to protect you
you haven’t done anything wrong and was unable to defend yourself
was that what big brother instincts were?
atsushi was sure that’s what they were
not that he knew anything abt them in the first place
naturally, he received a punishment while being told that he was useless and wasn’t capable of saving anyone, much less taking care of you, someone of his own flesh and blood
that night was first night with you in his cell
he held you in his arms and kept you close to him, promising to himself and to you that he’d take care of you and protect you the best he could
promising that he would prove everyone wrong
the next day, he was given a note that had your name and birthday
nakajima (y/n)
your birthday revealed that you were only 2 weeks old
the more he felt the need to shield you from the world you were placed in
from that day on, atsushi did his best to take care of you
he wasn’t visited often by any of the orphanage workers, but everyday at the crack of dawn, a bag filled with powdered baby formula, water, diapers, and clean rags was dumped at the the opening of his cell
despite being constantly reminded that he was not suited to take care of a baby, the responsibility to raise you fell on him
he taught himself everything that came with raising a child
he fed you, he burped you, he changed your diaper, he washed you with the water and rags, he comforted you when you cried, he even made you laugh!
it didn’t matter if he couldn’t sleep all night and was tired as hell, that his arms felt like they were going to fall off bc he didn’t want to set you down for fear of an infection, he did it all
“don’t worry (y/n) i’ll take care of you...”
atsushi knew that the life in store for both you and him was going to be rough, that you couldn’t grow up in a stable, healthy, loving environment, so he would always apologize to you
he would hold you close and whisper his apologies, that he was sorry that you had to be raised in a godforsaken place like this, that you couldn’t grow up with loving parents, that you would have to be raised and taken care of by a nobody
“im so sorry (y/n), you don’t deserve this...”
god writing that one line made me sad :((
he has always been told that there was no reason why he was alive, but with you coming into his life he believed that it was okay for him to live even if only to raise you
every time you’d smile, let out a big yawn, or just look at him with your bigs eyes, he’d feel better
he panicked when he woke up on the seventh day and realized you were sick
really sick
he screamed and shouted for anyone to help him, for even just a little bit of medicine, a doctor, anything
he didn’t want to lose you
you were all he had
at some point, he didn’t know when, the headmaster came by and took you from him
he tried to come with, but was only slapped back and forced back in the cell
“wait please! she’s my sister let me go!”
coincidentally, that was the night he ended up transforming into a tiger
not that he was aware of that either
the next morning, you were slightly better, but still a bit warm to the touch
the two of you were also kicked out that day
atsushi was scared as hell
not only did the two of you barely have anything to survive, but you were still a bit sick
he only had one clean rag, the blankets and clothes you were bundled up in, one bottle full of formula, and two diapers
the moment the two of you hit the streets atsushi gave up his pride and just started asking, begging, anyone who would pass by for money, food, anything because his precious baby sister was sick
seeing how young the girl in his arms was, people did help him, but there were still a lot of people who ignored him and or gave him pitiful looks
luckily, one lady bought you medicine and even a new blanket to properly shield you from the cold
atsushi was so relieved when your fever went away completely
and with all those other small donations of money you received, he stopped by at the nearest convenience/drug store
he bought diapers, baby formula, bottles of water, a little bit of food for himself, and a small bag to put everything inside cause quite honestly his arms were dying
there were some times when he couldn’t seem to remember everything
one moment the two of you were walking with you in his arms, the next, the two of you were somewhere completely different; you were settled on the ground and he was lying down next to you
he just brushed it off bc he thought it was due to the fatigue and hunger
fast forward one week, you were now abt a month old, and you guys were back at square one
all the supplies atsushi has been so meticulously trying to save was finally all gone
that also happened to be the day atsushi met dazai and kunikida
he was hesitant in saving the drowning man bc it meant he would have to place you down
but he did end up saving the man and ended up getting lectured for it
go figure
the man who atsushi would soon learn to be dazai osamu, was confused at first seeing the bundle of blankets in his arms; he thought you were his own child
he was denied, with atsushi saying that you were his younger sister, not his daughter
although at this point, anyone could argue with that statement
when kunikida started to yell at dazai from across the river, you had started to cry
atsushi instantly went into “big brother mode” and started to shush you, whispering gentle words while rocking you gently
dazai shouted back at kunikida shaming him for making a baby cry (with him yelling back he didn’t know there was a baby) before observing the actions of your big brother
“there you are you idiot!”
*cue the waterworks*
“kunikida-kun look you made a baby cry!”
