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pandorasbox341 · a day ago
Tumblr media
Am I the only one who wanted a soaking wet makeout from these two in Voyage Home?
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Basically every chapter of this book is named after somebody Spock loved and that already makes me want to cry, but here are some quotes from the Jim chapter that RIP MY HEART OUT
“I have tried on many occasions to write about Jim Kirk. This seems to me an increasingly impossible task.”
“He is present on every page, the ink in which these words have been written.”
“How do you write about a legend? How do you write about someone that you have so deeply loved?”
“Perhaps I might have saved his life, again (although he told me, once, that he would die alone).”
“Was that not what we did, after all—save each other’s life, again and again?”
“I have not been to see his grave. I believe I can permit myself one illusion in life.”
“I recall that Jim’s face lit up, with a smile like the sun.”
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hey-there-hunter · 6 hours ago
Tumblr media
Dont get caught making out with your captain AND first officer
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mythyla · 2 days ago
everyone needs to read ‘collision course’ by william shatner because it’s full of teenage spirk feels but the ending part is just perfection
kirk chases after his new boyfriend (who he’s known for two weeks and calls “stretch”) just to wish him luck because he’s not ready to say goodbye yet
Tumblr media
spock also wishes jim luck then these two awkward dorks mess up a handshake/vulcan salute by going for one gesture then switching to what the other is doing to match
Tumblr media
they keep walking together before coming to a fork in the road but they don’t want to separate so kirk decides to reminisce with a very suggestive line about the night they met and spock says he won’t ever forget
Tumblr media
they agree their time together has been fun and tell each other "see you around” even though they have totally different schedules because they still don’t want to truly say goodbye and also spock calls him jim for the first time ever
Tumblr media
like dear god what is this pride and prejudice shit before my very eyes and why did shatner make it so tragically romantic
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panthea-m-513 · 2 days ago
So william shatner’s homophobic but like,,, has anyone asked chris pine what he thinks about bi kirk
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spockstims · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ID: 1) a drawing of Dr McCoy holding a baby. 2) a drawing of Kirk and Spock standing next to each other with Kirk clutching Spock’s arm. Both are shaking with extremely wide tearful eyes. Text behind Spock reads “I am in control of my emotions” over and over, and text behind Kirk reads “Holy shit ok ok ok which room on the enterprise can I convert into a nursery oh my god” End ID
Baby fever is highly contagious
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pleadingeyes · 2 days ago
Live long and leave that mf up there please 🖖🖖🖖
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marlinspirkhall · 2 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Content warning for blood and injury, blood tw).
Like Chess
This was my contribution to the 2021 This Simple Feeling Zine, issues #6. When the mods asked me if I wanted to make a 2-page spread, I didn’t have any idea what I wanted to draw. My mum suggested I draw something I’d already written, and I knew immediately I’d want to adapt “I Don’t Know”.
Thank you so much to the mods at @thissimplefeelingzine for letting me adapt it into a comic, and for all your guidance and help. It was really fun to create this a few months ago, and it’s so exciting to be able to hold an actual, physical zine I contributed to in my hands!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
It’s been a long time since I posted on here. Just wanted to post some photos of my Star Trek pop collection ✨ and let you all know I’m still alive and still love Star Trek 💫
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spockfan · 13 hours ago
Tumblr media
Just one of the usual dates in paradise. Red sky, green grass, pretty plants, murder flowers, exploding rocks, and a mysterious force slowly pulling your ship out of the sky.
7/10 stars. Would probably have date there again. Point removed for each time the date got injured or almost killed.
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oddthesungod · 2 days ago
Jim and Spock meeting when Spock’s parents visit Earth when he’s young and them exchanging details and keeping in contact
V good
But imagine
Older brother and sister Sybok and Michael taking the absolute PISS out of him for how much he blushes when using his messaging device and how he sneaks away after dinner so that he can message Jim
YES YESSSS omg yess!!!!!!!
AUs where Jim and Spock meet as kids are so so so good 😭😭😭💖💖💖💖💖
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deepspaceja · a day ago
‘because I’m telling you to. because you need me to run this ship and I need him.’
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ragingpunsexual · 7 months ago
I love the idea of Spock being super queer, highly expressive and very emotional from a Vulcan view point. Like...
What humans see:
Tumblr media
What Vulcans see:
Tumblr media
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nucleartourist · 3 months ago
the thing about william shatner being pissed about the concept of bi!kirk is so funny to me because like. bill this is your fault. you were the one who looked at leonard nimoy like you wanted to eat him. you did that
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spocktheestallion · 2 months ago
tbh though if i were mccoy i’d be pretty fucking fed up with spock too. imagine you’re a doctor, you dedicate your life to learning how care for hundreds of different life forms and species across the galaxy, and then your wife divorces you, which leads you to enlisting as a doctor for starfleet. this is WAY outside of your comfort zone, you hate adventure and you’d rather be sittin on a porch in the sun with some sweet tea in hand and your daughter on your knee, but you ain’t got nowhere else to go, and who are you if you aren’t a doctor? you’ve dedicated your whole life and so much more to healing. so you enlist, you get assigned to a starship. not your dream job, but if there’s one thing leonard mccoy knows how to do it’s treat patients. and then THIS MEDICAL MARVEL MOTHERFUCKER comes in with his fucked up gene spliced half human half vulcan biology and the rarest most obscure blood type even among vulcans with ZERO precedent for his existence or medical baseline and also happens to be THE WORST PATIENT IN HISTORY. REFUSES to sit still and follow instructions. always making smart ass comments about your silly human emotionalism. you’ll get insane fucking readings and be like “spock i think you’re dying” and the bastard will answer with a straight face “yes. that’s just pon farr.” “can you tell me how to treat it?” “no.” and then just walks out of the fucking sickbay. you’re constantly busting your ass trying to figure out how to keep this human-alien catboy mix’n’match medical nightmare from hell alive and healthy and all you get in return is backhanded compliments from an emotionally stunted fruit. and you can’t even complain about it to your best friend because he’s too busy doodling this obstinate motherfucker’s name all over his notebook while eye-fucking him on the middle of the bridge. hell i’d be an alcoholic too.
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