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Flash will you tell us what happened?
Tumblr media
Soaring: This place is a safe home for my sons and I wish not to bring any additional stress that they already go through as teenagers.
Mod: *pssst!* Real answer is here: https://flashtheponyofwind.tumblr.com/post/615944141315211264/flash-my-friend-and-i-were-both-in-our-mid-to
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"The Truth"
Tumblr media
(Image drawn by @goombot )
Story (in RP format between my friend and I) -----------------------------
Flash was wandering in the town of Irwind. Many ponies were to themselves, some being playful, others relaxing, or going about their time with their jobs. Flash though seemed to be in a whole different world.
He had recently come from a funeral that he never thought he would attend. The funeral of his recently known biological mom. Upon going throughout the town, he passed a newsstand that had the latest news on the paper. It seemed like throughout his travels from where his mother was laid to rest and here, the news of Page's death, confession on her having a child, and that child being Flash spread fast like wildfire.  The title of the article stated such "Famous Author Dead, Her Revealed Secret Child".
Flash was a bit annoyed at how the news like this would spread days after the passing of someone he finally got to know. He felt a bit conflicted, and he felt like he needed to let go of many years worth of emotions and truths, but knew that the public eye was NOT the best place to do so. Which is what lead him to this place, the town he was adopted in.
He came up to the door of a familiar home that he had spent his teen life in. He gave a couple of knocks and soon opened the door, peeking in.
"Mom?! You home?!" he asked aloud.
There was a silence in the Skye home for a moment or two, though eventually there were the sounds of clip clopping from a nearby room, a head poking out from a side room. Soon, the heads eyes lit up with happiness.
"Flash!? Oh my goodness!!" The pegasus mother said happily before she began her mildly slow trot towards the brown pegasus, she barely looked a day over forty but she indeed moved like she was indeed a bit older.
She gave Flash a big hug and smiled "Oh it's good to see you honey", she says hugging the solid frame of Flash. "Goodness! Look at you!!!" She said with a quick check, appraisal, and a grin.
A smile creased into his muzzle as his mom came to him. "Sorry I haven't been visiting much. Ember and I have been busy with not only our careers, but also getting used to our new roommate" he said as she came up to hug him. After hearing her mention about his looks, he gave a slight chuckle. "Well... I have been eating well and trying to keep good shape. Can't do stunts in my air shows if I'm unhealthy" he added.
When she hugged him, he felt safe suddenly. A slight sigh of relief escaping his muzzle as he was hugging her back. Though, his smile soon faded off his muzzle.
"I'm sure you saw the news papers lately?" He asked, going straight to the point.
Soaring smiled gleefully as she listened intently to what Flash Wind had to say, her face staying with a nice warm smile.
Though, at the mention of Page's passing, her smile began to slowly fade, looking to the floor, she nodded. "Y-Yes sweetheart...a shame it happened as it did...such a wonderful talented filly with her work..." she said, she hoped she didn't have to dwell too much on it seeing as she and Page had gartered a pretty nice friendship with one another up until she started visiting less and less. Not that Soaring had a problem with it, she was unsure how this affected Flash however.
"Are you...are you ok my Chocolate Feather?" she asked him curiously.
He paused for a bit as he was trying to find words to say. "Yes... but... no at the same time?" He muttered, confused. He sighed. He had gone through many days of crying and emotions these couple of weeks. He seemed drained and worn out.
"I just... Need a place to run to right now... No newspapers... no rush of paparazzi... just... a quiet home where I can gather my thoughts" he stated. He had paused for a while. "I'm just... tired" he added, he checked to make sure the door was closed behind him.
Soaring was a bit reluctant that her home wasn't exactly considered a place to scoop out fame, but it somehow always attracted famous people. Either way, she checked the door herself.
"Don't worry Honey. I doubt you'd have to deal with any pony coming to your little piece of heaven...why don't you head into the kitchen and ill make some tea? A mother knows when her children are hurting. And Flash?" she stops short and simply taps him on this shoulder and gives a smile, gesturing to the kitchen before she makes her way to the front door. She wanted to check on something real fast.
He slowly made his way towards the kitchen. He noticed the photos and some awards he had sent her way. He smiled a bit at them. Eventually he made his way to the kitchen. Upon getting to the island in the kitchen, he sat on the chair and leaned on the countertop as he waited for his mom to enter in.
She was outside for quite a period of time and the house was silent for a moment. Eventually the sound of the door slamming shut and a lock being slid into place. Coming shortly after, Momma Skye's clip clopped her way on into the kitchen, a smile on her face as she prepared a kettle for tea. "Sorry about that sweetheart. Ever since I saw the news in the papers, I've been taking a few precautions of my own. Last thing the Skye house and your father needs are ponies with cameras flashing around our house...ahem" she said as she sat at the opposite side of the table. "Anyways...how has everything been sweetie? Have you been holding up ok?" she asked genuinely.
He seemed quiet for a moment when she explained all of that, and even the question. He was processing what had happened.
"I guess... I'm just... ... still trying to process this reality that Mrs. Page was my biological mom... I... should feel happy... but I feel like so many questions are still flooding my head... ... like... ... ... Why hasn't she come to me until now? When she was on her death bed, and I could only have a moment... ... a stinking week with her?" He seemed conflicted with his emotions.
I accepted the fact that I would never meet my parents... ... but I always wanted to know... to know where I came from... ... who were the ones responsible for the way I lived?" He continued on, his emotions starting to build up again. Tears started to weld up.
"As a kid... I was soo mad at whoever brought me here to this world. I never felt true love... a want... a need from others... ... The town I grew up throughout my foal hood hated my kind... ... ... Hated... these wings" he stated, spilling out parts of his past that he had kept secret, his words seeming a bit more shaken as tears soon started to fall.
"So why? Why do I not feel this hate towards Mrs. Page? Why am I accepting this? Why am I happy to see my biological dad again?" He asked, his head laying back down on the counter, tears continuing to fall down his face.
There it was.
Laid out in front of her.
After literal years of taking care of that brown pegasi, the pieces of the puzzle that confused the reason as to why she couldn't really understand Flash as a whole, finally was given to her and...and it hurt her just as much. "Because..." she started but she looked to the side with a equally broken expression once the memories finally unfolded properly. Being Flash's mother for as long as she has. She's known to understand through Empathy. She could feel just how hurt and broken her son truly was with all this.
Other than give words, she got up, walking to her son and clasping his body to hers in a hug, letting his emotions smear over her shoulder. "Flash I..I wish I could properly answer that question...I...for years, I've wanted to lessen this for you..." she admitted finally. "A part of me knew...and...it was so separated and...it hurt" she mostly started.
He stayed quiet for a while.
She was right.
He had kept himself separate from her. He felt as if it wasn't her problem, that this burden was only for him.
But now here he was, overwhelmed by this such burden that he kept to himself. He was feeling all these emotions, and he didn't know which one to cling to at the moment.
He snakingly took a deep breath as he attempted to reset himself. "I've wanted to tell you something... and I think I have been selfish for keeping this all from you..." he stated. He looked to her.
"I was born in Hoofary. And according to my... biological mom. At the age of one, her ex-husband was the one who took me one night. He was so angered by me for some strange reason... and he was going to kill me in the woods nearby, but he couldn't perform the act... so he left me alone... ... that's when a mare who was traveling found me... ... and she defended me from predators, and took me in to raise me. She and her husband didn't fully love me. They only raised me out of pity.
My biological mom apparently went searching for me, and found my Torn up blanket with some blood from the mare that found me, and assumed I was dead..." he said starting to share his whole childhood to his mom.
He started to tell her about his life in the town that hated pegasi. His experience with stealing, and challenge on learning English when not much teachers took their time to teach him. The amount of physical and mental abuse he endured when going to school and living near the said town, all the way to the day he got his cutie mark, and banishment from the town.
"Then that's when Ember found me" he said, finishing his whole story. He seemed to had stopped crying, but he now seemed exhausted from the said crying.
Finally getting the full uncut version of everything leading up to Flash and Ember being the boys they are now, Soaring simply sat with a surprised, teary-eyed gaze, unsure how exactly to process the entire story. "Flash I...all these years you've...oh sweetheart" was all she could really say before hugging him again. "You are one special young colt you know that?" she says oddly out of context too the story she was just told. "Your whole life lead too something special...many somethings!! Celestia had plans for you since day one and I just...KNEW when you were brought to my family, something about you would make it interesting" she said with a small smirk. Not exactly the best in terms of mom pep talks but it came from the heart and she figured it would be enough.
Flash was very quiet when she hugged him. He felt the wounds being re-opened, but at the same time, he felt free. He hugged her back as he held her there.
"I'm... ... ... sorry.... ... ... that I kept all this from you." he started. "I just... always thought that this past was only meant for me to deal with. I never realized how selfish I had become" he said. "I thought I had a handle on this... but I don't know what emotion to hold on to. I feel like the control of my past has lost its grip," he stated, tears forming again.
"Mrs. Page may be my biological mom... ... ... "he said pausing. He looked to her, tears down his cheek again, an ugly smile forming. "... ... but you'll always be the mom that raised me... ... ... I want you to know that" he stated.
Soaring looks to Flash, pulling him into a hug. "Don't even think about it sweetheart...Your entire life, you've dealt with struggle after struggle...You had to bottle this up so others wouldn't have to feel the need to interject themselves into your problems...Especially if you were not ready...I'm your mother Flash...I knew you had your reasons for not telling me, and I was willing to wait as long as I needed to until you felt comfortable enough to tell me everything. It's what we moms do after all" she said with a mild hint of pride on her voice, smiling brightly to him. "You did not do wrong not telling me..." she started to wipe tears off of his cheeks with her wing. "Although, I guess telling me sooner might've been easier too" she quipped before giggling. "Feel better telling me sweetie?" she asked curiously, she could tell he was a bit less...weighted in a sense.
He only gave a nod, cleaning his face some more. He soon took his seat back next to the counter. He decided now was a good time to drink the tea. After he set that down, he watched it for a bit.
He spent the rest of the evening talking to his mom, sharing his past with her, what he and his brother had done. Upon midnight nearing, Soaring gave Flash a peck in the cheek goodnight. Soon the home growing quiet.
