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Not My Intention (Moon Boys x F!Reader)
Content Warning: mentions of physical/mental abuse
Tumblr media
Word Count: 3.1k
Request (Abbreviated) @twhgirl
Could you write one moon boys x female!reader, where they've been dating for a while… They notice she gets anxious and startled very easily, but when they bring it up she always brushes them off so they don't pry. They don’t know she's previously been in an abusive relationship. And maybe they're at an office party and some guy comes to her when she's alone and the boys get jealous since it's obvious he's trying to flirt with their girl. So once they go back to her and the guy leaves, they give her the silent treatment, maybe Marc or Jake could be fronting, they're not mad they just thought it would create some anticipation cause all they think about now is to get home and fuck her dumb. But when they get home, as soon as they enter she becomes a rambling stuttering mess, apologizing profusely… and it dawns on them.
Content: Angst!! Fluff, poorly translated Spanish (obligatory) this shit is pathetic and soFT (not a comment on the recommendation just my writing) reader is dating the entire MK system
This is the first time I’ve tried to write in omniscient 2nd person so forgive me if I mess up the perspective somewhere <3 Thank you for the request!!! Much appreciated
It had been just over a month since you had moved in with your boyfriends. Steven had tried to get you to move in sooner, even offering to cook you breakfast each morning to entice you, but you were trying to take this relationship one step at a time. The boys didn’t quite understand your apprehension, but they respect the boundaries that you put in place. You hadn’t told them the reason that you wanted to take things so slowly. They didn’t know about the damage your last boyfriend had left in his wake.
You had fallen absolutely head over heels for him, desperate to do anything to please him. You didn’t even care about all of the glaring red flags, like how he refused to meet your parents or to introduce himself to your friends. Before long, you had shut yourself off from everyone in order to meet his every demand. You endured the yelling, the manipulation, the guilt-tripping, and even the flat-out threats. You had even endured his escalation to violence; by then, he’d convinced you that you deserved it. It wasn’t until a particularly heated argument left you in the hospital with two broken ribs that you finally realized you had to get away from him. 
And so you did. But the damage was already done. Your self-esteem was shattered and your ability to trust equally so. You hadn’t even been looking for a relationship when you first met Steven Grant, but you were so taken aback by his gentleness. At this point in your life, it was the most attractive quality a man could have. You had been fairly understanding when Steven introduced you to Marc and Jake, as you felt safer by any of their sides than you’d felt in years. They soon all three became your devoted boyfriends, and you were happy. You didn’t fully comprehend how much your past abuse still affected you, though. How it still lingered in your subconscious. 
Tonight was the office Christmas party at your job. It would be the first time that your coworkers would meet your boyfriend (whomever was fronting tonight, that is). It would also be the first time that you would see all of your colleagues in one place, as this was the first office party you would be attending for the company. 
Jake had convinced you to wear quite a revealing dress, insisting that he wanted everyone to see how beautiful you were and maybe even be envious because you belonged to him. You thought he looked ravishing in his own suit, complete with a plum-colored tie to match the color of your dress. The party was more crowded than you had anticipated. You’d never even met many of the employees here, and you were just as unfamiliar with their plus ones as they were with your own. 
Jake was considerably more in his element than you were at a party. He was easily the most charismatic man you’d ever seen, able to stir up a conversation with any stranger in the room. You were not quite as socially confident. You spent a large portion of your night following him around. It was easy to smile and nod while he kept the conversation going with your peers. When he had spilled some of his soda onto his tie, though, he’d had to excuse himself to the bathroom, leaving you alone in the sea of largely unfamiliar people.
You started by looking for someone familiar to talk to, someone you saw on a more regular basis. Finally, you found your friend Cameron sipping wine in the corner with her girlfriend. It didn’t take you long to figure out that both of them were quite drunk. You let your small talk fizzle out after it became evident that they were too far gone to keep it going, rambling over you about some trip they were taking to Rome over the holiday. 
“Hey, pretty lady,” A quite inebriated man interrupted your half-listening to Cameron’s babbling. You recognized him as a new hire you’d seen once or twice, but you didn’t know his name. He made you uncomfortable, but you knew better than to be rude to creepy men at this point. “How are you liking the party?”
“It’s pretty fun,” You replied, trying to be polite but not intending to stimulate a conversation with him. “Was just talking to my friends here.”
“Oh, I’m sure they won’t mind.” He purred and you could smell the alcohol on his breath. He was standing just slightly too close to you, leaning into the table in a subtle effort to keep you from walking away. “What’s a pretty girl like you doing here all by yourself? Would think you’d have a man on your arm.”
“He’s in the bathroom! My boyfriend,” You added quickly, causing him to raise an eyebrow in suspicion. You hoped that he didn’t think you were lying. You continued, “I’m sure he’ll be out in just a minute.”
“Well, I’ll just wait here with you then.” He said, placing a suggestive hand on your shoulder. Your instincts told you that shoving it off would be a bad idea. “I would sure love to meet him. Say, I didn’t catch this ‘boyfriends’ name. Who’s the lucky man, sweetheart?”
“My name is Jake.” You caught a breath in your throat as Jake emerged behind the man. Feelings of relief and of guilt fought each other inside your head. Was he going to be angry at you? God, you hoped he didn’t think you were flirting. At least he was here to get this odd man away from you, though. The thoughts scrambled for dominance in your brain. 
“Well, it’s a pleasure to meet you, Jake.” The man all but spat at your partner, dropping his grasp on your shoulder. “Quite a feisty one you’ve got here, wouldn’t you say? What a lucky guy you are.”
“Yes, she’s quite a pistol.” Jake’s expression was unamused. He wrapped his arm around your waist, more assertively than he normally did. “And uh… I didn’t catch your name. Do you work here as well?”
“Something like that.” The man replied shortly. He walked away, now uninterested as he realized you were a taken woman. And that the man you belonged to wasn’t exactly a pushover. Jake, however, looked anything but uninterested.
“Honey, who was that man?” The expression on his face was unreadable. It sent a weight to the pit of your stomach. You didn’t know how to respond.
“He’s, um…” you all but choked on the words, now genuinely upset by the look of betrayal on your boyfriend’s face. You didn’t know how to explain the man’s unwanted advances. Hell, you didn’t know if Jake would even believe you if you did. “He just started working here a few weeks ago.”
“Hmm.” Jake seemed annoyed, and you felt yourself break into a cold sweat. Despite all you knew about your partner, you were exhibiting a fight-or-flight response to his upset. Spiralling thoughts began to stir in your already fumbling brain. 
Oh God, he’s mad at me. He thinks I was flirting with that man. That disgusting man! What’s he going to do? I’m gonna have to sleep on the couch tonight. But I can explain it to him! Surely he will listen to me. Oh fuck, now he’s giving me the silent treatment. Is he going to yell at me in the parking lot?
The thoughts continued to race through your mind. Of course, they couldn’t be further from the truth. Yes, Jake was giving you the silent treatment. But it wasn’t because he was upset with you. He hadn’t noticed the man’s unwanted advances--to him it appeared that the man was being playful, and that you were joking along with him. No, Jake was being silent because he was jealous. Not so much as that you’d broken his trust, but that he’d gotten himself riled up by the idea that you were his. Well, his, Marc’s, and Steven’s, but nonetheless he knew that you belonged to him. 
Yes, Jake was giving you the silent treatment. But not because he was angry at you. Not because he felt betrayed by you. And certainly not because he planned to yell at you in the parking lot or on the way home. On the contrary, he planned to show you just how much he appreciated that you were his. Jake led you out of the doors of the office silently, going over his plan to fuck you into the mattress as soon as you got back to the apartment. 
