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#Study update


How life looks like after finishing uni. Still trying to be creative and productive but also taking things easy. Lots of cold coffee and walks around my area. Hope you are all okay.


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So with my semester being over, I’m not going to be posting a bunch of notes and to do lists like I normally do but I’ve got a lot of other stuff planned for the next month before I go to my internship! The queue is running and I’ll occasionally pop in to give you all an update on what I’m doing too. I’m hoping to do a lot of the extracurriculars I fall behind on during the school year, so I’ll probably be posting more about Italian and music too! :)

Good luck to anyone else finishing their school year!! Hang in there!

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Mini study update!

All my big internal assessment is done for the semester. I’ve got one worksheet to hand in for this week’s lab, which I will submit this morning once I’ve read over my answers. I did it at midnight so I’m not sure it will make as much sense as it could! 
The terms test is on the 20th, so only about a week away. It’s crap timing (for the test) but the hospital called and rescheduled Mr 4′s surgery for the 15th, and we will be in hospital for a couple of days - longer if it comes apart as has happened to him twice in the past. I’m nervous about how I’m going to get lecture content in over the week he is in hospital and recovering, and how I’m supposed to magically study somehow when we have to be up giving pain killers every 4 hours at night (and historically Mr 4 doesn’t cope with surgeries well and there’s a lot of screaming and needing his mum). So I’ve made an appointment with the disabilities office who said at the beginning of the year that if I need help I should let them know. Hurt the ego to email them, but they were friendly and made the appointment for today to go through what we can do. 
I know it might be an over reaction to want help getting notes etc for a week for ONE paper, but I’ve been on top of it this whole time and I’ve been through 8 ops with my kids, and I know that I can’t sustain the mental workload of uni on top of the 24/7 care Mr will need to recover. I don’t want to fall behind or lose my good grade average because I missed a week right in front of the finish line. 

We have just started the developmental psychobiology section of the paper and I’m already loving it! It’s a lot of the content that made me want to take psychology in the first place. Currently, we are doing gene/environment factors in development and lots of discussion of nature/nurture. Just super interesting stuff!

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Tomorrow is my last day of school! :D

I’ve got a math test in the morning and an essay due, so my plan today is to study for the exam and at least finish collecting the research for the paper and probably also outline and write the draft. I’ve got a LOT to cover, and it’s already almost one but I’m having fun

Why am I having fun on a last minute cram session? I’m writing this paper about women in martial arts throughout history! This is a topic near and dear to my heart as a girl who’s taken 6+ years of Shotokan karate and currently holds a brown belt, and even though I can’t use personal anecdote in my paper, it’s still a really fun topic to research. (for anyone wondering, my whole family does karate, including my dad, who’s a black belt, and he’s very encouraging of my sisters and I participating. I’ve had a really great experience with all the Senseis I’ve met, and I 10/10 recommend that anyone at least tries it out.) I currently have altogether too many @jstor tabs open right now

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I completely lost the count of the days. I’ve been struggling with my mental health a lot these days but we keep going. I finish “The Yellow House” and I cried the entire last chapter. Now I’m with “The War of Art” that hopefully help my creative block. Hope you are all safe.


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It’s the second day of uni and the last day of Movement Control Phase 2. Things are getting better here in Malaysia so that’s a huge relief. I think people tend to underestimate developing countries especially those in southeast asia but we’re handling the situation pretty well. My first class of the day is a Professional Development tutorial and it’s only just hit me how complicated times are (and are going to be). We’re moving on to Industry 4.0, ethics is more essential now than ever and law is only going to get more complex. I think having a background in law could help me with my computer science career and I’m willing to pursue it if it means I can help other people. Unfortunately while my university has a great law programme, it doesn’t have a major-minor system so I’m going to have to look into doing a double degree (or maybe external certification?)

Is there anything else I could do? I’m not so worried about the academic portion as much as I am about my finances.


