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#Southern Cross
inefekt · 6 months ago
Tumblr media
Summer Milky Way at Nambling Lakes, Western Australia
Nikon d5500 - 50mm - ISO 5000 - f/2.2 - Foreground: 13 x 10 seconds - Sky: 25 x 20 seconds - iOptron SkyTracker - Hoya Red Intensifier filter
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tokumon · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Ambassador Darkness in Kamen Rider ZX
This is his turban shell form called Southern Cross (with and without shell).
From what I have read this only appeared in a magazine and never on tv or film.
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pursuitofwisdom · a month ago
Tumblr media
Contemplar el cielo del hemisferio sur tendida en la playa.
To lie on the beach and gaze at the southern sky.
Att ligga på stranden och titta på den södra stjärnhimlen.
Tumblr media
Can you see the southern cross? Puedes ver la cruz del sur? Kan du se södra korset?
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married-to-a-redhead · 5 months ago
Tumblr media
I have been very fortunate in my life to be able to travel the world, mostly on business. One of my more memorable trips was to Perth, Australia. A work colleague invited me over to his home for dinner and that evening, he took me out into his yard and pointed out the Southern Cross. It had not even occurred to me to look for it while I was there, but I was so glad he pointed it out to me as you can only see it from the Southern Hemisphere. Really cool, I only wish I had taken a picture of it at the time.
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redrcs · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Southern Cross rising
(On my travels)
For @peintre-stephane
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inefekt · a year ago
Tumblr media
Crux & Carina at Yerecoin, Western Australia
Nikon d5500 - 35mm - ISO 3200 - f/2.5 - Foreground: 3 x 6 seconds - Sky: 10 x 30 seconds - iOptron SkyTracker
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astrodances · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
✨ "A Fiendish Nebula” + “The Southern Cross (constellation)” ✨
Going off what I just they are! The Fiendish Nebula (above) and the Southern Cross constellation (below)!
As I said in the linked post, these two pieces are very special to me, but they weren’t originally meant for my Star Trek AU.
Earlier this year, I was honored with the task of drawing a real-life backdrop for a TOS captain’s chair that a crew mate of mine built for our SFI chapter, the USS Southern Cross (which I’ve also mentioned in previous posts, and worked into my AU). The backdrop itself is standard enough - it’s mainly Uhura’s comm station - but it was lineless, and larger than anything I’ve ever drawn. It took a while, but the results were worth it, and both the chair and backdrop were used for photos at a convention (and will be used again at future ones!).
The real fun part though of drawing the backdrop was the view screens. You know how, on the bridge of the TOS Enterprise, there are small view screens above each station? Well, there were two in my backdrop, and I got free reign with them. So I drew the above two images: the Southern Cross constellation (for our ship’s namesake) and “A Fiendish Nebula”, a space landscape of my own design (and really, the first one I’d actually drawn). This was way before I was answering questions to flesh out my AU, so that wasn’t even on my mind. This was my own little tribute (and, in a way, an abstract of a theory?) right before the DuckTales’ finale: a “Beakley” planet and a “Webby” satellite, all within the grasp of the nebulous F.O.W.L. talon (essentially, the F.O.W.L. logo as a nebula). Looking in the file for it again right now, it turns out I actually did name them: Planet B22 and Moon W202. (The “202″ is a reference to my own S.H.U.S.H. codename for Webby, from one of my very first duck fics. :’)) And it was all really fun to design (those neon atmospheres get me wondering about possible real worlds like that), but I especially had fun with B22 - a planet with purple land (or maybe oceans?!) at its poles, and covered by ice for most of its surface!
And now I get to bring it into my AU! Perhaps B22 and W202 will be used for something else other than F.O.W.L.’s homeworld (maybe a S.H.U.S.H. base in the Gamma Quadrant?), but for sure, the homeworld is somewhere in that nebula.
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ministar100 · a month ago
Tumblr media
Inktober 16-10-2021: Stars can be a compass too
Theme: Compass
Based on the constellation Southern Cross.
