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If your requests are open. Could we see a Dr. Strange tracking your fertility cycle? Maybe some breeding kink? If not that’s okay. Thank you!
Man On A Mission
Smut - Explicit content - NSFW - 18+ only!
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader
Summary: Once Stephen Strange set his mind to something he was going to get it done. Why should getting you pregnant be any different?
Warnings: Smut (NSFW) - 18+ ONLY - heavy breeding kink, vaginal sex, unprotected sex, dirty talk, pet names, language, very romantic cheesy mushy Strange too
I felt odd finishing this after SCOTUS dismantled Roe. I want to make it very clear in this story pregnancy was a choice they both made together. Neither the government, nor a partner, should regulate a woman's body & force her to carry a pregnancy she does not want.
Tumblr media
You had discussed it, after everything that had happened, you both decided that you wanted a family. You wanted a child together if you could have one. You didn't want to get obsessed though, so you had decided to leave it to chance. If it happened it happened.  If not, you two always had America.
Well you had decided to leave it to chance. Stephen had different plans. He was going to make sure it happened. He was going to make sure he got you pregnant as soon as he possible could. The idea of you carrying his baby triggered an irrational need in him. He needed to breed you. The thought of it alone could get him hard. 
There was something so erotic about everyone seeing your swollen belly & knowing he had fucked you full as many times as it took to get you that way. That he had filled you with his cum until you were leaking. That you craved to feel him cum inside you. No, that your body had begged for his cum, & your pussy had milked his cock dry over & over.
So he started tracking your cycle to figure out when you were most fertile, when you were ovulating. It took a couple months to pin it down. To get the dates just right. Between using an app on his phone & the marking you always put in your day planner when you started your period he was able to pinpoint the dates before long. 
He had studied up on what positions would aid in conception too. Both missionary & doggy style could let him cum in you as deep as possible, the deeper he came in you the closer his sperm was to your cervix. He also knew that if you came around the same time he did your body would naturally pull his cum in deeper. 
So when he got the little notification on his phone that you would start your ovulation cycle the next day he got straight to work. He wanted everything to be perfect. He planned to spend as much time balls deep in you filling you up as many times as he physically could. 
First thing was to get everyone else out of the Sanctum. Wong was easy enough. He knew that look on Strange's face & he had no desire to walk in on you 2 mid-romp again. He confirmed he would stay at Kamar-Taj until he was told it was safe. 
America he just downright bribed. Peter he threatened. Both of them could occupy themselves doing teenager stuff or bothering the other Avengers. He knew for a fact that Sam "New Cap" Wilson was in town, & Peter had taken a shine to Bucky. Unfortunately Bucky didn't have the same shine but he appreciated the attempts by the spiderling to get him up to date on pop culture. 
With the Sanctum cleared out he needed to prep your bedroom next. He wanted to turn it into a virtual oasis. He found the softest sheets & fluffiest blankets. Candles & soft lights, your favorite flowers. He went the whole 9 yards. Massage oils & flavoured treats to rub on & lick off each other. Lots of pillows all over the room. He knew if your hips were elevated with a pillow it was supposed to help conception too.  
Even the dinner he prepared, well he ordered & someone else prepared, was full of aphrodisiac foods. The evening would be completed with chocolate covered strawberries, whipped cream, almonds, & of course a little bubbly. 
He was sure of it. Tonight was the night he was gonna get you knocked up. So he wanted it to be special. He wanted to make sure he wooed you & bred you in one suave date night. That would hopefully turn into a date weekend of him pumping load after load into you. Just to be sure.
Needless to say you were shocked when you got home. You knew something was up, he never went this over the top even when you first started dating & he was trying to impress you. He tried his best to stay coy about his motive. Saying he just wanted to treat the woman he loved to a special night. 
It wasn't until you had made it to the bedroom that you figured out the real reason for all the romance. You went to the bathroom to slip into the new lingerie he had picked out, it was a sheer red babydoll that feel just below your ass & matched the color of his cloak. He did have good taste & knew your body so well the fit was perfect. 
As you were changing you remembered the ovulation test kit you had bought together on a whim after you first discussed having a baby. Sure enough it said you were in your fertile window. You couldn't help but chuckle at how slick Stephen thought he was. 
You emerged from the bathroom trying to look as innocent as possible hiding the test behind your back. You bit your bottom lip as you walked towards him with any extra sway in your hips, his pupils now blown wide in lust. He had already stripped down to his underwear & you could tell by the way the fabric was starting to strain that he was already half hard. 
Just by the sight of your breasts through the sheer cups he could tell he had nailed the timing. Your breasts were slightly swollen & your nipples flushed slightly darker, both signs you were ovulating. He groaned as you got closer, already imagining how you would look swollen with his child. 
As he laid him down on the bed & crawled up to straddle him you managed to keep the test concealed in your hand. He was too busy focusing on other things. You gave him one more chance to tell you on his own why he really did all this.
"Seriously Stephen, why did you do all this? You know I was already gonna fuck you anyway." You both laughed as you exchanged kisses. You loved teasing each other & you both had the same sarcastic sense of humor. 
"Is it so wrong I just wanted to spoil you a bit? Show you how special you are." 
It was a very sweet sentiment, & you did love when Stephen bared the sensitive side of his personality, but you also knew it was partly bullshit. Time to call him on it. 
You started pressing his down his neck, mixing in little licks & bites as you moved to his ear. His hands were massaging your ass & slowly grinding your hips against his hardening cock. You sucked on his earlobe for a moment, then pulled your lips away just enough to whisper in his ear. 
"Are you sure it doesn't have anything to do with me being fertile? With you wanting me to make you a daddy?"
As you finished your question you blew on his ear & ellicted a loud moan. His hips thrusting up of their own volition, pretty much answering for him. You sat up straight & kept rolling your hips against his. The friction of him hard against your clit was too good to stop.
"Ah ha, I knew there was something. Well then you will be pleased to know that I remembered we had this." 
You pulled the small plastic stick up & held it in front of you. He recognized it immediately, & he quirked up an eyebrow waiting to hear whether you were ovulating. 
Several weeks later you were having what you referred to as your "family breakfast". It consisted of all the members of you odd little adopted family who made the Sanctum their home in one way or another. It was you & Stephen, Wong, America, Peter, & even the Cloak of Levitation. Sometimes Shawn & Katie would join too, or Ned & M.J.  
You smiled down at him, "Well Doctor Strange, you have some work to do tonight then. I don't want to leave this bed until you've gotten me pregnant Doctor."
He quickly & flipped you over onto your back, positioning himself on top of you with your legs around his waist. He grabbed the test from your hand & threw it over his shoulder before leaning down to focus his attention on your neck & chest. Biting & kissing at it as he kneaded the soft flesh of your side with his other hand.
In between deep passionate kisses he smiled against your lips & said, "well sweetheart, good thing that was already my plan." 
His tongue tangled with yours as your bodies started to move in sync with each other. Your hands running up & down his arms & his back as he teased & tickled your breasts with his tongue & fingers over the lingerie you wore. Eventually sliding the straps down & off of your arms. 
He let the scruff of his goatee scratch across your nipples before taking his time with each one. His tongue lapping & the swirling around them as he felt them perk up. He stopped to blow on one of them, making you gasp in return. 
Sliding your hand down to cup his bulge he ground down into your hand & growled. You stroked him through the fabric of his underwear a few times before dipping your hand under the waistband & letting your fingers tease at the warm flesh of his cock. Running one of your fingers up one of the thick prominent veins on his shaft. You could feel yourself getting wetter as you thought about him inside you. 
He suddenly pulled your hand off of him & pinned it on the pillow over your head. He brought his face close to yours & you could feel pieces of his thick dark brown hair tickling your forehead.
"Wanna know one of the ways I can tell you're fertile right now darling? Because I can smell you are in heat. I can smell how wet you are, how bad you want my cock. I know you are practically dripping through those panties already." 
He reached down & pulled your panties to the side & ran his middle finger up your slit feeling the arousal that had collected for him. He brought his hand back up & showed you the slick glistening on his fingertip. Practically purring when he took the finger into his mouth & sucked it clean.
