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sock-ness-monster · 13 hours ago
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Okay everyone you can stop asking me for a masterpost of all my spotify playlists now (fr tho it really warned my heart that so many people love them omg 🥰🥰🥰🥰)
And of course I have learned my lesson on posting these without a link I will never do that again, here's my profile and all of them will are public for ya
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mbrainspaz · 14 hours ago
Reblog if you feel like a second class citizen every December because you don’t use Spotify and YouTube doesn’t notice or care that you listened to Fever Pitch by Rainbow Kitten Surprise 500 times.
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bananaofswifts · 19 hours ago
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ashmarie1687 · 17 hours ago
My Audio Aura: what does it mean?
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So, the LIES portion seen in Sam’s story was added by him, as I searched for it in the Gif section and red boxed it.
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It does make me go 🤔 🤨
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huffylemon · 23 hours ago
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maybankforlife · 6 hours ago
I Never Existed
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Part of my Chase Atlantic Masterlist
Summary: When Y/N gets fed up with her boyfriend's behavior, she seeks out the comfort of someone he hates
Word count: 3k
Warnings: smut, mentions of drug use, underage drinking, swearing, fingering, oral (fem receiving), choking, female masturbation, cheating, bathroom sex, shower sex, and car sex.
“Come on J, hurry up.” You motioned for him to follow you outside. You grabbed his hand and ran towards the parking lot. You were praying that everyone you passed outside was too intoxicated to notice that you were sneaking off with someone that was not your boyfriend.
You had been dating Rafe Cameron for around a year. You were a kook and your parents were friends so it only made sense. You got along with everyone though. You spent just as much time with people from the other side of the island as you did with your rich friends.
Rafe wasn’t a horrible boyfriend and you did have feelings for him. But lately, he hadn’t been spending much time with you and you were starting to feel neglected. He cared more about that white powder and his friends than he did about you at the moment. When you first started to notice you were hurt and after a while, that hurt turned into anger. And all that anger, made you want to do things you knew you shouldn’t.
JJ Maybank had always made it clear that he was into you. You weren’t sure if it was genuine though because he and Rafe were always going at it. You figured JJ was always trying to get into your pants just to get back at Rafe. You always turned down his advances though and sometimes it was rather difficult because JJ was hands down the hottest guy on the island besides Rafe. One night, you let your growing resentment get the better of you.
You had just gotten into a huge fight with Rafe at a party and he embarrassed you in front of everyone. You took off upstairs to get away from him and other prying eyes. You were fighting back tears the whole time and it was pissing you off. You came around the corner and collided with JJ.
“Woah princess, no need to throw yourself at me. All you had to do was ask.” A smirk grew across his face and you huffed up at him.
“Fuck off JJ.” You said harshly. His expression changed when he saw on your face that you were upset.
“Hey Y/N are you okay?” His concerned tone was actually surprising to you. You didn’t answer him. Instead, you stood there silently scanning his body up and down with your eyes. You had a couple of drinks during the night and you were feeling yourself. You weren’t sure if that contributed to the neediness you were starting to feel. It’s also possible that it was because of the fight that you just had with Rafe. Whatever the reason, you had an overcoming urge to do bad things with the boy that stood in front of you.
“No, I’m not actually. But I know something that would make me feel better.” You looked around to see if anyone was nearby.
“Oh yeah, and what’s that?” You didn’t answer him, just grabbed his hand and pulled him down the hall. He didn’t try to fight you. You tried to open the door of the room closest to you but it was locked. You assumed that all the other rooms were either locked or occupied as well because they were all closed. So all that was left was the bathroom. It was huge though so you figured why the hell not. You pulled JJ inside and locked the door behind you.
“What are you….?” He started to ask you but you cut him off by placing your hand over his mouth.
“I want you to fuck me okay. Are you okay with that?” You were straight to the point and moved your hand off his face.
