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about Itsv blonde peter and the 'misconception' of him being catholic, I'm reminded of my thoughts toward characters meeting alt. counterparts that are not a member of their minority. Like imagine seeing a version of you who doesn't have that intrinsic part of your life.

YEAH that’s so weird. like there’s a lot of japanese peters also and that must be REALLY WEIRD. like, it’s weird enough imagining a version of yourself who just like… lives in a different place. but to be a whole other ethnicity? there’s so much about you that this other self doesnt get

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Tom Holland showing solidarity & kindness to those in need, he’s without doubt the real “Spider-Man”


Because he doesn’t share it, or used it as a publicity stun they are genuine things he does to help others because he’s a good lad

Look for yourself what he did no long ago..



In conclusion

Be more like Tom

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[You can’t save them all.] I had to try. I know how those symbiotes can mess with your head…
Who made the suit? @costumereplicacave
Who crafted the mask? @ilustrastudios
Who is the awesome #CarnageGwen ? @kenlee25
#Bluepool #BlueDeadpool #Deadpool #Deadpoolcosplay #Spidergwen #Spiderverse #Marvel #Marvelcomics #cosplay #costume #cosplayersofinstagram #somber #toughdecisions #tiktok

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What’s Up Danger: Magical Girl Edition. This is Not a prank, I’m just publishing a preview 4/1 because everyone I pitch it to thinks it must be.

Song: What’s Up Danger (Blackway & Black Caviar, Into the Spiderverse)

Footage: Sailor Moon, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Adolescence of Utena, Revue Starlight, Sailor Moon Crystal

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