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monako-jinn-stories · 16 hours ago
Echo X Fem!Reader FanFic
Before the Citadel
Master List
Chapter Fourteen
Chapter Sixteen
Chapter Fifteen, 18+ content version
Just a quick warning, this chapter does contain 18+ stuff, but I have added warnings, ⚠️⚠️⚠️, before and after in case you are not comfortable/don’t want to read that part. There will be stuff before and after that are important for the story, so this was my “solution”. I also have a version without the 18+ here, if you’d rather just read that and skip having to find the warnings
There was an empty spot on the bed next to Echo when he woke up. He was confused for a second before he remembered where he was. His own surprise pinned him to the bed-no, your bed, for a second. He looked to his side again, checking to make sure you were actually gone.
Light was trying to crawl in through your blinds, and he took a second to look around the room he was in. There wasn’t much, just your dresser, a closet, a fan that he hadn’t noticed you turned on last night, a nightstand, and your bed that was pushed against the wall. He realized that you had managed to crawl over him to get up, not waking him in the process.
He laid his head back down, closing his eyes as he remembered the night before. A smile came to his face as he thought of the hours you had spent by his side. Choosing to be with him even when you were surrounded by other people who may be suspicious. Choosing to be with him when so many other friends would have loved to spend time with you. You chose him.
He didn’t notice when you opened the door, slowly creeping over to the bed. He only took note of your return when your hand gently ran down his cheek. He slowly opened his eyes again, meeting your shocked expression.
“S-sorry. I didn’t mean to wake you,” you said as you began to pull your hand back.
“You didn’t wake me, darling,” he said in his rough morning voice, grabbing your hand and placing it back on his cheek. He closed his eyes and leaned into it, sighing contently at the soft touch.
“I woke up before you came in. I was wondering why there was an empty spot next to me.”
“Sorry I couldn’t be the first thing you saw when you woke up,” you teased, stroking your thumb down his cheek. “I’ll make it up to you.”
“Mmm, how so?”
“Well, I have pancake batter ready to be cooked,” you said, a grin splitting your lips.
“Pancake batter?”
“Kriffing Kaminoans,” you muttered, shaking your head at the lack of things they let the clones experience. “Next time I’ll let you help me make it,” you said while grabbing his hand and gently pulling it. He sat up and threw the covers off of himself, smiling as he stood and followed you into the kitchen.
“Now, you may not be able to help me with the batter today, but you can still help me with making the pancakes,” you say as you turn on your stove.
“Pancakes?” He said again, confusion covering his newly awoken features.
“Yes, pancakes,” you giggled.
“How are you going to fit a whole cake in a pan?”
“It’s not an actual cake,” you explained. “Don’t worry, you’ll see. Can you hand me that bowl? It has the batter in it.”
Echo did as told and handed you the bowl. You stuck your finger in to taste a little bit of it, and he raised a brow at you.
“It’s good, try it.”
“If you insist,” he said before copying your action. His eyes lit up as he stuck his batter covered finger in his mouth, tasting the flavor.
“Is this what it tastes like when cooked?” He asked wondrously.
“Kind of, but better,” you replied. “It’s not too hard to make these, you just have to wait for the pan to get hot enough, pour some batter in,” you poured the batter in to make a decent sized pancake as you explained, “and watch for when it bubbles. When the bubbles are mostly covering it, that’s how you know to flip.”
“Oh, I think I can do that,” he replied as he moved to stand next to you. When he did, he gently set his hands on your waist, causing you to blush under his hold.
As you stood there talking him through how to not burn the pancakes, you felt his hands snake from your waist to wrap around your body. He rested his chin on your shoulder and hummed an unfamiliar tune quietly to you. You relished in the feeling of his warm breath fanning down against your neck as he nuzzled into you. Everything about this felt domestic to you, and it was amazing. For a minute, you let yourself imagine that this was your life, that waking up and cooking with Echo was your everyday reality instead of the war and Jedi order.
He slowly reached a hand out to grab the spatula, flipping a pancake while he still held you.
“Not too bad,” you mumbled quietly, earning a chuckle from him that you felt through your back.
“I have a good teacher, darling,” he responded. His hold on you tightened as he set the spatula down and returned his arm to grasp you.
Your mind slowed when you felt him begin to turn you where you stood. He gently spun your body so that you were facing each other. He brought a hand up to hold your face briefly, his eyes draining of their drowsiness only to be replaced by wonder.
“You’re so beautiful, darling,” he mumbled as his hand slid back down to your waist. You felt yourself blush deeply at his comment. Sure, he had complimented you before, but never like this. You never felt so much from his words before.
“Darling,” he whispered, confidence overpowering his nerves, “can I kiss you?”
Your mind fully stopped working then, barely able to process his words. It felt like hours before you responded, but it was not even a second after he asked that you breathed out your response.
