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dingodoodles · 11 days ago
I'm gonna be a voice in a video game >:O!! Get Solasta for 50% off here:
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dearratroi · 6 months ago
My bf is playing this DnD inspired game called Solasta: Crown of the Magister and I’m in love with this cantrip
Tumblr media
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shamelessinnerbeast · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Colored version - Finished gift for a friend playing Solasta with their favorite orc leader Brok and their elf green mage.
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rpgchoices · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Sometimes I really want to read a short summary of what to expect from a game with a very particular description that CATER to my OWN SPECIFIC interests, so here we go.
(click here for other videogames)
what to expect from SOLASTA: CROWN OF THE MAGISTER
you create 4 characters for your party (there is no difference between creating them or choosing the pre-made)
your party can be made of humans, dwarves, elves or halflings. And with a lot of classic DnD classes to choose from
you select four personality traits that will define how your character comment and speaks, this gives your characters a bit of personality in the game
you can choose a voice too and your characters will interact with each others (after events), with other characters (dialogues) and have small comments while exploring and fighting
you start as four adventurers who just met and are hired to go and investigate an abandoned fort where some soldiers disappeared
the stoy is VERY linear
do not expect any surprises
all quests are fetch quests, basically
sometimes a quest is "go here and talk with guy" and then "okay now you wait then talk with second guy", and then "find gem"
based on the background you chose for your characters you will have a small personal quest for each of them
the lore is rushed and I honestly could not care less for the world of Solasta and the politics of it
sometimes it felt like the game was making a big deal of this stuff, some heroic epic thing and I just found it funny because it landed so flat
the backgrounds are amazing, beautiful cities and art
the four characters in the party are basically the only characters. You have so little interaction with the world that no other character is really a character
there is NO choice
whatever choices you make (small choices) the game is linear
every quest is direct. There are only two ways to finish a quest: hide and sneak and pass to the next map to defeat the boss, or kill the enemies and pass to the next map to defeat the boss
I was most disappointed by the orcs quest because it was a completely false choice. No matter what you chose, nothing changed and you still faced the enemy alone
some plot points made no sense
I rushed through it because I could not take it anymore
I will never play this game ever again, this game has no SOUL
the combat (turn based) was the fun part
no romance, no relationships. Sometimes it was fun to see the characters bicker but there was no progress in their relationship ever
plot? find the gems for a crown and defeat the big enemy who is there because... uh... they are evil. That´s it gameplay? You have dialogues, but there are no choices. Linear story, very combat focused, turn based combat characters? Barely sadness level? None
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aearyn · 4 months ago
ok let me preface this by saying i love Solasta. However: what the FUCK? I just spent 20 minutes redoing the orc volcano bit because I accidentally killed the orcs by bypassing their little side quests, and it ends EXACTLY THE SAME?? And my characters are just like "who gives a shit, they're orcs", after we were BUDDIES for a whole ARC?? Not cool.
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fantasy-scifi-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
SOLASTA Crown Of The Magister by Goliat Gashi 
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inoxygen · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Enjoyed playing through Solasta, a mostly solid campaign despite the limitation of being a video game.
Having rules enforced helps me understand the game much better — 5e mechanics feel better with grid combat. It’s certainly down to encounter design, but I don’t feel like martial classes are weak any more. (Eldritch Knight still sucks!)
I do have an urge to play tabletop again, but also think back on all the awkwardness and wonder if it’s for me. I think I just really like chunky level ups, and a playground to utilise them. I don’t really know how to make stories my own. 7
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aloy-sobek · 5 months ago
If yall haven't tried Solasta I highly recommend it. Its a DND 5e based turn based rpg with the interesting mechanic of allowing you to make your entire team of 4 people. Through your choices they are assigned kinda roles for speaking parts. Its a kickstarter game and made by an indie company so it has its quirks and a few bugs but for the most part I have immensely enjoyed playing it.
They has have a dungeon beta maker out right now so after campaign you can download other peoples dungeons. Nothing quite like Divinity original sin 2 where it can be a campaign of sorts yet but still interesting nontheless.