"Your pussy tastes even sweeter when you're fertile too. As much as I want to bury my face in your pretty pussy & make you cum on my tongue tonight you only get to cum on my cock. You are gonna be my good girl & let me fill your pussy up over & over to knock you up aren't you?"
You whimpered & shook your head yes as you spread your legs wider underneath him. You wanted him inside you so badly. You started to pout when he simply chuffed at you. You noticed his voice had gone gravely when he spoke next & you knew he was just as desperate for you.
"Uh uh, I wanna hear you say it sweetheart. I want you to tell me exactly what you want me to do to you. What do you want me to make you?"
"Want you to fuck me Stephen, knock me up. Want you to fuck a baby into me. Make me a mommy. Swear I'll be your good girl. Need you Stephen. So bad."
"That's my good girl. Now hold still." 
He sat up on his knees & grabbed another pillow from across the bed. He had you lift your hips, you thought to take off your panties but he stopped you before you could lower them & placed the pillow under your hips instead. He snapped the elastic of your panties back into place before taking off his underwear. 
He held his hand to you for you lick & then took his long thick cock in his hand. He knelt between your legs stroking himself a few times as he readjusted your panties so they were pushed to the side. He admired your soaked cunt in silence for a few seconds.
God he was a beautiful man. Lean but well muscled. The fact that he was a genius & a little superhero made him the whole package. Plus he had an amazing package, & he knew how to use it.
He started rubbing the head of his cock through your pussy lips paying extra attention to tap at your clit whenever he would slide himself back upward. Studying the way you tried to move your hips just right to let his head slip inside you. 
"There's one more thing baby, okay? The panties stay on for a bit, because I know you wanna stay nice & full in between rounds right? To help make sure you get pregnant. Just in case that pretty pussy starts leaking it will stay covered in my cum."
He positioned himself at your entrance & slowly pushed his cock inside you. The stretch felt so good as he set a slow steady pace. Thrusting a little deeper each time he pushed forward. You both moaned the first time he bottomed out. Instead of thrusting again he stopped & let you grind against him from underneath, finding the perfect angle so his pelvic bone rubbed against your clit. 
Once you had found the right spot you gave him a little squeeze to move again. He started slowly, fucking you deeply & tenderly as he placed his forehead on yours. Your arms looped around his shoulders & you held him tight. 
You stared into his ocean blue eyes as he whispered to you, "fuck! I love you so much." He lowered his lips to yours & kissed you with such devotion it took your breath away. When his lips finally broke from yours you moved just enough to whisper, "I love you too", back to him.
Then a particularly deep thrust pulled a pornographic moan from you & you felt a new gush of arousal flood you. The sensation spurring him to start fucking you harder. When he started thrusting hard & fast enough he could hear the squelching of your wet cunt around him. Something snapped in his mind at the sound. 
He remembered he was fucking you with the purpose of getting you pregnant. He dropped his head into the crook of your neck & his hips started slamming down into yours. An animalistic growl coming from him each time you mewled in pleasure. He still made sure to keep the extra roll forward in his thrusts to make sure you got the stimulation you needed to cum too. 
He could feel you getting close. Your walls starting to pulse & clench at him every few thrusts. He pulled back onto his knees & pulled your legs up onto his shoulders before leaning forward & folding you in 2. Positioning you so your pelvis tilted back & he could get his cock even deeper. 
You both started lavishing filthy praise on the other. Encouraging each other.
"Oh fuck! Stephen right there. Don't fucking stop!"
"Don't worry sweetheart I'm not stopping until you're knocked up remember? Can't wait for everyone to see your pregnant belly & know I did that." 
His possessive side sometimes took over in bed & you always liked to tease that particular nerve when it did.
"Want everyone to know you fucked me full Stephen? Tell everyone you're the daddy. Tell them that you just couldn't stop fucking me until you bred me?"
That phrase sent him absolutely wild. He was on a hairpin trigger ready to cum & he knew you were too. He reached between your bodies to flick lightly at your clit. 
"Fuck! Say that again baby. Fuck, beg for it!"
"Yeah you want to breed me Stephen? Fucking breed me. Fucking breed me daddy!" 
As you felt him fill you up the sensation of his cum shooting deep into you sent you over the edge. Your cunt clenching & pulsing as he shot rope after rope inside you. 
Eventually you both came down & you started combing your fingers through his hair as you lazily kissed each. He released your legs so they could sit more comfortably around his waist, but he kept himself positioned inside you & on top of you. 
"You know I think I'll just stay like this until we're ready to go again. Just in case. Make sure I keep everything inside you."
You eventually lost track of how many times he fucked you that weekend. By the time you realized Wong, America, & Peter had returned to the Sanctum you were having a hard time walking & Stephen was smiling so big you thought his face would break. 
Now you just had to wait, & maybe keep trying. Even if you weren't ovulating it was awful fun practice, especially with a partner you loved so much who loved you more than anything in return.
It was the one time of week everyone made a conscious effort to have a normal meal all together. No magic, other than the Cloak, & no superhero stuff. Just normal conversation & silliness. It was a mental respite for everyone.
The 5 of you had all gathered in the kitchen. Wong was finishing the cooking with America's help. Peter was animatedly telling a story to Stephen, & the Cloak was draped around Stephen's neck in the form of a scarf. 
You stood at the counter observing everyone & honestly getting a little misty eyed. They were a bunch of weirdos, but they were your weirdos & you loved them all so much. In the moment your overwhelming emotion didn't seem odd to you until America saw you wipe at your eyes & asked if you were okay. 
You assured her that you were fine. There was just something in your eye or maybe your allergies were making your eyes water.
After a moment you realized America was still eyeing you, & everyone else had gotten a little more quiet. You turned back to her with a confused look? 
"Okay, what's up? Why are you looking at me like that?"
"Oh no it's nothing. You just look really pretty today. Did you start using a new foundation or something? You look all glowy." 
You shot Stephen a sidelong glance out of the corner of your eye & before you could register what was happening he had already grabbed your hand & started pulling you out of the room behind him. The echo of the 2 of you laughing carried on as you both ran up the stairs to your bathroom. 
The 3 people left in the kitchen all had small grins on their faces. Already looking forward to having a new member to add to their weird little family. They all moved to sit around the table making sure to leave spots for you & Stephen, even though they knew they probably wouldn't see you for a while if the test was positive. 
They knew it was when the Cloak of Levitation came flying through making excited little swirls & flutters in the air before landing in one of the empty spaces at the table. Stephen had kicked it out of your bedroom so you two could celebrate alone.
America cleared her throat & held out her hand across the table looking at the 2 men expectantly. Both Wong & Peter pulled out $20 bills handing them over to the girl somewhat grudgingly. 
As she went to put the money in her pocket with a satisfied grin on her face she paused & asked, "Wanna go double or nothing on the due date?"
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Y/N: I fell-
Stephen: From heaven? Yes you did.
Y/N: No I actually fell-
Stephen: In love with me? It’s because you have good taste.
Y/N: Stephen I think I broke my arm
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Benedict Cumberbatch as Doctor Stephen Strange in
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Benedict Cumberbatch as Stephen Strange aka Dead Strange Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)
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Glimpse of Us
Pairing: Stephen Strange x Reader; Stephen Strange x Christine Palmer
Summary: Stephen has booked a table at one of the fanciest restaurants in the city and you cannot help but hope he will pop the question tonight. Inspired by "Glimpse of Us" by Joji would highly recommend listening to the song while reading.
Tags: Angst
Word count: 1.5k
Tumblr media
masterlist - taglist - please reblog if you enjoy it ♥️
“I am almost ready!” You shouted as a soft smile stretched on your lips. You could not help but look at yourself in the mirror, admiring the long red dress that flowed around you. Your hair perfectly styled to frame you face as the softest make-up brought out your features. A tiny sigh escaped your lips as you wondered if he’d like your look. You could not help but look forward to seeing him, kissing him, dancing with him. Life had come all at once, finally falling into place after so much heartbreak. You had found your soulmate, the love of your life and luckier than most, he seemed to feel the same way. 
