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amarriageoftrueminds · 34 minutes ago
Thought about the disparity between Steve and Bucky's circumstances and how  unlikely it is they ever managed to meet or become friends: 
What if Bucky's fam were rich before the Crash (he would've been 12) but became poor, while still retaining some of their rich-people stuff (eg. car, nice house or apartment)? 
This would (further) prove Bucky's good character to kid!Steve, because he would be able to see that Bucky accepts his reduced circumstances graciously and is still cheerful about life instead of bitter.
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manyprofoundbonds · 40 minutes ago
no but it hurts so much thinking about how someone said bucky is acts of service and sam words of affirmation when he used to be words of affirmation (that kid from brooklyn who was too dumb to run away from a fight im following him, you don't have to, im with you till the end of the line, not without you) and steve was his acts of service (dropping the shield twice, destroying hydra... twice... for hurting him, rescuing him from hydra that first time). it physically HURTS ME that he lost that after those seventy years.
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musette22 · 42 minutes ago
Hey babe sorry can I have some soft evanstan/stevebucky comfort fic recommendations either yours or your lovely followers? I’m having a really bad morning and I just need something to escape irl for few minutes . Sorry 😞 & thank you !
Hello my darling! I’m so sorry you’re having a bad morning, sending you so many cuddles, bby!!! 🥺💕 Here are some fics that I think should fit the bill:
you're a sky full of stars by unicornpoe
When You Come Home by unicornpoe
Daisies in Yellow Paper by paperstorm
Grab Your Things (I've Come to Take You Home) by belovedmuerto
The Safer Course by seapigeon
Hope that helps for now, and if anyone else has any good soft fic recs, let us know!! <33
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buckysamtagteam · 50 minutes ago
All Bucky Barnes Winter Soldier behind the scenes from the Captain Ameri...
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vat-jou-goed-en-trek · an hour ago
Straight shipping is fun and all.
Butt the gays just make people so angry and that's so much more fun...
Tumblr media
It's also pretty hot.
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whats-bi-is-dean · an hour ago
i live for destiel/stucky parallels @damonlandias LOOK WHAT YOU MADE OF ME!!!!!!
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evanstan-hoe · an hour ago
Neighbors can Hear
Congratulations on 500! Could I request with a poly!Stucky x reader with prompts 52,82 & 17?
Once again congratulations!
“I bet all our neighbors can hear you, I bet they all know what a dirty little slut you are.” “I was wondering how long you two were going to make out like that before you realize you weren’t alone.” “You’re really bad at hiding how turned on you are.”
Warnings: smut, 18+, daddy!steve, oral, orgasm control, squirt, double penetration
You moaned against Bucky’s lips, his tongue invading your mouth and the mixture of the beer he was drinking and the strawberries he had been feeding you, filled your senses. 
You pulled him closer to you with an arm around his neck, his metal hand found the back of your head as you leaned back into the cabinets behind you, hand protecting you from hitting them. His free hand slid up the leg of your cotton shorts, fingers grazing over the hem of your panties as he pulled your crotch closer to the end of the counter. He ground his hips into yours, letting you feel how hard he was as his tongue left your mouth and licked along the shell of your ear. 
His hand left the back of your head, running up your shirt to massage your breast with the cold, hard Vibranium of his prosthetic, as he retuned to your lips, tongue entering before your lips could meet. Groaning, he rubbed himself against your thigh, your hips raising off the counter in search of friction that wasn’t there. 
Finally, you pulled away from him, desperate for air, but your eyes caught the glare of someone sitting in a stool at the island behind you two. “Care to join us, daddy?”
Bucky turned around, looking for who you were talking to, and grinned softly when he saw Steve. His beard covered face was sat in his hands as his elbows leaned on the counter below him, presumably watching for a minute now. 
“Hi babies, I was wondering how long you were going to make out like that before you realized you weren’t alone,” he said amused. 
You smiled at him sweetly, wanting nothing more than to be filled to the brim with the both of them. Buck walked closer to Steve, gulping as he realized the both of you had been caught without him. 
“When did you get back?” He asked bashfully, knowing full well that you two are not supposed to touch each other while Steve is away on missions. He wanted you both touch starved when he returned. 
