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wheezyybreezyy · 5 minutes ago
Tumblr media
quick steeb
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stevetonyweekly · 12 minutes ago
SteveTony Weekly - May 9
Tumblr media
Happy Sunday!! Here’s what I’ve been reading this week. As always, leave your fic authors some love if you read and enjoy their stories! 
**Indicates my recent favs 
pretty little thing by areiton (MCU/2K) 
Steve isn’t little. He isn’t fragile and precious, a treasure to be hoarded. Maybe he never was, but now, now, now with his too big body and his broad shoulders and miles of muscles--
Now he sure as hell isn’t.
It was the Fourth of July by seratonation (Proposal AU / 12K) 
Based on The Proposal. Steve has been Tony’s assistant for 3 years when he finds out that Tony is actually not American and is going to be deported. Tony talks Steve into getting married but Steve insists on seeing his family first. Tony invites himself along to make sure his plan doesn't go awry, but unfortunately Steve’s family is actually pretty amazing.
Object: Matrimony by BladoftheNebula (A/B/O /38K)
Omega Tony Stark craves adventure and an escape from the life his parents have planned for him in New York. He places a listing in a marriage catalogue to seek a match with an alpha out West, and Sheriff Steve Rogers answers his advertisement. But finding a nice alpha doesn't mean it's all smooth sailing from there...
- A Mail Order Bride AU -
***Papa Don’t Preach (Series) by FestiveFerret & SirSapling (Ultimates/102k) 
"Whoever did this has a reason, and Stark needs to be with someone who can protect him. He won’t exactly be able to protect himself like this.” Fury looked at the baby consideringly. “No, it’s you, Steve. Besides, he likes you. Suck it up, soldier, you’re stuck with him.”
Treasured by HashtagLEH (Warlord AU/9K) 
No one in Manhattan spoke their language – or at least, no one fessed up to it – and so all of the negotiating was done with Natasha acting as translator. Steve didn’t think it mattered, because he had told the ones who would leave the ship earlier that day that he had no intention of accepting any treaty, that they would lay siege to this city before the week was out.
But then Natasha stilled beside him at something that Stane had said to them, and Steve focused in, more alert. Something was wrong, he could feel it, but he didn’t know what with everyone speaking what may as well be gibberish all around him.
“He offers an unmated, untouched Omega,” she told him, not taking her eyes from the bald man at the other end of the table.
An unmated – what? He wanted to trade an Omega? Did he not have any idea of an Omega’s value? Surely his resources would be better spent whisking the Omega away to safety before the city was set to waste.
Natasha was looking to him for direction, confirmation, he didn’t know. So he told her, his voice placid and even and giving nothing away. “Accept the negotiations. Don’t let on that I want that Omega the most."
***Take My Heart Clean Apart by Mistmountainking (MCU/13K) 
He’s tired, so tired of waiting, tired of touches with no meaning, tired of holding his breath when Steve’s in the room, tired of keeping this love to himself.
 “I can’t—I can’t, if you don’t mean it.”
Tony comes home exhausted after an SI event. Steve acts as welcoming committee. It's an old, careworn routine they've perfected over the years, but tonight ends up going in a very different direction.
And the world keeps spinning by Perpetual Motion (Comic/15k) 
He considers everything he knows. His keys don't work. Bucky's in his apartment. There's a gun to his head. He doesn't have his phone or his Avengers tag. "I died."
T is for Thong by Elspethdixon (Marvel616/2K) 
Naked might actually have been slightly less distracting. Tony was… almost wearing… a tiny, tight scrap of red fabric that most definitely didn't hide anything.
***Orbiter dictum by schmevil (MCU/7K) 
Steve is at the sink, washing the few dishes that pizza for two generates, when he realizes that Tony is in love with him.
Nothing important happened today by thedevilchicken (MCU/17K) 
Steve's stuck in a time loop. Sometimes he's not sure he wants to get out of it.
***Off grid by Letterblade (MCU/7K) 
Steve and Tony go camping, bears are the greatest threat facing America, and tick tweezers are the best invention of the decade.
Some form of electricity by FestiveFerret & SirSapling (AU/57K) 
Steve doesn’t know what he’d do without Tony, and thank god he has him, because after getting the phone call that Bucky’s alive, everything is a blur. But Tony gets him there, all the way to Germany. It isn’t until he’s watching his friend lie motionless in a hospital bed that it really hits him.
Bucky is coming home, and he’s coming home broken.
The stark-tangled man with a crappy plan by Serinah (A/B/O / 13K) 
*At first, it seemed to be an easy job: find the O, secure the O, and hand him over to his guardian and the fiance. Simple. Unfortunately, the omega wasn't onboard. At all.*
Steve has to return a runaway omega to his guardian Mr. Stane.
Stories we never tell by ashes0909 (A/B/O / 32K
One could argue, it was none of Steve’s business. The omega was obviously bonded to the alpha, even if the bond was one-way. That bite was all society needed to overlook the transgressions that Steve had witnessed on the sidewalk. But Steve wasn’t society, and waking up decades in the future, he’d been disappointed by what had changed and what had very much stayed the same.
As hoarded as gold by FestiveFerret (Soulmate AU/12K) 
Steve wakes up in a new world, in 2008, and joins the Avengers where he finally gets to meet the man whose name has been imprinted on his skin since birth. But Tony Stark is closed-off, distant, and disinterested. While Steve is trying to come to grips with finding out his soulmate doesn't want him, he can't help but notice the decline of Tony's health. Worried about his heart after the arc reactor, Steve steps up to help him, but when Tony confesses what's really wrong, it's not at all what Steve expected.
Patience by FestiveFerret & SirSapling (AU / 8K) 
Try as he might, Steve just couldn't seem to paint the arc reactor quite right. And it was driving him crazy.
***Love’s such an old-fashioned word by AnnieD (MCU/11K) 
Steve gets the very brilliant idea that he and Tony should date, but Tony needs some convincing.
I saw cap kissing santa claus by Mizzy (Marvel 616/7K)
When Tony dressed as Santa for Queen County Hospital's annual toy drive, he wasn't expecting Steve to recognize Iron Man.
Disjointed by veryvincible (Horror /16k) 
His hands— cold, clammy, lightly trembling— reached for the glass of water on his nightstand. His grip was tight; he knew he would drop it if given the chance.
It was lukewarm against his lips, and wholly unsatisfying. His forearms shook slightly with the tension, the tremors in his hands causing a noticeable shift in the water. It had a syrup-y quality to it as it dipped back and forth in its glass, almost, though he hadn’t noticed the difference in texture as he drank. The longer he stared, the lower the viscosity, as if it noticed him perceiving it and willfully moved with less ease.
Christmas affair by Neverever (MCU/6K) 
Tony thinks that Steve will be proposing to him after many years of living together, except that Steve has a secret that could ruin it all.
Unknown caller (Do Not Engage) by gottalovev (Non-Powered/13k) 
Steve had one job: exchange a couple of texts with a guy who thought he had Natasha's number, and let him down gently. It ends up being a lot more complicated than that.
