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#Steve Rodgers
skamobsessi0n · 9 hours ago
If anyone was still having doubts about Sam being the next Captain America...
Just think about the fact that he (the good guy) decided to meet up with Karly (the bad guy) to have a full fledged civilized conversation about her beliefs and actions rather than go after her and not stop until she’s captured. Sam found a place in his heart to understand where she was coming from and for just a brief second I believe they shared a mutual trust and bond. Sam is the most considerate, open minded, patient and honestly bravest character there is.
And I know that bravery comes in all shapes and sizes but this man blindly put his faith in Cap back in the winter soldier movie because he trusted him. He risked his life, time and time again because he had faith in the people he was fighting alongside. I love Sam so much. He deserves all the respect and recognition in the world. Not to mention him continually checking up on Bucky, even prior to the show, when it was obvious Bucky wanted nothing to do with Sam. He has his heart on his sleeve at all times. He is the true Captain America at heart
Tumblr media
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imagine-loki · 16 hours ago
Imagine you and Loki get along well when you first come to the tower, but it soon dawns on him you are mortal and will likely die centuries before him and it simultaneously dawns on you that this is Loki and you’d never be able to fully trust him.
The two of your start acting cold towards one other, while at the same time get angry with the way the other is treating you and start acting passive-aggressively towards each other, including in front of the rest of the team.
Thor eventually gets fed up with this and one day when everyone is having dinner together he decides to force the two of you into a closet to discuss your feelings and refuses to let you out until you do.
You’re both annoyed at this, so Loki turns the two of you into ants so you can crawl under the closet door and get to a room where you know the others won’t look for you and stay there for a little while. While there, the two of you start talking like old times and eventually do discuss the elephant in the room after all.
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spideyhexx · a day ago
I want a series where it’s Sebastian, Anthony, and Chris watching all the marvel movies together and doing commentary on them.
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I’m thinking about writing my very first fanfic (Stucky, btw) but I haven’t really done a ton of writing yet. I have the idea(s) and a general sense of the plot, I’m just having some difficulty getting started. Anyone have any tips and/or suggestions?
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gnoodle-studios · a day ago
another process vid? Idk if yall want to see these but its Content babey so like
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mollysolo · 2 days ago
Not in the same way
Pairing: Steve Rodgers X fem!Reader, platonic!Bucky Barnes X platonic!fem!Reader
Warnings: Implied smut, verbal abuse
a/n: here’s a song fic for steve! the lyrics are in bold and italicized. also just a reminder that this is just fan fiction, the main relationship in this one shot is completely unhealthy.
Tumblr media
Drink all night, never sleep. You say go, I won't leave. I love you, you love me. But not in the same way. Rip my heart out and leave. On the floor, watch me bleed. I love you, you love me. But not in the same way.
You and Steve had been friends with benefits for the past few months now and everyone knew about what had been going on between you two. And that wasn’t even the most embarrassing part of it all.
The longer that this sex only relationship lasted, the harder you fell for Steve.
You started to love him and that was incredibly embarrassing because you could tell that he only loved you as a friend.
You felt so stupid for falling for him and his perfect personality and his perfect looks.
You tried to admit your feelings to Steve several times, but this conversation always ended badly. He would ask you to leave a few times but you’d stay standing in front of him in his room as you cried.
His eyes never left your face as you cried.
Then the following morning, Bucky would always tell you that Steve spent the rest of the night drinking.
Not today, mascara's running down your face again. I can feel it coming it down on me, hurricane insert name. We're good at this game, game.
Every time Tony hosted a gala, you always stayed in the corner of the ballroom as you watched Steve dance with some other woman.
You wanted him to dance with you, not her.
You wouldn’t take your eyes off of him the entire time, no matter how hard Bucky, Thor or Loki tried to get your attention off of him.
Your eyes stayed glued to him.
Then eventually, watching him look so happy without you, got to be too much. So, you left the gala as your mascara steamed down your face.
Steve sadly watched you leave every time and never went after you.
He never meant to hurt you.
You cried into your hands as you quickly walked down the halls of the tower.
We fuck, then we fight, then you call me a psycho. I walk out the door, but you won't let me let go. Turn right around, throw rocks at your window. But I can't forget you and I'll always let you.