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realhankmccoy · a year ago
Semper Fi
Tumblr media
Here’s a picture of Josh Bennett, my sexy new Confederate recruit, all studded-up and getting studlier, a green but proud new redneck.  Doesn’t he look sexy in his black athletic shorts and Marines cutoff t-shirt?  I bought that for him.  He’s been working hard on necking out with me for months, and I make sure to reward him from time to time.  It’s been a tough few months for him, and a lot of lifestyle changes for him, too.  Not only did he have to kiss Yankeedom goodbye, but he had to kiss his video games, laptop, cell phone and books goodbye, too.  Who has time to read?  Not my new rebel boy.
Yeah, there’s definitely no time for sitting around reading when you’re one of my recruits.  I’d loved watching Josh cry as I tackled him and ripped him right out of his clothes.  From day one, I intended to never go easy on him.  I was giving him the total bootcamp experience, rending apart his lame Yankee clothes and his very existence as far as I was concerned.  I used my own powerful bare hands to unsheath his scrawny body, licking it all over as he screamed and writhed, but he was easy to hold down.  Soon I was raping his cherry hole, which I popped for him as I worked my cock in hard.  Yeah man, I was thrusting it up and jizzing away his virginity as he tried to wrest himself away from me.  It was a hot time for us both, although he didn’t realise it how hot it was for him until much later.  He was crying and screaming as I did it, his face streaked with tears, but nobody could hear him cry out in the country.
I wanted to enjoy his pure, unmolded body before his training started kicking in.  That way he and I both would always be able to remember how much punier he used to be, and how far my training would take him in life.
It wasn’t always easy to break him, and it was certainly a process, especially that first week.  I slapped his face, hard, when he dared to spew his Yankee bureaucratese about the police, his parents, lawyers and consensual vs. non-consensual sex.  Yankee folks are all bankers, bureaucrats, and bootblacks these days now that they’ve lost their factories and industrial prowess.  It’s the Yankees who are are steadily ebbing away at life itself, which is why you almost never meet a gay man up north who says he’s happy with his sex life.  Well bud, I’m sure happy with mine.  I don’t know what their excuse is.  This country was founded on the principles of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness, as well as freedom, above all else.  Yankees have a hard time understanding that.
My boy Josh has learned how to really start enjoying his new sex life.  But I’ll get to that in a minute.  You should have seen him when he first came to me.  He used to be little more than an effete potted plant of a man, crying out for nutrition from his cell of an apartment in a dilapidated brownstone.  Yankees are nothing but slumlords presiding over rabbit hutch existences.  Ain’t my problem, so figure it out yourselves if you’re not happy living like animals.
What Josh needed was a man to lay his hands upon him and show him the ropes, so that he could actually start to learn how fast hard work would pay off with some good results.  I loved taking hold of his skeletal frame, the frame of a calcium-deprived wraith, and forever shattering the anaemic boy he’d been with my muscular form on top of him, just dominating him, repeatedly humping his ass against the floorboards.  I showed him what a man was like by spewing my jizz deep into him, and by loving him right on the bedsheets at night, too.
I took his training very seriously and made sure he did too.  Together, we destroyed those twig arms of his forever by forcing him to do pushup after pushup with me.  He’ll never be able to go back now, not that he’d want to.
I’ve had him working outdoors since he got here.  I could give a fuck if he complains about permanent sun damage.  A deeply tanned hide on a man is sexy to me.  He’s started to figure out the truth about how his alabaster arms, which were straight out of the Snowbelt, will never be the same again.  Even if he were to ever be stolen away from me somehow, that tan’s already becoming semi-permanent and he’ll never revert from that.
I can’t wait to destroy his Yankee pride even further in the weeks and months to come.  Speaking of cum, I’m going to be cumming in his tight ass quite a lot, I’d reckon. By the time he’s a true Southerner and starts to man up, his ass probably won’t quite be so tight.  I think I’ve already loosened his hole up a tad, to tell the truth, although it’s hard to say for sure.
I just started letting him roam around outdoors with sleeveless shirts and tank tops on today.  He seems to be liking it.  I love the look of this’s boy’s red neck and his red, lanky but increasingly muscular arms on display for me.  I really take a sort of pride in what I’ve done for him already.  Those red arms looks so sexy next to his unscathed alabaster shoulders and sun-sheltered chest.  Soon his shoulders and the part of his chest that is slipping through his shirt will be scorched by the sun, too.  I’m gonna watch it turn as red as rebel flag, as red as the jerseys of the local football team he’s going to root for with me on Friday nights.  He’s got to learn everything there is to know about our culture.
