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#Song Lan

this is chapter 14 of the au where Xiao Xingchen raises Wei Wuxian

Xiao Xingchen didn’t know what he expected. Part of him had known that his grandmaster would be accompanying them to Gusu, but he still hadn’t fully grasped it by the time they were leaving the inn, the six of them walking with Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan at the head of the group with A-Qing walking between them, and Baoshan Sanren bringing up the rear.

Another, smaller part of him had expected his grandmaster to take charge like she had on the rare and special occasions that she brought him and Cangse along on her shorter journeys down the mountain, her back straight and her shoulders square as she led them through towns, showing them how to pass through without calling attention to themselves. She’d shown them the signs of disturbances, too, stopping whenever the opportunity struck to let them see examples as close as she dared let them get.

He and Cangse had been competitive when it came to identifying whether something was a haunting or a possession or just a simple monster. Their guessing games kept going until Baoshan Sanren announced that she’d had enough of their arguing, but they’d always picked them back up the second she stopped listening.

He doesn’t realize that he’s smiling until he feels Song Lan bump their shoulders together, “Is  something funny?” The question comes quiet and soft, the smile on Song Lan’s face smaller than usual, though it still makes Xiao Xingchen’s breathing come easier.

“Just remembering something, that’s all.” Xiao Xingchen murmurs back, the tandem motion of the both of them swinging A-Qing over a mud puddle is muscle memory as she giggles. “My sister and I used to bicker whenever our grandmaster would take us off the mountain with her, it drove her to the point of using a silencing spell on us once.” Xiao Xingchen explains, his shoulders shaking slightly as Song Lan huffs out a laugh of his own, his smile starting to reach his eyes just a bit more.

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Part one

Summary: Xiao Xingchen doesn’t remember anything that happened prior to last year. There are only two things he is certain of: he is a highly skilled thief, and he can trust Xue Yang.

When one of their jobs goes wrong, and Xingchen gets caught by a very familiar stranger, Xingchen starts to doubt even those two things. Song Lan talks like he knows him and if what he is saying is true, how does Xingchen proceed? 

Pairings: Song Lan/Xiao Xingchen, one sided Xue Yang/Xiao Xingchen

Word Count: 2404

Warnings: amnesia, emotional manipulation, non-consensual kissing, violence

Notes: Okay, some of you asked, and I couldn’t stop thinking about it, so I wrote the first part of songxiao amnesia au. Please be careful of the warnings, since this fic is a bit darker than I planned? This is gonna be even more true for future parts if I get around writing them.Oh, and if anyone wants to be tagged in future chapters, feel free to ask. Anyway, enjoy :)

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And another thing for the Xiao Sect AU!

Xiao Xingchen and Song Lan did have their big falling out and parted ways, and Xiao Xingchen did give Song Lan his eyes. So far so canon.

But! Meanwhile a still-basically-half-dead Lan Wangji left his sect. Reason being someone was kicking up a fuss about A-Yuan (because it really isn’t that hard to puzzle out that he’s a Wen, what with everything…) and the rest of the elders were seriously considering actually harming him or handing him over to the Jins. No can do. Lan Wangji is done.

So a half-dead man with a toddler and a blind man with a not-actually-blind teenager meet and decide to stick together.

They do eventually find Xue Yang, but since Lan Wangji never had a reason to pretend to be blind and A-Qing eventually ‘fessed up and gave up on it, there’s no reason NOT to describe the stranger’s appearance to Xiao Xingchen.

…Next we meet them, they are camping out somewhere in Qinghe, after they deposited a gift-wrapped Xue Yang on Nie Mingjue’s doorstep. (Even Xue Yang can’t weasel out of that one, so he does die this time.) And this is where Song Lan finds them.

Upon his inquiry about a ‘handsome daozhang in white’ A-Qing leads him to their home - where the first person to step out the door is Lan Wangji.

Momentary loss of hope - wrong pretty daozhang in white.

But no - Lan Wangji tells him that he MIGHT know where he can find Xingchen, but it entirely depends on what Song Lan wants to say to him. Maybe not in this many words, but that’s the grist of it.

…And basically this is how the Xiao Sect came to be.