Tonight had been another one of those nights where you tried to admit your feelings to Steve after you two had fucked.
But this time, he ended up breaking your heart even more than he ever had before.
“You’re crazy!” he screamed at you.
The whole room shook as his voice boomed throughout it.
Tears flowed down your face as you looked up at him with pure fear.
“Fine, if you think I’m crazy than I’m just going to leave. Whatever this was, is done.” you said lowly.
He quickly grabbed your wrist in his hand as you turned around to leave. You turned around to meet his sad looking eyes.
You already knew he was just trying to manipulate you. You snatched your wrist out of his hand and ran out of his room.
“You can’t keep avoiding the fact that you love me more than anyone else!” he screamed at you down the hall.
He was right, this time at least and you could tell that this relationship you two had, if you could even call it that, was not going to get any better. Any time soon.
It needed to end for good.
You vowed to yourself that you would never sleep with him ever again.
The following night he pounded his fist on the door to your room. He hoped that you weren’t sleeping.
You sleepily rubbed your eyes as you opened the door, it was 2 am.
He looked down at you with a guilty look in his eyes as he saw how tired you looked.
“I’m sorry for everything I did to you. I promise I’ll treat you better. Please just take me back. My life is pointless without you.” he said shakily.
You then slammed the door shut in his face and went back to sleep.
Not today, I'm waking up to my mistakes again. I know you love to point them out. Baby, I'm sick of sadness and you're sick of Xanax. We're good at this game, game.
“You need to end this now. It isn’t healthy.”
Buckys words echoed in your mind, he was right.
The night that he called you crazy, Bucky came to your room after he heard him screaming at you.
You promised him that you two were done and that you would never hook up with Steve again.
Two nights after he called you crazy, he showed up at your bedroom door, again.
“(y/n), please let me in. I just want to talk.” he said as he leaned his body up against the wall next to your door.
You didn’t respond.
He spoke again a few minutes later, “Let me in! I know you’re in there you crazy bitch! You ruined my life! I hate you!” he screamed.
You shivered again with fear.
As soon as Bucky heard Steve yell, he ran to your room.
He looked at his best friend with disgust as he dragged Steve away from your bedroom.
Bucky then gave him a swift punch to the face and knocked him out. Once Steve passed out, Bucky picked up his body and dropped it onto his bed.
I don't ever wanna lie to you, but I can't say no to you. I know you think I'm bulletproof. But you know how to hurt me too. In the dark, we're black and white.
Bucky then quickly want back to your room. He slowly opened the door as he peered inside. You looked so scared and hated to see you that way.
“It’s just me, it’s okay. I won’t let him hurt you anymore. I promise.” Bucky said as he walked over to you.
You nodded at him as you began to yearn for his comforting touch.
“FRIDAY, lock the door.” he said as he laid down next to you.
“Yes sir.” FRIDAY replied.
The door made a clicking noise as FRIDAY locked it.
He took you into his arms and held you close to his body. You buried your body into his as you still shook with fear.
He then began to gently rock your body as he spoke again. “Everything is okay, you can go back to sleep. I’ll stay here incase he tries to hurt you again.” Bucky cooed.
As you fell asleep again, you thought about the horrible looking hickeys Steve would leave all over your body every time you two slept together.
Your relationship with him was so one sided and you hated that.
Saying, "It's not what you think". Don't know if I love you, don't know if I hate you. But I can't forget you.
For the next week, Bucky slept in your room every night to protect you from Steve.
Steve tried to apologize to you several times, but Bucky never let him get anywhere near you.
In the middle of all of this pain, it felt good to have a true friend by your side. Bucky even broke off his friendship with Steve because of what he had been doing to you.
You couldn’t be more appreciative of Bucky.
Tonight was the eighth night in a row that Bucky had spent with you. But he didn’t care about how many nights he spent with you sleeping in his arms, he just wanted to be there for you. Emotionally and Physically.
You whimpered and furrowed your eyebrows as you tried to free yourself from Buckys arms.
You were having a nightmare.
In this nightmare, you had to relive the moment you saw another woman leave Steve’s room. It replayed in front of your eyes over and over again.
It’s not what you think his voice echoed in the nightmare.
“I hate you.” you mumbled.