Steve tilted his head to the side, pushing Bucky’s hair out of his face as he tutted tauntingly, “You worried now that you’ve been caught? You weren’t thinking of me coming home early when your tongue was shoved down my girl’s throat were you?”
Bucky released a small whine, hand leaning against Steve’s hand apologetically. “We were just kissing to pass time, daddy,” he murmured quietly, ignoring the fact he could feel your eyes rolling at the fact he was such a goody-two-shoes-sub. 
Steve swatted his face lightly, knowing he was lying to get out of trouble by the very prominent bulge in his gray sweatpants, a small patch of darker gray material where the tip of his cock was constrained against the pants. “You’re really bad at hiding how turned on you are,” he whispered as he looked down to Buck’s cock, eyes raking his body before he turned away from him and walked in between your legs. 
You smiled up at him, legs wrapping around his waist automatically as you licked your lips. “Welcome home, daddy.”
He rolled his eyes, hand grabbing your face as he turned it to the side, biting down on the skin of your neck, his cock pressed firmly against your core as he hand that had trailed to your throat was pulling you to the end of the cabinet you perched on. 
You bit your lip, holding back a moan as you tried again, sweetly, “Daddy, we missed you.”
“Shut the fuck up,” he muttered before shoving his tongue in your mouth, lips crashing against yours in a desperate attempt to shut you up. His tongue explored your mouth, humming when he tasted the strawberries from earlier. You groaned into his mouth, core dripping as you bucked against his cock as it grew harder under the heat of your cunt. 
He pulled away from your mouth, chest uneven as his breath was staggered, “Daddy, we-”
He rolled his eyes, shoving his fingers in your mouth to silence you. “Such a chatty little thing tonight,” he muttered before leaving you totally, glancing over his shoulder to tell you, “Keep fucking quiet,” as he trapped Bucky in between his arms and the island. 
Bucky’s breath was ragged, cock painfully hard in his sweats as his mind wandered to what Steve had in mind now that he caught them disobeying. “Daddy, I’m sorry,” he whispered, a hand going up to rake through Steve’s hair. 
He hummed a response, head leaning into the embrace as he grabbed Bucky’s chin and pulled him in to a welcome kiss. The kiss was passionate and harsh, his teeth pulling at Buck’s lip to open his mouth as his tongue ravaged around and found where the small trace of beer came from he had tasted on your tongue. 
“My baby boy let the slut get to him, didn’t he?” He teased, his harsh words going right to your pussy. You watched as Bucky nodded, eyes glancing at you over Steve’s shoulder quickly before Steve tsked, “No, no, don’t look at her. That’s what she wants.”
Steve pushed Bucky further into the Island, silently telling him to sit on it as you were the counter, and he did. Steve smirked, his cock now closer to his face, as he palmed the needy man over his sweatpants. Bucky mewled at the feeling, eyes flickering shut as he fought to keep them open, you watch his lover make him feel good as their girlfriend teased her cunt and watched. 
“So needy baby. Did she leave you like this: hot, hard, and needy?” He teased, pulling his hard cock out of the band of his sweatpants as Bucky pushed them down farther, fully exposing himself to Steve. 
He moaned, nodding his head as he muttered, “Yes, daddy.”
You gasped silently, core dripping with arousal as you ground your hips into the counter, the crotch of your jean shorts providing a little bit of relief. You watched as Steve brought this head down and licked the tip of Bucky’s swollen dick, moaning as the salty taste contrasted with the traces of beer and strawberries from you both. 
Bucky bucked his hips up, cock almost making it into Steve’s mouth further, but the dom was quick enough to pull away and send him a warning glare. “I-I’m sorry, daddy. Didn’t mean to,” Bucky squeaked, pouting at Steve who was stroking his cock slowly. 
He looked up at Bucky, faking a pout back to mock him as his strokes remained soft and slow, his thumb occasionally rubbing the tip to draw moisture to his shaft. You watched, rutting against your jean shorts, as Bucky’s mouth dropped, forming an ‘o,’ as he groaned and bucked his hips into Steve’s hand. 
“Gonna cum for daddy, baby?” He asked, hand stroking faster as he built Bucky’s orgasm up. 
Bucky nodded, “Yes, daddy.” 
