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Tumblr media
CW: fem! bodied reader, mentions of masturbation, slight overstim, petnames (darling, angel, love), cervix fucking if you squint hard enough, smut (obv), porn with plot
A/n: sorry this took so long!! I'm used to writing more dominant readers because, me. Hehehe but I want to write another Xiao smut but I'm not sure how, because I can see him subby, mean, bratty nd all that. Still thinking abt who my next should be tho. Anywho, enjoy my dears <333
Tumblr media
Albedo loved and adored you, you knew that much. Only sometimes he'd pay you any mind, though. More often than not, he'd be too focused on his studies to even offer you a welcome, or a glance at that. If you were having a bad day, you'd approach him from behind, wrap your arms around his torso and hug him, resting your head lazily in the crook of his neck. The most you'd get out of him was a hum of acknowledgment, or a sigh.
You know he's overworked, but why'd he agree to getting together if he had no time for you, you felt neglected and useless. It's as if you were simply tossed into a corner, but maybe it was your fault, you never once dared to complain about something regarding your relationship, goodness no, surely the man was far too busy to care. Does he also not know how he leaves you achingly wet, fluttering soft and gentle touches on your legs and proceeding on as if it were nothing. There was a certain instance, when you and him were alone, Sucrose venturing out of the cavern for supplies. Nothing in the atmosphere changed, though.
You remained seated on a table near Albedo, swinging your feet and watching his movements. His hair elegantly pulled back into a braided ponytail, some fluffy locks still flowing free of the band, the color of warm sand enclosing your body at the beach. His captivating eyes, focusing on his study radiated love, concern and care all in the shade of a bright blue. His soft skin that gently reflected the light shining on him. He was so perfect, it was a scene you easily could've drooled over. Catching your eyes from the corner of his, he glanced up from his tubes, potions and notes, offering you a gentle smile while sliding his chair in front of you. The undivided attention gave you butterflies, he rested his hands in your thighs, your swinging legs coming to a halt.
"Need anything, dear?" He asked in that oh so soft voice of his. Making you internally scream in your head. So gentle, always a hint of care in the words he spoke.
"Mm, nope. Don't let me bother you 'bedo. Looked like you were working real hard." You commented, smiling gently and tucking a piece of hair behind his ear to get the best view of his eyes locked on yours.
"You're never a bother to me." He quickly counters. Rubbing your thigh before sliding his wheeled chair back to his original place, in front of his desk. You wished he'd notice you more, it feels like more of a crush than a relationship, but you don't want to be needy. However, being that he was your boyfriend, you had thought about him in a rather lewd manner more than once. You'd catch yourself zoning out while staring at his frail, thin hands. Imagining them traveling up and down your body, stopping to cup your chest and he'd bend down to kiss you over his desk. Him scrapping all of the material on it just to fuck you senseless.
You could only dream, though. How could such a pure, kindhearted man like him think such dirty thoughts? You slowly crept nearer to the sofa he had in his workshop, sitting on it with one knee bent and the other hanging off the side, sliding a blanket on you. You considered a nap, but couldn't stop thinking about that daydream of him touching you. Only had you not realized how late it had gotten, too lost in the reality you created in your head to see the sun descend and the stars appear. This has happened before, spending the night with Albedo, I mean, but this was different. You were horny, for him, and you were expected to sleep next to him. Slipping from under the blanket, you turn to Albedo's figure, outlined with the light of his lamp, nearly the only light source left now that the sun has set. Maybe it wasn't too late to go home? You hear Albedo hum as he turns to you, getting his attention.
"Going home?" Albedo questions, putting his pen down and getting up.
"Erm.. not sure, it's looking a little nasty out there with the snow and all-" you comment, the both of you looking out to the snow beating down on the ground.
"Agreed, love, why don't you stay the night here?" He offers, briefly going back to the room he has his personal items in, returning with 2 mugs of tea for the both of you.
"Sure it won't burden you?" You softly ask, hoping you weren't overwhelming him by staying the night.