((Thanks for reading)) ‘’’’
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dumbasswhatever · a year ago
Best friends Ema and Kay pretending to be engaged just to go around to various bakeries and get free samples of wedding cake and halfway through Kay realizes that whoops she has a crush on Ema and they're holding hands right now oh no
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Mutual pining + Dainsleif
ɪ'ᴍ ꜱᴏ ɢʟᴀᴅ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇxɪꜱᴛ, ʙᴜᴛ ʜᴏᴡ ɪ ᴡɪꜱʜ ʏᴏᴜ ᴇxɪꜱᴛᴇᴅ ᴄʟᴏꜱᴇʀ ᴛᴏ ᴍᴇ
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This right here... The taste the flavor, the angst here... I asked for inspiration and you just gave me a massive brainrot *chefts kiss*
I love it 🛐🛐
So like imagine that instead of Dain being the only survivor of khaenri'ah, it's the two of you.
You're not sure why it takes so much effort to bring yourself to admit it, why it feels as though your soul has been wrung out in a vacuum. Tongue tied and words caught between teeth, you look at the man in front of you and realize that you really can't say anything.
And it's maybe its for the better
Affection could never instill itself in your horizons not without staining itself with the blood on your hands. Not when guilt and self loathing still ran turbulent inside.
A part of you knows that it's stupid to allow it to grow in such a way, but there's a smaller part that's stubbornly refusing to back down. The part that soars whenever your finger brushes against his, when he makes no attempt to pull away. The part of you that longs for his touch more than any other. That longs for him and all his smiles.
It wants nothing more than to make him smile even if it means risking everything else you have left.
It's selfish, selfish enough to believe that then perhaps the pain would end, replaced by the sweet relief of his lips pressed to yours.
But the world doesn't work like that and nor do the two of you.
So instead you take it as it is, take what you can and hope that the other will understand.
He understands.
His eyes that hold warmth and affection that are meant only for you. His hands never strays too far from yours. Shoulders brushing, lingering, longing because this is all that you both allow yourselves to have. The comfort of the other’s presence that feels safe in ways you haven't felt in a long time.
The way his lips curl up into a small smile when he thinks no one else is looking or the way his gaze lingers on your face for just another moment or two longer than normal
He cares for you
It is a feeling that he can barely describe Something so foreign and yet familiar at the same time. A feeling that feels right in a way nothing ever has before. Like the waves crashing against shore, like the lightest breeze caressing his skin, like the moonlight glinting off the surface of water, like the stars above him shining brightly as if they are proud to be here for him
And he knows it's more than just admiration.
The world tilts and falls away from you until nothing is there but him. It felt like your mind had finally stopped working, everything else having faded out into a quiet void. All that was left was him.
Your hand coming to wrap around his, holding tight to it for dear life as you stare up at him. His eyes burning with unshed tears.
You have never seen a more beautiful sight in your entire life than the way he looks at you now.
Kneeling on the ground beside you, cradling your head in his hands and staring down at you like his entire world would crumble if he looked away.
"Don’t leave me,” he whispered into your ear. His voice raw with emotion. You wanted to laugh because who would abandon the person they loved?
"Dain I lo-
Something inside you breaks, everything goes black.
Feat song : as the world caves in, Matt Maltese
taglist that I sometimes feel guilty tagging
@inlustris-is-slowly-dying, @eveft, @karmawonders, @artificial-heartache @cherrytomato2, @hypostaticoath , @under-a-starry-night , @arentweallnoveladdicts , @irethepotato , @sineskwelalalaa ,@zeldaisapuppy , @a-cloudy-skye , @we-wo-we-wo , @bandaged-despair , @sadlonelybagel , @srslysierraa , @just-a-leetle-creachure , @rottingappleheart @uchihaeirin @nyomdumb @iamfriedpotato , @tanspostsblog @harmonbrooke @luv3rxcha @atsukawolfcat
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Love your writing! May I please request Killjoy, Reyna & Skye cuddling and being fluffy with a fem! reader (general is okay too). Just them in bed or something being cute & cuddly. Thanks in advance!
This was such a sweet request! I’m happy to have finally received one for the game’s awesome female agents. Thank you for reading!
Safe Haven (Killjoy, Reyna and Skye)
Prompt: Cuddling with Killjoy, Reyna and Skye
Word Count: 627
• Always working away in her workshop at all hours of the day, she’s less into cuddling and more into hugs from behind.
• If she’s extra tired, sometimes you’ll make her jump if it’s a surprise embrace.
• She’ll protest halfheartedly at the interruption, but allow herself to be dragged away for a break.
• After a short one, you pour her a fresh cup of coffee and pull up a chair next to her to keep her company for the rest of the evening.
• It usually ends with you dozing off in her lap while she’s chatting away animatedly in the wee hours of the morning about her latest invention, but she’ll stop immediately when she notices you’re out like a light.
• She doesn’t have the heart to wake you, so she’ll just sleep with you, one hand patting your hair and the other under her face as she rests her head on her desk.
• You two will wake up groggily sometime in the afternoon, bones aching from sleeping in uncomfortable positions. But you’re both warm - thanks to a blanket Cypher drapes over you at some point in the night.
• She’ll smile at you through her mess of hair, her glasses askew from sleep, and squeeze your hand. She could get used to waking up with you.
A purpose you never dreamed.
Tumblr media
• She’s got a different side to her when in bed cuddling with you, so much so that other agents would be shocked if they knew.
• Usually she’s merciless and a bit selfish, blazing into battle and taking what she wants when she wants it.
• But with you, she’ll lay you down as though you’re a delicate piece of glass. Your needs and comfort are placed above her own every time and if you protest, she’ll hush you with a gentle kiss.
• She definitely enjoys teasing you with flirty jokes just to watch you get flustered up close.
• Prior to her time in the Protocol, she created a sanctuary for others and served as a protector of sorts. But unbeknownst to you, she regards you as her safe haven; being in your embrace brings her peace and helps calm her feelings of rage and chaos that may have accumulated throughout the day.
• Her chest pulses and shimmers warmly whenever you two snuggle up.
• She adores being held by you and laying on your chest. She’ll close her eyes and relish in the steady beat of your heart.
• You swear you can feel her hug you a little tighter and bury her face a little deeper in your chest when she tells you she loves you.
Where broken things can mend.
Tumblr media
• She adores exploring nature with you whenever you’ve both got some free time.
• Her hawk will soar overhead and serve as your guide, making sure you two don’t get lost on your adventures.
• Hiking, animal watching and outdoor picnics are her go-tos. After lunch, you two would lay back on the picnic blanket and simply watch the clouds go by.
• More often than not, Gary her Tasmanian tiger will be present. He likes to curl up at your heads and sometimes serve as a pillow of sorts for you two.
• She’s a fan of you laying your head on her chest with one leg slung atop hers and one arm hugging her midsection while she lays back, one arm behind her head.
• She’ll surprise you by turning her head to the side and running a hand through your soft hair. When she pulls back, she leaves you with a beautiful flower on the side of your head.
A wild beast brought to heel.
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A/N: Skye's back *waves in shame*. I am so sorry for not posting any scenarios after that Malleus x reader fic. (;=;) I don't want to give any excuses or whatever, so please have this as an offering!
Synopsis: Imagine NRC being part of The Greatest Showman, MC being the ringmaster. Yeah, that's my vision for "The Greatest Show" from The Greatest Showman.
Content: Skye's brainrot on NRC being part of TGS circus, GN!MC, all dorms and students, detailed and lengthy writing
Tumblr media
The stage is dim as a spotlight then shines on MC who's smirking to the crowd to start the performance. Each stomp lights up other parts of the stage as they introduce each dorm. Starting off with Heartslabyul, their entrance involves a flurry of cards and roses to honor the Queen of Hearts, Riddle being in the forefront.
They are then followed by Leona's familiar lion roar as Savanaclaw comes charging in, baring their teeth to the crowd as the ground shakes from their stampede.
Octavinelle then follows up with a classy vibe to their entrance as they give their signature smirks, their backdrop showing more of who they are than what most may not assume.
Scarabia then comes in with a stampede of exotic animals, Jamil on one of the elephants as Kalim comes soaring in on his magic carpet, giving everyone in the crowd a high-five accompanied by his beaming smile.
As the beat picks up, arrows then shoot through the chaos as glitter and feathers erupt, Pomefiore making their way on their mighty steads with finesse and beauty.
The stage is then surrounded by blue flames as Ignihyde's Shroud brothers make their eerie way onstage, the flames turning bright yellow as Idia gets fired up.
The intense flames then turn an entrancing green as lightning strikes all around. Diasomnia's three retainers come flying in on brooms as black thorns with dark roses erupt from deep below, Malleus making his way to the center with Child of Man as both of them grin towards the crowd.
The stage fully lights up showcasing everyone in their colorful and unique garb to then quickly dim as a light focuses on Azul who taps his staff on the ground as he announces with a smirk, "Ladies and gents, this is the moment you've waited for..." Another spotlight then focuses on Rook as he tilts his head up, holding his hat as he delivers the second line.
A spotlight then shines on Vil who covers his mouth with a fan as he delivers the third line of the verse. He then snaps his fan closed as he utters, "Takin' your breath", Rook swiftly following through as he tilts his head down, his hat and bangs covering his eyes as he delivers, "Stealin' your mind".
All three of them then tap their feet to the beat as they look to the audience with a smile, Azul finishing off with, "And all that was real is left behind".
Heartslabyul then takes the stage as they continue on with the second half of the verse, Riddle leading as they combine the "ordered chaos" of their dorm in the performance. Cater and Trey interact with the crowd, Cater even taking Magicammable pictures with them. As the beat picks up, Deuce comes in on a Magic Wheel with Ace as the duo take the lead, Ace performing with his usual cheeky and charismatic air, a flurry of card suits appearing to add onto the chaos.
At the last line, all five of them shout it out, offering their hands to the crowd as they disappear into a cloud of sand, Leona jumping in as he gives a mighty roar signifying Savanaclaw entering the ring.
Leona then breaks into a run as the crowd watches him and Savanaclaw incorporate Magift to their performance, Jack and Ruggie following after on brooms as the first-year grabs the discus at the beat drop for the ensemble, letting out a mighty howl.
Octavinelle abruptly enters the stage through a mighty wave, the Leech Twins in their merforms as they swiftly swim through the current, Azul on Jade. The Octatrio proceed to smirk at Savanaclaw as if to taunt them especially since the latter's Magift performance was crashed.
