#Spanish literature?? from a Spanish person?? it's more likely than you think
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Don Quixote, riding a horse: LET'S FUCKING GOOOOOOOOOOOOOO
Sancho, without moving: Go where.
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When He Sees Me || Peter Parker
Pairing:  Peter Parker x Reader
Warnings: um peter might be a little ooc and that’s because i’m writing about my unfortunate crush but i basically just changed his name to peter parker any resemblance to real persons living or dead is purely coincidental <3 
Word count: 2.5k
Summary: What if when he sees me, I like him and he knows it? What if he opens up a door and I can’t close it? Catching feelings for your best friend is never easy.
A/N: This fic is sponsored in part by @bitchassbucky, @spiderrpcrker, @shurisneakers, @midnightsunfae, and @blackberrybucky who instead of shutting down my feelings, hyped me up to turn my crush and some of the things that we’ve done into a fic <3 this goes out to anyone who has ever started crushing on their best friend.
Tumblr media
Oh God, please don’t walk this way, please don’t wa-
“Oh, hey Peter!” The crack in your voice betrayed your attempt at a casual greeting, despite your efforts to disguise it with a cough. “How’s it-- how’s it hanging?”
“You good?” Peter smiled at you but his eyebrow quirked upwards in concern. “I just wanted to make sure we’re still on for tonight?” His concern faded into a wide grin as you nodded in response. Peter gave you a quick goodbye before walking away towards his next class.
As soon as you saw him turn into the classroom, you turned to face your closed locker, letting out a groan before setting your forehead against it. Peter had asked if you were good, and although you nodded, the butterflies in your stomach threatened to give you away. You were very much not good.
A tap on your shoulder snapped you out of your thoughts and you turned to see your friend MJ. “What did Peter do this time?” MJ asked. For the last month, every interaction with Peter -- there have been a lot -- ended this way: a groan of defeat and a few welted lines on your forehead from holding your head against your locker. You turned to give MJ a dirty look, annoyed by the amused smirk on her face.
“Absolutely nothing,” you sighed, finally lifting your head up to talk to her. You opened your locker as you talked, not wanting to make eye contact with MJ as you confessed your feelings. “He just… smiled… and everything went downhill from there.” You rolled your eyes as MJ laughed. “It’s getting worse, I have no idea how I’m going to get through tonight.”
MJ laid a hand on your shoulder. “Well we’ll all be there,” she offered. “And if it makes you feel better, no one’s even noticed. Just act normal and you’ll be fine.” She shrugged her shoulders as if that was the easiest thing to do. But you couldn’t act normal anymore, not with Peter. Not when normal means resting your head against his shoulder every time he makes you laugh. Not when normal means borrowing his clothes when his aunt May tells you to stay the night every time a study session runs too long. Not when normal means wearing the extra sweater he keeps for you because you always forget yours.
Normal was when you didn’t feel butterflies everytime he looked at you, before your curious heart got the better of you and you began to wonder what it might be like to hold his hand. Now, things were just weird. At least for you. Nothing on the surface had changed, no one noticed how your heart rate picked up every time Peter touched you, or how you suddenly felt hot whenever he winked at you. But inside your heart was navigating uncharted territory in your friendship, trying to traipse along the thin line that separated how things have always been and how you suddenly wish things could be.
Pulling your textbook out of your locker, you shut the locker door a just a little bit more aggressively than necessary. MJ gave you a small hug before linking her arm through yours as you walked to your next class.
For the rest of the day, you found it impossible to focus on anything. Instead of taking down notes on George Orwell in English, you found yourself absentmindedly doodling hearts. Everything just reminded you of Peter and your own confusing feelings. Thankfully, you didn’t share any classes with him today, leaving you enough solitude to think about just why you were so frustrated with yourself.
Logically, you knew there was nothing wrong with having a crush on someone. You’ve had plenty of crushes before, a few of which reflected a temporary lapse in judgement on your part. You remember telling Peter about each of them, gushing about the most basic acts of human decency as he rolled his eyes and told you that you deserve someone better, but nevertheless helping you pick up the pieces every time someone broke your heart. That, you realized, was what scared you the most.
If you were to date, and then break up… well who would be there with kind words and your favorite boba when everything fell apart? The thought of losing your best friend over emotions, feelings, left far too much to chance. Was the idea of holding his hand, of hearing him call you his enough to make you risk the friendship that has always been enough for you? It should be enough for you, you reminded yourself. There was too much on the line and not enough guarantee for you to risk it.
With that determination in mind, you steeled yourself for the rest of the day, determined to put your feelings to rest and go back to normal.
Unfortunately, that plan quickly fell through.
You got to the restaurant a half hour late with only a really good nap to blame. You felt bad that your friends were waiting for you, but when you got there, you found an empty spot next to Peter, where your usual order of ramen was waiting and against your will, the butterflies flew rampant. The noodle that hit Peter’s nose as he ate while waving you over made you laugh as you sat down beside him.
“I got you your usual,” Peter explained in between bites. You smiled and thanked him before digging in. Peter had done this for you many times, and you willed your body to fight against the flutter of your heart.
Thankfully, the rest of your dinner was going well, and everyone had plenty of stories to tell. MJ had begun doing more portraits of people in distress and revealed her latest piece -- a portrait of Peter slurping up a noodle only to get a rogue drop of soup in his eye. Ned and Betty were off again, but of course they tried to keep it civil (they were on again by the end of the night) so no one would have to pick sides. Flash teased Peter about the B that he made on his literature exam yesterday over poetry and Peter’s face turned beet red.
“Hey,” Peter began, attempting to defend himself. “I totally could’ve made a perfect score. I was just distracted.” He shrunk down in his seat a little bit, and the rest of you laughed teasingly.
“Yeah, you’re telling me,” Flash continued. “You’ve been drawing little hearts all over your notes, dude, it’s unsettling.” He rolled his eyes and took another bite of his food, swirling his fork around the bowl trying to grab as much noodle as possible.
Across the table, you and MJ made eye contact, a look of surprise between the both of you. You tried to signal her to say something before a weird silence fell on the table, but she was not reading your cues. Thankfully, Peter spoke again.
“H-hearts?” He repeated. “Why would I be drawing hearts on my notes?” Although he tried to play it off, the rise in pitch gave him away. He scrunched his face in exaggeration.
“Actually,” Betty began. “Now that I think about it, you were doing that in Spanish class too.” You glanced over at Peter who looked at you with panic in his eyes. You took a long sip of water, suddenly feeling a layer of sweat form at the back of your neck. “Wonder what that’s about.” She shrugged and turned to Ned asking if he wanted to split a slice of cheesecake with her.
Before Peter had a chance to try to defend himself once again, the waitress appeared. “Are you all ready for the check?” she asked.
“Yeah, but we’re splitting the check,” Flash replied. Betty rolled her eyes in response. “What? Just because I’m rich does not mean I have to share the wealth.”
The waitress nodded in response. As she was leaving Peter called her back. “Oh wait,” he called. “I’ll also be paying for this order,” he gestured to your bowl. She smiled at him and headed for the counter.
“Peter,” you smiled. “I have money, I can pay for myself.” Although Peter usually had to order for you, he didn’t usually pay for you, unless it was a special occasion.
“I know, I just wanted to be nice,” he responded, giving your shoulder a playful nudge. “Plus, you seem like you’ve had a rough week. Every time I see you, you seem to be lost in thought. What’s been on your mind?” The sentence came out casually, but the furrow in his brows revealed how concerned he actually has been. Peter was nothing if not observant, like he could sense things better than most people.
You let out a sigh, unsure of what to say. You didn’t want to lie to Peter, but you also didn’t want to tell him the truth, that you were thinking about him-- well, your feelings for him. Just when it seemed like he had backed you into a corner, however, the waitress had returned with the checks, and the question left unanswered.
After dinner, the six of you went to Flash’s house to watch a movie. He had a home theater and early access to new movies and he loved to remind everyone of that. Not that any of you minded, especially if it got you free popcorn and a movie out of it. Every week, a different person got to select the movie and today, unfortunately, was MJ’s turn.
You loved her, of course, but you absolutely detested her taste in movies. Mostly because she was a horror junkie, and you were absolutely not. Her last few turns however had been spent making sure you all had seen all of the Shrek movies. But today, she picked a horror film. Something about demons and the like. Peter and Betty cheered at her selection as Flash groaned. You settled into the couch in the back of the room and grabbed a blanket. Ned and Betty sat together on a smaller loveseat, and MJ sat on the floor in front of Flash’s seat, the perfect spot to be able to scare him with a single touch on his leg.
Peter sat down beside you, handing you a tub of popcorn and a soda. He pulled the blanket over his own lap as he sat criss-cross on the couch. You tried not to pay attention to how his leg was brushing against yours under the blanket, instead focusing on the screen as the room went dark.
The movie had just started, but you could already feel yourself tense up in expectation.The music was coming to a crescendo and you knew something was already going to happen. You didn’t realize just how tightly your fists had balled together in your lap till you jumped at the sound of Peter’s soft voice at the shell of your ear. “Are you okay?” He asked.
He tried to hold in a chuckle as you almost bounced the tub of popcorn off your lap. He grabbed it from you and set it to the side. “Look,” he pointed to the screen where the creature’s head had just rotated a full circle as it crawled up the wall in pursuit of the main character. “That thing kinda looks like the spider from that kid’s tv show, but not as creepy.” You let out a laugh, a little louder than you meant, and Ned turned to tell you to shut up.
The small joke was enough to dissipate the anxiety you felt towards the movie, but unfortunately only heightened your feelings about Peter. But he noticed how your fists unclenched and how your shoulders relaxed once you laughed, so he continued to tell you whispered jokes for the rest of the movie. Each time he noticed your body tensing, he tried his best to make you laugh, and god, how could you stop yourself from those butterflies anymore?
At the height of the movie, you found yourself with your hands over your ears, and eyes squeezed shut, unable to even look at the screen or hear a joke. When Peter realized a joke wouldn’t be enough, he slid closer to you and pulled you into his side and you buried your face into the crook of his neck. Before you had a chance to think about the spicy notes of his cologne or the softness of his skin, the sound of a high pitched scream in the movie caused you to jump with a gasp. In response, Peter wrapped his arms around you tight, with a gentle shush.
It was only after the music began to die down that you opened your eyes again, only to find Peter’s eyes fixed on the screen. Now that the worst was over, you no longer had an excuse to be in his embrace the way you were. You began to wiggle your way out of his arms, attracting his attention.
“What are you doing?” he whispered.
“Peter I’m a big kid,” you smiled, teasing. “You don’t have to hold me like a baby.” Peter let out a soft laugh before relaxing his hold on you just a bit.
“Okay,” he relented. “I’ll just hold you like this then.” He began to shift so that your head was on his shoulder, and one of his arms looped under yours, intertwining your fingers. The smile on his face was calm as if this was something the two of you did all the time, but his racing heartbeat reminded you this was something new.
The two of you remained that way for the rest of the movie. By the time the soft music began to play in the credits, you could hear light snoring from everyone else in the room. However, you and Peter made absolutely no efforts to untangle yourselves from each other. It was as if you were worried that once the lights came back on, you would never find yourself like this again, and what a sad idea that was. Normal, would never be enough for you again, not when you know now how much better life could be like this.
You weren’t sure if it was the adrenaline from the jump scares, or the sureness of his hand in yours, like it’s always belonged there, that gave you the courage to finally break the silence.
“Peter,” you breathed out, lifting your head from his shoulder, but not letting go of his hand.
He turned to you, with a look of concern, afraid of what you might say.
“Kiss me.” The words came out so softly and so quickly that you weren’t sure if you said it at all.
“Finally,” he whispered as his lips fell against yours, softly and slowly. He pulled away after what felt like hours and yet not nearly enough time. His hands reached up to cup your face. “I like you,” he admitted. “So much.”
Suddenly, you felt it. You felt exactly what it must feel like to fly, to let yourself go without worrying about gravity or anything else. The risks were still there, the numbers hadn’t changed, but you knew that no matter what happened next, just having the chance to fly would always be enough.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Day 5 of the interviews! let’s give it up for Ligia! :chinhands:
Ligia, author of Love the Guard, Be the King
Latino Heritage Month Featured Author
Mathias' heart has been bleeding since his father, the former King, decided to punish you for his mistakes. As the youngest child of a lesser bourgeois, you were raised in the castle, between the King’s cruelty, the Queen’s friendship, and  Mathias’s kindness (or supposed kindness?).
Now, more than twenty Carnivals since your arrival, the King is dead and the Queen’s sickness  worsens each day. As the azure taint spreads in the kingdom and the Opalean Wars come to an end, it’s Mathias’s time to sit on the throne.
Will the docile Prince become a kind King, a violent Monarch, or a ruthless Tyrant? Will you have any say in it? And how much will your relationship change?
Love the Guard, Be the King Demo | Author’s Kofi | Read more [here]
Tags: historical, romance
Q1: So, tell us a little bit about the projects you’re working on!
With pleasure! Right now, I’m working on three main projects. My personal Visual Novel project, “Love the Guard, Be the King,” a second Visual Novel I’ve been secretly working on with a good friend for the past 10 months or so, and I also have an ongoing book series about hot, quirky supervillains—but I’ll focus only on the first two cause that’s what we’re here for, right? Hahaha.
LtGBtK is a really intimist experience, focused more on the MC’s and RO’s character arcs and how we can change depending on our experiences and how we feel about them. The entire plot happens in only four days, but it takes into account almost 30 years of history—basically Mathias’s (the only RO) entire life!
“Crystal Library” has mystery, romance, magic, 6 ROs, and a ton of memorable scenes already. I’m working on the graphics and the programming for this one, while Coco Nichole (@dreamybard), one of my favorite writers ever, is the brilliant mind behind the plot and all of CL’s characters! I can’t wait to share this one with you all. Romance is optional in both. :)
Q2: What excites you most about using interactive fiction? What are some of the biggest challenges?
What I LOVE and FEAR about all types of interactive fiction is how it invites players to, on a much deeper level, be part of the narrative. When reading books, we all work hard to translate beautiful sentences and scenes into images in your head. We interact with it, yes, but when playing IFs, we also explore the narrative in a different way; we have so much more agency over what happens! We sometimes have different paths to choose from, beautiful illustrations to unlock, or character traits that change depending on our choices… it’s amazing, and, IMO, it’s a very unique way to experience narratives.
But it’s also very complex, very demanding, and it can easily get out of hand if you give the players too many options/branches to follow, mainly when working with small teams or, in my case for LtGBtK, alone. *takes a deep breath* I just hope I’m doing a good job. .-.
Q3: What has been something in your project you’ve had to do a weird amount of research for?
Besides programming lol basically everything. For LtGBtK, I’m trying to create this weird fantasy with a modern-medieval society (?), so I’m constantly researching medieval customs, traditions, tools, and weirdly specific stuff like socks. Did people wear socks in the medieval era? What were their playing cards made of? When was ice cream invented? How did they shave? How did kids become knights? What were their perfumes made of? And soaps? What did they eat? How different was their wine? And what kind of materials or slang or fabrics can I use, and what can I change without completely breaking immersion?
 And then I shove all that into a pot and adapt it to a world where Mathias can literally put the world on fire with a wave of his hands. ♥
Q4: Which of your characters is most like you? How?
I think I’m a mix of them all, but mainly Mandra and Rafa (one of my main characters in my supervillain books). They have wildly different personalities and stories, but those two have clear views of the kind of person they want to be, they’re not afraid of their soft sides, and they are ready to work hard to become good at what they love. Rafa has a specially strong connection to her brother, like my siblings and I, and Mand is often locked in an eternal state of wanting to be alone and wanting to be surrounded by family/loved ones, so I guess we meet there too!
Q5: Does your heritage influence your characters as you create them? (How? Why or why not?)
Yes! There are the very basic ways, like habits, names, food, family dynamics, settings (mainly in my books, which are all very Brazilian), and Holidays. And then there’s a more personal way that I’m not entirely sure I can explain because I lived in Brazil for 28 years, and I’m not sure I can put that into words. The classics of our literature are different, Art, architecture, and music developed differently, my country was violently colonized and still faces the results of that violence (including but not limited to structural racism, classism, misogyny etc), I learned some Capoeira in my physical education class at school, we call non-Brazilians “gringos,” and so on. This is my normal, and this is what my characters would see as normal too, because I don’t know any different.
At the very core, all my characters are influenced by my country’s history, by our relationship with other countries, and by the values my parents taught me, passed down to them by my Indigeous-Spanish-Portuguese-German foremothers/fathers. :P
The main, more palpable way my heritage influences my characters, though, is through humor and theme. I think Brazilians have a very specific, sharp, and often very smart kind of humor that, IMO, stems from the type of history our country has, and the way we look at life, sometimes translating pain into humor. As for themes, I usually write about what makes me angry... and there’s a lot in Brazil’s history and modern society that causes me that. :)
But all I know for sure is that I want to show the world Brazilians are much more than samba and soccer.
 Q6: What is something you love to see in interactive fiction?
Other people! In the same way I add my history and worldview to my creations, I always approach stories thinking that there’s a whole, well, history behind them. And I love that! Also, I adore choices that feel impactful + good friendships and family relationships + soft romances with mutual respect. ♥
Q7: Any advice to give?
Hmm. Be proud and celebrate who you are and where you’re from. Learning and understanding the world inside us is a life-long process, so it’s always a victory to discover new pieces of ourselves. :) Also, if you can, talk to people that come from different cultures than yours to expand your worldview, don’t be afraid to be soft (the world needs more kindness), and please study personal finance. Seriously. XD
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Are there any random hcs you have for nanami. Doesn’t have to be anything specific
i’m so on the fence about answering this bc i don’t enjoy them/have such a specific opinion on him but….ok
post shibuya, modern day. i think of him in the normal (non-sorcerer) world. these are things that don’t show up in my fics and honestly…they’re a bit boring
一sees therapist twice a week and take meds twice daily
一plays video games but only w others
一does yoga!!!!! it’s really hot. he doesn’t make it a ‘thing’
一one piece and dragon ball z fan. reads manga/watches anime. loves horror. currently enjoying shenmue
一makes time to have dinner with yuji weekly (at the very least)
一loves harry potter (loves a historic au. will read a 300k slownburn. may have learned spanish specifically to read fanfic)
一hates stocks. trades anyway
一if his partner doesn’t eat something specific he doesn’t either (ex. he doesn’t eat pork bc i don’t eat pork; if you’re vegetarian he will be too; etc)
一doesn’t wear jewelry but does want to get a piercing and has a small tattoo for haibara
一gets his nails done biweekly (sometimes gojo joins)
一currently getting his pilot’s license
一listens to nature sounds
一prefers traditional japanese breakfast but loves a bowl of cereal
一takes really beautiful photos but won’t post them
一wants to love and be loved (partner changes him but for the better. everyone acknowledges it)
一prioritizes leisure activities
一usually has hair pushed back at home (headband, bobby pin…little top ponytail when he needs a haircut)
一expert chef; enjoys a good meal but doesn’t live to eat
一isn’t big on sex 🤷‍♀️ (he can take care of himself; does enjoy intimacy/vulnerability; service top; really not the daddy type; will do weird things if you want it/he sees it as something that’ll make you closer)
一wants a cat; gets a fish; ends up with more than one exotic fish tank. one has an octopus in it. pays someone’s to clean them
一loves foreign films; watches niche YT vids (doesn’t know how anyone gets by as a water sommelier but he loves it. also watches ppl doing math)
一has a collection of band tshirts (extensive and diverse. yes he has a metro station shirt….still knows all the lyrics to durch den monsun…listens to minutes to midnight when he wants to cry)
一wakes up early and reads in bed (secretly enjoys ‘chick lit’ [everything from vampire king falls for girl next door to chinese bl novellas] and collects classics. deep appreciation for japanese literature and enjoys reading stories told by japanese authors in the other langs he speaks. hates philosophy)
一has ‘foreign’ hobbies that gojo tells everyone he learned in ‘the old country’ (owns a old, custom porsche he takes out on the track; goes snowboarding and loves surfing; getting into making pottery; runs community garden at local international school). he also sketches!!!! usually random objects or peoples hands/shoes
一dresses like a normal person!!!! his fav thing is a canada roots hoodie he got in 2012 and should prob replace. also loves to wear ‘traditional’ clothes casually
一doesn’t wear cologne or like scented things but does use strawberry hand sanitizer and hand lotion
一his iphone is dark green; lock screen is a shot from a recent trip to the swiss alps; home screen is you and yuji holding up peace signs on a beach in santa monica
一usually has a few 10000¥ banknotes but mainly pays with his phone. his card holder is red leather one he picked up in laos
if you made it this far ily hahaha. feel free to tell me yours 😊
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There's a couple of Caucasian BNF-lites on here in the BTS fandom who are real microaggression factories. One common thread is refusing to disclose their racial identity (as in, they won't say they are white because they see requests for transparency as aggressive and demanding) even as they discourse at length about how BTS are selling out their Korean identity by recording English singles rather than it being an obvious pandemic strategy/Grammy bid. There was one who acted like being a white non-American Anglophone from the First World was a marginalized, much-appropriated identity. It reminds me of the anon from yesterday who acted like "Westerner" is a slur. The mentality of concern trolling and self-victimizing is the same.