Bucky was close to coming, his hips lifting into Steve’s hand as his ability to form words left him, and so did Steve. 
Steve saw the end nearing for Bucky, but in retaliation to catching him tongue deep in their girl, pulled away from him, leaving him to pout and whine loudly at the man. 
“Oh, I’m sorry, Buck, did you think you should be allowed to cum after being caught without me?” He mocked, hand laying gently on his cheek as he left a soft kiss to his lips. 
Bucky looked at Steve sadly, trying out his best puppy dog eyes, as he learned from you it was the best way to get Steve to do whatever you wanted. 
Steve laughed, pulling Bucky’s ear close to his lips to whisper to him, “Such a good boy, I’ll let you fuck her with me, baby. You wanna cum in her pussy together?”
Bucky’s face brightened, eyes gleaming as he nodded softly, looking at you over his shoulder, “Yeah? Yes, daddy,” he whispered, not letting you know what they had planned to do, letting it be a surprise for you. 
Steve smiled, turning around to join you once more. “Hey, baby girl,” he said as he pulled his cock out and stroked it. You stayed silent, unsure as to what Steve had proposed to Bucky. He tutted, hand undoing the button on your shorts, “What’s the matter, princess? Cat got your tongue?”
You bit your lip, unsure of what to say, as you lifted your hips off the counter so he could pull away your shorts and panties. “No daddy. I’m being a good girl.”
He chuckled, nodding his head slowly, “So now you wanna be good?”
“Yes, daddy.”
He hummed a response, lifting you in his arms and wrapping your legs around his body, “Then be a good girl and let Daddy and Bucky fill your cunt, yeah?”
Your eyes widened at the suggestion, never had you taken them both like that; you’d taken them at the same time, but not together. “Both of you?” You asked meekly, feeling Steve lower you down so his cock was inside of you. 
You moaned as you felt him stretch your out, your warm, wet walls welcoming his girth as he swiped hair out of your face assuringly, “Don’t worry, princess, you can do it.”
You groaned at the thought, thinking of the feeling making you drip slick down Steve’s cock. You looked over Steve’s shoulder to Bucky, stroking his cock as he came closer to you two. He stood behind you, chest against your back, as he peppered kisses to your shoulder. Steve had began slowly thrusting into you, drawing arousal out of your cunt as your focus remained on Bucky. 
Buck brought his hand to your back, rubbing circles soothingly on the skin as he pushed his cock in beside Steve’s. You gasped, the feeling of being stretched to accommodate both of their cocks making your brain fuzzy. Both men left soft kisses to your body, whispering sweet nothings of how good you were and how beautiful you were as they remained still within you. 
You moaned when the feeling of pain subsided to let pleasure take over, and ground your hips down on them, silently letting them know they could move. Together, Steve and Bucky lifted you up off of their cocks before lowering you down on them again.  
You groaned at the sensation, knowing you wouldn’t last long with both of their cocks buried deep in your cunt. Bucky and Steve were breathless, Steve losing his dominate demeanor feeling his boyfriend’s cock rub against his inside you. 
You leaned forward, lips attacking Steve’s throat as you were being bounced on their cocks. “Fuck, daddy can I cum?” You heard Bucky ask, making you lean back against him so you could bring him in for a kiss. 
Steve growled, knowing the both of them were close, but didn’t want to cum without you. “Not yet,” he spat, pushing you down on their cocks harshly, lips meeting your throat to push you over the edge. You moaned loudly at the feeling, hand covering your mouth to muffle the sound for the neighbors. 
Your hips began to ground into theirs, moaning as you heard Steve mumble against your skin, “You gonna cum on Daddy’s cock princess?”
You whined, nodding your head as your eyes squeezed shut. “Scream for us, princess. Scream our names,” He growled as he held his orgasm back despite the new fervor in the thrusts. 
You screamed their names, head leaning back against Bucky’s shoulder as you heard whimpers leave his lips, desperate to cum in you, “Gonna cum, daddy!” You yelled, relief flushing Bucky’s face as he and Steve spurted their seed in you while you screamed through your orgasm. 
Steve didn’t falter in lifting and lowering you on them, making your cunt milk them through their orgasm, “I bet all our neighbors can hear you, I bet they all know what a dirty little slut you are.”