Bucky has had so many nightmares throughout his life, so he knew that what you had mumbled probably wasn’t directed towards him. 
He softly shook you and kindly whispered your name in an attempt to wake you up.
You gasped as you woke up and sat all the way up in your bed. Bucky gently stroked your arms as you began to calm down.
A few moments later, you laid on Bucky again and murmured, “I love you.”
He rubbed your back as he got comfortable once again. He gently smiled as you told him this.
“I love you too doll.” he said back.
But the thought of Steve still lingered in your mind.
i hope you guys like this! while writing this i listened to Not In The Same Way by 5 Seconds of Summer. and as always my request box is open. :))
My 200 follower celebration!
Vote for what I should write next here!
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chronical-ly · 2 days ago
Unapologetically You
Bucky Barnes x F!reader
Disclaimer: There will be no relationship besides friends until the reader ages up.
Summary: She was never supposed to be pulled into this. But they needed help.
Warnings: Cursing, sexual themes(Later on), killing, brainwashing, death, anxiety, mentions of attempted suicide, drug usage (weed).
Chapter 4
Tumblr media
Three weeks later
"Should I be worried?" Bucky kept himself from smirking, his head angled into the menu as he pretended to read over each dish.
"Nah..." (Y,n) paused. "Stand by just in case, though." She 'hung' up her phone and watched as the man seemingly disappeared into the crowd outside. Her heart rapidly heated against her rib cage as she went to find the man, glancing around her and stopping to gaze through a few windows to ease the suspicion that might be on but it didn't stop the increasing anxiety shooting through her veins.
"Fuck..." She lost him, this is just great. (Y,n) finally got her turn to go on a mission and this happens just twenty minutes in. Before she could turn around back to the restaurant a hand gripped her bicep tightly as something hard pressed against her spin,
"Why are you following me? What the hell do you want?"
Bucky could see them from the restaurant, he had to force himself to not get up and help the girl. He was told to stay put, this is her mission- not his. (Y,n) has to prove that she can take care of herself. He can't protect her all the time, no matter how much he wanted to.
"You snuck up behind with a gun me and I'm the following you?" The man pushed the barrel harder into her back making her frown at the pressure,
"Stop fucking around. Move it, down the alley to your right." She let him lead him without a fuss, maneuvering past others. Neither of them spoke until the made it halfway into the alley where (Y,n) lifted her arms above her head and grabbed the man by his neck just to flip him over, causing him to land in front of her and drop his gun.
She raised the gun to her hand and immediately pointed it at the man who was already on his feet, sending swift punches her way to disarm her as well. Much to her distaste, he was able to get more hits in than her causing (Y,n) to push herself backwards while calling the gun. She wasting no time shooting towards him but he was already hiding behind a garbage bin, returning fire.
"Where the hell did you get another one from?" Getting fed up, she tossed the bin out the way but she wasn't fast enough to stop the bullet that struck her her chest. (Y,n) fell with a cry, leaning on the brick wall with struggling to catch her breathe.
"Nat, I hope you got that ice pack ready. She's starting to cry,"
"Shut up, I am not!"
(Y,n) sat on the ground held her chest still, not caring that the yellow paint was smearing all over her clothes. They warned her that the paintball bullet hurt like hell but she wanted to go on the 'mission' with no vest on, if Wanda could do it than so could she.
Or not.
"I'm glad you actually used your powers for something other than tossing your enemy in the air, pushing yourself backwards was smart. We're still going to have to work on your hand to hand combat, can't have you going home every week with new bruises." Steve made a mental note about training as his other two team mates approached them,
Natasha kneeled in front of her niece and pulled the collar of her shirt down staring at the purple blemish beginning to form before pressing the ice pack against it. (Y,n) took it from her as she stood up, slightly wincing,
"Yeah, yeah... I still kicked your ass though."
"I don't know about you but I think there's a yellow splash on your back, Stevie," He paused for a second before taking off his leather jacket and flipping it around, sure enough there was yellow paint in the middle. She must've curved the ball during their shoot out and he didn't even feel it splattering onto him making Steve look at her and smiled.
He was proud. She came a long way from needing help during each exercise mission to succeeding without him even noticing. Even if her parents wouldn't let her be an Avenger she was still one secretly because sooner or later they're going too need help.