***Genesis by teaberryblue (Ultimates/35k) 
Reluctant to make the truth about their secret weapon known, the American Government tells the world that Captain America is a man named Steve Rogers. According to public record, he died, tragically, in 1945, and he became legend.
In 1998, the Avengers find a body trapped in ice.
She's alive.
Her name is Eve.
She has Captain America's shield.
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vivid4am · 16 minutes ago
Life Goes On (Chapter 3)
Tumblr media
Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Reader
Summary: Bucky and Y/N drink and play 21 questions
Warning: Language, drinking, death of a family member
Chapter 2
Now, you may know that James Buchanan Barnes is super competitive. But so is Y/N L/N.
They played about 9 rounds of rummy, whilst listening to Frank Sinatra’s Greatest Hits. Between round 4 and 5, Y/N had to get up to switch the sides on the record. As she was doing that, Bucky laid back in his chair and smiled to himself. He was glad he came over. He’s actually having fun.
By the time they finished round 9, -Y/N beating him again, making her the overall winner- the record was finished. Bucky sighed in defeat. “Damn, I was so close too.” He said, laying his cards down. Y/N chuckled as she got up from her seat. “Better luck next time, Bucky.” she walked over to her record shelf again, packing up Sinatra before picking out another record. “‘40’s still?” She asked, tilting her head to the side.
“Sure,” Bucky said, taking a sip of his third Stella Artois. Y/N put on another record, carefully placing the needle on top of the old black record. Woody Guthrie’s guitar and voice filled the room, hitting Bucky right in his gut.
He remembers singing this song with Steve decades ago.
This land is your land,
This land is my land,
Bucky felt a little choked up, but ignored the barbed wires sitting in his throat. He felt a little better as Y/N walked over, singing the song to herself, dancing her way back to the table.
“Okay, enough rummy. I want to ask some questions. You can do the same. 21 questions?” She asked. Bucky was glad she explained it before giving the name of the game. If she just asked him to play ‘21 questions’ he would’ve been lost. Bucky nodded his head. “Uh, sure.” He said, taking another sip of his drink.
“What’s with the gloves?”
Bucky choked on his beer. The bitter liquid dripped down his chin and onto his pants. Now, he’s had people ask him about his gloves before, but never this fast, let alone the first question. “I- uh,” He couldn’t help but stumble with his words as he wiped the beer off his chin. “Poor circulation in my hands. Fingers turn blue sometimes.” Y/N gave him a surprised look. She never heard of that before, but you learn something new every day.
“Okay. Your turn.” She stated.
Bucky wanted to ask an intriguing question. Something that will give him a good answer. He didn’t want to ask about birthdays, because then she’ll ask him. And man, he was not in the mood to explain that he’s a 100 and some year old man. He looked around her kitchen and saw a stack of textbooks. Maybe she’s in college? Yeah, he’ll ask that.
“What are those?” He asked, pointing at the books sitting on her kitchen counter. Y/N looked back, her eyes landing on the books. She turned back to him. “Textbooks. Studying criminal justice, concentration in criminology. Wanna be a profiler.” She said, leaning back in her chair all nonchalant.
“What’s that?”
“Not how the game goes, Bucky. It’s my turn to ask.”
Bucky was caught off guard, he couldn’t lie. He hasn’t had much banter since he last talked to Sam about Steve and his shield.
“I know Bucky’s a nickname. So what’s your real name?” She questioned, an emphasis on ‘real’. Bucky looked up at the ceiling in thought, jokingly, of course. “James Buchanan Barnes.” He stated. “My turn!” He added, flashing Y/N a smile. She laughed and offered him a sweet smile back.
“Now what’s a profiler?”
Y/N sat up straighter in her chair. “It’s like an expert who solves crimes. I’d know a lot about criminal behavior, probabilities, and investigative techniques that, y’know, actually work. Not like the shitty job the NYPD does. I wanna actually make a difference, y’know? Help out the little guy.” She said, taking a huge gulp of her drink. She placed her beer bottle down and pushed it to the side before cracking open a new one. This would also be her third.
Helping out the little guy, huh. That sounded all too familiar. Did Steve reincarnate back into this girl or something?
“Anyway,” Y/N said, breaking Bucky out of his thoughts once again. “When’d you move here?” Bucky pinched the bridge of his nose with his index and thumb. He squinted. “I’d say about three months ago? I’m not really sure. I lose track of time easily.” That last sentence made him chuckle a little.
“What do you do, jobwise?”
“I work at a record store. Get good discounts, which is why my collection is so big.” Y/N pointed at her shelf, bottle in hand.
“What do you do, jobwise?” Y/N asked, tilting her head. “I’m uh, ex-military. Was a Sergeant in the Army. Got discharged for medical reasons.” He said, feeling a dull phantom pain on his vibranium arm. Y/N gave him a small sad smile. She knew how tough the military was. She’s seen it tear families apart. Her’s included.
“My uncle was in the military. Marine, sniper. Went on tons of rescue missions. Saw him before he left for one. Never came back though. M.I.A. according to the Marine Corp.,” She said before breathing out her last sentence. “But, I know he’s dead.” There was a sad distant look in her eyes.
Bucky couldn’t ignore the queasy feeling in his stomach. “Were you close to him?” Bucky’s face was pale as he asked the question. “Yeah,” Y/N breathed out. “Yeah, we were super close. He was the coolest uncle ever. Actually, I remember when I was about ten he came back from some of his missions. We went to the beach, my family and I,” Y/N started to smile at the memory.
“A helicopter flew by while my uncle and I were by the water and my grandmother asked what kind of make and model it was, as one does I guess.” She rolled her eyes at her grandma’s antics. “He said that he didn’t know. We went to go back up the beach and he started to crawl back up the beach.” Y/N chuckled to herself. “He didn’t want to seem too crazy, so he made me crawl up the beach with him.”
Bucky chuckled at her story. Her uncle seemed like a good guy. I mean, who takes a flashback from something so traumatic and turns it into a good memory?
“Do you have a picture of him?” Bucky blurted. He couldn’t help but ask. He needed to know if he did something. He really hoped he didn’t. He wanted a real friendship outside of the list.
“Yeah,” Y/N said, standing up from her seat. She went over to a table sitting in the center of her living room and plucked up a picture frame. She brought it over to Bucky before handing it to him. It was a young Y/N. She seemed to be about five or six at the time. She sat in her uncle’s lap, staring at him in awe as he was telling a story.
“He was telling a story in this picture. He always was a good storyteller.” She said, looking at the picture behind Bucky’s shoulder. She didn’t notice Bucky let out a sigh of relief as he looked at the picture. He didn’t recognize the guy, never saw him haunt him in his nightmares.
One less thing to worry about, I guess.
Bucky checked the time on his phone. Saw that it was about midnight and got up from his seat. “It’s uh, getting late. I should probably go.” He still tumbled on his words even after some of the meaningful conversations he and Y/N had. Y/N pressed her lips into a thin line. “Okay.”