“Yes,” you replied quietly, but with as much meaning as you could muster. With that answer, he gently pulled you in to close the last bit of distance between your bodies. He tilted his head down as you tilted yours up, and it seemed like forever for the distance to close. But when your lips finally brushed together, you swore literal sparks flew. Finally, after so many interrupted attempts, you were kissing. It was gentle, as if he was afraid of hurting you or ruining the moment. His chapped lips pressed softly to yours, connecting in the most natural feeling of ways. In that moment, you were convinced that you two had been made for each other. The way he gently held your waist, the way your hand softly held his cheek, the way your lips moved together, it was like it was the most familiar action to you. It screamed with how much you both had wanted this moment, how you had longed to press your soft lips to his rough ones for so long.
You nearly whined when he pulled back, as it had only lasted a few seconds. He rested his forehead against yours, and your noses brushed as you both stood like that, unmoving and relishing in the feeling of the other. As you stood, you opened your mind to him through the force, allowing him to feel what you did. You heard the smallest gasp from him as his senses were amplified, experiencing the same things as you on a level he could never have dreamed of.
A few minutes later, the smell of slight burning caused Echo to pull back, only to gaze in your eyes briefly before moving them to look behind you.
“I think I just learned something new,” he said, looking back at you. You looked at him questioningly before he chuckled and spun you around to face the burning pancake.
“Don’t distract the cook.” You couldn’t help the giggle that fell from your lips as you reached for the spatula to take the pancake off the pan. You dropped it on the plate and watched as a bit of smoke danced off of it.
“Well, it’s not that bad,” you said while lifting up the bottom to look at. “Just have to put a lot of butter and syrup on it.”
“Let me have that one,” he said, reaching out to grab it.
“No,” you argued, grabbing his hand and wrapping it back around you. “I’ll eat it. I prefer a little bit of burn anyway.”
“Darling, that’s more than a little bit of burn.”
“Really, I don’t mind,” you said while looking at him over your shoulder. He took the opportunity to press another quick peck to your lips, much to your surprise, and used your distracted state to grab the plate and slip his arms from you, walking over to the table. Though it wasn’t cold in your quarters, you shivered after he pulled away, immediately missing his warmth.
“I said I would eat that one, Echo,” you said as you furrowed your brows at him, pretending to pout.
“Darling, I can make you another one that’s burnt if you really want, but this one is mine,” he said from his seat, giving you a mischievous grin. You rolled your eyes and settled down, watching him as he reacted to the new food.
His eyes lit up and his mouth slowed as he let the flavors mix. He looked down before swallowing, quickly taking another bite. He hastily ate half of it before he seemed to remember where he was and who he was with. He looked up at you with wide eyes and cheeks flushed with embarrassment.
“Uh, it’s uh, good,” he said, flashing you a shy smile. “The syrup is probably the sweetest thing I’ve tasted.”
“Huh, and here I thought my lips would have been the sweetest thing you’ve tasted,” you replied while giving him a smirk.
“Well, besides your lips,” he affirmed with a grin.
“Well, I’m glad you like it.” He quickly finished his plate, looking at the empty platter before back up at you.
“Could I have more?” He said, a slight pleading look in his eyes.
“Of course,” you giggled, “but I thought you were going to make me some first?”
“Right!” He said, quickly standing up and moving to the stove, but not before grabbing you and pulling you with him. He wrapped his arm back around you as he began cooking the pancake for you, holding you close to him and his warmth. When he was finished, he followed you eagerly back to the table to see your reaction. A wide grin split his face when you gave an enthusiastic thumbs up.
After breakfast, you sat on the couch together, watching random holovideos while talking about nothing. Your time was cut short, however, when your comm suddenly went off.
“Master Jinn,” Mace’s voice flooded through, “you and the 17th are being sent off-world to act as reinforcements for Master Unduli and her men. You are to leave in 30 minutes.”
“Am I going to get any more information than that?” You asked sassily.
“Your Captain will provide you with more information, I am unable to give you any more.”
“Okay,” you said, ending the comm. You looked at Echo who was watching you curiously.
“What?” You asked, wanting to know what he was thinking.
“Nothing, I’ve just never seen anyone sass General Windu before,” he replied while chuckling.
“Trust me, when you’ve dealt with him as much as I have, it becomes a habit.” With that, you stood formo your couch, Echo slowly following you.
“I enjoyed this,” he said, “all of it. Last night, this morning…I hope we can do it again.”
“Don’t worry,” you said while wrapping your arms around his neck, “we will.” You both leaned in to kiss before Echo’s comm decided to go off.
“Hey, Echo,” Anakin’s voice rang through, “the rest of the boys have been looking for you. Where are you?”
“I’m…I’m Uh, with y/n,” he said.
“Wait, with y/n?” Anakin questioned before whispering, “Echo! Did you sleep with her?”
“N-not like that, sir. And she can hear you.”
“Oh…hi y/n.”
“Hello Anakin. You interrupted us again,” you said dryly.
“It’s not my fault you’re always trying to kiss each other.”
“E chu ta, wermo,” you said, speaking the Huttese smoothly.
“How do you know Huttese?” Anakin’s voice questioned.
“I have a lot of secrets,” you responded.
“Whatever. Echo, i need you to come head to the barracks and get ready for a mission, we’re being sent out soon.”
“Yes, General,” he responded quickly.