Steve watched as she walked ahead of him with Bucky, there was something about (Y,n) that reminded him of himself, the way she never backs down from a fight was what everyone could see. Perhaps that's why his oldest friend was comfortable around her.
"I went ahead and told your parents that you're going to be late for dinner. You are going to stay late for your Avenger coronation right?"
(Y,n) chuckled at her aunts words while standing up from her seat to walk the small fridge on the jet, grabbing two water bottles and throwing one to Bucky. "'Avenger coronation' is that what we're calling it now?"
"I'm not calling it that, I have no idea where Nat got that from." Steve shook his head while trying to scrub the paint off one of favorite jackets, he regretted wearing it. It was a training mission, of course it would get dirty.
"Anyway, I'll stay late." She sat back down and practically drank the water in one gulp, she's been out in the hot sun all day tailing Steve in a foreign country. Her parents would flip if they ever found out what she was doing since (Y,n) was still banned from doing any hero work. It's not like she's going to hide it from them forever, just until she does something spectacular to get them on her side.
"I hope you all got-"
A loud thud interrupted her as something, no, someone smacked against the front the of Quinjet and started free falling. (Y,n) immediately stood up and looked out the window watching as the man few further away as he fell to ground. "Whoever that was is not getting back up!" Steve was already on it, opening the back door and buckling a parachute on himself,
"First God's then alien's, how many things are going to fall out the sky. I'll get him,"
"I'll go, you can't fly." Before anyone could stop her, (Y,n)'s impulses took over as she ran to ramp and jumped off. There was no way Steve could reach him in time, the guy was far away and the ground was coming up fast but this is what she trained for. One of her 'missions' was to catch her falling comrades, the only problem was that this is real ad the guy is currently unconscious.
"What the fuck?" The closer she got to him the clearer the picture it became, he had a pair of huge white wings which that aimlessly flapped in the harsh winds, she thought they were beautiful- stop getting distracted goddammit- (Y,n) abruptly stopped and held her hands out accidentally jerking the guys body, if he was conscious she was sure he would fuss about how she practically gave him whiplash.
They brought him to the compound for medical aide, the mysterious teenager as it came to be must have been in a serious fight with how badly bruises he was. Even if she did save his life it didn't mean her aunt wouldn't yell at her for pulling a risky stunt like that.
But (Y,n) wasn't bothered, she did what she thought was right. Sure, it may have been off pure uncontrollable impulses to be the first one in line but the girl was proud of herself. She saved another life, add that to list of ones she saved in Sokovia.
(Y,n) walked opened to door and noticed that he had moved from his original spot, his breathing seemed a bit rushed, all signs that he was indeed awake. She set the tray off food on the table before sitting in a chair rolling to his side with a sigh,
"I know your not sleep, you're breathing kind hard." Still he said nothing. She leaned forward and hovered her hand over his chest before smacking it down hard, right on his bandages causing him him sit up with a shout.
"What the hell was that for!?"
"Now that your up Wanda made some food, I think she called it goulash. Do you want some?" As (Y,n) placed the tray in her lap she watched the mysterious grab his broken with a frown before moving on the observe the rest of his injuries,
"Where am I?"
"Medical center at the Avengers new headquarters. You were pretty messed up when I caught you, I'm not sure if your wing was broken before or after you slammed into our jet." She sat back and began eating, fully enjoying a home cooked meal. Usually, Nat would just order pizza for everyone but today she was a true Avenger so the gang decided to celebrate the right way.
"I need to leave, I have people waiting on me- gah!" The teenage boy tried to get out of bed only to hurt himself furthermore making (Y,n) hold her hand out to lay him back down,
"You idiot, you broke like five ribs and you can't even fly anywhere. Might as well stay here until you're able to walk without hurting," She scolded him like her younger siblings or Bucky whenever he got and tried to jump into the action again when he could barely function.
"How did you do that?"
"I uh... I'm a mutant. And I'm guessing that you are too." (Y,n) has never told anyone outside her family what she really is, it felt wrong and scary but above all it felt exhilarating. This is her first time meeting someone of the same species. Another Homo Superior right in front of her.
"Warren..." He stared at the ceiling before glancing at her. "My name, Warren Worthington." He must've figured this place was alright, for now, there was another person like him plus she did safe his life. The best the kid can do is tell her his name.