"Of course not, you never do." Albedo replies sternly, beginning to collect his belongings into a small pile so he can prepare for the night.
"Why don't you settle yourself down and I'll meet you in bed 'kay?" He ushers, making his way back to his room. As you'd expect, he didn't think as much of it compared to you. Just from your thoughts alone, you were soaked in your own wetness, clenching your thighs to prevent it from getting anywhere. You tend to be prepared when visiting Albedo, given that he spends most of his time in one of the more dangerous regions of Mondstadt, meaning that you have a change of clothes. Still, you opted to wear one of his bigger shirts and some shorts you had brought for sleepwear. Quietly stepping into his room, you feel the drastic change in temperature, it was nice. There was warmth, it was simply decorated and had all the enjoyable luxuries for a cold climate. You felt your way around the dark room and simmered down in bed next to Albedo, who was nearly asleep now.
The heat between your legs was not lessening, and you were growing restless. After what felt like hours of tossing and turning, hoping to not wake your dear beloved, you lay still on your back. You nervously swallow and inch your hand to the hem of your shorts and nearer to your panties. Snaking a hand inside, your fingers find your wet folds, dragging a hand up from your center, you begin rubbing slow circles on your puffy clit. Other hand covering your mouth in attempts to stay quiet. Grinding your hips into the touch of your fingers, feeling every bit of pleasure as your hips stutter. Wetness allowing your fingers to glide through your slits, rubbing sloppy circles over your throbbing bud. It feels so much more difficult to stay quiet in this type of situation. You feel your lover shift, now facing you, his eyes flutter open.
"Dearest? Is everything alright?" Albedo questioned, reaching a hand out to feel where you were in the dark room.
Heavy breaths left your mouth, face feeling as if it were burning you muffle out a sound of approval, Albedo still not convinced. He reaches behind him to turn on the small lamp on his bedside table, seeing your face blown into a deep state of lust.
"Y..y/n what's wrong?" Albedo asked, more confused than anything, still speaking in a groggy voice after abruptly waking up.
"Al-bedo.. please, I want you" you whine, half moaning, terribly embarrassed.
"Huh?" Albedo asks again, concerned.
"I've been thinking of you since earlier while you were in the lab, and I think it.. turned me on." You say, quieting your voice towards the end. Albedo lets out an airy laugh, shifting his whole body to you, and moving a hand to your waist.
"I'm sorry to wake you, Albedo." You confess, guilt heavy in your tone.
"Don't apologize, angel. We have all of tomorrow to rest." Albedo assures, hand gliding on the shape of your waist back and forth, slightly raising your shirt in the process.
He nears his face to yours, closing the space between he locks his lips in a kiss with you. Hungrily, he moves himself on top of you, leg falling in between yours, nearly meeting your sopping womanhood. Quickly whining in response, Albedo slips his tongue into your mouth, experimentally feeling around the inside. You grind down onto his leg, humping it in attempts to gain more friction. Albedos hands grew shakey as they begin to undress you of your top. Upon removal, Albedos face flushes a bright red at the sight of your chest. He glances quickly at you through lidded eyes before making contact with one of your breasts, suckling on it. His tongue swirls shapes of all kinds on your skin, feeling it grow tighter as he leaves love bites throughout the section of skin.
"Ah!~ Albedo, yes.." you whine, hands engulfed in the strands of his soft hair. Your center begins aching at the lack of touch, edging yourself further as you allow Albedo to take his time pleasuring you. Him caressing the mounds of your chest, thumbs tracing over the bump of your hardened nipples, mewls leaving your mouth in response to his touches.
"Hmm, I wonder.. would my darling angel like this..?" Albedo teases, face lowering to your center, his delicate fingers trapping your shorts in between them, pulling them down along with him. Your legs grow weak as Albedo breaths warm air on your throbbing cunt, soaked all for him. Albedo hums in delight, licking a strip from your hole to your clit, flicking his tongue on the nub.
"'Bedo~!" You incoherently moan in need for him.