  • Submit Prof Dev Assignment
  • Submit Spanish C&C Assignment
  • Finalise designs
  • Look up options for law

[2/100 days of productivity]

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I have no study pics, so I’m sharing a quick run-down of this week’s progress and weekend to-dos!

we started working through both Genki books last week in the study group, making this the second week of potential verb study for me! I’ve encountered this form in my general writing practice before, but I never dived into the conjugation rules. I thought it looked complicated and felt I was better off waiting for Genki to introduce it. as it turns out, I didn’t find it that tough to understand, ha ha. amongst the other grammar points I learned, they were all straightforward; although, I think I am having troubles on wording event frequency descriptions. to help myself out I plan to reference the answer key later and look up some more examples and explanations online.

otherwise… it’s getting textbook practice out of the way + the last two workbook sections, which I am saving for tomorrow. Maybe, maybe, maybe on sunday I will start reading  ごんぎつね. I’ve been warned that there may be some old words, but it’s something I genuinely want to do and checkoff. I plan to move through it at a slow pace, so my goal is to only read through the first paragraph and pluck out any vocab I’m unfamiliar with. I will be busy sunday evening through Tuesday night, so if this weekend is no-go then sometime late next week for sure.


  • Update G1L2 study guide with the meet-up time
  • Make/Finish G2L14 study guide
  • Textbook practice
  • check answer key!!


  • Textbook practice (finish)
  • 聞く練習+答えましょう
  • adjective practice again


  • ごんぎつね (first paragraph only)
  • adjective practice againagain

ofc JPN isn’t the only language I’m perpetually studying. if anyone wants to see my struggle, I created an IG for updates on all three languages—mainly because there is a challenge I am eager to start, and instagram is a convenient place to share. I’m not about aligning my pens and highlighters and notebooks prettily, because I’m terrible at that and my camera sucks. It’s just for keeping myself accountable and documenting progress! I don’t really plan to start using @ coffeeingwithlanguage until next week, but there it is. 

anyway, I’m looking forward to learning more grammar with Genki as we start L14 on monday. that month off where all I did was review G1 and writewritewrite was extremely needed, but I missed learning new grammar. apart from consistent practice and exposure, it’s the one thing that allows my skills to continue growing. ೕ(⁍̴̀◊⁍̴́ฅ)

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After being in a study slump for the whole of January and a bit of February, I think I’m getting better now at finding my momentum and pace, nothings perfect but I’m slowly starting and finding my ‘why’. It’s tough and hard but I can do hard things (eyaaa).

So, yesterday espescially, I didn’t want to study chemistry for my test today and boy o boy, I figured out why it was hard for me to study.

It’s my expectation for myself and my crazy academic standards— basically, it’s my perfectionism.

So, I analysed myself and thought, ‘what is the aim for this test?’ Bcs srsly speaking I was flunking the previous chemistry test my teacher gave. So, simply, I’m aiming for 60-70 percent grade on this test.

I’m going to start off slow and steady and not aim for A, A, A and out so much unnecessary pressure on myself.

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~ February Update ~


The lack of daylight is really starting to hit me, I think. And lately, I’ve been having a lot of ‘what if’ thoughts about what could have been - I could have gone to a university closer to home, where a weekend trip to see my girlfriend and my dog was an option, and where I would have felt more comfortable with the academic system. But I know that if I had made that choice, I would be having those same thoughts this direction - what if I had gone abroad, what if I had joined the research group I was so interested in.


I’ve also been struggling with comparing myself to others - the older members of my group, other PhD students at the institute, other language-learning oriented accounts on YouTube and social media. But comparisons never helped anyone, and we’re all experiencing life differently, no matter how similar the situations may seem from the outside. Even if two people are from the same city, studying at the same university in the same program, and even if they’re dealing with the same mental health issues, they’re going to experience things differently and their experiences will not be wholly comparable. Difficult to remember, perhaps, but important going forward.


I’ve started attending a weekly beginner Czech course hosted at my research institute, and I’ll have a weekly chemistry seminar starting in a couple of weeks as well. I also need to take an exam for my coordination chemistry course that I was studying last term, and while I think part of me had hoped to do that during the proper Exam Period, I suppose I deserve some slack, considering how late into the semester it was when I met with the professor for the first time to discuss the course, and that my emails were going to his spam folder for the first month or so of trying to get in touch with him thereafter. (If things always went smoothly, life would be dull, I suppose….)

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Neue Woche, neue Ziele. Lass uns Deutsch lernen, okay? ╭(♡・ㅂ・)و ̑̑

When I asked last week about a study group, I dug around for a good textbook that several of us could work through… I did not have good results! Thankfully, someone I know has a stash of other texts I hadn’t come across, and I liked the look of Routledge. But, since just the two of us alone can’t compose a study group, I’ll leave this bit of information out there and pose it as an option for other beginners who’d be interested. (Feel free to DM me about it if so.) I whipped out the skeleton of a server in case there was ever more interest, but I kind of like the idea of meshing study group with the concept of a general cultural interest server~

Anyhow, I had to get something started for myself, so I am re-working through Treffpunkt. I have the physical copy of the 5th ed., but I’m reading through a digital copy of the 6th ed. alongside it—mainly to see what, if any, changes they made to grammar! I also decided to keep digital notes this time, and because I was recently asked about my notes I’ll also be sharing my stuff on Treffpunkt over here. (This is just the Treffpunkt folder. I’ll share the main folder later when I add additional folders.) 

