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#Steve x Bucky
marvelship-oneshots · 17 minutes ago
N/A Where it's the 4th of July and the Avengers are celebrating Steve's birthday
It was Bucky's first 4th of July since the Wakandians fixed him. He had always loved the 4th of July when he was a kid. His father used to prepare the barbecue while he and his sister decorated the backyard. He still remembered the taste of his mom's potato salad and the flag decorated cake, made with fresh berries and whipped cream.  Steve and his family used to come over for lunch and, as soon as they could, they left the party and went out on a walk in Central Park. And when night came, they stayed on Bucky's room balcony to watch the fireworks. It was the middle of the summer, but Steve would still get cold and, as usual, he would refuse wearing a jacket and Bucky would have to chase him around with his jacket. In the end, Steve would fall asleep with his head on Bucky's shoulder, Bucky would carry him into his room and tucked him into his bed. 4th of July was his favourite holiday.
Bucky was still trying to get around his new arm and he thought that maybe he could experiment with cooking for once. The Avengers had a whole party planned at the Avengers Tower. Bucky knew it was going to be different, but it was his first 4th of July since the 40s and he wanted to feel just a little bit like home. He tried to make his mom's famous America cake. He didn't have the recipe but he tried to look for the recipe on that strange thing called the Internet that Tony had installed in his apartment. Little did he know that "Winifred Barnes' 4th of July cake" resulted in nothing. So he tried the next best thing. He went out, got everything he needed and got to work. He made a mess, controlling the arm was still difficult, there was whipped cream and cake batter all over the kitchen. The cake didn't look not even remotely like his mom's, but he was pretty much satisfied with himself.
Bucky arrive at the Avengers Tower. It felt strange being there. He knew he was there just because of Steve, he really doubted Tony wanted him on his property but it felt good being on the good guys side. Bucky walked into Tony's penthouse with his cake in his hands, hoping for Steve to be there already. The house was decorated with red white and blue flags and draping. A little too much, but it was Tony we were talking about, he was the definition of extravagant. The only problem was that, instead of some patriotic decorations, a giant "HAPPY BIRTHDAY STEVE" was hanging from the ceiling. Everybody was already there. Bucky left the cake on the nearest table and walked over to Steve. "Steve, a word please" Steve smiled and followed Bucky on the balcony. "Hey Buck, you made it" he said putting a hand on Bucky's arm. "Isn't it nice?" "Yea nice and all, but what's all of this about?" "It's America's birthday" Bucky looked at Steve dead in the eyes. "Yes, America's no Captain Amerca's. Your's is in what, six months" Steve burst out laughing. "Seriously Steve, how did it happen?" "I don't know, it was back in the 40s, they asked me about my birthday and I thought it would be fun" Bucky shook his head. "I leave you alone for a minute and the whole world is celebrating a birthday that doesn't exist instead of the 4rh of July" "No regrets here" Bucky looked up, smiling. "Just, don't tell anyone" Bucky took Steve's hand, intertwining their fingers. "Your secret's safe with me" Steve put an arm around Bucky's lower back, pulling him closer. "Now, give me a birthday kiss" "It's not your birthday" he whispered on Steve's lips. Steve pulled their lips together. "Punk" "Jerk"
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lovingherwasgay · an hour ago
hi i just wanted to let you guys know that "I'm with you 'til the end of the line" in the Spanish dub is "Yo siempre estaré contigo". Which literally translates to "I will always be with you."
Tumblr media
[taylor swift voice] i was there when you said forever and always. you didn't mean it baby
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not-withoutyou · 2 hours ago
if you're still interested in one word prompts: "mend"
“They’re ugly. I know. The scars.”
Steve may have been caught staring at Bucky as he stood before him, shirtless and vulnerable— but ugly sure as fuck wasn’t the word he was thinking.
Shaking his head, Steve let his gaze trail over the metal where it met flesh; pink lines that radiated out like a lightning strike from Bucky’s shoulder. Then his eyes flicked back up to Bucky’s face, red with shame and fear and disdain.
Steve felt such overwhelming hatred for the people who’d done this; the people who’d broken Bucky into fragments of himself just to piece him into something else. The anger was drowned out, however, when Bucky’s eyes met his. It was drowned out by the rush of raw devotion; the urge to protect this man, to shelter him from harm.
“They’re not,” Steve promised, voice gravelly— raked over coals. Reaching out, he wanted to touch, to mend Bucky more carefully with love and patience.