"Ah!! Ah-! Please cum in me! Put it in..!" You beg, no longer being able to wait for the neglect your hole was receiving.
"Patience, princess. I'll take good care of you, promise." Albedo coos, eyes locking with yours while his tongue still works circles on your clit, a hand nearing your hole. Eyes clasped shut, you feel a finger enter you, curling in a fast pace.
"Ahhn!!~" you moan in bliss, back arching as you mentally plead for more fingers. Much to your pleasure, Albedo adds another finger, both curling in sync as wet squelching noises are heard from your cunt. How filthy. Mouth agape, only inaudible words were able to leave, overwhelmed from the pleasure feeling like you were going to cum any second. The knot in your stomach was so tight, you had your thighs around Albedos head as if he were trying to leave. His free hand trailed up your torso and back to your chest, where he fondled one of your boobs in his hand.
"'M gonna~ ah~ Al-bedo!! 'M gonna cum!!" You squeak, voice high from loud moans.
"'S that right? My pretty little doll 's gonna cum for me?" Albedo questions, lips latched onto your clit as his pace quickens.
"Cum for me, love" he adds, your vision blurry from the tears, hips snapping as they begin jolting from your orgasm. Gripping the sheets behind you, you feel the tears that have previously built up fall, feeling pure satisfaction as your orgasm calms. You're left staring at Albedo in awe, him still between you, unreadable smile plastered on his gorgeous face as he wipes your juices from his chin with the back of his hand. Looking up at you as he licks off the rest. Albedo moves his hand behind your head, gently massaging your scalp as he attaches his soft damp lips to your neck, licking up and down. You turn your head, allowing more access and let a whimper fall from your lips. You pull away from Albedo to begin undressing him, entranced by his lean figure. He comfortingly smiles and pulls you into a hug.
Though, the lack of innocence remains as you feel him grind onto you, prominent boner erect in his pants. You gasp, hand flying to where his tent once was, face immediately heating up. Placing a peck on your lips, Albedo stands back up, placed between your legs, sliding down the remainder of clothes on his lower half you can see his hard cock. Sprung to his stomach, leaking precum from its slit as it bobs in anticipation. You bite the inside of your cheek, clenching your thighs together feeling your cunt begin to throb, the sensation of butterflies invading your stomach. You look away bashfully, Albedo looking at you with love while slowly spreading your legs , rubbing them assuringly in the process. You obliege and leave your legs open for him, Albedo rubbing the tip of his cock on your slick pussy, him groaning at the feeling.
"F-feels good" you mutter, shyly looking up at your lover as he smiles in response.
Albedo moves a hand on your lower abdomen, placed so his thumb can rub circles over your clit as he eases his erection into you.
Slapping a hand over your mouth, you bite your tongue in attempts to not moan. Albedo in response taking your hands and pinning them above your head as he drags himself back out achingly slow, stopping so he can slam himself back into you.
"auuhh~!! A-Albedo!!" You moan, sounding more like a cry as tears begin to reform in the corners of your eyes.
Albedo forms a pace fast enough to feel the knot in your stomach rebuild, center clenches tight enough around him to create a ring of your cum around his cock.
"Mm fuck.. yes, squeeze me just like that baby, feels so good" Albedo groans, beginning to fuck you at an animalistic pace, chasing his own high. His thumb, however, never left your clit and had been rubbing circles on it through the entirety of him entering you. And you were going to cum again, soon. Whimpering, you wrapped a hand around Albedos wrist, unbearable pleasure making it impossible for you to speak, only moans and whimpers leaving your mouth as it hung open. Albedo, hardly noticing your hand continued fucking you, thrusts getting harder as each pump into you hit your cervix. You squeeze tightly around his dick, closing your eyes tightly as you feel your second orgasm wash over you, body twitching as you grip Albedos wrist.
"Auh~ 's too much!!~ mm 'bedo!!" You cried, voice hardly coherent as you were muffled by the sound of skin slapping. Albedos free hand grasping desperately at the sheets next to you, looking up at him to see his eyes tightly closed, teeth clenched and face flushed, too caught up in his high to see how he was overstimulating your poor fucked out pussy. Tears poured from your eyes as your body moved with his, awaited for his orgasm so you could stop since Albedo couldn't hear your pleas.