Sigh. I don't think anyone should have to disclose if they're just going about their business, but I've run into this type of person in other fandoms, and yeah... (I have no idea who's who in BTS fandom on Tumblr. My exposure is friends' discord and people who come to my inbox.)
You can have cultural competency without being ethnically [whatever], but if you're pontificating about your Authentic Knowledge, people are going to ask you how you know. I have a couple of friends who grew up in Japan who aren't Japanese. I know plenty of people who majored in some other country's literature, including plenty who read my tumblr. It's fine to claim competency when you actually have it. You don't have to be a weird dick about it.
The fact that these people aren't willing to just go "I've lived in Korea for a while teaching English" or "I've been in kpop fandoms for 10 years" or something tells me they know perfectly well they don't have enough cultural competency to back up their claims.
If they're from Europe, they should especially shut the fuck up about BTS singing in English unless they want to look at in terms more like "Gosh, it kind of sucks that to win Eurovision, you pretty much have to sing in English or maybe French. Shouldn't we be encouraging more appreciation for songs you have to look up the lyrics to?"
Which, tbh, is a position I personally do hold. I think it's terrible that market forces so strongly push pop artists towards a lingua franca, and I think it's even worse that it's so frequently English instead of more of a mix of a few different big languages.
(I think some level of this is inevitable. There will always be languages with greater cultural reach and languages that get the short end of the stick. It's just the current extreme level I object to and think could plausibly change. I'd like to see more things like KARD's kpop with a lot of Korean lyrics but pandering choruses in Spanish and moombahton beats.)
But the idea that BTS of all groups are being unfaithful to their artistic inspiration by focusing on English? I think some people need to go listen to Hip Hop Lover again and look up the names therein!
BTS' most recent all-English songs are some of my least favorite of their oeuvre, but the mere fact of them wanting to get good enough at English to do more in it is both an obvious step for their careers and highly authentic to their teenage selves. Hating on them being into English is like hating on some weeb majoring in Japanese, for fuck sake.
They were rap fanboy America-boos!
Fuck, I keep meaning to make a youtube playlist of everybody referenced in Hip Hop Lover. Maybe I should bump that up the to-do list.
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beauty-and-passion · a year ago
Silly fun challenge prompt: what languages do you associate with the Sides/what would be the 2nd language each Side learn?
For example I am a big fan of Hispanic (Spanish speaking) Creativitwins fanon. And c! Thomas too could've learnt Spanish in high school and the fact his love interest is hispanic too just makes perfect sense-
And in contrast to Hispanic twins I headcanon Janus as a francophone (French speaking) for two reasons: 1) it was still lingua franca around Victorian era, his aesthetic inspiration and 2) dividing American high school by Spanish class vs. French class is like causing Civil War (I was and still am a language nerd, so I learnt both languages, which was a mistake but the kind of mistake that was worth it when you think about it later)
German suites Logan since lots of famous philosophers are German. I associate Japanese or Korean with Virgil since those two are really dominant in the current subculture world (and maybe our emo could've been inspired and turn into E-boy - wow that sounds terrifying)
I don't have strong preference on Patton's but Italian sounds nice, since all those music and dessert and anything sweet are often from Italy. And maybe 'Orange' can be some language that sounds harsh like Russian, so he can murmur in that in sleep and scares everyone else
I know you're in Europe: 1) you use GMT and 2) Americans wouldn't care about Eurovision. So I wonder how you would think based on your European experience!
Oooh, I like this! As European Who Studied Languages, I definitely approve this and I'll gladly add my two cents about which languages the sides should learn.
Roman: He canonically knows Spanish and that's perfect like that. Spanish is a romantic language, someone speaks Spanish and you can't help but swoon. It’s a great choice for the Side responsible for romance and passion.
Remus: Remus isn't just intrusive thoughts, but there’s a very high chance he’s also responsible for Thomas' sexual urges. So, what is the language made for sex? You’re right, it’s French. French is sexy. You can say anything in French and bam, ✨sexy ✨.
"Je sors la poubelle." Sexy, isn't it? Well, I just said "I'm taking out the trash". See? Very sexy.
(French people, please confirm my words. We all know it’s true)
Janus: Your points are incredibly valid and I love them. But if we should choose among all languages, I would love Janus to be one of the very few (extremely few) people in the world who can speak Latin.
I know Latin is a dead language, but it would be great - and not just because of the connection with his name.
Let’s consider that the other Romance languages, despite evolving from Latin, cannot entirely understand it, because they all changed a lot through the centuries after mixing with the Germanic ones. On the other hand, the Germanic languages (English, German, Swedish and so on) are part of a completely different group, only slightly influenced by Latin, so they cannot understand it.
In other words, Janus would speak a language that only sounds familiar - and maybe you can grasp a couple words here and there if you know a romance language, but the true meaning is hidden. What is he actually saying? Who knows. Is he actually cursing someone? Who knows. After all, do you understand Latin? Yeah, me neither.
If I have to pick a language that is still spoken today instead, I think I'll join you with French. Your points are valid and French is a very elegant language, fitting for Janus’ whole aesthetic. So yes, French could work.
Logan: German is a great choice and you are absolutely right with your point about the philosophers. Also German is a language of harsh sounds and strict grammar rules - for example:
declensions that should be used accordingly for articles, adjectives and nouns
specific verbs for specific meanings
words made by putting together shorter words (like Haustürschlüssel.  Haustür means “front door”, Schlüssel means “key” -> this word means “front door’s key”)
sentences that should follow a specific construction, with parts of the compound verb after the noun and part at the end of the sentence. And secondary phrases also have a specific syntax and should always be introduced by a comma
In other words, it's a very organized language and I think it would fit Logan.
But also, considering that almost all words related to science and philosophy come from Greek, I think Logan should at least understand some Greek. As a treat.
(Also because Greek is another incredibly complicated language, so if someone has the patience to learn it, it’s definitely Logan.)
Virgil: oh my gosh, I never thought about an eastern language for Virgil. In a way, it would be a very peculiar choice and I kinda like it. Japanese and Korean are extremely complicated languages, they have a very specific alphabet (I'm especially thinking about the Japanese one, that even asks for a specific direction to write words) and require a lot of work (and memory) to learn them.
But Virgil is also a poet and when I think of poets and sonnets my first connection is with the french ennui, le mal du vivre and especially Baudelaire and his works. Virgil would appreciate Baudelaire a lot. So French, again.
But hey, there’s too much French now. So I’ll pick the other european literature full of sadness: the russian one.
Russian is supposed to be a big scary language and its alphabet is weird and omg what if they're cursing us? But if you learn it a little bit, you’ll find out that Russian has a lot of soft/open sounds (due to a good use of vowels) and it's very poetic.
So the language itself is a bit like Virgil: he seems scary and evil at a first glance, but if you learn about him, he's actually kinder than he looks.
But never underestimate Russian, because just like Anxiety, fear is just behind the corner: you start learning it and wow, there is just one present tense, one past tense and one future tense? This is great, what a wonderful language!
And then, before you’ll realize it, you will find out that each verb has a “doppelganger” used for entirely different purposes AND there a gazillion verbs of motion and you will end up crying on the floor, because there are just too many verbs - and look, there are also one trillion particles you can put before these verbs and they give them EVEN MORE MEANINGS.
No, this isn't entirely based on my personal experience, what makes you think that.
Patton: I have never thought about Patton learning another language, because English just fits him too well.
But when you proposed Italian... well, my heart just wiped out everything else. There is nothing here, only Patton speaking Italian.
So yes, Patton's second language should be Italian. No, it must be Italian. Because French is the language of sex, Spanish is the language of love, but if you want to declare your eternal love to someone, you use Italian. Do you want to marry someone? Italian. Do you want to tell your significant other how much you adore them? Italian. Italian has one million ways to express love and Patton should use them all with his kiddos.
And yes, Italian is also associated with warm people, warm places and good food, all things Patton deserves and should enjoy. So Italian is a big yes.
Orange: since Orange is a mystery, I am a bit torn between these two languages:
1) Esperanto: This language is amazing, because it isn’t a natural language, born like all others, but it has been built by a man, who wanted to create an universal language in order to foster world peace and international understanding.
So this language has been created to be as simple as possible, with a very regular grammar (unlike all other natural languages) and its words all have references to other language groups (romance, germanic, slavic, indo-europeans, finno-ugric languages and so on).
And if you actually listen to it (especially if you know some latin languages) you will find it weirdly understandable. I found this video in particular and I was impressed by how strangely familiar esperanto sounds.
And... that’s it, I just think it would be kinda poetic that the last side knows a language that all others can use and understand.
2) A Greenlandic language. Why? Because they are insanely polysynthetic.
What does that mean? If in German you can make words by putting together other two/three words (like in the example I used before), in the Greenlandic languages you can build an entire sentence by putting together nouns, verbs, articles and everything else. All together in one single word, whose meaning can be translated with an entire sentence in another language.
Do you want an example? Here is an example from Wikipedia: tuntussuqatarniksaitengqiggtuq.
Yes, this is a word.
This word is from the Yupik language and means "He had not yet said again that he was going to hunt reindeer.". And this word is made of:
tuntu- (= reindeer)
ssur-  (= hunt)
qatar- (future tense)
ni- (= say)
ksaite- (negative)
ngqiggte- (= again)
uq  (3rd.sing.IND)
Is this insane? This is fucking insane. Do you want to be scared? This is real fear. What the heck. How. Why.
You know what? This is perfect for Orange, I’ll leave Esperanto to Thomas. Orange deserves to be this scary. I can already see the other sides quiver before him.
And so, here are my guesses! If someone has other ideas, feel free to add yours and tell us why, so we can all have a nice discussion :D
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softlouve · a year ago
Tumblr media
here are some fics that I’ve read recently that I absolutely loved (huge thanks to all the writers for writing & sharing their wonderful works 💛) and want more people to read. hope you enjoy! 
1. Pretty Please (With Sugar On Top) by angelichl / @angelichl ♡ 113k, Explicit
Harry is a sugar baby omega who cons rich alphas for a living. Louis is a rich alpha with too much self-control.
(a/b/o dynamics, strangers to lovers, mutual pining, miscommunication, soulmates au.)
2. Come My Love Again by softfonds / @softfonds ♡ 110k, Explicit
Harry Styles is handsome, clever, and rich. At least that’s what his friends say of him. He also thinks of himself as a matchmaker in Highbury, pairing people together when he finds the time. But when the arrival of a certain gentleman flips Harry’s world on its head, he starts to question everything that was once all too familiar to him, including his relationship with his good friend, Mr. Tomlinson. An Emma AU.
(historical au, friends to lovers, childhood friends, misunderstandings, miscommunication, slow burn, mutual pining.)
3. A Boy Is A Bullet by lavenderlilypad ♡ 103k, Mature
“Do I look like some hitchhiker, Louis? Do these look like hitchhiker thumbs to you?” Harry asks, holding his thumbs up as Louis continues to cock his head at him boredly. “Do they?”
Louis smacks Harry’s thumbs down and out of his face with a disgruntled moan, before working to fish his keys out of his pocket. “I won’t do that this time. Just c’mon.”
Harry shakes his head at himself as he approaches the car and prepares to round it in order to get in on the passenger side. If Louis ditches him again today he’s getting dye in his shampoo. For real this time.
With the approach of high school graduation, harrowing final exams, and surprise drunken kisses, dysfunctional best friends Harry and Louis have a lot to figure out in such little time.
(friends to lovers, high school au, coming of age, graduation.)
4. Love in the Dark by brightgolden / @brightgolden ♡ 90k, Explicit
Where Louis is an ambitious Advisor Council that is reluctant to find a mate, and his father takes the matter into his hand while Harry is the valedictorian in his kingdom destined for better things than an arranged marriage.
(a/b/o dynamics, arranged marriage, mpreg.)
5. Every kind of way by Halos_Boat / @halosboat ♡ 68k, Explicit
The kind-of friends with benefits AU where Harry lands up in the same group of friends as Louis after Louis' best friend dates Harry for a year. The first time they hook up, they agree it won't happen again. But when they do it again and decide on a casual arrangement, feelings start to get involved, and things get complicated.
(friends/fwb to lovers, this one doesn’t have that many tags but it is defo angsty, fluffy and smutty.)
6. Before You Speak, Don't Move by lavenderlilypad ♡ 45k, Mature
“We took Spanish together freshman year? You’re also in my best friend Zayn’s fraternity and I say hi to you like, all the time.”
Louis doesn’t look very much convinced even as Harry’s coming to stand in front of him, which one would think should jog his memory.
“Yes, but have we ever held an actual conversation,” Louis says, eyebrows knit together. “I take classes with lots of people.”
Harry is looking for a drastic change, and Louis offers him a deal he can't refuse.
(college/uni au, fraternity, fake/pretend relationship.)
7. Barefoot in Blue Jeans by indiaalphawhiskey / @indiaalphawhiskey ♡ 24k, Explicit
Louis Tomlinson is trying desperately hard not to fall for his son’s au pair, but he can’t, for the life of him, remember why.
(alternate universe, kid fic, slow burn.)
8. Enamored With You by superglass / @gaymoustache ♡ 22k, Teen & Up
Louis Tomlinson is a well-known comedian living in the center of Manhattan. He practices his sets at the coffeehouse that made him famous. When Harry Styles, a poor, new folksinger trying to make it big, steals his slot at the club, Louis does everything in his power to chase him away, and ends up falling in love instead.
(1960s au, enemies to lovers.)
9.  buttercup baby by cabinbythesea ♡ 15k, Not Rated
In this one, Harry is a twenty-five year old successful art dealer and Louis is a commercial pilot who thinks being twenty-nine is a horrifying personality trait.
(alternate universe, fwb to lovers.)
10. got my teeth in you by docklands / @hershelsue ♡ 9k, Explicit
Harry has been best friends with Louis since he can remember. Louis' carefree and nomadic spirit, so very different from Harry's desire for stability, is precisely what makes their dynamic so special. When Louis is brave enough to break the wall between them, they start sleeping together. Harry's thoughts spiral as he's caught up between his newfound feelings, the crushing weight of being a Literature major and the imminent threat of losing Louis forever.
(college/uni au, fwb to lovers.)
don’t forget to leave kudos ❤ thank you!
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in-christalone · 5 months ago
Funny how I sent in an Anon talking about how the homophobic parts of the Bible were historically confirmed to have been purposefully mistranslated from Hebrew and it hasn't be posted. How odd. It's almost like you don't like being called out by people actually know what they're talking about!
>purposefully mistranslated
'So the Jews purposefully mistranslated their own language into Greek to be more homophobic than they historically were?'
Your message was:
"Ok this is a genuine thing I am telling you. My best friend is a Theology major, they literally have spent YEARS of their life studying Christian Theology and are Catholic. Within the theology world it is a well known fact that the verse or verses quoted to state that homosexuality is a sin, were purposefully mistranslated from their original Hebrew for the sake of spreading homophobia. The ACTUAL Bible is a lot more queer than you'd think it is, especially in terms of it's lore. Do real research and stop feeding into decades long propaganda. If you actually care about your faith, you would have an issue with people manipulating our texts for the sake of spreading their own personal priorities. That isn't what God wanted."
You're right, Anon. I should have taken more time to give you grace and respond to you. Forgive me, I tire of that 'tale as old as time' argument.
My really good friend, @romans11920 has the most extraordinary response to this argument and I will let her speak in this:
-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-
📚 "A common argument. The most common. People claim that these homosexual condemning passages were translated incorrectly or they were added in later by people with hateful intentions. This is a HORRIBLE misconception though. A VERY HORRIBLE misconception. Not surprisingly, the Bible is THE most carefully and faithfully translated literature in history. It also has the most manuscripts out of any old literature out there. We can EASILY look at the oldest manuscripts we have to see what was written before these supposed “changes” were made. And besides, if it came from God in the first place, why would He allow it to be SO corrupted? Especially if it was by people with the intention to hurt others? And if you believe it’s not from God, then why care so much what it says at all? Either it’s from God and it’s accurate, or it’s not and it doesn’t actually matter what it says. Let us look at 4 common Verses on Homosexuality from 9 separate translations to fact check this argument (compiled by me, so apologies if there are any mistakes):
King James Version (KJV): Translated 1611 with a more modern English revision in 1769. It is a literal Translation that is commonly used.
Reina-Valera 1960 (RVR60): A popular Spanish translation. While this updated version was published in 1960, the Reina-Valera Antigua Bible was first translated and published in 1569. This translation is based on the original Greek and Hebrew text.
Latin Vulgate (VUL): Published in around 405 A.D.. It was commissioned by Pope Damasus I in 382 to revise the older Latin translations. The Latin Vulgate's Old Testament is the first Latin version translated directly from the Hebrew Tanakh rather than from the Greek Septuagint.
Textus Receptus (TR): Greek New Testament published together, for the first time in 1516. The earliest Greek manuscripts we have of the NT come from 175-225 A.D.. These are Paul’s Epistles. (I.E. Books like Timothy and Corinthians.) We also have manuscripts from much of the NT from before 400 A.D.
Septuagint (LXX): Originally published in the 3rd century B.C. It is the Greek Old Testament. It was used in early Christian Churches. Paul would have most likely read from this version, as he referenced the Greek text.
Masoretic Text: Original Hebrew text from the 600-900s A.D. (with pre-Masoretic texts being discovered from the 2nd century B.C.).
Statenvertaling (SVV): The first Bible translation from the original Hebrew and Greek languages to the Dutch language. Published in 1637.
Wycliffe (WYC): An updated modern language revision of an early English translation. The hand-printed "Early Version" of the Wycliffe Bible, which first appeared in 1382, offered a literal translation of the Latin Vulgate.
Tyndale (TYN): The Tyndale Bible usually refers to the translations of various books of the Bible by William Tyndale in the 1500s. His work is credited with being the first English translation from the original Hebrew and Greek texts and the first English biblical translation that was mass-produced as a result of new advances in the art of printing. Tyndale never published a complete Bible prior to his execution, as he only finished translating the New Testament and roughly half of the Old Testament. However, Tyndale's translations have greatly influenced nearly every modern English translation of Scripture. The books the 4 verses below come from, are all present in this translation.