Your heart continued to beat out of your chest as he all but dragged you into the passenger’s seat of his car. By now, you were covered in a thin layer of sweat, but you didn’t make any comment on what you perceived to be his righteous anger. You didn’t want to cause a scene with your coworkers so close by. 
He was completely silent on the excruciatingly long drive home. Your thoughts continued to escalate. So did his. 
He’s got to be so angry with me.
She looks so fucking sexy in that little dress.
I think he’s gonna yell at me when we get back.
I’m gonna have to rip it off of her. I don’t have the patience to unbutton it.
Should I just apologize to him now? Would that make it worse?
I wonder if she gets off on flirting like that. Does she like making me jealous?
I should have just stayed where I was. Then he wouldn’t have come up to me.
God, I’m gonna show her how much she fucking gets me worked up.
What if he doesn’t want to forgive me? I’ll plead with him all night if I have to.
Voy a perder la puta cabeza. Tan malditamente hermosa. Y todo mio. All mine. 
Perhaps if Steven was co-conscious he would have noticed the way you were shaking. He was the first in the system to notice how anxious you were on a regular basis. Of course all of your boys knew how sensitive you were, but they never pried as to why you were so apprehensive. To them, it just seemed to be your nature and, if it was something else, you would open up when you were ready. 
Nonetheless, Jake was failing to notice you were on the verge of a panic attack. When he did steal glances at you between focusing on the dimly-lit road, he mistook your shortened breathing and blushing skin as evidence you had gotten into the wine at the party. He wasn’t to blame for his lack of understanding, truly. He was barely keeping himself together right now. So he really wasn’t at fault when he continued his ruse by avoiding your gaze as you made your way to the door of the apartment. He didn’t know that you failed to see his disfavor was just teasing. 
After listening to his cheeky thoughts for the whole ride home, the other boys were now bordering on co-consciousness. Steven could see everything through Jake’s eyes, though he was unable to take control. Marc was holding back more intentionally, though he wouldn’t pretend that he wasn’t equally as enthusiastic. He was egging Jake on, just as heated by your body in that skin-tight dress. 
“C’mon man, show her who she belongs to. Make her work for it, too.” They were all eaten up with lust, senses clouded by their desire and their excitement. It wasn’t until the apartment door slammed behind them that they were snapped back to reality. 
You jumped at the way the door shook against the hinges, the sound of contact echoing through the kitchen. You tried not to panic as Jake barreled over to you, jaw locked with aggression. All of your trauma was flooding back to you now, manifesting in your rawest survival instincts. Jake raised a calloused hand up to your face and you reflexively put up your arm to shield yourself.
Then there was silence.
At least, to you. There was shouting inside of Jake’s head as the boys processed what they had just seen.  
What the hell was that? Did she think we were going to… hit her? Why the hell would she think that? Is she scared of us? She’s never been scared of us before. She knows that we would never hurt her. Any of us! It must have been a reflex. A reflex? Why would she have a reflex like that?
Then there was silence in his head, too. 
Of course, you couldn’t hear any of their thoughts. Your own thoughts were loud enough to fill the room. You felt immediately guilty for implying that Jake would ever hurt you. That any of them would for that matter. But you also felt a wave of pain as your mind forced you back to where those reflexes were learned. You couldn’t stop the tears before they were streaming down your face, and you couldn’t get enough air in no matter how much you gasped for it. You felt your knees buckle underneath you, luckily your partner was there to brace your collapse to the ground.
“I’m so sorry, mi Vida,” Jake stuttered, pulling your head into his chest. “I didn’t mean to scare you. Or to make you think I was angry. I’m not mad at you, I promise. I thought I was just poking fun. God, baby, I’m sorry.” 
You struggled to regulate your breathing as he massaged your back, holding you as close as he could. His body tensed underneath you and his hands broke their rhythm, indicating someone else was trying to front. You almost felt more guilty that you were making a scene in front of all of your boys. But you were admittedly more comforted by their presence. 
“Did someone hurt you, love?” Steven asked in a gentle whisper. You could only nod into his chest, your voice ravaged by the sobs overtaking your body. “We would never lay a hand on you, darling. Not one of us. Never. I swear it on my life.”
Steven continued to stroke your back, shushing you and repeating “you’re alright”s and “it’s okay”s until your breathing finally began to calm. He planted kisses on the top of your head, waiting patiently for you to regain your composure. It was several minutes before he gently asked you if you’d like to stand up off the floor. 
“How’s about I make you a cup of tea, yeah? And then we can sit and talk if you’re comfortable.” Steven coaxed you over to the couch, handing you the box of tissues he kept on his desk. Your eyeliner had ruined his shirt, leaving uneven stripes down his already soda-soaked tie. He gave no indication that he minded though. In fact, he grabbed one of his own oversized night shirts for you to change into as he waited for the kettle to boil. 
Finally he emerged from the kitchen with your favorite mug in hand. He’d lost his tie somewhere along his little mission to comfort, his top button now undone and his hair disheveled. You almost giggled at the thought of the two of you, hot messes barely reminiscent of your elegant pre-party selves. 
“Here we are, love. Extra milk. Just how you like it.” Steven brandished an uneven grin, wary of your response as he settled on the couch next to you. He spoke genuinely as he handed you the mug. “You don’t have to talk about it if you don’t want to.”
“No, it’s okay.” You began, sipping from your piping hot cup. Perfect. Steven always made it just right. You knew now that it was time to tell the three of them the truth. They’d already gathered the big idea, anyway, you supposed. They had put so much of their faith in you. Hell, they practically worshipped you. It was time you gave them the honesty they deserved. And time that you admitted to yourself how much healing you still had left to do. 
You talked for hours that night. Mostly with Steven, but Jake and Marc made their appearances, too. Steven was a master of comfort, assuring you of the love and respect that you deserved. He even drew you a bath later that night, lighting your favorite candles and setting up speakers around the tub for you to play music. Jake made his fair share of threats and you had to make him promise not to go after your ex. You weren’t entirely sure he didn’t have his fingers crossed, though. Marc mostly listened. He listened intently. He also made sure to tell you how much he loved you every time you paused for breath. He would have given you the world if he could find a way to hold it in his hands. 
And when you finally succumbed to your exhaustion it was Marc that held you safely in his arms. His chin nestled into your neck, he whispered sweet nothings until he heard you softly snoring. Only then did he start to relax, sure that his best girl was taken care of first. It was the best night's sleep you had ever had in your life. It wasn’t far from his, either. 
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Tumblr media
Yo why is he looking at me like that
Wassup lil bud, Got a staring problem pal?
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- your smile, you're everything -
Tumblr media
✧ pairing: jake lockley x f!reader (main) , marc spector x reader , steven grant x reader
✧ summary: you're in the kitchen cooking something up for your boyfriend, jake. when you turn to look at him and he looks back at you, your heart swells. jake feels the exact same way, maybe even more.
✧ genre: fluff/soft comfort
✧ warnings: none at all, this is pure adorbs ! ♥︎ 
✧ word count: 374
✧ author's note: i'm still not over moon knight and i never will be, ok. this show is everything to me and frankly, i'm still fascinated with it. i absolutely love the moonboys and i might post drabbles of them in the future depending on how this one goes. (tagging @marc-spectorr n @slenderclaw because i love them and they share their love of oscar isaac and mk with me-) this one's short !
do i have a favorite? noooo, ofc not- (jake mi amorcito 🫠🖤)
Tumblr media
"You smile a lot more since we've met." You told your lover, brushing the soft, ebony curls away from the frame of his face.
Jake didn't answer you right away. As corny as it sounded to him, he was losing himself in your eyes. God, he was starting to become like Steven, when he'd stare at you like some lovesick teenager, but Jake didn't care.
He could care less at this point, especially when you looked at him the way you did, as if he was the prettiest damn thing on Earth.
"I think my magic is working," you grinned, "you have a really pretty smile, you know. Really makes my day to see you like this, baby."