"Y/n.. c-cumming~" Albedo whined in your ear, his thrusts growing slower as he began grinding and humping you rather than fucking. Feeling his warm cum fall as spurts onto your skin sent a wave of relief through you. You were aching all over. Having cum twice and to have him keep abusing your hole was not something you'd imagine enjoying as much as you did, still he regulated his breathes and looked at you, falling on top and embracing you in a warm hug.
"Thank you, bedo. I love you" you whispered.
"I love you too, y/n" Albedo replied, gazing at you lovingly with sleepy eyes. Lazily, he pulled his shirt from the floor and wiped the both of you down, sighing and kissing you sweetly, you both drifted back off to sleep.
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absolutely obsessed w this new elysia crampton remix cause first of all: a kelela track and second of all: mad low quality <3
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Me it’s mine
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Çaldılar çocukluğumu habersiz ...
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park sunghoon x fem!reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
1.6k words
warnings: smut minors dni!, oral (fem, masc receiving), riding, mentions of somnophilia.
in which he wants yn to do her assignment, but she has other plans.
/ / /
I was woken up by a cold hand on my shoulder, gently shaking me awake, "babe. baby. y/n. wake up, it's 7."
I slowly turned towards the voice and blinked my eyes open. "sunghoon?"
"you told me to wake you up at 7, you gotta do your assignment, babe."
I yawned and stretched, looking at his silhouette in the evening light. I sighed, "are you busy?"
i scootched over on the bed and patted the spot next to me. "come lay with me a little"
"y/n...you have to do your assignment, c'mon."
"yeah, and I will, just a few more minutes? please?"
he sighed and kicked off his slippers, getting into the bed and laying with me with his trousers and button-down shirt on.
"your voice is hoarse, is your throat sore?" he asked.
"a little. but I don't think it's anything serious"
"okay. be careful with it though"
I smiled at him as we faced each other. "yeah. I'm still sleepy"
"I know, baby, but you need to get up soon." he mewled as he put his hand on my jaw. "how can I help you? what do you need?"
"you" I whispered in a groggy sleep voice. "I want you, hoon"
"what do you mean baby?" his hooded eyes gazed at me.
"inside me. please."
he bit his lip and kissed me, my body moving against his from beside him on the bed. he suddenly got on top and hovered above me, kissing me gently as he held my boob in his hand. he let go and broke the kiss, his lips trailing lower and lower on my neck as he went.
"baby, I'm so tired right now, so I might fall asleep" I said and he moved his lips from my neck to look down at me "if I do, don't stop, okay?"
he bit his lip. "you sure?" I nodded, my eyelids getting heavier and heavier.
he crawled down the bed, his face hovering above my pussy. he put my panties to the side with a single finger and immediately kissed me down there, making me shudder and sigh.
"sunghoon, I meant..."
"I know what you meant, babe. trust me"
i was too tired to question him so i layed back down and closed my eyes.
as i did so, he licked a stripe up my pussy. "fuck" i whispered.
he put his lips on my and kept sucking, making me moan and squirm in his hold.
he put his large hands on my thighs to hold me down as I slightly shook from the pleasure. "fuck, sunghoon that feels so good"
he did something with his tongue that made me see stars and open my eyes, moving my hand to tangle my fingers in his hair.
"fuck. ugh please, sunghoon please" I moaned as he moved his hand from one of my thighs and slipped a finger in me.
I arched my back off the bed as my legs shook. "fuck, baby yes yes I'm so close" I moaned, my legs trembling as I watched him pleasure me.
he added another finger and i came almost instantly. laying my head on my pillow as I had my orgasm.
sunghoon didnt stop his movements, the space between my legs wanting him to move as I was sensitive.
