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#Six word Story
writingthethoughtsaway · 2 months ago
“Why did you have to make it that even looking at the stars reminds me of you?”
- S. C. C.
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camtrouvaille · 6 months ago
And I wonder if people break suddenly or over time? Do they shatter by a clumsy hand that drops them or do they slowly disappear as life’s problems erode them consistently day after day? Was it a bunch of tiny relentless things or was it just one giant tragedy that was your undoing? When did it become easier to give up than to hold on? When did it all become too much?
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fallingwithjoy · 4 months ago
The harsh reality is; I will never stop loving you. I still love you. I will always love you. I just learned how to survive without you.
- email #3
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pocketfullofpoesies · a month ago
it's the best
i can do
~@pocketfullofpoesies , and you still want more
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