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Spoopy Fun

Thor OdinsonxAvenger!Reader

Warnings: language

Context: it had been hard for Thor after Jane had dumped him and being on Earth just made him feel bad. Whenever he came to Earth all he would do was mope about but, this year, as he came back, rather unexpectedly, for Halloween, you decided you wouldn’t let him be so glum…

A/N: so for this season I wanted to do some short stories with some of the people who have been here spurring me on (not to say others haven’t) in different ways and one of those people (in no specific order except when the ideas reach me) is @shirukitsune. You always reblog my stories and it makes me so happy that you do so. I know you love Thor, so I thought I’d - finally - write a story that he’s in - enjoy….


Originally posted by theageof-loki

“Come on!” you pleaded as Thor took another swig of his drink, “We have to do something special, it’s nearly Halloween!”

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Originally posted by halloweenatdusk

Anonymous asked:

Can you do a Steve Rogers one-shot where the female reader is his wife and they take their 3 year old daughter trick or treating for the first time?

Hi sweetie, hope you enjoy! Thank you for sending this in! This was too cute to write :) Masterlist is linked in my profile, and to join a taglist, send in an ask or fill out a form linked in my profile.

Steve Rogers x Reader with daughter!OC
Warnings: mentions of halloween decorations :)
Word Count: 1.1k

When you saw your daughter, Sophie stumble and giggle and roar while going down the stairs, you awed out loud. She was so adorable, dressed as a giraffe, but insisted she was a shark-dinosaur. You were dressed as a vampire, and your husband, Steve was dressed as a zombie. Neither costume was scary, but cute.

You held out your arms as Sophie yelped out again, “Mommy! Can I hug you?” Her voice made you awe again, and you nodded back to her, laughing a bit, “Of course as long as you promise not to eat me!” She giggled along with you loudly, before jumping into your arms and resting her head onto your shoulder. She played with the shoulders of your costume as you walked into the living room.

You grinned sweetly to Steve as he adjusted his sleeves again, “You ready babe?” You asked him and Sophie instantly groaned, “Babe? He’s not a babe! That’s dad!” You and Steve stifled your laughter as he stood up.

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Characters: Deadpool X Teen!Reader, Avengers X Teen!Reader

Universe: Marvel, Xmen/Avengers

Warnings: Mention of threats and violence

Request: Deadpool (kinda) x Teen reader part 1 Reader is in a teen version of the icebox because they got caught stealing with their powers (orphaned). The reader is a magician because of the bracelet that is embedded deep in the r (skin) wrists. The reader decides to finally escape the center by starting a prison riot/escape. The reader then escapes they change their clothes and then hop a train going to Tennessee. The reader gets a job on a farm Thank you Part 2 teen orphaned reader Years later the reader is living a normal life in Tennessee not trying to use their powers. However, the Avengers is trying to take the r powers away because the r is wanted by shield and is considered dangerous. So all the Avengers decide to come on the farm the r is working on, undercover (disguise) to each “buy a horse.” However, their plan fails and all of them gets into a fight with the r. The r loses but they join the Avengers with their powers 


Originally posted by whatiwannasayvswhatiactuallysay

You’d been in the Icebox for a while when Wade and Russel ended up in there. Wade had spotted you pretty quickly, isolated and shut off from the others, and surprisingly the others seemed to leave you alone. Wade had jokingly told Russel to go make friends, and an hour later the kid was dragging you along to sit with both of them. 

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So I have been trying to write everyday of an Stucky Fictober event for the spanish-speaking fandom but some days I thought it was easier to make this instead of a fanfiction (My way of cheating, I guess). The theme was ‘Witchcraft’.

I ended up liking the result very much and the universe is set into.

If you are wondering what Bucky is talking in the end, let me explain.

In this world we all have some kind of magic inside but only a few can actually use it.

We have three different kind of people: 1) The ones that, as everybody, have some magic inside but can’t use it. 2) The ‘Inductors’ (for now) that can use it alone at some little degree and 3) the 'Enhancers’,  that after 'bonding’ with an Inductor, their magic untouched till then increases. They cannot use it, but is the source of which the Inductors use to make bigger spells or whatnot.

Bucky is an Inductor and Steve is his Enhancer (Steve, enhanced, I’m funny).

Bucky left to Indiana because his powers showed a little too early, so his family took him to get more answers. What happened then is that Bucky met his perfect half, Steve, when he was too young and that made him develop his powers early on.

I really want to make more of this universe.

Tell me what you think!

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Listen. School and work has be busy af. But I def am in the mood to rp. Before I started school I would have wanted someone who can keep up with replies. But I know life can get in the way. I think if someone can maintain one post at least a day (I’ll understand if life happens) that’d be great.

Mom dying to rp some Stony. I prefer to rp as Steve. I like having their relationship to be switch. Both can be dom or sub depending on their day.

Unless previously discussed before the rp.

Anyway. If you like paragraph(s) style, please message me!

I personally have no triggers or limits. (Except alpha/omega. Not a fan of that whole thing)

But I’m fine with sex, abuse, non-con, kinks, mental health, and many other considerably dark topics.

PLEASE. If you have triggers or things you 100% want to avoid. DO NOT HESITATE TO SAY SO. I will not turn you away, and I will 100% accommodate to what you need. I’m not out here to be hurting anyone personally.

Send me a Pm and we can plot and go over things!

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500 Followers Celebration Challenge!


AAHHHH Before I get onto the challenge, thank you all so, so, SO much for 500 followers! Never in a million years would I ever imagined to get this many, and along the way I’ve met some pretty amazing people 💖💖💖 Thank you all so much from the very bottom of my heart!