“He is downstairs! Come on!” Your sister shouted, opening your bedroom door and stopping to watch you proudly. “You look beautiful,” she declared with a soft smile stamped on her lips, “now get going!” 
You nodded enthusiastically, reaching for your heels on the floor and your bag “yes, yes, I am going!” 
Your sister hugged you tightly as soon as you reached the door, sighing at your shared excitement. “You deserve this, love. He is so lucky to have you. You will make the most beautiful bride.”
“Ssh— we don’t know if that is what tonight is about,” you giggled, feeling the juvenile excitement tighten your stomach. 
“Oh, I can just feel it. It makes sense, my love,” she shook her head against your shoulder, tightening the hug. “He is the luckiest man to have you. My little sister, the sweetest person that has walked this earth.” Your sister felt her eyes grow sore as tears started to form. “Now go! Before I start crying!”
“I love you! See you later!” You spoke, quickly walking towards the door, feeling your cheeks hurt from all the smiling. You could not believe it, it was the day, all the hints were there, and everything seemed to lead you to believe he would pop the question tonight. 
The elevator ride downstairs went quickly as you checked and re-checked your make-up through the mirror, making sure everything was perfect. The doors opened, and you promptly walked to the main entrance, opening it to find him standing at the bottom of the stairs, more handsome than ever. You held your breath, feeling your heart swell in your chest as your eyes met his. 
“Hello there, beautiful,” he gave you a crooked smile, opening his arms as you quickly made your way to him, diving into his arms like they were your only safe place. Your love, your soulmate, Stephen Strange. 
“Hello, my love,” you whispered, lifting your head and looking at him with the idolising stare only Stephen got out of you. He looked at you in a similar way, but never for too long, or else he found something he did not want to confront. 
The two of you started to walk toward the restaurant, your hand wrapped around his bicep as he had to remind you that there was no rush, too excited to walk at a calm pace. You were so lucky, in love with an amazing man, your man, your love. He seemed a little distracted today, almost as if he had something else in mind, it was probably work. You tried to brush it off by asking about his week. 
He looked towards the street as he answered, telling you he had been meddling with time a little too much. It was necessary, but it had made him lose slightly touch with himself. You squeezed his bicep a little tighter, trying to reassure him he was okay. It was hard with Stephen, he went through so much, but very few people acknowledged it. “You are here now, and everything is okay.”
Soon enough, you arrived at the restaurant, and he hesitated by the door, asking for a second to catch his breath. His visible nervousness made you excited. You had to be correct; there was no question about it. You entered the restaurant and were guided to your table, sitting looking toward the entrance windows, observing as he paced down the payment, running his hand through his hair. 
He came to a halt as his eyes met somebody else’s in the distance, and even from this far away, you could see his shoulder relax as he exhaled into a smile. His entire demeanour changed in a split second as you watched a couple approach him. The woman let go of the hand of her date, walking towards Stephen and giving him a hug. You watched him hold her tight and inhale her smell, closing his eyes. 
She was the one to break the hug, and as she walked back, you saw his body stiffen, unhappy with the distance. You felt like you were watching your life play in front of you, like a movie, a romantic one for sure, just not involving you. Suddenly all the excitement in your stomach started to rot, forcing you to slouch to not let the pain in your chest burn you through. 
You inhaled deeply, closing your eyes as they started to burn, hoping the interaction would soon come to an end. It must be Christine, you had thought to yourself. You had never seen the woman before, but it must have been her to cause such a reaction in your boyfriend. 
The sound of the entrance door opening forced you to open your eyes excited, hoping the exchange had ended and Stephen was on his way back to you. Instead, her date walked in lonely, sitting a couple of tables away from you, looking slightly confused. 
You felt your stomach drop as you watched Stephen move one step closer to her and a sense of urgency took over your legs, forcing you to stand up and walk to the door. Your steps were almost too quick, as you barely escaped tripping over your dress. You felt your heart in your throat as somehow your body had realised what was about to happen before you did.
The door sat ajar, leaving you close enough to hear them speak without them seeing you too enthralled in each other. “He will propose to you tonight… I-I saw it. I needed to see you before….” Stephen spoke softly as his hand reached for her arm, caressing her skin. 
“Stephen, we would have never worked out.” She answered softly, almost as if she feared hurting him. 
“T-that is not true. I’ve seen it, I’ve seen the future. We can still make it. Christine, there is still a chance.” His other hand reached for her, too, as the desperation in his voice grew clearer. You were frozen, watching the man you love fight for someone else. 
“You are with someone new, Stephen.” Christine shook her head in shock at his insistence. 
“I-I… it is not you. I-I look at her, and all I see is you. She is lovely, but she is not you. My heart is yours, yours, Christine.” Stephen doubled down, sending your head spinning as you had to hold onto the door not to fall. It was like a punch to your stomach, each word destroying the image you had built of your relationship. “Don’t worry about her; she will understand. She is good; she won’t resent me for it. She’ll be there for me if you refuse me, don’t worry about her.”
“Stephen…” she whispered, exhaling loudly. 
“Just listen to me for two seconds,” he interrupted her, clearing his throat and stepping away from her as his trembling hands moved to his sides, looking for something. “Christine Palmer, I have let life get in the way of us one too many times. I know this is rushed, but I have loved you long enough to know there is nobody else I’d like to spend the rest of my life with.” His hand wrapped around something, pulling it out of his pocket as he lowered himself on one knee, “will you do me the honour of marrying me?” 
You could almost feel your heart shattering. You could hear every single piece break over and over again. You turned away, almost as if the simple sight of that expression of love could disintegrate you. A loud sob left your lips before you could press your hand against your mouth; shocked, you were in shock. 
You fell to your knees as multiple people moved toward you, trying to understand what was wrong, but there were no words to describe it. You simply sobbed as a woman offered her arms to you, “I-I am sorry,” you whispered. Suddenly the sound of the door opening pulled you out of your frenzy, shushing your sobs.
Stephen spoke your name over the crowd, and you felt your whole chest recoil. You could rip your eyes out at this point, scared of looking at him. He would just see her all over again. You stood up as he tried to reach you, “keep him away from me.” The words left your lips, and that’s all it took for the people that had watched you cry to turn his way, stopping him from coming any closer. 
You walked out of the restaurant and saw Christine standing on the sidewalk, arms wrapped around her body and a worried look stamped on her face. 
“Congratulations,” you whispered before walking away.
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Y/N: I’ve got this
Dr. Strange: Uhm. Okay…
Sinister Strange: Well…look who came to their senses
Y/N: *smiles before suddenly poking all three of his eyes harshly*
Sinister Strange: FUCKING BITCH *drops to his knees holding his face groaning in pain while Y/N takes the darkhold towering him* GOD WHY THE FUCK WOULD YOU DO THAT *continues to wince in pain*
Dr. Strange: This is why I needed you here
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
#i love when they do that WANDAVISION (2021) | 1.09 “The Series Finale” DOCTOR STRANGE IN THE MULTIVERSE OF MADNESS (2022) | dir. Sam Raimi
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
under the rain
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paper hearts (part five): invisible string
pairing: stephen strange x widow!reader
summary: stephen was requested to assist the avengers with a particularly challenging mission, and that meant seeing you again. will he build up the courage to speak to you, or will he only end up making things worse?
warnings: angst, unrequited love, jealousy, swearing, canon-typical violence, mentions of blood/injuries
word count: 4.8k
a/n: not sure if i hate this or not lol someone please validate me before i hurt my own feelings.
series masterlist | main masterlist
Tumblr media
(stephen’s pov)
“stephen, aren’t you coming to bed?” you called softly as you leaned against the doorframe that led into his study.
he looked over at you and smiled, feeling a warmth akin to sunlight flooding through his system at seeing you there in his shirt, messy hair cascading down your shoulders as a mischievous grin pulled at your lips.
you were beautiful, achingly so. the only thought passing through his mind was how lovely your eyes looked as they shimmered in the lamplight coming from his desk.
