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#Stephanie Brown
nicodrawings · a day ago
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I based this off of those late 70s early 80s comedy posters and the census taker illustration by Norman Rockwell, I’m quite the fan of Norman Rockwell
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wwprice1 · 2 days ago
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Steph and Cass are getting their own Batgirls book!!!!
Love these covers by InHyuk Lee, Dan Hipp, and Hicham Habchi!
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corhore · 2 days ago
A goth girl whos into death metal with her peppy cheerleader gf.
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frostbittenbucky · 2 days ago
Ok the batfam in a middle of nowhere survival situation and Bruce murks just about every animal in his path to feed his large family
Hare: [doing that hop hop thang]
Dick: “oh my god, shh, stop, stop” [points] “look, it’s a bunny”
Stephanie: “oh wow, look at him…”
Jason: “that’s free serotonin right there”
Bruce: [murks it]
Tim: “oh god!”
Stephanie: “noooo!!!!”
Dick: “why?! Why?! For fucks sake!”
Tim: “not the baby!”
Jason: “Jesus, he didn’t even have a chance. He probably had a family Bruce”
Bruce: [prepping it already] “who’s hungry?”
Everyone: [raises their hands in shame]
Bruce: “thought so. Jason, I’m doing what you can’t”
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hintofelation99 · a day ago
Damian trying to focus on his zoom lecture while in the manor library.
Teacher: Okay class take out- Damian! What on earth is going on there?!
Steph is on Jason's back pouring glitter glue on his head while Cass follows behing with Duke on her back. Duke is wearing a pirates hat. Damian doesn't even bother looking.
Damian: Todd is reenacting Hamlet.
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impulsivelybart · 2 days ago
the bats meeting the supers, wonders, arrows, lanterns and speedsters for the first time
bruce, dick, tim, jason, steph, barbara, kate kane: just realized something very important about myself. I'm gonna repress it for a few years but, good to know
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our-happygirl500-fan · 2 days ago
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arabian-batboy · 7 hours ago
How good do DC writers handle the Batfamily’s characterizations based on who is their favorite member:
Great writers, will do all the characters justice equally: Cassandra’s stans, Duke’s stans & Stephanie’s stans.
Decent writers, will not do anything groundbreaking with all of them, but will not butcher any of them either: Jason’s stans, Damian’s stans & Barbara’s stans.
Don’t give them a pen, they have a tunnel-vision and they will fuck up all other characters except for their fav (and sometimes their fav too): Bruce’s stans, Dick’s stans & TIM’s STANS.
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Nightwing #87 Reveal
Less than 12 hours ago, we finally got our first peek into Tom Taylor's Nightwing #87!
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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Cover by Bruno Redondo, Variant covers by Bruno Redondo & Jamal Campbell
If you were stunned by Redondo's work on the covers of Nightwing #84-86, then you'll love the new take on Nightwing #87! I thought I've seen it all with Redondo's connected cover pieces for #84-#86, but clearly I was wrong.
Nightwing #87 will be taken to a whole new level, with all 22 pages connecting into one single image. Here's a peak (rotate your device for better viewing):
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(forgive me for the low quality, I haven't been able to find a higher resolution that I can insert into Tumblr)
Redondo actually took a pause from his work on Nightwing (2016) for issues #84, #85 and #86, his position being handed over to Robbi Rodriguez for those issues. He mentioned that it is due to having to work on more complex pieces for later issues, I guess we finally know what he meant!
Source: Polygon Comics (click here to view images in better quality as well)
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thestarsarecool · 2 days ago
Robin is the best and most important superhero DC has ever created. Something about each and every one of them just exemplies what being a superhero truly means, more so than any of their other characters. It makes me really emotional to think about.
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