Sadly, their "fight" was interrupted when a mightier wave than before comes crashing in. Scarabia makes their flashy entrance on the floor with Kalim riding his magic carpet as he sings, "Colossal we come these renegades in the ring", while Jamil swiftly flies ahead on his broom, singing "Where the lost get found in the crown of the circus king", as the waves attempt to swallow him and the other two dorms whole.
The wave then quickly dies down as a gust of wind and fire blow to make way for Pomefiore's beautiful entrance as they ride on horses to perform the first half of the verse, Epel leading the group as he wears MC's ringmaster hat.
Epel then tosses the hat in the air as Vil swiftly grabs it to take the lead in the performance. While this is all happening, Rook continues to shoot arrows at certain areas of the arena.
When the beat drops, the arrows Rook shot previously explode as the tent's walls fall down to create a more open area for performing. At the same time, a hand reaches out to grab MC's ringmaster hat as the stage erupts in blue flames once more.
Ignihyde has entered the scene.
The Shroud Brothers perform the second half of the verse with the others as Ortho flies around to interact with the crowd while Idia takes center stage by manipulating the lights and creating other special effects to create a mesmerizing spectacle for the audience.
Idia looks on to a joyous Ortho as he performs the verse, as if he's singing the lines to his little brother. The other NRC students continue to harmonize with him as they hype the crowd with their wild performances.
Ortho notices his big brother looking at him and decides to tackle him into a hug. While the brothers share a beautiful moment, Rook performs the high note only to be interrupted by Epel who shouts, "This is where you wanna be!!!" as the beat drops. This, of course, gets the feral first-year some worthy praise from his dorm leader and vice dorm leader.
MC then takes center stage as they stand atop a tall platform, leading the performance as everyone stomps and claps to the beat, harmonizing with one another. All six dorms smoothly take their positions below as they continue performing.
The lights softly dim as everyone performs in chorus, MC glancing up to notice a pair of familiar green glowing eyes in the night sky.
As the beat drops, MC leaps off their platform to stun everyone including the six dorms below. As they do that, a dark blur swoops in to grab MC as he sings, "This is the greatest show!", his voice booming around the entire arena as Lilia enters the floor with a dark cloud of bats, Sebek and Silver following after them on brooms as they combine their lightning and fire magic.
Diasomnia has made their presence.
As they perform and harmonize, Malleus flies high into the skies with MC in his arms as he then spreads his wings to their full length. This gives the both of them just enough time to relish in the starry night sky and the peaceful breeze before Malleus swiftly flies down creating a strong gust of wind as he lands in the middle of everyone when he declares, "And the walls can't stop us now!" to the crowd as they lead the others in the final stretch of their performance.
Malleus and MC then harmonize as they continue to lead the others, all of them smiling ear to ear as they continue to have fun with each other.
One by one, each year level then does their own choreographed performance, starting with the third years all the way down to the first years and MC. Each of them continue to perform with one another, MC now performing with Ace and Deuce as all of them come together and shout to the crowd one final time--
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writingonesdreams · 3 months ago
Hey! Happy Tiny Scene Sunday (。•̀ᴗ-)✧
spine-chilling, hair-raising, soar (人 •͈ᴗ•͈) For... Hal and Zephyr c:
@bloodlessheirbyjacques ❤️🔥✨
Allowed to fly
Summary: Telepathy, dragon riding, and a god and a dragonknight trying to connect.
This was a challenging one. :D Made me realize I don't have these two interact very much, which is a shame. But this is how it would look like. Thank you for the words^^ feeling all wanted and listed to.
"So are we going to ride the dragons?"
Hal wasn't an expressive person by any stretch of the imagination, but his left eyelid gave an undeniable twitch at the question. Made Zephyr smile.
"Why are you asking me? Ask them."
"Oh, don't be such an ice king about it. I'm just asking if it's, like, even an option? Would they be offended? Bothered? Surprised? Happy?"
"What did you just call me?" Hal's eyebrow shot up this time. This was such a fun thing to do.
"You are the closest thing to a dragon here..."
"I don't see what that has to do with ice."
"You are like an ice dragon."
"There is no such thing."
"Well, you are powerful, mysterious, badass and you share minds with them. Living with them so close for so long, you never thought of flying on them? Or like, shapeshifting into them to fly?"
Hal put a hand to his forehead and frowned. Zephyr smirked and copied the movement with his hand.
He was so going to melt any resistance in the God and make him spill out what he knew about dragons. Easy teasing and smiles. Innocent curiosity. It was easy to suprise and bring him out of concept, so that the talk was playing in his favour.
Hal's eyes got distant for a second than turned from deep green to a slight neon green glow.
Then the dragons appeared.
Tempest, Hal's fovourite, basically the dragon queen of the Islands. And in tow was the steel grey, much smaller but all the more energetic dragon.
"Alpenglow!" Zephyr couldn't contain the cheer in his voice as he run to the silver dragon. He was one of the younger ones, often as enthusiastic as Zephyr felt on the inside. But of course Zephyr had a bit of an image to uphold. He was the calm peaceful warrior, the one teaching inner harmony and spiritual value of fighting as a union of mind and body...
The younger dragon wrapped all he could reach, which was mostly his long glittering neck, around Zephyr's body. He flicked his tounge, pink and sharp, just centimeters from Zephyr's face. What a small distance from a peeled skin. Zephyr swallowed the hair-raising feeling away. Never boring around the dragons.
"Well? Ask."
Zephyr threw Hal a careful glance. Arms crossed and leaning against the black dragon lady, challenging frown on his face. Maybe he was pushing a bit too much? Dragons were a sore topic. Really anything was a sore topic with Hal.
His body already squashed around the snake like neck of his favoured dragon, Zephyr put his hand out to scratch him under the snout, wondering if Hal forgot how difficult it was for normal mages to communicate with their minds. Or just deliberately enjoyed seeing Zephyr squirm.
Zephyr wondered if it would make him happier. He hoped spinning the conversation towards dragons while keeping the topic light would help him connect with the raven-haired boy.
Not working so far.
So he turned to Alpenglow, trying to open his mind. He couldn't reach out to the dragon the way Skye was teaching him to, that was straining focus that would just make him look pathetic, but he could pretend to initiate the conversation until noticed. Alpenglow, mercifully, alert and wide-eyed, rumbled friendly and connected their minds.
The sensation was as spine-chilling as the first time. Suddenly there was a presence, like pressure on your head, the weight of another consiousness. Vibrating through the skull. Transmitting images at speed. Weird illogical images like the way the tail doesn't fit the clearing and keeps brushing against the trees. Or that he can't open his wings here, he will have to jump into the air and take a leap, before opening them wide enough. Would that work with a tiny human on his back...
Zephyr caught himself at the fictional image of his person in the dragon's mind, helping him to find the distinction between their beings. He blinked in surprise at the dragon. Ember eyes immebeded in the silver frame, the glow of the sharp teeth so close to his face. But the pressure on his mind radiated nothing but friendliness. Playfulness. Adventure.
The neck unwrapping itself slowly from his body and the head pushing gently, guiding him to the back, in the gap between the thorns, made Zephyr convinced he was allowed to climb the dragon and try this amazing, incredible thing no one even dared to ask aloud.
Just before jumping from the clearing, he checked on Hal. Mouth open and eyebrows rised, Hal wore the most unguarded open expression Zephyr has ever seen on him.
Mission accomplished. He smiled to himself, before his stomach jumped right with the dragon, as he soared.
It wasn't a long flight. But apparently, dragons usually don't carry people around and reportedly most are too afraid to ask anyway. It was uncordinated, messy little experminet, but the dragon was happy and eager to try again, while Zephyr was glad it was lake and not cliffs they managed to crash into.
Hal wore his poker face after that. But Zephyr managed to glimpse a new side of him, one he didn't show often, one he might not have known he could feel again.
That was all that really mattered.
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the-al-chemist · 6 months ago
Artemis Hexley and the Portrait of the Vault
Chapter 17: A Wild Ghost Chase
Tumblr media
A/N: the odds are in Hufflepuff’s favour for the second Quidditch match of the season, and Artemis and Charlie’s search for a dragon egg leads to a surprising and shocking discovery. Lizzie Jameson belongs to @lifeofkaze and David Willows belongs to @that-scouse-wizard Warnings: sport-related injuries, threats, mentions of death, intrigue and betrayal.
The day of the Hufflepuff-Gryffindor match had arrived, and the Hufflepuff team were gathered in the changing tent, ready for Orion’s vivification. First, though, he wanted to discuss strategy, their plan for the game having changed somewhat now that Gryffindor’s best player wouldn’t be participating in the match.
Charlie’s ankle had been quite badly broken by the Red Cap, and although Madam Pomfrey had been able to fix it, she had also forbade him from flying for a month, as the newly healed bone needed time to strengthen. Artemis felt awful about it; even though Charlie told her it wasn’t her fault, she felt like she was to blame, and from the sound of it, so did Skye Parkin.
“Aye, well done, Hexley,” she said, clapping Artemis on the back. “We’re bound tae win now that Weasley’s out of the game.”
“It was an accident. Charlie wasn’t supposed to break his leg,” she said, telling herself as much as Skye.
“It is strange, how the alignment of the stars can appear different according to the position of the one gazing,” Orion pressed his fingertips together in front of his chest. “While we cannot celebrate the misfortune that has befallen Weasley-”
“An’ his leg an’ aw.”
“- I cannot deny that the timing of this mishap has been fortunate for us as a team. Still, we cannot allow ourselves to be complacent. Gryffindor’s star player may be out of the match, but the rest of their team remains in the sky.”
“Aye, because they’re on broomsticks,” Skye interjected. Orion looked at her wearily before addressing the rest of the team again.
“We need to discuss our strategy for the match. The change in dynamic of our opponent’s team will necessitate a small change in approach. The Gryffindors have a reserve Seeker, but they are currently an unknown variable. We don’t know their strengths or weaknesses. Chasers, our goal will remain the same as planned, and, you two,” here, Orion indicated to Bean and Willows, the Beaters, “I want you to send as many Bludgers their way as possible. Hexley, you need to put them off their game, too. Keep blocking them, take a few false dives, lead them on a wild ghost chase. I want the three of you to really-”
“Throw them off balance,” Artemis finished Orion’s sentence for him, and he nodded sagely.