“coming, sweetheart,” he replied, turning off the light before standing up and walking toward you, wrapping his arms around your frame and lifting you up as the two of you returned to bed.
“i love you—”
stephen bolted upright in bed, bedsheets pooling at his waist and twisting around his legs. his chest was heaving at the memory from his dream, but he knew now that it was so much more than just a dream: it was a look into his life in another universe—a universe where you loved him back, where you were together. knowing that he was unable to experience that level of a relationship here—entirely his fault, after screwing up his confession in an effort to get you to stay that consequently backfired to the point where you wanted nothing to do with him—weighed heavily on his mind. he couldn’t shake off the guilt he was feeling; he had been so caught up on christine at the time that he couldn’t see straight, even when you were right beside him the entire time. he had been so blind and so fucking cruel to you, and he didn’t even know it.
why only recently had he finally become aware of your presence and realized how tight of a hold you had on him? it was like he had woken up from a long sleep, snapped out of a haze of his own making, and saw you for who you really are. to think back on all the moments he had missed out on spending with you, talking to you and getting to know you better. why had he been so fucking dense and caught up in his own selfishness and arrogance that he never truly saw you. an intense form of self-hatred washed over him until he was practically suffocating on it. he had to do better, and he would do better—for you. it was almost humorous to him: even now, without the time stone, he was caught in a loop of constantly disappointing you again and again. there was no redo button, no chance for him to go back in time and make things right; it was up to him now to grovel and beg and do whatever it took for you to give him a chance.
he thought back to some of the last words you had spoken to him: i can’t stand you. he knew you had meant it then, a stark contrast against what he had heard from your lips in his dream, and it tore him apart from the inside out.
running a hand over his face, he tried to push his overwhelming thoughts aside, but just couldn’t stop thinking about you: what you were doing now, how you were feeling, if you ever thought about him or if you missed him like he missed you. he hated himself for how he had treated you, ignored you, and desperately wished he could go back and snap himself out of the christine-induced haze he had been in. it was never going to work out for him and christine, he knew that now, they were on completely different paths and were so wrong for each other, to the point of it being toxic; he had only been obsessed with the idea of being with her, of going back in time to when they had been lovers—a simpler time—but it wasn’t like that anymore and he knew that… a little too late. he ruined things for you and him and guilt clawed up his throat as nausea settled in his stomach at the thought of his previous actions.
when you had scolded him for abandoning you on 838, he knew you didn’t mean it literally, but he might as well have. after christine had walked away and you snapped him out of his reverie to return to kamar-taj together, that was as far as things got; he went to meet with wong and… he didn’t know what happened to you after that. he assumed that you had gone back to the compound, but he never checked on you, not even once. after everything the two of you had been through while journeying through the multiverse, he had certainly struggled with the repercussions and he could only imagine how you felt once you had been thrown back into your universe and expected to return to life as normal.
he released a heavy sigh as he figured it was finally time to get out of bed before he changed his mind and stayed cooped-up inside the sanctum all day. upon turning to his bedside table, however, his eyes fell to the cracked face of the damn watch you had mentioned last time. it was like a punch to his gut as the memories flooded through his mind: of your betrayed expression, the fists you had clenched while held in his grip as he tried to reason with you, the truths you had thrown at him of his actions and manipulations. he hadn’t even realized how everything he had done and said would affect you, but he understood it now. that was all he had been thinking about over the past couple of months. he deserved everything that you had said to him—hell, he deserved worse than that.
donning himself in his usual blue robes and cloak of levitation, he eyed the watch again, thinking of the inscription on the back that he had committed to memory: time will tell how much i love you. shame seeped into his veins again before resolve finally took its place. it was time for him to leave the past behind him and move on; it was time for him to face his fears. he knew now, after his experience with the multiverse and his tragedies through each one, that the one thing he feared most in life was allowing himself to be vulnerable enough to love someone and to accept their love in return.
he did want to face his fears; his main fear, of course, being you. god, he wanted to love you and to receive your love in return, but did he even deserve it after everything he put you through? did he deserve to be happy? he was fucking terrified, that was for sure, but he figured he needed to take this next step and prove to you how much you meant to him and that he really had moved on.
upon reaching this decision, he grabbed the watch and threw it in the wastebasket before descending the staircase to inform wong and america that he would be out for most of the day; however, it seemed that he didn’t need to go very far as america intercepted his path once he reached the bottom of the stairs.
“hey, stephen,” she greeted enthusiastically, overly chipper for a teenager so early in the morning. “where are you off to?”
“mission,” he replied simply.
“will y/n be there?”
he paused, eyeing the young teen as suspicion arose. “yes… why?”
she smiled knowingly. “just wondering,” she said, brown eyes fluttering in an attempt to appear innocent. “tell her i said hi.”
“okay, kid,” he sighed before summoning the telltale golden sparks of a portal that would lead him directly to the compound’s front door, just like he had done for you a couple of months ago.
the special mission he had been recruited for must have been of high importance as he was only rarely requested to assist with particular cases. that was supposed to be today, but he didn’t know if he had it in him to see you, not after his last encounter with you. it had been just over two months since you walked away from him, and he had only seen you through the window as you walked america up to the doorstep and turned back to your motorbike and drove away every day after school. he had respected your wishes, keeping his distance and never confronting you or begging you to stay like he so desperately wanted to; he was going to do this on your terms and at your pace. he wanted things to be different between the two of you and make up for his past mistakes, and that meant he would put you first, above all others, because that was what you deserved.
what would you do if you saw him again? should he even talk to you or would you only ignore him? shout at him? refuse to work with him on the mission? his chest ached at seeing you hurt or angry with him, because of him.
upon entering the conference room within the compound, he distanced himself from the others, standing in the far corner of the room with his back leaning against the wall and arms crossed defensively over his chest. it took everything in him not to reach out to you, to get on his knees and apologize for everything, but he was sure you wouldn’t accept a simple apology from him. he would have to do so much more than that, and he would; he would do anything you wanted of him if it meant getting you to look at him again, to talk to him and visit him at the sanctum like before. his eyes stayed on your profile throughout the meeting, taking in your hair neatly pulled back into an intricate braid that fell down your back, the way your black widow suit clung to your body and hugged your curves in all the right places, the way you carried yourself in a fierce yet graceful stance, the innumerable collection of knives and guns belted to your waist and thighs. you looked so fierce, a force to be reckoned with, and every part of him ached to touch you.
to make matters worse, he was forced to watch as you stood beside the former winter soldier, the two of you seemingly getting along rather well as bucky leaned over to you every now and then to get clarification on the mission plan or to discuss who knows what, and you would smile so prettily at him, eyes kind and open and so unlike what he had received from you in the past.
there was a burning in his stomach as he watched you with bucky. he knew he didn’t have any right to feel jealous, not with how he’s treated you in the past and how he’s completely fucked things up between the two of you, but god, he wished you would smile at him like that. irritation at the situation clawed at his insides but he could only blame himself for pushing you away and making you hate him, finding others to spend your time with and who would enjoy your company. stephen thought about it now, how you had a compound full of other avengers who were probably much more welcoming and accepting and understanding than him; they probably never manipulated you like he had done. he saw how you interacted with them; they were like a family to you and he was the odd one out and it felt like a sharp slap to the face, but he deserved it.
he needed to talk to you. maybe he could explain things to you and beg for forgiveness once the mission had been fulfilled and everyone was back at the compound, going their separate ways and allowing the two of you some privacy. wishful thinking, though it was, he just wanted to see you up close, talk to you; whether you wanted to hit him or yell at him, it didn’t matter. he would accept anything you could give him at this point.
