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#Something Twisted

“He has put mom on a leash and threatened to eat me, at this point it doesn’t really matter if He used to be nice or not, what’s done is done and he’s still doing it.” The child replied bitterly. “I-i’m sorry.” Shella apologiesed on her daughter’s behalf. “W-what about the tracking thing She mentioned?” Asked Shella, trying to change the subject a bit.

He made a face, sighing heavily, “His gem, his soul, is fractured… It’s barely a quarter of the size it used to be, if even that… How do you think that’s affected him? His mind and body are warped from the damage…”

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“Maybe i can track them? Sir ugly did say i was quite good at magic. The only good thing He had said so far.” Commented the child, Shella knew She was just a kid, She just wished She was more careful with her words. “Let’s start with the clothes.” She said before picking Oliver up and heading inside.

The sorcerer made a face, “Poppet that’s not very nice… Vinny isn’t himself, normally he’d never do anything like this, not even close…”

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“I think they’d still ask why you’re wearing clothes that are way to Big for you.” Replied the nymph with a little smile.
“What would you need from the town?” Asked Shella, “And what do we do now?”

“I’m missing an arm and a leg, I don’t think anyone will question why I have clothes that don’t fit me,” he replied, a rueful expression on his face as he waved the stump of an arm he now had, “But what I need are supplies and information… I have to track down where Vinny’s gem shards are and find someone that can mend them.”

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The nymph rubbed the back of her neck a bit. “You’ve only been out shortly, i kinda froze everything when i Got angry.” She explained a bit awkwardly as if She had to explain She was the one who stole the last cookie.
“Sorry for my outburst before.” Added Shella in.

“No, no it’s fine, Poppet, I just need a little more time to readjust myself,” he replied, a small laugh escaping him.

Sighing, he tried to stand after a few moments, but gave up when he realized that his remaining leg was still a little too weak to support him for long, “Ngh… Regardless, I really can’t go walking into town looking like this, people will demand an explanation of some kind. I don’t want to put more people in the line of fire if I can help it, so I’ll take whatever I can get.”

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“That’s what you’re worried about?!” Shella asked, feeling slightly angry that that’s the first thing He worried about regarding himself, despite having just been ripped apart, literally.
“Mom Got some spare capes or dresses, though they might be a bit to Big for you.” The nymph child commented and couldn’t help but let out a little chuckle at the image.

The man blinked at her, his bright blue eyes wide and somewhat vacant. Clearly he was still a bit out of it after everything. Shaking his head a little, he looked around, apparently bemused by the snow and ice everywhere, “Should I be more worried it’s now winter…? Has it been months or a year?”

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the love I have for you..

is a love I have not felt for anyone else

and it doesnt matter if you dont believe me. You fought me so much.. just to be right… You justified yourself by telling me things I did, how I did them, etc. Well, You cant tell me how I feel.

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Someone in class who knows I love frogs: Are frogs hard to skin like cats are?

Me: Nah it’s like peeling grapes.

Her: I was gonna say emotionally but I guess I got that answer too.

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a lot of the 5 star reviews on goodreads describe it as ‘a love story between a girl and the devil” or have Addie/Darkness art attached to the review (or they were just into the style which is fair). 

which makes me think that the people who liked it are people who like things that I do not and I will not share their enjoyment. 

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This started off as sketch and I decided to finish it at like 12am. 


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Just in case: in my Ed post when I mentioned fasting, I did mention that doing it for religious purposes is fine! I just wanted to clarify in case it gets glossed over!

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My cousins turning 18 and I got her a mug that says “Adulting’s Hard” but i should’ve just written her a coupon to commission me

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[map made with inkarnate]

The Territory

The Sanctuary Pack’s territory sits high in the Rocky Mountains, straddling the tree line. Wolves grow up strong and healthy in the high altitude, with unusual lung capacity and paws made tough by the daily scrabble up slopes and over boulders.

Lower Slopes- The Crooked Wood

On the lower slopes of Sanctuary territory grows a stunted sub-alpine forest. The trees here bend and twist in odd directions, shaped by wind and poor soil. The strange trees have given this forest its name: The Crooked Wood.

Though the conditions can be harsh, prey runs thick through the forest, and Sanctuary’s hunters try their teeth against deer, mountain goat, grouse, and- if nothing better presents itself- the fish that sometimes run through the forest’s streams.

A wide river marks the boundary of the wood, having eroded much of the rock away over the years, and making a steep drop-off at the southern edge of the territory. Where the river bends, and the banks are more shallow, wolves can cross over into the forests beyond, and this stretch of wood beyond the river eventually serves as a burial ground for that pack’s lost members.

Upper Slopes- The Overlook

The upper slopes of The Sanctuary territory consists of rocky tundra, the altitude too high for trees to grow. The soil is poor above the treeline, and the air cold. Only hardy, scrubby plants can survive– but these plants grow nowhere else in Sanctuary, and are vital to the pack’s healers. Even this apparently barren stretch of rock serves its purpose to The Pack.

The wolves of Sanctuary have thoroughly scouted the upper slopes, and the cliffs- while outwardly treacherous- give sure enough footing to a wolf who knows the right paths. If The Pack is ever attacked, they plan to flee into the upper slopes, and let the unfamiliar terrain take care of their enemy for them.

A hidden trail here leads to a cliff-plateau that overlooks the main camp, and all of Sanctuary Territory beyond. The pack has named this outcropping The Overlook, and its surrounding cliffs The Overlook Cliffs.

During their Rites of Passage, young wolves leave painted pawprints on The Overlook rock, to mark their transition into full adult members of The Sanctuary Pack.

The Jawbone

Between these two extremes lies the packs’ main camp. A triangular valley cut out of the upper slopes, the camp is sheltered from wind and weather by its surrounding cliffs. This shelter has allowed the valley to grow into a beautiful alpine meadow, with rich soil and soft heather underfoot. The meadow’s triangular shape has given the camp its name– The Jawbone.

The cliffs have crumbled away in several places, and many of these crevices are big enough to nest in; the wolves at Sanctuary have made an ongoing project of clearing the debris out of these caves in an attempt to clear enough dens for every wolf to shelter inside. 

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