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She’s finally home! She has been a very good girl. She had a good long think about getting in my float, which is much smaller and dingier than she’s used to 😂 but even with her concerns it took less than 10 minutes for her to come in. She travelled really well and backed out nice and calm.

Bob totally lost his shit and went tearing around the paddock, nearly stacking it multiple times, until he’d run himself ragged and stopped, but Sky was super good the whole time he was carrying on. I think I heard one little squeal between them but nothing major. She’s stuck to him like shit on a brick all day (much to his disgust) but there doesn’t seem to be any drama.

This is gonna sound like a ridiculous awards speech or something, but I gotta shout out to some of the fabulous people who helped me get this beautiful girl home. The wonderful @sanddancingwithanxiety for all the time she spent looking at horse ads for me and my discord buddies (you know who you are) for your educated and experienced opinions on my choices. And last, but most certainly not least, my bestest best friend of the whole universe, @bewarethechestnutmare, for talking sense, calming my anxieties, and reminding me why I’m doing this to myself. Thank you all.

I’m so excited to have this beautiful girl in my paddock and to embark on this most exciting of adventures once again. #horsesofinstagram #instahorse #equestrian #equestriansofinstagram

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It’s okay to cry

oh boi I’m finally done ;w; and oh boi this is not canon to DreamLifeTale

 kiribian prize for I-loveu-more-thanu 
sorry it took so long to finish ,I was busy helping my sis and of course online studies that were totally useless since they just announced that the exam will be about what we studied before the quarantine thingy

They asked me to draw “DLT sans and one of @cyaneworks ’s sanses”. I chose Weaver because their design is awesome and I always wanted to draw them so it was a good opportunity
and since weaver goes to people/monsters who are facing nightmares to help them
aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaand my baby faced so many nightmares before becoming insomnia so HaHa yeah

any-yoyo hope you like it
Undertale belongs to Toby fox
DreamLifeTale sans belongs to @jasminem18
Weaver belongs to @cyaneworks / @underchaser / @underweaver
Art by @jasminem18

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Здесь закат перетекает в рассвет

И снега не тают месяцами.

В полудрёме мне б найти ответ -

Отчего тебя не видела годами.

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