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imposterogers · 15 hours ago
Never a bad day to remember that Tony blackmailed Peter with revealing his true identity to get him to join Team Iron Man
I think its time we rehashed this, bc rewatching it that entire scene is so incredibly uncomfortable
-to start off peter is 14/15 here
-tony comes into peter's house uninvited under false pretenses, telling aunt may that peter has received a grant bc of his intelligence, then corners peter
-instead of explaining anything, he pulls up footage of spiderman and proof that he knows peter Is spiderman
-"spiderman" // "not in that onesie your not"
-peter saying he wants to look out for the little guy and do the right thing, and tony deciding to bring peter to germany to fight team cap ????
-"better tell aunt hottie i'm taking you on a field trip" without explaining to peter why he has to go to germany in the first place, and insinuating that if peter doesn't go, tony will tell aunt may the Big Secret
-peter knows NOTHING about the sokovia accords. he's in high school. he's spiderman in his spare time. he knows NOTHING about them. and tony doesn't offer up an explanation. he just drags him to europe to fight highly trained extremely dangerous enhanced individuals
-the ironic part is peter parker's main concern is keeping his secret identity. its incredibly important that he does. but he's fighting on the side of the sokovia accords, which literally enforce any vigilante/super hero to have their identity revealed
-its funny when ppl r like I can't believe team cap fought a 14 year old when the real question Is why was a 14 year old (who didn't even understand the situation) there in the first place???
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spid3yart · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
spoiler? maybe
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benji-the-art-blog · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Okay okay, I’m not a huge Marvel fan... but I am a huge Raimi Spiderman trilogy fan. Especially, for Alfred Molina’s Doc Ock and William Dafoe’s Green Goblin.
I was screaming when the trailer released. MY EVIL BOIS ARE COMING HOME!!!
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hollandsmushroom · a day ago
Hi Mae, I don't know if you accept request...🥺👉🏻👈🏻 but I've this concept in my head since days... I'm on the bed and Peter has his face on my torso, hugging my waist, while I comb his hair with my hands. After a little bit we change position (now I'm lying on Petey), and it's so comforting and super fluffy...
Ya Know? || P.P.
word count: 387
warnings: insurmountable fluff
a/n: sorry if this is complete and total shit, pain killers make everything loopy
“Your stomach is making weird noises” Peter grumbled into your belly, looking up at you from his place cuddled into your midsection.
“Yeah, well that's kinda what stomachs do” you chuckled, looking down at him as you ran your hands through his soft brown curls. His arms were tight around your waist, hugging you close to him, his fingers scratching softly at your back, soothing any residual tension that the day had left intertwined in the gentle sinew of your body. The air after your quip was silent, mute from any noise aside for your gentle breathing and his, it was soft and quiet and lit up by the New York skyline that shone through your uncovered window. It was an idealistic moment from a romance novel.
“I love you, ya know” Peter mumbled after a while, his voice thick with sleep as he shifted, looking up at you and causing your hand that was still inweaved in his hair to fall to the back of his neck.
“Funnily enough I did know that, Peter Parker” you poke back at him verbally, tightening your fingers in his hair as you look into the dark brown of his eyes, losing yourself in the amber rings. “And I love you too” you mumbled, still staring deeply at him, a gaze that he matched with the same depth and longing.
“Good, it would be awkward if you didn’t” you giggled at his words and his sudden movements, hands pulling from underneath your back and switching places, he was beneath you know and you were laying on him, a position that the both of you often favored for sleeping.
“It really would be awkward” your eyelids fluttered slightly as he pulled you up, your cheek to his bare chest and his arms still wrapped securely around your body.
Peter didn’t respond, he didn’t need to, he had said everything he needed to for the rest of the day when he told you he loved you, now all that was left was to drift off to sleep whilst holding the love of his life.
“Goodnight Petey” you mumbled, placing a featherlike kiss to his bare chest and nuzzling up against him. Peter still didn’t respond, simply he placed a soft kiss to your forehead and faded off, content and in love.
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r-manoff · 2 days ago
What if… alternative titles
What if… ✨ women ✨
What if… the problems in the universe were fixed by talking to T’Challa
What if… we suffered through our comfort characters’ deaths again
What if… Strange was emo
What if… we suffered through our comfort characters’ deaths again^2
What if… Tony died for the fourth time 🍻
What if… Thor was a bigger himbo than usual
What if… the mcu hadn’t portrayed ultron as a can of soup
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bad-comic-art · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Web of Spider-Man #4 (2021)
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cortanas-wielder · a day ago
Tumblr media
This scene>>>
We are not talking enough about the fact that
Alec wasn't accepted by his parents and Izzy was angry he didn't tell her
Alec has read Marvel comics
Simon is an absolute nerd to make this joke
Actually we aren't talking enough about TMI-gang in general
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doctavvius · 2 days ago
Olivia: how do 3 men in their 50s not have $800 between them?
Raimiverse Otto, comics Otto and PS4 Otto: they’re - the economy is in shambles
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