A farmer’s tan is always so hot to see on a guy, though I’m telling him he’s now got a plantation tan, if only to get a rise out of him.  He sure wouldn’t know the difference.  I’ve also been telling him we might legally change him name to Judson, but most of the time I just call him Jud for short.  Josh is a mighty fine name though, as it was Joshua who was leader of the Israelites after Moses’s death, and his name stems all the way back to Yehoshua, so I’m pretty sure I shouldn’t be messing too deeply with a name like that.  I’m still on the fence about it, but for now, it’s fun to call him Jud.  I want to thoroughly remove the lingering sense he has that he’s in control or that his Yankee life mattered.
Yeah, there’s nothing quite like breeding a boy like Jud, tearing into his tight ass with my big pecker and coring him out good, only to notice a week later that this boy’s finally starting to buck up and turn into something resembling more of a man.  I make sure to stroke his neck, almost like he’s a beloved pet of mine, just so that he learns and knows in his heart that this is about an almost fatherly love for him.  I’m far too young to be his daddy, but I do feel a certainly fatherly affection for him.  It’s about his own domestication process, really.  Too much time in an urban jungle makes folks sicker than sick.  He needs to learn that other people can be trusted enough to care about each other.  It’s what makes us all human.
I love kissing his pretty sun-kissed face, which looks far more attractive with some colour in it than the vampire white he’d been sporting before.  “Just kiss,” I say to him when he’s being difficult, maybe slap his face a little to get the message through more viscerally.  He learns quicker that way, and he’s starting to learn how I like my kisses now.  My favourite kind of kiss is the honey slow, sweet-tea infused kiss that just kind of lingers on between the two of us.  I tell him his face is so beautiful when I trace the outline of it with my fingers.  I want him to know how much he’s started to mean to me.
Of course, a boy’s also got to learn how to like it rough.  That’s why I started breaking him in on the joys of rough sex from day one, the fateful day that my pecker forced him to surrender his virginity.  I forced that sexy surrender just like Stonewall Jackson forced the Yankees to lose at Harper’s Ferry in West Virginia.
He was so humiliated when I called him my little squealer the first time, and I thought his embarrassment and fear was pretty cute.  I even made him watch Deliverance with me.  It’s just a sexy, fun movie, and it usually surprises the hell out of Yankees to learn that we don’t get offended by films like that, we enjoy them along with the rest of the country.  Of course I love banjo and bluegrass music, too.  Life with us is about politeness and hard work, but more than anything else, it’s really about culture.  Culture and family are what matter at the end of the day, and Southern culture never ceases to provide its bounty to those of us who know how to love it.  Yankees, in comparison, don’t have so much as a pot to piss in when it comes to culture.
But as for my little squealer Jud, you better believe I’ve taken him by the ear at times, usually when we’re in the sack together.  It turns me on, just like the film turned a lot of guys on in ways they didn’t know existed before.  That’s what I love about that film.  My cock bones when Jud squeals for me, but I sure don’t ever hurt him.  I just want to hear him stretch his vocal cords a little.  It’s healthy for him to the value of a few hard knocks in life.
A little pain is something we all have to go through in life.  I don’t want him to be some coddled boy who collapses at the first sign of adversity.  Giving up too quickly is what hollowed out the north and made the Sun Belt grow so rapidly in its stead.  We’ll be surpassing the Rust Belt any year now, there’s no question about that.  They said the south would never rise again, but we’re definitely having the last laugh against them there.
When Jud first came to me, he was just a shivering baby piglet in need of a teat to suck on, but by the time I’m done with him he’ll be a real sexy boar of a man, maybe even a motorcyle-ridin’ boss hog on a Harley if that’s what he finds himself wanting to be.  They make them hogs up in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, but also are making em out west in Kansas City, Missouri, which was one of our own states in my book, even though the Yankees do say otherwise.  Just consider how most folks nowadays tend to think Kentucky and West Virginia are redneck states and just go and assume those were both Confederate.  Even up north to Ohio, Indiana and Wisconsin folks now look to Nashville for their culture.  Oh yes indeedy, we’re getting the last laugh in.
I really do love and care for this boy.  Having him around is like having a sweet tea mint julep that you can just sip for as long as you want to every sunny afternoon.  There’s nothing quite like the sight of seeing that shirt of his come off, his pale chest looking just dazzling as its set off by those red arms and that beet red neck.  That’s the young redneck look so many of us go nuts for.  I find the big red welt left behind by my belt on his pale bare ass to be beautiful, too.