Bucky walked over to Y/N’s front door and stopped as he reached the handle. He had one more question to ask. “Hey, you mentioned you wanted to be a profiler. Have you been profiling me all night?” A small smirk crossed Y/N’s face.
“Maybe…” Y/N trailed off. Bucky quirked an eyebrow at her. “Something seems off about you, Barnes,” She started. “And I intend to find out what it is.” She flashed him a toothy grin as she crossed her arms across her chest.
Bucky opened the door before giving her a small hand salute. “Good luck with that, doll.”
Life Goes On Taglist: @livvpl107 @navs-bhat @bluemoon-icecream @sltwins @loveheathens @wintersfilm @kaelyn-lobrutto24
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sweetlyscared · 21 minutes ago
Tumblr media
Pairing: Dark!Steve Rogers x Fem!Reader
Word Count: 3.2k
Summary: You told him you’d never love him. He took that as a challenge.
Warnings: ⚠️18+, Dubcon, smut (loss of virginity, rough sex), psychological punishment (isolation), innocence/corruption kink, referenced obsessive/stalker!Steve, serial killer Steve?
Note: I guess writing all those head canons for SUNSHINE got me back on my psycho Steve bullshit. So now I present: the darkest character I’ve written (and he's still kind of soft maybe). This is my second entry for @stargazingfangirl18 's 5k soft dark challenge! I chose the quotation “Shhh, sweet girl, it’s okay, I promise you’ll learn to love me,” the Innocence/Corruption kink, and an implied obsession/stalker au.
Congrats again, Siri! You deserve every follower and MORE.
Here’s a link to my masterlist!
“Shhh, sweet girl, it’s okay, I promise you’ll learn to love me,” he cooed into your ear as you flailed against him. “Just remember, you chose this.”
It was so cliché that if you weren’t so fucked, you’d have rolled your eyes.
The past few days had every trope a novice horror writer would include in a first draft screenplay: a spring break vacation, a handful of college kids, your best friend’s boyfriend’s uncle’s cabin in the woods, excessive alcohol consumption, a recently escaped serial killer. For fuck’s sake, you were even a virgin.
The first two days were spent drinking and swimming in the nearby lake. Then on night three, Nate thought it would be a great idea to tell scary stories.
You all huddled together in the living room, drinking spiked hot cocoa, soaking in the comforting and warm orange glow of the fire. The flickering flames made shadows on the walls dance, distorting any suspicious movement that might have been noticed otherwise.
Nate didn’t get three sentences into his story before a throwing knife lodged itself deeply into his shoulder. Panic was met with screams that spread throughout the cabin. Mugs of cocoa were dropped, and bodies collided as people tried running for different exits. But everyone stopped when a man entered the cabin, doing nothing to make his presence a mystery. If anything, he looked excited.
You recognized him immediately. His mugshot was all over the news, and it was the reason you were hesitant to even go on this cursed trip.
“I’m going to cut right to the chase,” his voice only added to the heavy tension in the room. His sharp eyes looked around until he found you and his lips curled into a smirk, and left you wanting to flee. He pointed at you. The dread that washed over you was so deeply felt, it was as though your entire being was sucked into a black hole.
“You come with me, or I kill your friends.”
You blanched at him.
“I won’t ask again,” his gaze burned your soul.
When you didn’t move, he rolled his eyes and pulled out a long hunting knife from his belt and walked towards Emily, who backed into the wall. You knew he wasn’t bluffing. The crimes he’d been incarcerated for were harrowing: seven confirmed murders, all young women, all done horrifically slow.
“Stop, please!” you cried out and he did as you asked, his hunting knife inches away from Emily’s pretty green eyes.
Steve smirked and beckoned you towards him. Your legs felt like jelly, and you struggled to find the strength to stand.
“Oh sweet girl,” he murmured when you stumbled. He walked towards you and yanked the knife out of Nate’s shoulder along the way, causing the younger man to let out a pained grunt. He put away both knives and effortlessly scooped you up.
Your friends didn’t even protest as he took you out of the cabin.
He carried you down the road where a truck was hidden behind some large bushes.
Steve wordlessly placed a pillowcase over your head, and you began crying. He said nothing as he bound your arms and legs before gently laying you down in the backseat of his truck. Any will you might have had to fight was gone.
He drove for an agonizingly long time, but you didn’t want him to stop. Stopping meant you were one step closer to whatever gruesome fate he had planned for you. It was inevitable though, and eventually, he turned off the truck. He carried you, the sounds of his footsteps changing from crunching leaves to even thuds on what was likely wooden floorboards. He tossed you onto a bed before removing your bindings and taking the pillowcase off your head.
That’s when you started to flail.
“... Just remember, you chose this.”
“You didn’t give me a real choice,” you screamed. He held you down with ease, his thick muscles rippling under his pale skin.
“Maybe not,” he hummed. He held your wrists together over your head in one hand as the other traveled down your trembling body. You started to sob when you felt him cup your pussy, a finger running over your folds through your panties. “Don’t cry, baby. I can make your first time good.”
“How did you-
“I’ve been watching you for awhile,” he said lazily, finger still stroking your pussy, causing you to become wet-- a natural reaction, you reminded yourself. “Saw you at a gas station a month ago. You helped an old woman with directions. It was… sweet.”
Your tears never stopped falling and he glanced at you with surprising softness.
You yelped when you felt him move your panties to the side and gently prod at your entrance with a calloused finger. Your survival instincts flared back to life, and you jabbed a knee into his side. He groaned and let go of your wrists so he could slap you, hard. It left you dazed, the white hot feeling on your cheek blooming into a dull ache.
“I don’t want to be cruel to you, but I will be if you make me,” he growled.
You tried to run but he grabbed you before you could even get off the bed and pinned you into the mattress.
“Last warning sweet girl,” he sneered into your ear, his hot breath making your skin crawl. “I can make you scream in pain or beg for more. Either way, you’re going to be cock drunk and in love once I’m done with you.”
You balked at him before your fear ridden gaze bled into hatred.
“You fucking psychotic monster. How the fuck do think I’ll ever love you. Fuck you,” you spat.
Steve got up suddenly, and you were certain he was going to kill you and just fuck you after.
“We’ll see,” was all he said before leaving the room and slamming the door shut. Based on the sound it made, it was heavy. There was no way you could break it down.
With nothing to do, you looked around. The room was sterile, bland. It had the basics: a bed, table, dresser, and a bathtub, sink, and toilet in the corner. Nothing to offer privacy. There were no windows, and like you anticipated, the door wouldn’t budge. One of the walls had a strange metal panel with a handle, but it ended up being a trash chute or something. Unfortunately, it was too small for you to fit through.
You sat on the bed and wondered what Steve had planned for you. Every scenario had your heart pounding, and you could feel your chest trembling as you fell asleep and remained trembling when you woke up some time later.