1 Corinthians 6:9-10
“Know ye not that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived: neither fornicators, nor idolaters, nor adulterers, nor effeminate, nor abusers of themselves with mankind (The word for Homosexual did not exist at this time. Sleeping with the same sex was seen as abusing your body. The Leviticus verses, this verse references, are translated more straight forward.), Nor thieves, nor covetous, nor drunkards, nor revilers, nor extortioners, shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (KJV)
“¿No sabéis que los injustos no heredarán el reino de Dios? No erréis; ni los fornicarios, ni los idólatras, ni los adúlteros, ni los afeminados (effeminate), ni los que se echan con varones (those (masculine) who lie with men), ni los ladrones, ni los avaros, ni los borrachos, ni los maldicientes, ni los estafadores, heredarán el reino de Dios.” (RVR60)
“an nescitis quia iniqui regnum Dei non possidebunt nolite errare neque fornicarii neque idolis servientes neque adulteri neque molles (Effeminate/Soft) neque masculorum concubitores (homosexual/sodomites/Male Concubine) neque fures neque avari neque ebriosi neque maledici neque rapaces regnum Dei possidebunt” (VUL)
“ἢ οὐκ οἴδατε ὅτι ἄδικοι βασιλείαν θεοῦ οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν; μὴ πλανᾶσθε· οὔτε πόρνοι οὔτε εἰδωλολάτραι οὔτε μοιχοὶ οὔτε μαλακοὶ οὔτε ἀρσενοκοῖται (Malakos/Soft male (understood as a feminine or submissive male), aresenokotai/Male-bed (understood as men who sleep together given the Greek Leviticus text.)) οὔτε κλέπται οὔτε πλεονέκται οὔτε μέθυσοι οὐ λοίδοροι οὐχ ἅρπαγες βασιλείαν θεοῦ οὐ κληρονομήσουσιν” (TR)
“Of weet gij niet, dat de onrechtvaardigen het Koninkrijk Gods niet zullen beerven? 10 Dwaalt niet; noch hoereerders, noch afgodendienaars, noch overspelers, noch ontuchtigen, noch die bij mannen liggen (neither those lying with men/Sodomites), noch dieven, noch gierigaards, noch dronkaards, geen lasteraars, geen rovers zullen het Koninkrijk Gods beerven.” (SVV)
“whether ye know not, that wicked men shall not wield the kingdom of God? Do not ye err; neither lechers, neither men that serve maumets [neither men serving to idols], neither adulterers, neither lechers against kind, neither they that do lechery with men, neither thieves, neither avaricious men [neither covetous men, or niggards (a stingy or ungenerous person.)], neither men full of drunkenness, neither cursers, neither raveners, shall wield the kingdom of God.” (WYC)
“Do ye not remember how that the unrighteous shall not inherit the kingdom of God? Be not deceived. For neither fornicator's nether worshippers of images nether whormongers nether weaklings nether abusers of themselves with the mankind nether thieves nether the covetous nether drunkards nether cursed speakers nether pillers shall inherit the kingdom of God.” (TYN)
Leviticus 18:22
“Thou shalt not lie with mankind, as with womankind: it is an abomination.” (KJV)
“No te echarás con varón como con mujer; es abominación.” (RVR60) (You will not lie with a man as with a woman, it’s abomination.)
“cum masculo non-commisceberis coitu femineo quia abominatio est” (VUL) (You shall not have intercourse with a male as with a woman because it is an abomination.)
“καὶ μετὰ ἄρσενος οὐ κοιμηθήσῃ κοίτην γυναικός (And with male you (οὐ = 2nd person masculine “you”) sleep with bed/coitus/sex female) βδέλυγμα (abomination) γάρ ἐστιν” (LXX) (Basically: And with male you (male) will not sleep with like a female, abomination.)
“וְאֶת־זָכָר לֹא תִשְׁכַּב מִשְׁכְּבֵי אִשָּׁה תֹּועֵבָה הִֽוא׃” (And you with male won’t lie down/intercourse as woman it is abomination) (The Masoretic Text)
“Bij een manspersoon zult gij niet liggen met vrouwelijke bijligging; dit is een gruwel (You will not lie with a male with/as with female copulation; this is an abomination.)” (SVV)
“Thou shalt not be meddled, [(or) mingled,] with a man, by lechery of a woman, for it is an abomination. (Thou shalt not be mixed together with a man, like in fleshly coupling with a woman, for it is an abomination.)” (WYC) (Parenthesis not added by me)
“Thou shalt not lye with mankynde as with womankynde, for that is an abomination.” (TYN)
I do not see support for the mistranslation theory. Even a rough translation of these verses, in every version, shows that the sentiment that “men having sex with men as they would a woman” being an “abomination” was always part of the text, not something added in a later version after a specific time.
-ˋˏ ༻❁༺ ˎˊ-
Your friend, not bearing the Holy Spirit, can make countless speculations and even attend a 'sophisticated' university by which they blaspheme the Word of God, but this does not mean they know the Truth.
1 Corinthians 2:14
The natural person does not accept the things of the Spirit of God, for they are folly to him, and he is not able to understand them because they are spiritually discerned.
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goldtracing · a year ago
Tumblr media
A triangle describing my take on the personalities of nation personifications in relation to the three tenents of:
Collectivism vs Induvidualism 
Made by the wonderful  @ellianerst​
And know, to a little explanation as to why I categorised the characters as I have:
Tumblr media
America is a very idealistic nation, which wouldn’t make him the most rational kind of person. A lot of his actions are founded by a nigh unwavering conviction in that he is always right, that he is the moral beacon that illuminates the path towards a utopia. That requires faith and faith has its roots in emotion.
On the flip side, he is fully able of being calculating to the point that he comes off as Machiavellian with his power-hunger, ambition and sense of justice. You don’t get to the top of the world by being the fool, you get there by pretending to be the fool.
While he lays a lot of worth in self-determinism and individualism, sometimes to an unhealthy extreme, there are still unifying American characteristics that can be traced back to Puritan times and that bind him to his people.
Tumblr media
Austria carries a lot of emotional baggage with him – a result of the multiple wars he has participated in. Besides that, he has a love/hate relationship with nearly everybody in Europe and even some non-European countries, further influencing how he treats others.
However, he is also an excellent diplomate, uncanny in his ability to read people and persuade them to see things his way or also to move them like pawns on chess board of his own design. He prefers the pen over the sword any day and tends to avoid conflict when he can.
He places a lot of emphasise on family and his Slavic neighbours have influenced him in that he cares about what others think. Also, in some respects he is heavily bound to tradition, and thus, his people.
Tumblr media
China is the one who has the most collective mindset and thus tied the closest to his people. The individual amounts to nothing compared to the welfare of the nation and all that – he is very utilitarian and, also, very sociable. Not to mention unabashed in asking questions that make many other people uncomfortable.
Not to mention that he has lived a long life and many of his methods are tried and tested. While he is fully aware that progress marches on, he is convinced he has found the perfect equilibrium in some aspects of life – social interactions, literature, cuisine.
Of all the nations, he is amongst those that do not allow their actions to be dictated by emotions. Yes, he can be passionate, angry, happy and so forth. Yet does he allow that to blind his judgment? No. Another one of those nations that is a born diplomate and is also very good at concealing his emotions. So far that it scares the others
Tumblr media
England is more of the pragmatic sort of person – he fights dirty, hits below the belt line and isn’t opposed to skulduggery if it means he gets what he wants. Of course, the days where he indulged the most in cunning and the sorts were the days of raging imperialism. Adding on to that, he takes the stiff-upper lip thing very seriously. Naturally, he does have emotional outbursts, yet even those are mostly carefully constructed to make ends meet.
Although there are still many prevailing ideas on what it means to be British, and certain cultural attitudes that bind people together, his people are also prone to some very curious idiosyncrasies, something, that in turn, makes him individualistic.
Tumblr media
France is heavily centralised, with Paris being his heart and head. The capital dictates how the rest of the country functions. Also, there is a heavy emphasize on family in France, as well as everything that is French – cinema, comics, cuisine, language; - and that in turn influences how much his people dictate his thinking – a lot.
On the other side, he and his people have always placed a heavy importance on discourse, discussions and debates, on making a name for yourself. All that requires a tad of individualism.  
The national pride that permeates French cultures is echoed by the pride he has in himself as a person. It is a pride that goes hand in hand with passion as well as curiosity, along with a cautious dash of hedonism. Resulting in him leaning more towards emotio than ratio.  
Tumblr media
Germany is a methodical sort of person, one that buys into the protestant work ethic. Adding to the fact that he has made grave mistakes in the past due to allowing his emotions to blind him, he ensures that he uses his head more than his heart. Yet despite everything, he is very human in the way he experiences shame and empathy and humour. (He has a better sense of humour than most think).
There are cultural norms that have made the many duchies come together to form a unified Germany, and these affect him deeply. However, there is a constant push for being self-man, traits that really crystallised due to American influence.  
Tumblr media
Iceland is a personification that views himself as self-man and independent. The first settlers that built him up fled Norway in order to live lives beyond the contemporary norms, to build up something that would be them and would resonate with them. Part of being Icelandic is self-determinism.
The other part is rooted in tradition, some centuries old, some just recently established. There are things that have been deemed Icelandic and that national pride says must be kept pure – the sagas, the language, the festivals – and thus keeps him from being wholly unfettered to his people.  
Part of who is, is living with the land and all its moods. Natural disasters are nothing new to him and he knows that when you panic, you make mistakes. Best advised to keep a cool head in the face of danger. Nevertheless, he has a sense of pride in anything that is Icelandic or comes from Iceland or has to do with him. He relishes in attention more than he would ever admit.
Tumblr media
India is very old and has seen a lot and experienced a lot. The past has required him to take on many shapes and forms. More on the collective of consciousness side than that of rational consideration because even though his people haven’t always moved in unity, they always have moved with certainty. Traditions have been around for centuries and have ensured his survival. Some times he has had little more than that to anchor him to reality.
He has passion, he has lots of it along with faith. Yet he was also one of the worlds most powerful and rich empires once, and one doesn’t get to the top by following whims. He knows what happens when you stand at the top of the world and start giving in to emotions – you become overconfident, the foundations crack and those with enough cunning slip through the cracks to fasten a yoke around your neck.
Tumblr media
Japan has a deep connection to his people through Zen Buddhism and Shintoism – after all those two schools of thought and faith have been fundamental to his personal development. Yet he also has an individualistic streak, something that encouraged him to open up to the Westerns when they came to his gates, that made him realise that there was a lot of progress to be made. While the concept of honour is important to him, it has loosened a bit as people have started to decide what is good for themselves rather than for the collective, on a small yet evident scale.
He has studied the Bushido extensively and still lives by some of its core tenants to this day. Japan is very polite and very patient, understanding while having a firmness to him. Emotions aren’t something to base decisions on, because doing so leads to mistakes, to irrational choices, to the destruction of harmony and thus to weakness.
Tumblr media
North Italy is less emotionally driven than many would assume. Zest of life and all its fineries are part of the Italian way of life; however, he is always the born diplomate and a very opportunistic one at that. He can swallow his emotions or sublimate them into something more suitable. He prefers to always be on the winning side, and that can mean switching sides when it is most convenient to him.
Again, like with the other romantic nations, family is important, the nation is important. Italian culture is something to endorse and be proud of while also being your own person. People function best when they are allowed some expression on a non-collective level, in his eyes.
Tumblr media
Russia has very much been desensitized to the horrors of the world due to his rough history. Events that would cause other to get PTSD are casually brushed off by him. It leads him to regard many around him as weak when they breakdown. In ways, he is stoic – he wears a constant poker face in public, smiles few and far between. It is privately that he allows his emotions to run rampant, where he shows is passions. Or when he is out for vengeance.
On a large part, he has only survived by sheer determination and by sticking to traditions. As a Slavic nation, the opinions of others concern him a lot (a “what will the neighbours think?” mentality). Yet, because he doesn’t have many close ties to other personifications, that attention is mostly directed inwardly.
Tumblr media
Spain has always been the more passionate sort of man. His history is one of ambition, and unlike England, whose ambition is based mostly on logical reasoning (the more control I have the safer and more prosperous I am) his is based on desire and greed and pride (or was). Throughout the centuries, he has clung tightly to his faith, so much so that his actions regarding that have gone to hysterical levels at times (the Spanish Inquisition & gold, god and gore in South America).
He is more or less tied in the middle when it comes to collectivism vs individualism. Family is important, friends are important, connections are important because without them, you don’t get anywhere in life. Then again an individual should strive for self-fulfilment. He has had enough time to cleave his own thoughts apart from the collective baseline.
Tumblr media
South Italy is far rawer and unrefined compared to his wealthy northern brother. He is the oldest of Rome’s children and has inherited his fathers passion and hot blood. He also can’t hide it as well as his sire. Romano has the stereotypical hot Italian blood and isn’t afraid of showing it. On the other hand, he can pull himself together – he can be polite, he understands the concept of honour and sticks to it.
His time with Spain has largely influenced how mentally close he is to his people – he has much the same reasons as the other romantic nation. Adding to that would be all the big mafia families that control large portions of his people.
Tumblr media
South Korea is the most individualism of the East Asian nations. This is largely due to American influence and the rise of celebrity culture that he has experienced. As a result, he sticks out amongst his family. Though, he is still similar to them in the way them share many of the cultural norms.
Compared to many of the others, he still displays a lot of youthful exuberance despite his age, and a zest for life that collides with the stoicism that many in his family uphold. In ways, he has allowed happiness to sweep him up and carry him to prosperity. And he sees nothing wrong with his method. Although, he is also bogged down when his thoughts stray to his sister and the situation between them.
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gold-pavilion · 10 months ago
Hi Red-san! ( ´▽`)
Not sure if you got asked about this question before(´ω`) but would you mind sharing with us your journey of learning Japanese? Such as why you picked up the language, how you learn it, obstacles you faced or advice you would give etc.
Many BSD fans are inspired to learn Japanese given how strong the literature elements the story has. It will be very nice to read your thoughts such to give us more ideas about learning Japanese as I personally admire your insight towards the language very much! Thank you! *\(^o^)/*
HI KANI-KUNNNN IT’S SO LOVELY GETTING AN ASK FROM YOU always a pleasure to talk to you!! Plus that’s a very nice question!! My experience in this fandom also tells me maaaany many people have an interest in the language itself, more than in any other fandom I’ve been in, and I find that to be a wonderful thing.
For me, it’s been… whew. To put it bluntly, I’m a slow learner. I have a thick fucking skull. So I’ve been learning japanese on and off a LONG while. I think I’ve learned a bunch of tips and tricks along the way!
I did my first curious attempts at learning a few words and stuff when I was 17, I think, translating Vocaloid songs the word-by-word dictionary way. (This was how I started learning english when I was a very young kid too; sitting in front of my N64 games, translating the dialogue boxes word by word and trying to figure out what the game wanted me to do and what the characters were trying to say, so instinctively I did the same with japanese.) Afterwards, when I went to college, I chose linguistics and translation (spanish-english-japanese-portugese) as my career, but since college was too expensive I didn’t stay long. I left it aside for some years, till I was able to pick up going to a japanese institute regularly, signing up for all the competitions and standardized tests and things I possibly could! I made sure to push myself a lot, and started practicing more actively by myself too. Now I don’t go to classes anymore, I just keep at it on my own. And I think I’m doing pretty well!
So here’s a couple of things I believe are important to learning japanese (or any language):
• Any reason for entering the journey of language-learning is good. Anything that gets you learning a new skill just cannot be bad. Who cares that it was because of anime or manga or music or whatever? If it got your ass motivated and working at it, it's a good thing! Nobody goes to a skilled sportsman and tells them "OH BUT you only started playing this sport cause of your friends?? cringe, I bet you'll drop it". Learning any new thing is a wonderful endeavor. You'll gain something you'll have for the rest of your life. Pick up whatever you're interested in picking up, and if possibly, take the chance to do it early in life!!
• PLUS having an additional interest tied to the language is what keeps you going. Language learning, more than any other skill or type of knowlege, slips away from us if we're not using it. By liking anime and translating manga in JP, by playing games and using the internet in ENG and having reasons to have the languages around me is how I make this stick.
• For the learning itself, formal classes and informal practice are both good. The eternal debate of which one is superior is silly, none should be ignored, both are good and together they lead to the best levels of knowledge. Formal classes give you a good structure and understanding of the language, informal practice gives you looseness and gets you talking. I think everyone should try to do a bit of both! Signing up for a class or learning from online lessons / books that are organized from the basics up, + using anything outside of that to practice! I'm hugely thankful for my teachers, the tests I took and academic activities I did for formal learning, and the manga and doujin and fanarts with text that are my source of practice. They both got me acquainted with japanese in different ways.
• This is my personal way of doing things, so I dunno if it works for everybody, but I like pushing myself to try new things to expand my knowledge. When I went to formal classes I'd try to be fearless and speak up in class, I signed up for writing and speech competitions and I took standardized tests as I felt ready for them. Stuff that got me using my knowledge and gave me goals. Trying to translate manga was pushing myself too, with text that looked long and daunting at first but got progressively more manageable. Now I try to push myself to talk in social media bit by bit, surely I make lots of mistakes, but that's the path to progress!
• Finally, staying humble, staying patient, listening to other people and never getting cocky. Nothing blocks someone harder from a language than thinking they're already an expert sdfgfdsh. I've seen so many people figure out the basics of speaking just like an anime character and... ending their journey right there, with half-baked knowledged and pre-fabricated sentences that don't work much in reality. Saying "I know this language" after one's first sentences will close the path forward soooo hard.
I wonder if any of these resonates with you? I'd love to know about your journey sometimes too, Kani-kun!!
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i-did · a year ago
Do you know when the racism and ableism accusations against Nora started? Because back when I was active in 2016/2017 and don't think they were a thing, or were very low-key. Was it something she said or are people just basing it off the things she wrote in the books?
From what I remember, the first time I heard the blanket statement of “Nora is racist/fetishizes gay men” blanket statement was early fall 2019 (which is so ironic for the fandom to say on so many levels lmao). There wasn’t a catalyst or anything, just she went offline 2016 and no new content was coming out and the aftg fandom is such an echo chamber that… an accidental smear campaign happened.
 Before then, I would see occasional “Nora used ableist slur” which… is funny (not that ableism isn’t serious) to me people care more about that than Seth saying the f-slur. IMO this is because with Seth, it clearly shows the character thinking it and not the author who is writing about what will be an end game mlm relationship. 
But anyways! Long story short, it's the fact that she’s an ace/aro woman who wrote a mlm book, and based off of the events in canon. There is no “Nora called me/someone else a slur” it’s “Nora wrote a book where slur(s) are used” and “the Moriyama’s are Japanese.”
Below I put my own opinion on these claims and go into more detail:
CW for discussions of: racism, ableism, mlm fetishization
Fetishization: (and mentions of sexism at the end)
To one question in the EC about her inspo for aftg she jokingly responded how she wanted to write about gay athletes. On other parts of your blog you could see she was a hockey fan and an overall sports fan (anime or otherwise) but I've seen this statement taken out of context and framed as “she's one of those BOYXBOY” shippers. Considering how… well-developed both Andrew and Neil’s relationship is, and it takes them until like the 3rd book and there is a whole complex ass plot going on around, you can see how that's just. Not really true. And considering the fandom is like… 85% women (queer women but still women) and I've gotten into a discussion with someone who is a woman and called Nora a fetishizer and was ignoring my opinions as a mlm, and I really just wanted to say “well what does that make you?” it's a very ironic high horse. She didn’t write 3 all 3 books to put Neil in lingerie pwp or crop-top fem-fatal fashion show, fandom did. 
Also, I talked to an ace/aro friend about this, and she talked to me about how AFTG spoke to her very much so as an ace/aro story. Neil is demisexual, Nora didn’t know of the word at the time of reading it, but she did get an anon asking if Neil was demi after, and she said “had to look it up, and yep, but he doesn't really think about it” (paraphrased). Obviously it would have been cool if andreil were canonly written as wlw by Nora instead, (which would have increased the amount of wlw rep and demi rep) but tbh I don’t think tumblr would have cared about it nearly as much and everyone would just call Neil a cold bitch–like people do with Nora’s other published book with a main character who's a woman. Plus they're her OC’s, not mine. 
The fact is that 50% of all LGBT+ rep in literature is mlm, mostly white mlm, and not written by mlm. I’m not going to hold her to a higher standard than everyone else, she already broke a shit ton of barriers in topics she discusses that otherwise get ignored. I’m grateful to these books for existing even if it's a mlm story written by a woman. I still will prioritize reading mlm written by mlm–and vice versa with wlw– in the way I prioritize reading stories about POC written by POC. But credit where credit is due, this is a very good story, and a very good demi story. 