He wouldn’t touch, though. Not unless Bucky initiated it —he wouldn’t take that choice away from him. Instead, he let his hand hesitate in the empty space, palm up—an invitation rather than a demand.
Bucky looked at it for a moment like he didn’t know what to do with it. Then, tentatively, lightly, he placed his metal palm in Steve’s.
(The fact that Bucky trusted him enough for this— that was a win.)
“You know what it is, pal?” Steve asked, turning his hand over to trace the divots in the metal where the heartline used to be, to follow a phantom lifeline.
“A weapon.” Quiet, so quiet, Bucky wouldn’t look at him.
“No—no it’s…” Steve carefully pressed their palms together. “You know what they are? Pieces of you. Evidence that you’ve fought through and survived unimaginable cruelty. Proof that you’re strong. And brave—you’re so brave. If you can live through that, Buck, you can do anything.” Steve had to stop, because his breath hitched, his voice gave up on him—because this was breaking his resolve.
Bucky wasn’t looking at him, was instead staring at the floor with silent tears running down his face.
“I wasn’t there—I should have..” Steve didn’t know what he should have done, what he could have done, but all of the guilt that welled up in his chest begged to differ. “I’m so sorry, Bucky. I let you down. One day I’ll make it up to you— swear to God,” Steve murmured, wanting to succor those wounds, to kiss them better, to find some solace to mend them.
It would take time, and effort, and trust—but it wasn’t an empty promise. They’d find ways to heal. Together.
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mikaelson5hale · 2 hours ago
I cant be mad at steve for what he did. My straight ass would give up everything I have for Peggy Carter too
Tumblr media
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bisexualoutlaw · 4 hours ago
People back in the States hailed him as a hero. Sergeant Barnes was saving the world.
Bucky knew the truth.
This wasn't about saving the world; this was about revenge. Plain and simple.
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dutifullyfurrybeliever · 6 hours ago
There is a reference to the connection Steve and Bucky had in literally every single episode and u want to tell me Steve left Bucky for Peggy in the end ?
Like can someone pls explain this to me???
It is evident in every episode Bucky misses Steve and that their bond was deep and meaningful, yet marvel and the endgame writers managed to ruin a beautiful friendship
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not-withoutyou · 6 hours ago
Often, Steve felt the world’s eyes on him so intensely. It made him nauseous with stage fright long after he’d stopped performing. Because this was war, and he was out of his depth—a kid with no experience in meetings with generals twice his age, looking down their noses at him. He was a liability, a ‘chorus girl,’ even after he’d thought he’d proved himself time and time again. Everyone was waiting for him to screw up.
And then the cameras following the Commandos around, getting things on film for the world to see, documenting it all like it was a show rather than life or death. (Because it was good for business.)
Too many eyes on him, the heavy weight of expectations. Steve felt, when things got overwhelming, more like a puppet than a man.
He had to hide sometimes—to feel human again; to remind himself that he wasn’t a chess piece. (Bucky reminded him of that—reminded him that he had a heartbeat and breath in his lungs.)
So he’d find a secluded place, somewhere without an audience, and bury his head against Bucky’s chest— his most favorite place to hide, his most sacred refuge. And maybe he was too big, now, to fit under Bucky’s chin the way he used to— but this was good, too. Bucky knew how to calm him the way he always had.
There, for a few stolen moments, Steve could pretend they weren’t in war-torn Europe. He could ask Bucky to hum to him— the patient way he used to. He could focus on the steady, impossible beat of Bucky’s heart.
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Anyone up for a Stucky or Stony rp? Dm me ☺️
Preferably, top!Steve, drama, hurt/comfort, explicit & kinky (I have prompts/ideas but I’d love to hear yours)
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squishneedsahero · 21 hours ago
Seeking Familiarity 
Lost to Time | Part 8
Word Count: 1608
The story of an original character, Allison Bennett. Growing up black in the short period between the world wars wasn't easy but Allison had friends who stuck with her no matter what. She was ambitious and had a million things she wanted to achieve in her lifetime and would try only to be told by the world that due to who she was it wasn't possible and she'd never live up to her dreams.
Allison was at the compound when the news broke. The UN had been bombed, where they were signing the accords, everyone was saying it had been Bucky. She hadn't seen him in over 75 years, she had watched his actions and knows they were out of his control but she didn't know him anymore. Was Bucky, one of her closest friends capable of such a horrible act? She doesn't wait for anyone to contact her, she takes a quinjet and flies herself over there.