“Precisely. They may be the lions, but today we are the ones hunting, and we shall deny them their pride.”
There was no time for more vivification than that. The match was due to start at any moment. As the team walked out onto the pitch, and Orion shook hands with the Gryffindor captain, Artemis took the measure of her new rival: a skinny boy with shoulder-length blond hair, who she recognised from her Charms and History of Magic classes, but whose name she had never bothered to learn. She kept her eyes firmly on him as Madam Hooch released the Snitch, and when he made eye contact with her, flashed him a mischievous smile that left him looking thoroughly confused. Good, she’d unbalanced him already.
“Madam Hooch has the Quaffle,” Murphy’s voice echoed across the pitch, “and she releases it! The game begins!”
Artemis immediately flew to the Gryffindor Seeker’s side, ducked under his broomstick, lifted up on the other side and barrel rolled in the air above his head, reaching down to ruffle his hair as she did so. He stopped abruptly and stared at her, and she flew away, laughing. Behind her, she felt a rush of air that could only come from a Bludger soaring at speed, and she turned back to see the new Seeker duck out of the Bludger’s path at the very last moment. He barely had time to recover himself before Artemis also flew straight at him, pulling away just before she knocked him off his broomstick.
It was a fun game, distracting the other Seeker, but she had a Snitch to find. She kept the blond boy in her sight as she flew higher above the pitch to get a good vantage point. Below her, she saw Skye knock the Quaffle out of a Gryffindor Chaser’s hands, and Lizzie caught it, and passed it to Orion, who was closer to the goalposts than she was, and he stood on his broom to catch it and surfed towards the stands and…
“Amari scores! That’s ten points to Hufflepuff!”
As the crowd applauded, Artemis scanned the pitch, looking for a glimmer of gold. There was nothing to be seen, so she flew back towards the Gryffindor Seeker and took a dive in front of him. He immediately followed her.
“Has the Snitch been spotted already?” Murphy’s voice rang out. Artemis smiled. Her plan had worked, then. She pulled out of the dive and accelerated across the pitch. “Hexley looks like she’s after something, and Kidd is in hot pursuit!”
Artemis flew at the edge of the pitch, and swerved suddenly at the edge. The other Seeker, Kidd, tried to swerve, too, but he wasn’t as fast. His momentum carried him over the boundary of the pitch. Artemis stopped, and Hooch blew her whistle.
“Kidd flies out of the pitch boundaries, that’s a penalty to Hufflepuff!”
Artemis grinned at Orion as she flew away again. The Quaffle was given to Skye, who threw it at the Gryffindor goalposts, scoring a second goal for Hufflepuff. In the corner of her eye, Artemis could see the Gryffindor captain berating Kidd. She felt almost guilty. Almost, but not quite. This was Quidditch, after all.
The Gryffindors were growing frustrated. Artemis continued to distract Kidd: flying circles around him, taking a few more false dives, leading him into an easy hitting distance of Bean and Willows, and in retaliation, the Gryffindor Beaters started to aim more Bludgers her way. She was much quicker at dodging Bludgers than Kidd was, and so she flew to his side and tailed him, staying obnoxiously close so that any Bludgers flying her way might inadvertently hit him. Meanwhile, the Quaffle was being thrown left, right, and centre, and the goals were racking up on either side.
“That’s a goal to Gryffindor!” Murphy shouted over the loud cheers coming from the Gryffindor stands. “That brings the score to eighty to fifty, narrowing down Hufflepuff’s lead to thirty points!”
Another Bludger soared towards Artemis, and she dipped away from it. Kidd followed suit, and the Bludger missed his left ear by less than an inch. He was still taking his leads from Artemis, so she took another dive, steep and fast, and pulled up and out of it suddenly. Kidd managed to recover himself, but not before he’d collided with one of the Gryffindor Chasers, who was flying directly below him, and knocked her off her broomstick and out of the sky.
A time out was called whilst the Chaser was checked for injuries and deemed unfit to continue playing. The Gryffindor captain was incensed now, and flew over to Kidd.
“For Merlin’s sake, she’s feinting!” she shouted, throwing a dirty look at Artemis over her shoulder. “Stop falling for it, or you’ll end up breaking your leg, too.”
Artemis scowled. Was everyone blaming her, then? Madam Hooch blew her whistle, and as she did, Artemis noticed a flash of gold right next to the Gryffindor goalposts. The Snitch! She accelerated, and flew at the goal, narrowly missing the Quaffle as Lizzie passed it to Skye. The Snitch rose into the air, and so did Artemis, before flying back in the direction she’d just come from. She swerved, and followed the Snitch past Kidd himself, who didn’t follow her as she zoomed in front of him, catching up with the Snitch. One of the Gryffindor players shouted something at him, and he started to fly in Artemis’ direction, but it was too late. She had already caught the tiny winged ball. Madam Hooch blew the whistle.
“The Snitch is caught by Hexley, ending the game with a final score of two hundred and thirty to Hufflepuff! Hufflepuff beat Gryffindor by a margin of one hundred and eighty points!”
The Hufflepuff team’s celebrations continued from the pitch into the changing rooms and back into the Great Hall, where someone - probably Penny - had organised a victory party, not only for the Hufflepuffs, but anyone else who wanted to join. In addition to her housemates, Artemis found herself being congratulated by Ben Copper, the Weasley brothers (Charlie even let her have a go on his crutches), Jae Kim, Tulip Karasu, Badeea Ali, Andre Egwu, Liz Tuttle, and - of course - Barnaby Lee, who spent almost the entire party with his arm around Artemis’ shoulders and wearing such a proud smile that anyone would have thought that he had caught the Snitch himself.
In fact, there was only one person at the party who didn’t seem happy about Hufflepuff’s latest victory.
“Artemis,” Barnaby leant down and whispered in her ear, “who is that girl who keeps staring at you like she wants to hit you?”
Turning around, Artemis half-expected to see either Ismelda Murk or Merula Snyde, but instead she noticed a tall, muscular girl with long blonde hair staring daggers at her across the room.
“That’s Erika Rath,” Murphy said, looking in the same direction as Artemis. “Ravenclaw Quidditch Captain. Obviously, they won the House Cup last year, and they’re in the lead this year, too.”
“But why is she…” Artemis’ voice tailed off, and she saw that a few feet away, Skye was also watching Erika. “Murphy, do you think that Erika might think that I started those rumours about her stealing that broomstick?”
“You mean, you didn’t start that rumour?” Andre asked, swishing his scarf over his shoulder.
“You mean, that was just a rumour?” Barnaby wrinkled his nose.
“Yes, of course,” Artemis looked up at him, frowning. “Scully ate the broomstick, remember?”
Barnaby still looked confused. Artemis sighed. Erika Rath really did look angry.
“You know, she has one of the best track records as a Beater in Hogwarts Quidditch history,” Murphy said, cheerfully. “Almost ninety-seven percent of her Bludgers reach their intended target.”
“Brilliant,” muttered Artemis. Somehow, that statistic didn’t make her feel better at all.
At least Artemis now had a plan to get her hands on a new broomstick. When she next had detention, she took the rucksack full of treasure with her to the kitchens, and emptied the contents onto a table in front of Jae.
“Bloody hell, Hex,” he said, his eyes wide at the sight. “What’s all this?”
“That’s what I want you to tell me,” Artemis replied. “Charlie and I stole it from a Red Cap the other week. We need to know how much it’s worth.”
“Is this because of Charlie and the dragon egg?”
“You know about that?”
“Course I do,” said Jae, picking up a gold coin from the pile. He bit down on it, before nodding and putting it back and examining a silver necklace. “I’m the one who told him about it. One of my regulars has one he’s selling to the highest bidder. Which, from the looks of things, is going to be you two.”
“So there’s enough here for the dragon egg?”
“More than enough.”
“And a broomstick, too?” Artemis asked him.
“On what?”
“What kind of broomstick,” Jae grinned. “You take out what you’ll need for your dragon egg, plus a little extra for bidding, you’ll have enough left over for maybe a second hand Shooting Star, but nothing fancy. I mean, you can get broomsticks cheap on the black market, but I wouldn’t recommend it.”
Artemis sighed. That was disappointing.
“Oh well,” she said, putting the treasure back into her rucksack. “Getting the dragon egg is more important, anyway. Do you reckon your friend will want to take the goods as they are, or will we need to sell everything to get actual money first?”
“Nah, I reckon old Al will take it as it comes, but I’ll write something to say that I’ve valued it for you. Otherwise he’ll try and undercut you, he’s a nightmare for that,” Jae smiled, almost affectionately. “I’ll arrange a meeting for you, too, if you like?”
It didn’t take long for Jae to make good on his promise. In their next History of Magic lesson, he called Artemis and Charlie over to talk quietly under the noise of Rowan lecturing and Professor Binns snoring.
“Thursday evening. Seven o’clock. Hogs Head. Ask to be seated at a table under the name of Pitts,” he whispered to them, handing Artemis a scroll of parchment. She passed the scroll to Charlie, whose eyebrows shot up as he read it. “You’ll be wanting this. Very basic break down of what your goods are worth. Al is a crafty bugger.”
“That’s who we’ll be meeting, then?”
“Yeah. His real name’s Alistair, Alistair Figden, but everyone just calls him Figgers or-”
“Wait,” Artemis held up her hand, interrupting Jae mid-sentence. “Alistair Figden?”
“That’s what I said. Do pay attention, Hex.”
“No, but… Alistair Figden is the bloke Rakepick wanted to get hold of. Mundungus Fletcher said-”
“Ah, Dung. Great guy.”
“- he had the portrait that’s the key to getting into the next Cursed Vault,” Artemis frowned. “Jae, has he ever mentioned it to you?”
“Nah, I don’t think so. I’m not really into the art trade, myself. Too many poshos. It’s a nightmare.”
“This is more than we need for a dragon egg,” Charlie said, handing Artemis back the scroll of parchment. “We could see if he’d sell us the portrait, too, or at least give you some information and let Rakepick sort out the rest.”
Artemis nodded, her face grim. She didn’t want to think what Rakepick would do if she left it her to sort it out.