“I think you already know the answer to that.” He grabbed you pulling you closer to his body and kissed you aggressively. You’d be lying if you tried to say you never fantasized about this exact moment many times before.
He was dominating the kiss as his hands trailed down your body. He grabbed your ass and rolled your hips into him. You moaned into his mouth when you felt his clothed cock graze over your throbbing clit through your skirt. You were needy as hell for him at this point. You hadn’t had sex with Rafe in over two weeks and were dying to have a release.
You pushed him backwards into the sink, your lips never leaving his as you started unbuckling his shorts. You shoved your hand down his boxers and started stroking him.
“Fuck.” He groaned out and you had to cover his mouth. You couldn’t get caught with him.
“We have to be quiet.” You whispered while continuing to work him up with your hand. You went back to kissing him and bit his lips gently. He immediately removed your hand from him and spun you around so you were facing the mirror. He placed wet sloppy kisses on the side of your neck and slowly trailed his hands down your body. He groped your tits and you could feel a puddle forming in between your legs.
He slid his hand down your skirt and started rubbing your clit. You threw your head back into his shoulder to support yourself. He was the one having to cover your mouth this time.
"Shhh." He whispered in your ear. He pulled your skirt and panties down your legs and you kicked them off onto the floor. He got rid of his shorts and bent you over the counter.
You were dripping wet from being so worked up so he slid into you with ease. You had to fight so hard to stay quiet. His cock felt incredible inside of you. He was thrusting into you at a steady pace but you wanted more.
"Faster JJ." You groaned out.
"Are you sure you can take it, princess?" You found his cockiness hot at this moment.
"I'm positive." You immediately had to tighten your grip on the counter because he started plowing into you hard and fast, going way deeper than he was before. He leaned down to grab you by your hair and pulled it so you were looking up at the mirror.
"I've been fantasizing about this for way too long. I want you to look at yourself when I make you cum." His words helped edge you closer and closer to your release. You had never been fucked in front of a mirror like this, especially being forced to look at yourself but it was ridiculously hot and you loved how naughty it felt.
You watched him rail you through the mirror and you could feel your orgasm approaching when he reached down and started rubbing your clit again. He was determined to make you finish before him so he could watch you fall apart in front of him.
"Shit, I'm gonna cum." His pace never slowed even as you came around him. The orgasm was so intense that your vision went completely white for a few seconds. You were in complete euphoria as he helped you ride out your high.
"Fuck you feel so good. Can I cum inside of you?"
"Yes J, I'm on birth control." You could barely get that out soon enough before he was coating your walls in his seed. You were obsessed with how it felt when a guy came inside of you. You were a whore for it.
"That was fun." You looked back at him as he pulled out of you.
"When can we do it again?" He winked at you while getting dressed.
“You know this was a one-time thing right?” Your tone became serious.
“Yeah, we’ll see about that princess.” You rolled your eyes at him. You both fixed yourselves and headed out of the bathroom. You both went your separate ways and you went back to the party like nothing happened.
You couldn’t find Rafe when you were ready to head home so you just caught a cab and left without him. You sent him a text to let him know you’d be at home. You were still quite irritated with him and everything that happened. You didn’t even feel guilty at all for cheating on him. You got back to the apartment you both shared and immediately went to jump in the shower.
You realized that you were starting to sober up when the hot water touched your body. As your hands were trailing all over while you were washing yourself, your mind drifted back to the evening’s events. You imagined JJ inside you, all over again. He was a sensational fuck and you honestly wished you had done it sooner.
Before you knew it, your hand was trailing lower and lower until you were rubbing your clit thinking about what JJ’s tongue would feel like on it. You bet he was a master with his mouth. He was a fantastic kisser after all. You slipped two fingers into your aching core and started fucking yourself imagining that it was him inside of you. You were so lost with yourself that you didn’t hear the front door open. Rafe was home.
He startled you when he stumbled into the bathroom just as you were about to cum. “Just my fucking luck.” You thought to yourself. Even though you were annoyed with his untimely arrival, you were glad to know he made it home safe. You looked out the curtain and saw him getting undressed. Then he jumped into the shower with you.