Allison arrives at the UN building just in time to run into Steve as he finished talking to Nat, she greeted the other woman but left with Steve. "What is happening?" She asks as the two walk.
"Buck wouldn't do this," Steve says and she can tell that he isn't just going to let the authorities take care of this.
Allison takes his hand and stops him from walking so quickly and leads him into one of the alley ways between buildings where they can get some sort of privacy. She sets both her hands on his shoulders and faces him, "Steve, you know I care about him just as much as you do, I just need to be sure," she pauses and takes a breath, "I need you to be sure that he is still in there. I saw some of the things he did, what they did to him- but you've been able to look into his eyes and see if our Bucky is still in there. As long as you're sure you know I'm with you-"
Allison doesn't finish her sentence before the words, "I'm positive," are leaving Steves lips.
"-to the end of the line." She smiles at Steve, and wipes her eyes before nodding, ready to follow where he leads, having just needed that one last bit of reassurance. She knew she wouldn't be able to bear facing a Bucky who she had no chance of being able to make amends with, she needed this.
Steve and Allison meet up with Sam at a bar, wearing hats and sunglasses as disguises, something that despite knowing everything Allison couldn't understand. They talk and Sam asks for some reassurance as well before telling Steve he is also willing to follow him wherever he leads. The trio isn't there for long when Sharon walks up to them, Allison doesn't know Sharon well but she offers her a warm smile as thanks for the information which she passes on to them. Once they know where to start looking they're off, going to Germany to find Bucky before the other authorities had the chance.
Allison while she had practiced some things with Steve and the others still was far from a proficient fighter, she knew she couldn't do much to help if they got into a fight but she needed to be there and know she had at least tried to help. All that she really had to offer was a hopefully familiar face and her mind but that wasn't going to prevent her from trying.
She waits on the roof with Sam while Steve goes in, it isn't long until the authorities find the pair, Sam warns Steve before grabbing Allison by the waist and taking off into the sky, ready for whatever might happen. "Sam, take me to the ground, I'll be more help down there, and won't hold you back by having to be carried around."
"You sure Allison?"
Allison nods, "positive."
Sam doesn't argue, quickly going down to the ground and setting Allison down before he is off again. Allison looks up to watch him fly off only to see a figure that had to be Bucky jumping across the gap in the buildings above her. It's not even a second later when another figure flies over her head dressed in all black. They seem familiar but she doesn't stay still long enough to try and figure out who they are she instead takes off towards the parking lot in front of her, quickly looking to either side before she continues running towards a motorcycle, she easily jumps the thing and hops on it, following the sound of sirens.
Allison follows the sound of sirens, quickly finding her friends and being able to catch up only because she can weave between traffic. It's as she pulls up along side Steve that she asks into their coms, "what's the plan?"
Steve glances over at his friend, seeming to only be going for a light jog despite the fact that Allison was going well over the speed limit to keep beside him. "For now we just need to keep whoever the new guy is from killing Bucky because he was willing to talk to me but ran as soon as they came to arrest him."
Allison nods, "I'll see what I can do then... need a ride?" She asks since Bucky was who knows how far ahead of them at this point. With ease and without stopping Steve gets himself on the bike behind her and once she can feel him settle in place she puts the gas to it, speeding past the cars of civilians and police to catch up to the unknown but familiar man.
As they go to pass by him, he grabs at the motorcycle as if to catch a ride with the pair. Steve hops off and takes the stranger with him while Allison goes on, quickly catching up to Sam and then Bucky only to have to stop when they are faced with a police blockade and Rhodey telling them to stop.
They stop and Bucky is taken into custody, locked in a glass box and strapped in so they are sure he cannot escape. Once they have him contained they close the back of the armored truck and load Steve, Sam, the man in the armored cat suit and Allison into the back of another truck. It's as they're sitting there in silence that Sam speaks up, looking at the unknown man, "so, you like cats?"
"Sam-" Steve tries to tell Sam off.
It's as Allison is staring at the man, continuing to try and place him and as Steve speaks that the man removes his mask, revealing the face of T'challa the prince, now king of Wakanda. A slight laugh escapes Allison's lips as he does so but she quickly covers her mouth to stifle it. She had known she had recognized him, the protector of Wakanda, the most advanced country in the world that hid its technology from the world as a way to protect its citizens.
