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#Sobbing lol

thank you🥺

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My dad sending texts he specifically engineers to destroy my heart:
“I love you. I always feel bad when we part because I think I should do more for you. I’m not giving up and I hope you don’t give up on me.

I love you so much. I try not to worry but that’s me.”

DAD 😭 😭 😭 😭 

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Toshio Suzuki revealed that Miyazaki is working on the film for his grandson as his way of saying “Grandpa is moving onto the next world soon but he is leaving this film behind because he loves you”.

this shit makes me fucking cry every time i read it

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if our only choice are blue cross or blue shield…. what the fuck is the difference?

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My research paper is currently 14 pages long and I’m not even done yet… Sorry to my professor who has to read my crap of a paper lol

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<div> —  Lord Jesus Christ (@LordsApostle) </div><span>@Runescape Thy game is shit.</span>
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Omg the livestream is talking about about the mother that blogged about her 7 yr old boy with the crush on Blaine omfg that’s what made me connect Harry Freakin Potter to Glee asdfghjk;dskjfoe

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omg eleanor is at waterloo omg she’s exactly 16 minutes away from me omg my creys my queen

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all the tears!  :(

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