“Baby, I’m so sorry about tonight. I know I was being an asshole.” He grabbed you from behind and pulled you into him. You could tell by his tone that he wasn’t as drunk as earlier and he was being sincere. You were still frustrated with him though and weren’t really in the mood to make up so you pulled away from him.
“I’m getting really tired of all the fighting lately Rafe. And you’ve been ignoring me. I’m really fed up with it.” You turned around so you were looking him in the eyes. You could see the sadness in his eyes.
“Look what can I do? I promise I’ll make you a priority from here on out okay. Please just don’t be mad at me babe. I don’t want to fight anymore. I’ll try to be better okay?” You knew you were going to accept his apology like always. It was just what you did. You knew you weren’t going to get anywhere arguing with him and he wouldn’t leave you be until you gave in.
“Okay.” That was all you said. That’s all you were willing to give him. You went to step out of the shower but he grabbed your arm and spun you back into him. He cupped your face in his hands and pushed his lips into yours. The kiss felt nice as much as you hated it. He pushed your body into the wall and placed your hands above your head. His lips left yours and started trailing down your neck. He knew your sweet spot and sucked on it gently. You hummed out and tried to free one of your hands so you could grasp his hair but he had a tight hold on you.
He finally released your hands and started working his way down your body until he was on his knees in front of you. He spread your legs open so he had access to what he was craving. He placed sweet kisses on the insides of your thighs before his lips connected with your clit. He sucked on the bundle of nerves harshly and you moaned out loudly. Your hands went down to grip his hair tightly so you could push his face more into you.
You could feel the knot in your stomach forming quickly since you were so close to orgasm from playing with yourself prior. Rafe was lapping at your pussy furiously. You could tell he really was sorry and was trying to prove it. Before you had the chance to finish though, he moved back up your body and grabbed you by your hips.
“Jump up baby.” You did as he asked and jumped up, wrapping your legs around him. He pushed your body back up against the wall so you both were steady and pushed his cock inside of you. You leaned down to kiss him as he thrusted up into you. He was already grazing your g spot and you knew you weren’t going to last long at all. His lips left yours and he started nibbling on your neck, just the way you liked it. The shower was filled with echoes of your moans. You could feel yourself start to clench around his cock.
“Shit, I’m gonna cum.”
“That’s it. That’s my good girl.” He whispered in your ear. You came undone around him and seconds later, he was filling you up. He helped you situate yourself so you were standing back up. He leaned down to kiss you gently before helping you clean yourself up. When you were done with your shower, you both climbed into bed and he held you till he fell asleep. You laid there awake in his arms for what seemed like hours. You knew you loved Rafe and you even started to feel a little bad now, but you couldn’t stop thinking about that blonde pogue and how much you wanted to sin with him again.
That night happened over two months ago. Rafe cleaned up his act for a whole week before dipping back into old habits. You weren’t surprised though. You also weren’t surprised when you ended back up in bed with JJ. He knew you were gonna hit him up again and you had to put your pride aside when you showed up at his door in the middle of the night. There was no hesitation for him to let you in.
So here we were two months later at another party. You almost made it like a sick game to fuck JJ at every party, where you could get caught. Not that you meant you wanted to get caught. It was just the thrill of knowing it could happen at any moment. Rafe made it too easy for you to sneak off cause he always ditched you the second you two arrived.
You had been thinking about ending things with Rafe but your parents would have a fit and you knew he wouldn’t just let you go easily. It would be a huge nasty breakup and you didn’t want to deal with it if you were being honest. You almost felt trapped. So you decided to keep having your fun with JJ. It was your way of getting back at Rafe without him knowing and you knew JJ had his own secret vendetta against him too. So you both fucked Rafe over, by fucking each other.