Steve nods his head once in acknowledgement of the T'challa, "your highness."
They don't talk a whole ton during the drive, T'challa explains why he is there and why he had been attacking Bucky.
Soon they arrive at the government facility where they take Bucky to be interrogated and escort the four of them to a glass office where they are able to stay rather than being locked in a cell. It's as Allison is walking into the office that she sees the one who is coordinating all of this is Agent Ross, the man who had introduced her to the modern world and let her stay with Steve.
"I expected more from all of you," Agent Ross says, "especially you Ms.Bennet."
"I'm sorry I'm not fulfilling your expectations Agent Ross, but I am not nor have I ever been trying to fulfill your expectations or the expectations of any other man," Allison replies somewhat coldly. She was going to do what she felt was right and trying to make Agent Ross happy wasn't part of that, not even making Steve happy was part of it, she trusted Steve and so she was willing to follow him somewhat blindly on this one but if she had felt in any other way she knew she would be standing next to Agent Ross, Nat and Tony who had just arrived.
Agent Ross doesn't know how to respond to Allison's confident rebuttal of his disapproval, so he simply moves on, "you are lucky that you get an office and not a cell." With that he walks away and the door closes behind him, leaving them in the office.
Allison takes a seat watching the tv screens in the room outside of where they are. She unintentionally blocks out all of the noise and talking around her and focuses only on them transferring Bucky from the armored truck to a room in which doctor would speak with him and assess his his mental state. People come in and out, theres conversations which happen in the room and she doesn't pay them any attention. Allison is focused on nothing but Bucky's face, searching for any sign he is still in there since when she was drifting once he had left Hydra he had become irrelevant and she hadn't seen him since. She had no idea what would be going through his mind, if her Bucky was even in there anymore or if all of that had just been a fluke.
When the doctor enters the containment room to interrogate Bucky everything around her goes quiet and she glances over as Sharon turns on the speakers in the room so that they can hear the doctor asking his questions. All of her focus is there on what is happening in that room however far away and yet still in the same building. Allison is watching and waiting for anything to show her Bucky is still in there when the lights go out around her and the screen she was watching goes dark.
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lesbianpotatowaffle · 21 hours ago
Ya know the scene in the new episode of falcon and the winter soldier where Sam and Bucky were throwing the shield and talikng? Would it not have been the perfect place to confirm stucky?? During one if the talking bits Bucky could have said "I loved him" and Sam would've gone "so did I" and then Bucky would've said "not like I did" and we could've seen Sam figure out what he meant and that would have made so much sense and been perfect and it would've been enough
Edit: the scene they did put there was really good and definitely needed to happen but I NEED IT
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iclectic · 22 hours ago
‘let me be buried under your name’ by tempestauora on ao3
this was actual perfection, like it felt like this fic was delivered to me on a silver platter it was so amazing.
ok so basically it’s a stevebucky fic, and while it’s only has 1 chapter, it has over 50,000 words and it perfectly fits in every detail it needs to. like every word spoken has a purpose and has an effect and it’s just written so beautifully.
the general plot of it is steve and bucky switching dog tags as declarations of their love to each other, basically telling each other that if either of them died, they’d wanna be buried under each other’s name (hence the title of the fic). and gosh it was so beautifully done and now i can see why there’s a quote bot on twitter for this fic.
my description really doesn’t do it justice LMFAO but i would definitely recommend you read this. 10/10
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keepyourelectriceyeonme · 23 hours ago
Also, the argument that “it fits Steve’s character arch perfectly, that he does something selfish for once” just, doesn’t make any sense??
Selfish as in leaving his best friend alone in the future to deal with the trauma that he himself had to deal with, coming out of the ice? Well, yes.
Selfish as in leaving his friends behind without even saying goodbye? Also yes.
Selfish as in going back and altering Peggy’s reality, erasing her family, including kids and possible grandkids, living the life he appearantly wants while ignoring that his best friend is getting tortured at the same time, not bringing any life saving medical knowledge with him and not knowing what the consequences of his actions might be for the rest of the world? Hell definitely yes!
Does that fit in with the character we’ve gotten to know through the course of seven movies? Absolutely no.
And also: selfish as in leaving everything he’s build and knows in the future, along with his friends, and Bucky, who he just got back for the second time..?? Selfish as in going back in time to a life where he knows almost nobody but Peggy, and can’t be seen by the few that do, or anyone else for that matter, lest he gets noticed, probably leading to a very isolated life....???
