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Welcome to Author Shout out Wednesday! We hope your week has been good, and are glad to see you! Here we hope to highlight and bring attention to the lovely authors of our fandom! This week’s shout out goes out to:


Notes: I’ve been following their works for a while now, and I absolutely love reading them! Some of my personal favorites include their Irondad fic exchange pieces, but all of their works are equally amazing! I love their writing style. They also write a good amount of fluff and angst, and write the characters and relationship so good as well! Go check them out and leave comments/kudos if you like it!

Link to their Ao3

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Coach Wilson: Parker, climb the rope!

Peter: What’s at the top of the rope?

Coach Wilson: Your self-esteem.

Peter: My self-esteem?

Coach Wilson: Now climb the rope or you get to go sit with the girls.

Peter: So if I don’t climb the rope, I get to go sit with the girls? You’re going to have to help me out here, I’m failing to see the downside.

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Media: film (live action)

Character: Spider-Man

Type of restraints: tied up (?)

Location: about halfway through the movie, after the train sequence

I wanted to make Superhero Week balanced in showing both Marvel and DC properties, so I present the best GID example I could think of in a live action Marvel movie. Marvel is definitely not as GID-prolific as DC, so it’s not as elaborate.

After being exhausted in his attempt to stop the runaway train, Spider-Man ends up captured by Doctor Octopus and delivered to Harry Osborn. Spider-Man is bound by metal wires from neck to toe and although he breaks out of it fairly easily, it’s by far the best live action GID scene for any of the three Spider-Men. 

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It’s been a while since Rhodey looked after Tony when he was drugged up – which Rhodey is very thankful for – and he kind of forget how clingy the man could get. They were on a mission together, one that hadn’t treated Tony too kindly, which resulted in him spending several hours in the med bay of the tower before being drugged up to his eyeballs with pain killers. After that, it’s Rhodey’s job to get Tony to bed and making sure he doesn’t do anything stupid, because Happy and Pepper are on a business trip, and while FRIDAY does have eyes everywhere, she can’t do anything when Tony falls out of his bed.

Finally, Tony lays in his bed, almost asleep, and Rhodey couldn’t be prouder of himself. He is about to turn around and leave, when Tony suddenly sits up, barely managing to not fall out of the bed in his haste. “I-I have to get to the car!”

“No, Tony, you don’t,” Rhodey argues, catching his friend before he can fall out of his bed. “You’re in no condition to drive, and you don’t need to go anywhere. What you need to do is sleep.”

“Peter,” Tony mumbles, continuing his efforts to get up, “I have to pick up Peter. I promised.”

Rhodey sighs. He may have been able to keep Tony from going to the lab, but making him forget about spending time with Peter? That’s impossible. “I’ll get him.” Tony looks at him, blinking owlishly, like he can’t really process the words. “I pick Peter up from school, and bring him here. You stay here and try to sleep, okay?”

“Yeah,” he agrees, nodding slowly, and melting back into the mattress. “Yeah, okay.”

“Stay in bed,” Rhodey warns again on his way out of the room. “If you try to get up, FRIDAY will tell me and then I’ll drive Peter home, you hear me?” Tony whines, but doesn’t try to get up again, and Rhodey can’t help but smile.

Taking one of Tony’s cars (it’s not like Tony would be angry, and Rhodey has to get at least some kind of compensation for looking after him, right?), Rhodey drives to Peter’s school. He’d been there a couple of times when Tony picked the boy up before, but now he couldn’t see the kid anywhere. Or any kid at all, for that matter. Quickly, he checks the time. School’s been over for a while now.

A bad feeling starts to spread out through Rhodey’s body. Peter is too much like Tony, and that means he’s probably in some kind of trouble. Deciding that every second counts, Rhodey gets out of the car and sneaks into the school, hoping that no one will recognize him and wonder what War Machine is doing at a school in Queens.

The school is eerily quiet, which makes him think something is about to explode any second (something always exploded when Tony was too quiet), but it stays quiet. Rhodey checks the labs first, but they are empty. Well, no explosions then. Hopefully. Not really knowing where to look next, he walks around a bit aimlessly, hoping to find some sort of clue where Peter may be.