Tumblr media
the mission wasn’t going well.
the team was severely outnumbered, even with it being stephen, you, sam, bucky, yelena, and additionally, kate and clint who had been recruited as well, to battle against an unfamiliar territory of enemies. stephen was trying his best at conjuring shields around the others while they carried on with their individual modes of attack, but there were just too many. tall, monstrous creatures that he had never seen before, but would certainly research in the sanctum’s library once this was all finished, had the ability to split their bodies into smaller, faster, deadlier versions of themselves. their gruesome and disfigured forms swarmed around the team and clung to arms and legs, necks and torsos, limiting one’s ability to fight or raise their weapons.
sam, of course, had his falcon wings to fly among the creatures, but what was usually an advantage against typical enemies they had faced in the past was rendered completely useless now. stephen watched in silent horror as the creatures split apart and swarmed around sam’s wings, jamming up its system and inhibiting any further movement until the mechanical wings malfunctioned completely and sam was left to fight on the ground.
the atmosphere was filled with a particular darkness and sickness that weighed heavily in the air. stakes were high as shouts from the team members overlapped over the comms system while deafening screeches and piercing cries in the background warped any warnings or plans that were sent back and forth to the others.
kate and clint shot off arrow after arrow, sinking into the inky flesh of the cursed creatures, but it only resulted in more of them splitting off and wreaking more havoc in higher numbers. the team’s earthly weapons were no use against these fiends.
stephen unleashed his golden ropes onto the creatures that tangled around their mutilated limbs in the hopes of delaying any further movements or splits, but even with all the effort he put into doing that, it was no use; they couldn’t be stopped or defeated with usual methods, and it seemed that nobody knew what to do.
he searched through his memory bank of which spells he could use in this situation as he watched you speed down the roadway on your motorbike with an inky black horde of shrieking monsters following in your wake. you zigzagged around trees and other obstacles, which served to distract the little fiends for now, but they quickly caught up to you until they intercepted your path and cut off your escape route. without hesitation, you raised both arms that now held equally deadly handguns and shot at as many creatures as you could at a time. this seemed to slow them down, and he would accept this small victory for what it was: more time for him to find a solution.
a plan formed in his mind that was certain to work; however, he lost focus when he heard a sharp inhale followed by a ‘shit!’ that could only be you. his head spun back to you only to find your bike at a standstill due to the pile of creatures that had created a barrier beneath your front wheel that resulted in you being thrown from the motorbike and over the handlebars. in a panic, stephen quickly threw off the cloak of levitation and sent it your way, the sentient fabric racing over to you and swiftly sliding under your falling form to catch you before impact with the ground. your sigh of relief was practically audible from where he stood frozen on the other side of the roadway, heart racing and breath stuttering in his lungs as you were guided over to him and placed gently on the ground, the cloak settling itself back on his shoulders once you had been briefly checked over by the sorcerer.
you turned to him and offered a quiet ‘thanks’—the first words he had heard from you in over two months—before taking up your fighting stance beside him as more creatures came swarming at the two of you.
stephen continued with his plan, ready for this fight to be over so he could get you back to the compound, safe and sound. he conjured the shackles of sheol and watched as the magenta bands shot out and weaved themselves around each creatures’ limbs that crossed at their torsos, trapping them in individual restraints that limited any further movement or attempt at escape. from there, he sent out singular shields of the seraphim around each member of the team, watching as golden barriers flickered into view and prevented anyone or anything from penetrating them that would cause harm while he completed the final step of his plan.
he felt your eyes on him from your position next to him, your face partially hidden from view due to the shield, but he could see your confusion—and, was that awe?—at his movements. there was a jolt of pride that shot through his system from you watching him like this, but he forced himself to snap out of it so he could rid this universe of the demon-like creatures once and for all. he called upon the crystals of cyndriarr, feeling the energy surge through him and extend from his outstretched hands toward the disfigured fiends. the blast of yellow rectangular crystals shot out across the terrain, skipping past the shielded avengers and targeting the gruesome creatures, zapping them from view with the touch of certain death.
a deafening silence settled in the air and it was almost painful after the cacophony that had filled the sky just moments prior. stephen’s head was spinning as his thoughts from earlier in the day returned to the forefront of his mind, once again, thinking of you and how you were feeling and what he would say to you now. he just couldn’t turn off that side of his brain and it kept niggling at his conscience until he felt that the words would just spill out the next time you came near him.
shaking his head of these distractions, stephen opened a portal back to the compound and watched as the team members, each one equally injured and weary from the day’s events, passed through into the safety of the debriefing room.
you were the last one to step through, allowing the others to move in first, and he felt like this was his opportunity to speak to you, but you pushed forward without sparing him a glance. he sighed dejectedly as the portal closed behind him and everyone spread out to their personal quarters to wash up and tend to their wounds.
stephen’s eyes drifted toward you again as if a magnetic field was pulling his attention to you no matter where you went, it was like there was an invisible string somewhere deep within his being that tugged at him and demanded his focus be directed at you. your hair had loosened from its braid and stray pieces fell toward your jawline that framed your face, and even with the cuts and smudges of dirt here and there, you still looked beautiful.
“what?” you asked shortly, tone lacking any emotion whatsoever. unable to meet his eyes, your gaze jumped from the floor to the wall across the room—anything that would keep you from looking at him.
“you’re bleeding,” he said softly.
you looked down to where he was pointing at your right shoulder. there, on your upper arm, was a gash that had cut through the thick layer of your widow suit and into your skin where blood was dripping down your sleeve. by the unsurprised look on your face, it seemed that you hadn’t even realized it was there, not concerning yourself with an injury after all you had experienced during numerous missions in the past.
“let me see,” he asked, though it didn’t sound much like a question once the request passed his lips.
“it’s not bad.”
“i didn’t ask if it was bad, i asked to see.”
a muscle jumped in your jaw before replying, “fine.” you took a seat on one of the chairs scattered throughout the room and silently watched as he approached you, slowly, as if you were a wounded animal ready to strike at an incoming predator.
his fingers delicately brushed around the wound, but couldn’t see much with your suit in the way. he cleared his throat awkwardly. “do you… would you mind?” he asked, nodding to your sleeve.
you swallowed audibly but did as he requested, and he watched reverently as you unzipped the back of your suit that carefully revealed the soft skin along your collarbones and right shoulder, just enough to allow him view of the open wound clearly, the loose fabric falling to the middle of your arm.
now it was his turn to swallow, feeling a lump form in his throat at the bare skin of your shoulder. a few scars were littered about the area, and he wondered to himself how you had gotten them; what missions you had been on and what you had seen throughout your life. he pushed those thoughts aside, knowing it was none of his business, but secretly hoping that you would trust him enough one day to share just a sliver of your life with him.
stephen directed his full attention to the ripped flesh on your arm, conjuring a medical kit that materialized in his open palm. he pulled out gauze, hydrogen peroxide, antibiotic cream, along with a needle and some thread.
“this is going to need stitches,” he told you.
“it might sting a little,” he warned, gauging your reaction but you just shrugged as if it didn’t affect you in the slightest.
he went about cleaning the wound of blood and debris, working in silence and moving about the injury with precision and care, his doctorly instincts shifting into gear without much thought. once the blood had been cleared away, he swiftly incanted a spell to steady his hands before he stitched up your arm. he noticed your eyes on him as he did so, but you didn’t say a word about it, simply watching curiously as he worked. while years had passed since his accident, tremors still lingered in his hands that would most likely never go away; in moments like these, he needed to rely on a spell to stabilize his hands. it frustrated him that he was unable to control the shakiness, but he had gotten used to it, accepting his fate over the years.
a quiet fell about the room, the only sound being your soft exhales and the steadiness of it calmed him in a way.
“you and barnes seem pretty close,” he blurted and immediately wished he could shove the words back into his mouth, but it was too late.
“really?” you snapped, pulling away from him now that your wound had been stitched and bandaged, and it was like the floodgates had been opened; all of your pent-up anger toward him finally breaking the surface. “you’ve got some nerve to act jealous, strange. up until a few months ago, you barely even knew i existed. so where’d this change of heart come from, huh? just because you can’t have your precious christine, you decide that your second choice is the next best thing?”
his chest constricted at the pain hidden within your irate tone. “please stop putting words in my mouth, y/n. i know what i said before hurt you and i’m sorry, but i meant it… i am falling in love with you.”
you scoffed. “well, forgive me if i don’t believe you.”