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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One other thing that’s really problematic about Steve’s ending in Avwngers: Endgame, I think, is what it says about dealing with trauma.
I’ll explain. So, along with Bucky clearly being main part of Steve’s storyline, I also feel like the main theme in Steve’s story is dealing with and overcoming trauma. The trauma of loss, PTSD, and of having to find his place in the world after coming out of the ice. 
A few examples of that being made more or less explicit are these:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Here we see Steve struggling to find himself and find people who get what he’s been through.
In the conversation between Steve and Sam at the VA, Sam is showing Steve that he’s not alone, that there are people who relate. Now, obviously noone else has had the experience of being frozen for 70 years only to wake up in a different time. But at the core, Steve’s trauma consists of human experiences that are not at all uncommon: Loss, guilt, and trouble finding oneself after coming back from a traumatic experience. 
Sam does this the first time they meet as well, when he asks Steve if “it’s his bed that’s too soft”, showing him that he relates to what he’s going though, and making him aware that what he is experiencing is not an uncommon thing to struggle with as a war veteran.
At the VA, he tells him about loosing his “wingman” and not being able to save him, which almost relates 1:1 to the story of Steve losing Bucky in CA: TFA.
Important note: This not only makes Steve realize that there are people that relate to his trauma, it also Steve’s trauma relatable to the viewers- Which in my opinion,gives the creators a responsibility to treat that part of his storyline properly and delicately - which I actually think that they do to some degree, up until Endgame.
Tumblr media
When Steve visits Peggy, she encourages him to start over, and move forward. What I think she is saying here isn’s that we shouldn’t grieve, but rather that in dealing with trauma, we have to accept that we can’t go back. The trauma won’t magically go away, because it has happened. And trying our best to move forward is the best that we can do.
The way I read it,  what she is also doing, is that she’s saying goodbye, and telling him not to linger, but to move on, and live, ensuring him that she has already done so.
This again at it’s core, is something a lot of us can relate to - grieving for a lost love. And Peggy says it beautifully - “the best we can do is start over” - it won’t make you happy, expecting that in a couple of years you’ll find some stone that’ll magically take you back in time to that first love that you thought was going to last forever... oh...
Okay, moving on:
So the thing is, that I think Steve does move on, to some extend. In the CA: TWS we see Steve establishing relationships based on deeper connections and shared experiences with both Natasha
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
As well as with Sam (see/read above) ⬆
Another important example is when Steve and Sam first meet and Sam asks how it is for Steve to have woken up in the future.
Tumblr media
In his answer, Steve is focusing on the positive sides to being in the future, which can be read as Steve healthily dealing with his situation, but it also depicts the nuances of trauma.
What I mean by that, relates back to what Peggy was saying: “We can’t go back”. Our trauma won’t magically dissappear, and then everything is all good. In order to move on, we have to accept that we will be carrying some of that baggage with us. 
But that doesn’t mean that we can’t move on, that it will always be all bad. In this clip, Steve we’re right at the start of CA: TWS, and this is Steve’s first time meeting Sam, before knowing that Bucky is alive, and before having made any friends in the future. And what he’s saying is “Yeah, I miss my old life, I’ve been through something traumatic, but nothing is black and white, and I can appreciate the things that I have now”.
In CA: CW and the later Avengers movies, Steve’s continues developing new friendships, establishes somewhat of a life, and makes meaningful decisions for himself, based on his own ideals. He gets to grieve for Peggy, and even tries dating. (The whole Steve/Shannon debacle and the way she was treated, is a discussion for a whoole ‘nother day btw).
The fact that Steve gets to have Bucky back is of course already streching it in terms of realistic reprensentation of trauma. But I think that can be allowed, given that avenging Bucky and finding a tie between his old self, somebody who knew him all along, and now, makes up a complete storyline, that, aside from working really well, also tells a beautiful story about friendship.
(I mean the whole “one soulmate presumably dies, the other wakes up 70 years later, alone and feeling guilty, and it turns out his soulmate is actually alive, having been made a dangerous asset controlled by the enemy?? *cheff kiss* who comes up with that shit - okay, I might be little bit biased in this) :):):)
- Back to the point!