“dumbass! not like i knew there was a child there!”
but kunikida does feel bad abt it tho
you: *crying & fussing*
atsushi: “shhh, it’s okay, i’ve got you...”
dazai: hmm (・・ ) 
before he knew it, the four of you were in the little teahouse
atsushi was eating chazuke with one arm and holding you to his chest with his other
but the moment you started to fuss, it was like the chazuke didn’t exist
when you kept on crying, atsushi figured that you were hungry
atsushi was so freaking relieved that he met the two strangers bc you had drank up all the formula earlier in the afternoon
so thanks to kunikida, atsushi had a new supply of baby formula so he quickly whipped up a new bottle and bam you stopped crying
soon enough, you drifted off to sleep
surprisingly, kunikida took you from atsushi saying that his arms must of been dying for holding you for who knows how long
it really was to make up for making you cry earlier
dazai teased him for it so kunikida kicked him under the table
after finishing his meal, atsushi ended up explaining what had happened starting when you first showed up to when the two of you got kicked out
compared to the canon bsd world, both dazai and kunikida felt more pity
cause they’re in their early twenties and their lives were already a mess and they didn’t have to worry abt food, clothes, shelter etc. but the young adult (barely an adult!) in front of them was raising a newborn (apparently newborns are from birth to two months idk) and he was homeless and jobless
fast forward once again to the warehouse and boom there’s a tiger
before atsushi had transformed, dazai had asked to have a turn to hold you and hesitantly, atsushi obliged
dazai wanted to test a theory
sure enough, when the tiger had seen the bundle in the suicidal maniac’s arm, it was pissed
it growled and charged at dazai
quickly, dazai placed you gently on a floor away from the view of the tiger and when it figured out that he didn’t have the bundle, it got even more pissed, but backed away from the brunette carefully stalking and creeping throughout the warehouse
the tiger had found you and nuzzled you with it’s head making you wake up and smile, even reaching out your arms to the beast
dazai was most definitely intrigued
the moment the tiger figured out you went missing, even if it was pissed at dazai, it went looking for you instead; and when it found you, you showed no fear of the tiger, instead welcoming it
he watched as atsushi in his tiger form circled around the baby before locking eyes again with dazai
in a few minutes, atsushi was back to normal and kunikida came running in
the blond noticed the now awake girl on the ground and picked you up yelling at dazai for letting the baby be on the floor
“dazai you can’t let a baby lie on the floor dammit!”
after kunikida got mad again at dazai for leaving out the fact that your older brother was the tiger, cue the entrances of our other lovely ada members <3
“no casualties? how boring.”
“there are no casualties yosano-sensei, but we do have a baby!!” :D
yosano, kenji, and ranpo stared at dazai before eyeing the light pink bundle in kunikida’s arm
they peeked inside the bundle only to be met with a baby girl with big purple-yellow eyes and a small head of grey colored hair, matching the color of the passed out boy in front of them
you, oblivious to the situation at hand, closed your eyes and yawned as the three new faces appeared into your peripheral vision
you open your eyes slowly, blinking to get used to your surroundings
kenji smiled at you before raising a finger for you to grab
being used to a similar action from your brother, you reached out a grabbed it
kenji smiled even wider as he shook his finger up and down as if the two of you were having that as your handshake
ranpo stared at you for a while before poking your cheek 
yosano gently stroked your head
“is she his?”
“nope! his little sister!” :D
“what are you planning to do with them dazai?”
“we’ll make them one of us!”
“dazai the agency is no place for raising a child!”
“ne ne kunikida-kun are you sure? you’re looking very motherly over there!”
it was a good thing kunikida was preoccupied with you cause dazai would have probably been thrown across the warehouse right then and there
it was by then your brother started gaining his consciousness
after dazai told him abt his tiger arm, he both inwardly and outwardly panicked
outwardly panicked bc ohmygod there’s a tiger arm attached to him
and inwardly panicked bc ohmygod he’s a tiger what if he hurt you
“nakajima atsushi-kun! from this day forward, you and your darling of a little sister are now members of the armed detective agency!”
atsushi: h u h ? ?
and from there, that’s where it all began
Tumblr media
a/n : was i tempted to start a fan fiction? most definitely. am i going to? no, i have too many things going on 😅
ik i still haven’t put up a new part to flour and fluff, my fic on quotev, or my 100 followers event, but ngl i got stumped half way through writing all three but i really wanted to write smth so yeah this idea went into delivery at an ungodly time in the morning and wasn’t finished being delivered until four forty something in the morning
as always, reblogs and shares are appreciated! i hope you all stay safe! and just in case nobody told you they loved you today, i love you! you are enough! <3
writing belongs to me! please do not plagiarize! the reblog button is there for a reason.
