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risiblesvmours · 8 hours ago
You got your six it’s time for my nine
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ghoul--doodle · 12 hours ago
Perhaps a doodle of Snowfall?
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She’s stressed
Please don’t send anymore wof requests!
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cinwin-central · 18 hours ago
CINWIN Week 2021 Prompt list
There are a lot of ships out there that don’t get enough love, but there’s one in particular that we would like to see some more content for Cinder Fall and Winter Schnee! This event’s theme is “Mythology” so it’s encouraged to create your works in a way that fits that theme, however, it is not a requirement.
We are so looking forward to everyone’s entries! For CinWin week we will be accepting all forms of content, be it fanart, fan fiction, cosplay, AMVs, edits, playlists, etc! It’s all fair game.
Tumblr media
But with all this freedom also comes a few restrictions. Be sure to mind our rules, and have fun creating! We can’t wait to see what you come up with!
May 19th [Day 1]: Kiss
May 20th [Day 2]: Protect
May 21st [Day 3]: Angst
May 22nd [Day 4]: Corruption/Salvation
May 23rd [Day 5]: (un)Broken Promises
May 24th [Day 6]: Revenge
May 25th [Day 7]: Loss and/or Recovery
May 26th [Day 8]: Bonus Day
Have fun and stay CinWinning!
Banner made by @iridescentmyths
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cinwin-central · 18 hours ago
Hello everyone! It’s @Fandomdojo /@iridscentmyths, and I will be hosting CinWin Week! I’m excited to be hosting this event here on Tumblr and I hope that you enjoy it and the amazing work dedicated to this event.
This event is the first week-long event to appreciate CinWin so far, the ship between Cinder Fall and Winter Schnee and I hope it’ll bring more content that all CinWin/Snowfall shippers will enjoy!
Tumblr media
Dates and prompts:
19th May - Kiss
20th May - Protect
21st May - Angst
22nd May - Corruption/Salvation
23rd May - (un)broken promises
24th May - Revenge
25th May - Loss and/or Recovery
26th May - Bonus Day
How to participate:
This event will work like any regular ship weeks you may have come across on Tumblr, a prompt or theme will be provided and assigned to each day of the week, and fans are encouraged to create any piece of content they like using whatever medium they like (art, fics, text posts, videos, etc).
The theme for the week was chosen to be “Mythology” by the Cinder Simp Server and so the prompts were later chosen through a poll along with the dates. It is encouraged to create works keeping that theme in mind.
However, the prompts are not a rule and if you don’t want to use them, you don’t have to. They are there as a guideline and you can choose to make whatever Cinwin content you choose.
There is no “official cinwin week” blog as of right now but I will count this one as such and will be reblogging most if not all pieces of content you may make unless you somehow break the rules.
General Guidelines:
This week is simply a time to celebrate the ship so don’t stress over deadlines or prompts, I will still reblog what you make after the week has passed.
Please make sure to tag your work properly with “Cinwinweek2021” without spaces and make sure the year is correct.
If you don’t have a blog that you feel you could post your work to, my submission box is open or you could ask me to post it myself. You could also feel free to direct any questions you may have to me as I will have my asks open with Anon.
Please make sure to tag properly before posting as I won’t be able to see your post otherwise.
You are not required to participate every day, nor contribute to every prompt.
You may skip around, combine prompts, do whatever your heart desires!
Content Use
Do not post anything that isn’t yours without explicit permission, additionally, add the source to the original poster, or else I will simply not reblog your post. The same goes for any form of tracing or plagiarism. Do not use someone else’s work to pass it off as yours.
If you’d like to write their relationship in a platonic light, that’s perfectly fine!
While it isn’t necessary to use the themes provided, please make sure to post the work on a required day and not before or after unless you are late or are only planning to participate with one piece of work.
NSFW and Mature Content
Any content that could count as 18+ or may be triggering to anyone will not be accepted. Please keep your work SFW and appropriate for all.
Offensive Content
Under no circumstance will offensive content be allowed on this blog. Posting content that may have such themes will result in a block from this blog.