So, to sum up: 
Steve starts off feeling completely alone because of the unique nature of of his trauma, and realizes that at the core of it, there are people who can actually relate to what he is going through (the grief of a lost love, the loss of a friend and the guilt of not being able to save them, struggling with finding yourself as well as your place in the world, in the aftermath of a traumatic experience).
He moves on and begins letting people in, letting himself grieve and establishes new ties that bind him to his surroundings, when he finds out that there is no going back, only forward, and he is in fact not alone with his experience og trauma.
Now, Idk about those of you guys that have had to go through either one of the above or other types of trauma, but to me, this process doesn’t sound unfamiliar. 
I think that a lot of the reason why so many of us fell in love with Cap’s story, with the relationship between Steve and Bucky, Sam and Natasha, and the reason why these relationships are so inspired and well-written and exciting to examine in fandom content, is because this is a beautiful story about overcoming trauma in a nuanced and realistic way, of finding out that you’re not alone, and of using that knowledge to move forward. 
When Steve finally gets Bucky back, everything isn’t back to normal or okay. They both have still lost, both others and parts of themselves, and they still have to process a lot of trauma, and find their place in a new time. 
But that’s okay, because overcoming trauma is possible, even if it doesn’t magically go away. And it will be okay, because they have someone by their side who can get what they’re going through. 
And I think a lot of us relate to that. And I also think that that’s a really important representation of trauma and of friendship and love (be it platonic or otherwise) between men, within a far-reaching franchise such as the MCU.
But oh no, MCU just had to get in a frantic Gay Panic over the fact that people fell for these beautiful dynamics and were inspired to create stories and art examining that, to more explicitely fit the reprensentation that they need, that they threw all of out the window, just to go out of their way in both Infinity War and Endgame, to ensure that there could be interpreted exactly zero Gayness between Steve and Bucky, and not even the smallest possibility of Steve not being 100% straight would be left open,
Leading to an ending that is the exact opposite of a healthy narrative when it comes to dealing with trauma:
- Little guy gets the buff body and the Girl, and then all the bad was gone and everything was perfect - 
While completely ignoring the fact that he’s leaving his life and his friends behind, to go to a place where he knows nobody and his best friend is actively being tortured, and Steve will have to not be noticed in the past, probably leading to a very isolated life.
And thus, MCU managed to fuck up when it comes to appreciating their LGBTQ+ audience, representing healthy depictions of coping with trauma, as well as male friendship and non-toxic masculinity.
Only for this short clip, that would leave us all very dissapointed and confused:
Tumblr media
Way to go. 
Thanks for reading, if you made it this far:)
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not-withoutyou · a day ago
The moment Steve announced his official retirement—handing the shield over to Sam indefinitely—was met with mixed public opinions. Too many people wanted explanations, justifications, plans for the future. Truthfully, Steve didn’t have any answers. (Not that he owed the world any more of himself.)
He’d never been any good at setting long-term goals— but when thought of the future, of settling down with Bucky and a few cats, maybe even a goat, he was hopeful for once in his life.
They both needed a moment to breathe, God knew how hard they’d fought for it. So they packed up to disappear for a while, far enough off the grid that they could pretend the outside world didn’t exist.
Wakanda was beautiful this time of year. (Wakanda was always beautiful.) Honeysuckle-sweet air and majestic, rolling fields. So graciously, the two of them had been given a cottage near the water, a place to stay for a few weeks—welcomed back with open arms.
Steve couldn’t shake the way this felt like a honeymoon. Albeit, he hadn’t gotten the chance to ask Bucky that question yet. (He had every intention to—if only he could track down that damned ring.) Maybe they were going out of order, but that was fine. The two of them had never been conventional.
Nearly as soon as their plane touched down, he and Bucky retreated to the privacy of their room. (Because now, with lessened responsibilities—without all the world so heavy on his shoulders—he had the time to attend to some more important things.)
(You can read the whole thing here.)
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hellobeautworld · a day ago
Okay hello please do me a favour and watch this Stucky vid. 2:30mins that you def won't regret. It is SO GOOD. So SO GOOD.
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bitchiva · a day ago
Fuck this shit I apologized for bad phrasing and tagging of my opinion of being uncomfortable with sambucky romance because I'll always be stevebucky but the hate just kept comin?????? Like what are you achieving by hating on me and passing assumptions on me without knowing anything and even after I apologized????? The fuck dude
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love-u-always-mom · a day ago
The fact that Steve told Bucky what he was planning to do, that he didn't blindside him with it, makes me feel so much better.
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