How much time had passed was a mystery to you. With no windows and no clock, you had no idea how long you’d been missing. Surely by now, your friends had gone to the police. Surely, they could find you soon? With nothing else to do, you fell back asleep.
The door creaking open woke you up, but before you could even panic, something was tossed into the room before the door closed once more.
On the floor were two grocery bags and upon further inspection, they were filled with vitamins, meal bars and fresh fruit, a plastic cup, and basic toiletries: toothbrush and toothpaste, 2-in-1 shampoo and conditioner, a bar of soap, a couple rolls of toilet paper, and a box of pads.
You realized with rapidly sinking dread he meant to keep you there for a while.
That was approximately four to five months ago. You didn’t know for sure, your only gauge of time were how many periods you had. Though your cycle wasn’t a perfect 28 days, it was still close to monthly.
Within that time frame, you hadn’t seen Steve once. Occasionally, the door would open, but before you could even call out to him, a bag of supplies was tossed into the room and the door slammed shut.
The first couple weeks of your captivity were spent nearly immobilized by fear and curled on the bed, not knowing if Steve was just biding his time, letting you marinate in your torment.
You could only spend so much of your time scared before it became your new normal. When your newfound numbness took over, you spent your waking hours pacing the room and reading the ingredients on the various toiletry bottles or meal bar wrappers over and over again. You talked to yourself out loud, needing something, anything to fill the space. Sometimes you’d scream for hours on end until your throat felt raw, hoping someone might hear you.
No one was ever listening.
On and on it went, and you wondered if this was how the rest of your life was going to play out.
It wasn’t until you began to look forward to the days when the door creaked open that you realized how far you’d fallen. Sometimes, you’d catch a glimpse of his boot, and it almost felt like company. It bothered you at first, the excitement you felt when the door opened. But when it became your only source of joy, you accepted it.
You began to beg him for something, anything, just incoherent pleas and sobs that tumbled out of your mouth the moment the door opened. The answer was always the same: a loud slam to silence your hope.
Several door-openings went on like that.
You couldn’t take it, the silence too thick, the walls too empty.
You began to live near the door. Whether you were awake or asleep, you were slumped against it, only getting up to drink, use the toilet, or take a quick bath.
Patience was a virtue, and it finally paid off. After about eight sleeps, the door opened and you immediately wedged your body between it and the frame, risking being crushed should Steve have shut it too fast.
He looked surprised, and you saw a hint of anger in his eyes. You didn’t care. Seeing another face, even his, felt divine.
“No, no I’m not trying to run away,” you pleaded, and he looked at you, perplexed.
If only to prove your point and show him how good you wanted to be, you scurried back into the room. When he followed you inside, you had to stop yourself from running into his arms.
“I just… I can’t,” you sobbed.
Steve’s face softened when he saw tears roll down your cheeks.
“Oh, sweet girl,” he murmured and you cried even harder, the sound of another voice like music to your ears.
You didn’t pull away when he gathered you in his arms and rocked you soothingly. No, you welcomed his touch, though part of you wanted to run. You silenced those thoughts.
So captivated by his warm embrace, you didn’t notice he was moving you towards the bed until the backs of your calves hit the mattress. You let him push you down until you were laying flat, where he caged you in with his body.
“I told you,” he smirked and dipped his head to capture your lips in a hungry kiss, one you readily returned. You snaked your arms around his neck and he hummed against you, putting a little more of his weight on you.
You didn’t have it in you to protest, only enraptured by not feeling alone for the first time in god knows how long.
He broke away from the kiss first, and you whined a little when he did, earning an affectionate smile from him.
“Are you going to be good for me, now?” he asked, cupping your cheek gently. It was the same one he slapped long ago, and you wondered if he did it on purpose, like he was saying sorry.
“Yes,” you breathed and a low growl rumbled from his chest as he began to pull your clothes off.
You felt your skin heat up, eager to let him fulfill the promise he made before he left you alone, but still nervous.
“I… I don’t know how…” you whispered once you were nude, and Steve smiled at you.
“It’s okay, sweet girl. I’ll take care of you,” he said as he nuzzled the crook of your neck, nipping the skin there before sucking softly. “I'm gonna fuck you so good, you’re going to wonder how you lived without me until now.”
You whimpered at his dark vow and he began his slow descent down your body, leaving kisses in his wake. He latched onto a nipple, gently massaging the other breast with one hand while the other prodded at your folds. You moaned when you felt the rough pad of a finger rub your clit.
Lower and lower he went before you could feel his breath on the thatch of curls above your mound. He didn’t keep you waiting for long until his tongue dipped into your slit.
Arching your back, you let out a hedonistic moan and ran your hands through his thick hair. His beard tickled the sensitive skin around your cunt, only adding to the experience.
He ate you out with near aggressive hunger, and it took little time for you to be thrown over the edge. He didn’t relent his attention on your clit, even after your orgasm subsided. It was almost painful.
“Steve, please!” You keened and he finally let go of your sensitive nub with a pop of his mouth.
“I’ve been fucking waiting to hear you beg,” his growled and he was quickly on top of you once more, smashing his lips to yours in a violent kiss. You could taste yourself on him. “I’m gonna ruin you,” he muttered as he lined his cock up to your dripping entrance.
You hoped he would be gentle but he wasn’t. In a sharp thrust, he fought his way inside you and you screamed.
“Hurts,” you whined and he peppered kisses along your jaw and neck, ceasing his violation of you once he was as deep as he could go.
“It’ll feel good in a moment, sweet girl,” he murmured almost gently before he rolled his hips, his cock nearly leaving your tight cunt before he plunged back inside. You whimpered at the feeling, but he maintained his slow pace.
When your pained gasps turned into moans, Steve thrusted harder.
“Mine,” he growled as his hips crashed into yours, his cock hitting places so deep inside you, you knew you wouldn’t be able to walk after he was done.
“Steve,” you cried, not knowing what you were asking for.
“I got you, sweet girl,” his voice was husky, and he got up, leaning back on his haunches, one arm holding your hips in place as he continued pounding into you. From this angle, he could see himself spearing into you, your perfect cunt stretched around him. There was a bit of virgin blood on his cock, and the sight fueled him to continue his mission to desecrate your innocence.
He used his free hand to thumb circles onto your clit, and it was enough to pull you into another orgasm. You clenched around his length, as though your body was trying to keep him from leaving.
“Fuck!” Steve grunted and you felt a surge of warmth fill you, causing you to gasp.
He stayed in you for a moment, savoring the feeling of your pussy around him, before gently pulling out of you, admiring the mixture of blood and cum dribbling out of your abused hole. He tenderly wiped you down with your shirt and tossed it aside before laying next to you and pulling you close to him. He couldn’t help but smile when he felt you curl into his side, your head resting on his chest.
You noticed the scars that littered his torso and you had to assume he got them in prison. His heart was beating as fast as yours was, and you listened to the sound while you traced some of his scars with your fingers. He nearly purred at the sensation, so you felt compelled to continue.