On Thursday evening, Charlie and Artemis snuck out of the castle once more, and flew to Hogsmeade, and made their way through the village to the Hog’s Head Inn.
“Is it just me,” Charlie murmured, his freckled nose wrinkling, “or does it smell like goats in here?”
Artemis stifled a laugh and walked over to the bar, feeling her feet peel off the sticky floor with each step. She had only ever been to the Hog’s Head once, and that was two years before. Judging from the state of the pub, it hadn’t been cleaned since.
“We’ve got a table booked for Pitts,” Artemis told the bartender, who wordlessly pointed at a table in the farthest, darkest corner of the bar. Someone was already sitting at the table, a wizard in dark, tattered robes, with lank grey hair. She nodded to the barman, and led Charlie across the inn. “You make him like us, I’ll make sure he behaves, yeah?”
“Good Auror, bad Auror? Works with me,” Charlie replied under his breath. As they approached the wizard in the corner, he smiled good-naturedly and held out his hand to shake. “Alistair Figden?”
The wizard didn’t shake Charlie’s proffered hand, just stared at him with narrowed eyes.
“Did that Kim boy send you?” he asked, his voice raspy.
“Yeah, he did,” Charlie took his hand back and sat down opposite Figden. Artemis remained standing, her arms crossed in front of her chest. “We’re here about the… Magizoological specimen. We have items to trade that are valued at more than your cost, and would be be willing to negotiate a deal.”
“I’d rather gold. Your items might be fakes.”
“They might, but they’re not. Jae valued them himself, see?” Charlie passed Figden the scroll Jae had written. Figden read it, a look of greed in his eyes. Charlie glanced at Artemis before continuing, “We also have reason to believe that you are in possession of a certain portrait that we’d be interested in buying off you.”
“Yeah, a portrait of a Cursed Vault.”
Figden’s head snapped up. He frowned at Charlie, then looked up at Artemis. His eyes widened.
“Hexley,” he murmured. Artemis unfolded her arms. If he recognised her, then he must have known… “Jacob Hexley. He was after that portrait.”
“And now, so are we. Will you sell it to us?”
Charlie looked at Artemis again, before asking Figden, “Why not?”
“I don’t have it. Never did.”
“But do you know who does have it? Or where it is?”
“I might,” Figden gave Charlie back the scroll. “I’ll want everything on this list, and fifteen more Galleons.”
“Make it three, and you have a deal.”
“I can do six,” Charlie reached into his pocket, pulled out a shabby coin bag, and placed it on the table. Artemis stared at him in disbelief. That had to be all his wages from Rosmerta. “It’s all I have, so it’ll have to do. That and the list of items Jae’s valued for us for the dragon egg and everything you know about the portrait.”
“You strike a hard bargain,” Figden reached out and took the the coin bag, closing his long, gnarled fingers over it, and placing it inside his cloak. “Very well. I’ll tell you all I know about the portraits.”
“Portraits?” Artemis blurted out. “I thought there was just one!”
“No, there were several. A series. Centuries old, all by the same unknown artist,” Figden said. “One is lost, one is hung up at Hogwarts, and then there are three more.”
“Where are they?”
“That I don’t know. Hexley - Jacob Hexley, not you - asked me to procure them for him, and I did,” Figden’s features contorted into a grin. “He paid me a very good price. Him and that friend of his.”
“What friend? Olivia?”
“Nah, the boy. The one who died. I don’t remember his name.”
“Duncan? Duncan Ashe?”
“Sounds familiar. Anyway, I found the three remaining portraits and sold them to Hexley and his friend - though, if you ask me, they looked like they might be more than just good friends, but who am I to judge?” Figden took a swig from his dirty glass. “What they did with the portraits after that will stay with them. With Hexley missing and Ashe gone to an early grave, it’s likely no one will ever know.”
Charlie and Artemis exchanged glances. They knew exactly who they needed to ask about the portraits.
“Right, I’ve told you what I know,” Figden continued. “Give me the rest of the goods, and I’ll give you your Magizoological specimen, and we can all get on with our evenings.”
The rucksack full of treasure was handed to Figden, who rummaged around inside, as if checking that everything was in order. He must have been satisfied, because he closed the bag, and from underneath the table produced a large purple egg. Charlie’s eyes lit up as the egg was held out to him by Figden, who smirked slightly.
Artemis frowned. Something wasn’t right here, she could tell.
“Wait,” she said, leaning over Charlie and placing her hand on his wrist to stop him taking the egg. “Are you sure that’s a real dragon egg?”
“Of course I’m sure,” Figden glared at her. Charlie looked up and shrugged at Artemis, who retreated, moving her hand from his arm to the pocket where she kept her wand. “Pleasure doing business with you.”
Figden tucked the rucksack full of treasure inside his cloak, and extended a grubby hand to Charlie to shake. Artemis’ eyes didn’t leave his face. He was being dishonest, she just knew it.
After Charlie shook Figden’s hand, it was her turn. But when Figden held his hand out to her, she pulled out her wand.
“Brachiobindo,” she said, pointing her wand at him. A second later, thick ropes had coiled around Figden’s torso, pinning his elbows to his sides.
“What the-”
“First of all,” she snarled, her wand still pointed at Figden’s face, “I’m going to be asking the questions here, not you. Second of all, don’t lie to me. That’s not a real dragon egg, is it?”
“It is!”
“I told you not to lie. Revelio!” Artemis moved her wand down from Figden to the egg, which shrunk and changed colour from purple to white. “That’s funny. I didn’t realise that geese were counted as dragons these days. We want our treasure back.”
“You can’t, we shook hands. A deal is a deal.”
“No, Charlie shook your hand. I tied you up. And I want my rucksack back. Now.”
“Fine, take your bleeding treasure,” Figden muttered. Artemis kept her wand on him, before reaching into his cloak to pull out her yellow rucksack. Taking it back, she vanished the ropes that bound him. He stood up as if to leave, but she blocked his path. She’d forgotten something. Figden stared down at her. “What do you want now?”
“My friend’s Galleons. I want those back, too.”
“No. I gave you the information you wanted, that money is mine by right,” Figden shook his head. “I’m not going to be cheated out of what’s mine by a fourteen-year-old girl.”
“I’m actually fifteen, and I don’t think you can lecture us on cheating. You know, your fingernails are really disgusting,” she said, gently touching the tip of her wand with her index finger. “I might remove them.”
“You heard me. Give my friend back his money, or I’ll start summoning your fingernails. Or I’ll just set fire to your hair, that could do with coming off, too.”
“Who the hell do you think you are?”
“I’m Artemis Hexley. Who the hell do you think you are?”
Figden moved to walk around Artemis, but she moved into his path again. He tried to push her, but she stood her ground and pointed her wand at him again. He pulled out his own wand, and she disarmed him.
Figden’s wand flew from from his hand, and Artemis jumped to catch it.
“You know, my wand got broken recently,” she said, quietly. “The new one cost seven Galleons. I’ve never been that good at numbers, but I reckon that would leave you out of pocket, wouldn’t it? You keeping my friend’s money, and me snapping this wand in half?”
“I don’t need this grief. Have your money back,” Figden spat at Artemis, and threw Charlie’s coin bag down on the table. Artemis held the conman’s wand out to him, and he snatched it off her and pushed past her, muttering to himself, “Jumped up little brat.”
Artemis withdrew her wand and turned back to Charlie, who was leaning back from her, staring at her with an alarmed sort of expression on his face.
“What?” she asked him. “He tried to swindle you!”
“You terrify me,” Charlie said, under his breath. Artemis’ giggled, and Charlie took a deep breath, blinked and shook his head. “Do you reckon he was telling the truth about the rest, though? About Duncan knowing where the portrait was all along?”
“That I believed,” Artemis nodded. “I think we need to have another chat with Duncan.”
“I was just thinking the same thing. Maybe keep your wand to yourself this time, yeah?”
Artemis and Charlie flew straight back to the castle, ran at full pelt to the library to find Bill, and dragged him up to the fifth floor to find Duncan Ashe.
“Duncan!” Artemis shouted, as they entered the Prefects’ bathroom. “Duncan, I know you can hear me. Come out and talk to me, you lying little toerag!”
Bill and Charlie looked at each other nervously as Artemis kicked the door of a toilet cubicle open. A moment later, Duncan appeared from behind a sink.
“Me, a liar?” he said. “That’s rich, coming from a Hexley.”
“Yeah, I get it. You’re dead, and you’re angry about it. But you know what? Being angry about being dead doesn’t change the fact that you’re dead, so you might as well just get over it.”
Duncan blinked at her, and then his expression changed. He looked less sullen, and more sad. Artemis took a deep breath.
“Sorry,” she muttered, softening as Duncan stared down at the floor, looking more morose by the second. “I’m sorry, I just… Why did you lie to us about the portrait? I know you know where it is. We spoke to Figden.”
“Oh,” Duncan frowned. “Yes. I lied.”
“Why, though?”
“Because I… I didn’t want you to have it. Because of you, and Jacob, and what happened to me.”
“Duncan, I’m sorry about what happened to you,” Artemis said. Duncan half-laughed, and shook his head. “I am. Really.”
“No, you’re not. You can’t be.”
“What do you mean?”
Duncan sighed, and looked at her sadly.
“Because,” he said, quietly, “if it hadn’t happened to me, it would have happened to you.”
A hushed quiet fell over the bathroom, with only the sound of a dripping tap stopping it from being entirely silent.
“I think you need to tell us everything,” said Bill, eventually, his eyebrows furrowed. Duncan swallowed, hard.
“Okay,” he nodded. “I’ll tell you. We’ll see if you still want to find your brother after I’m done.”
“I will,” Artemis breathed. Duncan looked at her pityingly.
“You love him,” he said. “So did I, once. I thought he… We were best friends, you see. Him, me, and Olivia. And so, when he started looking for the Vaults, we went along with him. He was more interested in it than we were, of course, but he lead, and we followed. It was fun, at first. But then, the Cabal came along-”
“The Cabal? Who’s the Cabal?”
“A group of people, they were looking for the Vaults, too. They sent us messages, signed with the letter-”
“Yes, R. At first we ignored them, but after a while, Jacob said we needed their help. He started to write back to them, leave them messages. They gave us instructions, and we did what they asked. Olivia hated it, and she stopped helping us. She said Jacob was taking things too far, tried to warn me, but… Jacob and I didn’t listen. We started getting closer to the Vaults…” Duncan paused, and closed his eyes. “And to each other.”