So, I thought a way to celebrate this would be to host a fun lil challenge! (Bear with me, this is the first challenge I’ve hosted 😂) There are going to be some prompts underneath the cut and the rules, it’s a mixture of dialogue and gif prompts, so have fun with them! Now, onto the boring bit…the rules.

When: now through to November 30th!

What: Fics and/or headcanons about Chris or any of the characters he has played!


  • No max, but a minimum of 500 words please.
  • It can’t be a continuation of a current series, only original works!
  • You don’t have to follow me, but please tag me! I’m going to try and read every entry, but because life gets in the way sometimes I might not read it straight away! I’m going to create a challenge masterlist so I would love to feature your fics in it!
  • Must include the tag #JOOF500Challenge.
  • Any genre is accepted! Fluff, angst, dark, smut…whatever you like!
  • Can be reader insert or original characters! LGBTQ+, BBIPOC, interracial and polyamorous stories are both welcome and encouraged!
  • Please include warnings where needed (explicit language, smut, explicit sexual content etc) - please absolutely no sexual situations with minors, no bodily functions, no snuff. Non-con and dub-con must fall into the bounds of commonly posted dark fics.
  • You can write as many fics as you like during the course of the challenge!
  • You don’t have to claim or request a prompt and you can use as many prompts as you’d like!
  • I reserve the right to not reblog any post.

And I think that’s everything! I’m so excited for this challenge, and I’m going to tag some amazing writers who might like to participate? Of course, if you don’t want to, you don’t have to! Prompts are under the cut!

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Powers/No Powers


Bucky’s reluctantly downstairs on Friday night, a nature documentary on TV in front of him.  It’s gentle and full of pictures of rain forest plants, but he still wants to run from it and hide under the blankets in bed.  A storm pounds at the windows outside, and no matter how much Steve turns up the soft music and narration, he can still hear the rain beating against the windows.  Just like his heart thuds in his empty chest.

Spending an evening at home with Steve shouldn’t make him nervous, but Bucky’s been on edge since the rising garage door woke him from his uneasy slumber at half past five.  It’s seven now, and dark outside.  Steve’s cooking in the kitchen, but the scents of bacon and french toast and the other fixings of breakfast for dinner don’t give any comfort to settle his mood.

“I’m almost done,” Steve calls toward the living room.

Bucky glances blankly in his direction as an answer, then pulls an afghan out from under the coffee table.  Lightning strikes, and thunder follows not a second later.  The hairs on the back of Bucky’s neck stand up, and he can’t swaddle himself up quickly enough.

“It’s ok.”  Steve begins to loudly plate up the food.  “D’you want orange juice or coffee?  And butter or syr–?”

The television makes a sizzling sound, then abruptly cuts off.  So does the lamp on the side table, and the overhead light in the kitchen.  Steve swears as he’s plunged into darkness.  The plates clatter as they return to the counter, and his footsteps scuttle across the floor until the other end of the couch depresses and he practically falls over reaching to put his arms around Bucky.  

“I think it’s just–” Steve starts, but another flash of lightning and boom of thunder interrupt him.  “Yeah.”

Bucky squeezes his eyes shut.  He’s not scared.  Not really.  Just trying not to remember years overseas with the threat of an IED every time he started a vehicle.  Trying not to relive the times the things did go off, sending sand and shrapnel and human body parts fanning out into the air…

“Where are you?” Steve asks, gently tipping Bucky’s chin so he’s facing away from the window.

“Home,” Bucky whispers.  “Goddamn fucking storm.”

“That’s right.”  Steve nods, his forehead brushing Bucky’s.  “And is it going to last forever?”



They stay entwined for a moment, then Bucky slowly begins to sag against Steve’s chest.

“There you go.”  Steve pats his back.  “I got you.”


Steve settles him back on the sofa.  “What do you want to do?  Should I get out some candles?”


“You don’t have to agree with me.  You can go back up to bed if you want to.”

“No, candles are… You want a, like…” Bucky trails off.

“Romantic dinner with you?” Steve finishes, grinning.  “Yes.”

“Ok.”  Bucky smiles back. “Yeah.”

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Oh darling, you are indeed missing out on all of this.”

Did I truly draw this just for myself for a lil’ bit of fluff and niceness? Indeed I did. Slowly slowly getting better at art aight? I am trying my damndest to get gooood.
Anyway, I am a degen and ship Red Skull and Captain America what the feck ya gonna do about it darling xoxo 

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Runaway: Their Journey Begins

Pairing: Tiefling!Bucky x Elf!Reader

Summary: Bucky takes a lot of jobs to make a living and this one was no different. Except for the fact that it’s for an elf prince and elves tend to avoid him in general. He accepts and with Sam and Steve they start their journey to find the elf prince’s runaway bride.

Word Count: 2,551

Warnings: Language (if there’s anything else let me know)


Bucky and Steve sit in a dark corner of the crowded tavern drinking from their mugs of beer. They decided to come for some drinks to celebrate the mission they just successfully completed.

“How mad do you think Sam is since we had to trade away his lute for the jewel?” Steve chuckles as he asks Bucky the question.

“Seeing that he separated from us as soon as we got in here he’s gotta be fuming. I bet steam is coming out of his little ears just thinking about it. Where is he anyway?” As if on cue a table falls over and their heads turn in the direction to see Sam standing where it once was in front of an orc who’s just realizing what happened. You can tell just looking at Sam that he’s both very drunk and angry. It doesn’t take a genius to figure out Sam pushed the table over.

“Watch where you’re walking, you big oaf! You almost trampled me!” Sam kicks the orcs legs while he speaks. Bucky and Steve both look at each other knowing what’s about to happen.

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