“I wanted to last longer, but I’m a bit out of practice,” he murmured. “We got time though. I’m gonna break in your body so good.”
Those didn’t sound like the words of someone who wanted to kill you, but perhaps this was only until he got bored of you.
“Are you going to kill me?” You needed to know.
“No,” he said after a moment.
You knew asking questions wasn’t the best idea, but isolation and curiosity got the best of you.
“Why?” You whispered.
The silence in the room was so thick, it was suffocating. You nearly cried, never wanting to experience the sound of nothingness ever again.
“I didn’t do it,” Steve said after a moment. It wasn’t what you were expecting him to say, and you looked at him.
“I didn’t kill them.” His eyes were staring at the ceiling. “I don’t know who did, but it wasn’t me.”
You furrowed your brows.
“Then why did you take me?”
You could hear the deep rumble in his chest as he chuckled mirthlessly.
“I was incarcerated over a decade ago,” he sighed. “Nothing will ever give me back what I lost. It wasn’t just time. It was my family, my friends, my future.”
You could hear the resentment dripping from his words like venom.
“When I escaped that hell hole, I was about ready to do what I was falsely accused of, if only to make the time I lost worth it,” his grip tightened around you, and your breath hitched. He relaxed a little when he felt you tense up.
“And then I saw you, with your doe eyes and sweet smile. You were… good,” Steve looked at you as he rubbed soft circles into your back. “I followed you around for a few weeks, getting to know you. I began to… need you. Even if I could prove my innocence, I still wasted over a decade of my life. I lost everything. After all that, I deserve you.”
His gaze was possessive, raw, but it set your soul on fire in a way that felt as good as it was dangerous.
“I didn’t like keeping you alone for so long, but it was for our own good. You needed to see what we could be,” he said. “But now we can be happy together.”
He pulled you up and kissed you, relaxing when you returned his affection.
Part of you knew he was unhinged, but that part seemed to have atrophied during the last few months. The way he held you, looked at you like you were his entire world… you never felt so wanted. So needed.
You weren’t sure if he was lying about his innocence or not... but for the fragile few moments he held you, you didn't want to think about it. You could deal with the chaos that would ensue in the coming storm, but until then, you'd bask in the calm while you had it.
Note: Is he lying to her? Is he telling the truth? Who knows.
I actually toned this down significantly. The original version of this fic would have landed me in hoe hell. Or, Siri’s Infern-hoe, as I like to call it. I'll stop making puns when I'm dead.
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badmcuposts · 24 minutes ago
Steve: I just don’t get it!
Tony: It’s pretty simple really
Steve: The guy that made Snow White And The Seven Dwarves-
Tony: The COMPANY that made Snow White And The Seven Dwarves
Tony: The theme parks are fun! We can’t say no to disneyland
Steve: There has to be some good in this, though
Peter: Disney sued daycare centers for painting Mickey Mouse on the wall, Steven
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captainjimothycarter · 25 minutes ago
An AU where Steve is Cap and Peggy is in modern day (no shield or anything for her)
They break up after a petty argument where they're both too stubborn right now to see they're both wrong.
They still very clearly harbor feelings for one another.
Steve was just always late and kept trying to hide he was Cap for her safety.
Peggy thought a) he was cheating on her because the excuses for his bruises and broken bones and exhaustion were weak, b) when she found out he was Cap, she took that he hid it because he didnt want her to be in love with Cap or use Cap like others, etc. and c) she was tired of the lies.
It was a petty, nasty argument during a date when he showed up half dead. She wasnt so petty she didnt help him and call help from his phone, no doubt seeing texts from a Natasha Romanoff, etc.
Its been a few months and okay she misses him BAD. After the Battle of New York, she texts him out of the blue:
Glad to see you're not dead. You did good work out there. - PC
Steve texts almost immediately back.
It was touch and go. Stark almost died. Are - SR
I saw. I wasnt worried about him. I was worried about you. - PC
And yes I'm safe. I wasnt in town. I was with Micheal and Daniel. My shop? Not so much. There's a hulk-sized hole in my roof and my flowers are ruined. - PC
You worry about me? - SR
You were...out of town? Right. Yeah. I hope you had a lovely time with your boyfriends. Oh shit, Pegs. I'm so sorry. I'll talk to someone, see if we can fix it. Insurance isnt budging? - SR
Natasha is now glaring at Steve after reading over his shoulder. "Jealousy doesnt look good on you. But I'll call in a few favors. That's the only shop that grows purple roses. If Clint can't get those for his poison dipped arrows, he's going to be upset."
Theres another motivate behind it, Steve knows. Because he still likes her. The arrows and roses have nothing to do with it.
I always worried about you. - PC
I'm not doing this, Steven. I can handle it myself. - PC
So colored her surprise (not) when she shows up the next morning to find Steve Rogers still hurt from the battle wearing plaid and a construction belt, working on her roof. She stares up at him, lips pursed before slamming her office door. Not that it does much good, the wall falls right out.
Steve tries not to look disappointed and upset.
"I don't get it," he says after climbing down from the roof and standing in the wall-less doorway. "Why are you pissed? I'm helping! Natasha already bullied Stark into revamping your shop. You get all the say. I was doing a headstart! Why are you pissed?"
"Because you're a bloody fucking idiot!" She screams at him over the desk, the chair flying back as she stands up. The office is ruined, its again her desk is still standing.
"If Im such an idiot why are you here then? Why arent you with your boyfriends? Where's Mikey and Danny to help you?"
Steve swore she was going to slap him as she stalked forward. Instead she jerked him down to kiss him hard. It stunned them both, her hand still gripping the dust-covered shirt tightly as they parted.
"Micheal is my brother and Daniel is his fiance, Steven!"
Steve blinks, eyelashes clumping together. All he can think about is how beautiful she is and how theres a fleck of sawdust on her nose.
"Damn right oh. I worried about you! You didn't...didnt even call me. I always worry about you."
This time its Steve who kisses. Its hungry and needy. He picks her up with one hand and knocks the things off her desk, laying her on it.
They don't notice the construction crew coming in and instantly leaving.
Nor Natashas sly photo of Steve with Peggys legs around his waist and his pants down.
She later sends it to both and says 'Americas Ass.'
Peggy isnt sure if shes mad at herself for getting back with Steve or happy but she knows one thing as she cuddles into bed with him that night.
Steve needs her. Needs someone to remind him hes human and to watch after himself. To take care of himself.
She needs him. More than she knows. And its not because hes Cap or can lift the heavy water barrels.
She needs him because she loves him, because she reminds her that some things are worth fighting for, that you have to let your guard down some times to let people in.
But she definitely needs him to fix that goddamn Hulk-sized hole in her back garden or she's going to be peeved and no Bruce Banner rage will equal to hers if her Tropical Plants are ruined because aliens invaded New York
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lieblingwrites · 25 minutes ago
What if Howard never stopped searching for Steve and found him before 2008. Alpha Steve falls for the mouthy, short and brilliant Omega Tony.
