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#Student Teaching

I just found out that I passed edTPA and have my last day of student teaching tomorrow. I don’t think I’ve ever been more relieved in my life. I will officially be a teacher in August!

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So, all Georgia public schools (K-12) got cancelled for the rest of the year today. I’m a student teacher at one of those school, or at least I was. If you would’ve asked me in January how I thought this semester was going to go I would’ve said something along the lines of: edTPA was going to be difficult and time consuming, but I was going to love every minute of it because I was going to be doing what I love everyday, I’ll be there from the beginning of January to the end of April, and I’m going to be learning so much from my clinical teacher and the kids.


Most of that was true.

EdTPA was hard and I worked so hard on it. I learned so much from my clinical teacher and couldn’t have asked for a better teacher than her. She truly prepared me for what an authentic teaching experience will be like. I also learned so much from those kids. Being able to get to know them, see them grow, and being able to connect with them are the times that I’ll never forget; but my time got cut too short.


April 29th was going to be my last day of student teaching and the last day that I would’ve seen my kids that I’ve gotten to know since August 7th. Instead, I’m sitting in my house quarentined from everyone and not even being able to see my kids ever again unless I happen to run into them in the future. The last time I saw them was on a random Friday early March saying that I would see them the following Monday. I loved teaching those kids and I wish that I had more time with them, but I’m grateful for the time that I did have because those kids taught me more in the time that I was with them than I could have learned anywhere else.


This was not how my last semester of college before becoming a “real adult” was supposed to be, but sometimes life throws curve balls and this just happened to be mine. Not getting enough time my senior year, my last semester, my student teaching semester. Not getting enough time with my friends, with my cohort, with my students. I will always be thankful that I got the time that I did, I just wish it had been more.

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i’ve been trying to focus my attentions elsewhere throughout this entire month by providing updates to fics as much as possible to everyone that follows and gets tagged in my posts. Because I know that even if you are just getting distracted for a few minutes during the day or night to read them, that I’m doing something to help.

And I was just wondering if I could get the love back maybe? at least tonight?

because I finally got an update on how this whole student teaching thing is suppose to go down so I could still get my hours and observations done. Email my master teacher about it telling him the updates and he literally replied to my email saying that the only modification that the commission on teacher credentialing would not be happening for me because “this is not a blackboard college class” because I told him that the only way for me to complete my Caltpa was to have a zoom conference with the kids where I would teach them a lesson… basically he’s holding my path to getting credentialed hostage. Everyone else in my program isn’t really having problems student teaching but of course I’m the one that gets stuck with the mentor teacher that lives under a rock basically…

(sorry for the rant I just need to get this all out)…

I would just like idk, maybe some paul stanley stuff? like just tag me? idk I need some mood boosting paul stanley stuff please?

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My little set up for today. Trying to get this done today/tmrw it’s a long PowerPoint that’s going to be for the course of next week 😩 so much information. Then thinking about implementing Flipgrid if the kids want to stay in touch or ask me questions about the assignment.

If anyone is interesting in learning new info maybe? You can hit me up for the PowerPoint! 🤣 since we are all bored outta our minds at this point…

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Student teaching update:

Offered to do a lesson for any teachers interested. Got a teacher today who would love me to do a lesson. On Thursday. This Thursday.

Guess who has two thumbs and one day to write a lesson plan and get it approved?

But like also I thrive on a tight deadline. Sooooo once I stop soaking my feet (two 7-3 days on my feet in bad shoes) and eat dinner I’m going to be allll over it.

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i find out where i’ll be student teaching next fall in a month and the tension is k i l l i n g me

also, is it weird that i chose to do student teaching over an internship??

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Highlight of my Student Teaching Experience so far:

(Percy Jackson fans, read this)

I am a Music Education major and i’m currently doing my student teaching in a Middle/ High School. I was telling 3 of the middle school boys that they were getting a new piece in band that day, Horkstow Grange by Percy Grainger, and the one student jokingly goes “Percy Grainger? Is that Percy Jackson’s cousin?”

Then, that student and the other two started making other joking comments like “Does he have a brother that’s a Cyclops?” DEFINITELY trying to be little shits and see if they could confuse me.

It was so freaking funny 😂 These kids were trying to confuse me, and i’m standing there with a freaking trident tattooed behind my ear because of this series.


Originally posted by playbill

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fuck every single school district that doesn’t pay its student teachers 

fuck every single teacher ed program that requires pre service teachers to pay tuition during full time residency

fuck this system that sets its educators up to accept low wages and minimal respect throughout their careers by devaluing their work from the very beginning 

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Why don’t student teachers get stipends?

I’m paying my college, my gas, my clearances, my food, and spending 45+ hours/week at a school, completely taking over my mentor’s job for 15 weeks, and not getting a penny for it. Next semester is gonna be rough. Send good vibes, please!

if you have anything to spare, I’m not one to ask, but I’m barely going to be able to afford my rent :( I can do edits and photography and other commissions!

Cashapp: $daydreamingmuggle

Venmo: /alyssamatchett

paypal: /amatchett428

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