Ooh, no, no, after that, he knew he didn't deserve you. If he told you that, you'd spend hours giving him a whole lecture on why you disagree with him.
His smile grew a bit more at the thought.
When you cradled his face in your hands and softly rubbed your thumbs across his cheeks, he felt weak in the knees. It was a loving and kind gesture that Jake absolutely fell for.
"Really, huh?" He chuckled.
And it was funny to him, how he came to love your touches, cuddles, and everything in between. To think how before he hated physical touch, wasn't used to it at all but, to his surprise, you were patient enough with him, and as time passed, he became addicted to the feeling of your hands on him.
He fell in love with you each passing day, like a love-drunk fool. Marc would make fun of him for it, Steven too, even while they acted the exact same way when they were around you.
They all loved you.
"Yes, really really." You leaned forward to kiss his nose, then his lips.
"Now come on, food's about to get cold," you told him before pulling away to walk to the table, which had Jake almost let out a whine.
"One more kiss, amor?"
He heard your laughter in the dining room, the sound of it making him feel all bubbly inside.
"Why don't you sit down and I'll think about it, Lockley, hm?"
He smiled.
Who was he to refuse you?
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huge fuckin shout out to steven grant who learnt that he has DID, was being used by an egyptian god, that said god is kind of a bitch to him, had a brother, that his brother died, had an abusive mother, that his mother also died, got fired from his job, lost the chance to progress to his dream job, got stood up on a date he was genuinely looking forward to with a girl he really liked and lost his pet goldfish all in the space of what? a few days?? a week at most??? and still somehow managed to keep it somewhat all together. i lose my phone on my bedsheets and it’s all over for me lol
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Marc trying to ask Y/n out
Marc: I love you
Steven: No that’s too soon
Jake: We met this girl this afternoon, Okay fuck
Steven: She’s looking scared
Jake: Maybe like shoulda came prepared
Steven: With a poem? A haiku? Maybe a hug?
Marc: Ya know, I could’ve killed you and hid you with a rug
Marc, Steven, Jake: WHAT THE FUCK!?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MOON KNIGHT S01E03: The Friendly Type | dir. Mohamed Diab
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Tumblr media
Creepy bird man shows off his son
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Marc, on his last nerve: We have food at home
Khonshu, pushing him away with his staff like a feral little cat: go back to SLEEP, and STARVE
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Tumblr media
this is so silly but i genuinely think it’s my favorite drawing of them
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The love I have for Marc Spector, Steven Grant, and Jake Lockley is insurmountable.
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Limitless - Chapter 3 - Moon Knight 🌙✨
Pairings: Jake Lockley x F!Reader, Steven Grant x F!Reader, Marc Spector x F!Reader
Genre: Fluff 💛 Smut 🌝 in later chapters
Summary: After you break up with your cheating boyfriend you move to another part of town. Being single while carrying a child under your heart is hard, but you recieve help and support from the most unexpected person, your grumpy neighbour.  
Warnings: pregnancy hormones put reader on an emotional rollercoaster, but still fluff, I promise
A/N: Thank you for your feedback on my work, I truly love all of you babes 💛 I’m sure y’all noticed by now, but English is not my mother language, so sorry if my fics are full of mistakes 😅
Taglist:  @love-on-the-murder-scene @marshmallow--3 @axolotlqueen @mona-has-frineds @whovianayesha @mslizziesblog @planet-ashtroid @spectrz @bibli0thecary @daddysfavoritesexkitten @stanmixtapes @twwcs @loonymagizoologist @blahdragonageblah @seltsamkind @dailydoseofchoices @dameronsknight @thejamesbuchananbarnes @stilllivindue2spite @freyjasamael @brokenthelovely @mccn-bcys @disregardedplant @stepasidefilth @terry-perry @princessbarnes19 @violet-19999 @lunarlockley @candydancey @devilish-mirage @noahspector @megluv1 @angietricks-blog @hot-mess-express1 @savagemickey03 @irethepotato @laufeyson12 @kingtwhiddleston @dev-angeline​
For some reason the tags don’t work for some of you Idk why 😭 Tell me if you wanna be added to or removed from the taglist! Also if I forgot to tag someone I’m sorry! Kick my ass and I’ll add you 😅
Chapter 2
Tumblr media
Jake was kind enough to let you eat his pickles, and boy, you didn't waste any. You haven't eaten them for days, because when you went to the store first you forgot to buy with a jar, then the next time you were craving them, the shelf where they usually were was empty.
But Jake was always there to save the day, and now you were sitting on his couch eating them, while he was drinking a beer, watching a baseball game.
It was getting very late and either Jake had a long day or he just got tired explaining the rules to you, but after a few minutes of silence you glanced at him and saw that his eyes were closed.
You smiled and quietly got up from the couch and put the jar on the coffee table. You walked to him and carefully took the beer bottle from his hand. He only stirred a little when you pushed on his shoulders to make him lay down.
"What? Where am I? Is that you, love?" - he mumbled quietly, with his eyes barely open.
You frowned a little when you heard Steven's brittish accent, but then chuckled when you thought it must be the mix of alcohol and sleepiness why Jake talked like that.
"It's okay, I'm just tucking you in." - you said as you put a pillow under his head. - "Sweet dreams, Jake." - you caressed his hair.
"'m Steven." - he said, nestling further into the pillow as you pulled a thin blanket over him.
"Sure, sure, Steven. Is Marc there too?" - you played along.
"Not right now. He was here a few minutes ago, though." - he sighed while his eyes closed fully.
You frowned again trying to make sense about what he was talking about, but after a few seconds you shook your head, deciding he was just talking nonesence in his sleep.
"Well, good night to all of you then." - you humored him and stood up with a little groan, putting your hand on your lower back and walking back to your own flat with the pickles.
In the next week you haven't seen the boys much. Your flat was fully painted, you had every furniture you needed (except for the nursery which was still empty) and the last time Jake took you to grocery shopping he suggested you buy more stuff, because another heatwave was coming, and this way you don't have to leave the house unneccessarily.
He was busy working, and his brothers must have been too, cause they haven't checked on you personally, only through Jake.
As you browsed on your phone, you were thinking about going back to work, because the furnitures for the baby's room were quite expensive. You were working as a photographer, so it's not like you couldn't do that with your pregnant belly, but it was nice having a break and not having to explain to people what's up with the baby's dad. You decided to post 2 dates on Facebook when you were available in the next week and waited to see if anybody was interested.
You tidied up in your flat and watered your plants, and when you checked on your phone again, you saw that a few of your friends on facebook shared your post and a woman sent a message to you, wanting to hire you to be the photographer for her wedding.
Ohh, weddings were good money. You gave her your number and soon you were talking about the price and shared your ideas with each other.
There was a knock on the door in the evening and you smiled widely when you saw... well, one of the brothers.
"Jake." - he smirked as he walked in your apartment while he gave you a small white box.
"What is it?" - you asked then you moaned as you opened the lid. - "Oh my god, you're a life saver!" - you exclaimed and hurried to the kitchen to grab a spoon and immediately started eating the lemon and strawberry ice-cream which he brought you from your favourite place.
"You're welcome, mami." - he chuckled and watched as you sat down next to him on the couch.
"How was your day?" - you asked with your mouth full of ice-cream.
"Long." - he groaned as he picked up a newspaper from your coffee table and started fanning himself, frowning at the photography equipment scattered on the table. - "What are these?"
"Oh, I accepted a job for a wedding." - you said nonchalantly.
"What? When?" - Jake asked as he turned to you on the couch.
"Today. I mean I accepted it today, the wedding's on next Saturday."
"Why do you wanna do it?"
"I'm running out of money, and the furnitures for the nursery are expensive."
"But last time you showed me a few and said they were on a good price?"