“Oh, and y/n? Try not to take too long with saying goodbye to Echo. A quick kiss is all you need to-“ his sentence was cut short by you ending the comm, looking up at Echo who chuckled at your frustration.
“You know, he’s going to give me hell for that,” he said while looking at you.
“Oh, please. Anakin can’t do anything but make you clean the refresher.”
“Exactly,” he said while scrunching his nose. You leaned up and kissed the tip of it, making a light pink dust his cheeks.
You walked him to your door before he turned to you again, pulling you close.
“Be safe,” you said, pulling back to kiss his cheek.
“I will, darling. You stay safe as well.”
“I’ll try,” you joked, though he gently held your face with a serious expression on his own.
“I’m serious, stay safe.” You smiled softly before cupping his face in your hands, pressing a soft kiss to his lips.
“I will.”
It had been a few standard weeks since that morning, and around a standard month since you had met Echo. After meeting him, your life hadn’t been the same. But, as things were just starting to get good, the war picked up. You and Echo were being called to fight at almost every chance you could. You barely had time for brief chats before being sent back into battles across the galaxy. Your visits were few and fleeting, but you managed to get down to the streets of Coruscant a few times, though it was usually interrupted by one of your comms calling you to report back to be sent away again. Though you had managed to go on a few more dates, you never established the status of your relationship. You both refrained from referring to each other as “friend,” because you knew there was something more, though you were both scared to put a label to it, partially because of the Jedi and GAR, but also because you both had never experienced something like this before. It was unfamiliar ground, and you wanted to be careful, not wanting to mess up or ruin anything.
You had just arrived back from another boring diplomatic trip to Dohbar when a gunship landed in the hanger. At first you barely took notice of it, but then you realized it was from the 501st. You let a smile slowly cover your lips as you stopped and waited for its passengers to step off. You were hoping that Anakin was there, as Obi Wan had entrusted you with information to give to Anakin before the former was sent off again and wouldn’t be able to tell Anakin himself. Of course, what you hadn’t fully expected was a certain clone to exit before Anakin and interrupt your plans. When he caught your eye, he smirked and changed his path with Fives to head towards you.
“What a lovely surprise this is, y/n. Did you really come all the way here to welcome me home?” He asked charmingly as he approached you.
You rolled your eyes playfully before stating, “actually, I’m here to see Anakin, not you.”
“Oh, that’s a shame. I was hoping you were going to jump into my arms and tell me how happy you were that I made it back safely,” he teased, Fives laughing beside him.
“You wish,” you replied while grinning slightly before wrapping your arms around him. He returned the action before you pulled back to look at him again. You could see the small layer of dust that covered him, and the tired look beginning to shadow his eyes. But there was also a sparkle to them as he looked at you. One that you hoped only shone for you.
“Oh, looks like Anakin and Ahsoka are heading to the council for the mission debriefing,” Echo said, glancing at the two walking in the opposite direction. “Guess you’re stuck with me,” he added.
“Wonderful,” you said rolling your eyes playfully again. Fives nudged his brother before saying a quick goodbye, telling you two, “don’t have too much fun,” with a smirk.
You turned to walk away before you felt Echo’s arm snake around your waist. He was certainly getting bolder around others.
Something in the force surrounding him was different. There was a new tension you hadn’t felt before, but it wasn’t a bad one. You couldn’t quite figure it out, and the new look in his eyes wasn’t helping you either.
“What are you up to, Echo?” You questioned peeling his hand from your waist so you could look at him fully. He gave you a look of fake hurt while bringing his hand up to his chest.
“I was only making sure you made it back to your quarters safely, Queen Monako,” he said while giving a slight bow. You playfully smacked his arm before starting to walk again, him easily catching up and reattaching his arm around you.
“So, what are you really doing in the hanger? I don’t think this is exactly somewhere people hangout for fun,” he said casually.
“I just got back from a brief diplomatic trip to Dohbar, and you just happened to arrive right after I did,” you responded, trying to wiggle from his grip quickly as a Jedi Master walked passed, giving you a disapproving look. Echo only decided to let go of you once he knew you would fall over when he did. And sure enough, as soon as he removed his arm, you tumbled down to the floor.
“Oh my! Y/n, are you alright?” He asked, fake concern lacing his tone. He stuck out his hand for you to grasp, which when you reached for, he pulled it back and ran it through his hair, and began to saunter off, a mischievous grin on his lips.
You sat on the floor, mouth open in slight offense before you jumped up and ran up to him, yanking him around to face you.
“Ooooh, now she gets feisty,” he teased, cocking an eyebrow. You bit your lip and playfully smacked his head.
“Drop me again and that smack will hurt much worse next time,” you said, walking ahead of him before looking back at him.
“I did no such thing,” he lied, meeting your gaze.
You huffed in response as you entered the elevator, Echo following. Something was definitely different about the way he was acting. Though he had gradually been getting more confident, it was no where near this level the last time you had seen him. Not that you didn’t enjoy it, you just wanted to know what had suddenly changed.
“Y’know, I can make this get stuck if you like,” he said, glancing at the control pad.
“Now why would I want that?” You asked, deciding to play along.
