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gluecksteht-jedemgut · 22 hours ago
Bad Hair Day
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hansoeii · 23 hours ago
I need a lokius edit to this song so badly you don't understand
especially to this part
Tumblr media
with mobius going
Tumblr media
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humansbgone · an hour ago
Currently at work on the next animation, an interaction between Rose and Sophodra discussing her new job. The audio's all done, so give it a listen!
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crimewave420 · 7 hours ago
Tumblr media
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gestaposcope · 18 hours ago
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footballxposts · 5 hours ago
Letter From Home - Jack Grealish
Prompt: Being a contestant on I’m A Celeb and getting a letter from home.
A/N: I was rewatching old I’m A Celeb vids and thought of this it’s just something small n fluffy, might make a part 2 !!
Recommended listening: Viva La Vida by Shalom Margaret (Slowed).
Warnings: none :)
“I miss ya so much it’s ridiculous”
Tumblr media
As the end of your journey on ‘I’m a Celebrity Get Me Out Of Here’ neared, you sat around the campfire with the other camp-mates still left in the jungle. Everyone’s quiet conversations were brought to an abrupt halt when yet another ‘care-package’ had been sent down to you all. The basket contained brown woven bags with letters from your families and friends in them. Taking them out one by one, Jade Thirlwall from the band ‘Little Mix’ handed everybody another person’s to read, before sitting back down on one of the logs beside you and reading out yours.
You had expected to hear from your Mum or Dad on behalf of your family, but instead, only the first few sentences at the top of the parchment were from them, the rest from your best friend, Aston Villa and England winger, Jack Grealish.
“I’m not ready..” you mumbled, covering your mouth with your hand, tears welling up in your eyes already. Placing an arm around your shoulder and hugging you tight was another campmate, Dr. Alex George from Love Island, comforting you as Jade began reading.
“To our dearest daughter and sister Y/N, words cannot describe how incredibly proud of you we all are. The courage you have shown throughout the show so far is something we are all in awe of. We want to make this quick, as we know someone else has a message for you, but we just hope you know that we miss you so much and can’t wait to see you when you get out. Love always, Mum, Dad and your little brother Y/B/N.”
Salty droplets of water trickled down your cheeks as you furrowed your eyebrows in confusion. Everyone else sat patiently awaiting the rest of the note, now in tears themselves. Taking a deep breath, Jade continued. “Hi beautiful, it’s your favourite person in the entire world Grealish here.” she announced. You were in total shock but couldn’t help let a small smirk creep across your face as you bit your thumb.
Jack was someone you had grown up with over the years in your hometown of Solihull; and as you were a YouTube and TikTok freestyler who worked for different sports broadcasting companies based between Birmingham and London, you spent a lot of time him both on and off camera. “I know you probably wasn’t expecting this but I asked ya Mum could I get a little word in just to tell ya that you are absolutely smashing it in that jungle and we are all routing for ya back home. The strength, determination and fearlessness you’ve shown is phenomenal and something every young person should strive to achieve. Everyday you remind me how proud you are of everything I’ve accomplished, but it’s my time now to tell you just how proud I am of you. You are the strongest Brummie woman I’ve ever known. I miss ya so much it’s ridiculous. It’s not the same without you cheering us on from the sideline, or on the couch beside us nagging us about fifa. Whether you’re crowned queen of the jungle or not, you’ll always be a queen in my eyes. I can’t wait to see you when you get out. I’m injured at the moment so I’ll need you to come take care of me when you’re home. Keep doing you, love forever, Jack x”
Unable to contain your emotions, you began bawling your eyes out as did the others. You missed him more than anything in the world. His laugh. His smile. His hugs. His hair. His sense of humour and ability to make you smile, even on days you didn’t think were humanly possible. His little bit of ego. His clumsiness. His intelligence, or sometimes lack thereof. His pride. His drive and ambition. Everything about him. To be quite honest, you wanted to up and leave right there and then just to see him and be with him, but you knew he wouldn’t want you to quit.
“I can’t believe that..” you chuckled lightly, still sniffling into Alex’s shoulder. “God I miss you too Grealish.” you muttered, knowing full well he would be watching. And he was, but from somewhere you had least expected, if not from somewhere you wouldn’t have expected at all.
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serialkilersx · 21 hours ago
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aafishermansweater · 7 hours ago
misa made this <3333333
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crimson-rosee · 7 hours ago
• What Ruki’s soulmates aesthetic would be •
Tumblr media
Moodboard idea from @nutaella-kookie ♥️
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birblogungizlidefteri · 18 hours ago
Bir gün her şey yoluna girerse, umarım hala hevesim ve isteğim kalmış olur.
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yantekerlek · 9 hours ago
müzikten zerre anlamam. ama bu parçada çok fazla enstrüman var. enstrümandan enstrümana geçişler harika hissediliyor. çok güzel. ismi çok mükemmel seçilmiş. kar tanelerine bakıyorsun hepsi aynı gibi ama aslında değil. burada da melodi aynı gibi ama değil. her enstrümanda yeni bir tat koku şekil. yağsın bakalım. epey bereketli bir gece oldu. zirvede bırakıyorum.
haz nedir? budur.
hayırlı geceler
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vedageceleri · 12 hours ago
Herkesten kaçacak bir yere ihtiyacım var
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