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sodomyordeath · 3 months ago
Tumblr media
As I got a bunch of Asks about the playtime one can expect from Solasta well that’s mine as of last run through.
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otterlyart · a year ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Playing with the updated Solasta: Crown of the Magister demo and uh Fjord’s here?? 
(Fjord concept art by @ornerine)
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solastia · 2 years ago
Break My Stride | 2
Tumblr media
Pairing: Yoongi x Jungkook
Word Count: 3,000
Summary: Yoongi is an Omega that has managed to escape the annual mating run without an Alpha for seven years in a row. He has no plans for that to change, but he’s unaware of his latest opponent: the newly presented Alpha Jeon Jungkook, his very determined childhood friend.
Genre & Warnings: A bit of everything. Smut won’t happen until a later chapter and I will, of course, post warnings for that.
Tumblr media
The starting line was already bustling; everyone desperate to catch a scent they liked and latch onto it like...well, dogs with a bone. He hadn’t bothered to check the numbers this year, but it had to be a record breaking turnout. He’d guess upwards of ten thousand or more, just by how many bodies he had to try to squeeze through to get here. The annoying thing was that half of them probably weren’t even running. They were just family and friends of people that were, here to show their support as the races started. Most would go home for the night and come back tomorrow. Still, they could stop acting like this was some god damn county fair, at least. There were even booth setups for merchandise and food. 
Yoongi sighs morosely and follows the sounds of Taehyung and Jimin hollering like monkeys and calling his name. Most of the group - minus Jungkook again - have all claimed their spot on a set of park benches. They made it look like they were just going to a damn picnic with tablecloths and cushions for the wooden benches. Most of them were working through some of the food the vendors were selling and Taehyung slung an arm around his shoulders as he tore into a corndog. 
“So, you excited for today? You look well prepared, hyung,” Taehyung grinned slyly since he knew full well Yoongi was certainly not excited for today. 
Yoongi ignored him and instead asked whoever would answer, “Where’s Kook? Already sniffing out his mate?” 
“No, he said that would be pointless because his mate’s a cheating cheater that plays dirty. He said the chances of them covering their scent were high. He’s making sure his den is ready,” Seokjin scoffed. 
Yoongi accepted the drink Jimin handed him and chuckled. “Sounds like I might actually like them.” 
“You have no idea,” Jin said with a snort, glancing up and down at Yoongi in a way he couldn’t decipher. But then again, he didn’t really want to since Jin thought being vague made him mysterious and therefore more attractive. 
Hint: it didn’t. 
“So where’s his den?” 
Although, calling it a “den” in this day and age wasn’t really accurate. No longer did the big bad Alpha cart you off to a hole in a mountain or a shack in the woods (unless that’s what they wanted - who was he to judge?). It was simply a place that the Alpha had bought prior to their first run so they’d have a home ready for their mate. It could be anything from a shitty apartment like Yoongi’s to some fancy house in the city. No matter what kind of place it was, as soon as an Alpha presented, they usually began working on their den. Jungkook must have known his future mate for quite a while for them to already have a den together. Jungkook usually isn’t that sly - it’s amazing he was able to keep something like this from the whole group. 
“You know that place on Rural? That monstrosity that I thought was Victorian but you said it wasn’t? That it was...Italian?” 
Yoongi’s whole world came to screeching halt as he stared at Jin, his heart pounding so hard he was sure everyone else could hear it. 
“Italianate,” he whispered, praying to whatever powers that be that Jin didn’t mean that house. 
“Yeah, that’s the one. Everyone in the family was so excited and happy for Jungkook that they basically threw money at him. He had enough to pay for the house in cash. I told him he should bulldoze it and rebuild since it’s in a great part of town, but he said his mate would want to fix it up.” 
Yoongi suddenly felt like crying, but he settled for collapsing onto the bench and clenching his fist. 
“I’ve been saving up for that house since I was sixteen. I’m going to kill him.” 
Seokjin was sporting the most annoying smirk of all time, clearly enjoying Yoongi’s misery for some reason.