One of these days, he’s gonna be my shirtless grunt and he’ll lose that pale upper chest forever, so I plan on savouring every little change of his along the way.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m looking forward to seeing him as a deeply tanned, red stallion of a man too, or maybe a bull, depending on what those muscles of his have in them.  Either way, those tits of his are gonna start to look rock-hard, we’re gonna get his abs nice and cobbled, and he’s gonna be built like a brick shithouse by the time I’m done with his scrawny ass.  He’s come a long ways already, but I want him getting so big and bullish that he’ll be the talk of the town.  I want his jaw looking so firm and confident that the cocktail onions start falling right out of the other guy’s drinks down when he walks in.
He’s gonna have a deep workingman’s tan to him, and I’m gonna make sure it looks rich and perpetual.  He’ll have nice callouses on his hands, a muscular grip, a strong handshake, the whole nine yards.  He’s going to be a man who can handle anything life throws at him.  I’m teaching him how to ride horseback and how to grill up the best barbecue for miles around.  It never even occurred to Josh how much culture we southerners have compared to his life of laptops and cell phones.  Now that he’s Jud, he’s starting to learn.  I can tell his parents didn’t teach him much of anything, but he’s a quick study.  He can usually get the hang of what I’m showing him after a few tries.
If he ever kicks up his heels in Yankeedom again someday, I want him walking into those clubs shirtless and flawless, his sun-drenched skin and muscles gleaming radiantly.  I want him in tight jeans and knee-high boots, a cocky and confident smile on his face as everyone wonders who the extremely polite, stunningly attractive gentleman.  I want them all filled full of so much admiration that they start wondering why he decided to ever even deem their establishments to be worthy of his graceful presence.
Lest I sound like I’m getting ahead of myself here, I know Jud’s got a long ways to go still.  I’m taking it day by day with him and enjoying him the way he is.  I’m savouring him as his petals start to open up.  I love him in his cute little backwards ballcap.  When he wears it backwards that way, he gets to feel like he’s a casually sexy guy, and at the same time, he doesn’t stand a chance of keeping the sunshine away from his eyes.  It’s almost funny to me, but he likes it backwards like that.  His body’s starting to take on some nice cuts, and I like how the lean muscle looks on him now, especially on his abs, which are so damn tight.  I really want to see him start to hulk out with some more lean meat before pushing him even further.  At some point he’ll probably lose some of his hourglass waistline as his chest starts to barrel out and get thick with muscle.  That’ll be sexy to see.
What else can I tell you about Jud?  He’s only allowed to wear jock straps for me, because I want my little pony to show off his flank.  I’m teaching him how to shoot clay pigeon and throw horseshoes. I took him to one of those historical Confederate battle scene re-enactments and he seemed to actually like that, maybe just because not too long ago in the recent past, a guy called Josh cared about things like historicism.
He’s getting that nice drawl to his voice now.  I’ve been teaching him how to speak properly.  It’s that languid, genteel, mellifluous tone that really turns me on, and he’s gone it down pretty well now.  He’s a good boy now, but at times he can be quite the manipulator and does push the limits of what he thinks he can get away with.  He knows what a generous guy I am, and he knows what I like to hear out of him.  Pair that with his stark naked beauty and it’s a recipe for trouble.  He even had me sucking his cock for a full hour last night.
He told me he thinks I’m sexy the other day and I think he really meant it, starting in with a whole spiel about how Southern guys didn’t used to be his type, but I got a really killer body, and now that he’s had to be up so close up to me every night, and now that he’s so used my tobacco scent and the musk of my fit body, he doesn’t know how he used to live without me  He was just babbling, really, and even telling me he thinks he might love me.  I put a stop to that right quick, as he’s my boy, not my lover, and he needs that difference made clear to him.
There’s no denying, however, that I do feel some very intense affection for him at times.  I worry that I’ve lost some of the will to discipline him, but part of that is that it’s just not as needed anymore.  He’s a good boy.  I do use the carrot and the stick on him, both, just every good farmer knows how to do.  I reward the behaviours I want to see and shake my head when he’s disappointing me in some unexpected way.  I care so much about raising him right.  I wouldn’t be doing this all in the first place if I didn’t care about him so much.