To me, AFTG is a story about ableism and how we perceive some trauma survivors more worthy than others. Neil and the foxes using ableist language shows how people actually talk. Neil thinks shitty things about Andrew, like the others do too, and thinks he's “psycho”. The story ultimately deconstructs this idea and these perceptions of people. Wymack, someone who says the r-slur (which is still not known by the general population as a slur even in 2021 much less the early 2000s when the book was beginning to be written and what the timeline is based off of) is a character who understands Andrew better than most of the others do, and gives him the most sympathy and understanding despite using words like the m-slur and r-slur. Using these words isn't good, but it is how people talk, and this character talks. Wymack is a playful “name caller” especially when he’s mad, the foxes think Andrew is “crazy” and incapable of humanity and love because of it. They call his meds “antipsychotics” as an assumption and insult in a derogatory way, when really antipsychotics are a very helpful drug for some people who need them. Even Neil thinks these things about Andrew until he learns to care about him. All the foxes are hypocritical to am extent, as people in real life tend to be. Nora herself doesn’t use these or tweet them or something, her characters do to show aspects of their personality and opinions and how they change over time.
As for the racism, I've seen people talk about how racial minorities being antagonists is inherently bad, which I think lacks nuance but overall isn't a harmful statement or belief. However, Nora herself said she wrote in the yakuza instead of another gang or mob because she was inspired for AFTG by sports anime, (which often queer-bait for a variety of reasons). I haven’t seen a textual analysis acknowledging the racist undertones surrounding the Moriyama’s as the few characters of color who are also major antagonists, but instead just “Nora is racist”. Wymack having shitty flame tribal tattoo’s is just… a huge 90’s thing and a part of his character design. Her having a character with bad taste in tattoo trends doesn’t mean she's racist. There is the whole how Nicky is handled thing, but that's a whole thing on it’s own. The fandom… really will write Nicky being all “ai ai muy spicy, jaja imma hit on my white–not annoying like me–boyfriend in Spanish. With my booty hole out and open for him ofc.” and as a Mexican mlm I’m like … damn alright. 
I think there is merit to the fact that she writes white as the default* and unless otherwise stated a POC a character was written with the intent to be white is another valid criticism, as well as the fact that the cast is largely white, but everything Nora is accused of I've seen the fandom do worse. That goes to the debate of, is actively writing stereotypes for POC more harmful than no representation at all? And personally I prefer the lack of established race line that lets me ignore Nora’s canon intent of characters to be white and come up with my own HC’s over the fandoms depictions of “zen monk Renee with dark past” “black best friend Matt who got over drugs but is a puppy dog” “ex stripper black Dan who dates Matt” vague tokenism. I HC many of the upperclassmen as POC and do my best to actively give thought behind it and have their own arcs that also avoids the fandom colorism spectrum of “darkest characters we HC go to the back and fandom favorites are in the front and are the lightest.” 
*I however won't criticize her harsher or more than… everyone else who still largely does this in fanfiction regarding AFTG as well as literature in general. This isn't a Nora thing, it's a societal thing, and considering the books came out in like 2014 I'm not gonna hold her to a higher standard than the rest of the world. She's just someone who wrote her personal OC’s and self-published expecting no following. I don’t know her race and I’m not gonna hold her to a higher standard than everyone else just because. 
The criticisms I've seen have always been… ironic IMO, and clearly I have a lot of thoughts on it. I think most people say those things about Nora because they heard them, and it's the woke thing to say and do and don’t critically analyze their actions or anything, but just accept them. 
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JEALOUS | Luke Patterson
Requested by anon: “5 times Luke gets jealous and one time he doesn’t have too. Luke x reader?”
PAIRING(s): Mercer!fem reader x Luke Patterson WARNING(s): angst, fluff WORDS: 2.3k SUMMARY: Five times Luke Patterson gets jealous and one time he doesn’t have to.
A/N: hi! sorry this took so long, lol. school sucks. :/ i promise im gonna be posting more frequently from now onwards! anyway, decided to make y/n alex’ sister, bc i’ve been wanting to try it for a while. hope u like it!! <3 also, song used is carry me by kygo ft. julia michaels.
Tumblr media
The first time that Luke Patterson feels that scorching, smoldering rage in the pit of his stomach is when he notices Y/N Mercer stare at his bandmate, Bobby Wilson, for the entirety of their hour-long Literature class.
At first, he doesn’t understand why he feels this way: Y/N’s just as much Bobby’s friend as she is his. Well, not really – Luke likes to believe that he is the one that she is closest to in the band, other than her brother, Alex, of course. Sure, Bobby and Y/N are friends – they say ‘hi’ when they pass by each other in the hallway, she helps him out with his Physics homework when he asks, and he asks her how her day’s been – that sort of friends. They’ve never really interacted more than it was required, and Luke knows that if Bobby wasn’t a part of their band, Sunset Curve, or if Y/N wasn’t their drummer’s sister, those two wouldn’t be friends.
Anyway, he thinks that maybe it’s because they are supposed to be partners, working on their assignment together – and instead, she is choosing to abandon him and stare at one of his best mates, instead. He thinks that maybe he’s mad because she promised him that she would help him out with this assignment, which is particularly hard, and now, it feels like he’s ditching her.
Instead of thinking about why he is so bothered at the fact that Y/N is staring at Bobby, Luke chooses to elbow her instead.
“What?” She whispers, a blush covering her cheeks.
“Can you focus?” He snaps as she rolls her eyes and opens their textbook.
“You’re annoying.”
“Alex, Alex, Alex!”
“Luke, I’m sitting right beside you – you don’t need to yell.”
“There’s something that you should know.” Luke whispers, conspiratorially. Alex, who’s sitting beside him on the couch in the garage where they rehearse, leans forward, intrigued. “What?”
He points at Y/N, who’s sitting in front of Reggie in the opposite side of the room, strumming a guitar – Reggie’s teaching her how to play. Unlike her twin brother, she’s not naturally gifted in music, which is pretty evident from her occasional frustrated huffs, and the obviously off-key tune. Rather, science is her talent, and has always been. The top spot in their class has been permanently occupied by her ever since their first exam as freshmen.
“She!” Luke whispers. Alex furrows his brows. “Yes, I know that she has no musical talent whatsoever –”
“No, no, no. I mean, yes, she doesn’t have that – but you wanna know what she does?”
“I have a feeling that you’re gonna tell me even if I don’t wanna know.” Alex mutters.
“She has a crush on Bobby!” Luke scrunches his face, a disgusted look taking over.
The drummer raises his brows and bursts out laughing. “Really, dude?”
“No, no, no, I’m not lying, okay! I’ve seen her stare at him!”
He raises his brows. “So? She stares at a lot of people.”  
“It wasn’t that way, okay? Last week, in class, she was ignoring me and staring at him. Plus, yesterday, when you were god knows where, she and Bobby were having a conversation. An actual conversation! I’ve never seen them talk that much. They were nerding out over Star Wars!”
“Dude, are you…” Alex pauses, looking around, “… jealous?” A smile spreads over his features.
Luke’s eyes widen, and he looks horrified. “What? Me? Jealous? Huh? Me? How?”
Inside, he is panicking. He hadn’t considered this possibility. Is he jealous? No, that can’t be. Y/N – he’s known her forever, and he is supposed to think of her as his sister. He does think so. He’s sure. He can’t – he doesn’t like her. She’s just… Y/N. Sure, he’s always thought that she’s beautiful. And smart. And so, so kind. He’s always admired her. OK, he might have had a little crush on her. But, in a totally harmless, admiring way! (In the way everyone seems to like Winona Ryder these days. Nothing more than that. Absolutely.)
She’s just Y/N.
Y/N, who’s always there for him after he has a bad day. Y/N, who’s the first person he hugs after playing an intense show. Y/N, who’s the only person who can understand his silence. Y/N, who makes sure that he knows that she appreciates him. Y/N, who he knows like the back of his hand.
Before Luke can panic any further, Bobby enters the garage, and Luke notices her attention immediately shift toward him. They exchange a smile, and Luke feels that rage, yet again.
He falls back on the couch, locking eyes with Alex, who is silently watching with a soft smile on his face.
“I’m not jealous.” He says weakly, and Alex nods – but he knows that it doesn’t convince either of them. His friend lays a hand on his shoulder, whispering, “It’s okay.”
By the time the next month rolls around, Luke is positive that he’s jealous: so, he’s resorted to not thinking about it, her or even interacting with her – which is hard considering that she’s always around.
Now, he feels like shit. For their junior year, they are supposed to do a report on a Victorian era novel of their choice, with a partner. He and Y/N were supposed to partners – they had decided months ago and have also done previous assignments together. But now, since he hasn’t even dared to look at her in a month, she’s now doing the report with Bobby, of all people.
As he watches Bobby and Y/N sit next to each other with their arms brushing, he feels that rage again, and curses himself. Could he not have behaved like a normal person? He knows that she is confused as to why he’s suddenly ignoring and avoiding her – she has even asked her brother about it. But Luke had threatened Alex that he would tell everyone about his crush on Reggie if he even said a single syllable.
(Although Luke knows that he would never.)
He sighs, dramatically, and searches for someone else to pair up with, ignoring the way his heart clenches at the realization that he may be losing her.
He looks up and feels a rush in his veins.
“Are you… mad at me?” Y/N asks tentatively, standing at the door to his bedroom. Her eyes keep flitting between his face and around his bedroom, and he hates the fact that there seems to be an ocean between them.
“Uh…” He scratches the back of his neck, not knowing what to respond. She looks down at her feet, biting her lip and Luke feels a tug on his heartstrings at that. It’s been so, so long and he has so, so much to tell her, but he doesn’t know how to bridge the gap that he created.
He builds up his courage and says, “Yeah. I was kinda mad at you.”
Her eyebrows furrow, and panic flows into her e/c eyes. “What – what’d I do?”
Luke inhales sharply and wonders what he’s gonna say. It’s not like he can say that he was jealous of the fact that she liked Bobby, nor could he say that in the past month he has realized the fact that he may have a tiny, little crush on her and had to avoid her at all costs because she will never like him back and it’s too embarrassing?
He clears his throat. “Uh. It’s because you promised that you would do the English project with me but you’re doing it with Bobby.”
“But I’m only doing it with him because you won’t even look at me! Why won’t you?”
“I… You also ignored me for Bobby the other day?”
She throws her hands up. “What other day?”
“When we were working on the Shakespeare thingy!”
“I was not – now you’re making –”
“Forget it. Just go home, Y/N.”
A look of hurt flashes over her eyes, but she quickly clenches her jaw, and stands straighter, masking her emotions. “Asshole.”
She walks out his door, slamming the door shut behind her.
For the rest of the day, Luke lies on his bed and stares at his ceiling, and when Reggie comes over, he tells him that he’s ruined everything. Reggie lies beside him and asks softly, “You okay?”
“I think I like Y/N.” He whispers.
“We know.”
His lips part and he says in disbelief, “Alex told you?!”
Reggie shrugs. “He didn’t need to. Everyone can see the way that you look at her.”
Luke sighs, too tired to argue.
“Hey. It’s just a date, alright? It’s not like they’re getting married.”
Luke props himself on his elbow. “What?”
“Y’know, Y/N’s really picky –”
“What date?”
Reggie’s eyes widen. “Y-You didn’t know?”
Luke raises his brows, urging his friend to continue. He purses his lips and says, “Y/N and Bobby are on a date right now.”
Instantly, Luke feels as if his world has drained of every colour. Reggie looks uncomfortable, and whispers, “I thought you knew.”
“I, uh, I didn’t. Obviously.” He whispers, falling back on the bed again. His heart physically hurts, and he can feel tears prick at the back of his eyes. Mostly, he feels anger – at himself, and regret.
As jealousy claws its way to the surface, Luke mutters, “I hate Bobby.”
Luke sits cross legged on the floor of the garage, with a Spanish guitar perched on his lap. His hands dance over the strings, trying to find the perfect melody for the song he just wrote.
Writing songs has always been his way of dealing with his emotions, especially when they got too intense. Right now, the situation with Y/N is exactly that.
His eyes dance over the notebook in front of him, and he closes his eyes, trying to forget everything that’s happened in the past couple of days.
“Cause I don't know how we How we got so far, you and me Almost like there's oceans between us, us So I need to know Could you carry me? Back into your heart again Could you carry me? Right into your distant hands Could you carry me? Right back to where we started from Could you carry me?”
“That’s beautiful.”
Luke’s head turns sharply to the side, and of course, it’s her. He clenches his jaws, and says, “What are you doing here?” He hates the fact that she looks so pretty, wearing a beautiful red sundress.
She bites her lower lip, and says, “We should talk, Luke.”
“There’s nothing to talk about.”
She giggles. “You’ve always been the jealous type.”
He raises his brows, opening his mouth to deny whatever she was about to say next, but she raises a hand to stop him. “Alex and Reg told me. They said that they’re tired of seeing you mope every day.”
“I –”
“Hold on. So, for the past month, you’ve been mad at me because you thought I like Bobby?”
Luke lowers his head, choosing to stare at his open palm instead.
“You ignored one of your best friends for more than a month because you were jealous, and you were too much of an idiot to tell her the truth?”
“Well, you don’t gotta be so mean about it.”
She laughs. “Luke. Bobby and I – we’re just friends, okay? I was staring at him because I really liked his hair. And you have to admit it – it’s nice. I actually asked him for his shampoo, too. But, well, you and him both thought that I liked him. That’s why he asked me out to the movies last day. But... uh, well, it didn’t work out.”
His heart races at the last sentence. “Why?”
“Because I like you, Luke. I always have. I thought I could like Bobby, I really did – but all I could think about last night was you.” She shrugs, and Luke feels like he’s falling. He thinks that the universe is playing a prank on him, but when he sees her crimson tinged face, the vulnerability in her eyes and her fiddling with her hands, he allows himself to feel the slightest amount of hope.
She looks down, continuing, “I, uh, I always thought that you only saw me as your best friend’s little sister. I didn’t ever think that, you know, that there could be something more. So, I kept it to myself and only Alex knew. But, last night, Reg came over and they were screaming for a while, about you and me, so I went to find out what happened, and they told me that you, uh, liked me too.”
Reggie. He must have told Alex that Luke was ugly crying on his shoulder.
“Please say something, Luke.”
He releases the breath he didn’t know he was holding. “I – I feel like you’re pranking me.”
She grins. “No. No, definitely not.”
“Y/N, god, you have no idea how difficult this past month has been for me. I mean, I never realized that I liked you that much until I saw you with him, you know? I always thought that I had a tiny, little crush on you but I never… and I thought that Alex would kill me if I did anything, but he’s been oddly… nice about all this.”
“He’s just tired of hearing me talk about you.”
“Probably. But yeah. I think you’re brilliant, Mercer. And I really, really, really like you.”
She jumps a little, and whispers, “I really, really, really like you too.”
“Do you maybe wanna go to the movies with me?” His wide grin matches hers.
“Only if we watch part two of Father of The Bride.”
Luke watches Bobby smile at Y/N, looking at her as if she’s put the moon in the sky. Although, this time, he doesn’t feel the rage. He doesn’t need to, really, with Y/N’s hand wrapped in his, and the ghost of her lips still lingering on his.
Tumblr media
 requests open! as always, feedback is highly appreciated <33
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gringolet · a year ago
under the cut for absurd length
The Arthuriana fandom is very broad and there's no one piece of media, which can be confusing for people just getting into it! There’s no right way to engage with arthuriana, and no minimum level of knowledge or reading you need to attain to qualify. 
The basis of the Arthurian Legend is a body of hundreds of texts written across the medieval and early Renaissance period in dozens of languages and cultural traditions. Which can seem pretty overwhelming, but there are a lot of modern vernacular translations-- you absolutely don’t have to learn old French or anything. I’ll go more in depth on where to get started with texts further down.
You also don’t have to read texts at all. As I said, there is no minimum basis-- if you prefer to engage with modern adaptations, or want to engage with medieval arthuriana outside of reading texts, that's also cool! 
In terms of modern adaptations there is a wealth of choices, which I am very much not an expert in lol, so I’m afraid I can’t give much in the way of reccs. Books I have heard good things about are, Exiled from Camelot, Idylls of the Queen, The Buried Giant, the Squire's Tale series, and Gawain by Gwen Rowley (warning that this one is apparently erotica? Good for him). I trust @princesslibs  for modern book reccomendations. and if you speak French Kaamelott is purportedly a very good tv show. Frankly no modern adaptation will ever be better than Spamalot to me, but that's just my personal take. 
If you are curious about engaging with texts but (understandably) don’t want to read a ton of dense medieval literature, one really cool resource is Norris J Lacy's New Arthurian Encyclopedia, which you can pick up at most used bookstores for under ten bucks. It’s a very thorough easy to look through reference of characters stories and texts. I know a lot of people like the Nightbringer wiki, though I personally am wary of it because it basically never cites sources. It’s a good quick reference though and a lot of people like it, I’d just take it with a grain of salt. Sparknotes also has a lot of summaries of the major texts like Le Morte D’Arthur and the romances of Chrétien De Troyes. You are not a fake fan for doing this I promise. And of course you’re always welcome to send me an ask <3 
Finally, getting started with texts. Quick glossary of terms:
--Verse Romance
    A verse (poem) story which can vary a great deal in length. These deal with the adventures of individual knights, usually Gawain, and tend to have a great deal of magical elements and the stereotypical monster slaying, questing, damosel rescuing knight adventures.
--Prose Novel or Romance
    A non poetic narrative, more like a modern novel, more likely to deal with the fall of Arthur, sword in the stone, Mordred, fall of Camelot sort of affair. They are usually quite long. Most famous of these are Le Morte D’Arthur and the French Vulgate, but there are a slew of late medieval Prose novels floating around. Eluding Rey.
    I’m gonna b real these are boring I think. These are, as the name suggests, written as accurate depictions of history.  They very much are not, but they claim to be. Most famous of these is Jeffrey of Monmouth, Mr Jeff Mouth himself, and his History of the Kings of Britain, which I haven’t read because it bores me. You can if you want. It’s in Latin. Whatever. These tend to be some of the earliest texts, and include the “lives of saints” stories. Life of Gildas is the only funny one.
    These are only arguably texts, as most of them were written after the time of the “canon” being composed. But I like them. These are songs telling stories, recorded by people like Francis Child and Thomas Percy. They are very short and fun and include stories like The Boy and the Mantle, Kempion, and King Arthur and the King of Cornwall.
    A specific type of French verse poem, usually quite short. The most famous collection of lais are those of Marie le France, including things like Bisclavret and Lanval. 
    Since Arthuriana was written all over, there are different literary traditions across time and space. The French tradition is one of the most famous, including works like the vulgate, Chretien and a lot of verse romances. The English tradition is one of the most influential on modern adaptations, including the Morte D’Arthur and Sir Gawain and the Green Knight. There are also Welsh, German, Dutch, Hebrew, Italian, Spanish, Portuguese, Tagalog, Greek, Belarussian, Scottish, Irish, Breton, and probably even more. There’s a lot. It’s very cool and sexy.
A note that there is also a big tradition of Victorian revival Arthuriana. I wrote a starter guide to that here, it’s all very fun and like, aesthetic. 
Alright, now, which texts do you start with?
If you’re a little intimidated by long texts or medieval lit, starting with short verse romances in modern translation is a great place to start. These include Sir Gawain and the Green Knight, which is very good and gay and well known, Lancelot and the Hart With The White Foot, which is very good and gay and underappreciated, or Lanval, which is homophobic but funny. 
If you want to start with what is considered the oldest King Arthur Story, Culwch and Olwen is short and fun!