And Tony is basically Steve’s only link to the future at first. And With Steve around Tony is less of a mess and is more fully able to focus on what he wants to invent. And it’s not weapons.
We know where this story goes. Stane can’t stand the fact that Tony isn’t focusing on weaponry and with him around he isn’t able to double deal as freely. So Afghanistan happens.
And this begins the worst period in Steve’s life. He realises that death has it out for Tony. His omega almost dies so many times it’s insane.
Starting with IM1. Tony is lost in a desert. He could be dead. And alpha Steve’s instincts are screaming at him to protect his omega. But how? And then later in the movie stane removes Tony’s arc reactor. He could have died.
In IM2 Tony is actively dying. He won’t survive and I’m sure he tells Steve that. Probably over burnt omelettes. But it’s true. Steve’s omega and the love of his life is going to die. And Steve … doesn’t cope well. He is just not a person who gets over stuff. And the death of his beloved omega is something he will never get over.
In avengers Steve has to be the one who asks Natasha to close the portal so that the attack will stop. The image of Tony flying inside will haunt Steve forever. And then when Tony falls down and is only save by The Hulk and later his roar is enough to send shivers down his spine. No person should have to continually go through this. How many times can he almost lose his omega before he really loses him.
And then IM 3 happens. When he really truly believes Tony is dead. Lost to him forever and lost in the Pacific Ocean. Steve couldn’t breathe when he sees it happen live on the news. Gets a panic attack at being in Washington while his omega died alone in Malibu. The phone he gets later from Tony is the only thing that staves off the ice around his heart.
Steve is tired of almost losing his husband. He wishes there was a way to just stop Tony from being iron man. But he knows that being iron man is critical to Tony being a person. It is the way he feels he is doing enough. It’s not about a legacy. It’s about feeling like he is giving back.
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astro-ironman · 34 minutes ago
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
𝐚 𝐜𝐡𝐫𝐢𝐬 𝐞𝐯𝐚𝐧𝐬 𝐚𝐧𝐝 𝐬𝐞𝐛𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐢𝐚𝐧 𝐬𝐭𝐚𝐧 + 𝐭𝐡𝐞𝐢𝐫 𝐜𝐡𝐚𝐫𝐚𝐜𝐭𝐞𝐫𝐬 𝐨𝐧𝐞-𝐬𝐡𝐨𝐭𝐬 / 𝐡𝐞𝐚𝐝𝐜𝐚𝐧𝐨𝐧𝐬 𝐥𝐢𝐬𝐭 𝐦𝐚𝐝𝐞 𝐛𝐲 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫𝐬 𝐭𝐫𝐮𝐥𝐲, 𝐚𝐬𝐭𝐫𝐨.
«────── « ⋅ʚ♡ɞ⋅ » ──────»
authors favorites; 🍒 / fluff (f) / angst (a) / smut (s)
all one shots + headcanons are fem!reader
+18! content will have warnings. read them carefully, your media consumption is not my responsibility, avoid my smut fics if you are under 18.
I will reblog every time i update this masterlist.
requests are open ! read my ASTRO INFO for instructions, disclaimers, and characters you can request.
join my taglist for daily updates !
like, comment & reblog :)
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.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Til Forever Falls Apart where [y/n] realizes that forever had a timer on it | (a)
⤳As Long As I Have You where hate comments finally break [y/n], but chris is there to help pick up the pieces | (a) (f)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Thank You, Captain where [y/n]’s inability of following cap’s orders, gets her in trouble | (s) 🍒
⤳You're My Future where steve becomes fond of the new addition to the avengers family | (f)
⤳I Still Call You When I Need Escaping where [y/n] gets to hear steve’s voice one last time before he loses her completely to hydra | (a)
⤳Apologies and Fugitives where steve snaps at [y/n], but instantly regrets it, knowing he loves her too much to let go | (a)
⤳I’m The Girl You’d Die For where [y/n], the cupid avenger, realizes her intense feelings for steve | (a) 🍒
⤳Just Another Chance where steve and [y/n] realize they need each other, even after breaking up | (f)
⤳Captains and Callgirls where [y/n] is shocked to see that the first man who requested her service, is the one and only, captain america | (s) 🍒
⤳If By Chance where steve realizes he chose the wrong girl, but it was too late | (a)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳I Can’t Handle Change | (a) 🍒
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
mini series where [y/n] finds herself trapped in a possessive “love” triangle between mob!buckybarnes and mob!andybarber AU
⤳Save Your Tears | (a)
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
where andy’s infidelity finally catches up with him, breaking one heart to save the other
⤳Heart For Brains | (s) (a) | playlist 🍒
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3 | PART 4 | PART 5
being daughter of the wealthiest man in boston, nothing fills the void til she’s in the arms of her father’s employee, Andy Barber.
⤳A Knight In Shining Armor where andy doesn’t fail to defend [y/n]’s honor after being harassed at the bar | (f) (a)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Birthday Gift where on the night of her 21st birthday, [y/n] seems to find herself bending over a certain beemer | (s) 🍒
⤳Show Them Who’s Boss where ransom calls [y/n] a sub during a game of truth or dare, so she puts him in his place in front of his friends | (s)
⤳Warm Welcomings where [y/n] catches up with her trust fund childhood friends, ransom drysdale & carter baizen | (s)
⤳House Warming Gifts where [y/n] catches up with her trust fund childhood buddies, ransom drysdale & carter baizen | (s) | part 2 of warm welcomings
⤳I Hear A Symphony where [y/n] learns the truth, letting the end dawn on her | (a)
⤳Rain Kisses with Ransom!HC headcanon where ransom and [y/n] experience a moment straight out of a movie | (f) 🍒
⤳Anything For You, Bunny where soft!ransom helps his girlfriend [y/n] pursing her dream as a writer | (f)
⤳Deserves A Picture where [y/n] and ransom get busy the night of his grandfather’s birthday | (s) 🍒
⤳Domestic Life with Ransom!Hc headcanon where ransom finally asks [y/n] to move in, which shows us a little bit about their days together. | (f) 🍒
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳One Good Girl, Coming Up! where ari goes to a club, hoping to do more than just forget about his ex wife | (s)
⤳Mind Games where ari reminds [y/n] who she belongs to once her husband leaves town | (s) 🍒
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Brownie Kisses where frank forgets his date with [y/n], so there’s only one way to make it right | (f) (a)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Before The After Party where an incident on jimmy fallon leads to a heated moment in the back of sebastian’s limo | (s)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳I Can’t Handle Change | (a) 🍒
PART 1 | PART 2 | PART 3
mini series where [y/n] finds herself trapped in a possessive “love” triangle between mob!buckybarnes and mob!andybarber AU
⤳You Are My Life where bucky makes sure his girlfriend [y/n] sleeps through an important mission | (f)
⤳WS!Bucky HC headcanon where the stone-cold winter soldier gives comfort to the new hydra recrute | (f) (a) 🍒
⤳Unforgettable where [y/n] and sargent barnes bond a night before he ships off to war | (f) 🍒
⤳Dating Bucky!HC headcanon on [y/n]’s relationship with bucky barnes | (f)
⤳ Never Been A Hero where bucky arrives just in time to rescue [y/n] from a skeezy stranger | (f)
⤳Matchmaking with Bucky!HC headcanon where sam, the falcon, introduces his friend [y/n] to the soft winter soldier | (f)
⤳Kinky Bucky!HC headcanon where [y/n] reveals her secret kink | (s) 🍒
⤳Pinky Promise where sparing with bucky goes wrong, accidentally hurting [y/n] | (f) (a) 🍒
⤳Bucky & Your Pet!HC  headcanon where bucky becomes best friends with [y/n]’s cat | (f)
⤳Trying New Things with Bucky!HC headcanon where Bucky and [y/n] put their gun-play kink to the test | (s) 🍒
⤳I Can Be There For You where a certain pregnancy brings [y/n] and bucky together | (f)
⤳Bucky & Alpine!HC headcanon where [y/n] surprise bucky with a new tiny friend | (f)
⤳Asking For Forgiveness where bucky owes [y/n] an apology, so he gives it to her the best way possible | (s) 🍒
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Troublemaker where [y/n] comes back from college to her small town to finally seduce her old school-girl crush | (s)
.•° ✿ °•.