“Focus on the run. You can kill my little brother later.” 
Suddenly, Namjoon growled menacingly, startling everyone. Hoseok looked over to the spot where Namjoon was steadily staring, curiosity in his gaze before it too hardened and he started glaring with bared teeth. A random city Alpha that had been approaching them instantly halted, hands out in surrender. 
“Sorry man. Didn’t know he was spoken for.” 
When the Alpha left, Yoongi looked around curiously. 
“He wasn’t coming for me, was he?” 
Namjoon blushed and squeezed the still scowling Hoseok to him, avoiding everyone’s eyes. Seokjin’s eyes were wide with shock as he stared at the pair. 
“No, he was coming for - it doesn’t matter.’re looking well supplied over there hyung.” 
He decided to put the house from his mind for now and focus on the event of the day. If he didn’t and let his unhappiness cloud his decisions, he could end up with some Alpha dickwad who lived in a trailer and expected twelve kids. Yoongi patted the bulging pockets of his black jacket and matching cargo pants with pride instead, thankful that the tradition of running nude was no longer a rule. Pockets were a fucking godsend and no one wanted twigs and leaves poking their ass when some Alpha tackled them to the ground. That was also why his clothes had built in elbow and knee pads, just in case. He was prepared for anything. 
“Yup. I don’t need too much, because I might have cheated quite a bit this year, but I brought enough crap with me to wait this out for a week if I had to.” 
Namjoon studied him with narrowed eyes for a few moments before his shoulders shake as he silently laughs. 
“You totally came out and stocked up your little cave, didn’t you?” He asked, his voice shaky with laughter. 
“Hell yeah. I’m getting too old to just camp out on dirt. Fixed it up real nice so I can wait out the whole day. There’s a huge plush rug and plenty of blankets, big fluffy pillows, a little stash of food and entertainment. I even put scent blockers around so no one would smell anything coming from inside,” Yoongi preened as he thought of his perfect hideaway. 
Yoongi found it about six years ago when he’d been running from a particularly persistent Alpha. He’d stumbled across it quite literally when he’d tripped over a giant tree branch and landed facing a dirt mound against a hillside with a hole big enough for him to crawl through. He hadn’t expected much, just enough space for his small body to curl up and hide in, but the tunnel kept going until it opened up into a decent sized rock cave. Judging by the smell and some of the remnants, it used to be an actual wolf den, but it hadn’t been touched in some time. He could still remember how he’d huddled in there the first time, jumping at every sound from outside, sure he’d been found out. 
Now here he was several years later and thankfully the preserve was massive enough that no one else ever got to close to his sanctuary. This year he’d decided to experiment and see if he could sneak into the preserve to pimp it out without anyone discovering him, since being in the forest except for during the run was outlawed and came with huge fines. Of course he’d been successful since he was Min Fucking Yoongi. Maybe next year he’d try to camp out before the run even started, then he wouldn’t have to deal with anyone even trying to snatch him. 
A woman in a red pantsuit carrying a clipboard yelled into her headmic, “OMEGAS! Come sign in and get your collars!” 
The boys whooped behind him as he sighed and waved goodbye, joining the rest of the Omegas lining in front of a large set of tables. The packet of paperwork containing his information and liability forms had already been sent in weeks ago, so the sign in sheet was merely used to track your participation (and therefore following the stupid law). When you came back from the run, there was a whole different packet of paperwork to take home to fill in about your partners. 
When his turn came, he signed the clipboard and accepted the black leather collar, clasping it firmly closed as he joined the starting line. The collar was only to come off if you consented to an Alpha. Otherwise, it was there for protection. Many Alphas went a little nuts during the run and let their instincts take over, often going for a bite whether you wanted it or not. Thankfully, they were too stupid to remember the collars were made to be Alpha-proof and their teeth couldn’t get through them. Dumbasses. 