Tumblr media
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epicnessqueen · 3 months ago
Village Kidnap (Scenarios) Karl Heisenberg X Ethan Sister Reader(Resident Evil 8
[Hello My Sexy Readers, I am here with the first village 8 story and this one is one of the kidnapping scenarios in which Heisenberg (WHO I HAVE THE HUGEST CRUSH ON MMMM DAMN XD But not nearly as HUGE AS MY LOVE FOR LADY Dimitrescu  XD LIKE DAMN STEP ON ME MOMMY Anyways here it is please enjoy!]
(Karl Heisenberg)
I looked at her as she ran in. She interupted the meeting and she pulls out a shotgun and starts shooting at me and Dimitrescu. She realized her bullets were not working and she glared making a made dash to grab the mortal and she was able to fight off Lycan with ease. I watched as she flawless moved with ease and then I had to pin her down as she got the mortal free of the handcuffs.  How I did not know but she has spark my interest.
"Sees we have another human." Mother Miranda. "How about a game?"
"A game?" Dimitrescu asks.
"Yes the two will be released and you both will go after them. You may go after one or the other. First one to get their hands on the one they want they get to see what happens to them. You may have a moment to look at the prey." She tells us.
I smirked and knew I did not care who I get but I wanted to see this girl. I look down at her under me and my heart stopped. She was stunning. Her (Eye color) eyes glaring at me with such fire. I wanted her, no I NEEDED Her.
"It is time." Mother Miranda says.
The mortal and her were let loose and she took his hand in hers. I snarled at that! HOW DARE HE TOUCH HER!!! She Is MINE Not HIS to Touch!
Once we are allowed to go in I am hunting her down. She Is running with that worthless man! I hated it. I use my powers to impale him. She screamed.
"ETHAN!" She screams and I nearly melt her voice was like an angels.
She lunged at me and I wrapped my arm around she bang her handcuffed fists on me.
"YOU SON OF A BITCH!" I lift her up and knocked her out she will understand one day.
I take her back to my home and there we can start our life together. I knew she does not understand it but I WILL Make her understand and we will live happily forever.
[YASSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS this is the kidnapping if there is enough votes we will have a chapter with what happen after it and such. There will also be a different Karl Heisenberg x reader as she will be forced to marry him in that one and not be Ethan sister at least not at this point. Anyways I hope you all enjoyed and stay sexy my friends!]
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genyaakostyk · 3 months ago
hey, sister
Summary: Y/N’s heart is broken in two but the only person she wants is her eldest brother
Tumblr media
Y/N stepped out of the carriage and pulled her shawl tightly around her shoulders.
"I am truly sorry, Miss Bridgerton."
Y/N turned around to face the other occupant of the carriage. Robert Grey was a nice man, he wasn't much to look at but he was proper and had a title that went back centuries.
He'd been courting Y/N since the first week of the season. They'd just bonded over numerous little things and enjoyed each others company. Violet Bridgerton had even begun dropping hints about engagement and a wedding to her daughter, even going so far as to start embroidering fabric for her wedding gown.
But Y/N knew, deep down, that her and Robert were not meant to be. His father was arrogant and unkind and had taken a disliking to Y/N almost instantly. Robert wasn't close with his father but risked loosing his money, his title and his estate if he didn't tread carefully.
Despite her feelings towards the man, she knew they couldn't last. She loved him, she truly did, but she didn't want to be the reason that Robert lost everything.
"It is fine, Mr Grey, I understand, truly," Y/N said softly, giving him a smile. "Thank you for tonight. It was nice to be able to... to say goodbye."
"I hope we can stay in contact," Robert replied. Y/N looked at him and could see the pain in his eyes. This wasn't easy for either of them but Y/N knew it had to be done.
"Of course we can," she said, nodding. "Good luck with your father."
"Good luck with everything," Robert replied, gesturing to the house. "Thank you."
Y/N closed the carriage door and stood back. The carriage rattled off and she waved, standing in the gates of Bridgerton House until the carriage had disappeared into the night.
She shivered as the night breeze rustled around her and she pulled her shawl tightly around her shoulders. She knew her mother was expecting an engagement. Violet had helped her get ready, offering her the finest of the families diamonds to wear and mentioning going to the modiste for new dresses.
Y/N took a deep breath in and gave herself a moment of peace before the onslaught of questions. The stars were out above them and Y/N watched them twinkling away, blissfully unaware of anyone else's existence in the universe.
Y/N walked up to the front door and opened it, quietly slipping into the foyer. Her mother was standing in the foyer along with Simon and Daphne who had come over for dinner.
It wasn’t the best situation, she was hoping she would’ve been able to sneak up the stairs and hide in her room until morning.
"Y/N!" Violet exclaimed, spotting her daughter lurking by the front door. "You're back early," she continued, glancing at the clock. "Is everything alright?"
Y/N couldn't cope with the joyous look in her mother's eyes, the excitement in Daphne's face. It was too much knowing she was going to disappointment them.