Tumblr media
⤳Warm Welcomings where [y/n] catches up with her trust fund childhood buddies, ransom drysdale & carter baizen | (s)
⤳House Warming Gifts where [y/n] catches up with her trust fund childhood buddies, ransom drysdale & carter baizen | (s) | part 2 of warm welcomings
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holylulusworld · 39 minutes ago
Lost on an island Roger’s style
Tumblr media
Summary: You get lost on a mission with Steve, the guy who gets on your nerves for months.
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Characters: Sam Wilson, Tony Stark
Warnings: angst, getting lost, language, enemies to lovers, the reader hates Steve, feelings mutual, arguments,mutual pining, sneaky Tony
Written for: @simsadventures​ SIM’S 6K MIXED ADVENTURE. My prompt and location were: Island +  'Did you just kiss me?'
Divider by @firefly-graphics​
Tumblr media
“That’s the wrong direction, Captain,” you quip, jerking your head in the other direction. “Fury said we shall head south and turn to the left. The safehouse must be not far from the clearing over there.”
“This is an island, not a forest. We don’t call the place over there clearing and this is the wrong direction, agent,” Steve growls, beyond annoyed. You are getting on his nerves for days and now, he must admit he lost orientation.
“Call it anything you want to,” growling the words you step closer to poke your finger into Steve’s firm chest, “but this is not the right direction, Captain Rogers. If you would just admit you got lost just like me, we could try to find a way back.”
“I’m not lost on an island with you,” Steve huffs, hating to admit he definitely is lost on an island with you. “Fury said we shall take the boat and meet up with the rest of the team at the safe house.”
“Here is nothing but sand, palms, and insects trying to eat me alive!” hands on your hips you glare up at Steve. “I think you navigated the boat to the wrong island! This one is deserted, Rogers.”
“I used the coordinates Fury handed me to meet up with the team,” he’s in your face, breathes heavily, ready to attack you, team member or not. You've got Steve on the edge and he’s ready to topple over if he must.
“Okay—let’s say you used the coordinates, and this is the island we were destined to reach. Why is there no civilization? According to the information Fury gave us there should be a safe house, houses, civilization.”
“Can you just shut up for a moment? Let me check on the data again,” huffing you decide to sit it out. Literally.
While you place your backpack on the ground to sit on it, Steve checks on the information Fury gave him. He holds the GPS so that it has a clear view of the sky with no obstructions, waiting until the accuracy figure has stopped and drops no more.
“I don’t understand why there is no safe house or anything in sight. Look, the coordinates are correct!”
“Lemme see,” getting back up you snatch the GPS out of Steve’s hands to check if the coordinates match the data Fury gave to Steve. “Maybe the device is broken? But it looks brand-new.”
“We are fucked,” Steve grunts, sitting on the ground next to your backpack. “We not only will not meet up with the rest of the team but are also stranded on a deserted island. I don’t think I can hold back and not snap your neck.”
“Perfect gentleman as always,” you mutter. “You should try to calm me, help me cope, Rogers. What kind of leader are you?”
“Can you not talk for a minute? I need to focus on the problem on our hands, not you,” huffing you turn around to look the other way. “Great, now you are pouting like a child.”
“I’m not pouting, Captain Asshole,” you sigh deeply, hating you will miss the date with the nice guy you meet at the coffee shop. “Fine, if you want me gone, I’ll go and try to find a way back to the boat. I don’t need your help, Rogers.” grasping for your backpack you are ready to leave Steve behind.
“You will not leave your Captain’s side, agent,” Steve jumps up, to block your path. “I want you to give me a few minutes to find a way out of this situation, agent. Just calm and cooperate for once.”
“Yes, Captain,” you salute, giving Steve an angry look, followed by an audible grunt. “Please, enlighten me and save me. I’m a helpless damsel in distress, Captain Rogers.”
“You’re a brat only to be a brat, Y/N,” he grits out, chest heaving up and down. “Now be silent.”
“Aw, can Captain America not handle a woman not licking his boots?” you smirk, finger jabbing his chest. “I bet you want to dominate a woman in any situation. Pity you ended up on this island with me, not some random fangirl.”
“You little brat,” Steve frantically runs his fingers through his hair, messes it up a little before he cups your face with his rough hands, lips crashing against yours in a messy kiss. His tongue slides inside your mouth, explores your wet cavern to force moans out of your throat.
“Did you just kiss me?” you pant, looking up at Steve. He doesn’t let go of your face, just cradles it gently in his hands. “Captain Rogers?”
“I guess I found a way to make you shut up,” he grins, diving back in to silence your witty comment with his lips. Steve wraps his arms around you, deepening the kiss when you lean in his touch. “Didn’t think I can defeat your sharp tongue with my lips.”
“Captain, you should not make out with a team member,” someone snickers behind you. “I hate to disturb your intimate moment and your love confessions, Capsicle, but we got a mission to handle.”
“We were about to—” Steve mutters, eyes drifting toward your kiss-swollen lips, “investigate the island further.” you clear your throat, nodding to confirm Steve’s lie.
“Captain Rogers tried to show me how to act when we ever should go undercover, pretending we are a pair,” admiring you lie shamelessly for him Steve smirks before, to your horror, he crashes his lips onto yours again, ignoring the team cheers for you.
Tumblr media
Back at the Avenger’s tower, three weeks later...
“Stark, will you ever tell Steve you changed the coordinates to get those blind idiots together?” Sam leans back in his chair, watches Steve feed you with a strawberry. “I must admit, you’re an evil mastermind.”