If you want to read about the grail quest, you can start where it started with Story of the Grail or Percival, then the four continuations, Essenbachs Parzival, the vulgate version of the Grail quest which you can buy paperback for like 5 bucks (I can also scan my copy for you just shoot me an ask <3)
If you want to read about the fall of camelot, I have the Vulgate death of Arthur section scanned here. There’s also the Alliterative and Stanzaic mortes, which are in middle English. I have scanned Simon Armitage's Alliterative Morte translation here. I’m working on my own translation of the Stanzaic but it’s not done lol. If you want the first third or so DM me lol. King Artus is very short and readable and it’s a Jewish text which is really cool.
If you want to read about Lancelot, Chrétien de Troyes Lancelot is his first text. He also has a whole long vulgate section, the first part is scanned here by val <3, and there's Lanzelet,  Sebile is in it so it’s probably very good. He’s also basically the main character of Le Morte D’Arthur which I might as well talk about here uhm. It’s long and fun in places and boring in others but it does have like the version most modern adaptations take from and tells the whole story of Arthur and Camelot from beginning to end. The Keith Baines version scanned by val is the most readable but it is an abridgement I believe. people who like le morte usually read this version so its probably the best choice lol
If you want to read about Gawain, good news! He’s in basically everything. Even texts that aren’t supposed to be about Gawain are doomed to become The Gawain Show Featuring The Protagonist Of This Text As A Sidekick. Which is so funny of him. The Roman Van Walewein is very funny and long and Gawain™. I also recommend, L’atre Perilous, Diu Krone, Sir Gawain and the Turk, and I could go on but for brevity's sake let's start there. 
If you want to read about Tristan, go shoot an ask to Valentine @lanzelet on tumblr because Tristan scares me. 
Thank you to rey @gawain-in-green for helping me find links and put this together! They are also a super great resource for stuff and very cool and nice <3 They have a tag on their blog for full text resources so deffo look at that if you want more scans and links, and an info tag and tons of cool shit that is way better organized than my blog lol
Okay finishing this off, if you want content warnings for any texts, feel free to shoot an ask! I know medieval lit can be A Lot and there aren’t a lot of good warning systems, so if I’ve read it or know someone who has I can give you warnings if you want to read something but are understandably wary . <3
In terms of tagging, Arthuriana and Arthurian Legend are the main ones on tumblr. Arthurian Mythology is also used but tbh shouldn’t be. On Ao3, we’re trying to get our own Arthurian Literature tag but <3 its a whole thing. Anyway the tag is Arthurian Mythology, but I’ll b real, it’s kind of flooded with stuff that doesn’t really belong there, because even though it’s a fandom tag other people unknowingly tag stuff as Arthurian Mythology when it’s like, a knight au. Which is not their fault bc it’s confusing but, ah, alas. ANyhow, feel free to drop in my inbox anytime with questions, suggestions, reccs, etc!
Okay godspeed!! Have fun reading, watching, browsing, etc! 
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ducavalentinos · 7 months ago
To what extent do you think the prejudice the Borgias faced in Italy as Spaniards and specifically because they were from Valencia shaped their lives and the stories that were later told about them (the Borgia myth)? Everything I've read kind of dismisses or glosses over it.
Hm, yeah, the themes of prejudice regarding the Borgia family do tend to get dimiss or gloss over it, you’re right. Most works I have read only scratches the surface about that (and many other things, too), the one I found covered it the most was José Catalán Deus’s bio about Cesare, so if you speak Spanish, it might be worth a try, even though I still think he was rather shy about it and he failed to make the right connections at times. Without getting too much into this, the main problem I noticed in terms of literature is that, with some exceptions, you have a group of biographers/historians who seem clueless about these prejudices, and who underestimate the impact it had in the Borgias' lives, and how they and their actions were perceived and recorded in history. Many of them don’t see it as being a particularly relevant issue in order to tell their history, not how they want to tell it anyways, it is treated as a side issue rather than a fundamental one, which imo it’s one of the causes that leads to messy, lazy and unsubstantiated claims and conclusions on their part, or the repetition of it.  The Borgia family, in their eyes, were just another noble family, when it’s not quite so. Their situation was more complex than that, and unique in some ways, the dynamics they had to deal with, both on a personal and political level, for the most part was different and specific to them. And then you have a group of biographers/historians who are aware of it, to varying degrees, however they seem either unwilling or not interested in delving too much into it, because doing so brings a direct conflict in how one must approach, and use the primary sources, especially when it comes to Rodrigo and Cesare, (there is such a wild arbitrary selection of how these sources are used with them, scholars really pick and choose which pieces of what sources to use depending on what they want to present, and they take so many things at face value, gladly so sometimes, it’s extraordinary to notice), and that in turn would conflict with much of the general, common narratives and character assessments made about the Borgia men, and that's not something most of them want to confront and/or recognize, I think, for various reasons, so they just make a quick mentioning of these prejudice-related issues, mostly the Spaniard one, and they move on with their story. That being said, I’m not sure if there is a connection between the prejudice the Borgias faced in Italy with the fact they were from Valencia specifically, anon. I’ve never came across anything pointing to that in my readings, but if you have something, please let me know because it would be interesting to read about. To my understanding, Italians of the time didn’t seem to make these region distinction with foreigns. It didn’t matter to them if a Spaniard was from Valencia or Barcelona, for example, what they saw was that he/she were a Spaniard and they were all put in the same group, as Spaniards, with the same ideas, right and wrong, being attached to them and their characters, as well as the same loathing Italians usually felt for them. The prejudice faced for being Spaniards is very pronounced in the historical material about the Borgia family, from Calixtus’s papacy to Alexander’s papacy and afterwards. Together with the prejudice faced due to nobility rank, (they weren’t seen as noble enough, or at all, by those who came from more ancient, noble families, and that carried a huge importance in the society they lived in), and the antisemitism linked to the suspicion, which only grew stronger after 1493, of Rodrigo and his children being “marranos”, particularly from places like Venice and Florence. This term “marrano”, which initially might have meant “atheist” from Savonarola and his fanatic followers, over time it started to also or exclusively mean “secret Jew”, and it was used as a way of describing the Borgias, and the Spaniards around them, as an insult, or as a reason not to trust them, and at least on one occasion, there is a historical record showing that even the word Jew was openly used as an insult against Cesare in 1503, he was called a “Jewish dog” by his enemies who wanted to kill him in Rome. So overall, these prejudices, alongside the politics, have shaped the Borgias’ lives and the stories told about them to a large extent, no doubt. On a personal level: for the first Borjas who went to Italy, namely: Alfons de Borja, and his nephews: Rodrigo and Pedro Luís de Borja, they had to adapt to a different culture while getting used to the fact they would always be seen as foreigners, Spaniards foreigners no less, which made things more difficult and it earned them another kind of treatment from others, we can’t know how that made them feel, or how much it might have upset them, but in any case, it was just a fact of their lives in Italy and they had find ways of dealing with it. For the Borgia children: Juan, Cesare, Lucrezia and Gioffre, I don’t think the culture part applies to them, given they most likely were born in Rome, and they were raised in Rome, but the second part does, and maybe for them it was confusing too, because if they were born in Rome, technically speaking they were Italians (or better said Romans), but Italians did not see them like that because of their Spaniard family roots, and because they were proud of it, openly displayed it by speaking the Spanish tongue among themselves, dressing in the Spanish fashion, dancing the Spanish dances, participating in the bull fights, but most of all: of clearly preferring the company of Spaniards who were part of their household, which seems to have bothered many around them, the fact they stood firmly with their own culture and people, see: they weren’t rude, Cesare in particular is noted as always being polite, patient and amiable with them, but he didn’t seem inclined to cater to them and their customs, although I think he incorporated a lot of the Roman customs, as did his siblings, but never above his own, and not in the way they wanted him to, so it rubbed them the wrong way, and it’s a constant complaint you see made about him, his father and his sister. As they grew up and entered the public/political stage, esp. after the election of Rodrigo as pope Alexander because that was the moment their lives really changed and everything became more real and dangerous for them, I think they all became more aware of these issues, and it’s something they also had to get used to it, the different dynamics and the insults made about themselves and their family, not only on the basis of being Spaniards, but as I said above, on the basis of social rank and the strong antisemitism sentiment of their times. I speculate sometimes that it’s possible this made them even more united and loyal to each other as a family, to only trust family members and people inside their circle, it was a matter of safety as well as comfort. Their situation was not one other nobles families shared, actually, maybe with the exception of the Medici family, they had little in common with them I'd say. And in addition to that, I can see how the hostile environment they lived in might have helped them further in building character, in learning how to be resilient. They display such creativity and diplomacy when solving problems, and definitely persistance in achieving their goals. It's one trait I really like about the Borgia family as a whole, but in particular with the trio Rodrigo, Cesare and Lucrezia, it's how they worked around obstacles and adversities, instead of sitting around feeling sorry for themselves, going "Oh, how unfair!" about these prejudices they faced, they worked hard, and they just kept going, patient and persistently. The unfairness, the hatred, the jealousy, the setbacks didn't stopped them, it seems they paid little mind to it (perhaps to a fault), and I think it even encouraged them to succeed, given so many people wanted them to fail and/or die. And on a political, historical level: it heavily influenced the defamation campaigns made about them by their political rivals, these campaigns were primarily motivated by political motives, yes, but they equally echo very clearly a high dose of these prejudices against the Borgia family, it is in their words and narratives used in the pamphlets and rumours that circulated Italy and Europe, the double standards applied to them and their actions, (which are still around today, even within the modern section of Borgian literature depending on which Borgia they are talking about), what Rodrigo, Cesare and Lucrezia did or were said to have done always generated more gossip and hypocritical condemantion than the actions of the other Italian nobles and European monarchs. There is a ridiculous sense of self-righteousness that started when they were living and never stopped. The ways they were used as scapegoats (Cesare most of all) for the social and political problems of the 15th century Italian society, and by Protestants in the 16th century and onward. All of this consolidated the Borgia myths, how they are seen in history, their terrible reputation, our ideas about of their characters, their actions, etc, some of it has been challenged, even if shly so sometimes, but much of it sadly is still presented in modern history as “facts” or as “the truth” about the Borgias, most of all when it is about Rodrigo and Cesare Borgia.
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themountainsays · 2 months ago
I finished a 100 years of solitude this week and it was the hardest book I've ever read. I don't need the tumblers to make analyze it again.
Ahh i finished it a few days ago and I’m just like💚💙🧡💙🧡💚💜💛💞💔💕🤍💞❣💖❤🤍🤍❣❤💟💔💝💛❤🧡💌💔💞💝💙💜💝💛💘💟💔💙💝💕💘💌💘❣💙💞💛💌💘💌💘💟🧡💙 hopelessly in love I don’t think I’ve ever read a book more beautiful than this one. I 100% need to read more from García Márquez but I wanted to read The Song of Us by Galeano first, because it helped me remember how beautiful unstranslated hispanic literature can be. I’ve been reading a lot of foreign fantasy books lately and some were translated in spanish but really, when they say translated poetry doesn’t work I think they may be onto something because it can never seem to be as beautiful as it in the original language. I’m just happy to have read it and I can’t wait to read more. Reading this book felt like having my heart gripped in someone else’s hand, but like, in a distinctly latin american way. No wonder it’s become almost like our bible. imo it should be compulsory reading at schools.
As for analyzing it, I could analyze it forever. Personally I’m very curious about the reason behind the family’s solitude. I can’t remember if the nature of this almost-curse was ever explained. The book says that “bloodlines doomed to one hundred years of solitude do not get a second chance on Earth” which would imply their solitude was their fault, that they could have escaped the cycle somehow, but they were too blind and ignorant to do so, and the idea of memory keeps coming up over and over again, like Úrsula’s warning about the dangers of incest not reaching her last descendants, because no one alive was left to tell Aureliano Babilonia and Amaranta Úrsula that 1) they were related and 2) the pig tail babies that Úrsula kept talking about. Like, it repeats over and over again, and characters forget about past events like the three thousand workers that Arcadio Segundo saw killed by that american company, which was only remembered by his brother’s grandson in the end, or even Aureliano Buendía himself who by the end of the book is thought to be a myth invented by the government. And obviously, as an argentine, what it sounds like to me is that the book talks about the dangers and tragedies of forgetting our history as latin americans and letting the same crimes be repeated over and over again. You know how the concept of memory and condemnation of past crimes is something that is given great importance here, and obviously Argentina isn’t Colombia but Macondo acts almost as a microcosm of all of Latin America, because yes, they talk about this american banana company, which seems to me like a reference to the United Fruit Company (more research is needed though), and we had foreign capitalist neocolonial companies in my country too, like La Forestal, and it’s something that happened (happens) in almost every latin american country, and today you got little porteñe libertarian cryptobros with italian last names who never left their apartments in Palermo talking about the early 1900’s as if they were the country’s most prosperous era, when we had a more liberal, less protectionist economic policy, but forget to mention that most of the wealth went to the pockets of foreign capitalist landowners from countries like England, not to the workers in the country.
But that raises the question of why solitude. What does this more sociological and historical analysis of the work say about the inherent loneliness of every Buendía in the family, save for maybe the last two, who were aunt and nephew and whose happy ending had been stolen from them since the start, before they even knew the truth of their blood relation? When Amaranta Úrsula says she wants to name her son Rodrigo and not Aureliano or Arcadio or any of these names that have been repeated over and over in her family tree as if perpetuating the same curse… what is the thematic explanation behind the symbol? In semiological terms, if solitude as a concept is the signifier, then what is the signified? Because latin American societies are not particularly lonely, if anything, we must be particularly tight-knit, because we shame similar histories, mostly a same language, we’re in constant communication with each other and cultural exchange happens effortlessly from one side of the border to the other. Unless we’re talking on a smaller scale? From person to person? I’ve seen people talk about how isolated Macondo is from the rest of the country, but that’s not entirely true, because (especially towards the second half of the book) characters travel freely between Macondo and the outside world. But, okay, let’s say Macondo is lonely and isolated, but that does that mean?
I just feel like I’m missing something. Did I accidentally skip a page? Whenever I look this up all I find is that “solitude is a central theme in the novel” like yesss I know I read the book but what does the novel have to say about solitude, exactly? What does it use solitude for? You can’t say “solitude is a theme” without explaining the theme. It’s not just an empty word pronounced over and over again, it’s a concept that, I feel, I have to work hard to understand and interpret, and that’s part of the fun to me! Though I’d love to see what other people got to say.
As for the original post I made – it was mostly a joke, though since this is mostly a Disney blog, much to my embarrassment as a self-proclaimed anti-capitalist, I do think that it’s worth analyzing and interpreting the inspiration drawn from the book to produce the film Encanto (2021). I admit I have mixed feelings about the existence of Encanto as a whole, because García Márquez’s book was pretty clearly anti-capitalist and at point anti-american, but of course it was. He was a latin American author, what else was he supposed to write about? /hj. And Encanto, as well-written, well-directed, well-animated and well-performed as it is, is still a Disney film. It’s as capitalist as it gets. It’s so capitalist, it completely neglects the anti-capitalist anti-colonial themes in the book. I think it’s worth acknowledging that part, too. The part that pains me the most is how, in the book, the character who has to go into hiding in a small room in the house and pray that no one finds him, and only keeps contact with a child to whom he teaches about dangerous truths that everyone wants to bury – That’s Arcadio Segundo, and he went into hiding because he was being persecuted by the government after witnessing the company kill three thousand of its workers. In the film, a character with a similar story (going into hiding, telling the child a truth no one else wants to accept) disappeared because he was scared of his family. Every ounce of the historical and political commentary that made the novel what it was is stripped away. The film doesn’t even name the side that killed Pedro (I think his killers are identified as bandits in the screenplay?), while in the novel literally looks at you in the eye and has the protagonist say “liberals good, conservatives bad”. And later that idea develops a lot more nuance, but you can tell it’s because of, well, nuance, and not cowardice. And it’s not like you can expect anything else from Disney, I’m not stupid. I never thought they were actually going to comment on that, so I’m not even mad or disappointed. It’s just a truth that I think is worth pointing out, not in an “Encanto Bad” way, but in a “remember: there’s a book out there that will offer you a very different perspective of Colombian history” way.
Which doesn’t mean you can’t enjoy or love the movie, because I love Encanto, I really do! But I think all criticisms have a time and place. Right now I’d like to set my ideological judgment aside, take Encanto for what it is (a cute Disney film – nothing more and nothing less), to analyze the author’s intentions when referencing to One Hundred Years of Solitude through the film, from as neutral a place as I can.
I’ve been thinking about this since I first watched the film, and only now that I finish the book, I feel like I can concrete my thoughts, sorta. There are all unfinished interpretations up to revision and I’d love to hear what everyone else has to say, so we can all have a clearer understanding or, at least, a more nuanced interpretation. Also, I’m not a Letras student, so take everything I say with a grain of salt.
To keep it short: I see One Hundred Years of Solitude as a tragedy. A family that could never break the cycle of solitude, and was haunted by it almost as if it were a curse, until the last of their bloodline was eaten by ants and the town was destroyed by a natural disaster. That’s keeping it very, very short, because the novel could be discussed for days. You’d probably need a book four times its size to analyze it in its entirety and then you’d get people disagreeing with you and adding their own commentary to your commentary, but I phrase it in this way because I want to juxtapose it to Encanto, which is the text I want to analyze right now, because if One Hundred Years of Solitude is a tragedy, Encanto is a comedy. One Hundred Years of Solitude ends by telling you there are no second chances, there is no healing, there is no breaking cycles and no one is saved. Encanto ends with the exact opposite thesis: healing is possible, if you work together towards it and let it happen. The characters in the novel are pulled apart and away from each other while the characters in Encanto have to come together and understand one another in order to save their home and family from itself. The characters in the novel try to break the cycle (see Amaranta Úrsula not wanting to name her son Aureliano) but ultimately fail, while the characters in Encanto eventually succeed. So the novel says “families doomed to one hundred years of solitude do not get a second chance on Earth” and the movie says “but what if they did tho???”. I actually think it’s kind of beautiful, how the movie engages in dialogue with the book like that. It doesn’t copy, it doesn’t pretend to be something it is not, it has its own very clear identity that does not rely on a book written by someone who probably hated Disney’s guts.
(I want to clarify that, when I analyze the themes of Encanto in relationship with the themes of One Hundred Years of Solitude, I’m taking inspiration from analyzes of Frozen in relationship with Hans Christian Andersen’s The Snow Queen. Both stories are wildly different, but both share a central theme of unconditional love, faith and hope in the face of rejection and adversity. Both are stories about a girl traveling the north in search of a loved one who was taken away, but the key difference is that, in the movie, the kidnapper and the victim characters are conflated into a single person, which makes the protagonist girl is traveling to rescue a loved one… from herself, which is a wonderful thematic twist, in my opinion. This is also my absolute favorite way of adapting written stories to the big screen. I don’t care for accuracy, I care for an interesting intertextual dialogue between the original themes and the new interpretations and twists a new perspective can give them, always from a place of respect and love for the source material).  
Though I admit that, what makes me the most curious is the repeated references to yellow butterflies, specifically, because everything else seems to fit – yes, Bruno’s telenovela joke was a harmless little reference to Amaranta Úrsula and Aureliano Babilonia’s relationship, and yes, at times it looks like Mirabel and Isabela’s relationship resembles the lingering jealousy Fernanda felt for Remedios, The Beauty, who was so impossibly beautiful that one day, she was elevated up into the sky, completely nude save for the sheets that enveloped her as if she were Venus. In both cases, the characters and contexts are entirely different, and when we say inspiration, we mean inspiration. Encanto is not an adaptation of One Hundred Years of Solitude. It’s not even magical realism imo (though it has elements of it). But they are references that make sense. Irritatingly beautiful character, irritatingly beautiful character. Forbidden secret auntfucking, forbidden secret auntfucking. The most direct inspiration would be, I think, Alma fleeing her home accompanied by her community and founding the Encanto, which is similar to what happened in the book, in which Úrsula and José Arcadio flee into the wilderness to found a new town, but they’re not fleeing violence or civil war, but *checks notes* okay so Úrsula and José Arcadio were cousins, but that wasn’t the problem, the problem was that Úrsula was scared of one of their kids turning out to have a pig tail, because incest, so she kept putting it off and putting it off until some folks in town began to think her husband just couldn’t get it up, and he got into a fight with someone over whether or not he had a functional pen1s, and he ended up killing the guy and having to leave as to not be caught by the law, and I think the rest of the people who followed them did just because they wanted to? I can’t remember. I think that description alone should be enough an illustration of just how much they disneyfied what they saw lol. But context or no context, the concept of a couple (or in the case of Encanto, a widowed woman) founding a town and starting over in the middle of nowhere is still there.