His lewd words took the breath out of you as you felt yourself release another time, this time not as warm. You looked down, seeing yourself squirting on Steve and Bucky’s cock, both of the men groaning as they slipped their cocks out of your tired cunt. 
Bucky hummed in adoration, kissing the top of your head as they laid you down on the island to rest, fingers playing in the cum that was dripping out of you. He brought them to his lips, tasting the combination of the three of you. “Mm, wanna taste, doll?” 
tags: @harrysthiccthighss
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I’m working on a stucky server ahahahaha
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87, 63, 12? 😋
12. What celebrity would you have sex with?
Myself. Seriously, having sex with my clone would make for a fucking great time—I know how good I fuck. I’d be co-domming/topping subs that way too, sandwiched between two of me? What a lucky little minx, one of me acting all sweet and Daddy, the other mean, in Captain mode. Sorry not sorry😈
Tumblr media
63. What was your best orgasm ever?
I was living a switch Daddy’s dream🤤, a pretty thing was on her back on my bed—wanting to be used like the sweet toy she was, legs spread for me—and Buck (@buckybarnesisdaddy) was behind me. I fucked the dame, while he fucked me. It was intense and overwhelming, I get hard just thinking about it. How Bucky’s cock dragged along my prostate ruthlessly, my own length buried deep inside a wet cunt—fuck. The sub I was fucking enjoying the show😌 After had to be the best sleep I’ve ever had.
Tumblr media
87. What’s the shortest and longest time it’s ever taken for you to have an orgasm?
The shortest would have to be minutes, when me and Buck first started fooling around as horny teens. Thankfully our staminas both improved and thanks to the serum... well, you can imagine🔥 As for the longest, hours. I can enjoy drawing it out that way, usually while I’m being mean to a sub as a challenge to make Daddy cum. Fucking them over and over or making them ride me until they’re deliciously overstimulated and their legs give out, needing me to finish the job.
Tumblr media
116 questions
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
"Best friends since childhood, Bucky Barnes and Steven Rogers were inseparable on both schoolyard and battlefield."
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incorrectpeterandbucky · 5 hours ago
bold of you to assume Stark hasn't already/tried adopting Peter/j
Hshshshs - there are three things they could've done.
1) Went behind his back and adopted Peter before he could. Tony found out and he was furious but he calmed down eventually.
2) Peter now has three families. He spends time with Aunt May, Steve and Bucky, and Tony. Sometimes Steve and Bucky take him to a theme park and Tony tags along each time, he says it's to make sure Peter doesn't hurt himself but really he's having fun too.
3) Steve, Bucky and Tony are in a poly relationship and Peter now has three dad's!
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loveforpreserumsteve · 6 hours ago
As We Grow: "ALN" Story (Pre-Serum Omega!Steve and Alpha!Bucky Domestic AU)
One Hundred and Eight:
Steve was so proud that he almost forgot that he and Bucky were meant to give their own speeches. Hands shaking, Steve sat Bitsy in his seat and held Bucky's hand on the way up to the platform. Accepting the soothing squeezes all the way down the aisle until they reached the podium.
Still holding hands, Bucky kissed Oliver's forehead and said into his ear, "I love you. You did good, squirt."
Blushing, Oliver muttered, "Thanks."
Giving Oliver's shoulder a squeeze, Bucky moved to the microphone. As Steve slung his arm around Oliver's shoulders, Bucky joked, "I don't know how I'm going to follow that."
The audience laughed at that and Bucky smoothed out his paper. Giving their guests a classic smirk as he started, "Today, mine and Stevie's son, Oliver, is a young man.
"Which I guess makes my mate right," Bucky glanced over his shoulder to wink at Steve before finishing, "I'm old. I guess I can retire now, huh? Maybe even let Oliver take my place down at the shop."
Teasing, Bucky ruffled Oliver's hair and looked over to Winnie and George, "How does that sound mom and dad?"
Steve rolled his eyes and Winnie joked, "He can take my job!"
"Well, then," Bucky chuckled and asked, "How does that sound, Ollie?"
Unamused, Oliver shook his head and hid his face. Chuckling, Bucky said, "Alright, alright. I guess I can wait a couple more years."
As the audience stopped chuckling, Bucky started again, "Over the past thirteen years, I've had the honor of, not only watching Oliver grow, but growing with him."