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ok but like, how xue yang just kicks song lan? in the chest? With that grin on his face? really makes me think about how song lan like. lived with xue yang as a fierce corpse for like… seven years and we never talk about it. like what do you think xue yang did to him

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fuck nothing gets me like song lan hunched over choking as blood just spills into his shaking hand, and then the spray against fuxue and then xue yang’s laugh like fuck

and then?? he looks up at xue yang and he looks scared. like this whole time, he’s been pissed off, devastated, vindictive, but now he looks scared and you know that hurts

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noah fence but nothing beats song lan’s open joy at even the possibility of seeing xxc, the way he doesn’t even look offended at a-qing’s brusqueness, the way he doesn’t even notice, the way his gaze is a little distant and a little overwhelmed because he might see xingchen again, the way a-qing says “answer my questions” and he just instantly replies “okay” because all that matter is seeing xiao xingchen again,

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…Last post was brought to you by a variant of the Xiao Sect AU crossing my mind, where Xiao Xingchen did give his eyes to Song Lan, only they managed to reconnect later, because XXC ran into Lan Wangji before he (they, now) met Xue Yang.

…And after the golden core reveal a very confused and upset Song Lan is complaining to the rest of the sect, because apparently Clan Leader Jiang went over the bend - he grabbed Song Lan out of the blue and kept screaming ‘HOW DO YOU LIVE WITH IT??? HOW CAN YOU LIVE WITH IT??’  in his face for five solid minutes before Song Lan finally managed to shake him off and escape.

It’s only after a worn-out Wei Wuxian Explains the whole thig about the cores that he understands that no, Clan Leader Jiang wasn’t accousing Song Lan of anything, he was asking for advice.

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The ideal songxiao dynamic is

Song Lan: help he’s so talented and handsome! But I can’t say anything that would be weird and make him uncomfortable! I will be just SO PROFESSIONAL and HANDS OFF that will help!

Xiao Xingchen: haha head empty flirt and love Song Lan brain go brrrrrrr ❤️❤️❤️❤️😊😊😊❤️❤️❤️

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I have to admit two things after I finished watching the whole Song Lan/Xiao Xingchen/Xue Yang love triangle Yi City arc.

1. XueXiao and SongXue is OTP.

2. I wish they kind of did it a little differently.

I don’t even think the Xue Yang turning people into puppets thing was necessary.

I think the story would’ve been just as good if they just focused on the fact that Xiao Xingchen fell in love with his enemy (despite not knowing who he was), and despite Song Lan coming Iike a tornado and obliterating their happy home life to shreds by revealing everything…..

Xiao Xingchen is just angry… everyone.

(Except A-Qing, I think he figured out long ago that she wasn’t blind, but played along because he liked having a friend.)

He’s mad at Song Lan because three years has gone by, but seeing Song Lan again after all this time, makes him remember all the harsh things Song Lan said to him before ending their relationship in the worst possible way and at the worst possible time.

And he’s mad at Xue Yang for obviously deceiving him, but he’s also conflicted because logically, he should hate Xue Yang after all this, but he doesn’t….

Because during one of the worst time periods of his life…Xue Yang made him happy. Living with Xue Yang made him happy.

And the revelation of a web of lies can’t exactly erase loving someone for three whole years.

And A-Qing did not sign up to witness this soap opera.

But Jin Guangyao has spies everywhere.

So, he’s knows Xue Yang has been playing house with Xiao Xingchen.

And decides…..Xue Yang has become a liability.

He dispatches people to take Xue Yang’s piece of Yin Iron….and take down everyone else.

So…….everyone’s fighting these new intruders.

Xiao Xingchen falls in battle, which makes Song Lan and Xue Yang go 😨😱😨😱😨😱.

Xue Yang goes nuts and tries take down everyone by himself….but he falls in battle as well.

And Song Lan escapes, taking A-Qing with him, but now he’ll never get the chance to make up with Xiao Xingchen now.

He tries to uncover the mystery of whoever Xue Yang was working with, but ends up running into Wangxian and the Lan jurors plus Jin Ling and teams up with them to take down the person behind Xiao Xingchen’s tragic fate.

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