"Everything is fine, mama," Y/N said, walking forward and through the group, aiming for the stairs and hoping she could make it to her bedroom.
Violet frowned as her daughter practically ran past her. “Where is Lord Grey? I thought he was escorting you home. I had planned to ask him to take tea with us so we could talk about the engagement.”
Y/N stopped on the stairs.
“What engagement?” Daphne asked, her voice giving away her excitement. She looked up at her younger sister. “Did he propose?”
“Well, I just assumed...” Violet trailed off, looking up at her daughter.
Y/N took a deep breath in and turned around. “No, he did not propose, mama. In fact, we have decided to go our separate ways and will no longer by seeing each other.”
There. She’d said it. Now, she just had to get to her room in the next minute before she started crying on the stairs.
“Y/N, dearest, I do not understand, I thought you were -”
“Well, clearly, you were wrong, mama!” Y/N exclaimed, no longer caring that she was making a scene. “There is nothing there, anymore. Lord Grey and I have decided to end our courtship. There is no engagement, no wedding and certainly nothing between us!”
Violet stared at her daughter, partly surprised by her outburst, but also desperately wanting to comfort her. “Y/N...”
Y/N blinked and felt the tears burning her eyes as she looked down at her mother. She bit her lip and turned around, grabbing the hem of her dress and running up the stairs.
She heard her mother calling after but didn’t stop. Unfortunately for Y/N - things didn’t seem to be on her side this evening - Hyacinth and Francesca were just stepping out the dining room. Y/N came to a sudden halt and tried, desperately, to hide in the side room.
“Y/N!” Hyacinth exclaimed, bouncing up to her. “How was your evening?”
Y/N turned around, well aware of the tears on her face, and faced them. “Absolutely perfect, thank you,” she said quietly, moving once again, pushing through her siblings. “I am rather tired, though, so I am going to go to bed.”
Y/N looked down at the ground and walked straight into Anthony. She almost swore right there and then - of all her brothers, it had to be Anthony.
Anthony grabbed her shoulders, steadying her as she stumbled back. “Hey, Y/N, what -” Anthony trailed off as he noticed her tears, her shaking hands. “What happened? What is the matter?”
“Nothing,” Y/N replied, trying to escape him 
“No, Y/N, come here,” Anthony said, refusing to let go of her arm. “Tell me what happened.”
“Nothing happened, Anthony!” Y/N exclaimed. “Just, please, leave me alone.”
Y/N ripped her arm out of his grip and continued down the corridor, shoving past Benedict and Colin and making for her bedroom. She slammed her door behind her, locked it, and slid down the door until she was sitting on the floor, crying her eyes out like a poor, love-struck girl.
She sat on the cold, wooden floor, for what felt like hours, waiting for the energy to stand up and move. She was exhausted but had no will to get up or move. 
The room began to feel claustrophobic and overwhelming and Y/N suddenly wanted to just leave. Y/N unlocked her door and stepped out into the dark corridor, looking out for any sign of her siblings. She just needed to sit in the garden and have a cigarette to get over her emotions. 
The stairs kept silent as she snuck down them. Anthony’s office was glowing and Y/N could hear her brother rummaging around and muttering to himself. She pulled on the hem of her shawl as she stood in the foyer, hesitating. 
She stood there for a minute and then made a decision, walking to Anthony’s office, knocking on the slightly ajar door to attract his attention.
“Come in,” Anthony called.
Y/N stepped in and immediately felt the emotions of the past few hours hit her as soon as she saw her big brother.
“Y/N, what are you doing up?” Anthony asked, frowning, setting his pen down. 
“I...” Y/N sighed, wringing her fingers. “Anthony, I -” Y/N stopped talking as she felt her throat close with tears and felt a lump form in her throat. She let out a soft sob and buried her face in her hands.
Anthony stood up and walked over to her. He put a hand on Y/N’s shoulder and pulled her into his chest, hugging her tightly.
“I know, Y/N,” Anthony said quietly, stroking her back as she sobbed. “Mother told me.”
“Why does it hurt, Anthony?” Y/N sobbed, clinging to her brother’s waistcoat. “I just want this pain to stop.”
Anthony closed his eyes and rested his chin on top of Y/N’s head. He knew the feeling too well. It had happened to him numerous times over the years and he wouldn’t wish it upon anyone, especially not his sister.
“It gets easy,” Anthony comforted, tightening his grip around her. “Eventually it will get easier. I promise.”
 ‘I just feel like everyone leaves me,” Y/N whispered. “Father left me, Colin’s leaving again soon. Soon I’ll be all alone.”
“I’m here, Y/N,” Anthony whispered. “And I’m not going anywhere.”
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