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#Spanish III

Hey everyone! I’m new to studyblr and kind of want to find other studyblrs to work so I’m just throwing this into the void hoping to get responses. I’m a sophomore and I’m pretty good at math and English if you ever need help and I’m seeking friends and help with bio and history.
My school schedule includes:
• AP Bio
• Spanish III
• Math Analysis H (aka Pre-Calculus H [basically Algebra II with the first lesson of Calculus AB])
• Pre-AP English II
• AP Euro
Just message me if you want to talk or work together, I’m basically free anytime after 3 on weekdays and I’m free in the morning/night (not noon) on Saturdays and all of Sunday.

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I’m watching a telenovela on Telemundo and it’s sooo hard to understand. I put the captions on so I can read what they’re saying and even though ((This lady is about to get shot by her maid, oh my god.)) it helps a lot, it’s still hard to comprehend all of the different conjugations for preterite and future and -ing verbs and all the vocabulary. It’s so difficult.

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If you were to fail one class during high school, and it was a class that most colleges don’t require you to take to get in, anyway, (Spanish III, specifically) would it have much of an impact on your acceptance?

>.> I’ve just been yelled at for my spanish grade a lot, so, yeah. Damn spanish.

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Alright, so this rant is just….everything that’s built up, I guess. XD

  Where to start? How about I start with my school life. I started this year(my sophomore year of high school, btw.) wanting to get all A’s on ALL of my report cards. My first report card was half A’s and half B’s. In art class, something I’ve always been good at, the teacher has wronged every SINGLE one of us. He talks to us like we’re stupid or in kindergarten. I’ve gotten two F’s in this class. One for a one-point-perspective drawing that supposedly was meant to be everyday objects. I drew the Flamel’s Cross, an orb, and the Gate of Truth. He waited until AFTER I had started to say something about it. And then, he walked right by me, looked right at my paper, and didn’t say A WORD. The second F was on a winter holidays project using oil pastels. His pastels are quite crappy, and they weren’t working right for anyone. Me, being the perfectionist I am, didn’t want to mess up my picture using crappy materials. So, I colored my little Animal Crossing girl’s hat, and her balloons. I also coloured the string of Christmas lights that was in her hand. Again, he walked right by me and didn’t say a word. He “taught” us emphasis, so why can’t we use it? He wrote on the back of my paper that it “needed more effort”. SCREW NEEDING MORE EFFORT. That picture was awesome and I know it. Did I mention that he said my “attitude affects performance”? He said this AFTER my mom scolded me for being a smart mouth. But she also told him that I was fine all until he decided he’d mess with my brother. Then he caught my bad side.

In History class, the only problem I have is the fact that I did my homework textbook pages, and an extra credit page.(They’re stapled together) He put on my PowerSchool that I’m missing my two homework pages. I’m going to him either Tuesday of Wednesday to talk to him about it though.

In Spanish class, there was a packet we did back in December. I turned it in, I know I did. If I didn’t, it would be in my Spanish folder, my Pasaporte, or my homework folder. It’s in NONE of those. It’s in for a zero now, and I can’t change it because the teacher closed her gradebook Thursday. >.<

   Now onto drawings. I’ve been trying to think of something to draw for a painting FOR TWO FRICKIN’ HOURS now. I know that if I use my HiHi PuffyAmiYumi drawing I did of Ami last month, the teacher will say something about how Ami look’s awkward and jank. He doesn’t understand that we need to be graded on our own ability and our style. Not on HIS ability and HIS style.

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Me: He's going to get on my nerves. Don't tell me to make a chart and not let me make a chart right.
Tara: Just type it into columns.
Me: But it's not pretty that way.
Tara: It just has to be efficient, not pretty. Isn't that what Gilpin always says?
Me: Gilpin doesn't matter right now.
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