"Yeah, but today I found some I like more."
"I can give you money, you don't have to go back to work because of that." - Jake tried to reassure you, which made you frown.
"I don't need you to give me money."
"Well, looks like you do. You either buy the cheaper ones or let me buy the more expensive ones."
"Orrrr I go to the wedding, make a lot of money and can buy them for myself."
"Listen, I don't want you to-"
"Would you just stop!" - you snapped as you jumped up from the couch suddenly and Jake watched shocked as you threw the box of ice-cream to the ground angrily. - "I don't need you to buy me shit, I don't need you to tell me what I can and can't do! I'm a single expecting mom who has to take care of her daughter and I have to do it alone! And I will do it alone, cause I can! I don't need anyone to help me! Do I look helpless? Cause I'm not! What I need is for you to stop talking like my fucking ex, ordering me around!" - you yelled and turned around, putting your hands on your temples and started massaging your head.
'Uuuhhhh, wow. Mama bear woke up.' - Marc said stunned and Steven was either not present or too afraid to talk even in the headspace.
Meanwhile Jake sat there frozen in place, eyes wide. He snapped out of it though, when he heard a sob and he quickly jumped to his feet and hurried to you, but stopped his hands right before touching your shoulders, not wanting to upset you more.
As if you felt his presence, you turned around and hugged his waist, burying your face in his chest.
"I'm sorry." - you cried into him and his heart broke how ashamed you sounded. - "I didn't want to yell at you, you didn't deserve it."
He put his arm around you and held you close to him, slowly rocking you back and forth in his arms.
"It's okay, hermosa. You're right. I shouldn't tell you what to do. I'm just worried."
"Why? I'm pregnant not deadly ill."
Jake smiled a little.
"I know. I just don't want anything to happen to you or the baby. And there's gonna be a heatwave again and..."
You pulled away and smiled.
"I'll be fine. The ceremony will be outside, but the bride told me there are a lot of trees at the place and they're gonna out up tents too. I can eat and drink for free too, so there's nothing to be worried about, okay?"
"Okay." - Jake nodded and when you let go of him to clean up the ice-cream from the floor, he sat you down on the couch.
"No buts! You made enough mess for today."
You rolled your eyes but smiled a little. You truly felt bad for yelling at him, but of course he continued to be a sweetheart and acted like nothing happened.
"Do you want me to bring you another one?" - he asked as he kneeled on the floor to clean up the ice-cream, but his head snapped up at you when he heard you started crying again. - "Mi sol, what did I do now?!" - he asked panicked as he quickly crawled in front of you and caressed your legs.
"Why do you have to be so nice?" - you sobbed into your hands hysterically.
Jake was looking at you confused.
'Pregnancy hormones are scary.' - Steven said.
'Yeah, the article I read promised us sex and instead we get a mental breakdown every two seconds.' - Marc frowned.
'I hope you know that if you were the one fronting I'd take over the body just so I can punch you in the face.' - Steven scolded him.
'What? I'm not saying I don't feel for her, I'm saying I was hoping for some action.'
'Well, looks like we are just about to have some.' - Steven told Marc.
The boys watched as Jake pushed himself between your knees and hugged you again, caressing your lower back with a little more pressure. The boys saw that sometimes you rubbed yourself there, and they read that expecting mothers could experience back pains from their growing tummies.
You sighed into Jake's neck and he could hear you were calming down again.
"Shhh. I got you, mami."
"I'm sorry, these stupid hormones are driving me wild." - you said as you wiped your eyes, resting your forehead on his shoulder.
"Tell me about it." - he joked and chuckled when you hit his shoulder.
After a few seconds of silence, you admitted:
"I want ice-cream."
On Friday, Marc was the one to drive you to your appointment, and he offered to go with you when you said you needed to buy new clothes.
"Are you sure? I mean men and shopping are not a great combination." - you teased.
"It's okay. Maybe I can be the judge when you can't decide between two bras." - he winked, making you laugh.
'This is your last warning, cabrón...!'
'Easy, Jake.'
"I'm sorry to disappoint, but I don't think I'll be looking around the sexy-lacy ones."
"You look good in anything, don't worry, sweetheart." - Marc said as he stopped the car and went around it, to help pull you out.
You entered the sixth month of pregnancy and while your belly wasn't that big yet, you sometimes were still in trouble getting up from low seats.
"How's your back?" - Marc asked as he locked the car and put a hand on your back to guide you inside the shopping mall.
"Sometimes it hurts, but it's not that bad. I'm just a little scared how it will be when I'm nine months far."
Marc lowered his hand and started gently rubbing your lower back. You leaned against him while you slowly descended down on the moving staircase.
"You sure you'll be fine at the wedding tomorrow?"
"Yeah, yeah, I'll just sit down for a few minutes when it gets too much."
"Want one of us to go with you? We can sneak in, no one will notice."
"No, thank you, though." - you giggled. - "You guys are doing way to much for me already. I don't think I'll be ever able to repay you."
"Nonesence, darling, you don't have to repay us. We love to help anyway we can." - he reassured you with a smile.
Marc was like a brave soldier. He endured the whole afternoon without as much as a whine as you dragged him from store to store, and to you it looked like he was even enjoying himself. He not just followed you around, he was actively helping you chose clothes, gave you his advice on colours and of course spent a little more time at the lingerie section.
You chose a few dresses for the wedding to try on, and while he was rather impressed with all of them, you noticed he couldn't keep his eyes off of your body when you were wearing a navy blue colored one, which reached just below your knees and had a nice flowly skirt. It was a bonus that it was very comfortable too.
"Stay in the shadows as much as you can."
"When you feel tired just sit down, don't overwork yourself."
"Got it."
"Don't forget to eat, yeah? The bride is stressed out enough, we don't need a bridezilla destroying the city, cause her photographer passed out due to her low blood sugar levels."
"Steven!" - you laughed as he escorted you to the church's entrance.
"And drink lots of water!"
"Okay, dad!" - you rolled your eyes.
Steven put his hands up in defense.
"All I'm saying is I'm already sweating my bum off and we barely got here!"
"All the reason why you should stop harassing me and get your ass back in the car!"
"Alright, alright!"
When he turned around you grabbed his hand and pulled him back to you.
His heart skipped a beat when you hugged him, and with one arm he hugged you back and with his other he caressed your tummy.
"Be careful, alright love?"
You nodded as you pulled away and Steven leaned down to your tummy.
"Make sure she drinks a lot." - he spoke to your daughter, making you laugh.
"Bye, Steven!"
"Bye, girls! Call me and I'll pick you up!"
The wedding was beautiful, so was the couple. You made at least a hundred pictures, everyone was so happy and the whole ceremony was wonderful. The reception took place on a field surrounded with lots of trees and there were various white tents pulled up to shield the guests from the sun.
As promised you had a chance to eat and the freshly married couple and their family told you numerous times you could eat and drink as much as you want. Everybody was super nice and you even danced with a few people, but you'd be lying if you said there weren't times when your feet didn't hurt or you didn't felt dizzy. You always made sure to sit down for a few minutes in those situations and calmed down when you always felt better after it.
Late afternoon you texted Steven that you were ready to leave and it didn't take much time for him to arrive. You were talking with the bride and groom about when will the photos be ready when he found you and they offered him a slice of the cake which he couldn't resist.
"So you had fun?" - he asked once you were in the car.
"Yes! Everybody was so nice, you saw it yourself!" - you said excited.
"Yeah, they were lovely. Everything went well?"
"Mhm, I'm exhausted though. I drank a lot of water like you asked and I always sat down when I felt dizzy."
"You were feeling dizzy?" - he asked as he looked at you worried.
"Sometimes. It only lasted for a few minutes, it always got better." - you reassured him with a smile.