"(Y,n) Barton. Do you want any food? Wanda made a lot."
Bucky was jealous, ahh conflicted! That's the word he's looking for.
He is conflicted. Not jealous, that's a whole nother thing that means a completely different thing Bucky is confused and his feelings are hay wire at the moment, he was awoken by a bad dream that has to be reason why.
Not because of some stupid kid with wings who thinks he take his girl best friend away from him. A part of Bucky wished (Y,n) never saved him, sure you can call cruel or mean but it's how he felt.
It's how he feels.
He's not jealous. Especially not of an eighteen years old. But it's all fine, because (Y,n) can like whoever she wants, if she wants to fall talk for a guy who gets hit by jets so be it! Who is he to stop them from hanging out- no one.
"Hey Buck, mind driving me home? It's getting kind of late and I want to put Nathan to bed before mom does it," The girl of hour walks up to him putting her backpack on and she was right. (Y,n) had stayed over later not only for dinner but for that kid, but it's fine.
The drive back to her house can give them time to talk, give him time to forget about those strange feelings and weird hate towards the boy. Bucky must see her as her daughter, yeah... That's why he's acting like this, it's so obvious.
"He's a mutant you know. He's like me, I've never met anyone like me before."
A daughter, Buck.
"Warren told me he's with X-Men, I kind of already figured that out with the suit he was wearing but how cool is that? Another superhero who's a teenager."
A friend. She's a good friend. Best friend even.
"I should come up with a hero name, he has one. Angel. It's sorta dumb to me but I guess it's alright, he said if I can't think of one he'll help me out."
Okay, an allie?
"He's pretty cool, don't you think?"
Fuck. Does he like (Y,n)?
Tag list (still open)
@austynparksandpizza @blackxwidowsxwife @eliwinchester-barnes @hessogxlden @criminalyetminimal @grinnwolph
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Yo, let's talk about John Walker.
First of all, props to the actor. I mean all the shit he has to go through? He's very brave for doing this. And he did it WELL.
Anyway, back to John Walker.
I think everybody knows, this is what the government wanted Steve to be. A perfect soldier. Someone who would obey orders unquestionably. Someone with a flawless record. Someone who did terrible things in the name of freedom and got a medal for it. Someone who was molded and shaped to be an american hero.
Now, Steve? Steve was the government's worst nightmare. A skinny, asthmatic kid from the streets of Brooklyn. Stubborn, full of good will, doesn't like bullies. Stands up for what's right, even if it goes against what the government has said. Fierce loyalties to his friends, which causes the gov't MAJOR problems later. Steve is a flawed, a but good man. He has good intentions. He would protect the will of the people. And we can clearly see, he is NOT the perfect soldier. He started out with nothing but fierce ambition to become a hero, and failed over and over again. No one believed in him, except maybe Bucky, it's not really clear though. Even Bucky knew deep inside, this scrawny street kid would probably never be a soldier.
Steve wanted to fight in the war for the right reasons. John was molded for war. He went through the training. He knew how to be the soldier the government wanted him to be. Steve knew how to be the soldier America needed.
So, Steve dies. Sam rejects the shield, for very valid reasons. And immediately, the government replaces Steve. With a man who on the outside, appears to be the perfect soldier. A man who holds his head high, and pretends like the pressure wouldn't cause him to snap. A man who happens to have a motivational best friend character, who serves as his wingman.
There's a lot of pressure on him. So much pressure. Steve is a monumental legacy that John has no choice but to try to live up to. And that pressure must be killing him. It only built up when Bucky and Sam clearly dismiss him and threaten his new power, refusing to help him. He was friendly at first, but then he immediately turns it around and tries to use his new power and influence for what he views as "the greater good" another thing that differentiates him from Steve.
Fast-forward, Lamar is killed. And he just SNAPS. Forget the mantel. Forget the shield. His friend is dead, and deep down, he knows it's his fault. He got into this mess. Now he's just looking for someone to blame. Someone to punish. Someone to pay the price.
So he goes ballistic. I mean, it's clear throughout the episode, John is not mentally stable. And once he has that serum, it happened exactly like (Er-whats his face I'm sorry I forgot) said. Good becomes great. Bad becomes worse. He was already bad. Power made him worse. The serum amplified that, and turned his rage into something with deadly consequences.