The yellow butterfly though? It looks like such a relevant symbol in the film but it really makes me scratch my head when it seems to have so little to do with the yellow butterflies in the book. The simplest explanation, I think, would be that they took the butterflies and applied them to the film almost as if grabbing symbols from the book at random. In another universe they could have used yellow flowers, or carnivorous ants, or handmade gold fish, or scorpions, or pig tails, or alchemic texts, and it would change almost nothing.
The other possible explanation is that the yellow butterflies were chosen with a specific intent. Now in the book, yellow butterflies always flutter around Mauricio Babilonia, Meme’s secret lover. In my most humble opinion, I think he was a bit of a fuckboy. He wasn’t super interesting himself, but his relationship with Meme was rather tragic. He was killed in front of her by the police when her mother, Fernanda, discovered her daughter was sleeping with someone, and asked them to patrol her house and be on the lookout for a chicken thief. Fernanda sent her off to live with the nuns and she spent the rest of her life mute after living through such trauma. She finally accepts Mauricio’s death when she sees the last yellow butterfly die. Most interpretations agree that the yellow butterflies represent a tragic forbidden love, though I wonder if they would represent this forbidden love specifically, since the book is brimming with forbidden love stories and only Meme and Mauricio are accompanied by yellow butterflies. Of course, in Encanto, the butterflies are not meant to represent a forbidden, impossible love. I’m confused as to what they mean, but my theory is this: Mauricio and Meme’s story is sometimes said to represent the beginning of the end, because from their union Aureliano Babilonia is born, and when he falls in love with his aunt, Meme’s sister, and has a child with her, it’s considered the already foretold death of the Buendía bloodline. Aureliano and Amaranta Úrsula’s child, Aureliano Rodrigo, is eaten by ants as a baby, shortly after his mother dies in childbirth, and his father is then killed by the natural disaster that destroys Macondo. Now, Aureliano and Amaranta Úrsula only allowed themselves to be together because they didn’t know they were related, and they didn’t know because Fernanda stubbornly tried to keep Aureliano away from the family, locking him up in the barn until he was around three years, telling him he was found in a basket in the river, denying him all information about his parents or his past. Fernanda didn’t need to have Mauricio Babilonia killed, she didn’t need to send her daughter away and she didn’t need to hide the truth from her grandson, but she did anyway, and it brought the whole family a lot of pain. Until Mauricio’s murder, it looked like he could have had a happy ending with Meme, and they could have broken the cycle of solitude that haunted the family and was prolonged by Fernanda’s obsessive control.
In Encanto, I think butterflies are meant to represent change and healing. I’m thinking about the song Dos Oruguitas here, and how the lyrics talk about exactly that: growth, change, moving on and surviving in an evolving world. Really, I think butterflies might have been there whether or not the book had referenced them, because Colombia is one of the countries with the most butterflies species in the world, so if anything, it would be inauthentic to not have them around. But if the color of the butterflies in question was chosen intentionally, and the yellow carries any symbolism at all, I think it may have to do with this mirror image that Encanto presents in relation with the novel. In the novel, butterflies are what alert Fernanda of Mauricio Babilona’s presence, they represent his tragic love with Meme and kickstart the catastrophes that follow.
I think that, by having the butterfly appear in the prophecy, and later show them as a swarm of light around Mirabel in the ending, Encanto indicates Mirabel is “unmaking” what is “made” in the book. Like she’s going backwards. It’s a mirror image. The yellow butterflies in the novel represent tragedy, but the film says “let’s give it a second chance”, and shows the characters succeeding where others failed and eventually saving the day.
Of course, it may be that they were simply going to add butterflies anyway, and they colored them yellow as a nice little reference. I’m inclined to think the symbolism has to be specific in the movie because it was specific in the book, but I admit I’m struggling with the interpretation too. I’m afraid of it being too forced or contrived, and maybe I’ll come up with something better later, but this is what I got now.
So, I’m sorry anon 😂 the tumblrites did indeed interpret the book all over again. I couldn’t help myself. I started talking and by the time I was finished I’d written 3k words worth of this when I could have written 3k words worth of fanfic. But I’m happy I could get my words out, even though I’m pretty sure I’m not getting any reply or contribution and I’ll be lucky if anyone reads this far. At least I have something to link to if anyone ever asks me my thoughts on this stuff. My ideas are probably going to change as I continue to think about it, though. There’s always something one misses or interprets incorrectly, so, again, if anyone wants to add anything or question or ask or tell me I’m wrong I’ll be happy to hear you!
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talesofarcadia78 · a year ago
Sorceress of Arcadia || Gnome Your Enemy
Summary: Y/n Lake is Jim Lake's older sister. She discovers  that she is sorceress and her brother is the Trollhunter. She and the Trollhunters go on adventures together, they save trolls and humans. Along the way, a friend becomes more than just a friend and discovers their secrets.
Warning: None 
Word count: 5,784
Tags: @lunariasilver
Previous >> Wherefore Art Thou, Trollhunter? • Next >> Waka Chaka! 
“For centuries, the troll and human worlds stood seperate and at peace, divided by bridges that acted as doorways between our two realms. But the Gumm-Gumms wanted to devour all of mankind. They were led by Gunmar ‘the Black’. The rest of trollkind fought against him, culminating in the great Battle of Killahead Bridge, the portal to Gunmar’s Darklands. After many moons, good triumphed over evil, and our great Trollhunter, Deya ‘the Deliverer’, lock Gunmar away, exiling him to the Darklands, and sealed the Killahead Bridge with the sacred amulet. After, we tore it apart, stone by stone. We left the old world in search for peace. We stowed away on a ship called the Mayflower, just a handful of us and some gnomes we’d brought along for companionship and nourishment. Finally, we arrived in a strange and exotic realm,” Blinky explained. 
“New Jersey,”Aaarrrgghh commented.
“We kept walking. Eventually, we came across a new Heartstone, and we realised we had found a new home… under Arcadia,” Blinky finished as you heard Jim snoring.
Blinky groaned and walked over to Jim. He slammed the book in front of his face.
Jim startled up, "¡Lo siento, Señor Draal! ¡No me mates!"
You had done Spanish in middle school, so you knew what he had just said.
"I'm sorry Mr. Draal! Please don't kill me!"
You giggled at his outburst. Jim glared at you quickly before he turned his attention to Blinky.
"The training of troll history might seem like a minor duty, Master Jim, but--" Bliny started to explain but was cut off by Jim.
"Sorry, I pulled an all-nighter studying for my Spanish Comprehension exam and my brain is muy gooey. I don't know. I guess I thought if I'm facing Draal in a week, my training would be a little more… active" Jim yawned, standing up.
"Yeah, like, when is he going to learn Troll-kwondo? Or Rock-itsu?" Toby inquired.
"Well, Jim has to learn why he fights, so it's kinda important to learn this," you explained.
"Miss y/n is correct. Before one fights, Toby D., one must understand why one fights. For these precious early steps will decide whether a young Trollhunter will become a Deya ‘the Deliverer’…" Blinky explained.
"Or Unkar ‘the Unfortunate’," Aaarrrgghh added.
"Well, tomorrow, my Spanish exam is with Señor Uhl ‘the Unforgiving’. My main concern is for my immediate future," Jim informed Blinky.
"A-ha! But, to learn what will happen in the future, one must only look to the past," Blinky explained.
"I recommend A Brief Recapitulation of Troll Lore by the venerable Bedehilde. Volume one of 47," Blinky recommended.
"Wow, that's a big book," you commented as Blinky gave Jim the book.
Due to the book being so big, Jim struggled to hold it. He eventually got a good hold of the book. Jim placed his Spanish textbook on top of the other book.
"Okay, but if I don't pass the exam, I'm grounded and I can't be the Trollhunter. Sorry, Blinky, but the amulet chose me, and now I have two lives to keep up," Jim explained.
Then, Bagdwella came running in stopping in front of you, panting.
"Are you okay Bagdwella?" you asked, putting your hand on her shoulder.
She shook your hand off, not wanting your comfort.
"Oh, no. Is it the Heartstone?" Blinky panicked.
"No! No!" Bagdwella denied.
"Stalkling?" Aaarrrgghh asked.
"Is Gunmar out?" you also asked.
Jim gave you a look that said 'Who's Gunmar?". You just rolled your eyes in response. He really should've been paying attention to Blinky's lecture.
"Is Bular in Trollmarket?" Jim guessed.
"No! Gnome! Rogue gnome!" Bagdwella yelled, her voice echoing throughout the Forge.
The six of you walked to Bagdwella's shop to investigate what the matter was.
"Get your toasters here!" a random troll exclaimed.
"First, I couldn't find my monocle, then my collection of bed coils. Now something disappears every minute!" Bagdwella explained.
Suddenly, a gnome whizzes past, stealing an item and making Bagdwella fall over.
"Ah, yes. Gnome," Blinky said, lending his hand to Bagdwella, but she slaps his hand away and gets up herself.
"Oh, dirty little pests. Up to last week, the glue traps were working fine," Bagdwella said, showing you all a skeleton of a gnome.
Just before you could say something, the gnome snatches the skeleton, making everyone gasp.
"Fix it, Trollhunter!" she begged.
"Uh yeah, I'm really sorry about that. See you need a gnome-catcher, and I'm well, the Trollhunter, so--" Jim explained, but got cut off by Blinky.
"Oh no, Master Jim. The Trollhunter cannot refuse the call. And what better a call for you to train with than a pint-sized quarry?" he explained, coming up behind Jim.
"Blinky's right, Jim. This'll be a start to your Trollhunting. Plus, I think the task will be easy for you," you agreed.
You heard rapid footsteps around you, then a guitar play. You all try to look for where the sound was coming from. When you did, the gnome revealed itself. The gnome started to play his guitar once again and started to sing.
"He's trying to distract us! Hold tight to your valuables," Blinky warned.
"Well, I don't need to hold onto anything, I got nothing valuable," you chuckled.
"Yeah, right," Jim scoffed.
"Seriously, I don't have anything valuable. Unless if you consider my a hundred year old phone 'valuable'," you retorted.
"Okay, maybe you don't have anything valuable," Jim agreed.
Then the two of you see Toby going up to the gnome.
"Why? He can't be that bad," Toby chucked, clapping.
Before you knew it, the gnome had taken Toby's belt.
"Oh, no! My belt!" Toby cried. Then he sighed, "At least he didn't take my Nougat Nummy."
"Uh, Tobes, I don't think you should--" you warned Toby, as he took out his favourite chocolate out of his pocket, only to be taken by the gnome.
Toby gasped, "We need to catch that gnome."
All of you tried to catch the gnome, but he was way to fast for you. One time, Jim had caught him, but somehow, it escaped from his grasp. Jim then realised that his amulet got thieved.
"Oh no!" Blinky cried.
Jim and you chased after the gnome until it went behind a wardrobe. Aaarrrgghh pushes the wardrobe aside to reveal a small hole, which the gnome was probably hiding in.
"Hole," Aaarrrgghh stated.
"Yes, it appears the plot quite literally deepens," Blinky said, looking into the hole.
Jim slides his hands through the hole opening, hoping that his amulet would come back to him.
"Come back, come back. Shouldn't the amulet be coming back to me right now?" Jim questioned.
"Dolefully, that rule only applies if you've rejected it. When thieved, it's another story. If you had read A Brief Recapitulation you would have known that," Blinky explained.
"Technically, Jim didn't even have time to read the book, since you know, we're right now doing some Trollhunting business," you pointed out.
Jim gave you a quick smile, before Bagdwella spoke up.
"Some Trollhunter you are. Jim ‘the Baby Handed’.”
You glared at Bagdwella, as she snatched a bag of food from Toby.
I'd like to see how good you are at being the Trollhunter.
You turned your gaze over to Jim and Blinky.
"Master Jim, press on. This is not the moniker you want," Blinky said.
"What else can I do? I can't fit in that hole," Jim shrugged.
"Hmm, currently," Blinky thought.
"Bad idea," Aaarrrgghh warned.
"What's a bad idea?" you asked, but no one answered the question.
"No Trollhunter has ever lost his amulet. We'll need time to procure the Furgolator," Blinky argued.
"Uh, the Furgolator?" Jim doubted.
"Uh, don't you worry about anything, Master Jim. tend to your studies. We'll watch over the hole. Tomorrow, you'll return refreshed to deal with this, uh... little problem," Blinky said, and the three of us headed to the surface.
Toby and Jim headed to Arcadia Oaks High, while you headed the opposite direction to Arcadia Oaks Academy.
Once you had gotten your books, Izzy and Rachael both ran up to you.
"Y/n! Guess what just happened!" Rachael exclaimed.
"Uhh, you won the state lottery?" you replied.
"Nope, way better," Rachael denied.
"What can be better then winning the state lottery?" you asked, getting a bit curious.
"I got into the state math comp!" Racheal squealed.
"Wow! That's great, Rachael. So, when are you going?" you asked.
"Tomorrow, that's why I was texting you the other day, I wanted to hang out with my two besties before I headed off to the competition," Rachael replied.
"Oh, sorry about that, I was... busy," you said.
"Well, are you free after school?" Izzy asked.
You thought about it, you didn't need to go to Trollmarket or have any other plans.
"Yeah, I'm free," you nodded.
"Great! We'll meet at Sam's at 4, then we'll go from there," Rachael said.
You nodded. Suddenly the bell rang, making you jump a little.
"See you guys at lunch," you called, as you ran to your first class.
As you took a seat, you noticed that everyone was focused on the board. You glanced at the board to see everyone's name with a bunch of classes next to them. You searched for your name and saw your classes. You had chemistry, biology, calculus, literature, geography and history as your subjects for the next semester. Then, you noticed a certain name that you had not been expecting to have the same classes as you, well except biology. Tyler. You heard someone sit down beside you.
"Hey, y/n," it spoke.
You turned to see none other than, Tyler.
"Hi, Tyler," you smiled.
"I guess we have almost the same classes. What a coincidence, right?" Tyler chuckled.
"Ha, yeah," you commented.
"Hey, wanna sit next to each other in classes, you know since you'll be the only person I know," Tyler requested.
You hesitated. You didn't know Tyler that well, and seeing his anger the other day in the cafeteria, you weren't so sure.
Then you were saved by the bell.
"I'll see you in class Tyler, and I'll think about it," you said, rushing out of class.
You headed towards the lower office, since you needed your new timetable. As you were walking to the lower office you bumped into a certain emo-boy.
"Sorry," the two of you apologised.
You looked up at the person, to see Douxie.
"Oh, hey, Douxie!" you smiled.
"Hey, y/n! Going to get your new timetable?" Douxie asked.
"Yep," you responded.
The two of you got your new timetable. The two of you looked at each other's timetable, wondering if you had any classes with each other.
"Hey, we have mostly the same class, except instead of geography, I have economics," Douxie pointed out.
"Cool!" you said.
"Wanna head to class together?" he asked
You nodded and the two of you headed to class.
When you entered the classroom, you noticed two seats at the back of classroom weren't occupied so you nudged Douxie. Once you had gotten his attention, you pointed to the seat and headed there.
Once the two of you had taken a seat, you saw Tyler walking in. You groaned.
"You okay, love?" Douxie asked.
"Tyler wants me to it next to him in every class. It's a coincidence that he has all the same classes as me," you explained.
"Ahh. Understood. You can sit with me in every class then, well, except for geography of course. You'll have to deal with him then, but other than that, you can always sit with me," Douxie offered.
"Thank you," you grinned.
Soon after, Tyler started looking around the room. When his eyes fell on you, you were in a deep conversation with Douxie.
"Wait, so your actual name is Hisirdoux?" you asked.
"Yeah, I have no idea why, but it's my name!" Douxie nodded.
"It sounds very 12th century," you commented.
"I know right!" Douxie exclaimed.
From the corner of your eyes, you could see Tyler fuming at Douxie.
Huh? Why does he look mad at Douxie?
You thought he was going to come up to Douxie and start arguing with him, but instead he took a seat at the front of the class, right in front of the teacher's desk.
After a few minutes, your class started.
You had a hard time figuring out what the teacher was saying, since she had a very quite voice, luckily, she was only a substitute. The actual teacher was just away on leave because he was sick.  
After an hour, the bell rang to indicate next class, which was calculus, great. You sucked at calculus and science. You and Douxie headed together to calculus, avoiding Tyler.
The next two lessons kinda sucked, they all just introduced your new teacher's and what you're going to be learning for the next semester. Luckily for history, you had an assignment not an exam.
Soon, the bell rang for lunch.
While, you and Douxie were walking to the cafeteria, you were suddenly surrounded by all of Douxie's friends. Well, band mates.
"Hey, Douxie! How'd all your new classes go so far?" Henry asked.
"They went good. I found a friend that's doing the same classes as me," Douxie replied, gesturing towards you.
"Hey," you shyly waved.
"Wait, you're the girl that Douxie brought back stage at our last concert, right? Y/n, was it?" Jason recognised.
"Yep, that's me," you confirmed.
"Well, we're going over to the band room to practice, wanna come?" Jason asked both of you.
"Sure, why not. I'll just grab some food," Douxie replied. "Y/n, I'll grab you some food as well, you head over to the band room with the other's."
"Oh, no. I don't want to disturb you guys with your practice, I'll find my other friends," you denied.
"You're not going to disturb us, in fact, you can give us some feedback!" Jack said.
"But, I promised my friends that I'll sit with them today," you mentioned.
"What about, you and Douxie find your friends, and bring them to the band room? We really need someone else's point of view of our music," Jason suggested.
You thought about it for a moment.
Izzy wanted to meet the Ash Dispersal Pattern for a while now, and Rachael, well, she can make some new friends, since she doesn't really hang out with anyone else other than you and Izzy.
"Okay," you agreed.
"Great!" Jason exclaimed, walking away with the rest of the band.
You and Douxie saw your two best friends in the line to get food.
"Yo y/n! Where were you?" Izzy asked as she saw you going up to them.
"Just talking with Douxie's band. Want to go meet them? They're in the band room. They said that you guys can come," you offered.
"Oh, you had me at 'Douxie's band'," Izzy grinned.
"Just let us grab some food first, "Douxie said, walking into line, pulling you along.
After grabbing some food, you all walked over to the band room, getting welcomed by a lot of laughter.
"What's so funny?" Douxie asked, grabbing a seat for you and your friends before grabbing one for himself.
"Nothing, it's an inside joke. You won't understand," Henry said.
"Okay..." Douxie nodded, getting a bit suspicious, sitting down. "Anyways, meet Rachael and Izzy."
Rachael shyly waved, while on the other hand, Izzy waved very energetically. You instantly saw Jason blush when Rachael waved at him while she also blushed.
Who knew, Rachael had charm. She's usually not the type to get involved with the boys and crushes that much.
"Looks like we have a fan," Jack pointed out, looking at Izzy energetically waving at them.
"I'm your biggest fan! I go to every single one of your concerts!" Izzy beamed. "Well, I couldn't make it to your concert last week. But other than that, I've been to every single one!"
You, Rachael and the entire band laughed at her enthusiasm.
After getting introduced to one another and getting autograph from every single ban member, they started to practice.
"Wow, Jason is good," Rachael commented.
"Of course you'd say that. You have a crush on him," you teased.
"I do not!" she retorted.
"Sure," you and Izzy smirked.
After about 10 minutes, you heard the door open. You glanced towards the door to see Tyler.
"Hey guys!" Tyler waved.