Steven bit his lip worriedly, but nodded when you seemed okay.
"Take it easy in the next few days, yeah?"
"I will. Once we get home I'm gonna sleep for a whole day." - you groaned and leant back in the seat, making Steven smile.
Once at your building you were met with the devastating news that the elevator was out of order.
"What? It was working when I left!" - Steven growled annoyed at the piece of paper strapped to it.
"Well shit. Fifth floor, here we come." - you sighed and went ahead with Steven following behind you, carrying your camera and a bag full of leftovers from the wedding.
Steven kept a watchful eye on you the whole time, and noticed that you leant on the railing more and more as you passed each floor.
"You don't have to rush, love. We can rest for a bit." - he said.
"I just wanna be in my bed already." - you whined.
You felt dizzy again. If it weren't for the stupid lift, you'd be lying in your comfy bed, drinking cold water and eating more of the delicious cake you got from the wedding before falling asleep.
On the fourth floor you gripped the railing harder and raised your other hand to your temple when you felt like the building started to spin more.
The last thing you heard was Steven calling your name worriedly, before everything turned black.
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dystopian-reverie · a day ago
Tumblr media
pls enjoy this low-quality meme I made THis is a season 2 manifestation post btw
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formyfandoms · a day ago
Tumblr media
Would anyone be interested if I wrote a Pedro x Reader where the Space Sisters celebrate Father’s Day? 👀
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wysteria-clad · 2 days ago
“I haven’t laughed like this in a long time” with the Moon Knight boys might actually end me, I am BEGGING you please!!
The hair problem
paring: moon boys x fem! reader; established relationship
my writing style is slightly different in this one.
Marc is a silly idiot in this one, don't take him seriously, he likes to tease you playfully.
Thanks to @imgoingtofreakoutnow for Spanish words and phrases 💗
warnings: cutting your own bangs lol
genre: fluff
You shouldn't have done that. You should not have done that. But it was too late now.
Fifteen minutes ago, you have been scrolling pinterest and pictures of girls with cute bangs caught your eyes. Your eyes lit up at the mental picture of you having a full front bangs.
Part of your mind warned you not to do it by yourself. But you ignored it. You opened youtube for watching tutorials. Hey, how hard could that be?
Two tutorials later, here you are. A chunk of your luscious locks on the bathroom sink.
"Shit. Shit" you drop the kitchen scissors. Yes kitchen scissors. Look, you were in a hurry and I'm not gonna judge. We've all been there.
You don't know if you should laugh or cry.
You stare at your reflection on the bathroom mirror.
It was too short than you expected and too blunt. Your thick uneven bangs rests at your eye level, few strands longer than the rest, reaching down the corner of your right eye.
You laugh to yourself, mix of panic and humor sense at your mistake.
"Okay, I can fix this" a lie you tell yourself. A sigh escape your lips. You just need to trim a little bit at the same level. That's it.
A bad idea, really. But you are desperate to fix your bangs. You bring the trimmer near your forehead, accidentally trimming your right eyebrow in the process. Yikes. You didn't realise it until after the deed was done.
"Where is it?" you mumble to yourself with half belief, searching for the electric trimmer Marc keeps, opening and closing the doors of couple shelves.
Could this get any worse? You mutter few more profanites. Half of your right eyebrow is gone.
You should have resisted the urge and gone to sleep instead. Any urges and thoughts after 9pm was a bad idea. Now you knew that.
"Y/n, baby, where are y-" Marc stops himself, finding you in the bathroom, his eyes fixed on your bangs. "Oh my God" he pauses, "what happened?" he chuckles as if trying not to laugh fully.
"Can someone smack him for me?" you cross your arms.
"Oh, love, I'm sorry" Steven strides towards you, cupping your face in his hands. "It's alright, Y/n/n. It's not that bad. We can fix it, yeah?"
"So it looks some level of bad?" you pull away from his loving embrace momentarily to glance at the mirror again.
"That's not-"
"I'm sorry. C'mere" Marc cuts off Steven, opening his arms in hugging gesture.
Okay fine, maybe you could hug him, you think.
His eyes moves from your eyes to your bangs.
"Don't you dare-"
"You look like Dora" he bursts into fit of laughter. His unrestrained laughter fills your ear. "I haven't laughed like this in a long time"
You couldn't help but think how lovely it sounds. When was the last time you heard him laugh like this? You laughed too at the beginning. Maybe, it's not that bad. He wouldn't actually do anything to hurt you intentionally. Besides, it's just hair, it always grows back, you mentally shrug, somewhat consoling yourself. But that doesn't mean, you forgive him that quickly.
"No, you laughed at me" you swat his extended arm playfully with a pout.
"What happened to your eyebrow?!" his expression changes when he finally notice the part of missing eyebrow when he moves the bangs.
"You really want me to ask that?" you sigh exasperatedly.
"I can shave my eyebrow too, if it would make you feel better" Steven fronts, determined to make you feel better. Oh, darling.
"No we are not shaving our eyebrow" Marc protests.
You couldn't help but laugh. Steven ever the sweetheart. But why not play a little with Marc. You can tease back too.
"Actually, I'd like that. We can match!"
"Hell no" Marc Spector would jump off a cliff for you, bring the moon closer to you if you wished. Probably be would shave his head too if you asked. But shaving half of his right eyebrow? Nah, mate. Not happening.
You can see him looking in the mirror and arguing with Steven. "No"
Marc resists hard not to grab the trimmer as Steven wanted to do it. Alright, that's when you decide to interfere and tell them you were just kidding and you were playing with Marc for his teasing earlier.
"You are evil"
"Oh, shush you big baby"
You watch Marc punch himself in the face. "Ow!"
"Doesn't feel great, right?" Steven sasses. "That wasn't me though" he smirks.
"That's for teasing my princesa" you hear Jake's accent and a smile blooms on your face.
"Our girl, Jake. She is our girl" Marc was quick to correct him.
"Not when you make her sad, hombre"
You giggle at their banter.
"Hey" you gently cup Jake's face, making him look at your eyes. "I belong to all of you" you smile. "And I know Marc was just messing around, don't worry about it, okay?" you assure Jake.
He presses a kiss to your head. "Let me fix it" he makes you sit next to the sink. "Eres hermosa, no importa qué, querida", he lifts your chin up with this fingers ever so gently, making you look in his loving eyes. With a kiss to your nose, he makes you giggle and grabs the scissors to cut off the uneven pieces and make the bangs look even. And he did.
Marc apologised again later that night. He wouldn't stop until he heard you laugh.
Now your bangs rests right above your eyebrows and after you styled it with a straightener, it actually looks pretty cute, not gonna lie. Thanks to your man Jake.
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mccnknightstcrdst · a day ago
For the comfort requests:
“Want me to come over?” with Steven or Marc please.
Only if you feel up to it, luv <3 *hugs*
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Title: They'll Always be Here in Their Flat Under the Moon
Marc Spector x GN!Reader, Steven Grant x GN!Reader, Jake Lockley x GN!Reader
A/N: Divider by @/firefly-graphics. Usage of ‘and’ as well as ’&’ is intentional. the small font is intentional as well. Certain sentences are fully lowercase and that is intentional. I'm so sorry I took so long--I have been goin through it for the last several days <3
Word count: 352
Warnings: Fluff, Autistic Marc Spector, Autistic Steven Grant, Autistic Jake Lockley (it only feels right to mention him as well!), cuddling. hurt/comfort-ish, mostly just comfort, jaw kisses, nose bumps, the boys being soft, kissing
Prompt: “Want me to come over?” from this list.
