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SOKOVIA RISING is a brand-new, literate, app-based Marvel/DC crossover RPG written by and created for longtime writers and passionate fans of Marvel and DC comics, movies, and media. Acceptances every Monday and Thursday!

                                  When we sacrifice justice for safety, what do we lose?

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Jason Todd: Hey, wanna help me commit a felony?

Stephanie Brown: [Looking around furtively] What the hell!

Jason Todd: [Sees Babs standing nearby] Oh, sorry.

Jason Todd: [Whispers] Wanna help me commit a felony?

Stephanie Brown: Of course, what do you need?

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You didn’t specify characters, so…

15. “Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not.”

Even after having just been pulled from the rubble, covered in dust, uniforms ripped and bloodied, they both managed to glare insolently up at him at the same time. 

“We are not injured,” Damian stressed, as though he were an idiot. Blinking rapidly. “And I certainly do not have a con – concussion.

“Me neither,” Stephanie agreed, swaying on her feet. She exhaled sharply, pressing her hand to her forehead. “I’ve been in this game for as long as any of you, and my mom’s a nurse, B-man. I do know how to tell real cuts from super – super –”


“Superficial. Yeah, that’s it. Superficial ones.”

Dick folded his arms across his chest and sighed.  

“I’ll still say it again. You two cannot go home and just ‘sleep this off.’ Whether you turn out not to have concussions or not, you really should have Alfred look at both of you.”

“I’m fine,” they both snapped in unison. 

“Stop babying me, Grayson,” Damian sniffed. “I’ve been injured worse sparring with my grandfather.”

“Yeah,” Steph chimed in, far too jovial, “and Black Mask’s basement makes even the worst fire look like a little marshmallow roast. Y’know, like what Girl Scouts have. That’s what the blaze that took down that – that apartment building looks like, compared to that.”

Gritting his teeth, Dick opened his mouth to snap back at both of them.

But he brought himself up short.

Their too-casual reminders of Ra’s, of Sionis, made him shiver beneath the heavy armor, made him swallow a little harder. They seemed so small and thin beneath their heavy shrouds of ripped capes, as Steph clutched her bleeding shoulder and Damian scuffed his boot along the asphalt. 

He took a long breath. 

When he spoke again, he forced his tone to a softer, less harsh timbre. 

“You two won’t fight very efficiently if you have anything physical lingering from tonight. And I won’t sleep well if that’s a possibility.”

Stephanie softened, just a little, the tightness of her shoulders easing. Damian still drew back, scoffing.

“That’s ridiculous. I am the pinnacle of achievement. I am never not efficient.” He paused as Steph audibly stifled a snicker at him. “I refuse to end patrol so early. It’s insulting.”

Dick drew back, smiling dryly. He kept his tone light. 

“Well, you’re coming home with me whether you like it or not. Batgirl, take the passenger’s seat.”

Brightening, Steph bounded towards the Batmobile while Damian instantly started to whine, perfectly reminiscent of his age, shuffling forward.

“That’s not fair. I’m your partner, not that –”

“I’m putting you in the back because I trust you not to fall asleep there.”

“Oh. Well.” The boy puffed up a bit, his sullenness falling away. “That’s fair, I suppose.”

They climbed into their seats while Dick made to call Alfred, to call Babs, to let them know they were coming. Leaning against the window, Steph yawned, scrunching her nose. Damian struggled with his seatbelt buckle.

Glancing at them, Dick resisted the urge to reach over, to touch their cheeks, to put his hands over their own. To him, they looked so much younger than they thought they were. 

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I have to admit there’s something I find hilarious about Tim and Steph’s complete unexplained absence from this Tec arc it’s like after that smack from Bruce Tim got last year he and Steph are just like 

Oh you need help? Is the city on fire?

No? Oh what a shame wish I could help…



Steph is sunbathing outside Mount Justice have a great time on the beach and enjoying having friends.

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Tim and Steph canonically listen to various rock or alternative genres. Tim’s been shown listening to The Clash, Oasis, Green Day, Depeche Mode, Enya… might as well throw Eurythmics, Rolling Stones etc etc in there…


Steph I think leans a little heavier, she’s got those Nirvana shirts and John Constantine’s band Mucous Membrane shirts too. And thinking of the folk she hung out with pre-Flashpoint, she seems like the kind of person who wears a lot pink and is pretty bubbly and yet enjoys punk and heavy rock. Bring Me to the Horizon, Bullet for My Valentine…stuff like that?


A couple of us have been flinging songs at each other over the past year as I was hoping to get a Spotify playlist up of TimSteph esque songs. It’s still a WIP but hey! It won’t be made up of Tim and Steph’s music tastes sadly, but there a few where I’m like THEM

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We continue the batfamily series of injuries

Dick is way less angsty than his brothers, he’s just kind of a clown sometimes

  • Jason, Tim, and Damian all started out in environments where sharing weakness was frowned upon. Dick definitely did not; He was happy with his parents and they were pretty affectionate
  • And so I raise you: Dick only hides injuries in any capacity when one of his siblings is hurt more lol he’s a selfless guy and a Big Brother©️ if I’ve ever seen one
  • Like, him and Tim both have the flu but Tim doesn’t have a spleen so that wins out and he doesn’t tell anybody
  • Dick even tries to lecture him on his health- “Tim your immune system is compromised and you’re not only endangering yourself-“ he gets caught by a sudden wave of dizziness and stops for a second
  • Tim squints
  • Tim squints really hard at the flush on the cheeks Dick’s tried to cover with Steph’s concealer, and the slightly glazed eyes, and the black t-shirt he definitely only put on to hide the sweat-
  • “You’re sick too, asshole.”
  • “I’m nOT-“ But Tim stops him, because yes he fucking is, the hypocrite.
  • Timmy tells Alfred because if he has to suffer bed rest (not that bad; he snuck his computer into his bedroom) then so does Dick (absolutely terrible, cannot sit still, hyperactive king)
  • This leads to the “Check Dick Second” system in which if one of his siblings is injured one of them will check Dick for injuries right after the sibling is treated
  • Mostly Dick lets it happen because as long as he’s not treated before his sibling he might as well let them have some peace of mind over his well-being, or whatever
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The kids after being left alone in the manor:


Steph arriving at the Wayne Gala as dramatically as possible:


Damian, when asked what it’s like to live in the manor:


Tim, after being told he’s had too much coffee:


Steph, on her first mission: 


Jason, describing nightwing:


Bruce, reading a news article about robin getting in trouble: “Who did it?”


Barbara to all of them at any given time:


Tim in the manor:


Jason, after being asked “weren’t you dead?” for the 10th time:


All of them trying to fit in the bat mobile:

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