“I think you know why, y/n,” he said, hands snaking around your waist as he pulled you closer to him. You cocked an eyebrow as he leaned in closer, and just before your lips met, you pulled away as the door opened.
“Always getting interrupted, aren’t we?” you teased, walking out and heading down the hall that contained the Jedi quarters, leaving a slightly annoyed Echo behind before he exited and followed you.
“If you keep trying to leave me behind, I won’t be able to make sure you make it to your room safely,” he said, catching up to you.
“What a shame that would be, my clone in shiny armor would have to come and save me,” you said sweetly.
“Shiny?” He said, “darling, my armor is anything but shiny.” The way he said darling so smoothly nearly knocked you off your knees. It was a new tone, dripping with something you couldn’t place. It was dark, and smooth. Thankfully, you had reached your room, so even if your legs decided to give out at his words, you could quickly catch yourself on a seat if needed.
“Well, it was lovely seeing you again, but I’m afraid we’re at my room,” you said, as if it meant something.
“Hmm, I guess we are,” he said, turning to you with another smirk on his face.
“What are you thinking…?” You asked him slowly, eyes narrowing in suspicion.
“Oh, just of ways to pass the time before Anakin calls me for another mission,” he replied smoothly, taking a small step towards you. You lifted your eyes to meet his intense gaze as he held your cheek in his hand. You’d be lying if you said there wasn’t an instant connection the day you had met. When you had seen him and Fives standing there, waiting for you, Rex, and Anakin, your eyes had instantly found his figure. You had locked eyes and felt your heart pulse intensely, only to see the same amazement in his eyes. Neither of you had spoken about the moment, but secretly knew the other had felt it.
Now, you were having a similar feeling. The way your eyes saw nothing but him, and you felt the pull of his force signature, it was all-consuming. You could feel your own heart racing again, and the look in his eyes showed that his was as well.
“Ways to pass the time…” you repeated. Slowly taking in his words, you held in a gasp when you finally realized the feeling that had been coming from him, where his newfound confidence came from. Lust. You glanced down the hall quickly before you opened your door, pulling Echo in with you. Once inside, you immediately shut it as he pushed you into the wall. Your lips found each other in seconds and the intensity behind your kisses was like a fire that had suddenly exploded from nowhere, and there was no end to it in sight.
His hands roamed your body as yours wrapped around his neck, pulling him deeper into the kiss. After a few minutes, you broke apart, both of you gasping for air.
“I think it would be more fun if you took that armor off,” you said breathily.
“I completely agree,” he said, quickly discarding his chest plate across the room. A few seconds later, all that remained on him was his blacks. He quickly returned to kissing you as you jumped up and wrapped your legs around him. You felt his hand gently grip your thigh as he slightly ground his hips into you, causing you to let out a soft moan as the hardening bulge in his pants rubbed against your core. You felt him smirk as he caused you to make the noise, and he did it again, a little more pressure this time, causing you to grip his hair that your hand had been running through.
“Is that all I have to do to make you noisy?” He jokingly asked as he pulled back slightly.
“Shut up,” you said pulling his lips back to yours. With one hand on your waist, his other began to crawl up your side, under your shirt. In one swift movement, he pulled your shirt over your head and threw it to join the pile of armor he had ripped off himself minutes before. The wall was cold against your back, and the sensation only made his warm touch seem that much hotter. Your hand found the zipper in the front of his blacks, and pulled it down, revealing his bare chest.
He suddenly stopped and pulled away to meet your gaze, uncertainty lacing his eyes.
“Is everything okay, Echo?” You asked, concerned that you had gotten carried away.
“Y-yes, well…I have to tell you something.”
“Tell me, then. I’ll listen to whatever you have to say.”
“I-it’s just that…I’ve never, really, done anything before.” His eyes stayed trained on the ground as he spoke. You bit your lip to stop yourself from grinning.
“Hey, look at me,” you said as you gently lifted his head so he would meet your gaze.
“The only thing I’ve done with someone else is kiss, so you’re not alone in the inexperience. But we can figure this out together.”
He grinned at you sheepishly, looking down again as red flooded his cheeks.
“Fives gave me some tips,” he said quietly, barely above a whisper. You giggled, imagining the embarrassing conversation that must have been.
“And I’ve had some advice from Shaak Ti and Aayla, so I’d say we’ve got a good shot at doing this right.” He grinned at you again before his eyes went darker, and his grin turned to a smirk. He crashed his lips back to yours and your hand made its way to his hair again.
Echo suddenly pulled away from the wall and carried you into your bedroom and over to the bed. He gently laid you down before he crawled over you, one hand on the bed next to you to hold himself up, the other pushing the cloth that covered your chest over your head and onto the floor. He took a second to pull back and take you in, his eyes darkening even more at the sight of you. He had pulled his arms out of the sleeves of his blacks, leaving the only his lower half to be covered by them. He leaned down again, pressing your chests together as the kissing deepened. Your legs wrapped around him again, causing him to grind into you in return. You moaned at the sensation, causing him to slip his tongue in to explore your mouth. Just as his tongue won dominance over yours, he pulled away and pressed his lips to your jawline, causing you to let out a breathy gasp. He slowly moved down to your neck, leaving a hot trail where his lips met your skin. He easily found your sweet spot, nibbling playfully as your hand tightened around his hair again. His hand that had removed your chest cloth found it’s way to your breasts, grabbing one gently and pleasingly. Your moan sounded much louder this time as his lips were not attached to yours to muffle it. You quickly brought your hand up to quiet the sound. He looked up, almost angrily, at you for trying to silence yourself as he grabbed your hand and held it down at your side.