“What?” Artemis frowned, and then her eyes widened as she realised what Duncan meant. “Oh.”
“Like I said, I loved him. I thought he felt the same way, but… he didn’t. It was all a lie.”
“No. No, Jacob wouldn’t lie about something like that. He-”
“He did. You see, the Cabal wanted a sacrifice. They said that a life was needed to open the final Vaults, and so he… he gave them mine,” Duncan gave a wry smile. “Betrayed with a kiss.”
Again, Bill was the one who broke the tense near-silence.
“Where does Artemis come into this?” he asked.
“Jacob came here to find me after I died,” Duncan replied, in a shaky voice. “He wanted to apologise, and to explain why he did what he did. He told me it was to protect you.”
“How does this protect me?”
“The sacrifice had to be a meaningful one. If it hadn’t been me, it would have been you. He chose your life over mine.”
Artemis’ head was spinning. She could hardly believe it. She couldn’t believe it. There had to be a mistake. Jacob loved her, but he would never, never have betrayed his friend - no, his boyfriend - just to open the Vaults.
“He knew all this. He used me like a pawn in a chess game. He told me this, and he told me he was going to make sure that the sacrifice wouldn’t be in vain, but to do so, he needed the vault portrait. There was a set of three portraits. One was of the Vault, one was of a door, and the other was of a dragon. He had two of them, but I had the one that mattered. The vault portrait.”
“So where is it now?”
“I gave it away.”
“To who?”
“Peeves the Poltergeist?” Bill asked.
“He’s the only ghost who could touch objects and take it. He has it hidden away somewhere,” Duncan turned and looked at Artemis. “I didn’t want Jacob to have it. I didn’t want him to get to his precious Vaults. I was angry, and betrayed, and bitter, and I… I hated him. I hated you, too. Because he loved you, and he didn’t love me.”
Artemis shook her head, still not able to completely believe Duncan’s story, to believe the claims he made of Jacob. Duncan must have seen this, because he told her:
“If you don’t believe me, ask Patricia Rakepick. She knew all about your brother and his schemes.”
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Neopronouns: S
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Tumblr media
Over the sea to Skye
We have just driven from the Kyle of Lochalsh peninsula across the bridge to the Isle of Skye and we are staying at Portree. The weather is beautiful and the campsite has an impressive mountain as it’s backdrop. So many great places.
Tumblr media
In the last week, we have completed our journey across the north visiting Tongue and Scourie and headed down the west coast to Lochinver and Ullapool. The North Atlantic Drift passes Ullapool, moderating the temperature. A few New Zealand cabbage trees are grown in the town and are often mistaken for palm trees, giving the place a Mediterranean feel.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
During our journey through the spectacular scenery, we were lucky enough to see a golden eagle hunting across the mountains and swooping down over the loch. This magnificent bird with a massive wingspan, was soaring and diving to catch its prey.
We decided to take the more scenic coastal route from Lochinver to Ullapool despite the warnings that it wasn’t suitable for buses or caravans. No mention of motorhomes here so we pressed on. In places, the road was nothing more than a single track with hairpin bends and steep drops. It took us almost an hour and a half to cover 30 miles as we had to pull over and even reverse to let other traffic through and then there were the cyclists to avoid.
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As we emerged unscathed from the experience and proud of our achievement, we stopped to take a photo of Ullapool harbour. A motorhome with a German couple on board sped past and hit Big Boy’s wing mirror, catapulting the glass into the grass verge. Without Alex slamming his hand on the horn, it was unlikely they would have stopped because they had driven a considerable distance before pulling over. Luckily, we managed to salvage the glass, tape it back in place and unfortunately we will be going home more battered than we arrived.
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We also visited the mile long Corrieshalloch Gorge which takes its name from the Gaelic meaning ‘ugly hollow’. But that couldn’t be further from the truth as you gaze down over a series of crashing waterfalls into the gorge below. The gorge is one of the most spectacular of its kind in Britain. I drew the line at crossing the suspension bridge over it, however, and was not alone in deciding that was a step too far.
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After leaving Ullapool, we headed to Gairloch and then onto Applecross. As we drove through the countryside, we noticed a magnificent stag had come out into the open and was standing among the cars and visitors in a parking bay. He wasn’t at all concerned by the people or the cars and has clearly made a habit of dropping in to blag a few snacks. Incredible to be able to be so close to such a wonderful animal in its own environment.
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There are two routes into Applecross - the shorter one, originally a cattle track, goes up and over the mountain; the second one goes up and round the mountain following the coast. We decided to take the second, known as ‘the coward’s way’, and we’re so glad we did. It was still hair-raising driving on the edge of the mountain on a single track road with sheer drops. I can’t imagine how terrifying the other one must be but I’m not planning to find out anytime soon. This little hamlet sits in the most breathtaking scenery and it was well worth the long drive. We were once again dodging the sheep on the road and one decided to play kamikaze pilot just as we were passing by, narrowly missing being hit as it ran out in front of us.
The greatest moments on this journey have been the simple pleasures, such as a picnic beside the road with the amazing loch and mountain scenery all around. But best of all, we’re doing this in the middle of a working week with no work to go back to. We’ve waited a long time to be able to say that.
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thewidowsghost · a year ago
The Sky's the Limit - Chapter 5
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May looks over at her daughter. Giving (Y/n) a quick nod, May says, "Good luck. Stay safe."
"Back at you," (Y/n) says, then she turns to her former Red Room companion. "See you, Natasha."
"Be careful," Natasha replies and (Y/n) nods.
"Disable their systems," Coulson instructs (Y/n) and Skye, "most importantly, their control of our plane."
"Copy that," Skye says and (Y/n) nods grimly.
"Remember, these agents are under orders," Coulson reminds (Y/n) and Skye. "ICERS only."
(Y/n) nod, pocketing her handgun and pulling an ICER out of one of her arm holsters.
. . .
Skye and (Y/n) drop down from he vents into one of the storage closets.
Skye crouches down against a wall while (Y/n) moves to the door, opening it a little to look at the amount of agents outside in the hallway.
(Y/n) quietly closes the door. "Damn," (Y/n) hisses, crouching beside Skye.
"That processing center is at the end of that hall," Skye says.
"Skye," (Y/n) turns to the brunette, "give me your ICER."
3rd Person POV
"What are you gonna do?" Skye asks, a concerned expression crossing her face.
"Pave the way for you," (Y/n) replies, checking her dendrotoxin ammunition.
"There's like a hundred guys out there and you're already injured," Skye protests.
"Twelve," (Y/n) says, turning her gaze on the brunette beside her. "Level five foot soldiers. Basic armor package. And no other way through,"  (Y/n) scowls. "The other are depending on us," (Y/n) goes on, thinking of her sister.
"But it's suicide," Skye says, looking at (Y/n) in disbelief.
"I've seen a lot of shit," (Y/n) replies. "It's not that bad."
Skye complies after a moment, handing (Y/n) the ICER.
(Y/n) rises to her feet, pressing her back against the wall next to the door.
(Y/n) lets out a controlled breath. "Open the door for me?"
Skye fixes her dark brown gaze on (Y/n) and then she nods, moving to stand behind the door.
Before she opens the door, Skye steps back towards (Y/n), reaches up with a gentle hand up to (Y/n)'s collar. (Y/n) leans down and Skye presses her lips to (Y/n)'s. (Y/n)'s eyes flutter closed as she responds to the kiss.
Skye pulls away after a minute, watching (Y/n)'s face. The younger woman's cheeks are tinted red and (Y/n) looks shyly away from Skye before glancing back at the brunette.
"You're so brave," Skye murmurs.
(Y/n) softens, only Natasha and her mother had ever called her brave.
And Skye hadn't even known about her childhood and everything that (Y/n) had gone through.
Skye just knew about what (Y/n) had done the last few hours.
"You ready?" Skye murmurs and (Y/n) nods, shaking her head to clear it.
"Lock the door behind me," (Y/n) tells Skye and the brunette nods.
(Y/n) takes a deep breath.
Skye pulls the door open and (Y/n) steps out the door, Skye closing said door behind (Y/n).
(Y/n) rolls forward as a bullet soars over her head, shooting six ICER bullets at six of the guards.
They drop to the ground and (Y/n) jumps to her feet, staggering slightly as a fist catches her in the stomach and then her nose and then her eyebrow. Some blood runs down into (Y/n)'s eyes and she blinks harshly.
(Y/n) pulls off her sister's signature move, flooring another  agents.
(Y/n) sweeps her leg behind another agent's knees, shooting him as he goes down.
Firing three more dendrotoxin bullets from the ICER takes down three more agents.
. . .
Skye closes her eyes at all the thudding and pained groans.
Then she backs up against the opposite wall as footsteps come nearer to the unlocked door.
Skye exhales sharply and (Y/n) pants, her hand still resting on the knob of the open door.
"You ready to hack this system?" (Y/n) asks, using a hand to wipe the blood from her eyes.
Skye grabs her backpack, opens it, and (Y/n) grins at the explosives in the bag. "Who said anything about hacking?" Skye asks, her eyes sparkling in the dim light.
. . .
(Y/n) and Skye prime the charges, waiting with their backs to a wall.
There's a tiny explosion and (Y/n) glances back over at Skye.
"Was that all of them?" Skye questions.
"It wasn't as big as thought -" (Y/n) begins, but then there is a larger explosion, shaking the building.
(Y/n) turns inward, her arm moving to protect Skye's face from any flying shrapnel and Skye also turns towards (Y/n), her face coming to rest against (Y/n)'s chest.
Word Count: 747 words
Sorry this is so short, I just wanted to get something out before I went to bed.
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theskyesfamily · 6 months ago
Alright this is a stickup, nobody move! Just hand over the cheese and nobody has to get hurt, got it?
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Soaring: “So you’ve chosen death”
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charlieweasleyxmc · a year ago
June 1991
(Y/N) tweaked her graduation robes until they were situated correctly in place. And then, with a flurry of her wand for a finishing touch, she said, “Tactus aurum.”
A halo of light lifted around her and then fell, falling onto her sleeves and other parts of the draping cloth. When it settled on the black fabric, it turned into starlight sparkles of gold.