You guys climbed into the back of your black SUV and closed the door. You usually fucked him in the bathroom or a guest room, even in a wine cellar once. But this was the first time you were doing it out in the open for anyone to come along and catch you. You wanted to spice things up. You had tinted windows though so it’s not like anyone could see you unless they were right next to the car.
You straddled him in the back seat as you both went to work on each other using your hands. You always wore skirts or dresses to parties so it was easy access for JJ. He had a way of making you instantly wet by whispering dirty things in your ear.
"I've been thinking about making you cum all night." You smirked at him and pushed your tits in his face. It was something he absolutely loved. His favorite part of your body. He pulled down the straps of your dress down revealing your chest to him and took your nipple into his mouth. The way he swirled his tongue around it made you go wild. He made you feel worshipped in ways that Rafe didn’t.
Your hands went down low signaling to JJ that you were getting impatient and needed him. You lifted yourself up enough so he could pull his pants down. You quickly pulled your panties to the side and sank down on his cock.
“Jesus christ Y/N, you just couldn’t wait could you?” You shut him up with a kiss as you started bouncing up and down on him. You loved to ride him. You loved being in control. He would never admit it but you knew he liked it too. You loved the sounds he made when you would tug on his hair and bit his neck. He had a tight grip on your hips while you went to town on top of him. You were being very loud and the car was shaking and you loved everything about how dirty and wrong this was.
“Are you close princess?”
“Yes.” You could tell he was close too by his breathing and movements. He placed his hand around your throat and applied the right amount of pressure. He always knew how to get you. A few moments later you were cumming around him and he shot his hot cum inside of you.
“We need to hurry before people realize that we are gone.” You told him as you scrambled to fix yourself.
“We could just tell him.” JJ loved to poke fun at Rafe. You knew he didn’t mean it when he said things like that but it still annoyed you. You smacked him as you opened the door to step out of your car. You felt your heart sink down into the ground when you closed the door and saw Rafe standing right in front of you. You were caught.
“I fucking knew it.”
A part 2?? Maybe I will...maybe I won't. Let me know if you want it :)
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tuval · 3 hours ago
Hayırlı Cuma’lar !!
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Güzel Bir Gün Dilerim Dua İle 🌹
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erikitamura · 10 hours ago
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morbidstuffx · 22 hours ago
Gimmie a number 1-100 and I’ll give you the song from my Spotify wrapped playlist 😇
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denizin-kizi · 17 hours ago
Geceye bir şarkı bıraktım size🎵
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nimblelizard · 9 hours ago
In case you were wondering... I definitely didn't just add
to Laudna's playlist.
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lacefuneral · 16 hours ago
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some bizarre finds from the spotify genre list
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keepingupwithzaynmalik · 18 hours ago
“PILLOWTALK” by ZAYN has surpassed 1 BILLION streams on Spotify. It’s Zayn’s third song to reach this milestone. 🎉🎉🎉 Congratulations @zayn! 🎉🎉🎉
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misschibidoodles2 · 18 hours ago
So is your 2021 most listened to song Montero (Call me by your name) or are you straight?
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waystarlore · 16 hours ago
I love greg's little theme song so much - I miss when he was being silly and gay while this plays in the background
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mixtapebookclub · 22 hours ago
Tumblr media
Being tagged in listeners’ Spotify Wrapped posts has been a highlight of our week!
As a podcast, though, we get our own version of Wrapped with some pretty data to dig though. This was the one we thought was the most fun:
The 15 episodes of the podcast that have been released this year (so far) have been listened to in 51 countries.
When you’re dealing with lots of different download platforms and sites it’s often tricky to get any sense of scale, but that one is honestly pretty cool to think about.
Thank you, global Mixtape friends! We appreciate every listen, no matter where you are! 🌏
Do you love Supernatural? Are you a fan of Dean and Castiel, and their relationship? Do you enjoy reading Destiel fanfiction? This is the podcast for you! Listen here: Blog || Spotify || Apple Podcasts || Stitcher || Amazon 
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