"Hey, Tyler! Wanna practice?" Jack said.
"Jack, I don't see any of our guitarists away right now. There's no point," Douxie claimed.
"Well, Douxie, I see you're getting a bit tired of playing. Tyler can fill you in while you rest," Jack said.
"I'm not tired," Douxie stated.
"Uh, Doux, not to be rude, but you're kinda missing some chords and not keeping up with the beat," Henry commented.
"What?! I'm not missing any chords! You guys are just going faster than you're meant to!" Douxie exclaimed.
"And you're getting a bit short tempered," Henry added under his breath, but you all heard it.
"I am not getting short tempered!" Douxie fumed.
"Yeah, dude, take a pill and chill. Y/n, can you take Douxie for some fresh air?"Jason requested, snatching the guitar off of Douxie and handing it to Tyler.
"Sure," you nodded, lightly pushing Douxie out the room.
As you closed the door, Douxie started walking down the hallway. You ran up to him and made him slow down.
"Douxie, are you okay?" you asked.
"I'm fine. Those guys over there are just going faster," Douxie grumbled.
"They're not, Doux. You just need to take a break," you advised.
"I don't need to take a break, they need to take a break," Douxie scoffed.
"Doux, this is not you. This is not the person I have met and befriended with," you said.
"Well, this is me! Get used to it!" Douxie yelled, stopping in his tracks.
Your eyes widened at the tone of his voice, making you step back away from him.
Douxie's eyes widened at what he just said to you.
"I-I'm sorry y/n, I didn't mean that at all. I've just been so stressed out lately. I just exploded," he apologised.
You smiled at him, putting your hand on his shoulder, "It's okay. Everyone has those days. You know you can talk to me about it you know?"
"Thank you, y/n. It means a lot," Douxie smiled.
"We should probably head back," you reminded.
"Yeah," he agreed.
The two of you headed back into the band room, getting greeted to everyone just chilling.
"Hey, y/n, Douxie," everyone said.
You noticed that Tyler had left.
"Is Douxie...?" Jack questioned.
You nodded and took a seat next to Izzy.
"What happened to band practice?" Douxie asked.
"Stopped a few minutes ago. We were discussing on hanging out this afternoon," Izzy informed. "Y/n's already coming, what about you Hisirdoux?"
"I'm free. And how do you know my actual name?" he inquired.
"Your mates here told us," Izzy explained.
"We're meeting at Sam's at 4," Henry told Douxie.
Soon after, the bell rang for class.
After three hours, you headed to your bike and peddled home.
You finished up some chores and waved goodbye to your brother and headed off to Sam's.
Once you met with the others, you all headed over to Lucia to watch Danger House 2: More House, More Danger. You were going to sit with Izzy and Rachael but there were seat numbers, so you didn't have much of a choice. You ended up sitting at the end of the row next to Douxie. The two of you shared popcorn while watching the movie. At times, you didn't want to see a scene, so you hid your face in Douxie's shoulder. While you weren't looking, the others snuck some photos of you two, especially when you hid you face in his shoulder.
After the movie, all of you headed across town to The Bluff to watch the sunset. Everyone hated the bike ride up the steep hill, but surprisingly, you didn't. It was kinda easy for you.
Must be the advantage of running from danger.
In the end, the ride up the hill was worth it, since you all got to see a beautiful sunset afterwards. As everyone was enjoying the sunset, taking pictures and goofing around, you saw Douxie leaning against a rock, staring at his phone. You strolled over to him and leaned against the rock with him.
"You know, you can't enjoy the sunset without, y'know, looking at it," you told him.
"Huh? Oh yeah, I know. I'm just looking at something," he mumbled, not taking his eyes of his phone.
You peeked over his shoulder to see what exactly he was looking at.
He was looking at his email, more specifically, emails about bills. The numbers weren't huge, but if you're Douxie that worked 2 jobs and hardly got tipped, that would be a lot.
"You worried about the bills?" you whispered, making sure no one heard.
He nodded. "I don't know how I'm going to pay all this. Thankfully, I requested the companies to give me more time to pay them. I got a few extra months, but I don't think that'll be enough."
You nodded, trying to think a way you could help your blue-tipped friend.
"Do you have any extra rooms in your apartment?" you asked.
"No, but I do have a lot of space in the bedroom. I’ve got two double beds that have been lying around," he explained.
"What if you get a roomie? Like they would give you rent every week, while you provide them shelter, food, etc.," you suggested.
"That's a great idea!" he beamed. "Thanks! I'll start to work on your plan tomorrow!"
"I'll come to help," you offered.
"Oh no. I don't want you putting time aside for me," he denied.
"I'm not, I have a lot of free time. And even if I did, it would be worth it. Helping a friend is always worth my time," you said.
"Okay. I'll text you my address and tell you what time you can come over. Probably on the weekend, but I'll just text you," he explained.
You nodded.
"Now, let's enjoy the view."
After the sun had set, you all rode over to Stuart's Taco Truck. Jason, Jack, and Rachael all went to get the burritos, while Douxie, Izzy and you chatted, waiting for your friends.
"So, y/n, have you been thinking about what you'll be doing after graduation?" Izzy asked.
"Uh, I don’t know. Maybe go to college, like every person does?" you guessed.
"Wow, I'm just gonna get a job and do that, it's just easier," Izzy said.
"Yeah. You never wanted to go to college," you agreed.
"What are you going to do, Douxie?" Izzy asked, turning her focus onto him.
"Well, I'll probably pursue my dreams of being a guitarist while having a job," Douxie replied.
"That's cool," Izzy commented.
Soon after, your burritos arrived and all of you dug in.
Once you had finished your burrito, you checked your watch to see it was starting to get late.
"Okay guys, I'm going to head back, it's getting late. I'll see you all tomorrow," you declared.
"Wait, y/n, I'll come with!" Douxie added.
You waited for Douxie to throw his rubbish in the trash and peddled your way home with him.
Before the two of you went your separate ways, Douxie thanked you for your suggestion.
"Thanks for your suggestion before, y/n."
"It's no problem."
"Well, I'll see you soon, love," he grinned, giving you a flirtatious wink along with a two-finger salute.
You blushed and returned the two-finger salute, riding your separate ways.
Once you got home, you saw Jim was finishing up washing the dishes.
"Hey, Jimbo!" you sang.
"Hey, y/n!" Jim called. "How was your hang out?"
"Good, but I'm beat. I'm heading to bed. ‘Night," you yawned and trudged to your room.
"‘Night," Jim called.
The next day after school, you, Jim and Toby headed down to Trollmarket. You were glad to take a break from everyone. Today was just not your day. Everyone from the hangout had uploaded to social media of the photos of you hiding your face in Douxie's shoulder and the both of you sharing popcorn. The post made you attract the crowd at lunch. People bombarded you with questions related to Douxie. Most of them consisted of 'Are you two together?', 'Are you a couple?' and 'How long has it been?' Luckily, Douxie came in time and saved you from the crowd, again.
You approached Blinky, Aaarrrgghh and something covered with a piece of cloth.
"Remember when I told you all Trollhunters must start small?" Blinky asks, revealing the Furgolator.
"Full disclosure, I'm a little worried how I let you talk me into this," Jim doubted.
"A 'little worried'? I'm full on concerned!" you gulped.
Blinky turns on the Furgolator, making the doors open up.
"Still bad idea," Aaarrrgghh warned.
Jim steps inside and the doors start to close, "Wait a minute. So, how does me going into this thing help me get a gnome out of a hole?"
"If a gnome won't come out, the Trollhunter must go in," Blinky informed.
"Wait, what?" Jim questioned.
"I think Blinky plans to make you small enough to fit inside that hole," you hypothesised.
"Yeah, right," Jim scoffed.
"Exactly! We often use the Furgolator to compress minerals. And now for the anthracite!" Blinky agreed.
"See?" you teased.
Jim rolled his eyes playfully, but you saw the fear in his eyes.
"But you've done this a few times on flesh and bone, right? Right?" Jim yelped.
Blinky placed the rock inside a compartment, "Not exactly." Then the machine started up, "But I'm not concerned."
"Well, that's because you are not the one trapped in this thing," Jim complained.
"Nothing to worry about, Master Jim. We work best under pressure," Blinky shouts.
"I can't see anything!" Jim coughs. "Why is there so much smoke?"
The machine started to make weird sounds. You and Toby ran to the Furgolator, trying to get it open.
"Come on, you guys gotta get him out of there!" Toby cried.
Blinky rushed over to help us, "Don't just stand there, Aaarrrgghh!"
Aaarrrgghh comes over and pulls the doors open.
"Looks like it didn't work. Hope you have a plan B," Jim began, but then realised he had shrunk.
"On the contrary," Blinky said.
"You sure we need a plan B? I think plan A worked fine," you chuckled.
"He's like an action figure!" Toby gushed.
"The Furgolator functioned perfectly!" Blinky laughed.
He picked up tiny Jim, holding him in his palm. Jim looks at his tiny figure. You quickly took out your phone and took a photo of your little brother. Jim groaned, not liking you taking photos of himself.
You all made your way to the hole that the gnome had escaped into. Blinky placed Jim just outside of the hole.
"Real subtle. ‘We've got to start small. Deal with the little problem.’ This is a huge problem! I can't be shrunk! I have exams to take! I have sinks to reach!" Jim raged.
"You have a gnome to catch. Now, onward, Master Jim, and fetch your destiny!' Blinky reminded.
Toby grabs a pencil and hands it Jim to use as a sword, "Your sword, my liege."
Jim pokes the pencil on Toby's palm, earning a yelp from him. He attempts to walk into the hole, but he falls down, earning a giggle from you. But he eventually got into the hole.
"Oh, and one last thing to know when dealing with a gnome, Master Jim, and this is of dire importance: Do not touch its hat!" Blinky forewarned.
"Of course. It's right there in A Brief Recapitulation," Jim taunted.
"You remember!"
"Of course not! Nothing in this world makes sense!" Jim yelled.
You backed away from the hole to see Vendel walk pass.
"Miss y/n, you should go and continue your training with Vendel. We will handle things here," Blinky advised.
"Are you sure?" you asked.
You nodded and jogged over to Vendel.
"Hello, Master Vendel. Do you have time to teach me how to make objects move?" you inquired.
"Hello, Miss Lake. I am not known to any troll as 'Master', but it sounds good coming from you. And yes, I can instruct you how to make objects move," Vendel said.
The two of you walked over to the Heartstone and began your lesson.
Soon after, you could move objects easily, with just a quick gesture of your hand or finger.
"Thank you, Master Vendel!" you beamed.
"Your welcome. Next time you come, with some spare time, I will teach you something new," Vendel replied.
You nodded and jogged back over to the hole to see Toby backing away from the hole.
"Why hasn't he come out?" Toby asked, his voice full of worry.
"What happened?" you asked.
Aaarrrgghh explained to you what happened to your brother.
You all waited for Jim to come out safe and sound. You then saw the gnome walking out with Jim following behind him, wearing the gnome's hat.
'You summoned the armour and caught the gnome! Well played, Master Jim!" Blinky beamed.
You all clapped at his heroism.
"Thank you, thank you. I don't want to forget the little people," Jim smiled.
"Expedient and-" Blinky started.
"And good humoured," you finished.
"Oh my hero!" Bagdwella praised.
Toby captures the gnome into a bag and sets aside.
"And what about this shrinking stuff? When does it wear off?" Jim asked.
"Don't worry. Sleep it off. By morning, you'll be as good as new. And how you have earned it! Jim "the Gnome Slayer!" Blinky reassured.
"He was so young. There was so much music left in him," Toby commented, playing the little guitar.
You ignored him.
"All that is left is for you to take care of it," Blinky instructed.
"Wait, what? Take care of it?" Jim puzzled.
"Rule number two," Aaarrrgghh reminded.
"‘Always finish the fight’," Blinky quoted.
"And by finish... " you began.
"Deaden. End. Le coup de grâce," Blinky finished.
Aaarrrgghh moved his thumb across his throat, indicating to kill the poor gnome.
You and Jim shared worried glances. Neither of you were killers, but you had to follow the rules. But, it was up to Jim, since he was the Trollhunter.
You headed home, while Jim stayed at Toby's house.
As you opened the door, you saw your mom unpacking food.
"Hey, Mom. What are you doing?" you asked.
"Just unpacking the food I got. As you already know, I'm not a good cook, so I thought some takeaway would be good," she explained.
Soon, the two of you sat down and dug into your food.
"Y/n, where's Jim?" your mom asked.
"He's staying at Toby's place," you answered.
"Well, since he's not here, want to have some girl time?" she asked.
"I'd love to," you replied.
Once you two had finished dinner, the two of you sat down and binged watch watched Mistrial & Error together.
After a dozen or so episodes, the two of you started to play truth or dare.
"Okay, y/n… Truth or dare?" Mom asked.
"Truth," you answered.
"Hmm... so, that friend of yours, Douxie. Is he just a friend or...?" Mom questioned.
"Douxie?! He's... uh... um..." you stammered.
"And my question is answered," Mom cheered.
"What?! He's not. Uhh..." you cried.
From that, you and your Mom started to talk about your love life, more specifically, Douxie.
"I saw on one of your friends posts that you were hiding behind him during your little movie night," she said.
"It was a scary movie! Some scenes were just absolutely terrifying, so of course I’d hide behind him. That's normal," you defended.
"You could've just shut your eyes," she suggested.
"Um... well... uh..." you stuttered.
"I guess my suspicions are true," she smirked.
"Mom!" you cried.
"Okay, okay. We'll have this conversation another day. I'm tired, so I'm heading to bed, kiddo," she said, getting up from the couch.
"Me too. I need to go to school," you agreed, following suit.
Next morning, you woke up to the sound of clattering downstairs. You got up and got dressed into a t-shirt, pair of jeans and sneakers and rushed downstairs to see what the commotion was about. You found the source of the commotion, your mom.
"What are you doing?" you asked.
"Nothing for you to worry about, kiddo," she said.
You shrugged and realised that there was nothing for you to eat for breakfast.
"Sorry, y/n. No breakfast. Maybe grab something in town," she suggested.
"Will do. I'll head out, love you!" you called and rushed out your door, hastily grabbing your bag on your way out.
You made your way to Toby's house, checking on Jim. You knocked on the Domzalski's door. It opened to reveal Toby.
"Hey, Tobes!" you grinned.
"Hey, y/n! Checking in on Jim?" he guessed.
You nodded and you followed him to his room. On the way, Toby's Nana forced you to eat a blueberry muffin.
As soon as you entered his room, you noticed Jim's absence. But then you realised he was in a doll house.
Toby opened the doll house to reveal a startled Jim.
"What's wrong, Tiny Jim? Did you not sleep well in Nana's dollhouse?" Toby asked.
"Why am I still small, guys?" Jim whined.
"Maybe the stuff works different on trolls than it does on humans?" you theorised.
"Oh, my gosh. The gnome! You did it? I told you I was supposed to-- Oh no! School!" Jim panicked.
"We have to call you in sick. Tell them you ate too much chocolate. That always works," Toby ordered, shoving his phone into Jim's little face.
"No, Señor Uhl can sniff out a lie a mile away," Jim refused. He thought for a second when his eyes lit up. "That's it! Toby, I need you to do me a huge favour. Well, maybe a small one. But huge."
You gave him confused look.
"Look, I have a plan, just trust me on this," Jim explained. "Plus, you should be heading to school right now."
"Fine, but I want you to be normal size by the end of the day. I can't take you home like this," you said, gesturing to his size.
"Okay. Now, go!" Jim said.
You rode off to school, hoping your brother would return to his normal size.
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applesauce365 · a year ago
How I study Korean
I don't attend any language school for Korean but I can't take all the credit either because I have resources which help me, a lot.
Learning Spanish for two months helped me understand the key points about learning a foreign language. I started with the basics, 한글.
Reading & Writing: I made sure I knew the correct stroke order and pronunciation of the 한글 characters. I wrote 한글 everyday for about a month while reading aloud the character I was writing. Just like in kindergarten, when I was learning my first language, English.
I used Duolingo to practice the 한글 characters. Repetition is the key.
With Korean, the new part was - syllable blocks.
Tumblr media
Even Bengali or Hindi didn't have them. So I dived into the concept of syllable blocks. I wrote words which were one or two syllables long in order to get used to the writing system.
I wasn't happy about my handwriting though. It looked very blocky and un-native-like. So I practiced writing Korean like a native.
Tumblr media
My initial handwriting
Tumblr media
Practicing how to write like a native
Tumblr media
During the transition I might've been trying too hard. (and that's a lot of 박보검 and 오빠)
Tumblr media
This is my steady Korean handwriting. It's not pretty but it's legit. (None of my handwritings are pretty)
Tumblr media
This is my English handwriting and I've been writing English ever since I was a baby. I just don't have very good penmanship, I guess. (this is actually a random chemistry question. All I write these days are science stuff for NEET, so.)
Pronunciation: Now that I knew how to read and write 한글, I moved on to the phonetics. Here's an order I follow and I think you should too, when learning a language from scratch.
Tumblr media
Gotta start from the core
Vowels are cool, but consonants? Man, did I struggle. Voiced, unvoiced, unaspirated, aspirated, tense... WTF? I got through it.
Next in line for Korean pronunciation were 받침 and nasal assimilation/ nasalization.
Speech levels: English doesn't have speech levels but Bengali and Hindi do, so it was comparatively easier for me to understand that. Bengali and Hindi both have 3 speech levels. On the whole, Korean has 2 반말 and 존댓말. But on a more precise level, it has 7. You need to know 4 and you're good to go.
Basic Vocabulary: I have books in Korean for beginners and apps like EPS TOPIK Korean and Eggbun are also a fun way of learning new and useful words. I don't bother getting premium, the free version does a pretty good job.
Conjugation: Korean conjugation is pretty easy. All you have to care about is the tense, as it doesn't depend on number (singular/plural) or person (I/you/it). Also, Korean nouns are gender neutral. I consult Hanji whenever I'm in doubt.
Sentence Construction: Korean sentences have a Subject+Object+Verb order unlike English sentences which have a Subject+Verb+Object order. Bengali, however, has an order similar to that of Korean.
Counters: This is something which is much more common in Bengali than in English. Counters or counting words are classifiers. In English it is "two sheets of paper", not "two papers". Analogously, in Korean 장 is used to count sheets.
Numbers: There are two different number systems in Korean. Native Korean and Sino-Korean.
Books : There are tons of ebooks for learning Korean in these websites z-library, pdfdrive and epdf.
YouTube : Channels that I use include TTMIK, 한국언니, Minji Teaches Korean, KoreanClass101, BillyGo, The World of Dave, 빅키샘.
Websites : 90DAYKOREAN, How to study Korean, Key to Korean, Koreanly
Translator : I would not recommend Google translator for Korean. It's lousy. I use Naver Papago.
Forums : Trust no translator! Translators can get your message across but there's no guarantee that it sounds natural. Get help from natives, use language forums like Korean Language Stack Exchange and HiNative.
Comprehensive Input
Reading : Read in Korean- literature, articles, essays, magazines, comics, news
Listening : Listen to podcasts, music or audiobooks in Korean
Writing : Write in Korean, if you can't write anything creative, journal in Korean
Watching movies or TV shows in Korean help significantly improve listening skills. Playing word games in Korean will improve your vocabulary. Try to understand jokes and memes in Korean.
I'm an ARMY, Jin's dad jokes immensely help me improve my Korean.
I also have (native) Korean friends who proofread what I write and help me use more natural Korean expressions.
I actually tried to learn Hanja (Chinese characters) because they said it would help. It's frigging difficult! I quit. I'm doing just fine without Hanja.
Here's my Pinterest board for Korean
I think not having a teacher kind of worked in my favour. I've problems with authority, you see. I don't like someone telling me what to do. It's like I have to be in charge at all times.
Tumblr media
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sakuramidnight15 · 4 months ago
-HSA OC Information-
Tumblr media
Character Bio
Name: Dorothea Koizumi
(Japanese: ドロテア小泉)
Romaji: Dorotea Koizumi
Quote: “Oh shut the fuck off, it's your fault that you lost the bet. Now settle your fat ass down and pay up, slut."