"sunghoon, fuck, stop" I moaned as my legs shook beside him.
he made eye contact with me but kept going. he moved his mouth off of me but kept his fingers inside. he smiled as he slowly pulled them out, licked them cleaned and crawled up the bed to kiss me.
I moaned into the kiss, loving how I tasted on him. he pulled away and looked down at me, "you're awake now, right?"
i scoffed and pushed him off me, him laughing as we lay side by side facing the ceiling. "are you serious?" I smiled incredulously.
he just kept laughing and I turned to face him, laughing as well. I sighed, resting my hand on his chest. "please."
"please what? we're done. you need to do your assignment" he looked down at me with amused eyes.
I groaned and moved closer to him. "please, hoonie. I'll do it soon, okay? I need you now "
he smiled and I trailed my hand lower until it rested on the bulge in his pants, rubbing my hand over it.
I looked into his eyes sweetly, "please fuck me, baby"
"if you want it so bad then do it yourself" he whispered in the dimly lit room.
I sat up and unzipped his pants, pulling them all the way down and off his legs, leaving on the boxers.
I pulled him out of his boxers and licked my lips at the site. holding the base of his cock in hand I lowered my head, kissing the tip and swirling my tongue around it. I looked up at him as I lowered my head onto him, seeing his tight jaw and hooded eyes.
as I slowly lowered my mouth over him, I twisted my other hand around him. he breathed shallowly as I gradually lowered my head all the way bottoming out against him.
he grunted as I moved my mouth all the  way back up, lowered my head all the way back down again before he suddenly grabbed my hair and pulled my head back all the way off his dick, causing me to gasp.
"i told you to be careful with your throat." he said, releasing my hair as I moved up the bed to be closer to him.
"it's not painful. I'm fine."
"your voice still sounds hoarse. be careful"
I nodded as I tucked him back into his boxers and lay back down beside him.
"you're not gonna finish what you started?"
I put my hand on his abs. "I want you to fuck me."
"I told you. if you want it do it yourself."
I groaned in frustration, "you're not seriously making me get on top right now? baby you know how tired i am" I pouted at him as I sat up again.
he shrugged and I groaned, nonetheless taking his boxers all the way off along with my shorts and underwear, straddling him as he sat up a bit more, his hands beside him instead of their usual place on my body.
I lifted my hips and held his dick in my hand as I lined it up to my entrance, whimpering when it grazed me gently.
I slowly sunk down onto him. unable to bottom out on the first try, I lifted my hips and lowered them a few more times before I was sitting flat on his lap. I bit my lip and put my hands on his shoulders to steady myself as he pulled my tank top down to expose my boobs. his action made me clench around him as I started moving up and down over him.
moving my hips in slow, small circles until I lifted my hips and lowered them as he grabbed my boobs with both hands and massaged them. "such a whore" he grunted and I whimpered. "so desperate for me you're using me like this?" I moaned and rode him harder, clenching at his words. "pathetic slut"
"my legs are getting tired" I told him as I kept lifting and lowering myself onto him.
he looked at me and shrugged, "you wanted this". I hung my head back and kept going, decided to move my hips instead. I lifted and lowered myself once more and my legs were burning.
"please, hoonie, please? I cant do it anymore, it hurts" I whimpered as i lazily moved above him.
he put his hands on my hips and lifted me off him, before he pushed me back on the bed and hovered over me, causing me to gasp.
he immediately pushed back in and I arched my back at the feeling. he moved slowly and gently inside me, not wanting to be too rough because he knew I was tired.
"you can go harder baby" I said and he gripped my hips, pulling me all the way into him and gripping them as he pleased. "fuck! sunghoon that feels so good please" I moaned as I felt tingles In the pit of my stomach.
"see how good I fill you up?" he grunted and I looked down to see his bulge in my stomach as he moved my hips.
"fuck, yes sunghoon just like that"
he groaned and thrust deeper into me pressing his hand onto my lower stomach over the bulge, making me feel so full.
I clenched over him. "fuck sunghoon I'm so close"
"wait for me baby, I'm close too don't cum yet."