“that’s all right, i don’t really expect you to at this point.”
“you just don’t get it, do you?” you continued. “you can’t manipulate people’s feelings like that, strange.”
“i know.”
“so, what? now that you see i could possibly be happy with someone else, you realize you’re actually in love with me? give me a break, strange. you’re acting like a child who wants the shiny new toy that someone else is playing with even though you showed no interest previously.” you shook your head in exasperation. “i’m not yours, and i’m certainly not going to sit around and wait for you to make up your mind. whether you’re actually in love with me or not, well… i guess that’s up to you to decide, but i’m not going to be the person you settle for because there’s nothing else better around.”
“that’s not what this is,” he insisted. “y/n… you are justifiably angry, and it’s okay. i want you to be angry with me, god knows i deserve it. but please… don’t hate me forever.”
a shaky exhale escaped from your lips as your shoulders drooped as if all the effort and fight left in you had been snuffed out. “i don’t hate you,” you whispered, eyes squeezing shut at the honest admission. “i probably should, but somehow i don’t. i’m not sure what that says about me.”
his eyes searched your face as hope swelled in his chest, but didn’t allow himself to feel relief just yet.
“and,” you added, voice soft and barely audible, “not that it’s any of your business… but bucky and i aren’t together. he’s just a friend.”
stephen felt his world tilt on its axis at this revelation. maybe not all was lost after all, maybe he still had a chance to fix things.
“i don’t know why i told you that.” suddenly, you wouldn’t meet his eyes and it absolutely gutted him. it was like a knife twisted in his chest, over and over again as he saw just how much he was hurting you.
you brushed your hair away from your face as your eyes drifted back up to his. “did you… did you really mean what you said. honestly?”
stephen didn’t have to ask for clarification, he knew what you were referring to. his lips parted with an answer but you quickly cut him off.
“actually, never mind. i don’t think i want to know. i’m just… really, really confused right now.”
“it’s okay,” he replied honestly. “i don’t blame you. i’ve been a complete asshole to you and i deserved everything you threw at me and then some. but, one day, i’m hoping you’ll believe me the next time i tell you.”
your eyelids fluttered and he noticed how you shifted uncomfortably in your seat. he really had been doing a shit job at properly explaining his feelings to you and it was something he was determined to work on.
“i’m sorry,” he said quietly. “for whatever it’s worth, i really am so sorry for all i’ve done. and i’m hoping you’ll be able to forgive me… even though i don’t deserve it.”
you met his gaze and he felt his heart pound painfully in his chest at seeing the vulnerability and sadness there. gone was the fierce exterior that you normally carried about yourself; instead, the innermost part of you shone through, and he saw then that you were just a girl who wanted to be loved, time and time again, but had been dealt a shitty hand throughout your life and your hope of ever finding that was dwindling down into practically nothing, and it was all because of him. he fucked up again. everything he did, regardless of his attempt at fixing things, only made it worse.
god, he felt like absolute shit. he had never seen that expression on your face in all the time that he’d known you, granted, it really wasn’t that long, given the five years that he had been dusted for, but it certainly felt like it to him.  
“i should probably go,” you whispered as you readjusted your suit back on your shoulder, careful of the stitches and bandages that he had administered. “thanks for stitching me back up. seems like you’ve been doing a lot of that lately.”
“you’re welcome,” he replied quietly, not knowing what else to say. maybe it was time he just kept things to himself from now on, because, clearly every time he opened his mouth around you, it just dug him in a deeper hole and he was finding it more difficult to claw his way back out.
he would make it up to you, though. there was a nagging feeling within him that told him this wasn’t over just yet, and determination settled in his bones as something akin to an electric shock jolted through his system.
get. her. back.
Tumblr media
taglist: @stygianoir @poor-unfortunate-soul-85 @samisubi @seishoari @mischiefmanaged71 @pasta-warlord @elicheel @vesta-ro @luthientinu @torresbarnes @kikus-art @stanny-uwu @hospitaldaydream @loki-is-loved @slvtforstr4nge @sofi786 @glitterylokislut @faithinhome @mando-is-the-way @bobateadaydreams
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Can you do headcannons for Doctor Strange having a crush on a close friend? (Like, Im talking about when your in that "ah shit these feelings are NOT platonic" phase lol you know what I'm talking about 😂) If you want to do different versions for the different Stranges feel free!
This is a man who definitely tends to shove his feelings down or let's them come out in different ways before he confronts them.
Tumblr media
When he realizes he likes you he starts showing off more than usual. Anything to impress you so you'll want to be around him more.
The more he's around you the more he catches himself studying your mannerisms or the little things that make you unique.
When he realizes he has a little crush on you he'll deny it at first. He'll pretend it's just a mutual respect, but he'll start doing little things for you. Like bringing you coffee or getting that book off the high shelf without you asking. Maybe little gifts that made him think of you.
When he realizes he really likes you, as more than friends, his attempts to show off start getting a little klutzy. He'll trip over his own feet a little bit. Not full on running into doors, but his dorky side pokes through his usual cool demeanor.
He'll also tease you a little extra. Nothing mean, but playful. Like hiding things only for him to "find" them in plain sight when he looks after you swear it isn't there. Poking you in that ticklish spot he discovered just so he can touch you.
He has his "Oh shit" moment after you squeeze past him one day in the kitchen or the library & your body slides against his. The smell of your skin, the swell of your ass against his groin, the arch in your low back. It gets him thinking of all the ways he could get you to arch your back even more & he has to excuse himself.
He will also get suspicious of any guy that smiles at you, even if they are friends. He's definitely a protective guy anyway, but he'll be extra worried about you getting hurt or taken advantage off.
If it's one of the other Avengers you better believe he won't be happy. He'll constantly invite himself on your assigned missions just to make sure none of that "oops there's only one bed" thing happens.
Though he will fantasize about the 2 of you ending up in that exact situation, or some other compromising position.
If you aren't an Avenger or a sorcerer he will think about swooping in & saving you from something. Literally sweeping you off your feet only for you to suddenly see him in a different light. It's really cheesy but he evens hopes you'll call him "my hero" if that happens.
Wong will of course tease him about this constantly & try to drop little hints to you so you'll make the first move since Strange won't. Like randomly deciding to sing "Kiss The Girl" from The Little Mermaid when you are all out at karaoke.
If a guy flirts with you when you are out as a group or at a party he will siddle up & make his presence known. Putting his hand on your back or calling you sweetheart to scare the other guy off.
He'll try to play it off as "it looked like he was making you uncomfortable" or "I saw him/overheard him do something sketchy" or something like that.
After he does this several times you drag him outside & end up in a screaming match, only for him to end up blurting out his feelings. That he doesn't want anyone else to have you because he wants you.
You still have to be the one to make the first move physically, though he does hope you'll just slam him against the nearest wall & make out with him. It's what he want's to do to you anyway.
He's gonna have a hard time keeping his hands off of you. He doesn't like PDAs, but he will make plenty of excuses to get you alone or make you play hooky to stay in bed with him.
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Let me know if you want to be tagged in stories for everything or for a specific charector. It's currently a lot of Strange & Bucky ❤
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
She's so... 🥰
Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness (2022)
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pedropcl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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darkkitty1208 · 2 days ago
Tony : You never see things from my perspective!
Stephen :
Stephen : *sits down*
Tony :
Tony : Listen here you little shit
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Stephen: Who hurt you?
Y/N: Why? Do you want a list or something?
Stephen: Yes, actually.
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enigmaticrebel · a day ago
Tony: The French have gifted us so much
Peter: Like what Mr Stark?
Stephen: French toast, cheese-
Tony: The guillotine
Stephen, nodding: Exactly
Peter, concerned: Wait, what-
Wong: You'll get used to it eventually
Wong: I hope
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lykaonimagines · 2 days ago
For Me - Supreme!Strange x Reader
So I’ve been having brain-rot over Supreme Strange and an X-Men reader lately, which may turn into a series or more one-shots with them. And somehow the depressing end is the first thing I actually wrote for them and broke my own heart 😓
Paring: Supreme!Strange x X-Men F!Reader (Xavier’s Second/Successor for Illuminati)
Word Count: 2,780
Description: After defeating Thanos, the Illuminati are faced with having to neutralize the final threat that is their close friend. Strange knows there’s only one person who can do it, and he knows it’s going to break her heart in the process.