Tumblr media
“Want me to come over?” his American accent is as present as ever as he talks to you exhaustion in his voice but also concern. It’s not unusual for him to sound so tired but something tells you he’s been out doing work for a dead god–
“you’ve been out again,” you state & he hums knowingly not intent on disputing 
“mhm, yeah—we have been. doesn’t mean we can’t come over though,” he muses bluntly—maybe too bounty causing him to cringe “sorry–wasn’t trying t–”
“can i come to you?” he pauses—ponders even—it feels like hours when it’s only been half a minute of, what you assume, is silent discussion
“yeah, sure.” 
The cab ride there was short—Jake offered to pick you up but you declined saying they all sounded too tired & that coming to them was no hardship. In fact—you wanted to go to their flat anyway & away from your own to finally have some fucking peace & quiet from the bustling outside & the loud neighbors who don’t know when the hell to go to sleep.
“Hiya, lovey!” hums a familiar English voice all chirpy yet drowsy as he beckons you into his arms comfortably & sways you for a second or two before shutting the door & locking it “Tea or bed?” he murmurs kissing your forehead once, twice, thrice, & then a fourth time for good measure just so hear you giggle dreamily at him “what’s got you up at this hour, lovebug?” he whispered lips moving against your forehead smoothly
“Loud neighbors & bad dreams.”
“Hm, well we can’t have that can we, my darling?” he hums a matter of factly
“No, I guess not,” you smile suddenly remembering he had asked you a question “oh, bed please—i just want to lay down with you for a bit.” he tugged you then all careful & thoughtful into his bed that’s always so comfy. The sheets are pleasantly cool, the comforter & weighted blanket soothing your anxieties away as small kisses lace your jaw & his nose bumps your own softly
“Comfy?” he murmurs smiling when you nod wordlessly & melt into his touches “sleep my love, we’ll be here.”
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forever-rogue · 2 days ago
Hi! Am I able to get a super fluffy Steven Grant fic where the reader is best friends with him (and knows about Marc) but she is a Performing Arts student and her last show is soon. She invites Steven but is worried that Marc might ruin it but they were both cheering her on (Marc mentally cus this is Steven time) and he gives her a hug after the show and accidentally confesses with maybe "I fell in love with you all over again?"
Tumblr media
AN | Steven is the softest best boyfriend…and Marc’s not too bad either. Enjoy!
Pairing | Steven Grant x Fem!Reader
Warnings | None
Word Count | 1.2k
Masterlist | Main, Moon Knight
── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──
“Are you nervous, darling?” Steven popped up in the mirror behind you, a beaming smile on his face as his eyes met yours. You tried to muster up a smile, but found yourself falling short and giving him a tight-lipped half smile, “there’s no need to be.”
“Considering it’s my final showcase - performance - I think I deserve to be nervous,” you huffed lightly, only causing him to laugh. The sound in itself was beautiful and managed to put a sense of ease into your bones and you relaxed slightly. Steven felt better once he noticed some of the tension leave your shoulders, “what if I-”
“You have nothing to worry about,” he insisted, pressing a kiss to the side of your head, “it’ll be perfect…and even in the off chance that it wasn’t perfect, no one will know.”
“I hope so,” you agreed before turning around to wrap him in a tight embrace. He made a small sound of surprise at the sudden hug but didn’t stop you. Instead, he held you back with such as much intensity, “Steven…I…you’ll come, right? To the showcase?”
"That's not even a question, darling," his hands found your shoulders and gave them a gentle squeeze. You nodded gently before touching his face and stroking his cheek, "alright, I know how to read you a little better than you think…what else is bothering you? I hope you know that you can tell me anything…"
"I know," you whispered softly, "I…I don’t want anything to happen with Marc."
“Marc wouldn’t do anything,” he insisted and while you were reluctant to admit it, Marc was a lot of things but a general jerk he was not, “and besides, he knows it’s my time with you. He can be a right prick but he has some decency.”
“I suppose I can’t argue with that logic,” you laughed lightly, nodding as you exhaled deeply in an attempt to rid yourself of all the worry and nervous energy, “thank you.”
“Whatever for?” he tilted his head to the side, not unlike a puppy as he looked at you with those soft big brown eyes. 
“For being you,” you whispered, leaning in for a kiss, “and being wonderful as ever.”
“Oh,” a bright red flush rose up on his cheeks as he eagerly accepted your kiss. He wished there was time to let it go further, but he reminded himself to stay strong and hold back - for now anyway, “we should…I’ll let you finish getting ready. We’ll have to go soon to make it on time.”
“Right,” you agreed, feeling your stomach flip slightly, “I can do this. I will do this.”
── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ──
The whole evening went by in a blur. One moment you were finishing getting ready to go and then leaving with Steven and the next you were on stage. It was a strange thing really, to think about the fact that this would be your last performance, at least in an academic setting. In a way it was like the end of an era, and the beginning of a new one. The one thing that was a constant was Steven…and there was no one else you’d rather have gone through this with. 
The funny thing about performing on stage which most people never realized unless they got on stage themselves is that the audience was but a blur. The stage lights dulled everything out and there really wasn’t much to see in the audience except a sea of darkness. This evening however, there was one standout; in the large crowd your eyes still managed to find him. You thought you might have been nervous, but instead you felt calmed and it was almost as if you were speaking to him and him alone. It made the whole experience just that much better. 
The rapturous applause that reached your ears didn’t hurt either, but none of that really mattered at the end of the day. The only thing that mattered was that you had survived and done your best. 
Once everything was over and you were settled and changed, you walked out into the cool evening air and looked around for Steven. He spotted you before you could see him, almost tripping over his own feet in his excitement to get to you. There was a large bouquet of daisies, daffodils, and amaryllis in his arms and he excitedly held them out to you. 
“Congratulations, my love,” his smile threatened to break his face in half as you gently took them from him. Between the gorgeous flowers and your love, your heart was filled to bursting and you had to fight back the sting of fresh tears. He seemed alarmed by the sound shift of expression, “what’s wrong? Did I-I do something?”
“No,” you promised as you dabbed at your eyes, “yes, but no. This is just so wonderful…and kind. I love you very much, Steven Grant.”
He gave you a shy little smile before kissing your forehead, “I love you too. Very much. I…I don’t know if it’s possible, but I think I just fell in love with you all over again. I fall in love with you a little more every day.”
“Steven,” you touched his cheek before running a hand through his wild curls, “that might be the sweetest thing anyone has ever said to me. There is no way to put into words just how much I love you, but just know it is a ton and then more.”
“I’d say that’s an awful lot,” your words had him feeling like a shy boy more than a grown man. He was sure Marc would tease him about later on, but then speaking of Marc…”you were amazing. You did…a wonderful job, fantastic. And I’m not the only one who thinks so. Marc was very impressed too. He wanted me to tell you.”
“Oh really?” you raised an eyebrow in surprise but couldn’t deny that the praise felt you feeling good. You’d always had a funny little relationship with Marc, but you wouldn’t think he would enjoy something like this. Steven nodded eagerly, “you’ll have to…I’ll have to thank him later. It means a lot…really, having you - both of you really - here for me. It made this so much better. Thank you.”
“Nothing to thank me for,” he insisted gently, “if anything we should be thanking you for that performance. But right now, I have one more big question for you…”
“Which would be?”
“Would you like to go to dinner with me?”
“Always,” you laughed lightly at the jokingly serious look on his features, “you must have read my mind. I would never turn down dinner. Where to?”
“You pick,” he grinned as your eyes lit up in excitement, “tonight is about you, my love.”
“Steven…I love you.”
“I love you more,” he promised, “always.”
