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#Star Wars: The Prequel Trilogy
Vokara, over the Comm: I’m busy
Kit: do you think drinking thirty-six cans of redbull consecutively would make my senses more heightened or would I just die
Vokara: I’m on my way
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hello hello 📂
After the Battle of Khrom and Wolffe’s recovery, Plo took the time to teach his sons Teräs Käsi, the hand to hand combat martial art used to combat Force Sensitives. Plo learned it in the nearly four hundred years he’s been alive. Kit also helped and taught what he learned from his Uncle to his Battalion as well.
The Clones are only taught the basics as it is a difficult martial art to master, but they practice none the less. Wolffe finds himself practicing hours in a morning when they aren’t busy as to never be put in that position again.
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Plo: [going over safety protocol]
Plo: And if I’m shot, what do you do?
Wolffe, already loading his blasters: Avenge you.
Plo: No
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[Mace, Plo, and Commander Ponds are held prisoner. Mace is unconscious and mumbling about something.]
Ponds: Poor General. What’d they dose him with? Sodium pentathol?
Plo: Solid food and water. His body’s spent years wrestling nutrients out of Caf and painkillers.
Plo: I expect it thinks it’s been poisoned.
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Hondo: I have you two's children
Obi-Wan: I don't have a child, let alone two, and we're not even in a relationship
Plo: I personally do not view Master Kenobi that way, no, so I think you have the wrong people.
Ahsoka: Oh hey, Master Plo, Master Obi-Wan!
Anakin: These nice Pirates gave us candy!
Plo: Oh Spirits, they have Skywalker and little Soka—
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Mace: The next person who says 'owo' or 'uwu' is under arrest for crimes against humanity.
Kit: Cwimes against huwumanity.
Mace: I am going to break your fingers.
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Cody: We need to figure out how to get the Jedi to wear more armor-
Rex: At least your General wears armored boots.
Wolffe: At least your General wears a chest plate.
Ponds: At least your General wears vambraces.
Bly: At least your General wears a shirt.
Monnk: At least your General wears p a n t s.
Submitted by: @indecisivecryptid
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Cody: [trying to guess code to get into Rishi Station]
Rex: [breaks window with a broken droid head]
Cody: Rex, are you crazy, that’s so loud, the droids are gonna hear!
Rex: Don’t worry about it, Cody.
Commando Droid: Hey, what’s going on down there?!
Rex: Nothing.
Commando Droid: Alright.
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Mace: Do you solemnly swear to tell the truth, the whole, truth, and nothing but the truth?
Maul: No.
Mace, turning to the rest of the council: What do we do now?
Yoda: [shrugs]
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Obi-Wan: It’s not my fault my Grand Master is an asshole.
Dooku to Cin: Did you hear that? He called me his Grand Master
Cin: He also called you an asshole.
Dooku: Progress is progress, Drallig.
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Ventress: KENOBI!
Anakin: Who’s that?!
Obi-Wan: They don’t like me!
Ahsoka: And who’s that?!?
Obi-Wan: They don’t like me either!
Maul: KENOBIIIIIII!!!!!!!!
Cody: WHO’S THAT?!?
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Kit: An enemy is just a friend I haven’t worn down yet
Monnk: Are you saying you’re the main character of a kid’s cartoon?
Kit: I’m saying that “I’m going to be friends with you” is both a promise and a threat
Submitted by: @armin051
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Shaak: I am a moderate, peaceful, and serene Jedi.
Colt: Sir, you threw a chair at Nala Se three minutes ago.
Shaak: Yes. It was a moderate, peaceful, and serene compromise from the table I was originally planning to throw at that bastard.
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