There’s one line used from the song “Here’s My Heart,” by SayWeCanFly (slightly edited).
Other Things: It’s sad. Pre-established relationship. I wrote him rather soft since I think at this point, he doesn’t really care about appearances and is just going to be honest. This reader is a mutant that has a mixture of psychic magical powers she’s still working out. Professor X is kinda a father figure. 
Warnings: Major character death. Not a happy ending. Angst. Spoiler for MoM. Some swearing. 
Tumblr media
“I’m not going to let you do this,” Y/N snaps at the semi-circle of people before her. “This is madness and you all know it! We’ve all made mistakes that have cost lives, not a single one of you is innocent to that!”
“All of our mistakes combined doesn’t amount to the number of lives lost in destroying an entire universe Y/N,” Reed Richards responds stoically. “He’s a danger to our universe and every other.”
“He was looking in the Darkhold to save us all and lost his way, he made a big mistake. He didn’t even know the consequences, none of us did. Why can’t we just destroy the Darkhold? Why does it have to be death?” She argues. “Then no one can be tempted by it, and no further incursions will happen.”
“It has already taken root in him,” Captain Marvel replies, her eyes looking at the man on the ground behind Y/N. “You can see it on his hands. If it’s already on his hands, it’s in his head. He’s too dangerous, he knows it himself.”
“No he’s not!” She screams in frustration, her hands balling into fists and magical energy crackles in the air around her.
“Y/N,” Captain Carter says as soothingly as she can. “Please calm down. Don’t make this harder than it has to be. None of us want this.”
Y/N’s power dances in her eyes, building in the air around her as she stares them down, “I’ll die before I let any of you touch him! I’ll kill anyone who dare-”
“Y/N!” A rough voice calls out from behind her, her magic dropping away as she turns to look at her lover. “Come here, please.”
He beckons her over and she immediately goes to him, falling to her knees to be level with him. Her hands reach up to cradle his face, “Stephen…”
He gives her a pained smile and places his hands over hers, “Sweetheart, this has to be done.”
“No it doesn’t!” She argues through gritted teeth. “I-I’ll help protect you, we can run away. I’ll never let you near the Darkhold again and we’ll be fine. We’ll be ok. You aren’t a danger.”
“I can feel it in my mind,” he admits slowly, his thumb dragging across her wrist. “Voices whispering, telling me go back to it, to get stronger, more powerful. That I have to have power, I have to protect everyone. I have to protect you. That if I don’t, something will happen to you. It swirls around in my head day in and out demanding I do something. I can’t make it stop. It’s not going to stop. It’s only going to get worse.”
“We’ll find a way, I’m sure we can, we always have before,” her own hands tremble against his face.
“No Y/N, this is the only way. I’m going to end up hurting you all. I’ll end up destroying this universe. I can’t live with knowing one day it will get that bad that I give in,” he says as he leans forward to press his forehead to hers. “I have to do my duty. As Sorcerer Supreme and as the man that loves you. I have to protect the universe and you, from myself.”
“You’d never hurt me Stephen,” she responds softly, hot tears running down her cheeks. “I trust you.”
“I don’t trust myself. And no matter how much I love you, I couldn’t protect you from the destruction of our universe if I caused that.”
“I’m not letting them kill you.”
“I know.”
“You know?”
Stephen sighs heavily, and his eyes flicker to hers as he leans back, “It has to be you.”
“What the fuck do you mean it has to be me? I refuse!” She hisses immediately, her hold on his cheeks tightening, causing him to wince.
“Because we both know you. If they try, you will either kill them all or go down with me. Neither of which I’m going to allow,” he moves one of his hands to her thigh, squeezing it gently. “You have your whole life ahead of you. You have your family at the X-Manor who love you. Everyone behind you and at the Illuminati headquarters respects and trusts you. You’re more powerful than you have yet to even realize. You can go so far, and you can love again.”
“I don’t want to love anyone if it’s not you,” she whispers, her gaze dropping from him.
“As much as those words make me happy, they also break my heart. I want you to be happy. I want you to be in love. I want you to have that family we talked about. Please do that for me?” He pleads gently. “Don’t let my mistakes ruin your life. There are thousands more deserving of your love.”
Dropping her hands from his face, she immediately wraps her arms around him and tucks her face against his neck as a sob wrecks through her body.
His arms wrap around her tightly, quiet soothing sounds coming from him before he glances up at his friends ahead of him.
Making eye contact with Charles, he mentally directs a message toward him, “Please take care of her.”
“She always has our love and support, this outburst is expected. You mean more to her than you even realize. If she’s unable to do it, I won’t allow her to be hurt.”
Swallowing hard at the words, he drags his hands down her back soothingly, “Love?”
She hums against his neck quietly.
“Can you do this for me? Please?” He feels her grip tighten around him and her breath hitches.
“Don’t make me do it, please Stephen.”
“I’m sorry, it’s not fair. But I need you to do this for me. I have to go, and this… is how I want to,” he turns his head to press a soft kiss to the shell of her ear, feeling her shiver in his arms.
Untangling one arm from her, he reaches back to grab ahold of his cloak and directs it to her. The fabric settles gently on her shoulders as he pats it appreciatively.
“We have to do this,” he whispers in her ear, the feeling of her tears running down his neck makes his heart clench.
“Does it have to be now?” She asks, the question coming out as a whine.
“It does.”
Sighing heavily, she raises her voice, “Everyone get at least fifty feet away from us.”
The sound of retreating feet fills her heart with dread. She knows what she has to do. And it’s going to tear her apart.
“Can’t I just go with you?” She tries. “Black Bolt can just take us both out in one word. It’ll be over quick.”
“No, you’re not dying for me. You’re living on for yourself, for mutants, for the Illuminati, and for me,” he replies as he tightens his hold on her. Charles chose you as his successor for a reason. I know this is hard right now… but you’ll do the right thing. You always do, you’re going to do so well. Our universe couldn’t be in better hands. Just, take it easy on Mordo alright?”
“He should be fighting with me to not let this happen,” she mumbles with a sniffle. “Known each other this long. He’s your successor for the Illuminati and as Sorcerer Supreme. He calls you brother. And he’s giving in this easy?”
“Exactly that is what I meant,” he says as he rubs her back. “He’s strict to the rules, and he knows the ramifications of all this. He did try to argue, but he’s doing what I want. Reality is going to hit him hard after this. Be kind to him, it isn’t an easy transition.”
Nodding against his neck, she grips his robes tighter.
“It’s time darling,” he whispers into her ear, feeling her tense at the words.
“Five more minutes?” She asks, leaning back to look at his face, tears dripping down her cheeks.
“I’m sorry, I’d stay here forever with you if I could.”
“So you just want me to…” she begins before her throat closes up on her and she shakes her head.
“Your powers yes,” he answers for her. “If you’ll let me die in your arms, I would prefer it. But if that’s too much, I will back away from you.”
“I-It’s probably going to hurt… I don’t know. Maybe if I use enough it will just instantly…” she trails off, tearing at her bottom lip with her teeth. “People have screamed before.”
“I trust you, however you think is best. You have more control of your power now than you did then,” he responds, reaching a hand up to tap her lip so she releases it. “You’ll tear your lip if you aren’t careful.”
“A torn lip is the last of things I care about at the moment,” she sighs. Leaning back in his embrace, her eyes study him.
“What are you doing?”
“Committing you to memory, this moment. So I can replay it. One of the worst days of my life, but it’s the last memory of you…” she mutters, eyes still glued to him, a blue haze going over them.