Yoongi lines up near the front, wanting to be one of the first to run as soon as the horn sounded. They always gave the Omegas and more submissive Beta’s a five minute head start, giving them a fair chance considering an Alpha’s naturally high stamina and speed. Yoongi just needed those first five minutes to get out of sight long enough to pull off his first trick. 
He scans the crowd around him trying to get an eye on Jungkook, but the lineup is so huge he can’t see anything. He was almost certain that Jungkook was an Omega - someone as sensitive as him couldn’t possibly be an Alpha. Hell, the boy used to cry if you looked at him too long. 
He glances towards the Alpha side, trying not to make eye contact with anyone. He just wanted to try to subtly figure out if there was any that were eyeing him for too long or trying to sniff him out so he’d be prepared. There were a couple of city Alphas that tried to catch his eye, it seemed, but no one looked like they were zeroed in and focused on him too heavily yet. Good, this should be an easy run. 
Yoongi frowned when he swore he saw a flash of a familiar side profile before it disappeared into the rest of the Alpha crowd, but that wasn’t possible. He was just nervous, and the fact that he’d been looking for Jungkook in the first place made him see things. He was sure there were plenty of Alphas running around with those piercings and Kook’s ginormous honker of a nose. 
The countdown began and forced his attention away and back to his own predicament. He inhaled and exhaled slowly to calm himself and got into a ready position, eyes focused on the clump of trees to the left where he planned to escape into. 
The horn blared as the mating run officially began and everyone in the starting line rushed forward. Many of the Omegas around him were smiling and giggling like this was all just a fun game instead of something that could drastically change your life, and for the worse if you weren’t careful. The waiting crowd and excited Alphas behind them cheered and howled as the Omegas wove into the forest ahead. 
Yoongi quickly veered off into the more densely packed left side of the preserve, needing to get to a certain clearing before the five minutes were up. He ran without a thought besides getting there, knowing his next step is crucial to his success. 
Finally, he comes across the small stream he’d been looking for, wading right into it with the waterproof boots that he bought just for this occasion, and traveling the rest of the way through the water so his scent and tracks would be harder to catch. 
Finally, he reaches the clearing that marked the halfway point to his cave and stopped, breathing heavily as he dropped onto a boulder. He takes just a couple of seconds to catch his breath, then pulls a container out of his jacket pocket. He grins as he opens it and scoops out the contents with a finger. It has all the appearance of white slime but smells like pine trees. He spreads the goop onto his scent glands, adding a bit behind his ears and across his wrists for good measure. He takes a heavy sniff of the air around him after, smirking with pleasure as his nose picks up nothing but pine. Instead of his usual citrus scent heavily tinged with Omega pheromones, he now blended into the forest.
Cheating, yes. Brilliant, also yes. 
Confident that any Alphas that had considered chasing him would now move on to an easier target, he ran towards the direction of his cave. He was tired as hell already and couldn’t wait to get there and take a nap. Maybe he should take up Jungkook on his offer to exercise with him more, so running wouldn’t be so damn painful next year. 
He had maybe ten minutes of running left to do when he smelled it. Lavender and clove, a scent that might belong to an Omega if it weren’t for the obvious Alpha musk lending the unusual combination a mouthwatering essence. 
He couldn’t believe it. An Alpha had actually tracked him all the way here? 
Unless the Alpha was after someone else and just happened to be going this way. However, Yoongi was certain that he’d seen most of the others head away from this area. He doubted many of them would even go too far into the forest as most of them wanted to be caught. 
He heard a twig snap and the Alpha’s scent thickened in the air, like he wanted Yoongi to know he was there. He was letting Yoongi know he was there for him and he wanted to chase. His inner Omega was preening that such an amazing smelling Alpha chased him this far out, and he really wished he could physically slap some sense into it. He didn’t even acknowledge that he was thoroughly impressed that the Alpha had even tracked him with his scent covered. 
He took off, running his heart out, but away from his cave. He didn’t want this jackass to know where his hiding place was. So he ran east, trying to get back towards the stream. 
Only the crunch of leaves and twigs switched sides almost immediately, sending him back the way he came. How was this Alpha so fast? Yoongi had been chased quite a few times in the past, but it was like this one was teleporting behind him. 
