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I’m currently working on a MCU fanfic called ‘A Warrior’s Heart’. I was wondering, should I keep the main female character as original (Ifekerenma/'Ife’ for short), or should I do a reader instead? The fanfic is going to be pretty long (20+ chapters).

Thanks in advance!

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RDR characters as Marvel Cinematic Universe characters

Dutch van der Linde - Yondu Udonta, adopting people and be like a father figure? Half good half bad? Yes.


Originally posted by fuckyeahndu

Arthur Morgan - Steve Rogers (Captain America), they are just trying their best at everything.


Originally posted by softietom

John Marston - Bucky Barnes (Winter Soldier), why? To be honest? I don’t know. But hey, Steve and Bucky are best friends… and they aren’t exactly the same.


Originally posted by bishopl

Abigail Robers - Natasha Romanoff (Black Widow), again, two badass women.


Originally posted by santa-xx

Bill Williamson - Drax, to me, they’re kinda the same- I don’t know why? They’re both kinda dumb but they’re also kinda funny


Originally posted by roguesgambits

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Did I spend 30 mins making Stucky among us characters… yes, yes I did 😂

I kinda want to make this into a comic, if anyone is interested please let me know in the comments.

As usual feel free to reblog and send in art requests :)

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Summary: You are theirs…

Pairing: Alpha!Steve x Reader x Alpha!Bucky

Characters: Natasha Romanoff, Ofc Michael, Tony Stark

Warnings: angst, language, A/B/O, A/B/O dynamics, possessive alpha’s, jealous alpha’s, scenting, comforting, cuddling & snuggling, polyamory, smut, unprotected sex, knotting, claiming

Kinktober Special: Polyamory

Divider by @writeyourmindaway

Kinktober 2020

<< Part 1


In the end, you were always theirs, never anyone else’s…

“Oh, Stevie,” you fist the sheets, dig your nails deep into the fabric. “You feel so big inside of me.”

You can hear the snarl leave Steve’s lips along with a low wail coming from the other side of the room. Steve insisted he’s the pack leader, that’s the reason he had the right to knot you first.

“She looks so beautiful filled with you,” Bucky purrs, moving closer to the bed. Normally any alpha disturbing another alpha mating his omega would end up dead, but Bucky and Steve are a pack, partners, and friends for so many years they learned to share. “I want to see her cum on your cock.”

“She will,” Steve grips your hips, now dragging you onto his impressive length. “I can feel her pretty pussy slick even more for us since you got closer. Touch our omega, kiss her Buck.” You moan as Bucky crawls onto the bed. His large cock bobs and you know, you’re in for a treat during your heat.

“Look at me, omega,” Bucky kneels in front of you to cup your face. “Steve and I will make you ours. From now on, there will be no other alpha in your life but us,” you nod, licking into Bucky’s mouth when he crushes his lips onto yours.

“God, she just squeezed me tighter, Bucky. I guess, our omega needs both of us,” whilst Steve’s knot threatens to pop open Bucky cups your tits to play with your nipples.

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Requested: @bubblyglimmer

“Y/n, you have to move to get through the house.”

“I can’t.” You squeaked, your eyes shut, too frozen with fear to move. You knew, of course, the only way to get out of there was to move forward, power through it, and you knew you were holding up the line, but you just couldn’t. It was supposed to be scary, but not this scary. People and things were jumping out of places you couldn’t even see, their hands in your face, their threats as loud as the weapons they used. You knew it was fake, but the chainsaws, the knives, even the big scissors seemed like they could cut you in half. Steve moved through it without so much as flinching, something you couldn’t understand. No wonder he wanted to do one of these so bad, never seeing a haunted house from the twenty first century. You were more than happy to go with him. Now, though, you were regretting every single second of it. It seemed like he wasn’t scared of anything, at least nothing with fake blood and face prosthetics. 

“Come here, hold my hand.” He reached out, trying to hide his smile. You shouldn’t have looked so cute, standing there, absolutely terrified, but you did. You seemed so excited when he asked, he thought you wouldn’t be scared. He thought he’d be the one with his eyes squeezed shut, scared he’d accidentally punch them in the face. You grabbed his hand and he pulled you close, his arm wrapped around you. You didn’t even have to open your eyes, he simply lead the way. Careful, cautious, you were pressed against his side, clinging a little too tight until you were sure you were out and far away. He didn’t even flinch, not once. A few times you caught him laughing, encouraging the people trying to scare him to try jumping out sooner or to get in peoples faces. Only your Steve would be giving tips on how to be more scary in the middle of a haunted house. 

“I don’t know how you ever talked me into this.”

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In the apartment above the gym, all three of them, all with their little knowledge of cooking, pitched in to making dinner and goofing around. It took them half an hour to gather and mix whatever mixable and edible resources they could find, and sat on the small square table in the kitchen to eat.

“So, you’ve just been hiding from the world for the past 70 years?”

“No, just about a year and a half actually. I froze in the arctic waters when I crashed the plane. And they ‘defrosted’ me 2 years ago.”

“Yeah, when they had use of you again,” Kiera said hatefully as if the agency was her middle school rival.

“Who's they? The SSR?” Sam asked as he ate.

“Yeah, kind of.” Replied Steve dejectedly.

“I see,” was Sam’s remark before they sat in uncomfortable silence as they finished dinner

The food finished and they cleared the table. Kiera got out ice cream and pie from the fridge.

“Clearly, you two aren’t really siblings.” Sam tried to clear the air.

“No! We’re not. We actually met four weeks ago.” Kiera excitedly answered.

“You’re kidding!”

“Not at all! Kiera was a street th-”


“Sorry. Well, kind of. She sat next to me to avoid having to pay. And, then she followed me home like a cat.” Steve poked his slice of pie.


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