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If you want a teen romcom in an F/F YA book, this is the read for you!
It’s enemies to lovers and fake dating! It is very much like a teen romcom movie: the two of them get to know each other over their music choices on the drive. They have miscommunication. They both open up about their insecurities. Scottie realizes that, despite being hung up on her toxic ex, maybe the girl she’s been looking for has been right in front of her this whole time. There’s also the “only one bed” trope. They even discuss teen romcom movies!
I listened to this as an audiobook, and it was a quick, fun listening experience! It’s cute, and the ending is cathartic and sweet.
She Drives Me Crazy by Kelly Quindlen was reviewed at the Lesbrary
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Susoharai done by Ishiura
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To much fat for this aussiebum or?
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The Monsters vs Horror Movies
- He acts completely calm and collected at the beginning of the movie
- He’s got one hand in the popcorn, one hand in Neil’s, he’s nice and warm curled up on the couch, he’s chillin
- Until he’s not
- He’s not afraid of zombie’s. They’re predictable overall easy to overcome. Not even the jump scares get him (in zombie movies), so he makes fun of the characters with Neil and Renee
- The paranormal/physiological movies, however? No thank you, left right upside down and fucking sideways
- At one point they watch Fractured and Andrew’s left feeling a little sick at the end, which he is disturbed by because he doesn’t get disturbed. He refuses to watch it ever again
- He hates horror movies so goddamn much but they’re so fucking interesting and entertaining. Part of the time it’s funny to watch how bad the actors are and other times it’s interesting to see how it plays out and what the next move is. It’s like movie chess to him.
- Likes playing horror games more than watching movies, though, since he can do much better than most people in horror stories
- He usually likes guessing the plot, and a lot of the time he’s right.
- He isn’t really scared by much, but the second he sees a creepy, long-necked shadow figure in the corner of the screen? He’s got his nails dug into Neil’s sleeve and is trying to figure out how to crush himself into Neil’s side without making it obvious. There is absolutely popcorn tossed, at one point. Poor Nicky. He shouldn’t have chosen to sit on the floor.
- (I know Andrew probably doesn’t like touching people when he’s afraid, but I like the idea that Neil becomes enough of a safe thing for him that he feels more comfortable using him as a shield <3)
- Likes Hannibal
- Neil is, overall, unaffected. He’s seen horrors enough to last ten thousand life times, so when he sees gore on the screen, there’s something in his head that immediately notices everything incorrect about it and that there’s nothing to be afraid of
- Like with Andrew, though, jump scares, creepy figures, and psychological messing does freak him the fuck out. He’s not nearly as disturbed by Fractured as Andrew is, though. He was too busy caught up in trying to out-guess Andrew plot-wise to really think about how scary it was. He did notice Andrew’s proximity, however, and near the end when Andrew was just done with it he got up with him and made some hot chocolate.
- He can get behind hunting horror movies, like Big Foot or alien movies (which he is horrified to find out he shares that interest with Aaron).
- He doesn’t really go out of his way to watch horror movies. He doesn’t really love movies in the first place, so being paranoid is an added downfall
- He particularly hates murder movies, though, like Halloween. It doesn’t quite hit close too home, but it gets him itching to move, which he dislikes when Andrew is willingly curled against him and has his hands dug into his hoodie (he’s pouting after he gets jump scared and Neil thinks it’s the best think he’s ever seen)
- The Blair Witch is also very confusing to him. It scares him but it’s also interesting. He only believes in ghosts enough to be scared of them when it’s dark at three in the morning and he swears he can hear his father calling his name, but The Blair Witch isn’t exactly that, either. He rewatches it to see if he can figure out what it’s making him feeling
- Prefers watching Andrew play horror games
- Kevin is uninterested in most horror movies
- At one point he asks if there’s an exy horror movie, which Andrew tells him there is because he thinks it will be funny, until he drags an unwilling Andrew and Neil into it (though it’s overall amateur internet actors with bad editing, so to say the least he’s disappointed. And a little unsettled. But mostly disappointed.)
- He loves history-based horror movies, though, such as The Conjuring. He does want to point out everything incorrect about it, but Neil gives him the bowl of popcorn and tells him to shut up already, to which Nicky offers to listen and gets groaned at by the rest of the group
- He only willingly pays attention to it if it’s historical or sometimes about cryptids, though, since he shares Neil’s dislike of being unnecessary paranoid
- Shares a liking of A Quiet Place with Neil
- Loves horror movies, because it’s an excuse to be dramatic. It’s fun to be scared and exhilarated without being in any actual danger. It’s one of his favorite things to do
- He likes to feel the anticipation in the room. It’s fun to scream and watch everyone else freak out, too, but he only likes the fast or funny ones
- the second things get serious, he gets a little sad. It’s why he dislikes most zombie movies— he thinks there’s no coming back from something like that. It makes that little flicker of hope in his chest die down.
- He prefers cheesy old flicks meant for grabbing onto his boyfriend, thank you
- Making a fuss is fun, but you know he’s actually scared when he gets quiet. He’s got a death grip on the pillow in his lap and the popcorn has been left untouched.