Yoongi ran a little more before trying again to head towards another side of the forest. They were getting a little too close to his cave for comfort and Yoongi was starting to panic. He had to find some way to lead this Alpha away from here. 
He knew there was a lake in the northernmost part of the preserve, and near that a small mountain. He hated the water, but surely if swam towards the mountain he’d find a good hiding spot. 
Only, as soon as the Alpha realized he’d changed direction again, the pounding steps behind him changed their own path to block his way. A warning growl traveled the air, making him shiver with the need to obey and letting Yoongi know that the Alpha didn’t want him changing his course. 
He was herding Yoongi towards the western part of the preserve, like he knew that was where Yoongi had been going. Did this fucker know about his cave? 
He didn’t take the time to puzzle through that, instead heading towards his sanctuary as he didn’t see a way out of it. His lungs were burning and his legs felt like they were going to fall off, but he pushed forward. The Alpha seemed content finally, simply following along behind him at a much slower pace than he could have, out of sight but heavily scenting the air with happiness.
He wasn’t going to be so happy in a few moments. 
Yoongi could have cried he was so pleased when his little burrow came into view. He finally stopped, putting a palm against the giant pine near it to hold himself up as he gulped in much needed air. The heavy steps came closer and he knew the Alpha was about to reveal himself. Yoongi was about to show this guy that he wasn’t someone to be messed with and he wouldn’t be dragged off to be someone’s good little Omega bitch. 
He reached into his jacket pocket and pulled out the taser he’d packed just in case. The blue light crackled ominously as he whirled around to face his opponent. 
A soft chuckle floated through the air as the Alpha walked through the trees.
“Stand down, hyung,” the voice urged gently, though filled with amusement. 
Yoongi’s jaw dropped as he watched the Alpha finally stride through the trees towards him because he knew that voice. He knew that face. He knew this person almost as well as he knew himself. 
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shamelessinnerbeast · 2 months ago
Tumblr media
Uncolored version - Currently working on a gift for a friend playing Solasta (Good game I tried it too) featuring their favorite orc leader Brok and their elf green mage.
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rpgchoices · 2 months ago
I don't know if they're already on your radar but here are three other rpg to look into: Wildermyth (fantasy), Encased (post apocalyptic, just came out) and Trudograd (post apocalyptic too, still in early access and the sequel to Atom RPG). Have fun with Wrath and Solasta in the meantime (though I've heard the latter has kind of a weak storyline :/)!
Yeah, I am in the Solasta full on plot now, and while I enjoy the characters and how their personality comes out in small comments, the plot for now is pretty bland!
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aearyn · 11 months ago
Solasta bug report:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Astarion, somewhere: ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)
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fantasy-scifi-art · a year ago
Tumblr media
SOLASTA Crown Of The Magister by Goliat Gashi 
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dr-archeville · 2 years ago
#EverythingIsContent - Solasta: Crown of the Magister [source]
Taliesin and Marisha sat down for some turn-based tactical RPG action in this special presentation of #EverythingIsContent, feat. Solasta: Crown of the Magister from our sponsors at Tactical Adventures! 
[1 hr 2 mins]
Looks to be based on D&D 5E.
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sodomyordeath · 4 months ago
Tumblr media
Solasta is a fun little cRPG that uses a DnD (SRD 5.1) rule subset in there own setting with (as of posting) Dwarfs, Elfs, Half-Elfs, Halflings and Humans as playable races and Fighter, Paladin, Ranger, Cleric, Rogue, Wizard and Sorcerer as Classes wit 3 Sub classes each and a choice of 8 way of life backgrounds that give feats & skills
They managed to streamline it so much that it’s almost impossible to build a gimped character on the other hand for people who want to select from hundreds of feats etc, well you have to wait for  Pathfinder: Wrath of the Righteous or keep playing Neverwinter Nights with PRC mod installed.
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gnostiklounge · a year ago
Tumblr media
Circa 2018 at Solasta Festival on stage with my girlll, spacegeishA
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