“I couldn’t watch them pine for each other much longer. It was sickening and disturbing at once,” Tony shudders. “At least Capsicle finally got laid. Good for him…”
Tumblr media
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whatrambles · 55 minutes ago
Hey, Alpha Part 1
Warnings: Abo dynamics, talk of heats and homelessness
(A/N): This is my first time doing a social media au so this might not be the best. Feedback is always appreciated
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
@cherryblossomskye @thehumanistsdiary @swtltlmrvlgrl @imerdwarf @indigo123789 @harrysthiccthighss @moonlitskinandcrimsonribbons @mypalbuck @mystictimetravelcolor @beenlovingromansincedayoneish @fandom-basurero @its-sky-scraper @modernvellichor @buckybarnesthehotshot @dreamwritesimagines @watersofmars
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wintersoldier1989 · an hour ago
I like your in-depth Stucky analysis posts. What's your favourite Stucky moment?
I’m honoured that you think my rambles qualify as any sort of analysis 😅 but I do really love talking about my favourites, so it’s nice to know that you like them too!
And you have posed a great (and seemingly impossible) question. Because I do truly love all of Steve and Bucky’s on screen moments together. Even so, I accept the challenge and have narrowed it down to two.
Tumblr media
My top Stucky moment has to be this one. Not only is it great footage meant to show Steve and Bucky in the 1940s, but it also doubles as an iconic Evanstan moment.
Tumblr media
Those bright smiles, fond glances and giggles are 100% Sebastian and Chris. And it’s not lost on me that their chemistry is what we see on screen between Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes.
Tumblr media
In a close second place, I have to say is the quinjet moment in Captain America: Civil War. The sweet way they reminisce about the good old days, it’s a lighthearted moment in an otherwise emotionally charged scene. Plus seeing a glimpse of jealous Steve is a sweet treat all of its own. But at the heart of it, this scene is all about Bucky starting to reconcile his past and what that could mean for his future. Steve reminds Bucky that he’s felt out of place too, and that they’ll make it through together.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
The way Steve offers comfort and reassurance with a soft touch on Buck’s shoulder, harkens back to when we saw the role reversal in The First Avenger. They may not be in the 40’s anymore, but they still have each other and I think that’s just so damn beautiful.
Tumblr media
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starstruckmyths · an hour ago
Ok but how many people do you think had childhood crushes on steve
I mean,,,,, having a childhood crush on a war hero with super strength who looked like this:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Almost every story of Steve is about his bravery, his sacrifice, and though some of it is propaganda (like hiding the fact he broke a law or two (or hundred), his sexuality and part of his past to maintain a perfect American image), a lot of it is really admirable.
He's lifting motor cycles with his bare hands with people on top, was basically a tornado of justice with his shield, has his own song, his own short TV show, he's part of history. He's a super star💕
He is a large part of WW2, so imagine all the school projects people did about him. He has an entire wing in the Smithsonian, so imagine all the school trips.
And then when he comes back,,,,,, WOOOO. I can imagine there's a lot of childhood crushes that come back to life, and alongside that? A storm of teasing about people's Captain America phase. Remember when you had posters of him in your room👀 remember when you had a Captain America soup bowl👀 your Captain America pj's look nice babe👀
But what's even better? Now, people get to have a crush on Steve Rogers. It used to be about Captain America, but now Steve is out there, being prime Chaotic Bi, criticizing the government, standing up for the little guy, and just being kind.
And it actually is (comics) canon that some Marvel Heroes had childhood crushes on Steve. Take Wade Wilson for instance
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
(Steve Rogers is actually one of the few people that Deadpool truly respects. Since both gained their abilities as a result of experimentation, Rogers empathizes with Wade, and is one of the few heroes shown to genuinely like him)
And Spider-Man, pretty sure this boy had/has a thing for Cap
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Coulson had a big time childhood crush that turned into a big time adulthood crush🤭 I'm still sad about his cards tho, Nick Fury be smearing blood on them THEY WERE MINT CONDITION!!!!
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petersdonuts · an hour ago
Sam: I think I need to apologize to you, Bucky.
Steve: Sam, do you KNOW how to apologize?
Tony: you actually have to say the words, “I’m sorry”.
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ronbowie · an hour ago
I’m on a frickin role today, have chapter 5 filled with hurt/comfort Stevoria (I’m coining the ship name :>)
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brightjimini · an hour ago
I really need to remember myself to focus on myself and not what everyone thinks about everything I post. Sad, it used to be about what everyone saw you do. Now its online for me. I want comments saying what i can do better what they like ec. I want people to see my work. But I need to stop. Like I just need to do this for me. For fun. I need to remind myself bcs who gives a shit no one. Im gonna do things my way and not apologise for not posting or something. I write for whatever fandom I feel like atm. You wanna unfollow me bcs I dont write for The witcher anymore fine. I don't write for it bcs there isn't new content so i get less excited to write. To all the writers on here. Please do it for fun (i am guilty of caring about the wrong things too)
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dreamsinthewitchouse · an hour ago
What the heck, I wrote a fic! It’s a Stucky angstfest featuring Death of the Endless and now I’m burnt out and heartbroken. 💔
Limbs parallel, we stood so long we fell
(Complete, 4,652 words, Teen And Up Audiences)
Everyone tells Bucky something different. About himself, about Steve. Some things are comforting, some confusing. Most are painful, in some way or another.
In his report Steve had described, in excruciating detail, everything that happened on the train raid. It’s all in the SHIELD files, now.
Bucky doesn’t remember it too well; a harsh and freezing blur, right until the torn-out wall of the train car blasted everything into a heart-stopping focus and he was hanging onto the rail, Steve’s outstretched hand so very close to his, and yet-
Then: Bucky falling, out of Steve’s reach, out of his own life.
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wintersoldier1989 · an hour ago
Steve was willing to let Bucky do anything to him. Hurt him, kill him, use him as a weapon/shield. As long as it meant Bucky would be alive and safe.
Steve would die for Bucky 11 out of 10 times.
We see evidence of this unwavering devotion multiple times per film throughout the Captain America trilogy.
Like here in TFA when Bucky can escape danger, Steve tells him to go. It’s Bucky that refuses stubbornly, forcing Steve to find a way to save himself.
Tumblr media
There’s also no doubt in my mind that he would’ve traded places with Bucky, even if it meant he would be the one to plumet to his death. By the profound grief, we know that watching Bucky fall from the train was far worse than Steve losing his own life.
Tumblr media
CA:TWS gave us this iconic (and undoubtedly homoerotic) love confession that will haunt me until the day I die.
Tumblr media
Nothing gay here folks 🙃
Plus the entire of CA:CW wherein the entire plot narrative hinges on Steve’s devotion to his “best friend”. He gave up The Avengers, the shield for Bucky Barnes.
Tumblr media
Really can’t say it any better than Chris Evans himself.
Tumblr media
Bucky spent years protecting and defending Steve Rogers. Without even the briefest hesitation, Steve will always return the favour.
Tumblr media
There’s a reason why this one line is encompasses their entire relationship. A vow of devotion, love and forever wrapped in up ten simple words.
Tumblr media
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