Just when he seriously thinks about having FRIDAY track his phone, he hears some voices. One of them, he quickly identified as Peter’s. Thanking his lucky star, Rhodey follows the voices, but the closer he gets, the more obvious it gets that it’s not some friendly chatter.

“- do us all a favor and just drop out.”

“I’m not dropping out, Flash,” Peter groans, sounding more annoyed than angry.

“Nobody wants you on the team anyway.”

“You mean besides the captain of the team and the guy who got awarded most correct answered questions three times this year alone?” Rhodey couldn’t help but smirk as he heard the sassiness in Peter’s tone. That’s 100% Tony’s influence. “Besides, do you think they want you on the team?”

“Of course, I’m a valuable member.”

“Well, maybe then you should try harder to not be an alternate.”

There’s a metallic thump. “What did you just say, Penis?”

Deciding that he stayed out of it long enough, Rhodey finally rounds the corner and clears his throat, drawing the attention of the two boys on him. The unfamiliar one that Peter called Flash jumps three feet away from Peter, who leans against some lookers and blinks before the expression on his face morphs from confusion to recognizing him to delight and back to confusion.

“Hey Peter,” Rhodey greets Peter, but his eyes stay on the other kid. “Everything good here?”

“Colonel Rhodes,” because, other than Tony who gives everyone nicknames, Peter addresses everyone with their correct title and name, no matter what, “yeah, everything is fine.”

“Really?” He raises an eyebrow at Flash.

Flash, who all but shrieks and nods his head so fast, Rhodey kind of fears it’ll pop off. “Y-Yeah, Sir, everything is fine.” And then, in a flash, Flash is gone.

“Is he bothering you?” Rhodey asks as soon as the kid is out of their sight.

Peter groans. “Not you too.”

“What do you mean?”

“I really appreciate your concern, but I don’t need somebody else threatening to take care of Flash, whatever that means. Mr. Stark is more than enough.”

“I only asked if he was bothering you.”

“Yeah, that’s how it started with Mr. Stark, too.” Rhodey can’t help but snort at that, already picturing his friend making plans what he could do to this poor High School kid who’s bullying his favorite intern. Peter shoulders his backpack, and steps closer to him. “Please don’t take this the wrong way, but what are you doing here? Not that I’m, like, not happy to see you or anything, I’m happy to see you, of course, but-“

Rhodey raises a hand, making Peter shut up at once. “I’m here to pick you up.”

Peter blinks at him. “Pick me up?”

“Yeah, and drive you to the tower. Tony is not quite in the condition to drive.” Before Peter can start to panic about the wellbeing of his mentor, Rhodey quickly explains. “He’s fine. We were on a mission and Tony needed a bit of stitching up. All he needs is rest and a few pain killers.”

“Oh, okay,” Peter nods, shoulders dropping in relieve. “But, uh… it’s not an internship day.”

This time, it’s Rhodey who blinks in confusion. “What?”

“I had Decathlon today. Internship day is tomorrow.”

Rhodey sighs, actually contemplating if Tony had the freak out on purpose because he wants the boy close (he gets better at admitting how fond he is of Peter, but it’s still a long way) or if he genuinely mixed up the days. And now he’d promised Tony that he would bring him Peter. Oh, Rhodey can already see the tantrum the billionaire is about to throw when Rhodey comes back alone. “Well… Are you busy? Or do you wanna come with me and babysit a clingy Tony?”

“I’m free,” Peter quickly agrees, already radiating with an infectious kind of excitement. “He’s not in a lot of pain, is he?”

“Like I said, he’s completely fine, just drugged up. Which, to be honest, is very funny. He has absolutely no filter, so if you have any questions you want answers to, now is the time.” Peter’s laugh is bright and echoes back from the walls.

The tiny smirk on Tony’s face when they arrive back at the tower tells Rhodey that the sneaky genius knows exactly which day it is.

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