When you think about it, Marvel truly has written a masterpiece of a character. A poster-perfect soldier for the government takes the mantle of an American hero. The pressure on him starts to build. He immediately uses his newfound status to get in people's faces and it backfires. Power corrupts him even more. It all culminates in the tragic loss of his best friend, combined with the amplification the serum provided, causing him to snap and destroy a symbol of hope for the people through a murder. Brilliant. Makes me aggressively angry, but brilliant.
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ronimina · 2 days ago
okay but steve rodgers is like one of those giant teddy bears you buy on valentine’s day-
i’d do anything to give that man a hug 🥺🧸🤍
@steverogersnonnie gimme a hug
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tickleebug · 2 days ago
• I’m getting a Spider-Man suit so I can finally go back to comic cons!
• I got a cactus and I named him Steve
• I got a shit ton of clothes bc ✨shopping spree and Walmart is cheap af✨😎
• I found out I’m not that terrible of a singer apparently 🤠🤚
• my friend just said that I’m Addison Grace and Wilbur Soot’s secret love child. (I take this as an incredible compliment bc they both fine as fRICK-)
• I’m finna eat chicken nuggets
• and lastly...... you exist!!💖
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fandom-imagination-ss · 3 days ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Imagine: your father Tony hearing that Steve is debuting on returning back too the past for Peggy even those he’s engaged too you.. and it’s a week before the wedding.
“Your going too wait a week before my sweet baby girls wedding too break heart!” Tony snapped going towards his co-worker he’s friend. Steve Rogers. He’s held back as Steve takes it. He lets Tony Rant. There was nothing he could say too make this better. He was Leaving his love for another and No. amount of apologies will make this better. He was breaking his friends trust, a trust he honoured and protected when he first Asked Tony too have permission too ask you out. The trust too protect and love you forever. which he will. Just not in this time. Tony was furious Right now you were at the dress shop with your Step mom Piper, Nat, and Wanda trying on your dressing the final fitting before the wedding.
Steve hasn’t told you yet, he thought telling Tony first was a good idea. Bucky and Sam were in the corner Stunned hearing Steve’s plan. Bucky couldn’t believe Steve was giving you up. The first girl too ever make him Smile so widely that it made Steves cheeks hurt. the Same girl who listened too oldies music and was a Doll. She was the perfect women. And Bucky always stated how Lucky Steve was too have you. A shy, brilliant Strong, brave girl who didn’t take crap from nobody and took the time too Show both him and Steve the new world. Teaching them about the future. You are the bridge too the past and the future. Your love for vintage things , movies, books, music. Was what connected you too Steve and your loyalty too your family and your friends made Steve think he could finally have everything he ever wanted. But the trip back too the past. When he saw a glimpse of Peggy in her office.. and Steve was back too Peggy.
Tony was cursing loudly as Bucky walked over and Pouched his best friend, eh’s brother Straight in the face.which made the entire room quite. Steve let Buck hit him over and over until Sam and Hulk aka Bruce dragged Bucky of him as he cursed out that he never deserved y/n in the first place and that he will regret doing this too her. Before being pulled away too cool off.
Steve telling you about this decision later that evening went as well as you would expect a heart break too go. Steve left and you were in your wedding dress pissed ass drunk. One realizing he was serious. When everyone found you. Tony was beyond furious while Wanda was stunned. You looked up at Bucky and your heart Sank lower.
this betrayal was painful but Not as painful as Steve abandoning Bucky too be alone. he’s brother? Hes’ best friend since he was a boy. Leaving Bucky alone? You shot up hugging Bucky tightly crying saying you were so sorry that he didn’t deserve this . Bucky held onto you tightly as he cried into your shoulder.
the next day still drunk now full of anger at Steve betrayal you got too the time mechine and were inches from going back in time till Bucky stopped you as you screamed that someone had too give Steve a piece if their mind. He slipped. Away while everyone was focused on your heartbreak. But you were more furious about the heart Steve also left behind.