“I want to hear you,” he practically growled, his mouth now trailing down your chest. The sound of his voice sent waves of heat through your body. His tongue briefly passed over your nipple before he sat up. Before you could question his move, he was pulling your pants off of your lower half, causing you to gasp. He quickly took you in, eyes roaming over the sight before him, before he smirked and lowered his head to be between your legs. You gasped as his lips kissed the inside of your thigh dangerously close to your heat. He chuckled gently as he traced your lower lips with his finger tips, waiting for the right moment to push them into you.
“Echo,” you practically begged, looking down at him.
“What, darling? Is there something you want me to do?” He teased, tracing around your entrance. He was taking his time to fully explore you, to learn how to please you. And it’s not that you didn’t want him to, you just wanted more.
“Bastard,” you mumbled, causing him to grin devilishly.
“Now, that’s not a nice name to call someone,” he said, now carefully beginning to rub your clit with his thumb while his fingers still danced around your entrance.
“Fives told me about this spot,” he said, looking up at you as his thumb played with your bud, “said it was very important and needed a lot of attention.” You bit back a moan as you focused on his thumb, but his fingers were still playing around your entrance and you were getting impatient.
“Echo, I swear to the maker, if you don’t star-“ your sentence was cut short when he suddenly dropped his face back down and you felt his tongue glide over your clit, the feeling causing you to focus all your attention on the sensations he was making you feel. You felt his tongue circle your sensitive spot before darting inside your entrance briefly, before returning to his previous circling action. He looked up to take in your response to his actions, and he smirked into you as he saw your flushed cheeks.
You had only ever dreamed of how it would feel for someone to perform these actions on you, but you were realizing you hadn’t prepared yourself for the reality of it. The sight of him between your legs, devouring you as if you were a lake in the middle of a desert, was almost enough to send you over by itself.
The way his tongue played over you and inside you almost made you question his honesty when he said he was inexperienced, but you also knew he would never lie to you. The warm feeling of it slipping as far into you as possible before he drug it over your clit numerous times caused your back to arch off the bed.
“Karking…Echo…I th-think, I think I’m gonna, I-I’m gonna-“ before you could finish your sentence, he dragged his tongue over you one last time before pulling away and depriving you of it. You stared down at him with your mouth hanging open, brows furrowed as you had been so close.
“Fives also told me it’s incredibly fun to tease,” he grinned before he began trailing kisses up your center again. When his lips met yours, you could taste yourself on him. He pulled back slightly to watch you as he inserted one of his fingers. He slowly began to work it inside you, face concentrated as he searched for that spongey spot Fives had mentioned. When he found it, your face flushed as you bit your lip, trying to remain quiet, hoping to egg him on. It worked, because he wasn’t satisfied by your quiet reaction, so he added another finger, and began working them both inside you.
“Echo,” you moaned, which he smirked dangerously in response to.
“Yes, darling?”
“M-more,” you managed to get out, before he started thumbing your clit. Reconnecting your lips, he curled his fingers to better work you. You felt yourself coming closer, and slightly bucked your hips to help him hit your spot better. When you did this, however, he stopped and removed his hand. Your eyes, which you had been squeezing shut, shot open, mouth slightly agape again at his second sudden halt.
“You were getting too close, darling. I couldn’t let you cum without me joining you,” he teased, and you saw as he quickly discarded the blacks that had been hanging around his waist. You looked down to take in the sight of him, and,
Oh no.
What had you gotten yourself into?
Dragging your eyes back up his body to meet his, your could tell your reaction to him had pleased him, because his smug look was back.
“Don’t worry, darling, I’ll be gentle with you. At least to start with,” he said. With that, he positioned himself at your opening and slowly pushed in. As he did so, you saw his eyes squeeze shut as he let out a groan of his own. Your eyes rolled back as you felt him fill you up slowly.
“Maker,” he breathed, “I didn’t think that’s what he meant it would feel like.”
“A good feeling I hope,” you said back as best you could.
“Karking, Maker yes,” he said, before he slowly began to work his hips. You both let out your own moans as the pace gradually quickened, not too fast but not slow either. Your nails dug into his back as he ground into you, finding the perfect angle to work you to your end. You brought your hips up to match his pace, enhancing the pleasure for both of you. His hand snaked around your waist to help hold you where you needed to be. The feeling in your center began to grow quickly again as you got closer to your release.