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pedropcl · 2 days ago
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
MOON KNIGHT S01E03: The Friendly Type | dir. Mohamed Diab
314 notes · View notes
stormkobra-5 · 2 days ago
Can i request the moon boys reacting to y/n getting angry at a sibling over a special interest I think it might be funny seeing the moon boys reacting to y/n who is usually nice and sweet just go ballistic
I kinda lost it at my brother today swore like a sailor over marvel icronicly 🤣
I keep requesting cause i love your writing so much 💖💖
Bro?!?! Buddy?!?! Are you me?!?! This literally happens to me all. The. TIME. I know exactly how you feel. I’m flattered you think my writing is that great, I don’t mind you sending in requests at all! uwu
Pairing: Moon Boys x gn!Reader
Fic Type: Blurb
Summary: You’re typically sweet as sugar, but when your sibling teases you a little too much about a special interest, you take a turn that’s extremely surprising to your boyfriends.
A/N: This takes place in an au where Moon Knight is not in the MCU, they’re real superheroes serving the real god of the moon and the MCU is a movie series. :p (I was gonna use Star Wars, but you mentioned Marvel, so I decided to use that if that’s okay.)
Note: [Y/S/N] = Your Sibling’s Name
Rating/Warnings: 14+, strong language, probably some incorrect MCU references, an AU that doesn’t make sense b u t *shrugs* this is fanfic, bewildered Moon Bois, gn!sibling so that it’s more reader-friendly (I didn’t want to just add brother or sister lmao), cussing, swearing, and name-calling to a sibling in a loving manner, a sibling teasing reader in a sibling way, reader using crappy insults because I’m not very creative lmao
Tumblr media
Your sibling had come to visit you in Steven’s little flat, an unexpected surprise that neither of you were anticipating in the slightest. Unannounced completely. It wasn’t bad, it was just… Startling? Yes, startling is the correct term.
I mean, the flat was a mess. Your lazy weekend was indeed the laziest of weekends. That meant lots of cuddles and not so much actually getting up to put things in the trash can, or do the laundry, or do the dishes. It looked like the flat hadn’t been cleaned in months. I mean, what were they gonna say about you to the rest of the family?! That you and your boyfriend(s) were slobs?!
Marc and Jake immediately retreated into the headspace when Steven opened the door curiously to find your sibling standing there. “Oy?! Lads?! Where’d’you think you’re going?!” Steven’s desperate thoughts were met by Marc and Jake’s unadulterated terror.
“Ohoooo no, hombré,” Jake said, turning to hide in one of the back rooms of Steven’s mind-replicated flat. “I’m not ready to face that yet!”
“Besides, Steven,”Marc reasoned, slowly backing away, “You’re the nicest and most likable out of the three of us.”
And so that was how Steven alone was promptly smushed into a bone-crushing hug. “So you’re the boyfriend!” 
“U-uhm… Yes, I am?” Poor Steven voiced it like a question, glancing back over his shoulder to try and convey his fear to you as you approached with a lazy smile. 
“Yes, he’s my boyfriend,” You gently pried Steven out of the hug, patting his back a little so that he might be reminded to breathe. The poor guy looked like a deer in the headlights, waiting for what he thought was the inevitable disapproval of your family member. “Steven, this is Y/S/N. Y/S/N, this is Steven.”
“Nice to finally meet you,” Y/S/N shook Steven’s hand adamantly, whereas your boyfriend was a little more hesitant, a shy smile on his face. “Y/N’s told me a lot about you.”
“They have?” Steven seemed surprised. You wrapped your arms around one of his and leaned into his warmth.
“Don’t be so shocked, silly. Of course I talk about you.” To your sibling, you said with a jerk of your chin, “What’s up?”
“I was in the area for business,” Y/S/N replied, “Figured I’d swing through.”
“You have a hotel?” You inquired, pulling them further into your flat. Steven quietly shut the door behind you, ensuring that it was locked.
“Well, yeah, but it’s one of those old creepy ones like you see in scary movies.” At your frown, Steven perked up.
“Uh oh,” Marc thought, rushing into the headspace. “Don’t even think about it, Steven.”
“Amigo, if you do this, I swear to god, I will kick you in the crotch.”
“...Jake, we share a body.”
“And if he does this, we’ll be in pain already. Might as well make him suffer for it.”
“Why don’t you stay with us?” Steven offered, ignoring his alters. He saw your concern and wanted to get rid of it. You didn’t need to worry like that. He wanted to help, and the way your face lit up at the suggestion only made him more certain that this was the right thing to do– not to mention, your smile also shut his alters up for a second as they admired you.
Your sibling eagerly agreed, and while they went to collect their things from their hotel, you and Steven tidied up the apartment. You laughed and rambled on excitedly about having your sibling stay with you for a few days, and that night at dinner Steven grew more comfortable around them as they spoke, conversations touching on old family stories, amusing tales of childhood endeavors that ended in chaos, and nostalgic recollections of old places.
That is, until your sibling noticed your Marvel merchandise in the bedroom as you gave them a tour. 
Comics, movies, an action figure or two, you had a connection to the movie franchise that your boyfriends found endearing. You would have them watch the movies with you, telling them all the details that they hadn’t noticed or pointing out comic Easter Eggs and similarities. They were pretty sure you could recite Black Panther line-for-line just from memory alone, and for all it was worth, the boys tried their absolute hardest to keep up with all the information, although the MCU was notoriously confusing. 
“You’re still into Marvel, huh?” Your sibling joked.
“Um, yeah?” You gave them a look as if that was the dumbest question they could’ve asked.
Y/S/N just shrugged.
The boys thought nothing of it.
Y/S/N intended to stay for only three days, and on the first day, things went over smoothly. On the second, Steven overheard your sibling teasing you about your Marvel collection again. From where he sat with his book on Egyptian mythos, Steven lifted his head to listen to the exchange.
“Shut up, Y/S/N! Put that down!” You were sweet as always, your voice soft and tender.
“What, you mean your toys?”
“They’re not toys, they’re action figures.”
“Action figures. Action figures which you set on your five million Marvel comics. I’m surprised the floor doesn’t cave in.”
“Ugh, you’re impossible…”
“And you’re a geek.”
Still swapping playful banter, you and your sibling left the bedroom and went out for the day– but not before giving Steven a goodbye kiss. You pecked him a second time– “For Marc” – and a third – “For Jake” – before pulling away. 
You returned later in the evening, with no sign of Y/S/N. “Where’s Y/S/N?” Steven questioned, glancing toward the door as if he expected them to enter as he spoke.
“We split up,” You answered as you started up some popcorn in the microwave. “They’ll come back later. For now, though…” You wrapped your arms around his neck and gave him a kiss. “We’ve got the evening to ourselves.”
“Sounds lovely, darling,” Steven hummed, kissing your cheek. His arms wrapped around your waist, hugging you close. “Marc says it’s your turn for movie night.”
“I know!” You chirped excitedly as the corn kernels in the microwave started popping. Steven– and Marc and Jake, within the headspace– watched fondly as you zipped around him, headed for the tv remote. “I know exactly what we’re watching.”
“Age of Ultron?” Steven guessed, eliciting a scoff from you.
“No. We’re watching the first Avengers. The original.”
As you prepared the streaming site, Steven continued where you’d left off with the popcorn, getting out the designated gigantic bowl and your favorite drinks. It was then that your sibling walked through the door, all smiles and warm greetings until they seen what you were putting on the tv. “Ugh. Avengers again? Haven't you seen it a billion times already? Give it a break, will ya?”
Steven, Marc, and Jake watched as you put your hands together like you were praying, taking a deep breath. 
And then, you just…
It was like an atomic bomb went off or something. 
