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Barker had Chris start out by basically dancing during the opening of the show, and appear in an act with an elephant performer named Vera. He pretty much told Chris to just look pretty and smile. It ends upsetting Chris. Not because he wanted to be in the limelight, but the way Barker worded made it sound like he was viewed as nothing more than a novelty to be gawked at. Basically, he felt objectified.

Barker eventually better explained to Chris why he gave him what he did to start out with, and how it had nothing to do with him being a human.

As soon as training and rehearsals began Chris literally felt why Barker had him start out with just dancing. With having less time to get up to speed with the choreography compared to all of the others, Chris was feeling sore at the end of day to put it in the simplest way possible.

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In the Sonic Boom world, Makato’s a bit more… b****y than usual, but still has her kind heart. The reason Makato acts more like a b**** is because of how jerkish the villagers are to Sonic and friends. Sometimes she even wonders why they don’t always side with Dr. Eggman. Despite of not liking most of the villagers, she is still willing to help Team Sonic fight Dr. Eggman because it’s the right thing to do. Maybe someday, Makato will see the good side of the “village jerks?”

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I randomly came across the fact confirming something I had been curious about in Google when I hadn’t even looked into it in a while, whether Sonic Boom with be getting a third season or not.

Well, according to one of the creators of the show, it’s complete. There will be no more seasons of the show or any installments of any media in the Boom side of the Sonic franchise. And to be honest, I think it’s for the best. None of the games were good and they ended both the show and comic series while it was still fun. This is something I wish more cartoons would do before they went sour and rotten, like Zig and Sharko after the first season.


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Boom!Sonic and Boom!Knuckles Headcanons:

✔ Sonic and Knuckles started out making fun of the soap opera Amy would watch but after a while, they found themselves getting into it (not that they would ever admit that). Now they argue about who belongs with Shannon and whether Douglas is really Elizabeth’s brother. 

✔ Both are incredibly competitive. One time they got into a competition about who could eat more wasabi. It didn’t end well.

✔ When introducing Knuckles to Super Smash Bros. Sonic told him the higher your percentage is, the better you are doing. Knuckles still can’t figure out why he is losing.

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Boom!Eggman Headcanons

💥Has his own cooking channel on youtube. Amy made one of his recipes out of curiosity and was surprised that not only was the dish edible, but delicious too! Unfortunately, the Sonic gang is waiting for the day that Eggman uses his channel to try to take over the world somehow. 

💥Leaves nasty messages on forums just to tick people off. Watch him ruin this guys day! Yes, doesmachines87, if you like the modern Super Power Bros better than the classic 2D side scrollers, you are a brain dead moron that should be obliterated from the face of the earth! 

💥 Refuses to attack anyone on Christmas. Hey, he may be evil but he still has a heart.

💥 Knows deep down that if it came down to it, he would be unable to kill Sonic. The blue devil is just too entertaining. Perhaps he’d just lock him away forever and make him watch sitcoms! Yes! Mwhahaha!

💥 Secretly desires real, non-mechanical friends.

💥 Once hated the way a trilogy ended so much that he attacked the movie studio, held everyone hostage, and forced them to remake the movie to his vision. The new version of the movie would have been so much superior than what they’d got if only that darn Sonic hadn’t shown up and ruined everything!


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It’s somewhat of a miracle I’ve actually started on a fic for once. What the fic is is making me realize how much fun I actually have writing Sonic Boom like dialog and humor.

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You ever just think about how every sonic character used to have rich personalities, morals, motivations and stuff but modern sonic has now reduced every character to a one-show pony? with sonic only being an unserious jokester, shadow an edgelord, amy only a love interest to sonic, tails a coward, knuckles a meathead, and many more? and how all those stereotypes go against a lot if not all of their personality traits and character developement? cuz im thinking abt that rn and its midnight. i cant sleep cause sega is cucking the hog franchise like a kindergartner inhales a bowl of mac and cheese

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