“Echo...” you moaned, trying to tell him that you were almost there. He seemed to get the hint, but didn’t give you the reaction you wanted. He stopped and pulled out of you, causing you to gape at him again before he flipped you over and pulled your hips into the air. Before you could say anything, he entered you again, this time from behind. He let out a long and deep moan as his hips crashed into your ass, him pulling you back slightly to meet each of his thrusts. Your hands gripped the sheets under you as he kept going, driving you closer and closer. You felt his hand trail from your waist down your back, and back to your waist as he groaned in his own pleasure.
“I don’t want you to cum yet, y/n,” he groaned through his teeth, “I need you to last a little longer for me, darling.” When he called you darling, you had to fight yourself from going over the edge. The way it slipped out of his mouth so effortlessly drove you insane. You felt him tense up inside you, testimony to his own fall coming quickly.
Again, he pulled out from you and flipped you back over, entering you again as your legs wrapped around him.
“I can’t miss watching the first time I push you over,” he huskily said, sounding slightly out of breath. With one arm holding him up shakily, he gripped your waist with his other and crashed his hips into yours again. You were both right on the edge, and with one last thrust from him, mixed with a buck of your own hips, you both fell over, moans escaping both of you, the feeling of your climax taking over both of you. He continued to thrust a few more times, helping you both ride out the aftershocks. Once you were both completely done, he pulled out and hovered over you for a second, both of you breathing heavily.
“Kriff,” he said, quickly meeting your gaze, “I forgot, is it fine that I-“
“Don’t worry about it, Echo,” you assured him. “I’m sure it’ll be fine,” you said, knowing he was talking about his own release. He held your gaze briefly before a smirk flashed across his face.
“That was incredible. I knew it would be amazing, but Maker, I wasn’t ready for that,” he said, moving to lay next to you. You moved under the covers and cozied up to him, legs tangling with his own.
“Well, you might just have to get used to it,” you teased.
“Oh, I could definitely get used to this,” he said. You laughed softly as you ran your hand over his chest. His own arms wrapped around your form, pulling you closer into him.
“Call me crazy, because we haven’t known each other for terribly long, but I swear I’m in love with you,” he mumbled, lifting your chin to meet his gaze. Your lips parted slightly, red rushing up to your already flushed cheeks.
“I know we’ve been kind of seeing each other and going on dates for about a month, but I want us to be…well, an us,” he admitted. His eyes held a certain kind of desperation as you took in his words. They were almost pleading, as if this was the only thing he wanted in life.
“Echo,” you mumbled, “I’m a Jedi, and you’re a clone. We can’t. We have rules,” you said sadly.
“So?” He said, “screw the rules. Since when have you ever followed them, anyway?” You bit your lip in response. It was true, on the trip back from that first mission together, you had admitted to him that, like Anakin, you preferred to go about your business in your own way, whether it followed the code or not. And although he had always been the opposite, favoring the rules over straying from them, being with you was one thing Echo couldn’t stop himself from wanting.
“And if you really cared, you wouldn’t have been going out with me for as long as you have been,” he added, and you knew you couldn’t argue with that.
“If we do this,” you started, “you have to swear that the risk will be worth it. I don’t want us both getting in trouble for something that might not be worth it in the end.” He looked slightly hurt, that you would even consider it not being worth it, but he quickly covered it and responded, “of course it’ll be worth it, I swear. I will do anything for you, darling. Just say the word, and consider it done.” Now it was your turn to smirk.
“Anything?” You said, quirking an eyebrow at him.
“Anything but whatever you just thought of,” he laughed.
“Aw, I was gonna ask you to help me prank Anakin,” you pretended to complain.
“That, I will gladly do,” he said. You nuzzled into him again, relishing in the love that was emitting through the force between you two.
“I love you, Echo,” you mumbled into his chest, feeling sleep start to come over you.
“I love you too, darling,” he whispered back.
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missjo99 · 12 hours ago
Honestly, some of you never read the “Dick Grayson dated a milf who turned out to be a vampire who lured him and then Bruce just to turn them into vampires; Bruce has 1737393 existential crisis, Dick becomes a slut and hits on Vicky Vale, Alfred tries to keep everyone’s secret identity SECRET by hiring a fucking man who has to impersonate Bruce Wayne on formal occasions”arc story and it shows.
Btw, Batman 348-351 and Detective Comics #517-518
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monako-jinn-stories · 11 hours ago
Jesse’s got the best ass in the GAR
Tumblr media
Look at that absolute dump truck ass. I want to smack it. And you know what? He’d let me. He’d let anyone. He loves flaunting it.
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Tumblr media
I want something big to happen. A powerful story arc that proves once and for all that Creek is not a forced ship. Something that really puts Craig's and Tweek's relationship to the ultimate test. Don't disappoint, Matt & Trey!
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lostcauses-noregrets · 14 hours ago
Hi Lost. Really love your page! I don't know if you're interested in Marvel but I just noticed that Capitan America ( who is often fancasted as Erwin amd tbh they share some similar characteristics) and Bucky( black haired traumatized soldier) have great chemistry and really remind me of Eruri. So I wanted to know if you liked their relationship too...