Your anger lead too Bucky making sure you were alright. And eventually over time that anger was gone and you were healed from Steve’s betrayal and you were fighting your urges for Bucky. Who originally fought against his own emotion and attraction for you . Since you were Steve’s girl but then Sam reminded him that you weren’t. You weren’t Steves girl- he’s girl was Peggy you were Single. And Bucky soon put a stop too that.
Tumblr media
a year later
No one was more shocked about the outcome then Bucky. Finding Peace finally after all this time, finding a reason too better himself too be a better man. Too put his past behind him too be with you. It still surprised him a few morning when he wakes up too see you stretched out beside him snoring or your arms holding him tightly as you spoon him. He never thought he would enjoy being the little Spoon but he loved it with you. Majority of the time it’s him being the big spoon but sometimes it’s you holding him tightly.
this morning was No different. He woke up from the start of a nightmare too feel your cold hand on his bare chest. He opened his eyes fast feeling your hand too see your Engagement Ring it was Small and Simple. He hated it was so small when he went Ring shopping but you cried at how perfect it was. Your nails stretched his chest as he relaxed pulling the blankets up too re cover you as he held your hand as you muttered. “Bucky.”
he looked over seeing you were still smile as you smiled into your pillow. At First he thought this would never work out, Not with you No matter how badly he wanted this. He was worried about your past with Steve. He was the better man all the way around. But the first night when he slept over he heard you talking in your sleep and it was all about him and he was convinced he was safe from a heartbreak.
in the morning you got. Up looking over seeing Bucky was awake as you spoke, “morning sleepy head.” He chuckled as he spoke, “your the one who slept in.” Chuckling shaking your head, “no- see that would mean I am late. And I canceled everything this morning.”
‘Piper wants too start wedding dress shopping.”
“you have a dress.”
looking at Bucky you laughed softly , “Yea- that’s my dress too Steve- i can’t re use it.”
“you never used it- he never saw it right.”
You nodded your head as you sat up sliding up onto his lap as he smiled looking at you. “Babe- I’m not using that dress- it’s a completely different Venue- plus I’m donating that’s in the donation box. Out in the living room.” He breathed deeply leaning his head against the headboard.
your wedding too Steve was going too be a big event. Your Wedding too Bucky was going too be just the avengers. A pot luck sort of wedding. You had billions of dollars but you just wanted close family and friends. You and Bucky decided too move out of the city too a farm house. Too have. Air and breath and too start your future. Your Dad loved the idea. Since he, Piper and your sister Morgan were at a lake house now. You were going too live close. (Not too close) but the reception was at your new house and your honeymoon was going too the mountains a normal. Originary life.
“you sure?”
you smiled brightly hearing him asking as you wrapped your arms around Buckys neck reaching over. Kissing him.
“Babe. I love you. I want the small wedding and just our close friends. And i want too have you with me forever. I don’t want the big wedding I just want you. I would go down too the city hall and marry you today if you would let me.” He chuckled softly stealing another kiss. The kisses were gettting heated until the door rang. It broke you both up as you both cursed as Bucky suggested too ignore it but you spoke, “it could be Piper- she could be early. You get Piper i’ll find my pants..”
He groaned softly but you got off him searching the floor finding your PJ pants. Bucky walked out heading too the front door as he got too the front door he opened it saying hey piper too be stunned too see Steve.
who was also stunned seeing Bucky shirtless at 7 am. At your apartment. Steve stared at Bucky as he tensed up, “what you doing here?”
Steve was young he barely aged as Bucky spoke, ‘I- Y/N.. It’s Not Piper...”
he called out stunned as Steve stepped into the appartment as you called out, “Do i still need too find my pants?”
they both caught sight of your PJ pants were on the floor leading towards your bedroom as Buck spoke, “Get dressed...”
Steve looked around spotting the donation box and seeing that all the memorabilia between him and y/n were gone. Replaced or simply empty spots. ‘What is going on here?”
Steve asked as Bucky spoke, ‘what you doing back? What about Peggy?”
Steve’s mouth shut at the mention of Peggy as You walked out wearing jeans shorts and one of bucky’s shirt as you rubbed your neck. “God, I’m exhusted i need coffee..- Steve.”
Spotting Steve you stopped in your tracks As he looked at you stunned wearing Bucky’s shirt as he spoke, ‘what is this?”
“what is this? Aren’r you suppose too be in the past? With Peggy?”