- 100% believes in ghosts
- After a really scary one, he sleeps on the couch with the lights on (so he doesn’t disturb the others sleeping. Aaron falls asleep on one of the bean bags by “accident,” but Nicky knows he didn’t want (Nicky) to be alone)
- Has a special liking for anything having to do with The Purge movies and also classics like Jaws
- Lord help anyone within the vicinity of a scared Nicky. You will leave with nail prints in your thighs/arms/shoulders (unless you’re Renee, who politely gets squeezed to death.) He should get an award for being able to dig his nails through sweatpants and denim
- Probably definitely scared of the dark
- He’s mostly focused on Katelyn in his lap (as far away from Andrew as he could comfortably get her), but the second any of the lights start flickering on the tv that’s where he’s focused
- he likes alien and murder mysteries/zombie movies most.. there’s not a lot of horror movies he won’t watch
- Zombieland is probably one of his favorites, along with the Scream movies
- He has a nitpick where he gets really irritated when anatomy is wrong tho.. lmao what a nerd
- He is the one grabbing Katelyn
- He also likes horror games, which he sometimes reluctantly (ish) plays with Andrew and Nicky (...and one time with Neil where he rage-quits after Neil ends up better than him and keeps killing him because it’s funny)
- He, however, despises hunting horror movies/movies that are in the woods like Big Foot and The Blair Witch.. they’re just so creepy..
- Likes Truth or Dare, though he refuses to admit it
Bonus - Renee
- She likes anything having to do with the sea
- Particularly likes the movie Crawl
- Has a habit of grabbing onto people’s shoes and squeezing when she’s scared (Usually Kevin, since his are usually the closest. Speaking of which, Kevin wears his shoes inside until like 10pm)
- Dislikes movies like The Purge. Can’t really get behind unrealistic ones. Sucker for realism
- Like Andrew, she likes thinking about how she would go about surviving horror movies.
- Not nearly as scared of psychological or ghostly horrors as he is
- One of the few things that scare her are things that are practically impossible to beat, like Freddy Krueger. She hates him.
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YOU’RE MY SKY | s01e02: PART 1
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Estepas floridas... " tu vientre de hazaña "; mil llamas encendidas y convulsiones que abrazan. Sugerente la noche... que duerme en tus párpados; sensualidades de cobre !! … " liberadora de pájaros ". Atrayente tu karma... que quema la espera, de tragedia quebrada …" que viene y se aleja ". Dehesas partidas... en dos por su siesta, y traicioneras cornadas de un toro que acecha !! Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek
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Spotted this interesting locker on a local estate sale Facebook page, no idea if it’s handmade or official.
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Chest training
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Rollerblading In The 1920's
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Is my life... a micro nuclear explosion ?? or... a poem written at the origin of life ?? Is my life... a lost star in the celestial vault ??.. or... a pencil that paints until its graphite is exhausted ? ( Whatever it is... the solution to the key " is lost " ). It is my life... a lie banished by an unjust and unjust king? or... on the contrary a truth surrounded... "of lies"? Is my life... a silent explosion that only I hear ? or is my life just life? ( Whatever it is... I will not discover the enigma "as long as I live). Searching... looking back, I contemplated helplessly... how my life was falling away! Searching and searching, I found souls like mine... "lonely, vast and empty". Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek.
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Es mi vida... una micro explosión nuclear ?? o... un poema escrito en el origen de la vida ?? Es mi vida... una estrella perdida en la bóveda celeste ??; o... un lápiz que pinta hasta agotar su grafito ?? ( Sea lo que sea... la solución a la clave " se haya perdida " ). Es mi vida... una mentira desterrada por un rey injusto e infausto ?? o... por el contrario una verdad rodeada... " de mentiras " ?? Es mi vida... una explosión silenciosa a la que sólo oigo yo ?? o mi vida, sólo es vida !!? ( Sea lo que sea... no descubriré el enigma " mientras viva " ). Buscando... al mirar para atrás, contemplé impotente... como mi vida se me caía !! Buscando y buscando, hallé almas como la mía... " solas, extensas y vacías ". Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek.
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Skiing in Tula, Russia (1960s)
via Vladimir Scherbakov
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My favorite genre of pictures that i just discovered is baseball players in middle of doing their silly little high kicks to launch the ball at bastardly speeds
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— Skyline R32
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Bu adama bayılıyorum ya karakteri, duruşu, insanlığı, takım arkadaşına verdiği güveni 🥺❤️ umarım futbol tarihine böyleleri daha çok gelir 🙏🙏ileride Galatasaraya teknik direktör falan olsa keşkem 🥺yine bi hayale kapıldım gidiyorum 🙏😍🙏
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Sandalias ligeras... llévenme a las cumbres !!, para admirar los valles … " desde su techumbre ". Ávidas campanas... repican mensajes, búhos milenarios de ignotas verdades !! Caprichos ausentes robándote suertes... y oscuros parajes voraces y silentes !! Auténticas sombras de umbrías sin nombres... crucé yo en la noche para venir a verte !! Serenos latidos de besos y reproches... dejé en tu pecho cual joya en su cofre !! Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek
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#Zach stopping mid-interview to flirt with Steph
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Absolute ace from Andy
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