Hi Anon, I'm not a huge fan of the Marvel universe, but I have seen a lot of the films and series, as my partner enjoys them, and some of the story arcs I've enjoyed the most are those featuring Captain America and the Winter Soldier. You're definitely not the first person to see parallels with Eruri, I'm sure I've had at least one ask about this before, but I don't know enough about Steve and Bucky's stories to really comment on the similarities. I should sit down and watch the movies again properly some day. Someone I follow here on tumblr often reblogs Stucky content and I certainly don't object to seeing it on my timeline. Sebastian Stan does look terribly pretty when he broods and I do appreciate a man who can scowl and pout at the same time. With Eruri, it's canon that Erwin is the one who does the pouting, while the scowling is left to Levi ;)
Tumblr media
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sadie-the-hedgehog · 19 hours ago
The 3 story arcs of Unspoken:
1. “Oh no, you can’t talk”
Tumblr media
2. “Hey, those weird hands sure are useful for artistic projects!”
Tumblr media
3. “Why did I wait until THIS moment to tell you I love you?”
Tumblr media
PS: chapter 26 out in the next hour. May this gif set serve as a warning.
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monako-jinn-stories · 12 hours ago
“Here, I’ll show you how bad they are.” You watched as he studied the small candy for a second, and laughed when he sniffed it and made a disgusted face afterwards.
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hawkinsschoolcounselor · 20 hours ago
how do you think the asylum and the claremont house will tie into the plot of the next season? along with that, what do you think the initial character groups will be and what do our think their objectives will be?
Your guess is as good as mine.
With the Claremont House done up for filming this week, and reports that MBB, Finn, and Noah are in Atlanta again, it would seem to be part of their story arc. I don't know if it's supposed to take place in California or Hawkins, though. If It's in Hawkins, then it might be part of the climax of the season after the Pizza Party gets into town (likely too late to stop what's going on).
I figured the asylum would involve Victor Creel, and that Nancy and Robin went there to investigate whatever is going on in Hawkins. That still seems the most logical possibility, but, with Brenner and a shaved-head El, I'm not sure what to think anymore. I suppose that's a good thing. It wouldn't be as fun if I was able to figure things out before it came out.
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vintunnavaa · 21 hours ago
while writing for peaky blinders, I realised women had very limited career options in the past. Yes, they worked as barmaids or nannies or simply maids, but in a corporate world, you were just a secretary or a telephone operator. If you did try to break mould and spread your wings, you were shown your place like Jessie Eden was. (which was the worst story arc, and I hated that they showed Jessie in the wrong, when Tommy himself used her for his success. She was at most blinded by her principles, but her intentions were never malicious)
On the other hand, I actually liked that Grace had an ambition, even though Tommy and we ourselves thought she was becoming too obsessed. But we shouldn't ignore that as the wife of a rich man who loved and respected her, Grace had the opportunity to fulfil her dreams, dreams which any other person from that time might dismiss without wasting a breath. And using that for her benefit might seem selfish, but that's what Tommy would do; use people for his benefit.
So moral of the story is that you have to related to a successful man in order to become successful yourself; no matter how intelligent or skilled you are.
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wadey-wilson · 2 years ago
Into the Spider-Verse is, undoubtedly, a Miles Morales movie, yet I can’t help but feel sympathy for Peter B. Parker and relate to him more than to Miles as the twenty something kid that I am. The moral of the story the movie presents is there, and it’s Miles’ moral, but Peter’s character story and arc is also there and it’s maybe sadder than you think in that funny, light movie, but so important to me.
Gen Z and Millennials can definitely relate to the older Peter, even if he’s 38 years old. He’s tired, he’s done, he just wants some rest, he resents his responsibilities, he’s screwed up more times than he remembers, he’s not much of a fan of kids, he doesn’t even care about proper spelling (”There's always a bypass key, a virus key, a who-cares key, I can never remember so I just call it a goober.”). Honestly, mood. And I’m only in college, people.
See, there is this moment in the movie that is supposed to serve as a comedic moment: Miles tries to say “with great power comes great responsibility” but Peter abruptly cuts him off, almost screaming “don’t you dare finish that sentence, don’t do it!”. Then he follows with “I’m sick of it.” And then he says “My advice? Go back to being a regular kid.”
Peter still tries to live by the words of his uncle, but where at the beginning they were his motivation and something that gave his life meaning, now they’re a resented responsibility drawing a circle he can’t break out from. He’s been slowly losing his passion for being Spider-Man, just putting the suit on because he feels like he has to. He even says that Mary Jane scared him by her wanting kids. He’s scared to move on and to be something else, something more than just Spider-Man. There's also the reason of him not wanting to see his kid go what he's gone through, and that being a parentless family, but that's half of the problem.
When you get a close up
Tumblr media
you can see the determination on his face, but there are also a broken nose, bags under his eyes, the hair he doesn’t even care to pull back, the gray skin, the scruff, a few wrinkles even, and... sadness. He’s genuinely sad, he’s depressed, and so done with everything. But he’s not one to quit. He’s still living by Ben’s words.