I felt my eyes sting with tears as my legs shook and I tried to hold it, biting my lip.
his thrusts became quicker and shallower and I clenched around him as he stalled inside me. "cum for me baby, you've been such a good girl"
he said and I came undone, my legs shaking and tears flowing out of my eyes as my body twitched against him. he gave me a few more hard thrusts, fucking his cum into me as I whined and squirmed underneath him.
he finally pulled out and watched his cum drip out of my hole. "you were so good for me y/n, so perfect." he told me as he carressed my cheek with his hand and got off the bed.
after he came back and we cleaned up, I crawled aunder the bed sheets and held it above my nose "assignment can wait."
he got in next to me and put his arm around me. "you know you cant avoid it forever, right? I already told you I'd help"
"I know" I said, melting into his embrace. "just a quick nap, okay?"
he kissed my nose and closed his eyes, smiling as we drifted off to sleep.
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Фильм: " В диких условиях"
Книга: "Дерево растет в Бруклине"
"Ноланы никак не могли насытиться жизнью. Они проживали свою жизнь сполна, но им этого не хватало. Им хотелось наполнить себя жизнями всех тех людей, с которыми встречались."
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Круговорот; мечты; уютные посиделки вечером в узком кругу; вдохновение; взгляд прямо в глаза; расслабляющий, но не долгий перерыв; порыв сильного ветра...
Я мало с тобой знакома, но надеюсь понравится...
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Tumblr media
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Part 2
Kyle looked back at the shake as rushed and halfhazard noices was heard from jason's general direction. "May as well down it, can't have all that tren going to waste" Jason thought as he reached towards the blender and gulped the remaining shake mix. "Damn, it is pretty good haha"
Jason's perspective:
"Fuck shit fuck! Okay bag? Check. Notes? Check. Clean clothes? No clean clothes, God damn it." Jason darted around the dorm room in a desperate attempt to find some clothes to for class, while dodging Kyle's gym shorts and tanks that lined the floor. When suddenly a thought occured to Jason, "what" if i just..." He reached down to grab a pare of red gym shark shorts. Jason gave the crotch area a quick sniff, "fuck it." He hoisted the shorts on, grabbed his things and rushed out the room to get to class. With a blast of fresh air hitting Jason's face he made a mental note to talk to Kyle about the rooms growing rankness of their dorm room - he also made a silent prayer that he hadn't already become decencitiesed to Kyle's particualr brand of stench by the time he sniffed his borrowed shorts.
Jason arrived to his phycology 202 class just a minute late, practically bursting through the door as he reached his destination. "Nice of you to join us Jason, take a seat - we're still waiting for a couple of loose ends to meet us." Said Jason's phyc professor. Slightly embarassed but mostly relieved, Jason took out his notes on the phycological effects of long term steroid use. Half an hour into the lecture, Jason started to notice a pungent smell coming from somewhere - "Damn, someone stinks" he said with a smirk. That's when he realised "fuuuck, it's me." He rubbed his crotch and reached up to smell his hand, he almost immediately whinced at the strong scent of crotch sweat, piss and precum. "Does that guy even do laundry?! It smells like liquid crotch" Jason sighed as he worte down his lecture notes.
Kyle's perspective:
"Bye bro-oh" Kyle was cut off by a red and white blur slamming the door closed. "Guess he was pretty late" Kyle chuckled to himself. Kyle looked at the time, "fuck, i should probably head to class too, plus i kinda like sports ed." With that Kyle grabbed the nearest baller shorts and tank top to him and gave them a quick sniff. "Not to bad" he said to himself as he quicly stripped and put them on. Time for class.
Kyle opened the lecture hall doors with a casual finesse. Only a couple of minutes late, kyle grabbed a seat next to his bro Nick while making sure to dab him up as he sat down.
"Todays lesson in sports science is on the imporance of proper nutrition in diets..." The professor droned on.
"Bro, this lectures fuckin boringas shit" kyle whispered to Nick.
"I know bro! Plus half of this shit is obvious as fuck" nick replied.
"Bro...wanna do play the game?" Kyle whispered eith a devious smile.