* Keep in mind that I won’t be jotting down everything, such as formal vs informal, basic verbs and their conjugations, etc. For now, I’m taking note of stuff I know is a weak spot or otherwise important to remember because I forgot/in case I forget, like flavoring particles and word order. 

I’m giving German a minimum of 30 minutes every other day, inclusive of Treffpunkt AND Nico’s Weg. I hear about Nico so much, but I’ve never checked it out! And I’m really enjoying, actually. This is all A1 material ATM, so I’m taking my time studying noun genders that I tend to breeze through noncommittally (even though it’s so important to know when dealing with adjectives and cases). I’m also making an effort to really listen and repeat after audio, because that’s another thing I tend to skip through! 

I also, finally, formed a 2020 German goal that wasn’t just “let me finish this textbook,” and that’s to improve my reading and listening comprehension. (: So, goals:

  • Top goal: improve reading and listening comprehension!
  • How am I going to achieve this?
    • Listen, repeat, and check listening exercises or dialogues 
    • Every weekend, take some time to read Das kleine Gespenst OR something from The Fable Cottage (because audio!)
    • Start watching something with DE dubs, like Pokemon, Sailor Moon, etc. Aim for 15 - 20 minutes a week.
    • Continue to study grammar!
    • Give Textbook + Nico a minimal time slot of 30 minutes every other day in a week

It feels so good to have solid goals again!

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Hallo Leute! Wie geht es euch?

I’ve been quiet for a while, right? I took a break from language study in December and wasn’t active on any of my blogs! And when the new year came, I went all in on Japanese but struggled to form concrete German goals, which makes me sad.

Still, I am not sure what I should aim for in German aside from continuing to move forward in my studies. To start, I am highly considering dropping the Living Language textbook. The reason being: it’s simple. I enjoyed reading through it as part of a review, but I don’t like it as much when it comes to learning new grammar. I have several different textbooks in PDF format that I want to sort through… or I may return to Treffpunkt, which is the text we used in my German class. (I’m also open to any recommendations!)

So I guess that’s my first solid German goal of the year: choose a textbook by Friday.

I’m also looking for ways to keep myself more accountable when it comes to keeping my German studies consistent. As some may know, I run a Genki study group on Discord, and this has worked out really well for me! So I’ve thought about creating one for German, too—either we could work through the same beginner-level textbook together or just keep each other updated on our studies, share resources, and support~ ୧༼✿ ͡◕ д ◕͡ ༽୨ I’m aware of servers that are designed for multiple languages, but this would be German-only.

But that’s where I’m at right now…

  • Choose a textbook (by Friday!)
  • Begin review (: (because I’ve been 2 months off…!)
  • Study group? Yes/No?
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the start of my week vs the end of my week. it’s been busy! and tiring. I averaged 2 - 3 hours sleep this week, but next week should be less crowded so maybe I can sleep then. jk, kind of. 

LangCorrect was no-go. I simply did not have the time, and wouldn’t have made my sentence goals had I not spared the time on saturday to work on my adjectives. I also miscounted on which lesson I was reviewing and had to backtrack a bit! which is fine, but I’m more behind on that than I thought I was. Satori was no-go, too, so I think I will go ahead and cancel this month. even so, imma try to make room for it next week when I do reading practice. otherwise I met all my genki to-dos! 

lesson 11 review was sorta cancelled this morning due to taal erupting — hope you guys are okay in the philippines! please stay safe xoxo there wasn’t a lot to go over today anyhow, but we’ll see how things go. 

I also I wrapped up my 1 happy/day on IG and will do my final 30th day of #journeytosplits this evening — just a couple non-japanese accomplishments for me. I’ve been diligent with this and have gone from about 3 feet from the ground to my shoddy measurement of 6 inches in just thirty days~! 🌻 

as for the rest of my sunday, I only have

  • german review
  • workout and stretching

and I think that’s it!