V/A: Yoshino Nanjou (Japanese)
Gender: Female
Age: 19-Physical (???-Actually)
Birthday: October 13
Star Sign: Libra
Eye Color: Spanish Carmine
??? (Unknown Eye Color)
Hair Color: Wisteria Purple
Height: 184 cm
Race: Jinx Demon
Species: Sinner Type
Homeland: Dungeon Inkhell
Family: Grayson Andino (Father)
Isamu Koizumi (Father)
Penelope Andino (Older Sister)
Olive Koizumi (Younger Brother)
Aiya Koizumi (Aunt)
Wilma Schaeffer (Aunt)
Misaki Koizumi (First Cousin)
Geoffrey Shaeffer (Second Cousin)
School Status and Fun Facts
Dorm: Höllejigoku
School Year: Third
Class: 3-D
Student no. 2
Occupation: Student
Vice-dorm Leader
Manager of the Casino Division
Dorm's Dealer
Part-time Model
Club: Literature Club
Best Subject: Weapon Class, Social Media and Math
Dominant Hand: Ambidextrous (Right hand mostly)
Favorite Food: Fried Frog Legs, Kimchi, Sour Cream Chips, Brussel Sprouts, Blackberry Juice, Black Crow Pie, Dead Monster's Flesh,
Least Favorite Food: Pasta, Hard Bread (Like a Rock that can break your teeth), Fish, Mustard, Sweet Milk,
Likes: Pranks (Demontical/Sinister but harmless), Family(Doesn't show it or express it, but in secret), Fashion (In any types), Gambling (Mostly), Winning in Fights (Physical or Magic), Dancing, Anime and Cosplaying (Mostly),
Dislikes: Chaos, Spoiled Brats (Mostly), Losing (Mostly), People thinking that she calculated the results for the bets wrong (Mostly), Getting Chased, Pranks backfired, Getting Scolded,
Hobbies: Reading anime mangas (Mostly), Cosplaying (Mostly), Getting the lastest Gossip or Trend, Dancing on stage, Gambling (The higher risks, the more crazier she gets, Mostly), Teasing other in a friendly manner or not,
Talents: Sinner Mode, Demon Abilities, Excited Mode (When she's gambling in high bests), Iron Legs and Teeth, Inner Shadow Control, Dark Abilities, Lie detector,
Nicknames: Dorothy or Dottie (From her friends and family)
Dorothea-senpai or Koizumi-senpai (From the freshmen students)
Manager (From her dorm mates)
Dola (From her cousin, Geoffrey)
Other Nicknames:
Dory (From the Main Trio and Manase)
Fashion Partner and Bestie (From Marleigh)
Appearance and Personality
Appearance: Dorothea has a slender but slightly curvy female body build with black demon-like skin. She has long and somewhat thick wisteria purple hair which she ties it into two spike buns. She has spanish carmine colored eyes which they can turn into a unknown color when using her demon abilities. Dorothea is your typical sweet girl but is known to be trouble-some and ruthless.
Personality: Dorothea is the middle child and second daughter in her giant family. Her whole family runs a modeling studio, where she often helps her fathers with the clothes and posing for the models. She often admires her older sister's skills as a designer, which she never expressed it and got teased for it. This states the fact she's in a good relationship with each of her family members, but mostly for Geoffrey, who happens to be her favorite cousin/family member.
She has somewhat of a sweet girl but does have devilish/sinful personality, both on the outside and inside of herself. Dorothea is known to be sarcastic, mean and pretty ruthless towards others. Known to be a typical but rather a demon bully or mean girl. Especially for her demonic pranks and schemes, looked pretty dangerous but is actually harmless.
Is indeed very troublesome than the rest in the academy, she managed to get away with every demonical scheme or pranks she planned on someone that catches her interests and does not care of what others think of her. But on some days, she would get caught easily by the Dominguez twins and her cousin in the attempts of her escape, much to her dismay.
Like her dorm mates, she's pretty hard to approach due to her personality and status as a demon and also being a mean girl around, but her dorm mates has the exception, especially for the twins and her cousin.
Despite her devil/troublesome attitude, she seems to take her job as the vice-dorm leader seriously, but still uses her usual personality. Takes her job as the current manager and dorm dealer of the game and rules quite easily. Will play nicely but not when someone is being pain in the butt on her.
Secretly, Dorothea is easy on the freshmen students in the dorm only, but also the other dorms as well but sometimes. She seems to have a big-sister or motherly personality but no one saws it but doesn't express much it though, which she's thinks it's kinda embarrassing to show it. Plus, she and her cousin often chat together on the daily basis.
Play your cards nicely when she's around. Since Dorothea is troublesome, she's known to be cold and shows no indeed mercy if you're on her bad side. This girl loves to toy you down till you break if you ever cross with her, especially in the casino division itself.
Definitely goes wild and madness, makes you wanna run away but this demon will catch you. This demon girl wanna make your life like the hell down below itself.
Cheeky but dreadfully a troublesome demon here, Dorothea can make your day as hellful as she wants to. If she gets approval from Casimir and Cattleya first.
-The name 'Dorothea' is female given name: from a Greek word meaning “gift of God.” While her surname 'Koizumi' is a Japanese surname, meaning 'small spring'.
-She's based on King Dice (From Cuphead) and Millie (From Helluva Boss)
-Dorothea has a gambling addict. Making her a complusive gambler, it makes her go wild indeed for any risks taken indeed. Aside from that, she seems to have a anime addict as well. Rambles on both of them in one breath.
-Since she's like a mean girl, expect insults and curses from her mouth straight at you. If you're on her bad side.
-She knows the Main Trio, alongside with Manase and Marleigh. Often duels with Lynette, Kiara and Amelia or okay games with them. She and Marleigh making clothes together, and then anime cosplaying with Manase in secret!
-She and Marleigh often dragged kidnapped or adducts Manase when it comes to important fashion emergencies. This happened on the daily when Manase is busy with her dorm duties or not.
-Follows Casimir's and Cattleya's orders in the dorm. She definitely doesn't want to disappoint and anger them.
-She's been friends with the twins since childhood.
-Dororhea's voice sounds pretty charming and cool, but the tone changes when she's pissed off. Which is why I chose Yoshino Nanjou to be her voice actor.
Third one done! Last one! (@hourglassstationacademy)
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esther-dot · 11 months ago
Do you think GRRM is punishing the Starks (apart from Arya) with how their journeys end? Arya gets to go on an adventure and do as she pleases and heal but Jon is stuck at the Wall and Bran and Sansa are burdened with being monarchs and having to fix the mess everyone else has made of Westeros. I think it's odd considering the Starks are the heroes of the story. They're all alone at the end. There's bittersweet and then there's just plain sour.
Well, this partially depends on just how seriously we take his insistence that the show’s ending is his. It’s impossible to believe that’s exactly what we’re getting, but at the same time, I can’t dismiss such clear communication from a person who is otherwise so consistently vague. If these are the real endgames, it’s easy to read them in a devastating way. In fact, D&D leaned into that:
Bran is devoid of humanity.
Arya is apparently so disconnected from her family, she has no intention of ever seeing them again --won't ever see them again.
Jon kills the love of his life (lol) to save someone he half blames for making that necessary, someone he feels betrayed him.
Sansa wanted her family, Jon in particular, with her in Winterfell, and not only are none of them ever going to be able to stay there, Jon, who she was closest to, is angry with her.
The ending is empty because the writing was empty. What was (likely) intended to show human complexity came across as contradictory characterization. What was (likely) meant to be tragic came across as pointless, making the ending feel nihilistic, although Martin maintains he isn't. We all know there's a mismatch between D&D's and Martin's sensibilities, which might explain the feeling that we were given multiple stories, conflicting stories, all at once. They used elements of his story in their own, and didn't understand the implications of what they wrote.
Now, if the focus had been on the love the Starks have for each other, had been clear about their bond, their motivation, had it acknowledged the innate tragedy of their endings, we would have had some catharsis rather than the insulting, "No, this is actually happy!" (sending Jon to the fucking wall but having Tormund there to make it ok). I can see how when Martin first came up with the story/endgames decades ago, conceptually, these endings worked for him. A lot of people said for years Martin was into the "be careful what you wish for" idea and the ending would be what the characters wanted, just in a twisted way. That's what we got (sans logic), and it's a cool idea in theory, except, when he filled in the blanks of his story, he wrote in so much pain that the tragic ending feels needlessly cruel. There is no height from which these characters take a devastating fall, it's suffering built on suffering with no reward in the end. Look at poor Jon. At this moment, he’s dead, and in the next two books he has to find out about his parentage and face off with his Targ relative, likely becoming a kinslayer, and he has to defend the living from the Others...I mean, there isn't really space on the page for true healing and peace to occur, so we're looking at more trauma, more trauma, and uh, more trauma. And then exile, or worse, serving in the Watch again after they murdered him. So, more trauma!
My initial reaction was (tbh, will always be) "gross." But, if this is Martin's ending, if I imagine this written by him instead of D&D, I can imagine Jon and Sansa falling in love, the news that he isn't Ned's son a form of salvation for Jon (as much as it hurts him), and Jon being assured of his worth when he feels least worthy. Sansa loves him and he isn’t a monster for loving her. This story might include Jon marrying her and having a son when he had never thought he would be able to do either. There's a lot of deeply moving things that could happen for him. Maybe, Sansa for once is truly safe, gets to have a male relative who prioritizes her well-being above all else...there is a lot of emotional fulfillment that can happen here, even if they don't get a HEA. If we experience the characters getting resolution to their wants/fears, that is technically enough. As much as we want Jon to end up happily in Winterfell, as long as his choices are ones he can respect, as long as he did what was necessary to protect the Starks, I think he could be at peace with himself even if those same choices exclude him from the life he deserves. If written with care, his ending could be a testament to his love, and that can be beautiful. The author wouldn't be trying to punish him, just enforce the realism of his world which would explain hand Tyrion. Boo!
To me, the denial of the clear, "this is what should have been" isn't worthless. It fills readers with longing, and that kind of ending can stay with readers much longer than an ending that delivers on everything they want, so I understand why an author might purpose to write such an ending. That isn't my preference, but Martin has talked about how much he likes that kind of thing:
It's interesting to get back to this issue of romance that you raised earlier. When I was in Spain a few years ago, I had dinner with a woman, a Spanish academic, and a big fan of science fiction and romance. She had read a lot of my stuff, and people had said I was a very romantic writer. She sorta lashed at me during dinner. 'What are you talking about?! You are not a romantic writer. Nobody ever lives happily ever after in your books. And I was defending. I'd say 'Well, that's a different tradition of romance. I don't--I'm in the tradition of The Great Gatsby and Romeo & Juliet and you know, Beauty and the Beast. These things don't necessarily have happy endings. Aren't the most powerful romances the unfulfilled romances? The romances where people go their separate ways? And, and but they'll always have Paris, right? Like Casablanca, one of the films I showed here. You know, they go separate at the end, but they'll always have Paris.' And she basically said, 'No, you're wrong.' (he laughs) 'They have to be happily ever after together for it to be romance otherwise it's just sad.' (3 minutes into this vid)
There's a reason a lot of us understand why literature matters, enjoy it/admire it as art, but find more comfort in genre fiction. We want to get what we want and what we want is very often happy. But, there are a lot of things going on here, and I've mentioned before that Martin purposed to elevate fantasy, to get people to take it seriously in a way they didn't at the time he wrote AGOT. His goal wasn't/isn’t to punish the characters (he loves them more than we do), but to create something lasting, something that matters, and if he finds this kind of romance the most powerful, it isn’t hard to believe he would find this ending the right one, especially when joined with his desire to have an impact on literature. We fans may reject it as cruel, but he believes these endings are beautiful.
I understand what you’re saying about it feeling like Arya gets to go off and have fun whereas Sansa and Bran have a shit-ton of work ahead of them and Jon is outright punished. It’s one way to write those endings. But, while I think Jon and Sansa may get their hearts desire (love/family), personally, I found something deeply tragic in Arya‘s ending. @fedonciadale had mentioned the possibility of Arya “frodo-ing” before s8. It’s an odd ending for a little girl, and we can all headcanon it as joyous as we want, and it is freedom from being forced to conform which would have made her miserable, but I think there’s a definite tragic element there, and possibly, the implication that she is more haunted by her experiences than the others, unable to return home. Depending on which is emphasized in the writing, we would have very different feelings about that ending.
So, I guess I would say Martin made a mistake in
not letting readers know after the show finale that this isn't really his ending
OR, if this is his ending
calling it bittersweet a la Lord of the Rings when his is far more tragic
Let's all hope for option a. Either way, I don’t think he means for us to feel like he’s punishing the Starks. Bran and Sansa are clearly meant to usher in a more hopeful, peaceful, future for Westeros. He’s celebrating them, the Stark ideals, by placing them in positions of power, positions that would allow them to create a better life for others, even if they must make great personal sacrifices to do so. 
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newtonsheffield · a year ago
Hello again!!!! I'm the Spanish girl back in here!
Firstly, I'd like to send you my best wishes for this tough week of work, and I bet we're going to miss you around here this week. But duty calls! And, look, how many people can say they've got a whole week for relaxing after a week of work? 😌 (Perhaps I've misunderstood the whole thing; I've read your posts quite quick and I've understood sth different to what you wanted to say lol)
Well, what can I say with one of the last prompts you have gifted to us...? Kate, Anthony (and his Spanish!!!!!!) and Spain; you got me there. 😂 I even cried the famous "Ole!" when I read all of it (curious note: not all Spaniards use the expression "ole" in daily contexts; it is more like a regional expression that became worldwide famous bc of several reasons that are too long to post here, lol) and I think it's needless to say I loved it... isn't it?
And, I LOVED a lot Edwina's POV and story (well, I've loved everything you have posted and gifted to us, but Eddie has a special place in my heart)! I don't know, but sometimes I get the impression that, in romantic literature, relationships between sisters are not addressed at all and kinda force them to be friends (if they're not rivals... which I find stupid, tbh), not really deepening in the bond between them. Like, they're sisters and they behave more like "my next door neighbour and friend to whom sometimes I'm distant bc life happens" instead of "this person and I share much more than many people can imagine that's beyond friendship and she's more important than anybody else" -idk if this makes sense anymore... I rewrote it a couple of times bc I got the impression I can't express my idea very well 😂-. And that's something I think both of you, JQ and yourself, have achieved and gifted to all of us! We see Edwina and Kate as sisters: they fight, they tease the other, they can't stand each other sometimes, but always, ALWAYS, they care for and love the other just as sisters do. Because of this, I think TVWLM is one of my favourite books in this genre: they give us a two fantastic love stories, not only between a -heterosexual- couple but also between sisters; which is as important as any other kind of relationship.
After my TED Talk (sorry if it's been too much... 😅), I cannot help but imagine an escapade between Anthony and Kate (sans children) and Matthew and Edwina (oh, Matthew... I love you) to Spain just for Anthony, in his stupid one-side battle against Matthew (I love this, tbh; it's sooooo fun 😂), demonstrate Matthew he can speak fluently another language... Just for Matthew be oblivious to this and enjoy a little escapade to Spain with his girlfriend and her family. 😂
Anyways; I hope you're alright and, again, I wish you all the best for this week.
Besos!!! 🥰 (Spanish equivalent for the "Love!" farewell expression; it means "kisses")
Hola! You’re back again! And I’m so glad! 
I do have a week off once I finish work tomorrow (Saturday)!! Very Exciting! I have a scarf to knit, and lots of writing to do so that’s very exciting. 
Oh Anthony on a Spanish beach in tiny little flamingo shorts? Ole! indeed! That is a curious note, I literally love learning things about other cultures and languages so if anyone wants to share a curious note about their culture, hit me up! I will in turn tell you about the curious culture of The Land Down under, and our propensity to butcher the English language!
I agree, Sister relationships are a very curious thing in media. I’m not a huge fan of very contentious relationships between sisters, I’m not saying they don’t exist in real life, they definitely do, I just think having them as constant rivals is exhausting. And Yes! I Love the relationship between Edwina and Kate very much because I see it as a mirror of my relationship with my own sister. My sister drives me more insane than any other person on this planet. We fight, we bicker, I get absolutely enraged when she steals the last property I need for a set in Monopoly, and yet, She is my favourite person. She can say whatever she wants about me, but were anyone else to? It’s fight on sight. I’ll be honest, that all I’m doing is basing their relationship in these fics  on my own with my sister. Nothing special! 
Okay! Here we go! Anthony and Kate + Goose and Edwina +Spain
Kate Bridgerton was many, many things, but she liked to think an idiot, was not one of them. And so, when Anthony had said, in a tone she was sure he thought was casual. “I think we deserve a holiday, you’ve been working very hard to grow the little broad bean after all and your sister and her little gander should celebrate their engagement.” She had known exactly what he was up to. And she wasn’t really sure why she played along along with it. Perhaps something in her thrived on the chaos she knew Anthony would would create, perhaps part of her just really wanted a decent paella. Surely it didn’t matter, the result was the same: Kate fixed an innocent expression on her face and said  “Where did you have in mind?” 
 And so, surprise, surprise, here she was: back on a beach in Spain. She had to admit, eyeing Anthony appreciatively as he paddled demonstratively in the shallow water, his plan had its merits. though thus far his attempts had been... unsuccessful at best. Matthew Bagwell seemed absolutely thrilled to be in Spain, on holiday with his fiancée, giving them helpful facts he knew about the architecture as they walked through the city, a wide smile on his face, Anthony practically purple when he corrected a fact Anthony himself had said.   “Do you speak Spanish, Goose?” Anthony had said dryly in the hotel lobby shortly after they’d arrived. And Kate had rolled her eyes at Anthony, though Matthew was not paying attention. He had his arms wrapped tightly around Edwina’s waist, whispering something in her ear that made her nose crinkle in delight, the sapphire of her engagement ring glinting in the sunlight. And the beautiful picture they made gave Kate’s heart a little stutter. Anthony tutted. “Matt!” He said sharply, getting the man’s attention, Matthew’s glasses slipping down his nose as his head shot upwards in surprise.  “Do you speak Spanish?” Edwina was rolling her eyes now. And Matthew, for his part was completely unbothered  “oh, no. Sorry Mate, might have to lean on your pretty heavily this week.” He said, and Kate caught the smug smile on Anthony’s face and bit back a groan Damnit Matthew.  “I’m pretty fluent in French, German and Mandarin though!” Matthew said smiling happily, turning back towards Edwina, completely oblivious to the scowl Anthony tossing his way. “Of course you fucking are.” He muttered, fixing Kate with an irritated glare as a laugh escaped her!   
The water surely must be a little cool in early October but Anthony showed no signs of it, Beckoning Kate into the water. She groaned and made her way towards him, laughing happily as he tugged her in, his hand resting on her stomach, still no sign of her pregnancy. “Is he watching?” Anthony whispered in her ear as he wrapped his arms around her waist, spinning her through the water So she had a brief image of her sister smiling brightly at her fiancée who appeared to be... bless him building a sandcastle. 
“No. He’s not.” Kate said batting her husband’s hands away irritatedly as he scowled.  “Are you really trying to look more in love than they are?” Kate scoffed, disbelief at her husband’s idiocy rising with in her. Anthony looked indignant. “No! A man can’t take an interest in his wife now? Very poor show Mrs. Bridgerton.” He said, but his eyes, darted towards the shore at the last second.  “Oh I cannot believe you! You’re absolutely manic!” She replied as Anthony attempted to pull her back towards him, Kate putting up very little fight as she tumbled against. him, his voice hot in her ear. “Insufferable I hear.” Kate scoffed. “Ugh! If Anyone’s insufferable it’s him!” 
Kate turned to follow Anthony’s gaze to find Matthew waving at them, grinning broadly, completely unbothered. And Kate couldn’t keep from laughing as Anthony went on another muttered tirade.
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