While portraying characters in whatever way you see fit in your work is totally fine, including any form of character/ship hate in your posts (in the captions/tags) will not be reblogged/retweeted. Hate against your fellow fans will also not be tolerated.
Asking about reblogs
If I, for whatever reason, fail to reblog your post, please shoot me a message or an ask off of anon. I may have missed it! In the case that you forget to put sensitive content under a read more or something, I purposefully didn’t reblog it and will let you know so that you can fix it. Then we can reblog it.
- Myth
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makspoems · 19 hours ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Took this photo in march when it was snowing. I was heading to class, So I was pretty happy when this came out so well. I did two different edits on it and I don't know which one is better.
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andthewinnerisjd · a day ago
Show'em who the fuck you is
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There’s so much magic in sitting down, drinking some hot chocolate while watching a Christmas film, as it snows outside.❄️❄️❄️❄️
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steakxeggs · a day ago
My dude #DamsonIdris getting people #friendzoned out here. 🤣🤣🤣 #franklinsaint #snowfall #snowfallfx #dss #friendzone #relationships #relationshipgoals #dating #love #blacklove #couplegoals
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iyote · a day ago
Tumblr media
queen snowfall!  
bonus sketches
Tumblr media
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cinwin-central · a day ago
Cinder: let’s just agree to say sorry on the count of three.
Cinder: One. two. three.
Cinder: See? Now I’m just disappointed in the both of us.
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bridgyrose · a day ago
au where Cinder attended Atlas Academy and is Winter’s partner (cinwin). Cinder meets Ruby and Weiss at Beacon (volume 3) like ‘look babe, it’s us!’ (not whiterose... yet)
Winter sighed as the airship landed at Beacon, her gaze going straight to her partner. “I want you to behave.” 
“Since when have I not?” Cinder asked with a grin. “You know me, I’m always on my best behavior.” 
Winter rolled her eyes at Cinder’s answer. “We’re meeting up with my sister today, and I just want you to behave around her. It’s… the first time in a while that I’ve had time to see her and I dont want anything ruining this reunion.” 
Cinder nodded, smirking a bit. “If you’re worried about me telling her that you were a wet blanket while at Atlas, dont worry, I wont.” 
Winter looked out the window, not entirely worried about Cinder spilling out that information. No, she was worried about how Weiss would take the fact that she was dating Cinder. Her father made sure that both sisters knew not to come home if they werent dating a man he could name as his heir, and the worry that Weiss would follow his thinking…
Cinder sighed as she looked at Winter, putting a hand on her thigh. “I promise, everything will be okay. I know I can be a handful-” 
“More than a handful.” 
Cinder shook her head at the interruption. “-but I’ll make sure to keep things at a minimum for you.” 
Winter smiled softly as she turned and kissed Cinder. “Thank you for that. But… I think I’m ready to tell Weiss that you and I are dating. I’ve… kept her in the dark about it long enough.” 
Cinder nodded and got up, giving Winter a hand. “Then I’ll let you take the lead.” 
Winter took Cinder’s hand and started walking off the airship. Everything was going to finally go according to plan. Just a nice meeting with Weiss and her teammates. 
“Winter! Over here!” 
Winter smiled a bit as she heard Weiss’s voice, walking over to her sister. “Weiss. How have you been?” 
Weiss looked up at her sister proudly. “I’ve been getting the top grades in all of my classes, kept up with my practice on my semblance-” 
Winter sighed for a bit. “N-no, I dont mean what have you been doing.. .I mean, how have you been? Have you been eating well? Making friends? Maybe dating?” 
Weiss hesitated for a moment. “I… y-yes, I’ve made a few friends…” 
Cinder chuckled a bit while staying a little out of sight of Weiss. “She certainly sounds like you Win.” 
Winter pinched the bridge of her nose while Weiss tried to look behind her. “Ignore my girlfriend. She doesnt exactly know what she means. But anyway, I’m looking forward to meeting your team. Where are they?” 
“Well, Blake and Yang couldnt make it, but this is my team leader, Ruby.” Weiss pulled Ruby to her side, while the younger girl looked at Winter a bit awkwardly. 
Cinder walked up behind Winter and grinned. “Oh my god! Winter! They’re practically us!” 