The final task of any Hogwarts student, picking the spell to bequeath to their graduation robes.
“You ready?” Chiara peeked her head inside, her own robes lined with silver, and if one looked closely enough…wolves.
“I like your robes,” (Y/N) smiled, reaching her silver haired friend.
Chiara gave her a grin that was almost more a baring of teeth and (Y/N) laughed. It felt like a mirthful laugh and she let herself feel it, let herself treasure it and lift her up.
The way down to the great hall was not clogged like it usually was. Indeed, all the younger students were reportedly already down there, in their places so that the seventh years, the graduates could arrive last.
As (Y/N) and Chiara approached the back hallways, the thin corridors that led to the back of the great hall and the room behind it, she caught sight of more than a few of her fellow classmates. Diego Caplan’s robes were a sunshine yellow. Tulip Karasu’s blue robes sported exploding fireworks actually exploding on the fabric, sucking in and then exploding again. Liz Tuttle’s robes were the simple graduate black, but had a tiny picture niffler running along the fabric so that one tried to keep track of him only to lose sight of him again.
Chiara broke off from (Y/N) to talk to them right outside the room while (Y/N) entered alone to the sight of even more of her seventh year friends.
Badeea Ali in robes of moving falling stars; Talbott Winger, with a full raven, wings spread wide, on the back of his; Merula and Barnaby in robes of emerald green, though Barnaby’s had tiny bowtruckles running all over it, Ismelda in robes somehow even blacker than the rest of them; Penny Haywood in light yellow robes with flowers drifting to land on the bottom, so that the flowers were slowly building up at her hem; and Ben Copper, a moving, roaring lion on the back of his robes.
(Y/N) smiled when three familiar figures approached her.
Jae wore scarlet robes with a golden sheen that (Y/N) swore looked like tiny galleons in the shifting light. Andre wore robes with more delicate spells than any of them, moving brooms around the collar and other hem lines, delicate and artful stitching in other places that he no doubt did himself, and delicate, but polished buttons. (Y/N) smiled when she saw Tonk’s robes.
Dora wore robes that faded from pink the color of her hair to the truest white at the bottom, and along the hems, wands and dragons.
(Y/N) felt her eyes well with tears at the homage to Charlie.
“What do you think they are gonna do?” Andre asked, shifting his robes so that they sat straighter on him.
(Y/N) shook her head, but it was Dora who answered.
“Whatever it is, it’s going to be memorable.”
(Y/N) smiled then, “things at Hogwarts always are.”
“Graduates!” Professor Flitwick whisper shouted from the front of the room, closest to the doors out into the Great Hall. “It’s time!”
Her peers hustled to get in line, those in the hallway called back in by other students and they all filed into one long single file line. She found herself, not by accident, right behind Nymphadora Tonks.
And suddenly the doors were opened, and the first person in line, Murphy was ushered out in his announcer inspired robes, followed shortly by Skye Parkin in quidditch robes.
The line shifted forward. (Y/N) felt herself shuffling forward, just focusing on keeping track of the end of Dora’s robes in front of her.
More people were called out. (Y/N) could hear mumbled speaking, mumbled cheers from the hallway, and one by one, her friends left the room stepping out into the Great Hall beyond.
She could just make out part of the doorway above the heads of the other graduates; all she could see through that little bit of window was the ceiling of the Great Hall.
Sunset, to match the time of day and no doubt what was happening outside the walls of this castle as the day turned to night, evening turned to dusk.
Another graduate, Badeea this time, left out into the hallway and (Y/N) watched her and then three others follow with baited breath.
Ben, then Barnaby, Ismelda then Merula, Diego, then Talbott and Tulip. Liz, then Chiara, and finally, Jae.
That’s when (Y/N) looked behind her and realized she was the last person in line.
She exhaled.
Andre left through the doors, leaving only her, Professor Flitwick, and Dora in the room when suddenly Dora turned around, stopping, and pulled her wand from her robes.
“May I?” she asked, gesturing to (Y/N)’s robes.
(Y/N) nodded and Dora reached out, waved the wand over her head.
And Dora spoke, her voice sure, but soft, softer than (Y/N) had ever heard it.
“Memini Doni.”
Golden stars fell before (Y/N)’s eyes, blurring her vision as they landed on her robes. She looked at her right cuff, where one of the golden stars landed amid the ones she had placed on her robes earlier, but this one exploded when it hit.
And it turned into a phoenix.
The phoenix flew off, across her robes and she watched as another star landed, this one exploding into a snitch.
She watched the snitch fly off as another star landed right beside it on her arm and a book exploded into the fabric, flapping like wings. As the stars landed, they all exploded; a thunderbird, then a cauldron, a broom, then a bowtruckle; a feather, then a scarf, a bubble then a puffskein, and a firework. Altgoether, the items soared across the fabric, manifesting in shades of gold.
The last star, the one yet to land, floated above (Y/N)’s nose before falling, landing and exploding somewhere on the bottom of her robes.
She saw a shifting of wings, and then the creature soared up, flying out of sight as it circled behind her back.
But it reappeared, launching itself right onto her right arm and curling up around it.
(Y/N) found herself reaching with her left hand to touch the dragon, the gold embossing on her robes shimmering with its scales.
She meant to thank Dora, but all that came out of her mouth was:
“I miss him.”
Dora laid her hand right over (Y/N)’s.
“Me too.”
She turned from her and stepped up the steps.
She turned back.
“Thank you.”
Dora turned back, glancing back just once , smiling, before she stepped out into the Great Hall to a roar of cheers.
(Y/N) felt a few tears fall from her face, landing on her robes and making the golden parts of the fabric shimmer even more.
“Whenever you’re ready, Miss (Y/LN),” Professor Flitwick spoke from where he stood right beside the door.
(Y/N) took a long pull of breath, looking up.
“I’m ready.”
The crowd cheered just as they had when the others had entered the hall, and altogether, the graduates stood together on the stage, holding hands, before they were permitted to move to their seats and their house tables, right in the front. Honors were announced then, as well as students who received varying academic awards for various subjects. (Y/N) barely heard they announced her award for defeating and finally breaking the curse on all the cursed vaults in the school.
But she did hear when they announced the awards for Care of Magical Creatures astounding N.E.W.T.S. and honors.
Lizard Tuttle, Barnaby Lee, (Y/N) (Y/LN), and finally, Charlie Weasley, for the award of most outstanding caretaker of all magical creatures, demonstrating the most bravery and compassion in any field.
(Y/N) smiled, touching the dragon on her arm as she watched Professor Dumbledore make his speech to the graduates. At the end, he spoke four words that she had never heard him say before.
“Nitwit! Blubber! Oddment! Tweak!”
The whole crowd cheered when the feast appeared before them, everyone found themselves filling themselves to their fullest, as well as traveling around the room to hug various other graduates, or in the younger students’ cases, hugging graduates that they would miss.
It was long after the sky overhead had turned to starlight, the candles floating in the air trying to reflect the light from the heavens that the heads of houses collected all the graduates, leading them out of the hall and through a side corridor first. They waited for a while, talking among themselves when Professor McGonagall finally let them all exit out a side door of the castle, into the starlight and out onto the grounds right before the Black Lake.
It was only then that (Y/N) realized what was going on when she saw the little boats on the shore, lanterns at their prows, and Hagrid standing on the sand before them.
She glanced back up at the castle, seeing the lights of dozens of lanterns and candles and the shapes of hundreds in front of the doors to the castle, notably among them, a candle lit a figure with long robes and a silver beard.
She could have sworn she saw him smile before she followed the others down to the beach and helped them all get into the boats.
“Forward!” Hagrid called and they all felt the boats lurch forward and they sailed across the Black Lake, under a sky of stars, and away from Hogwarts.
(Y/N) glanced back once more, glimpsing the sight of all the lights in the castle, the towers and turrets, and the crowd of people with lanterns and candles right before the doors, all of which she could only see the lights.
Then she turned back, gazing towards the other side of the lake and the train that she knew was there.
This is the end of Year 7! Stay tuned for more!Comment with the Hogwarts house you’re in and a description of your Mc!
Tumblr media
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lovemesomesurveys · 5 months ago
Did you try the Unicorn Frappuccino when Starbucks had it, and if so, what did you think? No, I thought it looked cute, but I never got around to trying it.
Is your hair naturally more light, dark, or in-between? Dark. Does your hair have natural highlights in it? No. What was the last clothing store you shopped at? Online I was looking at at Shein, in person I went to Ross. Do you like your old phone better than your newest one? No.
What are three names you like that start with "Z"? Zadok, Zach, Zoey. What was the last thing you wore that was purple? Not sure exactly, but it’s been awhile. What are five things everyone else seems to like, but you hate? Sushi, seafood in general, alcohol, socializing and always having to be doing something, ha, and summertime. What were three trends from when you were in high school that you think were terrible? I don’t feel like thinking that far back. Would you rather have a snowball fight or water balloon fight? Not into either one. What grocery store do you shop at the most? We do our big grocery shopping trips at Walmart. What color was your first car? I haven’t had my first car; I don’t drive. Does your family support you in the pursuit of your dreams? I have a very supportive and encouraging family. What's one place you'd like to visit that you haven't yet? There’s so many places I’d love to visit that I haven’t yet. What is one medication that you take every day? My pain medication. When was the last time you wore make-up? Last June for my brother’s grad party. Do you own a cross necklace? No. I do want to get one. What are three things you wanted as a kid but never got? I don’t know, I’m very fotunate and blessed to have been provided what I needed and a lot of what I wanted.  What are three things you loved about your backyard as a kid? My swing set. How did you pick names for your imaginary friends when you were younger? I don’t know. What was your favorite class in high school? English and Spanish. What were your favorite mall stores when you were in high school? Hot Topic, Macy’s, JCP. What is the capital city in the state/province/region/whatever that you live in? Sacramento. Did you ever go to summer camp as a child? No. ^If yes, what were three things you loved about it? -- Do you make to-do lists? Yeah, quite often. Use three words to describe your bedroom. Small, clutter-y, random. Who was your favorite celebrity when you were a kid? The big 90s stars, basically. Do you currently have a crush? No. It’s been like 5 years since I’ve had romantic feelings for someone. What’s that even feel like I don’t remember. What was one thing you weren't allowed to wear in high school, that you wanted to wear? My parents were reluctant about me wearing me eyeliner at first. They didn’t want it too heavy. They allowed me to wear it, though. What does it look like outside right now? It looks sunny. It’s 73 F right now, which is kinda warm. What is your favorite outdoor temperature? I prefer below 70s, but I can handle that over upper 70s and above that’s for sure. What's the highest fever you've ever had? Like 101.  Do you prefer llamas, penguins, or owls? Owls, I guess. Are you allergic to any foods? Tangerines. What are you severely allergic to, if anything? Nothing severely. What was the last store in your town that permanently closed (that you know of)? Hmm. I’m blanking at the moment. Where do you find new music? For a bit it was Tiktok back when I was obsessed with it during like the first year of the pandemic. Otherwise, it was throug Spotify and what others I know were listening to. What's your favorite girl's name? I like seasonal/weather/nature related names, ha. Ya know, names like Autumn, Winter, Skylar, Skye, Oceana/Ocean, Rain. How old are you? 32 for 4 more months. Do you own a cross necklace? No. Do you own a moon necklace? No. What is the meaning of your name? ”Crowned” or something like that. Would you rather be a fairy or a mermaid? Fairy. What makes your heart soar? Feel good, heart warming stories. What are three things that make you feel alive? I haven’t felt alive in a long time.