"Fuck yeah bro, let's do it."
Kyle and Nick were about to start of their imfamous 'burp offs' where each player would attempt to burp louder than the last without getting kicked out of class or noticed.
"I'll go first" Jason said through a cocky smile. Jason started with a mid volume belch that left a slight echo through the halls. "Fuck that felt good, try and beat that bro haha!"
With Nick's pride on the line, he mustered up all the air he could and let go of a belch to rival Kyle's last one.
"Fuck yeah bro!" Kyle whisper shouted towards Nick in applause.
Kyle was about to let loose another one when the lecture came to an end. Stopping midway, he looked at his bro with an evil grin, "you know what day it is. Right bro?"
"Uh, ya bro Friday haha"
"No you dumb fuck, it's chest day!" Kyle said through a chuckle as he shoved Nick into his rank armpit.
"Bro stoop, your getting your pit juices all over me!" Nick chuckled as he shoved and laughed at Kyle.
"Ya and I bet you like it too" kyle jested as he continued to rub his bro in his hairy pits.
"Fuck off haha" nick chuckled as he managed to wrestle his way out of Kyle's dripping rank pits.
"Come on, lets get that pump in!" Nick growled as he jogged a few steps ahead and flexed a double bisep pose.
"Fuck yeah bro!"
Part 3 is soon to come, we'll be checking on our scrawny bro and getting some gym action in the next part
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Happy birthday to me ..
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“Bir canavar olarak yaşamak mı? İyi bir insan olarak ölmek mi?”
Hangisi daha kötü olurdu?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
fell in love with the lifestyle ✨
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Məni çox istəmə, məni çox sev.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Old but gold 🌟
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Hiç umrumda değil günlerden nedir,Bu derdi bitir...
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Tumblr media
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Biz hiç beceremedik
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@zariffserce kız annenden izin al bir gece de ben de kal... Deriko kaşlar kara...
Sana gelsin çiçeğimmm🤭😁🌺💙
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Coffee and then, Coffee
by helloliriels
Tumblr media
We ran around, late in to night -
barely stopping,
      barely breathing.
Quick ready laughter
      Our sides.
Can't recall
          the last time I
genuinely laughed
Had I?
      Had you?
You drank coffee,
I drank tea.
A crack and then,
    the man was down.
You kneeling to catch
  in cuffs -
in huffs.
      Exhilarating -
Me and you,
            You and me.
If I had feelings,
      you'd be
                  the first
                  to see.
You grab a coffee,
I order tea.
Sorry I can't do a double.
      Another mistake.
They thought
                        you and I
mine and me.
      You protest again, yet
      I say
What is it people -
                "Something sweet for you two, then?"
        "Black, no sugar"
                "Tea yes, Three."
The frequency changed
    Why, you can't say...
                Your eyes they catch
                Looking back -
They lock together               
          The air electric
          A sudden gruff
                avoidance starts.
You seem to be ...
      Angry with me?
Frustration sounds,
            In every huff.
      In every snark.
    In every bite:
      And then,
      And still
      Here I
      Sip tea.
It's over now.
      The villain caught.
      the risk I took
                    too readily...
      Will you bark?
Will you bite?
            Your eyes,
            they shine back
He ... ?
I raise a hand
to ask - on guard;
      You're straining now
      against a force -
A force that's not
                    unknown to me...
            You take my cup;
            When next I move.
Expecting rage
Not sympathy.
      "there's sugar there"
                  "know that, ta!"
      "but you...?"
            I pause,
    and blink -
            I fixate on:
                  Your lips,
            Your eyes,
The cup that's raised.
The white of teeth.
              You're sipping then
          hold smooth a while -
    a while and then,
hand back to me.
    "You know, I tried," you say,
    "I tried - "
  But I deduce:
              "You like the tea?"
  You nod and then
              hear myself say
a thought aloud:
            "Well then,
kiss me."
by the
  we shift
posted on AO3 3/18/2021
audio recording available on SoundCloud by helloliriels
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