Our fun in bed is getting more frisky and playful all the time now that we’ve grown so accustomed to each other.  For a lark and to see how it would go, we fooled around with rope the other day.  I tied his wrists to the bed, leaving a lot of slack and loose cord so that he had some range to stand up in.  He loved that game.  He said it was sexy and triggered memories of the first day he arrived, and how his trauma -- yeah, I laughed at that, too -- now is part of his sex drive, or so he says.  He wanted to role-play it out in a way.  I thought that was amusing, since his whole life with me is about a new role, and I’m not playing, so he’s already got something superior to that.  He said he wanted to be raped again though, that it would just be so hot if I threw him down and took what’s mine.  So I did, and the boy was right, it was hot.  I even let him cum before I did, just so I could lean into his ear and huskily say that he likes being raped, doesn’t he?  He likes a man taking what’s his, and it’s all so evident how because he’s shot all over his own belly.  I rubbed the cum in his tight, pale abs then, feeling the ridges, knowing that he’d be losing his farmer’s tan pretty soon.  I kissed his neck sweetly, knowing how important it was to savour every moment with him.  He deserved that.
From as boned up as the boy gets when we’re playing around with rape fantasies, and from as much as he gasps and asks me to keep doing it when I flick his nipples or suck on those tight titties of his, I know he’s learned to be as into me as I’m into him.  He’s never been much of a fibber, which is good.  He’s a good boy, and I tell him that so often when he’s offering me up his hard-on and I take his beautiful cock in my hand.  It’s almost like taking a piglet by the tail, I told him once, which just made him chuckle before he leaned in and kissed me.
So yeah, the boy is nuts for me, and when I fuck him on the thick, plush, bright red Southern Cross bedspread I started rolling out for him, there’s no more beautiful boy in the world.  I picked up a cowboy hat for him too just so he can look like one of those sexy studs straight out of Nashville.
He’s so into what I’m doing to him.  He calls my body a temple of muscle that he wants to pray to in the hopes that he’ll be able to measure up someday.  The boy’s got a way with words, sometimes.  He can coax and cajole me into sucking that beautiful dick of his all he wants, I suppose, as his ass is still mine and I intended to claim it night after night as our bootcamp continued.
“Fuck me, sir, please fuck the Yankee dipshit out of me,” the boy likes to beg now.  He only starts begging when he’s boned, so that’s how I know that my cock up his ass is helping him access facets of himself personality that he didn’t even know existed before.  The begging comes out when we’re really deep in the throes of lovemaking, usually after he’s been warmed up for a few hours.  If I make him a few cocktails, he’s more likely to lose control and start begging sooner
When he’s had a few drinks, Jud sometimes says he doesn’t like to think so much, and that he’s happier when he’s blissed out in a sexual realm with me.  He says a lot of things, but when he’s really looking at me deeply and dreamily, he’s usually giving me some line like that.  The boy’s got a lot of lines.  He likes to talk about love, still.  I don’t know about love with the boy, at least with him still being this scrappy and Yankee-blooded, but whatever it is that makes him happy, I’m happy to make it happen for him.
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dante144 · 5 months ago
robotech head canon
Robotech Special Forces unit, Hemispheric Cartographic Society
Tumblr media
HCS or to RHCS to people in the know. Also known as 12th group. Named to fly under the radar of establishment, political/geographic leadership. An organization to maintain a military clandestine power in service to RDF/REF.
At the launch of the SDF3 and SDF colony flotillas the HCS had a limited to a staff of under a hundred. Given broad yet limited economic and access to infrastructure. After recruitment and growth of the org most of the unit based itself out of Asia and Europe with the original Monument city group being more of a satellite site containing secure document storage and back up.
Tumblr media
After the fall of the Army of the Southern Cross and most of the UEG the limited mechanization of the unit was expanded, utilizing retired mecha found at boneyards and forgotten facilities and whatever could be recovered from surviving military units.
During the Invid occupation HCS ramped up activity. During most of the occupation they served as search and rescue. Coordinating with the REF, other SF units and resistance helped secret landing and pathfinder missions for invasion forces. At one point shortly before the last REF invasion the HCS unit actually held territory before the final push.
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ann-the-amigurumer · 8 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Mommy and her babies or the star and her bodyguards?
Crux, the Space Traveller is available for order on Etsy.
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