“Alright, listen up you fucking dingbat,” You said— you! Their sweet Y/N, cussing?! The boys stared with wide, surprised eyes as you kept going. “I don’t give a shit— nay, two shits— what the fuck you think about my interests, because that’s just what they are. My interests. Hear that? Lemme say it again for your brain cells in the back: my. Fucking. Interests. So that means whatever two-cents you care to drop are promptly shoved in the ‘who-gives-a-fuck’ bin, which is lower on the goddamn rung than the ‘i-don’t-give-a-shit’ barrel. You’re here as my guest you fucking skunk-wad, and while you’re here you can either shut your damn mouth and enjoy the damn movie I’m putting on for entertainment, or walk the fuck away and go on casually about your boring-ass evening in whatever way you choose. But it’s my turn for movie night, dammit, so we’re fucking watching Avengers. Unless you wanna go fucking prance around the flat, then be my guest. Otherwise, shut up, fuck off, peace out.”
With that, you plopped on the couch as if nothing had happened. “Steven, honey, you can bring the popcorn. Come sit down.”
Oh shit. 
Oh fuck.
Maldito infierno.
Steven very cautiously approached, feeling for all the world as if he were a soldier sneaking between two opposing lines of fire, still wide-eyed with shock. Did that just happen?! He was surprised when Y/S/N only nodded, as if impressed by your outburst. Steven sat beside you and braced for the worst, especially when your sibling sat down on his other side. You pushed play.
And simultaneously, you both grabbed a handful of popcorn.
What the bloody hell?
What the hell?
¿Qué carajo?
Then you both started excitedly making references and pointing out keys of the plot, as if you hadn’t snapped at your sibling. Oh, well. I guess we fight like that a lot, don’t we?
“Yeah, you’re right,”Marc shrugged within the headspace. “Though… I’ve gotta admit…”
“That was… Extremely sexy of them,” Jake added when Marc lost his words.
Steven didn’t vocalize it, but he didn’t need to. He was in full agreement. When your sibling left the next morning, Steven told you almost before the door had completely shut, “Y’know that was really bloody hot when you told them off, love.”
You laughed, leaning into his chest as he wrapped his arms around your waist. “You think so?”
“Yeah,” Steven admitted softly, pressing a kiss to your forehead. “Jake and Marc think so, too.” You hummed, thoughtfully. Maybe even somewhat shyly. You’d hardly ever gotten more than frustrated, so your little sailor-swear outburst was unexpected, even for you. You were drawn out of your thoughts, a peal escaping from your throat as Steven tickled your sides a little to get your attention. “We’ve got ourselves a little spitfire, lads!”
And from then on, that’s what you were.
Their spitfire.
Thanks for reading! ^^ I hope you liked it!
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moonknyght · 13 hours ago
I know I rave about Steven a lot, but. Marc Spector. Marc Spector who, asked by Gods themselves if he's hurting, he answers yes, yes he's hurting, but his feelings don't matter next to a maniac he wants to protect the world from, and what harm he can cause to humanity.
Marc Spector who wanted to give Steven, a version of himself that he cares about tremendously, the normal, happy life he never got to live, and constantly promising he won't burden it by being there.
Marc Spector who lost his baby brother when he was just a child and suffered cruel, unjust, damaging abuse from his mother who made him feel responsible for it.
Marc Spector who kills only "the worst of the worst" and still, the guilt of that is so crushing that he remembers each and every one of them. Where they come from, their faces, in vivid detai, and only responds with " you try taking a life"
Marc Spector feeling so guilty over his brother that he pictures him in a room with other people he's killed.
Marc Spector who sobbed and mourned for his mother even after she emotionally and physically abused him and robbed him of self-esteem, self-worth, and joy.
Marc Spector, who was willing to sacrifice his relationship with Leyla, the one person in his life who ever made him feel heard and seen and like he belonged, who made him feel just a bit less alone, because the deity he sold his soul to wanted her as his replacement and he wanted to spare her the pain.
Marc Spector, who rejected a peaceful paradise in favour of dying with Steven.
Marc Spector, who had the man that was willing to eradicate millions of people for a self-righteous cause at his feet and could've landed the killing blow, and chose to give mercy instead.
Marc Spector.
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foreverinadais · 17 hours ago
in an argument (hc)
thank you for all the love on my last hc! here is another one that i’ve been wanting to write for a while. enjoy! (part 2 is here )
Tumblr media
okay so we’ve seen how this man reacts to Donna 
I don’t know... salad? bread?
in an argument, I think he would be sassy
rolling his eyes a lot
making comments straight after you say anything
“Oh well that’s bloody wonderful.”
“Do you want a prize?”
“Good job I don’t care.”
And you would get so frustrated 
because when this man starts, he will not stop pestering
“Right, Steven, I’m done with this conversation.”
“Your done? I was done with it an hour ago! But nooo. It only matters when your finished with it, your majesty.”
most of what he says is from the heat of the moment, his annoyance shining through and coming out as waffle.
you would get up to make a tea or something and he would make comments about how loud you are
“Blimey can you do that any quieter? honestly.”
And you would roll your eyes
“for fuck sake Steven, just shh already.”
he would make another sassy comment, maybe do that mimicking thing, just to reiterate how pissed he is.
eventually, he’ll just (not so subtly) excuse himself from the room into the bathroom or something and just stay there for a bit
partly out of pettiness and partly out of guilt
and wouldn’t come back out until he knew you had either left, or were busy doing something else as to avoid further confrontation
and when he did come out, the silent treatment starts.
okay but i feel like he would ignore you whilst purposefully looking over to see if your watching
like he wants your attention, wants you to make the first move at apologising.
which will not happen
so he just pettily ignores you for the next couple hours
which is fine by you, because sassy Steven is a force to be reckoned with.
Marc would be angry in an argument.
i mean we’ve seen what he does to the reflection after arguing with Steven
maybe something big happens and he risks his life and you have had enough
so, naturally, you talk to him
and he gets a tiny but defensive
mistakes your care for confrontation 
“I’m just worried about you.”
A scoff: “No, your worried about yourself. You know if something happens to me, it happens to all of us. Just wanna keep your bed warm.”
“What the fuck is that supposed to mean?!”
“Don’t act so innocent.”
his natural instinct is to push you away
and it isn’t even his own fault
he feels insecure.
so, after a particularly heated screaming match, it would get too much.
he would just start shouting
not just at you, but at his alters too
he doesn’t want to let his guard down long enough to be vulnerable, even admit that your right.
“You know what, I’m leaving.”
“Don’t fucking know, anywhere.”
“Marc, please don’t leave.”
Maybe he would hesitate hearing the way your voice cracks
but then he remembers what just happened and he shakes his head, licks his bottom lip
and storms out, slamming the door behind him.
and you would just cry, or groan in frustration and worry
before climbing into bed and falling into an uncomfortable sleep.
okay so I think that Jake wouldn’t be loud
like his face would say it all.
you would be shouting at him, beyond furious, whilst he just sits with a bottle of whiskey, sneering.
or smirking.
and it infuriates you.
“Are you even fucking listening to me?!”
He would shrug, take a swig, and look away.
“No you better look at me. I’m not doing this, do you hear me? You can’t keep doing this shit.”
Jake stands up and suddenly steps close to you, making you step back.
“Or what?” 
You back up into the side of the kitchen cabinet, and he’s close to you, close enough to feel his breath.
“Or what, Cariño?” 
and this always happens: you argue, then you don’t resolve it, you just solve it physically
so you refuse to do it again, push his hand away that’s slowly travelling up your thigh.
“Or I’ll leave.”
It catches him off guard and he instantly steps back, smirk dropping from his face.
“Yes.” Your hesitant, because you don’t really want to leave him or any of them
but he needs to know what he has to lose before he makes the same mistake again.
Jake clicks his tongue in his mouth, slamming the bottle down on the counter beside you, enough that the echo sounds round the apartment.
“Fine. Leave then. Get out, I don’t care.”
You don’t. 
Until he grabs your jacket and shoves it in your hand.
“Get. Out.”
And after scoffing, you do, muttering a ‘fuck you’ as harshly as you can muster and leaving.
and Jake shakes his head, moving to the sofa, anger dissipating into sadness.
You really left.
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