I am a smidge ahead of my genki schedule atm and plan to work through noun1やnoun2 tomorrow followed by the rest of the workbook+practice material throughout the week. so next week’s big goals:

  • finish lesson 11
  • don’t forget kanji practice!
  • complete all the other necessary practice material
  • practice sentences (:
  • do one cont. education course OR a langcorrect post next weekend
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All week my tumblr hasn’t been working. The only way I could post was from my phone and even then it didn’t work half the time I tried. When I looked up my drafts and activity, it was gone. When I looked at my blog, it appeared the same it was when I first created it with barely over a dozen posts.

Almost everything was gone!

I tried emailing Tumblr staff about it but didn’t get a response. But I finally got it working!

Basically, for whatever reason, my blog had somehow tried to merge with an old blog I had on a different account. Don’t ask me how it did that. I don’t know. But I’ve got it working again omg… that was so stressful.

Will start with regular updates after today (have a Latin test this afternoon that I need to study for).

Always Yours,


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So, right now I’m aiming for two exams this summer. Considering that during most of the lockdown I was too sad to study (or to do anything at all actually) that would be quite a feat

Both of these exams deal with geometry, one is one of the “basics” of the master and it’s an intro to differential geometry (2/3rds of the course) and algebraic geometry (1/3rd), the other is Riemannian geometry. 
I really hope we will be able to do the exams in person as they are in the end of june/july but I really don’t think it will happen. Online exams suck even more than online classes.

Anyway, contrary to all my expectations I’ve grown quite fond of diff geo, so much cool stuff and it also gets pretty algebraic in some parts! The only problem is that sometimes I’d really like to work out some explicit examples of things but sadly there’s not enough time in class and they just give it as homework.

But now I’m facing that one third of algebraic geometry and it’s just SO boring. It’s not even that kind of alg geo that throws sheaves and schemes at you and makes you run for your life, no, it’s a 19th century course and right now it’s just a random collection of facts about algebraic varieties with absolutely zero motivation and zero i.e. hey this 9-dimensional hyper-surface defined by these seemingly arbitrary polynomials is actually an intersection of 234 quadrics and a couple lines

I hope to at least make some cool visualization of these monsters, just to get something out of it

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Hey guys! Yesterday was fairly productive. My sister and I had some cleaning to do and I had laundry and all that boring stuff. But I managed to mess around on Canva a bit, inspired by one of their insta posts and came up with this. 

I also read a chapter of I am Malala, did some crossword puzzles, had s’mores with my sister bc why not. I even got a little bit of writing done before bed (but then I couldn’t sleep so…idk).

Today’s been good as well. I did a lot of journaling this morning and I was feeling pretty reflective. Then I’ve been working on my novel and content for my writeblr (@viridis-blooming), and maybe got a little sidetracked, maybe definitely

Hope everyone has a great weekend!

- Bloom


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  There are somethings that Loki either doesn’t know about or doesn’t know enough about, that they REALLY probably should. 
      Those being:

  • The Power of Yonkos - They are under the impression the Yonkos are just big pirate crews. Nothing more.
  • Marine Ranks - Literally has no idea, knows that the Marines exist and work for the World Government and that is it.
  • Celestial Dragons - ???Cocky royals???
  • Ohara - They do not know that it has been destroyed. 
  • Riku Family - They were under the impression Donquixotes still rule Dressrosa, when they figured out they didn’t rule it, they assumed the Riku Family was weak. They know minimal about Riku family. (Although they plan to learn eventually)
  • Totto Land - Food Land? Sounds horrendous.
  • Gol D. Roger - Who is this man?
  • Cipher Pol - Doesn’t know they exist.
  • Marineford - Pre-timeskip they didn’t even notice this was happening; post-timeskip they are still confused as to what this is but hasn’t asked yet.
  • Punk Hazard - They did WHAT to that nice island?? Loki does not know this exists and is under the impression that the island is still lush and beautiful.
  • Dr. Vegapunk - Who?
  • Revolutionary Army - Is aware that there is some organization working directly against the World Government and Marines, but doesn’t know who.
  • Kozuki Clan - Still thinks Wano is ruled by the Kozuki Clan.
  • Mera Mera no Mi, Bari Bari no Mi, Ope Ope no Mi - These, among a few other fruits are completely new to Loki.
  • Shichibukai - Why are pirates given social power?
  • Germa Kingdom - HAH. THEY’RE ON A SNAIL NOW?? They assume Germa has fallen.
  • SMILEs - Wh. Why? Loki doesn’t know these exist.
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