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mcyt-apocalypse-au · a year ago
httyd au: character plans
A funny and charismatic kid, tommy can always bring a shy dragon or person out of their shell.
Best friends with Tubbo, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Snotlout
I mean like him and tubbo are pretty much polar opposites but they met when they were really young and help eachother out tons
Tubbo will help tommy with dragon studies and tommy will defend tubbo from anyone wanting to hurt him or fishlegs
Snotlout and tommy grew up as rivals, always trying to gain the attention of the village, but as they grew older they realised how much more enjoyable their competitions would be if they were close friends
Tommy has a red and grey deadly nadder called nox. he's an energetic dragon with a playful side, however he ca get aggressive if someone threatens tommy.
Tommy will often just sit on a bench with nox, staring out at the sunset as he hummed the delicate tune of his two favourite songs, mellohi and cat
He hummed the tunes so much that Nox as even started to copy him, recently Nox has started humming the tunes to calm Tommy down if he ever upset or angry
Tubbo is a shy yet chaotic kid that's an expert in all things dragon
He's best friends with Fishlegs, Ruffnut, Tuffnut and Tommy, he looke up to them both, craving Fishlegs' knowledge and Tommy's confidence
He has a proud and friendly Razorwhip called Silver. Silver is literally Tubbo's biggest supporter, she's so proud of how far he's come
He has also trained a pack of Night Terrors that have all vowed to protect Berk. The large pack of Night Terrors stumbled upon Berk by complete chance, they were seeking sanctuary for their injured leader and lucky enough for them, Tubbo was willing to help!
So he nutured the leader back to full health, allowing the pack to stay on the island while their leader recovered, and they haven't left since, even know their leader is good as new.
Silver has also memorized the tunes of Tommy's favourite songs because Nox taught her, she understood that tyey also calmed Tubbo down, so she used them for both dragon riders if they got upset or stressed
Pretty much an urban myth among the residents of Berk, very few have had the pleasure of meeting and interacting with him.
Despite what the stories say, Techno is most definitely not a cold hearted killer or a cruel tyrant, he's just an awkward dragon expert with a thirst for victory
Techno has grey Titan Wing Triple Stryke, with rose gold tail spikes, called Spike. Spike is a fearless dragon destined for greatness and victory, with a hunger for success and strength, he and Techno are the perfect duo.
Spike was being hunted down by dragon hunters, but once Techno stumbled into the currently vulnerable dragon's path, he sensed the strength and potential that radiated from it.
The two are very protective of eachother, especially as they're usually the only other sign of life that they see. Techno and Spike live alone on a small island. Techno has a small farm there and he'll occasionally fly to Berk to trade for supplies
Schlatt is a misunderstood rebel, haunted by his past and love for chaos. One of the only people in Berkian history that has been forcefully exhiled, rumours of his unhinged behaviour and heartless actions were soread by the village elders, tainting his reputation.
Schlatt has a protective and wary Skrill named Spark, or affectionately dubbed Sparky. Spark is pretty much the only friend that Schlatt can rely on, so naturally Spark is protective and loyal to Schlatt.
Before he was exhiled, he requested that Phil and Hiccup, one of the village blacksmiths and the greatest dragon trainer, also son of the chief, could make him a body suit that would make him immune to Soarky's lightning bolt abilities.
Back on Berk, he was best friends with Quackity and Fundy, but those friendships collapsed when they went behind his back and spread false rumours, detailing Schlatt's appailling acts against the law of Berk
In the four years that he's been exhiled, he's only spoken to a few people. Among those few are Tommy and Tubbo.
He first met Tommy and Tubbo when they were trying to rescue Nox from a dragon trap. Schlatt knew the traps, he and Spark had destroyed many of them before, so he offered his help and a cautious, yet desperate Tommy accepted it. He freed Nox with ease, earning both dragon trainer's gratitude.
Basically everyone's most treasured member of the village. He's the village blacksmith and everyone's support beacon, somehow becoming everyone's second father
He'll run his errands around Berk, whistling as he basks in the morning sun. Everytime he sees a familiar face, he'll double check on them, asking if they've hydrated, asking if they've eaten well and asking how they're doing mentally
He's always there to talk if something's wrong. Like i'm talking he'll drop all of his errands and take you to his and Kristin's house and sit you infront of the fire with a cup of steaming hot tea
He's best friends with Wilbur, Techno and Gobber
His dragon is a Stormcutter called Skye. She's a loyal, caring dragon, often motherly to young dragons that seek shelter on Berk.
If you can't find him on Berk, he's probably soaring through the clouds as the sunsets, with Kristin, on their dragon's backs
He's also pretty famous for his building and invention blue prints, his expertise is greatly sort after due to the aesthetically element of them
Recently, he found out that Tubbo adores bees and Tommy adores cows so, to make his sons happy, he's started learning how to make lil bee and cow figures and somehow incorporate them into his designs
From one corner or the archipelago to the other it's pretty much accepted that he's the most talented dragon tanner, even being anle to tame a titan wing if given the chance
AKA Niki, she's pretty much the big sister of the village, a soft-spoken and kind dragon trainer that's always there to talk if someone needs her
She's pretty famous for being a dragon carer, she'll look after dragons that are injured or orphaned, raising them to full health so they can live life to the fullest
Niki has a shy, peaceful Lightfury, named Luna. She has pastel purple eyes and glimmering white scales. A timid, peaceful dragon without a care in the world, until Niki is threatened or hurt.
Pretty much the perfect team, Luna and Niki have the closest bond out of anyone on the dragon trainer team
She's best friends with Wilbur, Techno, Fundy and Tommy
As the story progresses, she becomes a mentor for Hiccup, helping him heal Toothless and develop the bond between them
Even as the story develops to httyd 3, she's still his mentor. Basically like sibling figures to eachother, Niki helps him learn how to approach the wild Lightfury without scaring her off
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valoranting258 · a year ago
If Valorant Had a University AU
Jett, Phoenix, Astra, and Raze are the chaotic first years fresh out of high school. They become friends on the first day of classes and are practically inseparable for the rest of their degrees. If they aren't paired together for group projects they'll literally throw a fit until they get their way.
Yoru is the first year who's still on his "popular senior" cloud from high school. He thinks he's soaring high above everyone for the first, mm, 2 hours of university and then he's smacked in the face by reality. And Jett's hand.
Skye is the president of the environmental awareness club at the school and can be seen basically every day at a small booth near the cafeteria asking people if they're aware they're eating "dead critter flesh".
Viper, Sage, Brimstone, and Sova are all professors of chemistry, earth sciences, geography, and engineering respectively.
Killjoy is a senior, ready to graduate but is taking an extra three engineering classes for fun.
Cypher is the older man who's taking classes later in life now that he has the time and money.
Breach is the guy that brings vodka to school in his water bottle and then drinks it without making any faces to tell you he's duping you. He is feared and revered alike.
Reyna is the scary third year that just wants to be done with school. She's the one with the Aura was she walks down the halls, telling you to get the f out of her way.
Omen is the dude who sits at the back of your class and just listens, taking no notes, so you expect him to do horribly on all of your exams. You wait for the announcement that the class average was brought down by like 18 percent because of him, only to later discover he got the highest grade in the class. Everyone is confused, pandemonium ensues, and suddenly no one can find him to interrogate him.
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rainrain9 · a year ago
Day 7- Home
Skye sighed, plopping himself into the sand as Yuffie’s innocent words rang through his mind once more.
Don’t you miss your home?
He did, how could he not? ‘Home’ had once been where he lived with his parents, but then it became his room in the Servant’s Quarters. It’s where he kept his things, where he slept at the end of the day, his spot in Atlantica. Home had the comfortable familiarity and stability of a place he had always known, full of people he knew who knew him…of sorts. Yet the question grated him slightly, as he knew she meant the ocean but when he thought of home it wasn’t the first thing that came to his mind.
No, instead it was a metal ship that soared in the sky rather than the sea, with wooden walls and matching floors. The home of a brunet pilot with scars of his own that showed the betrayal to his golden heart.
“Hey!” The pilot barked behind him, “Be careful with that!”
“You be careful, kupo! Don’t step off the ramp, kupo!” Their newest addition shrieked with the beat of wings.
Skye stood with a laugh at their interruption, smiling as his eyes landed on the pair. “What’re you arguing over now?”
“He’s going to drop it!” Justin huffed, reaching out to snag the burlap bag from the moogle.
“I will not, kupo!” The moogle snapped, flying upwards just out of reach.
Skye smiled fondly as he followed after the bickering pair. He was mistaken, he didn’t need to miss home, he was at it.
Tumblr media
As you can see, this image doesn't match the snippet lol. But it was made by the lovely @amyhayanora and I adore it <3 JustSkye have been with me for a couple years now, and I'm glad to have them with me. They wouldn't be here if it wasn't for the awesome friends I made in the fandom who shared their OCs with me and convinced me to share my own.
I'm happy to have seen everyone's OCs this year @khoc-week and it was a pleasure being a mod for the blog this time around. Stay awesome everyone! -- Marcie :D
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