Weiss started looking a bit confused for a moment. “I… dont understand.” 
Winter sighed and moved a bit. “Weiss, I’d like for you to meet my girlfriend, Cinder.” 
Ruby slowly leaned over to Weiss, whispering to her. “I thought you said we would only be meeting your sister.” 
“I thought so too,” Weiss whispered back. “Its… nice to meet you Cinder. But, what do you mean by we’re like you?” 
Cinder paused for a moment as she looked over the younger girls. “Oh, I’m sure you’ll figure it out sooner than Winter will.” 
“Just… ignore her.” Winter composed herself for a moment before smiling at Weiss and Ruby. “Its nice to meet you Ruby. I hope Weiss hasnt been causing too much trouble for you.” 
“Hey! I’ll have you know I’m the one who keeps her out of trouble!” 
Ruby smiled a bit and put a hand on Weiss’s shoulder. “Actually, Weiss is right. She’s been the best teammate I could’ve asked for after we finally settled our differences.” 
Winter smiled a bit. “I’m glad to hear it. But Weiss, why dont we talk a bit over tea.” 
“I’d love that.” Weiss paused for a moment and looked at Cinder. “Is… she coming with us?” 
“No, she’s not. And she’s going to behave while she’s here.” Winter turned to Cinder, giving her a pointed glance. “Right, Cin?” 
Cinder grinned and started walking off. “I’m just going to mind my business and watch a few fights. Maybe show off my weapons or something. Dont need to worry about me.” 
Winter sighed. “And that’s exactly why I worry about you…” 
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cinwin-central · 2 days ago
Winter: Come on, you love this show!
Cinder: Yeah, but I always skip the Christmas episodes.
Mercury: Because the themes of family and togetherness are a chilling reminder of your own isolation?
Cinder: No, but thank you for that.
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cinwin-central · 2 days ago
Winter: who hurt you
Cinder: bro who didn’t
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chilltifi · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
He's fine without even trying😍😍😍😍
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godesscall · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Kinda odd to post something winter-themed during spring.
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tabazoid · 3 days ago
Harlea is all about the snow. We need more! Can't ever really get enough of playing out in the snow. More, please?! January 2019 - Good times. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Snow #Snowfall #Snowy #Snowball #SnowDay #Snowing #Snowstorm #Blizzard #SnowAngel #LetItSnow #Girly #MyGirl #Silly #Daughter #KidsAtPlay #Goofy #Silliness #Kiddos #Nerd #Adorable #Playtime #Outside #Nature #Weather #Cute #Smile #LoveSnow #OutdoorAdventures #AdventureTime #Kiddo
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kausbrai · 3 days ago
IceWings (and IceWing Hybrids) as Various Forms of Water
Winter: bottle water purchased for 2.99 from a vending machine that has a water fountain right next to it
Snowfall: a melted cube of flavored water that actually tastes like water if you were thinking about fruit while drinking it
Lynx: molten frozen sparkling water that has exploded due to rapid temperature change after being removed from the freezer
Tundra: the water that dentists spray in your mouth using a tube while cleaning your teeth
Icicle: an icicle hanging from the roof of a cheap 2-star ski lodge that’s slowly dripping and dripping and dripping and dripping and dri-
Hailstorm: a melting hailstone that hit someone and effectively knocked them out
Arctic: water which tastes like plastic and regret in a plastic bottle with the label removed that’s been sitting in a 106 degrees fahrenheit car for two weeks in june 
Whiteout: cold water from a water fountain at costco
Darkstalker: the slightly melted sludgy ice on the roads at winter
Typhoon: an unflavored snowcone that’s melting
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tabazoid · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
I love blizzard days. January 12, 2019. I just love these snow filled times!! 🌨️ ☃️ 😁 . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . #Snow #Snowfall #Snowy #Snowball #SnowDay #Snowing #Snowstorm #Blizzard #LetItSnow #Girly #ItMe #Silly #Weird #Weirdo #Goofy #Silliness #Dweeb #Nerd #Nerdy #Playtime #Outside #Nature #Weather #Cute #Smile #Glasses #Dorky #LoveSnow #OutdoorAdventures #AdventureTime
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