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Here’s a look at more of the official sketch cards I created for Marvel Masterpieces 2020. This small collection is dedicated to heroes and villains from the spiderverse!
More #art soon #cool cats!
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harley: so i then count backwards from 100, repeating affirmations to myself as i go.

peter, writing notes: what kind of affirmations?

harley: stuff like “i’m real” and “the place i’m going exists and will accept me”. stuff that confirms the reality, you know?

tony, walking in: what are you boys talking about?

peter: harley is teaching me how to shift realities so i can go date draco malfoy! i know he’s lowkey racist, but i think i will make him a better person.


harley: :D

tony, slowing backing out of the room:

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Alright, panini head, I was going to ignore you but I’d like to wipe the floor with your ass first since you’re that desperate for it;

1. The reason they make so many references to her beauty and attractiveness is because MARISA TOMEI (the actress that plays Aunt May) chose it that way. She doesn’t want to be treated like an old lady, so she likes the frisky side more. She enjoys her character more when the character is not hanging around the apartment cleaning it, instead, she said she wanted May to be more independent, vibrant, and sensual. She doesn’t want to be the cooking-baking granny. Ever considered that? :) :) :) :) 

“Well, I only got to be old very recently,” she chuckles. “The industry has decided I’m an aunt-type now. I’m like, is this the way it gets broken to me? I think that it would be wonderful to have her involved a lot more in active things and not only dropping him off at school or picking him up or being at home.” - Marisa Tomei.

It’s lucky I didn’t know much about Aunt May, because I might have been horrified if I’d seen the original image of a grey-haired pensioner. Don’t toy with my heart, Marvel. Is that really how you view me?” - Marisa Tomei.

“Peter’s been a super-nerd with his studies, which is laudable, but my version of Aunt May tries to coax him out of that and broaden his interests, maybe even start dating,” -Marisa Tomei.

‘But there was what I thought the fans expected from the character, which was a strong maternal presence tending to home fires. I’ve always been very interested in and drawn to either illuminating or playing with this knitting together of both the innocent and the wild, the maternal and the sexual, and not having them be a cultural paradox.’ -Marisa Tomei.

2. ‘misogynistic part of the mcu??’ Are you 13? lmaooo only a minor who thinks that acting edgy and doing the ‘whitest white feminism’ act is cool would accuse them of something like that. Or accuse an actor/director they personally don’t know of such a thing.

3. I LOVE how yall act like May really hates Tony because a) some weird ass feminist fantasy you have where she punches him or some crap, and b) because you clearly don’t like Tony Stark and that’s it. Unfortunately for you:

“And maybe she puts on his costume, maybe that happens, maybe she goes out with Tony Stark for a little while. I don’t know, there’s a lot of things that could happen.”

“We’ll see. Hopefully the fans will love this new iteration and we’ll do more. Anyway, I think Aunt May should get her own spin-off. Something should go on with Tony Stark, and those two should get into their own capers.

“She’s got to be sure he’s still having fun in the midst of all his studies. Even though he’s so capable and has so much potential as a student and as a protege of Stark Industries. But he also has got to get out there and have a party.”

“He (RDJ) recommended me for the role and we had a flirtatious little scene together in Captain America: Civil War. Having a familiar face around certainly made me more comfortable.” -Marisa Tomei. 

Marisa Tomei doesn’t agree with you :) :) :) :) 

And btw, I’m sorry you feel this pressed about irondad but unfortunately for you, his presence is going to be in Peter’s life forever. Dead or not. So you better get used to it :) :)

Sincerely, me. Eat ass :) 

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Requested by dreamerinthesun

“Peter?” you asked. You KNEW that voice under the Spider-man mask.

“Uh, Peter? I don’t know what you’re talking about-“ Spider-Man stated, taking on a comically deep voice and lying very badly.

You could only smirk and shake your head. “Peter Parker is freaking Spider-Man,” you said, reaching out to shove your friend playfully on the shoulder.

Peter pulled his mask off, his shoulders drooping. “That obvious, huh?” he asked. “I’m really sorry.”

“Sorry? Sorry for what? This is super cool. You gotta get better at lying though if you’re going to try to keep up the secret identity thing,” you stated.

“I’m sorry for keeping this from you. You’re my friend. I should’ve told you,” Peter replied.

“Seriously, I don’t blame you. In fact,” you paused and took a look around. There wasn’t exactly a crowd, but you still didn’t want to take any chances. You grabbed Peter by the arm and pulled him into an alleyway. “I’ve been keeping something from you. But since we’re revealing special powers now.”

“Y/N? What are you talking about?” Peter asked, confused out of his mind.

“This,” you replied. You flicked your wrist and a bolt of fire shot out, briefly lighting up the shadowed alley.

“Woah, woah, what the-“ Peter stammered. “How? What? Are you a mutant?”

“More of a mage, I think,” you replied. As Peter got more confused, you got more hesitant. Maybe you shouldn’t have shown him. “Fire’s just the easy thing to do. There’s also telekinesis, some slight telepathy that’s mostly just emotions, I tried lightning once, but uh, that’s super hard to control.” You held out a hand, and some garbage on the ground nearby started levitating. You flung it into the trash. “I just didn’t want to be labelled a freak, you know?”

“Well, if you’re a freak, we both are,” Peter stated. “That’s amazing, though! You should get some training.”

“Sure, I’ll just look in the ads for a magic teacher,” you replied with a sarcastic bite. “It’s not exactly a common ability.

“I might know a guy. I am an Avenger, after all,” Peter said with a smirk.

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Heylo guys! So uhm, this was an extremely tough decision to make, but from now until further notice, Ice Breaker is on hiatus… I’ve been contemplating this for a month or so now, but until my stress levels lower, and I get motivation for the series again, I won’t be adding anything on! I am extremely sorry. And I will still be uploading some blurbs and one-shots, but I don’t feel as though I have the dedication for the series right now. Again, I am extremely sorry to all of you, and I love you all so much!❤️😍💕

Tagging the Ice Breaker taglist:

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Yeah, you better get used to this, Dr. Cho. Young Mr. Parker’s known for his self-sacrificial tendencies, also expect frecuent panic attacks from Tony.😅

I could swear I saw an incorrect quote with something similar to this somewhere.

Marvel, Sony, Stan Lee, Steve Ditko ©.

Art by Maryo274 ©.

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