“Well if that’s the case,” his hands reach up to gently hold her jaw, “I love you. I knew you would be important to me the moment I first saw you stumble into the headquarters following Charles everywhere like a lost puppy. The wonder in your eyes and the determination to do more, be more. But I never could have imagined the love and light you brought to my life. You made every day better than the last, and gave me another reason to get up in the morning other than having an obligation to do so. And I’m sorry. For letting you down, for not being a better man. The man you deserved. Even now I ask you to do something I couldn’t do if the roles were reversed. You’re so strong. Just, remember that I love you, I’ll always love you. Never doubt that.”
More tears well in her eyes as the blue hazes fades away, and she nods roughly at him. “I hate this. I don’t want this. I don’t think it’s necessary. But I know no matter how much I protest you will find a way to do it. I… the least I can do is let you go out the way you want to.”
Offering her a small smile, he slides his arms around her waist and pulls her impossibly closer, “Thank you darling.”
Her adjusts her own grip on him, both hands flat on his broad back, “I love you Stephen.”
“I love you Y/N,” he whispers out before her lips attack his with urgency, a blue haze forming around them, bits of him starting to disintegrate under the energy as their lips move together.
She pushes her lips hard against his, tears flowing down her cheeks as she squeezes her eyes shut tight, feeling his solid form weakening under her hold.
As the pressure on her lips fades away, her eyes flicker open to see the last of him crumble to dust in her arms. Her breathing going erratic as she stares at the pile of dust before her, a scream of pain rips from her throat and ripples across Titan, turning all the ruins around her to dust as her power flows over it.
Falling to her hands and knees she heaves, staring at the pile in front of her until she feels a gentle hand on her back.
“We’re here for you, I’m here for you.” Fills her mind.
“I killed him. He’s dead and I did it.”
“He made the choice, and you granted him the end he wanted. You did everything you could.”
Turning around in the dirt, she lays her tear-streaked face on her mentor’s lap as he soothes her. “Thank you,” coming softly from her sore throat.
“There’s nothing to thank me for my dear, from the day we brought you back to the mansion, I told you that you could trust me and I would take care of you, that we all would take care of each other. That hasn’t and won’t change,” Charles says firmly, giving her head a gentle pat. “Let us get you home, the others will want to see you.”
Nodding numbly at him, she pushes herself to her feet and hastily wipes tears from her eyes and falls into step beside him.
Approaching the rest of the Illuminati group behind them, she bows her head wearily, “I apologize for my words. And… if my outburst after harmed anyone.”
“Mordo had a magical shield up, we’re fine,” Peggy responds reassuringly putting a hand on her shoulder. “And there are no hard feelings, it’s been a very rough day to say the least.”
Turning toward Mordo, Y/N shakily presses her fist to her other palm and bows, “If you have need of me, you know where to find me. I pledged allegiance to Kamar-Taj for Stephen, but it still stands. I promised him I would be there for you, and I will. Sorcerer Supreme.”
“I had hoped succession would never be needed,” he admits with a frown, putting an arm over Y/N’s shoulder. “However since he made his decision, he made me make a similar promise.”
“What promise?”
“Do you think he’d let you not be under the protection of the Sorcerer Supreme?” Mordo chuckles, patting her shoulder. “Though his exact words were more so if I don’t insure your protection, he would come back in demon form to end my existence.”
Y/N snorts at his words, a sad smile on her lips, “Dramatic until the very end.”
“Indeed,” he agrees, going silent as he watches the cloak on her shoulders change into a blue scarf that tucks around her neck.
She glances down at it sadly, reaching up to run her fingertips across the fabric, “He misses him too.”
“It would appear he wants to stay with you,” Mordo comments. “You’ve pledged yourself to Kamar-Taj, the prior Sorcerer Supreme, myself, and have lived in one of our sanctums. I think you’re close enough to hold onto a relic. So keep it. Admittedly, I’d have a hard time taking it away if I tried. The Cloak of Levitation is a stubborn and fickle thing.”
Nodding appreciatively, she briefly buries her face her face in the fabric and lets out a deep sigh at Stephen’s scent, “I appreciate it.”
Lifting her face from the fabric, she gives the rest of the group a wavering smile as she waits for Mordo to start opening portals to each home of the Illuminati.
“Are you going back with Charles, or to the sanctum with me? he asks turning to Y/N.
She nearly immediately answers the sanctum, but the response dies on her tongue. The sanctum. Where she was living with Stephen. In that big bed he’d held her in just this morning, hands running down her bare skin, whispers of sweet nothings…
Shaking the thoughts from her mind, “I’ll go back to the mansion for now. I… need a few days before…” her sentence trails off as the sorcerer nods at her understandingly.
“You’re always welcomed back, come when you’re ready. Maybe we can make a sorcerer out of you yet,” he smiles gently.
“Yeah maybe,” she chuckles, watching as he opens a portal to the familiar foyer of the x-mansion.
Letting Charles go through first, she turns to shake Mordo’s hand. As she pulls her hand back, she feels a weight in it. Turning her palm towards herself she finds a sling ring.
“It was his,” he explains, a sad smile on his lips. “He said he taught you but had never gotten around to actually getting you one. He wanted me to give you his.”
Closing her fist tightly around the cool metal, she lifts it to her chest and nods, trying to hold back the tears.
Giving him a quick wave, she steps through the portal to the now empty foyer, falling to her knees as the portal closes behind her.
Lifting the sling ring to the light, she twists the object in her fingers, stopping to inspect it further when she realizes there is an engraving on one side.
Her breath catches in her throat and the tears she’d been desperately trying to hold back finally break through as she reads the words.
“You’re everything I ever loved about this universe, and so much more - SVS.”
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Wong: What. Did. You. Do.
Y/N: Knocked him out
Dr. Strange: *currently on the floor of the New York Sanctum unconscious*
Cloak: *smacking the back of Y/N’s head*
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shescollateraldamag3 · 2 days ago
Carolina — W. Maximoff
(Based on the song Carolina by Taylor Swift)
Note that this isn't the full fic yet. This is only a teaser (sorta).
"Where are we?"
"A universe similar to yours, it seems... Look." America Chavez pointed at the Avengers photos put up on the billboards. She walked closer, examining it as best she could.
Finding it a waste of time, Stephen Strange cleared his throat to garner the girl's attention. "I would love to stand here all day, kid, but there's a witch coming after you and I'd like to figure out a way to stop her before it's too late."
"Stephen, look." America emphasized again, bemusement crossing her features.
The sorcerer relented, tilting his head to see what the young girl was so bewildered by.
"Wanda Maximoff, one of Earth's mightiest heroes who perished in the hands of Thanos."
Pictures of Wanda flashed through the screen, people around stopping to watch. In just a few moments, chaos ensued in the streets. Some started throwing different objects at the pictures of the enhanced, causing few to panic. Strangers bumped passed each other but it seemed like they had one goal in mind: to ruin the images.
"I wonder what she'd done in this universe. Wanda saved them, right? Why are they throwing stuff at the pictures?" America asked, blocking herself from being hit by one of the flying saucers. "Uh, a little help here, please?" She winced as something sharp hit her in the leg, groaning when she figured out that she was bleeding.
Stephen stepped forward, placing America's arm around his shoulders to help her regain balance. "Let's get outta here."
"Good idea."
"Stop right there!" A voice yelled from behind. Stephen froze up at the sound and America did too. Although, they had different reasons.
With a flick of your hand, the citizens of your town stopped moving, everything was frozen except you and your companions.
America hid behind the sorcerer, eyes glued to your every move. "Who is she?"
"That would be —"
"Y/n Maximoff." You cut him off, taking a step forward as you put your boys behind you. "And you're trespassing. This is not your universe, Stephen Strange." You glared at the two, but mostly at Strange.
"Isn't that Wanda's wife and kids? The ones she's trying to bring back?" The girl let go of her hold on Stephen's cape.
Tilting your head, you asked, "How do you know my Wanda?"
"The Wanda in our universe is on a rampage. She's after this girl's power -" Stephen glanced at the one beside him, "-so that she can travel anywhere in the multiverse she wants. She wants to bring you and your children back. We need your help."
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