Steve didn’t answer as he spoke, “your sleeping with my best friend.”
“hey just- lets take. A breather.” Bucky stated as you stepped closer too the two super soilders, “yea, I am , I’m also living with him and marrying him.”
Bucky sighed hearing you say that, Steve looked at Bucky as he spoke, “what is this? I thought we were friends.”
Bucky turned too Steve as he spoke, “we didn’t plan for this too happen- we -we we got closer after you left.. it just happened.” You stepped over too Bucky staring at your former love shaking your head,
“we don’t have too explain ourselves! We fell madly in love! You abandoned Us! What aren’t we allowed too be happy?”
Steve looked at you for that as you snapped, ‘you expect me too sit here in a corner and be comatose for the rest of my life since the great Steve Rogers left me for Peggy Carter a women who moved on! In our time line! Who is probably a nice women. But how dare you coming into our Home and expect me too be miscible because you dumped me! I moved on! You moved on from me! What’s the big deal?’
“You moved on too my best friend!” Steve snapped as you stepped over as Bucky grabbed you as you snapped, “your abandoning me near the wedding was Awful but what you did too Bucky! I tried too go back in time too beat the Snot outta you!”
Steve was stunned as you snapped, “i was close! Two seconds more i would of zapped into the past and beat you up for abandoning Bucky!”
everyone was quite as you spat out, “what you doing here?”
“I made a huge mistake.. I- I shouldn’t of left you.. i- i was chasing a ghost.. and I’m sorry.’
You eased up in Buckys arm stunned hearing that as you held Buckys. Arm as you stared at the two.
Tumblr media
“Steve..” he looked up at you hopeful as you spoke, “I love Bucky- your love was easy. I treasure it. But I cant live without Bucky.. I can’t leave him. I need him.. he needs me.. you- you never needed me..”
“maybe we should go for a walk and talk this out?” Bucky suggested as Steve looked at you two. His best friend and his best girl as he shook his head, “No- excuse me”
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blackqueenofhearts · 3 days ago
Do ya'll ever think how poetic it was that Steve Rodgers went back in time and then came back and gave the shield to Sam?
The significance of that--- I know the Marvel movies tries to gloss over or outright disregard some of the more disgusting parts of American life in regards to American history, but Steve Rodgers traveled back to an alternate timeline in order to be with Peggy.Do ya'll realize that it means that he lived through all the nasty parts of American history? That means that Steve Rodgers must've lived through segregation, and Jim Crow laws(racist laws to segregate blacks and whites in the American Southern states for those who don't know), the Civil Rights movement, the lynching of black soldiers coming from WWII,and all the rampant discrimination and horrible shit of America in real time.
So the fact that he lived through all that--- and came back and gave the shield to Sam-- is beautiful. We forget the Steve Rodgers is the son of poor Irish immigrants back and lived through The Great Depression and probably knew more about blatant racism than people realize he did. He freaking lived through it. He would've lived in a segregated New York and would've been well aware of the racism of the country that he lived in.
So the fact that he came back and gave the shield to Sam, a black man, -- a man who always stood with him and had his back no matter what happened and was a true friend to him-- a man who didn't need the a super serum to make him a hero. Who did what he thought was right no matter the consequences.
That he believed Sam Wilson was worthy of being Captain America even if he didn't realize it himself.
That's beautiful.
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jadapotato21 · 3 days ago
Peter: *Gets the gauntlet*
Peter: ᴮᵘᵗ ᴵ ᵈᵒⁿ’ᵗ ᵏⁿᵒʷ ʰᵒʷ ᵗᵒ ˢⁿᵃᵖ ᵐʸ ᶠⁱⁿᵍᵉʳˢ
Tony: You don’t kn-
Peter:*Hits the woah*
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clickbait-official · 3 days ago
captain america headcanons
ignoring canon is my life now
-smells like a forest and home actually
- his eyes are blue like the atlantic~
-probably gives the best, warmest hugs
- one of the only people who have their shit together
- schedule basically goes-
1. wake up & eat
2. beat up a racist
3. beat a white supremacist
4. eat lunch
5. community service
6. donate money
7. eat dinner
8. read a book
9. sleep
- best person to talk about literally anything
- he's so nice about it too
- won't judge or anything
- god bless captain america
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