Pulling another tissue from his pocket, Steve sniffled. Holding Oliver closer while tears fell down his cheeks. He was probably embarrassing the boy, but Steve couldn't help it.
"Guiding him the way that my parents had guided me and my sisters. Lucky enough to view the world through new eyes and experience all the firsts with him." Bucky sniffled and Steve passed him a tissue, earning an affectionate grin in return. "First smile, first steps, first fight. And while I probably could've done without that, I can't help but be proud of Oliver. He stands for what's right. He fights for what's right."
Wiping his tears, Bucky continued, "You're probably all thinking that, of course, I think that Oliver's great, I'm his dad. And while I do think that Ollie's just about the greatest kid, I'm not the only one.
"He's the best big brother that any kid could ask for -- just ask his siblings," from their seats, the little kids cheered and while Steve wished that they weren't standing on the bench, he couldn't help but adore how they celebrated their older brother.
"But he's also a good friend who has their backs no matter what," and on cue, the young teens cheered, thankfully, while sitting. Leaning closer to the microphone, Bucky pointedly gave an example, "Even covering for them when they break a picture frame because they were playing soccer in the house even though they know better than that."
Knowing exactly who he was talking about, Steve glanced over to see Tony seemingly trying to disappear in his seat. Howard beside him, gave his son a look.
"So, it's only natural for him to be a good son." Bucky's voice cracked and he cleared his throat, "And just like his papa, he'll be a good man, too."
Steve's breath hitched as he held back a sob and hugged Oliver to himself, kissing his forehead. All the while, Bucky finished, "We love you, Oliver. And we can't wait to see how you continue to grow."
Letting go of him, Steve encouraged Oliver to hug Bucky. Not that it took much convincing either way considering Oliver was already halfway to his dad anyway. Steve smiled as he watched the pair and wiped at his face.
Then, it was his turn.
Taking his place at the podium, Steve pulled out his notecards. Still feeling the emotion thick in his throat, he took a moment to try and clear it. Bucky must've felt something through the bond because he rubbed Steve's back in soothing circles. Only then was Steve able to start.
"I just want to start by reminding Oliver that your dad and I are so proud of you," fondly smiling at the thirteen year old, "Not just today, but every day."
Facing the front, Steve redirected his attention to his messy handwriting and the tearstained notecard. "Thirteen years ago, my life changed in ways I could never imagine. You made me a father. But more than that, you opened my heart.
"Because --" voice cracking, Steve took a moment to just breathe "-- because of you, I stopped self-sabotaging myself enough to, not only accept love, but to give it too. I guess that's just the effect that you have on people.
"You're smart and funny, and so caring that anyone would be lucky to know you," Steve honestly complimented. "Not just a great teammate, but an inspiring leader. Empowering everyone around you and being the best big brother that any kid could ask for."
Oliver clenched his jaw as though he was trying to stop himself from crying, and Steve reached out to affectionately caress along his jaw. Allowing himself this sweet moment before getting back to his speech.
"I remember back when it was just you and Finn, you would go to his nursery when he would cry in the middle of the night and assure him that there were no, 'monsers,' around and that he was safe." The older members awed at the story and Steve fondly remembered, "Then, you would sit in the rocker with me as I fed him and mark over his foot or kiss his forehead. Just letting him know that you were there. That you would protect him. Just as you would protect all of your siblings."
Knowing what came next, tears already prickled at the corner of his eyes, "And when we lost Flora, you weren't even old enough to fully understand, but you suggested that we bury her with her blanky so she wouldn't get scared. So she wouldn't be alone.
"Not just with your siblings though," Steve sniffled. "You protect anyone and everyone that needs it. The way you stand up for what's right makes me so unbelievably proud." Turning so he was facing Oliver instead of the crowd, but still speaking into the microphone, "You're a good boy, Ollie. A good man. And I'm so glad that I get to be your papa."
TAG LIST: @t3a-bag
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darter-blue · 7 hours ago
No thoughts head empty but you know that scene from Pressure where Steve and Bucky do unspeakable things in Clint’s apple storage barn? Yeah... I think about that a lot too
- pressure anon
Tumblr media
High Pressure System by darter-blue
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