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Random bone thing that I thought was cool: (TW ANIMAL ABUSE) I find a lot of animal bones in the woods behind my house (we have 120 acres) and I’ll often bring back skulls and things for study purposes. I think they’re really interesting. That’s part of the reason I got into anthropology; I was always fascinated by skeletons and osteology (as well as forensics of all types). Well, that and watching Bones from a young age.

Anyways, I bring back a lot of animal bones.

A little backstory that will make sense in a minute, I used to have a rescue dog named Charlie. He was a catahoula mix and I had him from the time I was about 3. Best dog I ever had. He was super protective and really good with kids. Only ever bit one guy we knew, (he ended up being super shady and stealing from us, so listen to your dogs intuition people 😂), When I was about 13, though, he disappeared. We looked EVERYWHERE. For days. It wasn’t like him to not come running when he was called, but Its not uncommon for dogs to go into the woods too die away from people.

I was heartbroken, but he was old and I knew we gave him the best life possible. Before us though, he was in the pound. A kid beat him up with a BASEBALL BAT 😠 and left him there and said “I never wanted him anyways. You can just kill him” and that’s something I’ve been mad about every since I heard the story.

Anyways, I had this dog, he lived a long, happy life, and then died of old age.A few years ago, I bought home a dog skull from the woods. But there was something odd about it.


There’s a large dent in the side of the skull.

But it wasn’t cause of death, because it was actually healed back together. In fact, I was convinced it was a pretty old injury. I was running through ideas of what it could be, when Charlie crossed my mind and I remembered we hadn’t ever found him, dead or alive.

So I found an average baseball bat and checked it against the indentation.


I took these pictures one handed, so they’re not very good quality, but Id say it lines up pretty good. There’s also a place where the indentation presses in on the nasal passage, limiting air flow on the one side, which would have accounted for the snort Charlie used to have. It was bittersweet to find it this way, but I suppose that’s life. And it was a really interesting piece to examine. In a way, I’m glad to have him back.

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Look at this absolute massive rac.coon skull I got?? I brought out my red f.ox skull in the first pic to really show the size of this dude. Hes still very greasy, which I expected from the seller, so after his long bath hopefully I can get better pictures of him.

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