Those words have become his curse because he lost his way somewhere along his life, because he overdid it with understanding the words. It’s like with Titanic where they were supposed to have women on the lifeboats first, and then men, but they just let the women step into the lifeboats because they didn’t understand the command. That being said, instead of being just a motivation and inspiration, Ben’s words became something he can’t let go of, almost like a drug, like a sick addiction, and maybe he does see it, maybe he doesn’t, but it’s there, and it’s determining his life. He can’t help but loathe them. He doesn’t allow himself to be something else but these words. He is those words, nothing else.
There’s a moment in the movie where Aunt May tells him, “you look tired.” And he genuinely replies, “I am tired.” I may or may not have shed a tear, because that was the perfect reflection of how he felt and how lost he was. He was tired of being who he was and still pursued that path. Sounds relatable? Because it is.
Things happen, movie ends, and while Miles’ moral of the story is that everyone can wear a mask and nobody’s ever ready to be a hero, that they just grow into it, and all you need is that little spark, Peter B. Parker learns that the words he’s lived by aren’t what should make his life sad, broken, and resentful. He learns that he’s just a person like any other, not just words. Thanks to the little journey with Miles he learns over again that being Spider-Man is supposed to be fun and a responsibility among other things, not only a responsibility determining his day-to-day life 24/7. Peter learns that being a hero does require a lot of sacrifice, but it’s just a part of who he is, and that he has the right to be happy.
I don’t know what you got out of the movie, but in my opinion, Peter B. Parker teaches you in this movie that you have the right to be happy. You have the right to live a good life despite one or more responsibilities that set up your daily basis, whether it’s a job or a problem you’ve had for a while. You can still be happy.
I stepped out of the movie theater thinking, “goddammit, why don’t people remember that you can still be happy nowadays? Why do people determine their lives by only the bad things? Why are we like this? Why am I like this?” And honestly? Despite all the bullsh*t, all the crap, and all the small or big problems, I deserve some happiness, man. And so do you.
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certified-flowerchild · a month ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Levity. A moment to breathe.
Rip to Dream but if I was stuck in a prison cell with an exciteable pigman I would simply laugh at his jokes.
((also I just think that after 6 months of inhumane imprisonment Dream's gotta practice being in conversations that don't involve threats of bodily harm xdfsdgr))
Bonus doodles:
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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inky-duchess · 2 years ago
Writing a Story: Planning prt 2
If you're going to plan, make sure you don't tie yourself down with millions of notes about character appearance or binders full of fabric samples. Most of your knowledge can be stored in your cranial cookie jar.
This part will focus on the technical side of writing. Arcs, Plot, and Pacing are all tools a writer needs to create a story worth reading and also help control the story.
This is the spine of your story but it can never be a solid thing. Plot is flexible while you are writing. It changes and grows and you must be prepared for it. Plot is the main vein of your tale. Sit down and write down the main plot in three sentences or less
Harry Potter is an orphan wizard who attends wizard school and is pursued by Lord Voldemort as he grows up on account of the prophecy foretold.
Ethan Wate falls in love with Lena Duchannes, finding out she's a witch and that dark forces threaten to tear their love apart and force his love into choosing evil and good.
A Song of Ice and Fire chronicles the story of a war torn Westeros where rival kings fight for the Iron Throne against a backdrop of magic, murder, fratricide, plotting and incest all the while as a supernatural force marches on the world to bring an eternal winter.
This way you can find about your Plot Points. These are the bullet points of your story. There are the pillars of a story, the support of the overall story. Subplots have already been reviewed on another post, so check that out if you want.
Tumblr media
A story arc is the progression of a story. The Pokémon evolution if you will. A story is not a straight line. It is round, the bitch gots curves. Throw something in the air. It begins and rises until it reaches its pinnacle and then rapidly falls. That is how a story lives. A story arc can span a chapter, a book or a series. Here are some examples.
Hamlet: Mopey Prince = Guy pretending to be mad and making stupid plans= Vengeful nutcase who causes the death of everyone.
Hunger Games: Katniss Volunteers for sister and goes to Capitol= The Games= After the games.
Tumblr media
Pace yo'self. Seriously. Calm the fuck down. But not too much. Timing is of the essence and is the key to good stories. A story's events are set out according to how fast-paced you want your novel. Fast-paced screams action, thriller, suspense, slut drop. Medium paced are for longer books. Slow-paced may make a reader want to burn a book because the story is buffering.
Tumblr media
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lumiink · 2 years ago
Tumblr media
Reunited | Thus I have finished my re-listen to TAZ Balance and can now be found in front of my computer having a wild number of emotions lol.
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fluffycakesistainted · 2 years ago
Like...imagine being self-righteously dead-set against fictional redemptions and redemption stories because you legitimately believe that a character realizing they’re being horrible, feeling remorse about being horrible, and wanting and deciding to stop being horrible is a bad message to put out into the world. 
Tumblr media
[and if you can’t point out at least 5-7 instances of what you consider “badly done” redemptions/redemption arcs from the last 10 years, don’t bother replying to this with that (irrelevant) complaint . Because otherwise you’re talking complete bullshit.]
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evercelle · 7 months ago
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
i want to see her smile again, with my own eyes || let’s explore a whole new hyrule together
some recent zelink!! played AoC and it’s made me miss botw so terribly... i am manifesting, if not playable, at least companion zelda for botw2 
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